U.S., Iraqi Forces Close in On ISIS Leader

U.S. and Iraqi forces are preparing for an all-out assault on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, and some officials are saying there is cause to believe that the Islamic State’s leader – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – is somewhere in the city.

From Fox News:

Senior Kurdish official Hoshiyar Zebari said his forces had “solid” intelligence al-Baghdadi was somewhere in the Iraqi city of more than a million people and up to 6,000 ISIS fighters. The ISIS leader is likely with the group’s bomb maker Fawzi Ali Nouimeh, Kurdish officials told Reuters.

Iraqi and American officials appear confident about the upcoming battle. Reuters reported that Zebari was especially optimistic, telling the media that ISIS was “disoriented” and didn’t “know whether to expect attacks from the east or west or north.”

A victory in Mosul is essential, and it would be one of the U.S.’s biggest strikes against the heart of the Islamic State. Iraqi ground forces have been gaining ground for the last 12 months, and ISIS’s once-growing “caliphate” has been cut in half inside Iraq. Iraqi leaders say that clearing Mosul will be the first step towards eliminating ISIS from the country entirely.

So, anyone think it was a coincidence that Hillary Clinton started talking about killing al-Baghdadi a month or two ago? You think Obama might have clued her in on some of this stuff? Psst, Hillary, go ahead and start building Baghdadi into a Bin Laden-type figure. Then, when we kill him in October, boom! We’ll have Trump on the ropes, baby.

Just feels awfully suspicious, doesn’t it? Obama has made terrible progress over the last two years when it comes to fighting ISIS. But here we are, three weeks away from the election, and suddenly he’s got a line on the group’s supreme leader? How transparent can you get?

If U.S. and Iraqi forces can kill Baghdadi and punch a hole in the heart of ISIS in the next couple of weeks, by all means, do it and do it as soon as possible. But if we’re expected to believe that all of this just magically came together on the eve of the election, you’ve got to be kidding. Now we’re left to wonder…how many opportunities did Obama pass up over the last two years?

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  1. Does this matter? They have been arresting them and letting them go! So what’s the point?

  2. Obama & Hillary have sold this country out-Big Time. How come so many Americans can be so stupid to support these two, unless they will enjoy losing all of their American rights?

  3. Dear ISIS, Get out of Mosul!…signed, your friends Barak and Ohillary.

  4. Now that the fraud in white house has no legacy with collapsing obamacare scam on WE THE PEOPLE, and given he has accomplished nothing other than destroying America, allowing hundreds of thousands to die at the hands of Assad and Putin, never mind the hundreds of thousands who have died in Iraq due to his pull out of all troops against the best generals advice which he ignored over the past 8 years. Then we have all the cover ups, Fast N’ Furious gun running disaster, IRS being used as attack dogs, Benghazi being blamed on video, VA where thousands of Vets allowed to die and the cover up continues, this fraud should be hung, and his legacy should be one where he is hung for treason, so he is desperate for anything to hang his legacy on, and what is left in last month, Mosul, how pathetic and petty this fraud is, and HiLIARy is no different, if not worse. PERIOD


    • Ok – so how long should we have stayed in IRAQ? How many YEARS does it take to train men to fight? Did it take our men that long to learn how to keep their ground? Don’t think so. We have to say when enough is enough – after all this war is costing us BIG LEAGUE – don’t you think? He ignored nothing, he was only ALLOWED to do what they told him to do. Situations with the VA have been going on for a very long time – just didn’t start with Obama – and NO ONE did anything about it. PERIOD

      • AWWW! But you and the libTURDS swoon over his every word, spewing what a grand utopia he has given us. I wish he was as transparent as he claimed he would be!

        • And how does that address my comments above? It doesn’t – I see you’ve learned from Trump- he doesn’t address the issues or questions either!!! Utopia? Really? Haven’t heard that related to anything with this election process. Think you better look that one up and really think about it.

