U.S. Should Be Proud to Be the Only Country Not to Sign Paris Climate Pact

Last week, Syria announced its intentions to sign the Paris Climate Agreement, making the United States the final country in the entire world to refuse the deal. This is supposed to make us all feel very embarrassed and ashamed, don’t you know? Why, Nicaragua has signed the deal! And now Syria? Oh my golly, President Donald Trump is really just the worst! The worst EVER!

“As if it wasn’t already crystal clear, every single other country in the world is moving forward together to tackle the climate crisis, while Donald Trump’s has isolated the United States on the world stage in an embarrassing and dangerous position,” said Michael Brune of the Sierra Club.

Yes, because if Syria and Nicaragua are for it, then the U.S. should damn sure be for it, right? Hello? Is this thing on?

Of course, there’s a very good reason that the climate nutters and liberals around the world are trying to Paris-Shame the president. Well, there’s more than one reason, but there’s one big reason: It’s because without the U.S. pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into this fiasco, the whole point of the Agreement is largely moot. The U.S. was poised to be, by far, the largest contributor of wealth to this nonsensical scheme. What, did you think SYRIA was going to handle our light work? Or even Spain or Britain? Hell no. This was all about creating a special little program through which rich countries could help poor countries industrialize their way past fossil fuels…you know, eventually…in a few decades or so. And without the U.S. contributing to the cause, the rest of the world is standing around thinking, “Hmm, what do we do now?”

But actually, that’s not quite right. Because what’s really marvelous about Trump’s withdrawal from this non-treaty is that hundreds of cities, states, and corporations have stepped up to pledge their support for the pact. And hey, that’s great! If you want to throw your money to third-world countries, far be it from us to dissuade you. That’s how it should be. Don’t let President Trump tell you what you can and can’t do with your local money. Why should you?

Just like we didn’t appreciate the last guy telling us what to do with ours!

Do you see now, lefties?

The really frustrating part about top-down climate change solutions is that they are almost entirely unnecessary, even if you buy hook, line, and sinker into this whole sham of a thing. Even the scientists and climate freaks will admit this – if they don’t really realize the point you’re driving at. The free market is going to clean up fossil fuels quicker than any law can do it, and then we’ll just have to see if we survive as a planet or not. We’re betting…yeah, we’re going to make it. Somehow, we’re going to pull through this planetary apocalypse.

After all, we’ve got Syria on the job!

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  1. First of all – How does the US pour hundreds of millions of dollars into anything when it is flat broke and up to its eyeballs in unsustainable debt? Actually, the debt is not theirs but, thanks to them, it belongs exclusively to the current and future taxpayers.

    Secondly – How is it and who is it that makes the determination that the US has to pour more into this scheme than anyone else? Does some international committee determine which country can continue to borrow enormous amounts of money even though it is flat broke and hand it the lion’s share of the cost?

    Maybe the international community has just become so accustomed to getting the US taxpayer to pick up the tab for their perceived needs that they are just going back to the sucker’s well to fill their buckets again!

    Historical postmortems of these international boondoggles typically reveal that all the money gets spent but when all is said and a heck of a lot more was said than done!

    Frankly, I am getting tired of my country being the world’s piggy bank!

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    • raise taxes on the wealthy

      • To do what? Pay for another boondoggle?

      • Why so you can sit on your a** and collect it ? The wealthy create jobs and employ people, but I’ll bet you don’t believe that so why am I P’ing on a flat rock ?

      • If you took the net worth of people having a net worth of 100 million and above, it would only amount to about 1.6 trillion dollars, which the feds borrow over a couple years. Meanwhile, most of that money is invested in the economy—probably 95% if not more. Giving it to the government so they can buy votes and corporate contributions is not a good use of money.

    • And when they finally realize they can’t control us they’ll probably have our economy crash and or we’ll be massively attacked. They’ll have their one world government even if they have to take us out to do it.

      • It is more honorable to resist that crap, even if we lose, than to be a willing victim of it. “Global cooling/impending ice age/global warming/climate change” is a hoax instigated in the 1970’s, and has been intended to put the federal government and the UN in a position of exercising more and more control over our daily lives, for the purpose on enriching and empowering the guru’s who are heading it up. The climate has not changed in a few hundred years, since recovery from the mini-ice age in the 1500’s. But the hoax gives wealth and power to a few individuals who are becoming rich and powerful from a big lie.

        • What you say.. that is what I believe

        • Al Gore became a megamillionaire!

          • Al Gore is a huge PHONY….he jets around in private jets and has a larger carbon footprint than 1000 regular Americans combined.
            Why are liberals so HYPOCRITICAL?

          • He and they are still benefitting from the Carbon Trading Business that is going on. Most people don’t know that Al Gore created hundreds of fake shell companies that create absolutely nothing. However, each company is allotted “carbon credits”. If they don’t use all of their credits, and Gores companies don’t use any, they are allowed to sell them to other heavy polluters for big profits. Great scam if you can make massive profits for doing nothing but creating fake companies that don’t do anything. This is how Gore has made millions.

          • Unbelievable! If that’s true, Gore should be serving 20 years to life for fraud!

          • Technically creating these phony companies isn’t a crime. All companies that legally form get these carbon credits. They just don’t mention it. What Gore and probably many of his friend did was legal, however totally unethical. But then when has a liberal / communist ever worried about doing something unethical? At one time the information revealing all of his shell companies and the amount of carbon credits he controlled was exposed, possibly by Whistleblower magazine. The entire program of carbon credit trading was bogus from the very beginning. Kind of the like the H1B visa program that allows foreign workers to be hired ahead of American workers and to replace American workers. That was never supposed to happen but in the IT industry it was planned that way and continues to this day.

          • Legal, perhaps, but I think he and Congress could be nailed on racketeering charges.

          • I’m with on that. And Congress members that have access to “insider trading info” are still investing using that information while you and I would be in jail like they did with Martha Stewart. She was no more guilty than Nancy Pelosi and her husband that have a huge investment portfolio using the info she gets.

