U.S. To Open Borders to Thousands of Syrian Muslims

With the U.S. still in defiant opposition to the Assad regime in Syria, government officials hint that we could soon see a wave of Syrian Muslim refugees be welcomed into our country. This wouldn’t be anything new; the U.S. has welcomed more than 200,000 Islamic refugees into the country since the early 90s. That it is happening isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself (though it is unquestionably expensive), but there is plenty of cause for concern about the security process these displaced refugees are being put through.

The State Department in February made overtures towards easing the regulations that serve to ensure we aren’t welcoming terrorists across the border. This is, naturally, the influence of lobbyists who are continually asking the government to bring over more and more Muslim refugees. According to an in-depth report from WND, these lobbyists work like government contractors, making money hand over fist for their efforts in placing refugees in their new homes. The security processes we have in place now put a certain limit on how many refugees we can process at any one time. The process is slow for a reason; it would be a political nightmare for whichever party was in charge if it turned out that we invited a terrorist cell into the country.

Still, the Obama administration seemingly prizes relations with the Muslim world over mere politics. It is, perhaps, the only thing they treasure over politics. Why would that be? The speculation has been there since before Obama took office for the first time, and it remains today – he is unduly influenced by his own Muslim heritage. Though he claims to be a Christian, his foreign policy decisions have bent over backwards to reach out to the Muslim world.

What You Don’t Hear In the Media

It’s instructive at a time like this to recognize who we’re dealing with. It has become fashionable and politically correct to spend at least a certain portion of every terrorism-related article to make a point – we’re not talking about all Muslims…only Muslim extremists. And of course, as Obama points out, those guys with the knives and the bombs aren’t “real” Muslims anyway. Islam is a religion of peace.

How long are we going to accept that? First of all, the terrorists are every bit as Muslim as those who would never so much as kill a fly. Both the fundamentalists and the progressives read the same book and pray to the same god. That doesn’t mean that we should view every Muslim with suspicion, but it does no good to play the “no true Scotsman” game with it.

The far greater problem is whether or not Islamic extremism ends with the knife-wielders and suicide bombers themselves. Last year, Pew Research ran a poll asking Muslims around the world whether attacks on civilians were justified. To be clear, the majority of respondents said no. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that 25% of Muslims believe suicide bombings can be justified at some level. The survey notably left out the residents of such nations as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and, yes, Syria.

So who is it that we’re letting into America?


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  1. OB and the State Dept has allowed Millions of Muslims into the Nation over the last 6 years…200K, what a joke!

  2. And it just keeps getting worse. We MUST stop the destruction of this beloved country.

  3. Whaaaat??? This is absolutely idiotic!!

  4. I am not even believing this!!!!!!!!!! He’s letting in more and he’s so worried who comes over the fence. We better do something before it’s too late. Who in the world is running this country?????????You see what happened when one person climbed his fence. I didn’t see him invite their families. Oh no but it was the only thing on the news.

    • “Who is running this Country? ” It DOES seem that after 9/11/01 the Muzzies DID manage to get their Trojan Horse right in here somehow doesn’t it??

  5. This is really sick. We should be considering deporting all Muslims not letting them imigrate. . There are no moderate Muslims and they are determined to undermine and control our country–and with Bath House Barry, the Muslim president, they are succeeding. Islam should be defined to be a murderous ideology founded by a dangerous pedophyle not a religion with all the perks afforded legitimate ones.

  6. No, enough is enough, expel ALL of Islam from our nation!!! Don’t BRING more in!!!

  7. Remember obama said that he would stand with Muslims if a ill wind came up. Paraphrase but that is it.
    He says he is Christian but what he said shows where his heart truely lies.
    Obama cares Nothing for this Country or its Citizens.
    He cares only for Muslims and Illegals.
    He cares about shredding Our Constitution and taking away as many Freedoms as he can.
    The Senate has done Nothing to try and stop this. They
    Are Complicate and the House folds like a wet suit.
    So, letting in more Muslims is part of his agenda, he wants to tear us down and cause mayhem here in the U.S..
    Will Obama leave Our White House in 2016? Will he find a reason to stay as dictator?
    War powers act? Martial Law? Or Senate & House change up so he can Have a 3rd term to finish being
    A destroyer of a Great Nation?

    • Hell, once he gets enough of his muslim buddies in here, all he’ll have to do is what every dictator has done in the past: take over the military, then put every member of the House & Senate and anyone else he doesn’t like up against a wall and shoot them! WHEN ARE WE FINALLY GOING TO WAKE UP ???????

      • We need to set a date and protest!

        • The time for protesting is over – the only way to put an end to all the nonsense is to get anyone who has been in office for more that 15 years OUT! Unless we get every 15 yr-plus career politician out, protesting is just going to make us feel better, nothing more! Oh sure, they’ll all smile and tell us how they “feel our pain” then go right back to doing whatever they want, feeling happy and satisfied at appeasing the peons. We need an entire new group in and the first thing on their agenda should be to SET TERM LIMITS for everyone, not just the POTUS! Unlike the POTUS, I would favor a 2 term limit with the option to run again after a full term has passed.

          • Two term, limit PERIOD,NO EXCEPTIONS

          • That should also apply to the SCOTUS as some of them are dead from the neck up on appointment. No one should be appointed a life time job especially them.

          • An age limit for sure, when for life was instituted life span was round 45-50 for most, same in Congress, it’s a farce when a Senator is wheeled into the chamber and AN AIDE, lifts his hand on the vote. this has happened more than once.

          • Yep! It was a good idea in the 1700s but maybe not now. Maybe ONE term appointment to expire at the end of ten years maximum. No exceptions. That one might be easy because the Justices cannot vote directly for anything pertaining to themselves.

          • TERM LIMITS, NO TENURE for any JOB, including the Supreme Court ! I agree two terms should tell us if they are doing their jobs & not benefitting with their Clout !

          • this is true also but not 15 years anyone who has been in more than 1 term because they have already been exposed to the corruption and fell in line. We need an American government back in office period.

          • Not all have fallen into line!
            I wouldn’t exactly say Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy have done so, and, there are others!
            Take a hard look at some of the old timers, too–I WILL vote for my old timer, and hope to the Gods he gets the Senate Majority seat! What we have had for so many years has to go!
            I hate to say it, as I have had some very good friends among the Democrats, but that party has been so corrupted, it is no longer what it started out to be–and that was way back in the early 1800s!

          • Cruz has too; Gowdy just hasn’t shown his true colors yet. Ever hear of granfmd Guignol? You’ve been falling for it in the swamp! They’ re.just playing ROLES, to appease the kiddies. All of them joined the club to get their names onto ballots to get those seats. Corruption came before they got to the swamp!

          • Trey Gowdy is no Grand Guignoler

          • Sure he is; he got on the ballot. Only 1 way to do that; join the NWO Party! He’ll show his true colors soon enough.

          • That is true. Used to be a Dem. Party turned left, plus I live in Ca. and the Dems rule. San Francisco, where I lived for over 40 yrs., changed. Seemed to care more for homeless and illegals. Ordinary Cits. like me lost our city. Been Rep. for some time. I like it!

          • keep seeing more & more posts from Dems-turned Republican. Welcome to sane world of patriotic, family friendly Conservatives.

          • I see that also, but are they plants to destroy the GOP?

          • No. They just grew up.

          • The Democratic party is divided between Socialism and Communism.

          • The Democrats and the Republicans are both communists, they allowed this traitor to be ushered into office twice, he was not elected, the people fell for the the mainstream medias lies, and no one made him prove his eligibility, you don’t see any member of the government making any attempt to arrest him and try him for treason. Joseph McCarthy exposed 205 communists in the government in the 50’s they killed him and no one questioned or made mention of it.

          • With a big helping of islam thanks to the muslim in chief. The DHS looks like an Al Zawacky Fan Club meeting.

          • HUH? Are you really that old?

          • “to the Gods?” How many Gods do you serve?

          • McCain and Flake are my two senators and I wouldn’t vote for them ever again!!! Both are rolling over and playing dead when it comes to protecting our country and its people. My representative, Gosar, is good and fights for us.

          • a limited govt losing most of these agencies that the states have to deal with that are messing with our industries and energies and controlling every aspect of our lives.

          • OK, savannarose 55. What is your point?

          • The point is Ludlow that when the States controlled what the Federal Government is now
            controlling we the people and the Country itself did not have the issues it is now facing.
            When ever you give the Feds power to control something they will bastardize it and you and
            I will pay for it.

          • Truer words were never spoken !!!!!

          • Now as I sit here and listen to the likes of Sen. Reid, Sen, Shaheen, Sen, Klobaschar,
            Sen Mukulski and others blabber about how they want to get the DHS funding bill
            to the Presidents desk NOW. Well drop the filibuster and set a vote on the Bill. Democrats
            say they will vote on a bill with the riders for Illegal Immagration in it once the bill to
            fund DHS is funded, well if that is the case why not vote on a single bill and get a
            tofer and send it to the Presidents desk? Oh yea DEMOCRATs want to vote on a Bill
            to keep us safe according to them but not on a bill that would also keep us safe by
            sending 11 Million ILLEGALS back to their home countries and telling them at the same
            time if they want to come here, then come legally not in the dead of night.

          • I can see most people on here do not understand how our so called government works. You need google “Lobbyist” that will open your eyes.

          • Ludlow Porch did you at one time have a radio program with a famous AM radio station in Atlanta, GA? –“with studios atop the Biltmore Hotel on Peachtree Street.” OR are you just using the name?

          • I am not THE Ludlow Porch. He and his half brother Lewis Grizzard, both radio talk show personalities have passed on. I am a fan of both, from living in Atlanta for a couple of decades in the 60’s and 70’s. I miss both dearly. Lewis made a few guest appearances on “Designing Women” with Delta Burke and other members of the cast. It’s nice to know that these two favorites of mine are still remembered. Thanks!

          • Porch was a favorite of my Father when he was broadcasting.

          • You Father was a wise man. Ludlow was the Southern version of “Paul Harvey.” You can google his obit. at southern humorist. Lewis’s also.

          • My Father gave the weather forecast to WSB radio and TV’s Johnny Beckman, et. al. back in 50s. (US Weather Bureau)

          • I remember Lewis Grizzard. His columns were in our newspaper in South Carolina. What a hoot!

          • “Elvis is dead, and I don’t feel so good myself”.

          • Lobbying needs to be OUTLAWED, and bills should have ONE ITEM, no add-ons/pork !!!!!!

          • Absolutely correct, PCS! I’ve been saying that for years, make that decades.

            Perfect example: Hurricane Sandy bill. Did anyone see all the crap the Dems loaded up on the original bill? I read it & was appalled! It was supposed to be a bill to help the hurricane victims but looked more like a Democrat Christmas shopping list, paid for by the U.S. Taxpayers!

          • Combat Veteran Seabee

            I was wondering what an Alaskan fisherie had to do with Sandy on the east coast! What about the college loan forgiveness/ paid up had to do with Sandy also. And it goes on and on!

          • Exactly, Combat Vet. I wondered that, too, along with billions of bullets. Did they think the hurricane victims could shoot their way into recovery?

            As I said, it looked more like a Democrat shopping list… which usually benefits Lobbyists, their BFFs or one of obama’s warped plots, I mean “plans”.

            I read that whole bill & almost gagged. No wonder it took the Dems 2 months to compose it. Then they slapped it down in front of the House & said “Fund it!” When the Repubicans said, “Hold on a minute, we need to read it” (and who could blame them after the obamacare fiasco?) the vile, vicious, hate-filled Dems, including obama, went on TV the next day with a revengeful rage saying that the Republicans were “holding it up”. LIARS, ONE & ALL!

          • if you read it then you should also mention all the lengths that the gop went to gut the bill so their employer OIL could keep the money and pay them instead of the people whos homes – jobs and lives were ruined by their careless disregard for the laws and safety rules.

          • Jim Bridenstine, a TRUE Conservative & Patriot, needs to be on the 2016 ticket. AMAZING! He actually listens to American Citizens. Wish I lived in Oklahoma!

            Follow him on Facebook.


          • We have Matt Shea, I would follow him anywhere, any time. There is hope, I try to remember the words of Jones and Farragut, “I have not yet begun to fight”, and “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

          • Wonder if the loser in the WH bounces… oh wait! He bounces from one campaign speech to another… even when he’s not running for office.

          • People make fun of Oklahoma but I visit my son there and their politicians stick up for the people!! it is gun friendly, good Republican base I was impressed with Oklahoma !!

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            I agree. Our state has a senator (Heller) who is slowly turning into the type of two face politician we hate. Even Marco Rubio is “turning” with his support for illegal aliens. None of these politicians in long term office truly represents us citizens. They all become part of the Establishment thinking which separates them from us.

          • Marco already turned. He’s more concerned about Illegal Foreigners than U.S. Citizens.

            He also tried to trick us by changing his Immigration Reform stance. Yeah, change, right. He wanted to break it into 4 small bills, bit when you put it altogether it is still the same old SOS. I hate it when politicians try to trick us, especially when it comes to millions & millions of Illegals, a lot of which are CRIMINALS. Just like the POS in the WH. How many of those millions of Illegals are Muslim terrorists who won’t be scrutinized?

          • one term is enough. also age limits and not over 20 years total in the government. Time to clean house.

          • 12 years total,at all levels; no more career politicians!

          • no one should in politics should be able to collect a retirement check and benefits, they are people, just like us, why should they get big checks, cadillac health plans. while they are in office, they steal enough to retire on

          • If you remove the “benefits”, who would want a job in politics?

          • Kenneth Van Antwerp

            People who truly care about this country.

          • Sarcasm? Look at the kickbacks from Lobbyists… Open their freezers & see how much green is in there & I don’t mean peas.

          • Exactly :>) Only those that had a cat in the fight…

          • The George Washingtons, The Tomas Jeffersons, John Adams.

          • david –

            I agree. While serving in DC they should contribute to Social Security (like the rest of us) and be on Obamacare (like they require the rest of us to do).

          • Plus we need tougher qualifications especially for the office of President.

          • It’s not so much tougher qualifications, but submit to extreme psychiatric evaluation before they can throw their hat in the ring should be mandatory.

          • Better yet tougher screening for birth date, birth place, academic credentials if claimed.
            Otherwise we might as well let Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Queen Elizabeth and a host of foreigners run for the office.

          • at least the same background check as if they were buying a gun…..

          • Kenneth Van Antwerp

            That’s for sure.

          • Hell, just a background check would help!

            I would love to see them pass a law to expose their school, military, etc. record to the public. I think it would have exposed a lot about the guy in the WH.

            I feel like I’ve been living in the Twilight Zone for 6 years with some unknown Communist Muslim with 2 different names, lots of fake IDs & admitted marijuana & cocaine user. Who is that guy anyway? I still don’t know!


            And why is it so important that he pays $Millions to keep that covered up? If it’s legit, prove it! Yet Liberals NEVER question that.

          • I think Soros has funded ,training, education etc,him since a young man . Soros said he was going to destroy the US and now he is a US citizen !!!

          • And the very same hypocrites that swoon over the muslim in chief are already torturing Gov Walker because he didn’t finish college. Bill Gates didn’t finish college either. Obozo must be hiding something big which would probably disqualify him from being pres.and void all his EOs.Just the fact his records are sealed should have stopped his unusual rise in politics.

          • Maybe make it law they can’t hide their records !!

          • Whatever could you possibly be talking about, Obama said his will be the most transparent administration ever. How is it that you doubt him? (Obviously sarcasm)

          • Service in our military should be a requirement !!! Even at the enlisted ranks they would at least have an idea of what the military is all about instead of relying on “advisors” who, for the most part, don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground.

          • At least have to have some training !!

          • Some of the executive powers and veto bills need to be reduced . Make them use them only 4 or 5 times a year . That way it will be on important things and they can’t do the open borders and things that threaten the safety of we the citizens like this traitor has .

          • Get rid of the union and implement the Right to work!