      • The point is, we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq in the first place, but once we did, and trillions was spent, thousands of lives of soldiers, and to pull out without leaving a small 10K residual force is what created vacuum whereby ISIS has filled it BIG TIME. It would have never happened if this fraud had listened to his generals, but no, he was all about politics, getting re-elected is all he cared about. PERIOD

        As to VA issues, no doubt the government is failing on all fronts, but when people die like in the VA scandal, that is unforgivable. Allowed, are you kidding me, and this is why he is a fraud, a total disgusting coward. And look how many troops we have back in Iraq now, over 50K and spending billions and for what, to clean up the mess he allowed, and only he is to blame. If we had left 10K their would be no ISIS and no threat, never mind having to bail out Iraq once again. PERIOD

      • It would have been less costly in lives and money if we had left a residual force to keep the peace, how long, long enough to expose Maliki as the dictator he wanted to be, him and his 50,000 military ghosts sucking millions out of Iraq economy as a total fraud against people. It is costing more to have to go back in, or haven’t you noticed we have 57000 back in Iraq, verses the 10K recommended residual forces to remain.

        As to allowed, are you kidding, we owned Iraq at that point, and gave it all away. Yes, enough is enough, but who defines enough, the fraud in white house, Maliki when he was in power, or WE THE PEOPLE who should vote out all these corrupt frauds in this administration, never mind the prior one. There is enough blame and poor decisions to go around.

        As to VA, yes, it has been corrupted like every other agency, and again, there is enough blame to go around, but once this corruption and cover up was disclosed, nothing has changed, and that is on the current frauds watch. PATHETIC. PERIOD

    • Here are 400 accomplishments of a President obstructed at every turn. President Obama has served us with grace and dignity. http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments/

  5. Why notify them before hand

    • Simple, the fraud was trying to scare them out of Iraq, just as with the red line he made in Syria and he wimped out, he was hoping to scare Assad out of country, total wimp coward, and to warn before a strike is plain ass stupid. Another example, when ISIS was shipping oil to Turkey in caravans miles long, what did the fraud in white house do, he dropped leaflets to warn drivers, as if drivers were innocent non ISIS terrorists. I have never seen more stupid president in history. PERIOD And HiLIARy is worse, she already said no boots on the ground if she gets elected, talk about a long distance notification, total idiot, and then she discloses at last debate it takes 4 minutes to launch a nuke, glad she let Russia and N. Korea know this top secret information. lol


    • …to get women and children out of harms way.

  6. Oh, ISIS leaders have long left Mozul. Obama, Kerry and Hillary have taken care of that. They announced military plans to attack Mosul weeks ago and time for the ISIS rear guard to dig in and set IEDs and they have let ISIS escape from the noose. And not they are letting ISIS fighters leave Mosul to protect as many civilians as they can, but that means ISIS will reconstitute itself in the near future and begin it terrorism and murdering again…

  7. What does this have to do with President Obama or this election?

    ISIS/ISIL/DAESH started with the Duh-bya administration’s de-Bathification which made every member of Saddam’s administration who had any military or organization ability unemployed. Since those same people were Sunni’s surrounded by Shiites, they and their families needed some source of power to avoid being murdered for revenge. Saddam’s weapon stockpiles were unguarded because Duy-bya did not believe that anyone could do anything without Saddam.

    After expelling the U.S. and hoping that the non-Shiite minorities would just die, the government that Duh-bya put in place decided that they needed to do something. The current push waited for THEM to get their act together. The U.S. could only have advanced the date by overriding that government with an occupying force. Remember that failed when Duh-bya tried it in not one but two countries.

    Let’s get some knowledgeable discussion and not just uninformed conspiracy attacks.

  8. is this the new american offensive ? tell the enemy when and where we will attack ? my dog could figure out to leave the area of attack ! and all the billions we have given to middle east countries. i’ll ask the tough question….WHY ??? why are we even in this area of the world ? we have no economic reason to be there ! we need to stay out of the rest of the worlds problems and start to fix our own. and obama, we want the money back that you gave to these BS countries.

  9. Bs is there man who knows all except how to lie better than the arkanas sugar plum!

  10. Stronghold. What is this bullshit. Just carpet bomb it twice for good measure. Then an incindary bombing the next day to creamate the rotting corpses. Who are these fucking military idiots wasting men and ammo when this strategy is obvious.


    The progress they made in Iraq against ISIS had something to do with timing of the preparations to get Al Baghdadi. You should stop spinning conspiracy theories. Whats the theory? That the American people are so stupid with such a short attention span that if they got Al Bhagdadi 6 months ago, they would forget to give credit to Obama and his Democratic successor? Why would the timing matter?