        • The government and the EPA have way too much power and say in our lives. Where I live you can’t build a fish pond in your back yard without 14,000 different permits. You can’t fill in a swampy area because it might kill some endangered fly. You can’t landscape your property without a dozen or so permits. It’s ridiculous. We didn’t become an independent country run by it’s citizens to let the government have so much of their long noses stuck in our business.

        • Especially Al Gore who has made almost as much as Howard Hughes from selling this crap!

        • God controls everything and that includes the CLIMATE and no amount of $$ is going to change that fact!!

      • Well, that’s what they’re trying to do by weakening and draining our economy!

      • That is why we have to fight for our Freedoms !!!

    • The same applies to the UN, we pick up most of the cost but we are hated and trashed by the majority of the members. We need to get out now. Kick them out of New York. I have read that if the UN paid all of it fines New York would be out of debt. They can even get away with murder because they have diplomatic immunity.

      • I wish Trump can pull out of that useless thing, too.

      • “…if the UN paid all of it(sic) fines New York would be out of debt…”

        any proof for that statement?

        • Ever hear of hyperbole?

          • I will wait for moma’s answer……

            BTW- I am not looking for hyperbole…I’m looking for factual information

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            We all know the damn UN nees to be gone from NY!!

          • AGREE 100%!!!

          • And so does rich girod the pay liberal troll.

          • Moma might be ignoring you. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for. Writers don’t base their word choice on what Rich Girod is craving. The author of the article “moma” referenced was most likely engaging in hyperbole when making that statement. Hyperbole is meant for those of us who are intelligent enough to not need to be spoon fed concrete factoids in a bland one dimensional presentation, due to intellectual limitations experienced by those who need their facts regurgitated for them. Well, now the world is waiting for you, Rich. What snarky little answer do you have for that?

          • Hope you are on retainer to moma or you are just another part of the “gang of enablers” on the comment section that perpetrates non factual opinions- Good luck defending ignorance.

          • Ah, your snarky little answer has arrived as expected. My post had little to do with opinion, but it is obvious that you are filled with a high one of yourself. What have you accomplished in your life that has left the rest of the world breathless for your next pearl of sarcasm. So far all I have seen is a lack of multi dimensional thinking, and a need for others to lead you by the nose by providing your malnourished mind with concrete blocks that you might comprehend.

          • typical reaction from PND commenter- When you can’t defend your opinion with fact you go straight to an ad hominem attack

          • Typical comment from a troll with nothing of substance to add to a conversation. I didn’t give you opinion, I expressed the findings of my observations of your involvement here. Typical of you to deflect. Tired old response of yours to go down the path of the ad hominem trail(I read your profile). You’ve used that tired old gem many times. Can’t you think of anything original or are you just another parrot? Richie want a cracker???

          • well ….the truth is the truth and that is what I am looking for. It is difficult to find it on this comment section- You certainly haven’t contributed to my effort

            BTW- hope moma is paying you well

          • If the search for truth is an impossible task on this site, then why do you frequent it so often? This puts you in a most disingenuous light! Perhaps you need to first seek what truth is within you that keeps you coming back.

          • First amendment right…got a problem with that?

          • I wasn’t telling you not to come here. I was commenting on your self described impossible search for truth. Interesting how you would twist my words and my meanings, when my words and my meanings were quite clear. The twisting of words and meanings are most often performed by those who would obscure the truth. so disingenuous was perhaps correct, or maybe even hypocritical on your part.

          • I didn’t say the truth was impossible to find on this comment site, I said it was difficult- Interesting how you would twist my words and my meanings, when my words and my meanings were quite clear. The twisting of words and meanings are most often performed by those who would obscure the truth. so disingenuous was perhaps correct, or maybe even hypocritical on your part.

            I’ll have my cracker now …thank you

          • Funny how you would fixate on one word and consider that to be the reason to practically copy and paste my own words. A nice try, but I did ask you in those exact words why you continued to return to this site. You didn’t see fit to correct my “misinterpretation” of your meaning that time, and instead erroneously assumed I was telling you not to post. So it is obvious that you are content to be very “twisty” in your interactions here. If it is only difficult but not impossible to discover truth on this site, what truth have you discovered here?

          • Quote safari1024

            “If it is only difficult but not impossible to discover truth on this site, what truth have you discovered here?”

            That you are a bigger nitpicker than I-Congradulations

          • Well then, excellent! You said that I haven’t contributed to your effort to find truth, and then you go and reverse yourself. So are you disingenuous, a hypocrite, or just a run of the mill liar? You are too simple for words, and too easy! LMFAO And BTW, that’s congratulations. Too funny.

          • your nitpicking has become tiresome -you aren’t interested in truth seeking-goodbye

          • Guess you can’t handle the truth unless it’s your own version, and even then…. I hope you have enjoyed this journey into the mirror. Lastly, I am all about getting at the truth. But the truth is hard to find, and harder to verify. What sometimes is accepted widely as truth, is merely what has been fed to us and made to look like truth. This is more rule than exception. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

          • “What sometimes is accepted widely as truth, is merely what has been fed to us and made to look like truth. This is more rule than exception. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

            We only differ in that I believe it is the exception-

            Addendum- We should all be thankful for this great country- there has never been anything like it-Peace

          • I guess that I am more of a cynic than you, as I believe that we get fed a line of garbage often. But then, I worked for a very liberal state for 26 years and saw first hand how reality and optics are often at odds. But agreed that this is a great country, and one of the best places on Earth. Peace to you.

          • “I guess that I am more of a cynic than you…”

            Not sure I am any less than you but I suspect for similar and different reasons-

            “…optics are often at odds…”


            perhaps we will speak again

          • My friend you are to kind too this asswipe POS.

          • He’s all the above.

          • rich girod copys and paste could it be that the Idiot cannot spell.

          • Disingenuous is being to kind to this jerkoff.

