U.S. Soldier Sought Refuge In North Korea?

Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – On Tuesday, a senior defense official noted that the Pentagon was not able to verify whether U.S. soldier Travis T. King had indeed attempted to escape the “racial discrimination” in the U.S. Army by entering North Korea. This is despite the original reports that stated that the decision had been intentional.

Following King’s crossing into North Korea, the U.S. has not managed to get any information regarding his current state or condition.

On Wednesday, North Korea’s state media made the first report about King who had supposedly intentionally crossed into the country during a Joint Security Area (JSA) civilian tour. In their media announcement, they noted that King had confessed to entering the country to escape the racial discrimination he had faced in the army and the “inhuman maltreatment” he was subjected to.

Investigators from North Korea have also reached the conclusion according to the state media announcement that the crossing was deliberate and that King wanted to stay either in their country or a different third country.

The senior defense official revealed to Fox News that so far North Korea had not provided them with any information about Private King to anyone in the U.S. military or U.N. Command. They further added that at this time there was no reason to believe the reporting of the country’s state media as it is controlled by the “reclusive communist regime.” As he pointed out the DPRK regime has also often threatened not only the United States but also Japan and South Korea.

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