          • Go for it Roy! And good luck!

          • at this point the only thing they will understand is a bullet to the head. 2 terms is out of the question. only one chance and then your gone then vote in the next potus.

          • Finally someone with common sense, kudos to you Pal Dragotto BTW that is the only solution for the current potus should he decide to invoke martial law and not leave the White House.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well Tom, “he” had the world’s best sniper taken out, then the guy he sent to take him out cannot be found – this country’s ONLY salvation is in the hands of another expert marksman, I don’t give a rat’s ass who doesn’t believe that!

          • Micheal, it is strange you said that because I told my son . They should watch the mothers bank account. She is the one who called Mr Kyle and asked him to help her son. What better way to kill someone .

          • We somehow must get term limits for Congress and I personally believe two terms is enough and they cannot run again. Period.

          • That will happen when hell freezes over! Nice concept, anyway.

          • That’s gonna be a tough sell!

          • And only limited pension contributions like any regular worker.

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            There is no control over term limits because the Congress has to vote on it themselves. Which one of them is going to vote themselves out of an “Elite” job? They vote themselves exemptions that amount to corruption: ie. insider trading…pay raises…health care benefits…great retirement benefits…. and some of us wonder how most of them end up with millions in the bank?

          • There is more than one way to skin a cat, therefore I surmise that it must also be true that there is more than one way to get rid of a politician

          • I like all you said except the 15 year deal. And when or if the voting public ever wakes up they will realize they hold the key to term limits with the power they hold in the voting booth. Two terms vote them out.

          • The EGYPTIONS DID IT! They did MORE than protest!~ They toppled their government by demonstrating & being a ‘revolutionary people!’ They got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood along with the help of their ‘Military’ !! That is what we are going to have to do too- there is NO leadership anymore in the US on either side! We are sitting ducks! Someone has to do SOMETHING!

          • no .. you are wrong.. Mubarek should never have been toppled — look at Egypt today.. look at the entire Middle East… who do you think was propping up the MB?

          • Propping up the MB & is there any doubt that bo using U.S. taxpayers $$’s isn’t illegally doing the same as letting illegal foreign enemies come into the U.S. with his criminally laced E.O’s to destroy the U.S. internally for his wannabe totalitarian dictatorship ! bo has proven his support for his muslim cult & his treason hate against U.S. Patriotic Citizens ..!

          • I am worried with his martial law EO he used that if we make a huge protest which we should be able to in this country , that he will use the agreement with the UN and they will supply him with UN military, and with his muslims that he has allowed in ( over 6 million now) and the Islamic training camps and the enormous Fema camps on military land !! It sure looks like he is setting something up ! And wants to disarm us too!

          • Not just long- term seat holders, ALL of them are members of the club!

          • In the mean time lets get the word out there to show we are fed up… what in hell is wrong with protesting ? At this point we must do everything possible, don’t you think ??? Of course, I do believe we all want & know we must clean house, but, would it hurt to send out all the messages possible ??Why stop at one thing to do another, DO IT ALL the more we YELL the better !

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            I’ve been reading the term limit “stuff”. I think I barely passed government in High School, I don’t remember that far back, I’ve been an insulin diabetic since I was 7 so my memory is lacking A LOT. Anyhow, how in the world to you get such a fabulous idea to the people that this will effect? I always wondered that, who starts the bills? I remember the cartoon on Schoolhouse Rock, but who MAKES the bill that ended up on the steps?

          • I am a Lady like you, A Catholic… I wish you well with your health… we all must work together, BAN together, we need each other at this trying time… this Administration has taken this country ALMOST to its knees…Vote all “Rs” when voting to take the Senate back, Constitution, to keep our FREEDOM, Military STRONG… If not America is DOOMED ! God Forbid ! Bless You !

          • I’m sure Congress is going to vote themselves term limits, as much as I’m sure they will vote themselves a pay cut.

          • We know. But vote the ensconced weeds out of the Congressional garden. The Constitution allows a way to make changes as per Amendments IX and X.

          • Recommendation: Constitutional Amendment limiting ALL terms. Let Representatives serve for four years and Senators for six years and no person shall be elected to any office more than twice and no person having served two terms in one house of the Congress shall be elected to serve in the other house. A person who has served in Congress may be elected to the office of President.

          • I believe he will declare martial law before the next election.

          • i dont do it much but i agree with you- that is a rarity on this site as most are to radical and focused on their delusions. As a liberal i do agree with everything you say and all of the gey goats who have sold our country down the tubes should be replaced. and new ones limited to the number of times crooked elections and gerrymandered districts can elect them

          • What is needed is some senators who are willing to impeach the bastard-in-chief in the face of being called a racist. Most of America will be behind this and the POTUS and his fake façade need to go once and for all. Grow some cajones Congress!

          • cb you the only person on this site that makes any sense– We need to kick all the old school out and replace them – thye are either bought off or blackmailled and care nothing about the people -only getting reelected again

        • Protest my ass. We need to arm ourselves and start shooting.

        • You are right, but Republicans have never been good at protest. Unlike Liberals who have professional activists and communist supporters and financiers. But we can show up at the polls and help take down the liberal power machine.

          • You have that right. And I have identification, thank God for that ruling. Too many dead people voted before, peoples pets, and people who went across county and state lines to vote multiple times. Liberals really hor about that loss.

          • Yeah, my grandmother is tired of voting for Democrats,,,,she never did once while living.

          • You are absolutely right Ray. Consider the three black thugs making intimidating remarks at white voters at a polling place in Philadelphia back in November 2008. Had some whites done the same toward black voters all hell would have broken loose and the intimidators would be in a federal penitentiary right now. Speaking of racial discrimination! Under the current “Administration” we have perfect classic reverse discrimination with a reverse KKK overseeing it. How ’bout that! Hypocrisy is now the Beast coming out of the sea.

        • I believe it will take more than a protest. All Patriots need to Lock and Load and be ready for when Obummer invokes martial law. The Muslim Jihad has already begun in America and will only get worse.

        • The only protest that made it to main stream media was the much underreported Veterans protest. You didn’t hear about the One Million Truckers protest on Washington or the interstates being tied up, or The One Million Bikers ride either. Just a blip here or there on Facebook. With the Muslims being brought over as fast as possible, and OUR servicemen being replaced by Illegal Aliens, it’ll be too easy to quell any protest and minimize ANY knowledge of it being put down as the people are rounded up and shipped to a FEMA camp near you.

        • To what point? Which protest in the past 6 years has achieved anything?

        • The Jewish protested Hitler’s Nazi regime that did nothing but murder them …! The only solution is to remove the wannabe dictator & his cronies before he has too much power ..!

        • Yeah, that’s been real successful with the Bikers and the Truckers in DC and the Militia at the Southern Border. Hasn’t it?

        • Kenneth Van Antwerp

          I started to protest the day he was elected.

        • You need a leader to wake up the population, unfortunately there are too many who agree with Obama, we may be in the minority, the “White minority.”

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Prostesting serves no purpose. It’s like water rolling off a duck’s back. The politicians don’t care. They’ll continue functioning as they normally do in their self-serving mode.

          • We have too many of our ‘representatives” in DC. We could cut back in every state 30% and we would still have plenty !!

        • We need to set a date and attack

      • We, The American Citizens are up the Creek Without The Paddle.

      • Wake up to what? What can we do? Please read my other post above.

        • here is what we can do we put them in office and we can take them out as well.

          • Lets pray that happens. We all need to work hard to get the rats out the conservatives in.

          • I didn’t vote for obama. Don’t blame me. The ones who put them in office are the dumb heads and they’ll do it again just because he’s black. I personally know of people who have said that. They’ll vote for him just because he’s black no matter what. They don’t care about right or wrong, just color.


      • With about 50 % of people on some kind of government “handout” it will likely be impossible. You just can’t beat Santa Claus.

        • There will be no Santa Claus if hobama is successful, even for the Obama phone, food stamp people.

        • i’m 62 and have 3 incurable virus’s in my brain. i’m to sick to work , or i can barely go thru a day without having to go back to bed. i’m on section 8 Gov. housing. i’m on soc.sec.di it pississ me offf that the people out there are screwing the system and hurting people like me. most of them are lazy blacks, or illegals with phony ID’s.

      • Waking up isn’t the issue. We’ve got muslims working in the whitehouse. He’s got them everywhere. They’re up there changing everything to suit themselves. Won’t be long we’ll have to living under their sharia laws. What constitutional rights we have left after obama screws ever last one of us, won’t be hard to remove, once they have islamic muslims making the laws up there.
        We’re doomed.
        Lord take me out of here. This world is not my home.

        • When the shtf, remember that emigration to the Texas republic that will rise could be an option.

          • My wife and I have already discussed that very option!! …….. just can’t afford to do it …. YET!!!! LOL

          • Hell of an idea, but I’m too old to move. They’ll just have to shoot me on my back porch. I’ll be sure and take some of them with me though.

          • Should Texas leave, I wonder how many other Southern states would go with them? I hope mine would–I do know my former state of Arizona would, along with New Mexico, Southern California, Oklahoma and the other.Four Corners states!

          • I hope Maine does also

        • I am not going to go gently. This is our Country still, and there are enough Americans that if we will stand up and speak the truth, start praying, carrying our weapons, and marching against what is going on, we have a fighting chance. Otherwise, I don’t know what we are in for, or if we can even make it to 2016 elections. Both parties have pretty much sold the American people out!

          • I totally agree!
            Make doubly sure to get ALL neighbors out to vote next month, rally around our embattled flag, and tell Washington we won’t take their drivel any more!

        • No, we are NOT doomed! Stop bowing to the monster, and stand up like a FREE AMERICAN, and fight back!
          One way of fighting back is to VOTE in November against every Democrat on the ballot–THEY are bowing and scraping to the fraudulent “president” and his agenda!

      • True
        Another Hitler, Idi Amin, and all illiterate dicators rolled into one africa nig*******))(&^% and no one is us police state does anything but talk??????

      • After he shoots Congress I guess.

      • He already has control of the Military as “crybaby-in-chief” (I refuse to refer to that ignoramus as ‘commander’), and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a paper General more concerned with his own political aspirations and wallet, than he is with upholding true military traditions and living up to his oath to “protect and defend the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

      • Half of the white house staff are Muslim. The head of the CIA is a muslim. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!.

      • You may be right but I do not believe he will take over the Military. Most of those serving in our Armed Forces can’t stand him as it is. They’re not about to go against the citizens they have sworn to protect. I have complete faith and trust in our men and women who serve in the trenches.

      • He’s already taking over the officers’ corps of the military.

      • That appears to be his game plan for creating his own gestapo, S.S. type army of illegals and murdering muslim, jihadist to support his martial law created crisis for his wannabe dictatorship!

      • When it’s TOO LATE! And it probably is already too late!

      • CBRI11 you are thinking correctly. But just be aware…..SOME PEOPLE NEVER LEARN! …nor
        do they care.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Setting up his “kingdom” he is. We’re closer and closer to martial law…

      • Hitler did it. Forgot how many of his commanders/generals (and just about anyone else who opposed him) he had shot.

      • Actually, lining (at least the vast majority of) the members of the house and senate up against a wall and shooting them would be a step in the right direction. Those corrupt, treasonous bastards are as much a part of the problem as Obama.

      • That is what he is doing now by placing muslims in high ranking government offices

      • He has already taken over the military.

      • They said it couldn’t happen in America but it did. The sleep is too deep to awaken from, Obama has mesmerized too many Americans.

      • Some people will wake up when the gun is pointing at them when they are against that wall…………….MAYBE !!!
        Many people are awake and we are very troubled by what is happening to this country. The problem is we are few in comparison and have no real leader yet. Unless a REAL leader comes forth in the very near future, I fear for the future of America as a free nation, especially for my children and their children. At my age, I will willingly stand on the front lines to save my family so long as I can still pull a trigger. I’m afraid that is what it will come down to in order to get back the America we older folks knew and loved. This younger generation (with a few exceptions) are being fed NAZI Joseph Goebbels style propaganda and they are eating it up as the holy truth. Without their smart phones and the other gee whiz gadgetry, they are lost. Most can’t even conduct a decent conversation any more. They have no idea of the history of this country, so how can we expect them to have a reverence of America that older folks have. Our schools, oops, I meant indoctrination centers don’t allow the teachings of our history or civics as taken from the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Saying anything about God is forbidden. Prayer is out (except for Muslim prayer), How many of these indoctrination centers even allow the Pledge of Allegiance any more?
        OK, OK, I’ll get off my soap box now. I am scared to death for my country and it’s future. How about you ??

      • Omuslim has filled the gov with muslims and encourages muslims and ILLEGAL INVADERS to join our military. Part of the muslim gov common core school standards is to teach/promote islam to your kids. Thirty islamic compounds across America. The INFILTRATION is in high gear !!!!!!! Isn’t it the CHRISTIANS that are getting slaughtered over there ????? Why aren’t we getting thousands of CHRISTIAN refugees here ???????

      • His Muslim “buddies” will cut off Obama’s head just as they said they will do. They will do for one of two reasons, first possibility they will cut off his head because he is a shitty (peaceful) Muslim, or they will cut off his head just for effect. Either way they will need to change the carpet in the oval office.

      • When they actually are being rounded up for the slaughter, they don’t understand history, every one who helped destroy a nation got killed, why should they think this will be any different for them????????

      • He is doing that now by cutting our military below the number we had at the beginning of WW2

      • Hopefully it won’t be too late to wake up.

    • Have you paid attention how the whites and blacks are being pitted against each other? Watch TV, listen to the radio & read the paper. Someone told me over a year ago that this was going to happen. I laughed in his face. Because of this the country would be in such a turmoil that he would remain as president. He is letting all these immigrants in so they can vote for him. I wish I had paid better attention to him!

      • I read where obama is planning on staying in Washington after his term is over, so he can run to the media whenever things don’t go his way. He’ll still control the whitehouse even though he won’t be in the oval office.

    • And there is nothing we can do about it. Neither will the Republicans help us.

      • Yes we can. Our lives are at stake. Our childrens lives. Our country. If we don’t put a stop to these unwelcome freeloaders, they will break us. I haven’t worked all my life to see it given away to a bunch of Muslim bastards. Either we start shooting this filth or we lose everything.

      • We CAN do something…. but WILL we?? Egypt has more B@11$ than we do! We TALK a good TALk but we WONT walk the walk like the Egytians did!! There has to be 17 million of us Conservatives, Independants, Libertarians & other that want to save this Country! We need someone BIG to make the CALL!

    • Obamulluh is an Islamo-facist , anti-American, deviant…

    • How true .. Every one in Senate seems to act like they have bin paid Million Dollars from Obama to allow him to do any thing he pleases to do

    • Everyone in this country should be made to read every word you have written. That is one of if not the best comments I’ve read in a long time., even if we have to explain every single word to those airheads that believe were doing just fine. I want to thank you for your comment Jackie.

    • Hasn’t everything bo done in 5 years been very obvious for creating his totalitarian dictatorship..? His many blatant violations of U.S. Laws & Constitution along with his dereliction of duty & violating his sworn oath of office proves the facts for indictment on treason & destruction toward U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights …??

    • My money’s on martial law in response to a “crisis”.

    • Excellent post.

      I’ve got some bad news that seems to escape many Americans; it’s too late. Nothing we do at the ballot boxes will “undo” the damage that Obama and his criminal cohorts have caused this nation. I can’t believe that anyone hasn’t figured-out this charlatan by now. The low-information (ignorant) voters will continue to vote the hand-out party, no matter what.

      The Democratic and Republican parties have not a dime’s worth of difference. They are the puppets of the marionette string operators (global banking syndicate).

      Elections are merely a distraction while global elitists slowly introduce us to a police state (militarization of police forces is nearly complete). Throw-in an Obama Muslim sympathizer, who would like nothing better than to see America brought to its knees with neo-Marxist/Alinsky subjugate socialism, and you have the prelude to a 2nd civil war. Just one shot from these out of control “Rambo” police forces, at the right time will start a conflagration of our nation.