          • Rich girod is a liberal lowlife low info voter and a stupid moron at best he also likes coming back to this site so he can show people on here just how stupid he really is. And as everyone knows liberals are not that bright and rich girod is 100% proof of that.

          • we should stop defending all the little commie infected aholes that hate Trump and the USA..

          • Block the POS rich girod he’s a liberal asswipe if you block him he will go away.

          • That’s rich girod but his hyperbole is his mouth.

        • Is there any proof that you are even human!!!!!!

      • I would gladly get out of the UN and kick their terrorist supporting asses out immediately

      • I’m all for dumping the UN and kicking them out of NYC, but the real problem with kicking them out is that so much of the NYC economy is wrapped up in the UN. Would have been better that we never created what has turned out to be a farce in the first place. When I was in Girl Scouts years ago we went to NYC and to the UN. It had just recently been created and we were told it was the hope of the world. No longer would the world be ravaged by war. The UN would be the mediator of all quarrels and discension. All I see these days is a bunch of charlatans pushing their ideology off on the world and not saving it from anything. Rather the world needs to be saved from them and their false logic.

      • You are truly dumb. Supporting countries less fortunate than we are is smart for our well off country because it helps build alliances and working collaboration. We do have an idiot for President, but I hope he will be a one term President.

    • THEY BORROW money to do it; and add more to our debt: how did you think we GOT here???? As for the US contributing more; that’s the UN who sponsors this mess; and it’s high time we cut them off too; we’re paying more to them than any other nation as well.

    • Don’t let reason or logic get in the way of your world view! That’s the only defense to your common sense statement!

    • I can answer all of your questions. It’s been the (leadership ?), it’s been the (leadership ?), it’s been the (leadership ?) until last January we have had a series of Morons as President, with no more sense than a stump. It’s not their money so they don’t give a rats a**. If they need/want more money they just pass a budget and increase what they steal from us. They do this so the world leaders will love us and the NYT and WP will say nice things about them. I don’t want the world leaders to love us because we give the despots American $’s. I want them to respect us because we can kick their a** if they mess with us. Take the Money we give the other nations and use it to build the most powerful military the world has ever seen, and I’ll bet no one F’s with us, US, ever. It’s the “Art Of The Deal”

    • We have been the Worlds piggy bank my whole life and am also dam tard of it.

    • how does any country justify “…pour hundreds of millions of dollars into anything when it is flat broke and up to its eyeballs in unsustainable debt?

      The current global debt is estimated to be some where around 57 trillion dollars- of the 172 countries in the UN only 5 are debt free-They are

      British Virgin Islands.

      So what’s the point?

    • Very well stated Justin—I agree & Happy Thanksgiving to you & your’s.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Excellent post Justin!!

    • Because many of the globalists in this Country do not care about the people of this Country. All we need the little people in America for is cannon fodder! Besides, how do you bring about the dream of one world government with a strong America?


      We should pay China and India while they get an extension!
      Let the SISSY MARY DEMIs pay them out of the $145,000,000
      The Russian Nuclear Thugs gave the Clinton Foundation that secured 20% of our Uranium for Vladimir!

    • The people who decide what he US puts in is the Paris Climate Accord. The US would be providing more than all the other countries together.

  2. Of course the US was expected to contribute the most to combating man-made climate change. We are by far the richest country in the world and contribute far more to the problem than most other countries. Furthermore, your characterization of our rejection of the Paris accord as something that makes us superior to places like Syria and Nicaragua, who did sign it, is ridiculous. The opposite conclusion is the logical one, namely that even places like Syria and Nicaragua—in fact, every other country in the world—is superior to us in the realm of applied science. It makes us more backward than Haiti, stupider than Iran, and more dependent on the half baked opinions of its leader than North Korea. Even those backward places are more in tune with the science of climate change than the United States because in our country, a moron is making the call, and until we can be rid of him, we’re stuck with the fact that Trump’s grievous error does not make us better than the best, but worse than the worst.

  3. rising sea levels are drowning the keys in Florida, burning up huge tracts of land in California and the west and Houston is totally devastated.

    People should stop lying to themselves and stop denying science. Rising CO2 levels in the air caused it all and much more.

    • You really should stop lying to yourself and others, it’s embarrassing! CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s a natural byproduct of life, i.e. breathing and serves as plant food for your beloved rain forests. California is burning because a succession of Democrat governors has let the state’s water storage systems, i.e. dams, fall in disrepair like the Oroville Dam because they would rather spend taxpayer money on illegals and Utopian programs. As for hurricanes they are part of something everyone used to understand that it exists prior to the Al Gore get-rich-and-ruin-the-country-scheme of global warming/climate change, it was called: Weather. If Al Gore and his hoaxers were right we would have gondolas paddling the boulevards of Manhattan now. Actual weather data, without hockey stick hoaxer help, is Al Gore’s Kryptonite because there hasn’t been any global warming in years, and weather as it has been since the beginning of time occurs. By the way if the water levels were rising it would not just effect the Florida Keys but all areas of our coastline, since water is a fluid and rises, storms and ebb and tide influenced by the moon aside, equally. Your post is just more proof that propaganda and its commercial cousin marketing are powerful tools to influence, or as the Obama administration used to call it “nudge” those who believe and refuse to do their own due diligence in research.

      • You forgot the EPA’s contribution of not allowing the proper thinning of the forests to minimize the impact of natural fires, or arson fires alike, which, it turned out, several of those in recent months were.

        • The EPA has been the cause of “natural” disasters for decades with its non thinning policies, wetlands regulations, and intentional spills like the Gold King Mine spill in Colorado that once again polluted the Las Animas river the people of Colorado had painstakingly cleaned up over 20 years to make it gold medal trout fishing waters; all because the EPA wanted its slush fund money super fund sites. Much like the “controlled” burns of the Forest Service that have turned into wildfires, or the use of cyanide spraying “predator booby traps” by the BLM. Handling state resources are best done by the states themselves not some bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. whose only concern is getting a bigger budget, more power, and another step increase.

