U.S. To Open Borders to Thousands of Syrian Muslims

With the U.S. still in defiant opposition to the Assad regime in Syria, government officials hint that we could soon see a wave of Syrian Muslim refugees be welcomed into our country. This wouldn’t be anything new; the U.S. has welcomed more than 200,000 Islamic refugees into the country since the early 90s. That it is happening isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself (though it is unquestionably expensive), but there is plenty of cause for concern about the security process these displaced refugees are being put through.

The State Department in February made overtures towards easing the regulations that serve to ensure we aren’t welcoming terrorists across the border. This is, naturally, the influence of lobbyists who are continually asking the government to bring over more and more Muslim refugees. According to an in-depth report from WND, these lobbyists work like government contractors, making money hand over fist for their efforts in placing refugees in their new homes. The security processes we have in place now put a certain limit on how many refugees we can process at any one time. The process is slow for a reason; it would be a political nightmare for whichever party was in charge if it turned out that we invited a terrorist cell into the country.

Still, the Obama administration seemingly prizes relations with the Muslim world over mere politics. It is, perhaps, the only thing they treasure over politics. Why would that be? The speculation has been there since before Obama took office for the first time, and it remains today – he is unduly influenced by his own Muslim heritage. Though he claims to be a Christian, his foreign policy decisions have bent over backwards to reach out to the Muslim world.

What You Don’t Hear In the Media

It’s instructive at a time like this to recognize who we’re dealing with. It has become fashionable and politically correct to spend at least a certain portion of every terrorism-related article to make a point – we’re not talking about all Muslims…only Muslim extremists. And of course, as Obama points out, those guys with the knives and the bombs aren’t “real” Muslims anyway. Islam is a religion of peace.

How long are we going to accept that? First of all, the terrorists are every bit as Muslim as those who would never so much as kill a fly. Both the fundamentalists and the progressives read the same book and pray to the same god. That doesn’t mean that we should view every Muslim with suspicion, but it does no good to play the “no true Scotsman” game with it.

The far greater problem is whether or not Islamic extremism ends with the knife-wielders and suicide bombers themselves. Last year, Pew Research ran a poll asking Muslims around the world whether attacks on civilians were justified. To be clear, the majority of respondents said no. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that 25% of Muslims believe suicide bombings can be justified at some level. The survey notably left out the residents of such nations as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and, yes, Syria.

So who is it that we’re letting into America?


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