      Wake up. Now. Whatever comes, be ready. If nothing comes, be vigilant. Our criminal government is coming apart at the seams.

    • Had to learn Spanish, I’m not going to learn Syrian.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Any person who is ignorant enough to believe there is even one drop of Christian blood in that bastards body, I have a bridge I’ll sell you really cheap. He is admitting as many as he possibly can so that when the time comes, those will help him set up his “kingdom!”

    • How do we as citizens stop this? I write to my representatives – if you could call most of them that – daily. Shoot, I’ve written directly to Obama, Pelosi and Reid – they don’t care! Seems like it doesn’t even matter. The local paper no longer prints my letters to the editor, so I have given up writing to them.
      I don’t want this to happen – I am sorry for the war torn people, but let them go to Saudi Arabia, or some other place – not the US! We can’t afford them, and I don’t think it’s worth the possibility that many terrorists will “slip” in with them.
      Again, how do we put our foots down and say NO!!! NO!!! NO!!
      We don’t even take care of our veterans, and we are taking on anyone from Mexico and Central America, and now, Syria??

      • Bo’s plans for his wannabe dictator regime are succeeding @ a very rapid rate all supported by the do nothing congress to stop the tyranny attack on U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights …! This writing to the congressman used to have a purpose but evidently the billionaires of bo support are buttering the congress quite well & no longer care about U.S. Citizens as they were elected to represent..! No representation has to “change” NOV. 4 , 2014 for “hope” of Free U.S.A. !

    • Well stated Jackie. And WHO do we now thank for the anti American crap going on? None other than
      the socialists who voted for him. The Soviets proved THAT SYSTEM does not work. InFidel Castro has a similar setup founded on Tyrrany. I’ve met some people who were fortunate to escape that inFidel’s hell.

    • Kenneth Van Antwerp

      Whatever happened to the quota system we have in this country for immigration.

    • This will be the largest muslim country in the world when the muslims are done.

    • Me thinks one way or the other, HE WILL LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE, there are too many pissed off people.

    • Jackie, you said a mouth full. So much truth it is distressing. Let DHL be shut down, whats new. Even when we have it funded, obama has us hog tied so we can’t protect ourselves. Tell me, when are we going to overthrow this muslim dictator? It had better be fast friends. Isn’t it strange that all the bad threats and bloody acts by isis all happen when obama has the power he has to have his way. Like he is a protector of the American people. Friends if he loved America he would be fighting by leading the United States, by respecting the Constitution of the United States instead he has the long term well-being of islam in his heart. Somehow this evil man has been allowed to manipulate our government like a chess game,with moves we never anticipated. Just who is asleep here? He is the worst racist in our history, destroying our allies, withholding the help we must give them to fight isis, He doesn’t want that, he would rather say ialam is a peaceful nation, by whose definition? Certainly not those of us that really love this wonderful country. If you don’t think this is a wonderful country get the h— out. A hispanic youngman withdrawing funds from a credit union was asked his password, guess what it was? obama. I so wanted to stop him and tell him how he and his people were being used to further obamas agenda. if obama cared one io-ta about them he would have shown remorse to all the people, babies, all those that were too weak to claw there way to a land one man promised amnesty, not dead bodies in ditches. Girls, women raped and killed and how many were sold by humans selling humans into sex slaves, pornography, paedophilia. Look how he has the dems mesmerized, they really believe this imposter. It has come down to fight or give up the very rights our forefathers fought and gave their lives for. We can’t let that happen!!!!!! obama is a muslim, never a Christian!!! If you have doubts check out the Bible and just see how a Christian is not a destroyer but a re builder, a loving God that will always forgive us and with His help restore our faith in the One true living God. Support Israel and all the allies around Europe, pray for Netanyahu, as all obamas timing looks like a real interference of having a real man speak to all of us, He is our friend and we are to be there for the Israeli people. GOD BLESS AMERICA, and all those that stand up for what they believe………………

    • Or will he get the job done in the next two years buy allowing Iran the Nukes and letting thousands of Radical Islamists into our nation. and then when chaos comes let the U.N. come in to take our weapons of self defense and put us all in FEMA detention camps.. He’s all ready gotten rid of most military leaders who would oppose his radical AGENDA against Americans who believe in Constitutional rights ! People of this nation had better wake up and participate in our political system…. NOW… before it’s completely overthrown by Executive Order and UN- CONSTITUTIONAL JUDGES.. America is on the brink of that “fundamental change” being permanent !

      • Got news for you, it’s a little late to get involved politically. Both parties are corrupt, they don’t listen to We The People, they don’t even think about the Constitution when passing bills.
        We’re in deep poop, obama pushing his muslim socialist agenda and the House folding like a wet suit.
        Forget the Senate.
        UN can try to take our guns, how many going to just hand them over? Too many? Cities towns need to organize.
        Obama doesn’t care about Citizens or USA. Actions speak louder than words, he is screaming his hate from the roof. Has no regard for Our military.
        Rules of engagement gets them killed.

    • Jackie: For the record, Obama is a Sunni Muslim who, like all Muslims, hates America and everything our country stands for. That’s why he is destroying it.

    • We have to join together & destroy this evil man & is fellow Dems !!!

    • I agree!

    • And who is vetting these refugees?

    • terryhoaglland123@aol.com

      I have said all along the dictator will find an excuse to stay beyond his time and he seems to think he can get by with it because Congress isn’t going to do anything!!! Why the majority of the American people can’t see their hand in front of their face beats me the writing is on the wall!!

      • icemate@yahoo.com

        With Boehner in charge of the House, Obama can and will do anything he pleases. The hell with American values, the moderate Dem’s in the House with Boehner as leader the GOP is not worth wasting my vote on any Republican in office

    • you have hit the nail on the head with your post. I certainly wish the American people had figured this out before this voted for this POS.

    • He’s leaving the borders open, which is the act of a traitor. We get harrassed going through airports, old people being assaulted in their wheelchairs, while O’Bozo leaves no security at all on the borders. That’s insanity and it’s also obviously intentional. He wants to help destroy the USA. And he is.

    • Well stated Jackie. Seems we’ve entered the “end times” for government of the people, for the people and by the people. It’s a regime of the Muslim socialist, for the Muslim socialist and by the Muslim socialist under the guidance of that Muslim woman Valerie Jarrett, Queen of Evil.

  8. Impeach the Muslim in the oval office….he is a disgrace~!!!

    • We need to send the head mussie to the ME permanently

    • Arrest try and execute the traitor in the white house…now

    • I AGREE AGAIN not just one either all of them even their supporters as well.

    • According to all that I read, Obummer’s claim to the office that he holds is questionable and he has yet to produce a real birth certificate to verify his place of birth. That being said, are his edicts, decrees and executive orders valid and enforcable? Of course, if Obummer is disqualified we’ll be stuck with Joe Dumbo……

      • I would rather take my chances with a complete nincompoop like Joe Bile-dung….(who thought we should replace all the gate-guards as it would create new jobs, and didn’t even know the gate-guards were nothing more than steel rods sticking up to keep cattle in)…..than to blindly follow the masses into ObamaNation (he is a cunning and evil liar).

  9. Obama TRULY wants the Caliphate here, doesn’t he!!!!!!!!!!! I bet not one of them will be Christians!

  10. Actually we should be sending the mussies back to the ME not getting more. They are all Koran followers which means they want to kill all of us! Deport all mussies from the US.

  11. Obama has been doing this his whole time in office!

  12. The Muslims who come to this country have an agenda and it’s obvious, based on this, that Obama supports it. They want to come here to infiltrate and overtake and by allowing thousands more, on top of the ones we already have, the demise of our country, as we know it, will be greatly exacerbated!!!!

    • That’s true. Look at London. It’s gone. France is in flames, alot. Sweden is the Muslim rape capitol of the world. If we don’t destroy these Muslim mofo’s, we’re all doomed.

  13. Like forest gumps mother said “stupid is,as stupid does” we have a QUEER,idiotic,muslim potus wannabe living in our white House. and obozo is a douche bag to boot,,,,,,,,,,


  15. Obama is a muslim traitor and needs to be arrested for treason! We also need to OUTLAW ISLAM and burn every freakin’ koran we can find!

    • Be careful! Remember, if it is possible to “ban” one religion and burn it’s books then it is a simple matter for other religions to face the same fate, depending on who is in power . We will be better off to adhere to our constitution and it’s declared freedoms.

      • The problem with that is, Muslims breed like cockroaches and when they become the majority, they will throw out the constitution in favor of Sharia law. I’m all for defending the constitution but these Islamic scum use our very freedoms against us. I would rather see all religions banned then be subject to the worst of the worst which is Islam.

        • That’s why we need to speak out and keep exposing their tactics to the public. Muslims LIE (taqiyya) in order to conceal their real intentions (“religion of peace” my ass!) and they’re always trying to pass laws and such that would prevent people from criticizing islam or mohammed. We need to STOP being “politically correct” for fear of what some may call us, and we need to get them OUT of our country NOW, before they get too populous.

      • I have bumped into that and believe that I have found precedent for banning islam. The north american man-boy love association was banned because they advocated criminal activity. The KKK was banned because they advocated subjugating and killing people that don’t look the same as them. Surely, an honest look at islam and the queran would show both the criminality and the desire to subjugate or kill those who would exercise our first amendment right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

      • Ah, but Islam is NOT a religion, it’s a CULT. A murderous, pedophile, evil CULT. These barbarians don’t play by the rules, perhaps you should do some research! We CANNOT allow ANY group to exist who only wants to KILL everyone who won’t subscribe to their SICK beliefs and evil sharia law, and who wants to take over the world and make their “religion” the ONLY religion on earth! (Remember the dark ages?) Also 75% of muslims inbreed with their first cousins, which doesn’t exactly make them rocket scientists! They don’t tolerate any one else’s beliefs, and we cannot afford to tolerate theirs!

      • This is not a religion. it is a cult that has already said its mission is to kill all Americans, jews and Christians.

    • very well PUT….. a better description would be Mulatto-Marxist-Muslim…. :o) and yes, every off-spring of Ishmael needs their breathing ceased.

  16. The MUSLIM SPY importing his buddies for the American invasion.

  17. Alert!!! millions of Liberal voters do not believe that Obama is a Muslim!

  18. Nothing personal against the Syrians, but we don’t have anything in common, and the muslims that are already here need to be returned to where ever they came from.
    These people have a different agenda and consider America as the great satan. That does not make for good relations.

    • They do need to go home…Their god gave them no moral conscience…We cannot have an America with savages here….That is our problem…Vietnamese came bringing their gods and demons and our country changed..Many are good Christians but many are not…When they come full of their demons it makes a harder job for God….

  19. Who is going to support these people? Not me! We don’t gave enough jobs for our own citizens. Revolt against this phony in charge and our congress. The whole government needs to be thrown out and started over now!

  20. To paraphrase the Quran, All non believers are infedels, and unless they’re willing to convert, they must die, allah a beheading.

    • It also promotes the deception of all that are not Muslim. They be taxed extra, cheated and killed and it is no sin to them. They practice deception until they are in control and then they show their hands after it is to late to resist.

      • Ahh, Now I understand where Politicians, Insane Xwives, etc, come from. They are all the spawn of Satan. The Middle East is the portal to Hell in which they pass into this world freely and disperse throughout the world. Vladimir Putin warned us about them and tried to tell America that it would be a mistake to disarm our citizenry .

  21. As much as I stand against the evil that exist in the lives and minds of those who follow a false Prophet, even Muhammad, all men on earth are children of the same God, regardless if Satan has turned their hearts to be cannibals and devil worshipers. Regardless of their corrupt living, all of them, upon being engulfed in the love of Christ their Savior, may receive hope and inspiration to follow the light of Christ when we as Christians bombard them with the Christ like light and love through our example, movies, scriptures and all things good that speak of Christ. We shower them with truth when they step into our country! This is a war between good and evil, God and Lucifer, and Gods kingdom will prevail even as Isaac was the elect son of Abraham so shall those who follow Christ have ever lasting glory. Don’t take offense if you come from Ishmael, rather understand your blood also comes from Abraham and all men have free agency to choose to follow the creator of this world.The reality is that God the Father of all men is uniting the world so that all men may know absolute truth, even as the GREEK studied “What is Truth” So shall all Muslims, Buddhist and all men of every faith know their God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ, Every man who lives on earth, who evaluates the gospel of Jesus Christ can find no fault with it’s precepts, teaching and or way of life. Christ gospel is the epitome of how all men should live and if done so a perfect world will exist. No other theology, philosophy or idea can have the same statement.

    • This country has abandoned truth for political correctness and abandoned the belief that those whom come here must assimilate and promoted multiculturalism (Satanism). The promotion of cultures that are immoral, evil and have produce the garbage countries they flee.

      Biblically states that there will be a world religion promoted toward the end and it will not be the true faith of God and allowing the animals intro your home is begging to be bitten. The fact is Obama and the other elites are protected with all kinds of security and they care not what happens to the rest of us. Hillary expressed their opinion about us… “after all what difference does it make” because it will not hurt them. The White House has a jumper that crosses the fence and he is tackled, arrested, put in jail, gets a quick hearing and not released. Millions cross our southern border and they are shipped around the country at tax payer expense and allowed to stay and not punished. The difference is the elitist do not care about the victims of those criminals coming across our border for it is not therm.

      • This is so perfectly stated! You are spot on and absolutely right. We are left here to defend ourselves from the corrupt wealthy politicians who are secure. Let me reassure you of one important place that has more power and influence than any other. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the kingdom of God on earth. Regardless of anyone thoughts today, the reality is the world will get very wicked, as it already is, but the kingdom of God is not going anywhere this time. I’m not here to preach but to speak about truth and power that overcome people like Hillary and Obama and those who fund them. As far as I’m concerned they will be wiped off the face of the earth within a twinkling of an eye because of their wicked hearts that are far from God, even though their lips pretend to be near him.
        You are so spot on with your description of the evil that exist in the hearts of Hillary and others like her. It’s too late to push out the evil, for like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it has been in office for 7 years and the flood gates are open. The evil is here, the cells of our enemies are upon us because they have been permitted as you stated.
        But keep you mind clear, even as Christ kept his mind. These are children of God, even our enemies who can have a change of heart by the influence and power of God. Now, not all men, even as we learned with Moses and Ramesess learn easily, it will cost millions their lives because of their pride. But even death is not the end of the leanings and teachings of Jesus Christ. All will know God, all with know his son Jesus Christ and all will be able to choose to follow or not, in this life or the next.
        Now, it stinks that we cannot enjoy life as we knew it when we were kids, but sadly that is prophecy being fulfilled. Because of Satan tempting men to do evil, even so Christ must return to fulfill his purpose and the will of the father to help all men come unto him.
        I wish we could live in a state of perfection, even the life Christ lived. However, we would not grow, develop and be able to become like our Father in heaven if we did not experience this mortal life. How we handle it is most important. Act like Christ, even when he was tempted by Satan, please act like Christ. Yes, we can and must stand up for freedom and all we know to be good, be evil is among us and we must not act surprised when they show their true colors and intentions for being here. Look around, they are here, at small businesses in our cities, at the airport, everywhere we look. They linger on the side like Satan waiting for it’s prey to walk by. Be strong, be faithful and be a light, insomuch that you call upon the God almighty to protect you against evil and cast it out from your presence. Satan has no power over the children of men, thus no man who follows Satan has any promise. As stated, the kingdom of God is upon the earth and spreading quicker than the evil, yet the key is to get all righteous people on board as too many are falling to the ways of evil.
        Thank you for your comment, so true, so sad who Hillary, Obama, Reid and others have become. They will have an opportunity to repent of their wickedness and deceitful life, and I hope they do lest they will fall into the same pit those have fallen into who have come before them, even those who have steered thousands away from God.