      • “…CO2 is not a pollutant,…” Either is hydrogen….but try breathing it instead of air.

    • GET REAL! The sea levels haven’t risen appreciably and the weather catastrophes are probably more akin to God seeking to get YOUR attention than any climate changes. Climate doesn’t alter radically as those events have been clustered, on its own and HUMANS just don’t have enough power to have that kind of impact on it!


  5. George E. LeFebvre

    Viva US. Proud of our country for not falling into the Climate Hoax. Now we need to drop out of the UN which is about as useful as boobs on a Boar. We continue to pay and get nothing but anti American Votes when a vote is needed for fix a problem. Close the doors on the building and send all the phony ambassadors back to their homeland. Let them handle their own problems without the US Taxpayers footing the bills.

  6. Good. Sanity prevails on this issue from the White House. Red China signed it and have you seen their air pollution?

  7. It shows me just how ignorant and weak world leadership really is. It’s just that simple.

  8. He didn’t sign the Paris climate pact!! OH MY! and it sounds bad until you realize the whole thing is a hoax and a trick to heap big taxes and regulations on smaller companies to destroy them and bring every big business world wide under one global government.
    And then it’s not only a good thing not to sign it but dangerous to sovereignty if you do sign it.
    Big business used to be about controlling millions, then billions and now a hand full of families want to control the vast trillions on the planet and the climate pact is the path they’ve chosen to do it.
    And their public stamp of approval is ‘it’s for the good of the planet’….. of course. And if anyone doesn’t believe them they have paid media hit men to vilify, belittle and threaten.

    • Amen. It is an attempt to concentrate wealth and power into the hands of a few billionaires whose appetite for wealth and power is insatiable.

      • so just keep shoveling the tax breaks up to the 1%….duh

        • The bottom 50% pay no taxes at all but reap most of the government benefits. The billionaires control peanuts compared to the US Government. Destroy the motivation of hard and creative workers and it turns into a race to mediocrity. Check out some of the socialist paradises.

          • quote you-

            “The bottom 50% pay no taxes at all but reap most of the government benefits.”

            No quite-

            “There are also payroll taxes and investment taxes, among others. And, of course, people pay state and local taxes, too.

            Even if the discussion is restricted to federal taxes (for which the statistics are better), a vast majority of households end up paying federal taxes. Congressional Budget Officedata suggests that, at most, about 10 percent of all households pay no net federal taxes. The number 10 is obviously a lot smaller than 47.”

          • Of course I’m aware of that. But I was discussing federal taxes. In my view, if the federal government needs our money, they can go ask our governor for it. 142 trillion dollars in federal liabilities says they’re not good at handling our money.

    • Simply wrong. Go read more before dismissing massive work done on the topic.

        • Lolol..suggest you do not totally dismiss science!!!….try reading more please.

          • What about all the scientists (and there are a lot) who say it’s a lie? I added some links just above.. why can’t you just read it there?

          • Read two of the three…what garbage….you don’t think 1 plus 1 equals 2….,,nope, not in your la la trumpet world.
            Reading a Forbes article now about you giving your super rich friends this massive tax break……we lowly Lefties gonna pay for this folly. But you will have some lame excuse for it. The anti science mentality is remarkable.
            Pollute the river, exhaust the atmosphere, pesticide the edible plants….come on, it’s all about $$$$$……..oh, yes, I will read the third tribute to your non scientist mindset. Shame on you.

          • I’m one of the scientists who has a more nuanced view of climate science. Don’t resort to exaggeration and worst case scenarios—that doesn’t make any sense. Nobody wants to pollute the rivers, etc. Climate science, like all science, is complex and the problem has been the amateurs and politicians who try to take advantage of having a little bit of knowledge. The kicker is that the law of entropy precludes mitigation of climate change. Trying to control the thermodynamics of the atmosphere is like trying to reverse the law of gravity. You’d have a better chance of the latter.

          • Nuanced view??….oh please. Denial ain’t no river in Egypt!!….lolol….you’re assuming there is little or no human effects on pollution…..sorry Mr/Ms Scientist but that is just plain wrong and faithfully naive.
            Yes, of course it is complex. Close relatives and friends do stem cell research!…speaking of complex…..kindly reread the crowd in here. Science does not weigh in. It’s about money. That is all. How ironic some in here talk as though their Trumpet is saving them money….as their taxes will be climbing but the billionaire crowd gets it lowered. What a sad laugh.

        • U R another intellectually lazy person….so just keep shoveling the tax breaks up to the 1%….duh

          • This statement appears in the link you sent and applies to most “evidence” people bring forth who are “climate change deniers”

            “For the purpose of this list, a “scientist” is defined as an individual who has published at least one peer-reviewed research article in the broad field of natural sciences, although not necessarily in a field relevant to climatology”

            So there are a handful of “scientist” (not necessarily climate
            scientists)whose opinion differs from the thousands of climate scientist that say climate change is real and is caused by human activity.

            Good luck with you opinion.I am going with the facts of the scientific community and not belief-

          • It’s really amazing they are even listing actual names of scientists since the UN tried to use thugs to PROSECUTE anyone who doesn’t ‘believe’. Wow.. no that’s not totalitarian 1984 at all….

            From the nas.org

            RINCETON, NJ (January 3, 2011)—S. Fred Singer said in an interview with the National Association of Scholars (NAS) that “the number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now.”

            Singer, a leading scientific skeptic of anthropocentric global
            warming (AGW), is an atmospheric physicist, and founder of the Science
            and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), an organization that began
            challenging the published findings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel
            on Climate Change (IPCC) in the 1990s. SEPP established the Leipzig
            Declaration, a statement of dissent from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that
            has been signed by over one hundred scientists and meteorologists.

            Sure the list will grow when they realize they won’t have their careers ruined and possibly murdered for not going along with the UN lie.

          • Thank you Shafawn! And the pseudo-scientists who are still cranking out the fake warnings are people who get government grants for continuing research, which they would not get if they spoke against the government’s fiction.

