U.S., Iraqi Forces Close in On ISIS Leader

U.S. and Iraqi forces are preparing for an all-out assault on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, and some officials are saying there is cause to believe that the Islamic State’s leader – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – is somewhere in the city.

From Fox News:

Senior Kurdish official Hoshiyar Zebari said his forces had “solid” intelligence al-Baghdadi was somewhere in the Iraqi city of more than a million people and up to 6,000 ISIS fighters. The ISIS leader is likely with the group’s bomb maker Fawzi Ali Nouimeh, Kurdish officials told Reuters.

Iraqi and American officials appear confident about the upcoming battle. Reuters reported that Zebari was especially optimistic, telling the media that ISIS was “disoriented” and didn’t “know whether to expect attacks from the east or west or north.”

A victory in Mosul is essential, and it would be one of the U.S.’s biggest strikes against the heart of the Islamic State. Iraqi ground forces have been gaining ground for the last 12 months, and ISIS’s once-growing “caliphate” has been cut in half inside Iraq. Iraqi leaders say that clearing Mosul will be the first step towards eliminating ISIS from the country entirely.

So, anyone think it was a coincidence that Hillary Clinton started talking about killing al-Baghdadi a month or two ago? You think Obama might have clued her in on some of this stuff? Psst, Hillary, go ahead and start building Baghdadi into a Bin Laden-type figure. Then, when we kill him in October, boom! We’ll have Trump on the ropes, baby.

Just feels awfully suspicious, doesn’t it? Obama has made terrible progress over the last two years when it comes to fighting ISIS. But here we are, three weeks away from the election, and suddenly he’s got a line on the group’s supreme leader? How transparent can you get?

If U.S. and Iraqi forces can kill Baghdadi and punch a hole in the heart of ISIS in the next couple of weeks, by all means, do it and do it as soon as possible. But if we’re expected to believe that all of this just magically came together on the eve of the election, you’ve got to be kidding. Now we’re left to wonder…how many opportunities did Obama pass up over the last two years?

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