      • All of the above was planned and began being executed long before any of us had ever heard of brak huesane uhbamma. Long, long before.

  22. Obama is laughing at us all as he plans the fall of the US as a Christian nation and making it a Muslim nation, a third world nation. It seems strange how the Muslims refuse to give Christians and westerners rights in their country and we allow them here and are made to give up rights to accommodate them.

    Let all know that the Muslims coming here are draining our country as they grow their population. They claim little or no income and get on all then assistance programs and this loot out tax dollars. Many bring their multiple wives and thus we are made to support all their children. They teach their children their hatred in Muslim schools that are not monitored as all other schools in the US. They are a 5th column preparing to strike. Ask those here that claim to be moderate and they will still admit they want the US to become a Muslim state.

    We are allowing our enemy to live among us and giving them protections not afford our own citizens. Do not forget the marathon terrorist or the latest fighters for ISIS from the US that have been killed. They leave children here that we tax payers have been supporting and now must continue to support. We pay more out to these families than our own patriots. This proves Obama is evil and not a Christian. Anyone that has witnessed Obama’s policies knows that Obama is conducting a War on Christians. This is what needs to be pronounced around the country, Obama’s War on Christians.

    • This is truth and well stated, now follow what has been written to deal with this matter….

      This is so perfectly stated! You are spot on and absolutely right. We are left here to defend ourselves from the corrupt wealthy politicians who are secure. Let me reassure you of one important place that has more power and influence than any other. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the kingdom of God on earth. Regardless of anyone thoughts today, the reality is the world will get very wicked, as it already is, but the kingdom of God is not going anywhere this time. I’m not here to preach but to speak about truth and power that overcome people like Hillary and Obama and those who fund them. As far as I’m concerned they will be wiped off the face of the earth within a twinkling of an eye because of their wicked hearts that are far from God, even though their lips pretend to be near him.
      You are so spot on with your description of the evil that exist in the hearts of Hillary and others like her. It’s too late to push out the evil, for like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it has been in office for 7 years and the flood gates are open. The evil is here, the cells of our enemies are upon us because they have been permitted as you stated.
      But keep you mind clear, even as Christ kept his mind. These are children of God, even our enemies who can have a change of heart by the influence and power of God. Now, not all men, even as we learned with Moses and Ramesess learn easily, it will cost millions their lives because of their pride. But even death is not the end of the leanings and teachings of Jesus Christ. All will know God, all with know his son Jesus Christ and all will be able to choose to follow or not, in this life or the next.
      Now, it stinks that we cannot enjoy life as we knew it when we were kids, but sadly that is prophecy being fulfilled. Because of Satan tempting men to do evil, even so Christ must return to fulfill his purpose and the will of the father to help all men come unto him.
      I wish we could live in a state of perfection, even the life Christ lived. However, we would not grow, develop and be able to become like our Father in heaven if we did not experience this mortal life. How we handle it is most important. Act like Christ, even when he was tempted by Satan, please act like Christ. Yes, we can and must stand up for freedom and all we know to be good, be evil is among us and we must not act surprised when they show their true colors and intentions for being here. Look around, they are here, at small businesses in our cities, at the airport, everywhere we look. They linger on the side like Satan waiting for it’s prey to walk by. Be strong, be faithful and be a light, insomuch that you call upon the God almighty to protect you against evil and cast it out from your presence. Satan has no power over the children of men, thus no man who follows Satan has any promise. As stated, the kingdom of God is upon the earth and spreading quicker than the evil, yet the key is to get all righteous people on board as too many are falling to the ways of evil.
      Thank you for your comment, so true, so sad who Hillary, Obama, Reid and others have become. They will have an opportunity to repent of their wickedness and deceitful life, and I hope they do lest they will fall into the same pit those have fallen into who have come before them, even those who have steered thousands away from God.

  23. If the left does this, it will destroy there party. No American with any brains will want to go along with this. We cannot save the World. The Muslims that are here, they have taken over certain cities and want everyone to go along with there nonsense. Islam is not a religion of peace, they are full of it and use that. This is so dangerous to our existence it is hard to put into words. As a American I don’t see how to stop this.

  24. So, who is going to write the petition at Whitehouse.gov to ban this immigration? I’d sign it.

  25. They come here and make demands as they build up their presence. Just as in other nations they take over areas and then demand their ways and laws take precedence. They final ask/demand independence of their area. These groups will one day demand we turn over these areas a Muslim states.

    • Just remember, Moses was perceived as merely a man with a rod. Yet that rod took all the slaves out of Egypt and Egypt fell years later… All because the God of Moses is most powerful. Truth and those who follow Jesus Christ may not be big in numbers, but with the swipe of his hand the Master will humble all those who fight against him, and he will bring them to their knees knowing good from evil so that they will all repent and come unto him. They can demand all they want, even as Satan demanded Christ to turn the stone into bread, but there will be no promise.

      • I agree but we know that IF God is for us — who can be against us? Are there enough people who are NOT rejecting Jesus Christ so that God will heal our land?

        • All generations of Christians has believed their generation to be the last. That said, every generation is forty years closer to the end. One thing that we have all noticed but tried to ignore is that at the end of this age, “the whole world” will descend on Jerusalem. If we as Israels protector is not either changed from our commitment, or totally taken off the stage, the battle that frightens Jews so badly that they repent and call upon the Lord to save them can never happen. God has been bringing judgments against this nation since we allowed for legal abortion. They have been stronger and more destructive over the years, without the repentance he expected of us. Now, our culture is so perverse that I question the possibility of repentance at all. I won’t be surprised if these judgments don’t finally destroy the USA before citizens figure out what is happening. All this sounds very negative and will probably bring much sorrow and misery to this nation’s inhabitants but God wins in the end.

  26. You bring the demons in your country at your expenses, when you have already 60 millions of poor citizens on welfare and food stamps


    • I suggest do what Christ did and help them see absolute truth and have a change of heart. Killing them with the light and love of the Savior can cause the world to change and follow Christ. Yes, now, there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself among those who wish to destroy righteousness and good. AS the prime minister of Israel said so perfectly, ” If our enemy puts down their weapons there will be peace, but if we put down our weapons we will all be destroyed.” That statement is the epitome of who a righteous God is and who Satan is.

  28. I now know why we didn’t build the Fence? Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are letting them into our country just because they can. They don’t need a border fence when these Presidents say its OK to come in anyway. Now the trouble will begin and we know these people are Terrorists so why not let them all in?

  29. First, let me dispel the Ignoramus idea that “Islam is the religion of peace”. There are only two types of people that use this phrase: Muslims and the ignorant morons that have Not read the Koran. In NO time EVER in history of the World has the Muslims been at Peace. NEVER! Let me repeat that for the morons out there. NEVER! There are in FACT two types of Muslim: The DOER and the WATCHER. The one whom cuts off the head, and the watcher (cheerer). ISLAM has one goal: Take over the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Democrats in America have opened the door for the Muslim Invasion. I only pray it is them that suffers first. In a Fair world, stupid people pay for their stupid decisions. Democrats do not want a Fair world. They choose to force others to pay for their mistakes. When will we stop these morons??

  30. Michael Rayford Powell

    It will be hard to become united enough in time enough for us to put a stop to President Obama now; we all have stood down, waiting on what should be to happen, and guess what…It will never happen, it is a direct intent to destroy the United States of America by the Obama Regime! They have pissed in our ears and called it rain and the terrible part is a large majority of people believed it and wasn’t able to determine the difference! I am one that knows that difference and the problem is that me and the handful of patriots in this country that knows that difference are NOT ENOUGH to create and follow through with the change that is definitely, without question needed to stop what has gotten 100% out of hand…think I am losing my mind, that I am off base from reality…NO, just the opposite…I am not afraid of the TRUTH and am willing to share it!

    How long has this master of tyranny been in office now and daily he has created Racial Divide, economical waste, has caused unemployment to soar, has aided and abetted the enemy, has gone against the very US Constitution that he swore on inauguration day to protect us against all enemies foreign and domestic, yet he has order our US Border WIDE OPEN, and not anyone is courageous enough to do the right thing and CHALLENGE him! Think about these things, this man is allowing and how he is setting up the United States for a Dictatorship takeover! He is bent on the destruction of this nation to create his One World Government…The New World Order! He was brought in through fraud, with his illegal immigrant birth covered up and concealed, not anyone truly knows who this man with a Dead Mans Social Security Card, no true Birth Certificate that has been proven to be fraud, is…Who is Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama, who is he, what is he, and why is our Congress and anyone in Washington D.C. deliberately allowing this man to break our established LAWS without question or challenge? Lots of questions and none that we will ever get the answers…it is only one way to STOP this Tyranny and that is A REVOLUTION, must force the corruption out of our White House and in Washington D.C., but it will NEVER HAPPEN, as nobody is willing to forfeit their lives for the Republic, they that did are all in their graves! This is the truth and the only way that corruption and tyranny can be stopped! So, we can give it up, as NOBODY will reunite enough to get it done! MRP

  31. Obama cares plenty for this country and its citizens…He has extreme hatred for everything American…He must be removed and all his actions cleansed as if they never happened and Ice will send all illegals home immediately…Of course he would send muslims here….how better to make a muslim ISIS takeover. I will bet he lets the enemy know every move we make militarily before we make it…
    Yes, please do expel all of Islam…ie muslims from our country…We want no taint of middle east here.

  32. Yes it IS a problem.
    Importing our enemies is a problem.
    They ARE our enemies.
    This crap has to stop!

  33. This will make things worse for our country and more mouths to feed. Of course, this has been -0’s plan all along and we are nothing but sitting ducks that can’t do a thing about it. UNLESS, more people are willing to turn back to God, learn His ways (not religious manmade stuff), apply them to their daily lives then God will heal our land. No one has been able to stop -0’s momemtum against our Nation; but the Lord can.
    Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”
    Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.
    I Cor 16:13 Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men; be strong.

    • Nonsense – you spout religious garbage just as Islam does. ALL religion is the prime source of all the trouble.

      • You are right but I hate to inform you but Christianity is NOT a religion but a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Religion is the devil’s Ace Trump and it has been used against Christ and His followers from the beginning of time. Religion is manmade; Christianity is God made. Unbelievers, such as yourself, will never understand this because you do not have a human spirit that one receives at the moment of salvation whereby the Holy Spirit can teach us and helps us understand spiritual phenomenon from His written Word; the Bible. When so called Christians do things that are against His Word they are acting on their own and not following what the Bible teaches but are religious just like the Jews were in the Day of Christ and He was very harsh to them but too many stayed stubborn and did not accept Him as their Messiah.

        • [QUOTE:] “You are right but I hate to inform you but Christianity is NOT
          religion but a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.” I’ve never
          heard such specious nonsense but – whatever – a rose by any other …!
          So – not a religion but a relationship with a long dead corpse – dusty
          and blowing in the wind. And this devil’s Ace has been “used against
          Christ and His followers
          from the beginning of time”? So even before the birth of Christ? That
          seems to be a strange proposition but then, according to mystics, all
          things are possible, no matter how illogical they appear to an objective

          All religions claim to be derived from their own peculiar (both special and weird)
          god. The devil, and the multitude of gods, are the figment of
          superstitious mystic imagination. Used by parasitic charlatans to gain
          power over, not to mention steal the wealth of, those gullible people
          who are too lazy to solve their questions by common sense, observation
          of fact, logic and reason, but would rather accept specious nonsense
          from the mouths of false prophets, seers and the like. This singular
          Devil must be more powerful than all those gods he battles, else he’d
          have succumbed millennia ago.

          I trust your anti-Semitic observation was made in a nice, truly charitable, Christian, way?

          • I read only a few lines of your post before I realized your weird sense of humor, poor judgment and lack of intellegence. Your fear of God shows how hard it is for you to let go of yourself and follow the path of evil. How sad for you. You can reject God all you want to but He does not reject you until you die without believing in His Son who died on the cross for your sin of unbelief.

          • I plead guilty to having a sense of humour which you may find weird –
            please yourself – I couldn’t care less. My judgements, unlike yours,
            which are indubitably weird, are made on rational grounds. I have no
            fear of the non-existent figments of your imagination – which leave you
            quivering in your shoes or even more foolish still – grovelling on your knees.

            Who the hell are you to judge intelligence
            when you display none? You cannot even string a meaningful sentence
            together – as evidenced by [quote] “Your fear of God shows how hard it
            is for you to let go of yourself and follow the path of evil.” Sad? For

            As for your final sentence – specious clap-trap!

  34. At the rate we are going they will be forced to give them government protected land for the new arrivals to “develop” it. What are they going to do with climate quackery with all those people living in the USA


  36. ALL muslims allowed to immigrate should be REQUIRED TO SIGN A PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE,VIOLATION OF WHICH WOULD BE TREASON!Also the (religion)(?) should be outlawed

    • I believe every immigrant and asylum seeker should be required to sign a pledge of allegiance document, with severe penalties for for violation.

  37. Here come the Jihadists! France and England embraced “multi-culturalism” and are now paying the price Will America learn before ir is too late?

  38. No we have to close the borders to the U.S. not because of who these people are but to anyone right now there is not enough work here as it is for the American people to survive and bringing them over here and setting them up in new homes and business is just taking the food and work from us at this point and time. If this sounds cruel I am sorry but we Americans have to survive also. All the big business that has left this country for big profits needs to have to pay a tarriff so high in order to sell their products here it would be better for them to come back here and set up manufacturing here in the United States again that is the only thing that will revive America not bringing in more people from outside and handing them everything while we starve and try to survive here. This has to stop in order for America to survive. I am a Christian and I am sorry to say this but this is just simply what has to be done in order for America to survive. If this keeps up the only ones here that will have any money and food and business will be the very ones that threatens America every day. Sorry but it is the truth.


  40. Obama is bring his people in for the take over. I’ll never know why Congress and DOD can’t see he is a Trojan Horse !

  41. Please NO more Islam,we get enough from our open southern borders

  42. Only if they bring them on a slow moving boat with a lot of holes in its hull

  43. Does Congress have any sense? NO president can “at-will” legalize foreigners into our Country. Is it time for a COMPLETE replacement of all 3 branches?

  44. I encourage all to google David Hodges’ Common Sense Show “Obama’s New America”…..how anyone….liberal idiots included, can think that Obama cares about America, are deceived by a great lie. Muslim ideals are to deceive any and all to promote the cause of Allah! They are supposedly rewarded for their great deception.
    Obama is the enemy, and so-called Americans put him in office for a 2nd term. It is up to REAL Americans to get him out of office!

  45. Any suggestion that Islam is a religion of peace is a damned lie.

    [QUOTE: TheReligionofPeace.com. The Quran contains at least 109 verses
    that call Muslims to war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic
    rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and
    fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do
    not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will
    send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.]

    In the 1930’s and 40’s there were innumerable Germans at odds with the
    Nazis but it didn’t stop them fighting for their country and even
    assisting in the extermination of Jews. If those “peaceful” Germans had
    opposed and overthrown Hitler and his cohorts, WWll would never have
    happened and very many lives would have been saved. BUT THEY DIDN’T! They fought for “their country” – and Hitler.

    Even if the alleged “peaceful” Muslims actively opposed the extremists
    it would not alter the nature of Islam. The Quranic exhortations to
    Jihad would remain. To make any difference they would have to re-invent
    the Quran – and, in so doing, lose their heads for apostasy.

    To allow immigration by Muslims into any western country is the
    equivalent of the Trojan Horse being welcomed into the city of Troy. It
    is an exercise in madness – virtual suicide. Islamic refugees and
    immigrants do not assimilate – they flee the tyranny of their home
    country and then try to establish the same system where they settle.

    Those refugees and immigrants should be returned whence they came. If
    native to the country, they must be kept under close surveillance. The
    religion is anti-social, incendiary and treasonous and should be banned
    as such, simply on the evidence of its founding document – the Quran.