          • One little candle of truth disperses a darkness of lies.

          • When Alphonse Gore went out of office, he was claiming that by 2010, New York City and Manhattan would be wallowing in 10 feet of water, the temperature would be over 110 degrees, there would be no ocean front property above water, and on and on. The whole planet was going to be sweltering in deadly temperatures. All the Arctic and Antarctic ice would be gone. I live in South Carolina, and for the last 10 years, we have been setting record low temperatures for a given date, many days each year. It is autumn, and typical temperatures for this time of the year would be lows in the 50’s, highs in the 70’s. For the last several weeks, the low’s have been in the 30’s and 40’s, and the high’s in the 50’s and low 60’s. Where is the sweltering heat?

          • Not sure what this has to do with my exchange with shafawn however I will respond to the first part of your criticism of Al Gore-

            Quote you-

            “When Alphonse Gore went out of office, he was claiming that by 2010, New York City and Manhattan would be wallowing in 10 feet of water, …”

            This was not a prediction without qualification

            “In his 2006 film, Gore warned, “If Greenland broke up and melted or if half of Greenland and half of West Antarctica broke up and melted this is what would happen to the sea level in Florida [animation shown with much of the state underwater].”


    • wow !! You are spinning, spinning out of your mind….

  9. China and India were not going to have to do ANYTHING until 2020 so our paying the freight for the rest of the world is really bizarre. Obama and others want to give this country away because they hate us. Period.

    • And THEN, they were only going to THINK about it; meanwhile the air in many Chinese and Indian cities is LITERALLY unbreathable without masks.

      • Much like Pittsburgh in the 1950s

        • I never went to or through Pittsburgh in the ’50s; but in the late ’70s it was okay. However, I have been to NYC, and Chicago, and Kansas City in those years; some of which were pretty bad, and Denver in the early ’70s was still pretty rough.

          • Gary, Indiana used to be the armpit of the Midwest, due to the stench of steel mills. But for the last few decades, the steel mills have been shut because it is cheaper to buy steel from China and Japan, produced by slave labor. Now Gary is the poverty center of the Midwest.
            And China is the armpit of the orient.

          • I know; I’ve driven through there a few times in the ’70s.

    NATION!!! State sovereignty is the principle of international
    law that each nation-state has sovereignty
    over its territory and domestic affairs, to the exclusion of all external
    powers, on the principle of non-interference in another country’s domestic
    affairs, and that each state (no matter how large or small) is equal in
    international law.

  11. CA said they’re going to stay in the agreement. Okay…….. pony up the billions of dollars Obozo was going to give third world countries.

  12. This is about the USA paying for all the rest. Meanwhile China and India don’t have to own up until 2030. Huh?

    Oh…did you know each country can set its own limits and change them any time it wants?

    Thank God Trump is our President!

  13. Every Earth Day prediction has failed spectacularly.

    None of the ‘Climate Change Environmental Predictions’ of the last 47 years have come true…

    Dang! I hate it when the world ends and I miss it.

    Happens every time, too. EVERY…SINGLE…TIME!

    • Good stewardship of Earth and our resources doesn’t need to be insane or to deprive people of livelihoods in crazy schemes.

  14. AMEN! I just hope and pray that our American leadership does not give in to outside pressure!

  15. I think it’s great – now if we can just stop our CA governor from acting like he swallowed his underwear.

  16. William E. McNamara Jr.

    This whole Paris accord was just one of ex-chairman Obama’s schemes to destroy the United States by strip mining our economy and making US pay for the globalist agenda. Thank God Trump has refused to fall for the lies. MAGA

  17. Only one word to describe this moronic Climate Pact——GOOD for the US, I’m proud!!

  18. FINALLY an honest appraisal of why the US “needs” to be part of that accord! It IS a sham and we don’t need to be part of it!

  19. Currently, and this was published by an engineering team hired by Google, there are no off-the-shelf methods of dealing with climate change, even assuming those climate scientists supporting the current political paradigm are correct about the cause. In fact, few realize that climate science is highly complex, involving many factors and nonlinear and chaotic systems, and not just CO2, but many other gasses that are up to thousands of times as potent. There is no workable plan for any of these gasses. Further the law of entropy precludes our reversing a thermal process in a flask of gas, let alone a planetary atmosphere! Entropy is the killer, and few scientists realize it applies. It took ten years of reading and study for that simple fact to dawn on me. To those scientists still in the dark, get a solution that you think you will work, try it on a small scale, and get back to me. And by the way, my estimates on two different methods run as high as five hundred trillion up front (solar cells replacing all fossil fuel needs), with twenty trillion dollars a year maintenance forever. Current solutions are similar to stacking up trillions in cash and lighting a match to it!

  20. We have been puting in trillions of dollars for this fack schem! Somebody please tell useless Al Gore that God has had climate control in his power!!!!

    • You need spelling help and maybe more! Fake not fack, and scheme not schem! Do you really think a god has anything to do with this????? You need help.

      • Coming from an atheist, this is the kind of reply I would expect. Do you really think man and “science” control the weather? Are you that delusional? When we need someone who wants to be the spelling police and the atheist know-it-all (what a joke) we will rattle your chains.

        • Man and science need to be able to influence the weather or our planet will not be able to support humans. I do not need to be concerned for myself since the serious problems will not happen in my lifetime. It will be future generations that will be in trouble and if you are an idiot like asshole Trump you will not care what happens to future generations. Now that is disgusting.

          • You are the asshole idiot. Man does NOT have anything to do with the weather. Future generations will be in serious trouble only because they listen to snowflakes like you who would prefer to blame President Trump instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. The climate goes in cycles. As has been stated in the Paris climate pact, this farce will have a minute effect on the climate; therefore, I am totally happy that President Trump got out of this and stopped all the money that would be flowing into this joke in an attempt to make the USA a third world country. Nice try demoncrat snowflakes.

          • You are an idiot

          • Trump is a fucking idiot and he is messing with the world’s future. He should be impeached or resign. Then he can go back to. filing bankruptcies, something he apparently does well with all his practice doing that. He is the loser.

          • You would prefer hillary? I reiterate: you are the idiot. Must be tough being so stupid and hypocritical Vernon. I have no hope that you will wake up and realize that obozo, hillary, et al wanted to destroy this country. I love President Trump and support him 100%. MAGA!!!

          • You are clearly out of your mind. Trump could easily end up in prison for his misbehavior. Six bankruptcies and 3 wives. There has to be crimes somewhere. And also his bragging that he could get away with inappropriate touching of women could lead to civil and criminal charges against him as well. He is the LOSER!

          • I do not think you have a working brain in your head. Trump is a terrible President. I hope he gets impeached. The idea that you love asshole Trump is unbelievable. I do hope he gets impeached. His 12 diet cokes a day along with his other unhealthy things he does may kill him anyway.

          • You are incapable of thinking. I reiterate: I love President Trump. He is doing what he was voted into office to do and that is reverse all the anti-American crap that obozo did and to bring our country back to the greatness we enjoyed before obozo was illegally put in office. He is doing what he promised in his campaign (that is a nice change all by itself) and is doing it with all the hatred of the liberal “news” media. This is awesome!! I just wish more so-called republicans would follow his lead.
            Also, the big difference between conservatives and liberal snowflakes: notice that I am not calling names (snowflake I could not resist). The hypocrisy by the left is astounding and you liberals are so stupid you think no one notices. I am done with you. You are hopeless and a hypocritical troll.

          • You need your head examined. Trump should be impeached or resign. He is a terrible President and his history of bragging that he can get away with touching women inappropriately and his SIX bankruptcies and three wives suggest he is seriously compromised mentally. You are free to say what you want about me but your judgment is seriously impaired. The asshole did not even win the popular vote, Hillary won that. He is the worst President in my lifetime and is clearly undeserving of being President.

          • I am tired of your hypocrisy and repeating the same crap. You are too stupid and too ostrich-like to bother with. The only comment I will make is hillary did NOT win the popular vote. Take away the illegals vote and the dead people’s vote and President Trump won the popular vote too. Must be hard being a hypocritical and stupid snowflake.

          • Hillary did win the popular vote, asshole. You may try to eliminate some of her votes but who the fuck are you. The official tally shows her winning the popular vote but losing the electoral vote. Asshole Trump is a minority President as well as a terrible President.

          • Oh sweetie. Now we see I am getting to you. Resorting to name calling and swearing is a sign that you do not have the intelligence to use your brain to try to win an argument. You think cussing and saying things that are not true are going to work. Unfortunately for you, I do know that hillary did not win the popular vote and no amount of name calling on your part will change that. But, you go ahead with your delusion since that is what demoncrats/socialists/communists do best. I will deal with reality and try my darndest to stop you snowflakes from destroying MY country. Have a nice day.

          • Hillary did win the popular vote, getting between 2-3 million more popular votes than idiot Donald Trump. I am confident that fact hurts the ego of grandiose asshole Donald Trump. I have hope that he will be impeached or resign. His popularity has dropped and you can observe his flawed personality everyday.

          • You are an idiot. Hillary did win the popular vote by about two million votes but in our current system each state has so many electoral vote that diminishes the how much each larger state’s votes counts and gives smaller populated states more value for each vote. This electoral vote system was set up so that smaller populated states would sign on to the system. A vote in New York counts less than in a vote in Wyoming. Hillary clinton

          • I am done with you snowflake. Merry Christmas

          • Are you too stubborn to look up the truth? Asshole Trump is a minority President since Hillary won the popular vote by over 2 million votes. Trump is a real asshole and an embarrassment as President.

          • I am done liberal snowflake. I do not have the time to waste on someone who is comprehension challenged. Happy New Year.

          • You are the idiot that does not know the Electoral system that is used to determine who won the Presidency in our country. You should have learned this in high school in a civics class. But you comments sound like you may not be the brightest bulb on the tree. Try getting educated about how our election system works. Even a person with below average intelligence can learn this. You are the delusional one, or maybe just uneducated or maybe dumb. Take your pick, I know in this situation you are ignorant and wrong.

          • Really?!! Where in my post does it say anything about the way the election process is done in this country??!! Talk about stupid!! YOU are the one who claimed hitlery won the popular vote and was trying to claim she won. Sounds to me like YOU have no idea the way the election system was set up. I personally am thankful that the founding fathers realized that something like this (i.e., voter fraud) would happen and set up the electoral college. You snowflakes are the ones who have a problem with it. I am running rings around your stupid azz and you cannot handle it. Go back to your parents basement and try to learn something. Is it a requirement to follow the party line and not think for yourself when you are a liberal? From your posts I would say it is. Of course, it does require some intelligence and the capacity to think to realize how ridiculous you liberals are so I guess it is beyond your capabilities to do any critical thinking. I actually feel sorry for you, you pathetic hypocrite.

          • You are such a fucking idiot and apparently lacking in basic knowledge. I will explain it in simple words and see if you can understand some pretty simple facts. The popular vote is the total votes each candidate gets totally all the votes cast. The electoral vote is determined by the electoral college. This vote is based on the number of votes cast by each state figured on the number of electoral votes each state was assigned, not each person’s vote in the popular vote. This favors smaller states. In this past Presidential election Clinton won the popular vote by over 2 million people, while less people voted for Asshole Trump. I believe in a national election each person vote should count as one vote regardless of which state you live in and the person who gets the most votes is the winner. Hillary got the most votes and she beat asshole Trump. This should never happen again. We should declare that the candidate with the most votes wins the Presidentcy

          • You are the idiot. I totally understand the system. YOU do not understand a basic post. Can you say VOTER FRAUD?!! You believe all you want about the “popular” vote. I believe in the report that said at least a million illegals voted in California. And now the election where Roy Moore lost is being investigated also. You need to learn how to debate without the name calling and the swearing. Just makes you look as stupid as you are. Better to be thought stupid then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Learn how to get your point across without resorting to name calling and swearing. Maybe then you might be taken more seriously. I am probably wasting my time since you do not have the intelligence to read a simple post and respond without getting all hyperbolic over it. Learn that conservatives like to debate; but, do not like name calling and swearing. Just makes me feel like I am wasting my time on a very stupid person.