  46. This is not new.
    Obama opened the flood gates to Muslim immigration, with a fast track to citizenship, as soon as he became president so we now have millions of Muslims in our country, legally, far surpassing the usual limit of one million immigrants per year (one million, five hundred thousand in October, 2013, and this was in just ONE month). And early in Obama’s first term Obama increased student visas for Muslims by seven hundred percent. Thousands more have illegally crossed our porous borders. The now constant demands, protests, marches and riots, via Muslims, is the direct result of this influx.

    We also have Muslims training on our Military Bases, via the United Nations, with the number constantly growing, while Obama gives pink slips to American Military personnel.

    Can you imagine what would happen if there were a well planned, coordinated effort to take over our Military Bases, especially with the “no loaded gun” regulations they now have on our bases. The prospect of their succeeding increases every day. Then there is Homeland Security to consider. I find it disturbing that Obama refers to it as “HIS” Homeland Security and that the head of the Homeland Security Council is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    By the way. Did you see Valerie Jarrett’s “in your face” photo’s of Obama celebrating Ramadan with her, and their inner circle of Muslims, in the White House?

    • Homeland tyranny IS the president’s private police force. The founders called this kind of organization ” a standing army”. Did you write your congressman when little george instituted it? Did you write your congressman when uhbamma quadrupled funding for it? Where was that funding necessarily to come from? ‘Bamma implied when he was campaigning that the money would come from military cuts. The US military has been treated like the manufacturing workers were treated in the 1980’s. To be gotten rid of. No pay increase on the horizon. I’d be willing to bet that the homeland tyranny thugs are making over $100k average. Of course it costs money to get men to turn against their morals.
      I searched the pics of ramadan in the White-house. Quite a bunch of towel-head terrorists. Good grief.

  47. What will Americans do when the muslim population in America reaches 50% of the total population?
    NOTHING! And that is what Obama and his henchmen and women are counting on, nothing.
    This is why he plans to call martial law BEFORE the 2014 elections and then he will use food, water, transportation suspension as tools to restrict Americans to further Islamic sharia law and announce he is the Mahdi and America is a muslim nation…. and what will Americans do then? If Obama is right, NOTHING!
    What do you patriots say to that bag of apples?

    • Live by the sword, die by the sword. I’d much rather go down rockin’ then live in a police state. That goes for tyranical government police state or sharia police state.

  48. As stated, even if it be one man who is righteous in the site of God, his kingdom is not going anywhere this time. Be of good cheer, being on the Lords team you will have a victory at the end of the game. It will be tough but those who are against the Savior will be swept off the earth like a broom cleaning up dirt in your kitchen. It is what it is and no man need to be afraid lest they don’t repent.

  49. Oh no. NO,NO,NO. We don’t need anymore stinking Muslims. Send them to South Africa.

  50. NO NO NO How many criminals and terrorists ,how many communicable diseases will come with them.Block their entry.

  51. I read 75,000 syrian refugees in the next 5 years. How many are planted terrorists? and Who’s buying 2 million dollars worth of oil everyday from isil ? can’t we stop the oil from flowing? $2,000,000 a day !

    • They don’t even need to be plants. How many are moderates that believe in live and let live who will over time, come to a more strict view of the queran and go off the deep end? They are bad neighbors on their best day, and dangerous enemies at unpredictable times.

  52. Insanity. I suppose next will be to try to reform ISIS thugs and let them live in Chicago! Any American not being galled by liberal Dems is a Moral Idiot.

  53. WHY does America need more Muslims? Maybe they are ISSI Troops and we will never know? They have lived in their Country for 1000 of years and look how they have destroyed it? Now they are coming to America, BROKE, CAN NOT SPEAK ENGLISH, and now they will be on Welfare and Food Stamps. WHO APPROVED THIS? WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE MUSLIMS IN AMERICA.

    • Last week the Syrian rebels teamed up with ISIS. The same rebels that 9 months ago, Americans were clamoring to arm against the evil Assad government. That ran down both sides of the isle until a poll indicated a 10% public support. I am glad that for just that one time, politicians listened to the wishes of the American citizens. It seems as though that one time was an anomaly. There are no good-guy islamics.

  54. Muslims started entering Western Europe before they became a problem here; Scandinavia is close to being totally ruled by them, England’ s schools are run, for the most part, by Muslims, France, Holland – Australia, even, is up to their ears in pushy, whiny, Muslims who are turning their countries around. After the Islamists called the West filthy for it’s open concepts, a big problem in these countries is Islamist rape and murder of young girls, they went on to form sex rings and these girls are taken out of the country. There are No Go zones that are so rough, even the police won’t enter.
    In MI, Somali Muslims who are receiving Federal Aid are picketing the ‘free’ food banks for Halal food. Jews eat meat similar to Muslims and they have NEVER, EVER
    made any special demands in over 200 years…it’s just Islamists. Oh, they want pork & beans removed from the shelves because it’s against their religion to eat pork in any form.
    These sand fleas kill their cattle, goats (whatever meat they can eat) by slicing the animal’s throat and hoisting it up so it bleeds a painful death while they pray and face Mecca.
    They are the least merciful people on earth. I’ve been told there are ‘moderate’ Islamists, they all read the same disgusting Qur’an and I wouldn’t believe one if his tongue came notarized-they would kill you as soon as look at you.

  55. Maybe we in a few years we will have a Civil War with Muslims? They do NOT like Christians, so WHY do we want them?

  56. Maybe Mr.Obama can have a get together around the campfire with all his peaceful muslim brothers, they can make smores, roast marsh mellows, sing kumbya: pat each other on the back and talk out how islam is so peaceful and helpful to their fellow citizens!

  57. I’m sure any refugee that comes to the USA from that area will be on a watchlist. But let’s remember a majority of the people over there are not terrorists. They’re just people who want to live and take care of their families.

  58. Yes, I have noticed how blacks and whites are being pitted against each other..
    Also, noted the racist way in which it is handled.
    Obama does not want to leave office.
    He has fired more Military than anyone ever before,
    Has all yes people around him.

    • At the time of the military brass purge, he had quadrupled the dept of homeland tyranny, and has now appointed an islamic as head. None of his deeds have been mistakes. They were planned (not by him would be my guess) and have been carried out relentlessly,meticulously and thoroughly.

  59. This insanity and and illegal and legal immigration must stop. What the hell is the matter with the American people ? We are giving our country away.

  60. If America was still “One Nation Under Elohim,” such as Obama could never get into our White House. But the great majority of our Nation have rejected Elohim, and His blessings of protection and prosperity that come from Him. Shalom!

  61. Here’s what you get with a Muslim population. A people unlike Americans who are deeply rooted in a 1,500 year old religion that in its basic form would be consider’d as puritan. It has taken America 500 years to modify its original puritan religion to an acceptable form that does not pressure the majority of worshipers to fear the consequences of sin (i.e. Salem Mass.). The Constitution put an end to radical religious persecution and punishment of disbelievers. The Central government wrote the law. Muslims are conditioned to follow Sharia law, directly involving their form of government and religion as one with emphasis on the religious commands. As their numbers grow, so will their stake in the US government. They already push for Sharia law. If they win, The first to loose will be the poor. Amputation of arms for theft of an apple from a store. Women will loose, no more leadership positions and full body clothing. Drug and alcohol users will loose, you could face beheading. Education will suffer, control of women’s education. And just get caught in a sexual misbehavior, stoning. Liberals will push because they live with blinders on and only see votes. The Joke is, Liberals will pay the highest price when they are brought before a Sharia Council for their anarchistic views and once unchallenged secular behavior.

  62. Hey Mr. Mulatto-Marxist-Muslim, your village in Kenya called, they are missing their Idiot……The Ballot-Box is lost, Thomas Jefferson was correct about “THE-TREE-of-LIBERTY”…….”I have come to the conclusion that 1 useless man is a disgrace, that 2 useless men form a law-firm, and 3 or more make a Congress” John Adams……. “When the roll is called in the Senate, the Senators do not know weather to answer Present or NOT GUILTY” Theodore Roosevelt…… “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” James Madison………. “Freedom was not born a bastard. Freedom was birthed when Church & State were still married” John Adams……. “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? FORBIT IT, Almighty GOD! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me Death” Patrick Henry…….. May the weak be strong & the guilty pay.

  63. Of course: Obama is a life-long Muslim. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and you too will know.

  64. I went to some trouble to make a valid contribution to this topic – please explain what happened to it.

    • It was likely moderated out for some rinky dink violation of discuss or patriot news rules. I had that happen quite a few times. I finally learned to copy the big ones to my clipboard so I could paste them back on. Discuss bulletin board software or log-in routine seems to be buggy, too.

  65. Yeah, I doubt if Obama would machine gun all of congress just to get America to understand who they need to fear. I think he would be out playing golf that day, if it did happen, and the new world pentagon order he is creating would do it out of homage to him. Actually who knows what is going on inside Obama’s head… I don’t know, and I do not believe he is saying. I wish it was legal to bug the white house. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors. George Soros and the Muslim Underground, perhaps. What ever happened to the days when John F. Kennedy was considered a radical left winger… and he went about cutting spending, taxes, defending America somewhat except in the Bay of Pigs, and saying “Ask not what you can do for your country, but ask what your country can do for you… as you tax, regulate, borrow, and spend those working idiots into abject poverty, terror and submission…” Oh that is Obama’s philosophy. Or is it? Does anyone know what Obama says behind closed doors and to his real confidants? And if Obama were to pass away, the liberals, democrats, and their media would find and promote another scoundrel… no shortage of them today. Where is Charles Dickens when you need him, he gave us a Born Again Scrooge, where as the liberals give us a marxist Bob Cratchet who gets laid off when Scrooqe leaves the country for China.

  66. Obama and his administration hates America and are proving it everyday. How can the American citizens feel safe knowing that the number one enemy to this country is barack hussein obama? When obama went to foreign countries and call us arrogant, then said we’re not a Christian nation that should have sent up a red flag about obama right there. I do recall the democrats throwing God under a bus during the DNC back in 2012 as they are all in to make sure obama is successful in his quest to destroy this country. We need to vote out every democrat as possible this November and again in 2016. We need conservatives who loves this country and put America first and foremost. Right now we American citizens take a back seat to law breaking illegals that has no respect for our laws or us citizens. we also take a back seat to the Muslim brotherhood which obama is so very proud of and appeases them every chance he can. We also take a back seat to foreign countries demands which gets our hard earned money and they hate our guts. We have the southern border open because the federal government will not do it’s job and secure it as obama and the democrats want it open to let in millions of law breaking illegals. not only are they coming into this country, so are the terrorist from all over the world as it’s like a cake walk with no resistance. The diseases are being brought here as well and will spread to us and our children and grand children as well. Please vote these American haters out of office.

  67. Even though I do not like some of the Republicans in Congress, until we get the Republican control of Congress, we will not be able to control Obama’s dictatorship. Harry Reid blocks all the Democrat votes and anything that comes from the House.

  68. Seems 0 is determined to see the US as a ‘Muslim’ nation before he has to give up his chokehold on her! We are all well aware that Muslims hate our ‘western’ way of life. For the most part the only reason Muslims choose to make the US their home is to infiltrate and overtake.

  69. “U.S. To Open Borders to Thousands of Syrian Muslims”
    New victims for the lawless black hoodie thugs?

  70. We are allowing the most inept, Left-Wing, Marxist FRAUD in our Country’s history to destroy it – from his illegal perch in our White House !

  71. BUY GUNS we will need them. and MR. Obama and your transvestite lover DROP DEAD


  73. Syrians? Wha Syrians? Wee don Need No Steenkeeng Syrians, eh Hombres

    Wee chure don wan no Steenkeeng Syrians, eh Hombres y Senoras!

    Ju can no trust no steenkeeng Syrians también Muchachos

  74. Wasn’t enough that Obama increased student visas for Muslim students by seven hundred percent early in his first term, he also opened the flood gates to Muslim immigration, with a fast track to citizenship, far surpassing the usual limit of one million legal immigrants per year (one million, five hundred thousand in October, 2013, and that was in just ONE month) and thousands more have crossed our porous borders illegally. Now he wants to being in additional hoards of Syrian Muslims.

    The ever increasing demands, protests, marches and riots, via Muslims, is the direct result of this influx.

    We also have Muslims training on our Military Bases, via the United Nations, with the number constantly growing, while Obama gives pink slips to American Military personnel.

    Can you imagine what would happen if there were a well planned, coordinated effort to take over our Military Bases, especially with the “no loaded gun” regulations they now have on our bases. The prospect of their succeeding increases every day. Then there is Homeland Security to consider. I find it disturbing that Obama refers to it as “HIS” Homeland Security and that the head of the Homeland Security Council is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    By the way. Did you see Valerie Jarrett’s “in your face” photo’s of Obama celebrating Ramadan with her, and their inner circle of Muslims, in the White House?

  75. the headline should read: US to shoot all muslims trying to enter the country while deporting and or executing those that are here!!!!

  76. The only way to get our country back is if our Military steps in and honors THEIR oath to the Constitution. What does this Freeloader in the Oval Office have on Congress that they won’t impeach his sorry ass? These Traitors in Office have got to go NOW.

  77. one more plank of obam’s plan to destroy America is falling onto place.

  78. Did you ever doubt that Obama is a dedicated Muslim.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun.

  79. He is just allowing his brotherhood of sleeper cell in our country, so that they could strike us in our own land as soon as he gives the word.

  80. welcome in THE NEW WORLD ORDER

  81. obama needs to be forcibly removed from office, tried for treason and executed by firing squad as of by law, but none of our communist reps will lift a finger to carry out the laws of the land, Joseph McCarthy stated there were 205 Communists in the government in the 50’s, now they are all communists, we got a sodomite Islamic in the WH,
    and not a single rep will raise any opposition to free us from this bondage, both parties have allowed open borders, now this ck sker wants to import 200,000 muslims in this country, we need to deport all illegals, close the borders and abolish all immigration, every country that allows abortion, don’t need immigration, we need to find all the war criminals in this country and try and execute them by firing squad as of by law. I personally challenge any representative that is not a communist sodomite to file needed action to change this before its too late, prove you are not part of the plot to enslave America.

  82. The Only way any Muslims should be allowed into this country is ground up as chicken feed.

  83. Jackie you’re right. He opened the borders to flood us with illegals, didn’t stop ISIS on the open highways because he is a Muslim extremist and wants jihad and for them to take over America. He is not inept as the blind and deaf TV news people keep saying, everything he does is with a purpose, to destroy our Country as it was founded and make it into a Islamic Country. Where is Congress? They do nothing to stop him, the democrats support him and the republicans won’t do anything, they’re are complicit in their actions because getting re-elected is more important to them than our Country. Well we won’t have a Country much longer if this keeps up, and yes he will not leave the White House in 2016, if at all possible. He will probably cause some chaos and implement Martial law, and not leave.

  84. Pinocchiobama is destroying the USA. He is un-American. Get rid of his rubber stamps in congress. Impeach, convict and imprison. We do NO elect dictators.

  85. question always comes up when an occupant of the Oval Office grants one of these blanket immigration decrees…..and that question is ” who’s jobs are they going to take?”

    personnaly i have no issue with immigrants wanting to come here. but there should be several caveats made explicit:

    1. come here to become an American.
    2. there is only one set of laws….we can debate the content another time, however sharia is not recognized in the US or individual State Constitutions.
    3. American English is our language.
    4. Honor killing will not be tolerated. Anyone found guilty of honor killing a family member will be condemned to execution.
    5. the hatreds and animosities you and your tribe harbored toward anyone will be left behind in your homeland…hate crimes ….even against Jews…will be punished.
    6. if you cannot abide by any of the five rules, feel free to stay home.

  86. This madness has to stop. The actions of this freaking administration have opened the entire country to who the hell wants to enter. Granted the majority just want a better life (on our dime of course), but the frightening part of this equation is the intent of the minority. We know what their intend is, but this administration refuses to tell the American citizen the truth. Of course many do not give a spit as long as the check comes every month. However, I suspect this is part of the grand plan to destroy America as we know it and reshape it into so sort of new world order.