          • I am confident I am more intelligent than you are and have the education and experience to demonstrate that but you are free to believe anything you want in this tolerant country.

          • I am confident that you are no where near as intelligent as me. But i also believe in the Constitution and believe you can think whatever you want no matter how much it makes no sense or has been proven, numerous times, that it is wrong. That is your right. The problem I have is the name calling and swearing when someone disagrees and or refuses to believe the same way you do. You were probably one of the people that got totally bent out of shape when anyone put down obozo. I will tell you the same things liberals everywhere said about obozo: President Trump is our president. Get over it.

          • I will not get over Asshole Trump being President until he is not still the President. He is clearly unfit to be President for several reasons, including SIX bankruptcies as well as 3 marriages, and bragging he can get away with touching women inappropriately. His work avoidance and time he spends not doing Presidential activities also shows his unfitness to be President.

          • It is not possible to get over it. He is the worst President in my lifetime. Six bankruptcies, 3 wives, brags about how he can get away with touching women inappropriately. This is a criminal not a President. He is not my President and never will be. I of course go on with my life but I hope he gets jail time for some of his outrageous behavior.

          • Now you know how conservatives felt about obozo. We are hoping obama gets jail time for his treasonous actions; but, are not holding our breaths. All anyone can do is hope that this country is not destroyed; but, that is another thing I am finding harder to believe. After all, bernie sanders (an obvious communist since he has stated that fact) was pretty popular with the liberals. It is sad that there are so many people who do not realize what a great country we have. Hopefully, we are not too late to prevent the destruction of this great country.

          • Sanders is a socialist not a communist. Are you too fucking dumb to know the difference? Conservatives say rediculous things. Do you need to go back to elementary school and start over????

          • There ya go with the name calling and the swearing. You do not have to prove you are stupid, I already know that. Do a little research on your own. Sanders is a communist. I am not going to bother with doing it for a person who is too stupid to carry on a conversation without resorting to the name calling and swearing. I am going to flag you and block you. I am done with your attempts to insult and your vulgar language. Grow up and move out of your parents’ basement and get a job. Anyhow, if you knew your history, which obviously you don’t, ever hear of the USSR? The word socialist is in that acronym.

          • Fuck you asshole, he is a socialist. Try understanding reality!

          • I am tired of your lying. Sanders is a socialist. If you are too dumb to know the difference between a socialist and a communist, that is your stupidity and I will not take the time to teach you the difference. Perhaps you are capable of learning the difference in which case you can look it up and actually learn something

          • Sanders calls himself a socialist, not a communist. There is a big difference, perhaps you have enough brains to understand that difference! If not, you are really dumb.

          • It is more likely that asshole Trump will destroy this country than any other person.

          • Feel any way you want, I know my intelligence level and do not need to educate you about that. Obama was a good President and a good man. Trump is a bad President and a disgusting person.

          • Try getting educated so you can learn about the difference between electoral college vote and the popular vote. Hillary got a couple of million votes more than asshole Trump but Trump won the electoral vote.

          • You live in your fantasy world all you want. The whore hitlery won the popular vote because, as usual, the demoncrats, basically, cheated. No wonder the demoncrats are fighting voter ID so much. Would not be able to get all the illegals and dead people to vote if there was voter ID which Florida and a few other states have had for years.

          • You are so full of shit.

          • We can get along fine without an idiot like you.

          • Aaah. Do you need your nightly bottle now? Has mommy changed your diaper and tucked you in? Wah wah wah.

          • You are clearly the sick one with your unwarranted allegiance to idiot Trump. The best President in my lifetime is Obama by a country mile. Carter was the best person to hold the office but he did not have the intelligence and judgment that Obama had. Trump has no judgment or skills or temperament to be President. The best thing he he can do for the country is RESIGN. He can drink his 12 diet cokes a day and touch women inappropriately.

          • You are pathetic. Obozo the best prez?!! Name some things he has done that was good for this country. He has taken over the slot of worse president from jimmy carter! The best president is Ronald Reagan. At the rate that President Trump is going, he will be close to President Reagan if not THE best. The only thing obozo has done, and not very well at all, is tried to make us a third world country. Thank God, he did not succeed. Tried really hard with the Iran deal and the Paris Climate Accord. I was very happy when President Trump pulled us out of that joke. You are one of the reasons that this country is in trouble. You are too stupid to realize how dangerous these communist/socialist people are. You do not realize, and probably never will, what will happen to this great, FREE country if people like obozo get there way. Also, where is the proof that President Trump has “touched women inappropriately? There is plenty of proof about clinton “touching women inappropriately” and did you snowflakes yell for clinton’s resignation?? Your hypocrisy and double standards are ridiculous. Start thinking instead of hiding in your parents’ basement. Troll

          • Trump is making us a third world country. He should not be President, he is not competent to do the job.

          • You are such an idiot. Do you think it might be crazy on your part to think you know more than the scientists that actually study this. I cannot believe someone can be as ignorant as you are!

          • I cannot believe someone can be as narrow minded as you are. Do you think you know more than the scientists that actually study this and say there is no proof that man has any effect on the weather. You are the ignorant idiot.

          • Man is having an impact on weather.

          • Oh yeah. As much as we did when dinosaurs ruled the world.

          • Scientists have studied climate influences and they have found evidence for manmade impact on the weather.

      • We will see when I am in heaven with Jesus and God who needed help and Did not get it! Hell is very hot as all the people that believe in murdering babies and same sex people will find out real soon! Hope you get right with Jesus before its to late! My heart goes out to you! Praying for you!