  87. How is Obama and his administration going to have Muslims understand that America does not support Sharia law, and that they must leave it behind to become good citizens? Obama was raised a Muslim. Will he have these people sign to refuse sharia, or is he going to demand America adopt his native religion with its laws? If so I would suggest he not admit his brothers, or be responsible not only for the war in the middle east, but for a defensive war against sharia right here in the United States. First American that looses his head, arm or foot will spark a response no one will want to see.

  88. Islam declared war on us in 622 AD. How long will we take to get it?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and have some fun with facts.

  89. Obama opened the gates for them and the illegals. Over 70% of the illegals never showed of for their hearings, like that is a surprise. Now he’s bring more terrorists and has been doing so secretly for some time. He is intent on destroying our Country and not Congress or anyone is doing anything to stop him. I don’t think he will leave the WH he will cause something to enact martial law. Heaven forbid!

  90. There is no such thing as a “Muslim extremist”. There is no such thing as
    ‘radical Islam’. Islam is Islam today as it was 1400 years ago. you have ‘Pure
    Islam’ and nothing more. There are practicing Muslims and non practicing people
    who identify with Islam, some people call them moderates. A moderate in Islam
    is simply an Apostate of Islam. The penalty for Apostacy under Sharia law is
    Death No one has hijacked Islam. Islam was dangerous and full of hatred 1400 years ago and in 2014 it remains the same.
    “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
    Read the Qur’an. I suggest you begin with Sura 3:151

  91. We need to get rid of all the damn Muslims! Not invite more and pay for their Islamic asses!

  92. I KNEW it! Trust our muslim “president” to allow more and more muslims into our country–he’s doing his best to turn us into a muslim caliphate with him as the supreme ruler! High time we started taking muslim scalps–or introduce them to Ebola! No loss!

  93. Potus promised to make the US a muslim majority, and now as favors one side in the sunni/shiite battle that’s been going on for centuries (always at war because islam is a religion of war), he is creating a crisis that opens the door to invite his friends. Remember that islam commands their followers to lie about their intentions and even their religion in order to get close to God’s people (“people of the book” refers to Christians and Jews, “The Book” being the Bible).

  94. & the destruction of Americas natural resources continues….. Our grand children will spit on our graves for this open boarder insanity…

  95. The places that have trouble accommodating themselves to the modern world are disproportionately Muslim. In
    2013, of the top 10 groups that perpetrated terrorist attacks, seven were Muslim. Of the top 10 countries where terrorist attacks took place, seven were Muslim-majority. The Pew Research Center rates countries on the level of restrictions that governments impose on the free exercise of religion. Of the 24 most restrictive countries, 19 are Muslim-majority. Of the 21 countries that have laws against apostasy, all have Muslim majorities.

    A small minority of Muslims celebrates violence and intolerance and harbors deeply reactionary attitudes toward women and minorities. While some confront these extremists, not enough do so, and the protests are not loud
    enough. How many mass rallies have been held against the Islamic State in the Arab world today?

  96. I just bought more ammo and I’m not afraid to use it.

  97. Americans: demand that this crap stop. We do not need anymore foreign
    refugee free-loaders in our country. We need to deport the illegals,
    end the 14th Amendment “anchor baby” crap, and defund the foreign
    refugee resettlement program.

    Protest this insult to our country. Our doors need to be closed. We are over-populated, over-taxed (we are paying for these foreign refugees and
    illegals and “anchor babies”) AND IT IS TIME WE TOOK OUR COUNTRY BACK.

    Look around. The USA is a third-world cesspool because of these foreign
    refugee and illegal takers.

    Take it back. Elect those who will consider the needs of Americans and
    our Veterans first and foremost.

    Take our country back!

  98. Sounds like another crackpot decision by the obamanoids! We have an incompetent traitor for a president…the democrats should be ashamed of themselves for ever promoting this guy simply because of his race!
    Just vote no democrats in November!!

  99. that is just what we need more muslims to worry about if you own a gun you had better lock and load and keep it with you at all time i do

  100. Some of you are really scarey. You’re words are promoting a civil war which no-one wants. Violence is not the answer. Peaceful protests by millions of people will show the government that we are not behind them and they are not representing US. ALSO, voting republican all the way down the line to get those stupid democrats out of office.
    I believe in people having the right to arm themselves against tyranny BUT I don’t go along with shooting people just because they’re democrats. My daughter is a democrat, I’m not, but if someone shot her just because she’s a democrat I don’t know what I’d do. Your time would be better spent writing to your Senators and Congressmen than writing in this venue. I’ve written to Senators, Congressmen, the Governor, the first lady and even the President and I’ve received reply’s from everyone except Governor Brown. It’s worth it. Storm their office with MILLIONS of letters letting them know your feelings and beliefs. We don’t get to vote on many important issues so writing to them is the only way to let them know how we feel about things.

  101. Unless they deny their muslim beliefs, they shouldn’t be allowed in under any circumstances. If a frenchman (or any other nationality) entered our country with a sign around their neck saying, “I came here to kill Americans and destroy this country.” He wouldn’t be allowed in and most likely jailed. All the muslims are missing is the sign, and we do squat.

  102. we’re being invaded from all sides thanks to Obama and his dream of the coming caliphate…being president was never his real goal.

  103. They aren’t “refugees’; they’re members of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS coming to the town near you (and me). Get this guy out of the WH while we still have a country. Surely someone will have the standing required to file suit to be heard by the Courts.

  104. I use to be a bleeding racist. I hated Armenians especially, who I saw as taking over my town of Glendale, California. That was until the girl who brought me my medical stuff turned out to be a Russian Armenian, and the lawyer who represented me in my last case, after I got run down in a crosswalk by an undocumented alien, worked his ass off to get me a decent settlement, another Armenian American. We need people like Armenians who still have the balls and brains to fight for their rights, and inject into our somewhat depleted machismo some sorely needed guts. And have the work ethic of Americans long gone. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in a closed border, that falls under the INS quota rule of old. My wife, Amparo is from Brazil, and a finer person and woman you could never meet. We need these people to re-start our lazy asses back to what made America great. E Pluribis Unim.

  105. Sandra C Stemples

    These points are really frightful in themselves. But there is a whole picture to all the things he is doing. He has now a Texas judge signing into law that more Syrian people will be able to cross her border in mass, without a thorough check of them. Obama also had some of Chinas Diplomats over and told them instead of paying them cash for their crappy imports he is going to give them some of our land, then he took them on a tour of one of our military facilities? And they have been talking threat’s against us the and doing acrobatics over our jet’s that are in international water. Yesterday I saw where he told Japan he was sending them help against China? He then sends over 7,000 of our troops to Africa so they can be exposed to the Ebola virus and then being it home? Yet he is only letting a few bombs along the border of Turkey so the US thinks he cares. But he will not although they have been saying they don’t NEED boots on the ground all they request is some better weapons and ammo? And Turkey is sitting in their tanks watching the show like they are at a Drive-In. The Kurds are as good as gone on all fronts against ISIS.

  106. Fact Christians get massacred by the 1000s by Muslims and Obama does nothing and does not offer them refugee status. Obama consistently defends Muslims and defames Christians, so is it any wonder people believe he really is a Muslim lying to the American people which is allowed by the faith since we are considered infidels. I believe Obama wants to allow Muslim terrorist in the country as an excuse to take away more rights and do more spying on Americans. He also wants them here for the way they claim their income as going to the Mosque etc… they can all be placed on welfare. This is especially true since they do not speak English and tend to be uneducated and bring their multiple wives and children for us to support. Look at some of the latest ones killed fighting with ISIS, whom had multiple wives and children with us the tax payer finding these terrorist. This is insane. These people demand we and all westerners not be in their countries but are able to come here.

    Obama is place a 5th column of terrorist in our country. Just as he imported all the children with D^* and other virus that have infected Americans causing the death of 7 American children and paralization of dozens more with hundreds of infected he did not care because they were not impacting his family. Just as he has allowed Ebola to infect Americans and refuses to use common sense in stopping the spread, he does not care for it will not impact his family. Just as he attempts to take peoples guns away, he does not care for he pass an Executive Order providing armed protection for his family for life. Just as he pushes Global warming and carbon taxes and increased energy cost, he does not care for he will his 10s of millions in bribes after her leaves office. The lair and conman that tells us we must sacrifice while his family has a carbon foot print of a small town and spends more on a vacation for one daughter than the average vet will get in retirement over their life time.

  107. Barrack ben Lucifer Obama knows the Muslim Syrians ARE ISIS, or working with them, but he only serves his Dark Master, and will make sure that this country dies at the hands of Sunni Wahabbi Muslims, because he is one.

  108. BO NO NO NO NO let them stay right where they are, they put up with this long, a few more generations won’t hurt.

  109. The dream of his father was an end to western civilization. He has a great head start in turning us over to the Jihad. Anyone that doesn’t see this or is in denial will soon be aware. They are trying, as we speak to start to indoctrinate our school children, their mosques are spreading throughout our nation, while the president and his jihad administration are throwing spitballs at Isis, excusing Hassad and the Oklahoma be-header and letting them, drug smugglers and diseased kids cross our southern border like a Manhatten intersection at lunchtime.

  110. Another subversive act by Obama against this country!

  111. Stop wondering if Obama is a Muslim. This proves it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.


  113. let’s just let isis in and get it over with.

  114. It isn’t only the muslims they let though the border. ANYBODY that shows up illegally get admitted in. I do not know what is the purpose of the border. The Haitians, Cubans, Mexicans and now Syrians show up at the border illegally get letted in. Not couting the ones that already snuck in illegally.

  115. A substantial increase in the number and power of the mohammedan population, with the establishment of “no go” areas and zones of Sharia law, is crucial to the Obola plan to dismantle the United States and facilitate its absorption either into a worldwide caliphate, in which the few European-American Christians who have escaped imported Ebola will live in dhimmi ghettoes and pay the jizya, or into an Orwellian hierarchical collective world state. Our country, our culture, our language, our economy and now our lives are in greater danger than from George III, Hitler, Brezhnev or bin Laden. It is time to excise from the Congress as many as possible of the party of ISIS, Ebola and Amnesty, and then take to the streets until Soetoro, Obola or whatever his name really is resigns.

  116. I just saw a video of a “moderate” Muslim woman who was discussing slavery. Non-Muslim sex slaves used for the Muslim men, so that the Muslim men would work out their impulses with these sex slaves and thereby not be so inclined to have illicit relations with Muslim women; this is a way to ensure the Muslim men remain “pure”. She said she discussed the matter with various religious experts who told her that the practice was permitted by the Quran, so she wondered why they hadn’t yet formalized that practice as a national law, just so that everything is ‘above board’. Then, of course, there is the recent reporting of ~1400 underage girls raped and used as sex slaves for years by gangs of Muslim men in the UK. These are sick people, that don’t in any way share our values, and certainly don’t respect non-Muslims. The Quran states that Muslims are entitled to the belongings of non-Muslims, that the only laws that need to be obeyed are Allah’s laws (Sharia), and Sharia requires that all non-Muslims must be either converted to Islam, subjugated as a lower class subservient to Muslims and paying the Jizya tax, or be killed. Does that sound like we should bring more Muslims into our country? Just take a look at what the Muslim influx to France, UK, Sweden, the Netherlands has done, and then ask yourself if that’s what you want here.

  117. in the end he’s going to be fucked

  118. There is no such thing as a peaceful Islamic believer, Islam’s author Mohammad was one of the worlds most blood thirsty tyrants that ever lived. And we are suppose to believe that he wrote a peaceful religious doctrine? Shalom!

  119. How is this clown getting away with this crap? We need to close the border and not allow any of these people into our country.

  120. They are here and have been here for a while now. Look at what happened in Boston. Maybe it’s me, and I haven’t been involved in politics for very long ( obviously), but I do not understand why our politicians aren’t more proactive? If a problem exists,( like a fence to protect the border, I don’t want a freaking questionaire, a poll, or a damn thesis written on it, FIX IT! This country is in big trouble and as long as we continue down this path, we will all be wearing new stylish clothing…I also think it’s sick they are playing politics in exchange for our safety..Truly sick.

  121. Too late; there are already a great number of terrorists in this country, thanks to the biggest terrorist in the White House and his Muslim Brotherhood advisers. America is screwed. Now is the time for all freedom loving former Americans to take care of what they have, by whatever means necessary. The government will not only not help, but they will make it easier for these Muslims to take over our neighborhoods and make everyday living a living nightmare. The police won’t be there for us; they will be busy taking care of their own. The time is near. Be ready.

  122. With all the trouble the muslims are causing in this country and in the United States and Britain, why would anyone want any of them here?? Keep them over there.

  123. bo saying he is a Christian is the worst of his lies for his own salvation but the most dangerous lies are his violations of his sworn oath to the presidency & internally destroying the U.S. Constitution, Citizens Freedom & National Security..! His non-stop deceit toward the U.S. Is treason but congress does nothing to stop his crimes..! The only chance to indict bo for his blatant violations of U.S. Laws is NOV. 4, 2014 vote a patriotic congress for return to a Republic government for & by U.S. Patriotic Citizens to protect the U.S. Constitution..!

  124. we don’t have enough welfare recipients here in these United States, lets bring in some more we DO NOT OWE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING.

  125. Obama is a Muslim through-and-through. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  126. Everyone needs to have guns to protect our selves as he takes over the military and turns them against the American people. He is a muslin and plans to bring all the illegal voters into this country that he can. Every one needs to remember the Oct. Obama surprise this is it…. Duncan was sent her to infect the public. He had no money no insurance, came to visit friends.????? who got his ticket for him to come here????? It was a one way ticket , he is not a U.S. citizen… This is Oct. Obama surprise….bring all those kids over and infect the school age kids…destroy Americans….destroy the country. Time for a Civil War….here in American. he is sending troops to help save Africa WHY can’t they save themselves…? Wake up Americans or are we too far gone to save..

    • America has become enchanted by the “Bread and Circuses” it is being fed by Obama and the Democrats. Namely, NFL on Sundays, Beer and Pizza, plus a couple of hits on the Bong and most Americans could give a rats ass about what’s going on here.

  127. Obama and the Democrats! The “Granola Party,” “FRUITS, NUTS and FLAKES!”

  128. Time to impeach the sob.

  129. Stop the destructive change to USA. NO more aliens.
    Check muslims problems in UK and western Europe. Suicide.
    DO NOT let the alien Pinocchiobama do this.

  130. The plane loads will probably make a stop in Liberia for lunch on the way here… That’s the Obama way.

  131. Most Americans miss the connection between moderate and terrorist Muslims. The Terrorists are those who interpret the Koran in its harshest terms and are willing to live their lives in those terms. The islamic terrorists are being recruited from the Islamic moderates. Islamic moderates are not gaining recruits from Islamic terrorists. This one way street to Islamic terrorism means we are allowing Islamic terrorists to immigrate into our Republic with the moderate Muslims.
    The exception to the above is the Kurds. The Kurds can always be counted on to fight Islamic terrorism. It would be wise of us to help the Kurds and the Christians to establish a nation of their own instead of remaining trapped in nations where they are repeatedly attacked by the terrorist supporting Muslim sects
    Marvin Fox

  132. So where is there Monroe Doctrine today? I thought it ended COLONIZATION here. And THAT is exactly what has been going on for several years. Mexicans want to annex the USA to their Northern side, change the language to Spanish and bring their customs along. I find it interesting the Germans, French, Italians, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Chinese to name a few come here, adapt to the North American culture and move on without demanding everything be changed to suit their folkways. My position is that if you want to come to America, enter legally, join in and help us keep it a great nation. Don’t come here to revise everything. Learn American English or stay out whoever you are.

  133. Obama’s “Muslim brothers,” as he declared them in “Dreams of my Father,” are coming. Oh what fun they will be!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  134. “Stupid is as stupid does”! Mrs Gump, Forest, Forest Gump’s mama. The federal government has long been known for waste fraud abuse and inefficiency; but this is either pure evil, pure insanity, or pure stupidity. No other options exist.

  135. Everyone should remember that little o has been a cronic liar since childhood. Be aware that he is one lying SORRY S.O.B.

  136. We have “rats” and “vermin.” We need a “Pied Piper!”



  139. This is yet another opportunity for him to create another scandal and get Americans fired up about something else and forget the last scandal. We will hear more lies and see more corruption. Yet we will see nothing stick to the Queen. Blame will fall on another one of IT’s appointees or the cczar he puts in charge over the next scandal. It’s working too. Are the murders of Seal Team 6 a burning issue? What do you hear about the IRS investigation, what do you hear about the VA scandal, what did you hear today about Berdahl, what did you hear about charging the prez with his illegal actions over the trade or his unconstitutional executive orders, what did you hear about the fast and furious documents that they are delaying the delivery of and Holder facing charges of being held in contempt again, What did you hear about the Benghazi investigation? We have many burning questions and issues but we allow the next blunder to fog our minds and forget the one yesterday. What will be the next scandal? Haven’t we had enough? Holder has already violated court orders to deliver the documents, Should he not be detained? Learner has been held in contempt too, shouldn’t she be serving time or what good does it do to hold one in Contempt of Congress if their are not penalties. Are we being dumbed down? Haven’t we had enough? We must have true answers and see justice done. Do not let these scandals of the past be forgotten.

  140. Let’s think for a minute. Has there EVER been a President that has caused so much grief and negativity in the history of our country? Why are both of our Parties tolerating such dispicable so called Leadership? WAKE the F*** UP

  141. This is how the extremist get in. The bleeding hearts have so much ignorance and the PC multiculturalism beliefs that are a danger. Islam is much more that a religion. it is a way of life that murders those who want to leave.

  142. The democrats will truly shit in their pants when this allah akbaring obama tries for the big takeover, they just don’t get it,,,when heads are rolling (theirs), they’ll finally wake up unbelievable enough to be true,,, he’s always made me sick to my stomach

  143. Jackie you are so right. He does not care….He only wants to destroy the Nation…

  144. Just what we need: More people who hate us, our system and will contribute nothing to this country but another huge burden! Part of Obama’s plan to destroy this country. Blacks should take notice because with all the muslims Obama is bringing into this country, THEY will be the first under the bus! Their usefulness to Obama is coming to an end! But will they see it? Are they smart enough to realize that they can’t eat ObamaPhones

  145. This is treason at its highest. Law enforcement needs to make an arrest.

  146. Several times I try to tweet on this subject it says can’t be done. Obama is a Muslim and an Islamic extremist. He is destroying our Country as fast as possible, and soon with the help of more of his friends. He cares nothing for American Citizens but bends over backward for illegal invaders, thugs, disease carriers, gangs, terrorists and victims of Ebola. He wants America to be a the least a 3rd world Country and to kill as many U.S. Citizens as possible. Why would you ever send 4000 troops who are not medical personnel to Africa with ebola? To kill our young military personnel. He hates our Military and is helping the Islamist to take over or Country. Prepare yourself to battle on our own soil. Hope everyone who voted for this wicked and evil man twice is happy.

  147. Obama, is a Muslim in christian clothing. he Lies through his teeth. don’t ever believe what he says. it’s all bullshit. don’t forget to vote all of the Social Democrats out of office Tuesday. NOV. 4th what ever happened to our National day of prayer???? Obama says it would offend people, are you kidding me??? yet he entertained 50,000 Muslims at the white house, what the hell is that all about??? after the vote Tuesday, lets IMPEACH this coward, and send him back to Kenya. GOD BLESS AMERICA……….

  148. Obama said he would “fundamentally transform” this nation…get what he meant by it now?

  149. IT won’t be much longer, his rope is getting shorter everyday he he goes against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; by his guile

    guile ɡīl noun

    sly or cunning intelligence.

    cunning craftiness craft artfulness wiliness slyness deviousness wiles ploys schemes stratagems maneuvers tricks subterfuges ruses deception deceit duplicity underhandedness double-dealing trickery….

    Satan’s old trickery against humans…..Veritas!

  150. Stupid is as stupid does…….Evil is as Evil does…….POTUS

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama….a charlatan in office…

    He’s a dyed in the wool Islamic breathing Muslim, because of what people are saying about him daily, and confirmed and verified by his own words and actions of aiding and abetting the enemy (releasing them, protecting them, condoning them etc) RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS MUSLIMS, who want to kill everyone who does not believe to the Satanic verses of the Koran.

  151. THIS is NOT going to end well for the Legal; Naturally Born Citizens of the United States. All planned. All by design.

  152. See Jackie below. They have it right!!!

  153. DEPORT OBAMA back to AFRICA where he belongs. He’s a homosexual muslim who is DESTROYING AMERICA!!!

  154. I get so thoroughly sick of the “most Muslims are moderate” thing. The “good” (according to their “holy” book) Muslims ARE the ones beheading people. They are the ones following their prophet’s instructions. Muslims usually lie (it is encoded into their religion) to “infidels” until they are in the majority. Then, their holy book instructs them to either convert, kill, or subjugate the population once they are in the majority. Do not be deceived! What country with a majority Muslim population doesn’t persecute Christians? Think it over. Bringing any Muslims here is a mistake!

  155. Another example of the Love Obama has for this country. Overload us with muslims who hate us!

    So why are our elected so quiet about this? Are they bought off or scared? After all, they will have to live in this country after the SHTF! Do they somehow believe that they will safe from the problems that will result? Oh, that’s right….Obama and his minions have determined that loyal AMERICANS are the terrorists that they need protection from. There might be a hint of truth in there somewhere!

  156. Jarrett: You can’t call the people who bought your office for you exteamists.
    Obama: How do we get around saying Muslim extreamist?
    Jeh Johnson: Call any americans against you militant exteamists.
    Holder: Yeah that’s the ticket!

  157. It’s nice we welcome people in dire straights into our country, however if they want to start agitating to change OUR Country to more resemble the country they just left, then they should move BACK to THEIR Country!

  158. Terrorists are who obumma the terrorist is bringing in. It is part of his plan to turn the US into a muslim dictatorship. He is preparing for the next presidential election. He will do everything he can to prevent an election. He was born in Kenya ( the Kenyan birth certificate was certified by Kenya). His family is in he muslm brotherhood, just as he is. It is time for a recall election and to throw him out of the office and out of our country,

  159. If Obamacrat wants them here, we should all make sure that the only place that will accept them is the White House. They will be his personal responsibility and he can tale care of them. If he tries to place them in your area, you must protest until they leave.

  160. These people should be sent to peaceful Islamic nations as they do not assimilate into Western secular nations and because of their ideology to impose sharia law and believing American oaths aren’t valid literally become “domestic enemies”

  161. The article is wrong. We SHOULD view every Muslim with suspicion. Islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is a cult of conquest. And one of its principle teachings is that it’s ok … Even an obligation … To lie to and deceive infidels until there’s an opportunity to stab them in the back.

  162. Obama administration seemingly prizes relations with the Muslim world over mere politics – try more than the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights for the true people of this nation

  163. Dominic Roy Accampo

    If Muslims are in danger of death we should care about them too, but what about the Syrian Christians? Will we also allow Syrian or other Christians who are fleeing persecution to come to America? If not, then someone is showing clear prejudice, is he not?

  164. There should be tremendous concern as these people don’t think like we do. When they come they bring their Allah with them but it doesn’t end there they also bring the sword. The gates of America are being opened by a bunch of Godless people and that will be our downfall. The Judgment of Babylon is coming.

    The Lord knew 2500 years ago what America was going to do when he told Daniel to seal the words in Daniel 12:4. The Lord also knew when this event would take place. All of this is recorded in the bible and what Daniel sealed has been unsealed.

    What amazes me is the fact that most everybody is not getting what is happening
    to America. Most haven’t a clue where we are in bible prophecy and probably
    wouldn’t care any way. They will though, when they lose their country and that
    is exactly what is happening today.

    From the day Obama stepped into his cushy office we have been paying him
    to destroy our country. For him that is a great deal, he gets to play golf,
    take selfies; he laughs when caught in a lie and thinks he is better then and
    over everyone. It seems he puts everyone around him in a trance as they follow
    like sheep. It is possible that he is setting himself up to be the Muslims 12th
    Imam? This is the mindset of the Muslims. I could make a list here of the
    minuses for Americans and the pluses for the Muslims he has accomplished but
    you all know what they are. If he can accomplish the destruction of America the
    Muslims would worship him forever.

    He has already placed Israel in a box just as the bible says. I am not sure if any
    of us can do anything about this situation though, as our government has been
    taken over by him and his Muslim friends and it’s getting to late to change
    what he has accomplished.

    What was so horrible that our Lord wanted the words sealed? The
    sealing was done for one reason and it was to cover something so horrible it
    wasn’t to be known till the end times. Folks were very close to the last 7
    years and the words Daniel sealed are now unsealed. You will not like what is
    advancing toward us at avalanche speed but you need to know. What Daniel
    covered is a nuclear war and not a little one. I cannot cover in detail here
    what I have to say but for those of you that are not faint of heart you can
    find the prophecies detailed and the time element which you will know is the
    work of God by his time stamp of incredible sevens in a book at
    http://www.thejudgmentofbabylon.com you will not like what you read but you will be glad you read it. Your family’s future is at stake.

    If Jesus Christ is not on your todo list I suggest you get with it. There is a prophecy that states the Lord at some point will send a strong dilusion that you will believe the lie.It will be to late then. Washington has already bought the kool aid.

  165. Our Borders need to be closed for all foreigners.

  166. More non Christians, Muslims, potential democrat voters and the watering down of a country that was once a decent Christian country. The big lie is that “only radical Muslims do bad things.” ALL Muslims are a threat to All Christions, read the Koran! The U.S. is headed for a one party system and a totalitarian communistic government.

  167. Stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil before the CongressCritters decide to ban it. SBGO contains 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that Camel-Shaggers won’t go to “Virginworld” if they happen to die after being struck by a bullet from any firearm so lubricated: http://www.silverbulletgunoil.net .

    It is very nearly time for us to play “Cowboys and Muslims”, folks.

    Buy More Ammo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODD (Obamunist Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

    Everyone please just ignore my digital stalker, “MikeG” (or whichever pseudonymn he happens to be using today) when he *predictably* replies to this post. You can always tell that its him because he is only capable of typing in ALL CAPS.

    He is a demented Libtard who has become obsessed with every post I write .

    He is clearly some kind of paid government Troll, because all he does is try to dictate what the rest of us can and cannot say. Since he is incapable of creating anything original, all he can do is copy and paste his rants against my posts. Being able to copy and paste does not make him interesting, it only makes him a joke.

    This sad, pathetic buffoon needs to seek counseling, as his creepy obsession with my posts is evidence of how unhinged he already is.

    Whenever you do see his rants, just remember how sad it is that his parents were first cousins.

  168. knowing full well that importing more muslimes will cause further problems , like Europe has, OGAYARAB wants to bring as many as possible here to help destroy the country.
    These people need to join the fight to save their own country and destroy ours

  169. Nothing like letting the ISIS in our country.

  170. He is not a Chrstian any more than I can keep my own Doctor or any of the other 100 lies he has told in office including his oath of office.

  171. Time to shut down immigration of muslims and open them up for christians who are persecuted by Isis. This will never happen while the POS is in the white house. My hope is that we can somehow elect Scott Walker in the 2016 elections . We also have 3 other politicians , Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan and Shawn Duffy who are up and coming GOP reps who are truly concerned with the direction this country is heading!!! If by some chance the country does blow up, I believe the military will side with the citizens, veterans like myself will rise up regardless of their age , as will many rank and file sheriff and will remove this muzzie blight from a position of power, try him for treason and sedition , along with a number of others in his administration, and send them to Gitmo or execute him !!

  172. Obama Letting Muslims enter the U.S. Illegally! Everyday he is in office it just keeps getting worse! What does Obama have on everyone in the White House? I never thought Americans would stand for this. Our forefathers, the writers of the Constitution, the men that fought in the wars would be ashamed at what this nation tolerates from Obama. People died to keep us free, troops are still dying for this country, and our voted in politicians and the American Legal citizens and standing and watching. These are truly sad days in American history for future generations to look back at us and letting this happen the greatest country on earth. How easy is it going to be for our country to be taken over? It’s happening right before our eyes now, my dad always said the communist will take over this country without firing a shot, I just laughed, I am not laughing any more. With age comes wisdom and he was a man of God and wisdom. I told him there is no way the American people would let that happen! Now I’m not to sure. We have a president that uses our constitution as if it was toilet paper and we will be left without a pot to eeee in. We now have a dictator in office telling us what our children can and cannot eat, Forcing us to buy his personal health care or suffer heavy fines, opens our protected borders to let illegals come in to vote, if enough communists enters this country and the ones already in this country they will have the numbers to elect whoever they want! We have a president right now that will not show beyond a reasonable doubt that he is eligible to be a president in the U.S., but he is in office! Just a few people did not o their job and did not make sure all of Obama paperwork was legal and complete and allowed him o run for president anyway. We have a president that lies to us all the time but when someone stands up and tells the truth about the Obama administration our congress is in shock and people demands an apology, why are they not shocked when Obama tells a lie and demand the president to apologize? A president should be a roll model for the citizens and our children, I don’t want my children to think it’s ok to lie, it must be ok, the president does it when he wants something or tries to hide something. Remember these words? divide and conquer, say something long enough and people will start to believe it, we need a distraction so they don’t know what were doing, put up a smoke screen! So what are we going to do about this? Probably sit and watch as America crumbles around us and try to find someone else to blame. I love our country and our troops and I say May God continue to Bless America even while so many are turning their face away from God and trying to push him out of America.

  173. More Human feces to pollute our country

  174. This nation must rid itself of Heathen Muslims, not import more of these radicals that cannot comply with our laws! NO MUSLIMS IN AMERICA !!

  175. America already has out of control Muslim in white house that needs shipped back Kenya

  176. Ob says Islam is a religion of peace..that, no doubt, is what he must have had in mind when he used his executive pen repeatedly to override the american people with the “no tax Obamacare”, turning loose terrorists and criminals, refusing to protect the american people by closing the borders and labeling beheadings and killings as workplace violence, sending weaponry to terrorists that he knows will eventually be used against us..etc ad nauseum…and all those “jobs” that his administration wants to give the jihadists? whose job will he be taking to give to them…what will the “job application” read like?..especially the previous experience part…Ob has surrounded himself with barely dry behind the ears staff and it shows.. loud and clear…

  177. Our borders need to be closed to “everyone” for a few years. If these people from foreign lands like what we have so much, then why don’t they fight it out with the bad guys in their native lands and create their own democracy like we had to?

  178. Why only Sunni Syrian Muslims? Why no Yesidi, Druze, Christians or Kurds from Syria? Barrack is building a 100% voting block of radical Muslims for conquest. He is the Madhe. He is the Islamic messiah , in his mind. He is barking whackado, and wants a Caliphate here.

  179. Isn’t this just great news! Wow, let’s formerly import terrorists. I suppose we could give them Social Security benefits, tax credits, and unlimited healthcare through the wonderful ObamaCare. Not only that, but we could give each of them body armor, AK-47s, and unlimited ammunition. We could even buy the AKs direct from Russia. Putin would love that! Insanity! Insanity! Insanity!

  180. I am ready to take it to the streets, is any one else. This is not america, united socolist states of america more like it with islam as it’s religion.. LOCK AND LOAD

  181. not one of these people should be allowed to come here

  182. One only needs to take a look at what has happened in Europe and France in particular to realize we should not be opening our borders to Muslims no matter how peaceful they may be. Our welfare roles are already over taxed and we can’t take on further obligations without destroying our own country. Our representative need to consider those whom they work above all else.