        • Do not waste your time. I stopped believing that Christian shit over 50 years ago. It was such a relief being out of that crazy, miracle based bullshit. I believe it will die out because the modern world will reject such nonsense.

        • You are so full of shit. Christianity is a religion full of crazy miracles, which means it is nonsense. If you can take seriously virgin birth and coming back to life after being dead for a week this stupid religion is the one for you but that would also make you a fool.

  21. President Trump has made the correct decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Pact. Only the globalists want the American money to continue for their own dishonest intentions. It is necessary that their attempt to steal and not pay in full for their previous bill, with such devious manner and mockery of Trump’s moral values, borderlines on extortion even. This behavior is shocking, disturbing and should be embarrassing for all of the Europeans.

  22. It is great to be ignorant inbred hicks wanting to live in and breath filth so a few people and corporations can make a lot of money off our suffering,

  23. U.S. stay out of Paris agreement—-Thank you President Trump!!!!!!

  24. Denial of a serious issue…ok, suits this crowd well…..I like clean water too…what a lefties I am !!

  25. Thankfully President Trump has put America FIRST instead of paying for other countries…..Trump 2020…

  26. The political left/lib/dem. belief: they can BUY anyone with TAXPAYER $, while keeping millions $ for themselves and remaining/gaining power. Thank you Pres. Trump for actually thinking of U.S.citizens first.

    • Lolol…that’s exactly what your trump is doing!!!……ask Mr Koch!!!!!……he has turkey day costing you 3.6million…..oh well…..Trumpet got ya good.

  27. That so-called deal was costing the USA Millions upon Millions of dollars a year & supporting 98% of the thing . We now have a President with a set , that’s not afraid to go against the rest of the countries.

  28. This Global Warming is such a farce —they know darn well why we are having weather changes. They have known this for about 30yrs. We have harp and then we have Gov. that can do the weather changes themselves and I believe this past summer we saw it in full mood With texas and Harvey —please that was done on purpose. And Puerto Rico. and the other one in Fla. We are not so blind that we can’t see what is going on and why they did it. YOu can bet any kind of money that the Deep State had something to do with also . It was done to bring down our country because we didn’t agree with the Paris BS crap. It was punishment and it was the people that had to deal with it. Why do you think Trump is trying to drain the swamp. Think about it people. If gov. can control the people and keep them down trodden so be it. Well we woke up and we pitched in and helped when it was needed. Well people they are being slowly destroyed. If you read as much as I do and not the MSM. hell they will tell you nothing.!! They want to keep you blind and dumb.!!! Right now they wish they didn’t give us excessto the internet. This is where you get your info —trust me. Get awake and live and out smart them.

  29. After all of the “global warming” information has been proven to be “manipulated and contrived” by the very people and organizations like NOA and NASA that benefit from this massive “scam” Trump, as a logical business man had no choice but to bust the Al Gore created money making scheme wide open. All the other major polluters, like China and India are given all sots of exemptions while the US is blackmailed into paying for everyone else. America is still going to move to control pollution and develop alternative forms of energy but not at the cost of the US economy which the liberals led by Oblowhard worked hard for 8 years to destroy. One questions. If man caused global warming then what caused the last Ice Age to come to an end hundreds of thousands of years ago when the human population was miniscule and there were no major uses of fossil fuel?

  30. The USA would be taking all the hits; this damnable ‘accord’ was designed specifically to make the USA the patsy…just the way the left and the rest of the globalists wanted it. I am so happy that President Trump told them, basically, to go fly a kite. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0e1cd4cd4a5467bb77e43a1ad27c241d048ff1865fd906273ff88f5a187c7e3e.jpg

  31. Great. The only thing signing that scam would produce is more agencies wanting more money from taxpayers and giving more power to globalists. Let the real offenders do something about their pollution, eg India, China, Middle East.

  32. Just another “Cap and Tax” scam to drain resources from others.

  33. Trump is the only president we’ve had in 30 years that knows the value of a dollar out of America’s pocket, and also recognizes the scam for what it is: It is and always has been about money and power. It never was about the planet. The planet will do just fine, and it’s been much warmer than now (AKA as the midieval warm period) as well as MUCH colder (AKA the little ice age) in HISTORIC times. Those pushing the “Climate change” hoax should pray that nobody reads a history book. Bottom line- warmer is better. Just ask the millions who starved or died of exposure during the little ice age in Europe and England.

  34. It appears that Trump is the only one walking away from Jim Jones jungle juice.

  35. President made the right decision on this $$ scam. That ‘s all it is and he read it, and realized it was all about money and the U.S. was giving more than everyone else. NOT RIGHT. I am proud Trump saw the reality of this scam and saved us from giving away $$ to other countries! He knows deals and can spot a scam.!!

  36. I AM proud! Now, we need to kick the UN OUT of our country. Send them packing, & right their wrongs! And, I do NOT want them judging OUR soldiers for ‘disrespect’ to the Islamic cult. If they want to see disrespect, all they have to do is try to arrest ONE of OUR soldiers! Then all you know what is going to break loose in this country.

  37. Carol Juliano Popp

    The truth.

  38. time to let the global morons spend THEIR money on the foolishness of climate change nonsense…the USA is struggling hard to deal with millions of morons right here…just look a how many idiots voted for the bern and the hore clintoney…it is easy to determine their intellectual level by watching the clowns in the streets, especially the ones wearing Giant Vagina costumes accompanied by the boyfriends wearing their cutesy little pink pu$$y hats…or the intellectually challenged students at the socialist institutions of Higher (no stems no seeds that you don’t need Acapulco Gold…..) learning…but the real winners(sic) are the $luts in hollow woody and their hore counterparts in the media…too bad we have so many losers in DC like nance pe$lutsi, chucki schoooooomster and folks like that wizard maxi headwaters….the rest of the world must be experiencing stomach cramps when watching the news from the USA…

  39. Now we would love to see the UN out of our country.

  40. You are idiots and should be ashamed of yourselves. Trump should resign.

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