  183. You have to go through congress with this as well you cork suckers have been bought off again havent you. You started that war now you live with it dont force us to and call it the will of the people. You suck.

  184. These quotas are out the window for immigration. With the UN And obama importing 700,000 from Syria and open border. It’s called stacking the deck and Citizens,Christians,Jews anyone not islam will lose. They have been and continue to work on a obama 3rd term.
    The dark days are still ahead if we remain on this path.

  185. Muslims My Ass…

    I want to shake the guy’s hand that wrote this…

    Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital?

    Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?
    Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade?

    Have you witnessed a Muslim charity?

    Have you shaken hands with a Muslim Girl Scout?
    Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper?
    The answer is no, you have not. Just ask yourself WHY ???

    Barack Obama, during his Cairo speech, said: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America ‘s history.”


    Dear Mr. Obama:

    Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians.

    Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.

    Can you show me one Muslim signature on the: United States Constitution?
    Declaration of Independence ?
    Bill of Rights?
    Didn’t think so.

    Did Muslims fight for this country’s freedom from England ? No.

    Did Muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America ? No, they did not.
    fact, Muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human
    slavery. Your own half-brother, a devout Muslim, still advocates
    slavery himself, even though Muslims of Arabic descent refer to black
    Muslims as “pug nosed slaves.” Says a lot of what the Muslim world
    really thinks of your family’s “rich Islamic heritage,” doesn’t it Mr.

    Where were Muslims during the Civil Rights era of this country?
    Not present.

    are no pictures or media accounts of Muslims walking side by side with
    Martin Luther King, Jr. or helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.

    Where were Muslims during this country’s Woman’s Suffrage era?
    not present. In fact, devout Muslims demand that women are subservient
    to men in the Islamic culture. So much so, that often they are beaten
    for not wearing the ‘hajib’ or for talking to a man who is not a direct
    family member or their husband. Yep, the Muslims are all for women’s
    rights, aren’t they?

    Where were Muslims during World War II?
    were aligned with Adolf Hitler. The Muslim grand mufti himself met with
    Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops and accepted support from the Nazi’s
    in killing Jews.

    Finally, Mr. Obama, where were Muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001?
    they weren’t flying planes into the World Trade Center , the Pentagon
    or a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil,
    they were rejoicing in the Middle East . No one can dispute the
    pictures shown from all parts of the Muslim world celebrating on CNN,
    Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news network’s that day. Strangely, the
    very “moderate” Muslims who’s asses you bent over backwards to kiss in
    Cairo, Egypt on June 4th were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many
    Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.

    And THAT, Mr. Obama, is the “rich heritage” Muslims have here in America …

    Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to mention the Barbary Pirates. They were Muslims.

    now we can add November 5, 2009 – the slaughter of American soldiers at
    Fort Hood by a Muslim major who is a doctor and a psychiatrist who was
    supposed to be counseling soldiers returning from battle in Iraq and
    Afghanistan .

    don’t forget the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15.2013 was done by 2
    Muslim Brothers. That, Mr. Obama is the “Muslim heritage” in America

    Be sure to SEND IT TO ALL.

    Muslim Heritage, my ass.
    And if you don’t share this message,
    you are part of the problem

  186. Jackie : You have done your homework well. If our leaders will not see what has happened in France, Denmark, Norway and presently happening here, then. There is little hope that the USA will survive and remain a country where freedom thrives. A sad situation for all that love this land!

  187. Stupid is as stupid does…….Evil is as Evil does…….POTUS

    Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama….a charlatan in office…

    He’s a dyed in the wool Islamic breathing Muslim, because of what people are saying about him daily, and confirmed and verified by his own words and actions of aiding and abetting the enemy (releasing them, protecting them, condoning them etc) RADICAL ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS MUSLIMS, who want to kill everyone who does not believe to the Satanic verses of the Koran.

  188. What in hell is happening to the U.S. Citizens National Security when a POTUS allows the enemy to enter our U.S. Borders illegally and bo still remains in office & internally destroys the U.S. Constitution …! Along with all of bo’s defiant criminal violations of U.S. Laws that congress ignores & does nothing to stop him as the U.S. worst enemy to U.S. Citizens Rights …! bo to go & his crony muslim, commie administration ASAP before he can do anymore damage to the U.S.A. with his illegal & criminally laced E.O’s that has only created bo’s wannabe dictatorship from his muslim, commie hell…. ! There appears to be “NO” U.S.Patriotic Citizens representation in this totalitarian dictated bo regime and congress are the bought off cronies of bo’s whims and ways to create his dictatorship …… !

  189. How many defiant crimes can bo do before he is indicted for his lawless actions against the U.S. Citizens and National Security …! bo has proven himself a muslim & traitor to the U.S. & violated his oath of office that is the grounds for his arrest indictments for treason or spying crimes if he is not a U.S. Citizen ..! bo must go 2015…!

  190. Muslims are not part of our demographic and culture. None should ever be brought to our country. Third world people belong in third world countries. We are inviting in a cancer that will destroy us from within. This is a Christian nation with Christian values. Why aren’t any Christians being brought in from Muslim countries? Obama doesn’t care if all are killed as long as the Muslim expansion continues.

  191. Obama is who he is. A Muslim raised youth with a mother who earned the moniker of Anti Christ Ann in College. Of course Obama HATES America and Christians.

    Just why people chooe to wear blindfolds purely for Political Correctness places We the People in MORTAL DANGER. Obama and “friends” along with his ass kissers are responsible for the Current Terrorist THREAT.

    Obama is a MUSLIM TERRORIST!

  192. I still don’t know why the imposter negro sodomite is doing up there. Are we just going to let the negro lead an invasion from the White House without firing a shot?

  193. So I’m just guessin here, but the terrorist cell that would slip through a faster immigration process, they would be in addition to the dozen or so already here?

    So obama and his “administration” value muslims over mere politics. I wish he valued the American lives he swore to defend over muslims and politics.

    • “Dozen or so”? There are terrorist cells in all 50 states, it won’t be long before they make their move. They will cut off Obama’s head, and then attempt to turn America into a Muslim province. Don’t think they could get at Obama? Newsflash, Obama’s dumb ass has those bastards in the White House on his staff, all they need to do is grab Obama by them clown ears and hack-n-whack. Obama is too fucking arrogant to see it coming, he thinks he is god’s gift to Islam and has this whole thing under control. Must say though that it would be interesting to see the expression on Obama’s face for those several seconds he will still be able to look around after his head’s been removed, stupid son of a bitch will no doubt feel beside himself.


  195. If Obama were anything but a muslim servant, the borders would be open to Syrian Christians. Muslims are involved in a Christian and Jewish holocaust, Obama et al being the Hitler of the 21st century. He must be arrested, tried and face a public hanging or a firing squad. Obama has compromised the military and the justice department. Every day his acts become more vile, on a path to martial law.

    • The only way this will happen is if the people get off their asses and do it themselves. March into DC and do not stop until our White House has been cleared of all the trash that has been piling up there. It not only needs to be done, it needs to be done somewhere around immediately or sooner. It is not just our right to do so, it is our responsibility. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of “well regulated militia” to organize and lead the charge. If you happen to see one (militia) ask them what the hell they are waiting for?

  196. Impeach Obama….

    • I would like to see him impeached too but I don’t think that asshole will live long enough for that to happen. Obama is to fucking stupid to realize that those Muslim fucks he has conspiring with him in the White House are going to cut off his head for dessert at some up-and-coming dinner party.

  197. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Hussein Obama is a Muslim Arab by tribal rights and a “Christian”
    for his hate and rage Agenda of REVENGE in the interest of his political and
    Muslim ambition. A traitor and collaborator in the interest of his Muslim
    brother hoods of Islam. His reason for supporting the Arab “spring” movement in
    Muslim Arab countries should be quite obvious but still not recognized by untold
    ignorant Americans that it is a ploy to get hundreds of thousands of Arab
    Muslims into the United States as being part of the Arab conquest of America by
    Islam. American Muslims and collaborators call this Islamophobia. What do they call the slaughter of thousands
    of innocent women, children and babies? Islamic reformation? The traitor in the
    White House is serving his purpose.

  198. “That it is happening isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself.”
    OF COURSE it’s a problem in and of itself!!!
    All Muslims who are coming to our country, whether through immigration or as “refugees”, are coming here for one purpose; to take our country over.
    And since all Muslims are required by their religion to engage in violent jihad against non-Muslims and non-Muslim lands, all Muslims are potential terrorists:
    “Thus you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihad against disbelievers till they embrace (convert to) Islam……So, when you meet those who disbelieve, smite at their necks (cut off their heads) till when you have killed and wounded many of them” (Qur’an 47:4).

    it is happening isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself – See
    more at:

  199. “That it is happening isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself.”
    OF COURSE it’s a problem in and of itself!!!
    All Muslims who are coming to our country, whether through immigration or as “refugees”, are coming here for one purpose; to take our country over.
    And since all Muslims are required by their religion to engage in violent jihad against non-Muslims and non-Muslim lands, all Muslims are potential terrorists:
    “Thus you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihad against disbelievers till they embrace (convert
    to) Islam……So, when you meet those who disbelieve, smite at their necks (cut off their heads) till when you have killed and wounded many of them” (Qur’an 47:4).

  200. I think it’s time for a Million man march led by business leaders, clergy, politicians, internet geeks, tax pro’s, sheriffs, …….and it ought to take place on April 15th and tie up Washington DC for a Week to show this President that there is a true seriousness on the part of the American people that he has gone too far on everything. He needs to see a million people in the streets that aren’t looters to understand he has pushed the FOLKS to the limit.

    • That is the only way “We The People” will ever be heard. We not only need to go to DC in mass, we need to be prepared to stay there and accomplish our goal at ANY cost.

  201. If Obama was so concerned about saving lives, he would permit opening the doors to Christian Syrians, but he is not a Christian but a muslim interloper, a communist muslim plant, a campaign financed by muslims and muslim vote counters and doctored voting machines.

  202. Where are the republicans? Sarah Palin was right!




    http://animoto.com/play/Oi09tG6vHQlB3mbaO3T38g AMERICAN ACADEMY AWARDS



  204. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    What Obama has done, and continues to do is TREASON ! Obama’s “CHANGE” is to slowly destroy the American way of life by allowing Mexican Nationals to flood into our Country, and for Taxpayers to pay for the importation of foreign muslims into our Country who have no intention of assimulating into American society. We don’t need any more “Push one for English,” or Dearborn, Michigans with Sharia Law. Yes, we tax payers pay to import 80,000 foreign muslims into our Country yearly! Obama started this crazy stupid program of 80,000 plus muslims to be brought here on the taxpayer’s dime! The Propagana News Media avoids mentioning this Obama created program. Is Obama a muslim? I think he’s proved that. Does he love this Country? He’s proved that he doesn’t. He doesn’t follow the Constitution and complains that the Constitution is restrictive to what he can do. That’s exactly what the Constitution was written for….to guarantee citizens rights, and to keep government under control. The Federal Government is presently out-of-control, and Obama is functioning as a mild Dictator with his Executive Orders, and non-compliance with enforcing ALL laws as written. The worthless so-called representatives in Congress are complicit with Obama’s lawless functioning. I see a bloody revolt coming with the blood of the politicians flowing first!

  205. This is so very wrong !!! Canada is also accepting Syrian “refugees”! Great ! Now both groups can join together & commit Jihad on us all !!! ozero & his flunkies are stupid in ways we cannot fathom !!!

  206. This would be the biggest mistake in the history of the planet what makes the government think that half of these so called refugees aren’t all ISIS Muslims?

  207. Nothing will hit the mainstream news about how many Muslims are coming into our country. I think this is one reason we have been flooded with Mexicans to hide the Muslim invasion. Obama would like nothing more than to turn our country into a new Islamic State.

  208. Obama said he wanted to change this nation, remember ? Did you ever think that he meant to trample the Constitution or amend the immigration laws of the country by completely taking over the power of the
    Congress ? America was founded on the beliefs and morals of our Christian-Judeo forefathers. In one presidency, all of this may turn into a sharian culture. Why have we allowed one man ( with hosts of others advising him ) totally pervert America into this absurdity ? It has to be stopped.

  209. This is his way of killing a whole lot of Americans. People are your eyes open to the end scenerio of his action. This is BIG RED FLAGS PEOPLE. —–DANGER DANGER.!!!!!

  210. Why should anyone be surprised one more step in destroying Our Country. PS to the new controlled Republican House and Senate You were sent to Washington to stop boy wonder “Do Your Job” or Bye Bye

  211. They may be coming into this country but they will be “welcomed” only by the lemmings that feel obumass is the messiah. The rest of us will be keeping an even more wary eye on them until they can prove they are willing to accept this country for what it stands for and integrate into our culture.

  212. bull shit impeach the bum Now!!!!

  213. What is the difference? If we turn them down, Obama will simply let them enter through the open southern border like he has been doing all along. We have lost our country to a socialist Muslim terrorist’s occupation of the white house. We have no chance of getting her back until we unseat this traitor.

  214. We do not need any more Muslims, or any one else in this Country right now. Especially Terrorists!! WTF are these people in charge thinking. I’ll tell you what they are thinking. Death and Destruction to this America, we will take her down. Obama is hell bent on the destruction of America from the inside out and trying to create another Kenya home land. Well Screw that! Patriots, #1

  215. Why doesn’t he (Obama) just let ISSIS through the borders and get it over with? There is no way these people can be vetted to determine who is dangerous and who is not. This with amnesty and potential for more illegals really make me feel so safe——NOT

  216. Fuck Assbama. He is a PRICK and should be HUNG. PERIOD. Let fat-ass Meeshall keep the rope and his HealthCare. He is a LYING MUSLIM, PORK EATING ISLAMIC PUNK.

  217. WE the PEOPLE are going to have to deal with these Muslims come here. Assbama is one of them. How in the Fuc=== did this asshole ever become president? He is a MONSTER. EVIL, LYING TYRANT and PUNK.

  218. WHY???? Let and make them stay there and fight the Battle and destroy the enemies and take over their Country! We do not want them! We have no desire to have anymore of what we already have…to much trash is accumulating in America!

  219. Another HUGE mistake perpetrated by the Muslim B@stard in the White house!

  220. Can you say “Operation Trojan Horse.”

  221. This congress makes me sick! We the people…. WHO??? Sorry to say America is done.

  222. The people need to WAKE UP and bring in all those that stand FOR our Constitutionand the people for C sake. Who thehell thought it would be a good idea to have Mitch Mc Connell THE TURTLE Rino and Boehner in as the leader and speaker. What is the matter with these people that they keep in these turds? The tea party is the ONLY answer.

  223. Obama is just like any Rat and a snake, there are no good words to say about a snake or a rat and that covers Obama. He came from the same hole a rat or snake came from.

  224. More and more Mexicans and Missies to vote for Ovomits third,fourth and who knows how many more terms. He will not leave office in 2016 you can take it to the bank.

  225. Lobbyists to bring more muslims over here ??????????? WTF !!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it the Christians that are getting slaughtered over there ??????????

  226. Obamanation home to all muslims who hate Americans and kill them for their land.

  227. Is that the way You swear to protect Our country . Let Muslim Terrorist enter to Our country.?

  228. We Have gone straight to Hell, and all this because we wanted to show the world that the black man could be president and do a good job Well look what we got! And not we are be inundated with muslims who would see us dead before agreeing to live under the constitution of the United States of America. Now known as obummer land…Congratulations Representatives and Senators and Supreme Court Judges, you have finally figured out how to bring a once mighty country down to the level of a country such as Haiti or lower! Pat yourselves on the back you deserve it…

  229. as we let in the jews and phillipinos after WWll–as we let in the koreans after the korean war — as we let in the vietnamese after the viet nam war

  230. We don’t need Muslims in the USA. Their entire political cult is against the US Constitution.
    They openly profess male supremacy, religious bigotry and persecution, sexual slavery, restriction of free speech for just a few.

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