  12. Here we go again letting the enemy when we are coming after them giving them a chance to run or rig the city with IEDs. Why does this administration continue to let them know we are coming instead of surprising them and taking them out? Like Trump said. Don’t let them know and wipe them out when it is time. Worthless liberals. It’s not that he knows more than the Generals, he wants to eliminate them by surprise.

  13. Hello Obama stole Billions of Dollars from the American people and gave it to Iran who is controlled by ISIS. Hillary and Obama are the cause of ISIS getting so Strong as they both had American Soldiers leave so ISIS took over the Oil Wells and etc. Now Obama and Hillary told ISIS that they were going to Bomb them are they that STUPID? Japan didn’t tell us they were going to Attack Peril Harbor they just did it ! We didn’t tell them we were going to drop the Atom Bombs on them WE DID IT! Remember Obama will do very little to these Muslim Terrorists as he has a 1/2 Brother who is a known Terrorist to Israel. Remember Obama gave Millions to the Muslim Brother Hood that is TERRORIST GROUP! Now this SOB just came back Asia TRASHING the American people! Isn’t that TREASON and being a TRAITOR. Enforcing the law of TREASON requires that we are vigilant in looking for and recognizing those intent on the destruction of the United States, arrest them when we find them, prosecute them, and them punish them as a jury of their peers commands.
    TREASON against American and our Constitution ceases to be a crime once we stop enforcing the crime of TREASON.
    what is a TRATIOR?
    trai·tor [trey-ter]
    1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
    2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country (OBAMA and Hillary)
    Has our Government done anything to either one of them? No they both are Free Spreading their Propaganda Hillary even paid for people to ATTACK Trumps supporters. Obama and Hillary are spreading LIES that Mr. Putin is doing the Hacking and that Mr. Trump and Putin are working together to rig the Election. Hello Hillary should Not EVER be allowed to be President She is a Liar, Murder, Slander, swindler, and SCREWED Bernie out of being in place for President. Bernie’s Wife told Bernie NOT to SUPPORT HER but he did, WHY? A new Home in Vermont paid CASH it is on Public Record, Check! So he to sold America out just like Judas did to Jesus for 30 pieces of SLIVER! Another thing since Obama and Hillary are blaming Mr. Putin he is getting ready for WAR! Obama has made north Korea declare War on the US and Iran is also getting ready! WHY because they all HATE Obama and Hillary. Here’s one more ask any civilian from Haiti what they think about the Clinton’s they stole $2 Billion in 2010 when they were torn up by the Volcano! America CAN’T AFFORD HILLARY SHE HAS TO MUCH EXCESS BAGGAGE and may-be even a WAR! ARRMEGGDON ARE YOU READY??? TO DIE FOR THIS TRAITOR

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      I remember a story about Obama ordering US warplanes to drop leaflets in Arabic, to tell ISIS the EXACT time and place of bombing runs on a bunch of their stolen oil tankers. He said it was to minimize civilian casualties. The Liberals and Shariacrats actually believed that. No it’s because Obama is a lying Muslim traitor who has no intention of doing anything to stop ISIS or any other Muslim terrorist from killing for Allah.

    • Is that true?. Or did you hear it on Fox News?LOL

      Hello nitwit, as part of the Iran deal we, money
      confiscated during the embargo it was always Iran money, we were
      going to have to return it anyway –
      there’s a good chance that the Obama coalition will have defeated Isis ground
      field operations by New Year’s. Doesn’t mean they will not have
      terrorist operations but they will not be able to field large armies
      . Thanks Obama

      the rest of your ranting ranting babble about silly.

  14. U.S.-Iraqi forces? I knew that was coming! U.S. forces in Iraq were supposed to be advisory and rear echelon, now it’s U.S.-Iraqi forces! I knew the moment Obama was activating numbers of U.S. troops in amounts under 500, the next question had to be “how often is this going to be?” That answer remains to be seen. Obama never tells the truth and Hillary is even a worse liar than Obama.

    Face it, the Iraqis are lousy fighters, they’re better at IED’s, that they’ll ever be at direct combat. Our troops went through their best like #%*@!# through a goose! Probably the Sunni Iraqis are superior fighters to the Shiite Iraqis, who are now in power. Saddam Hussein’s choice divisions were entirely Sunni Muslims.

    That’s why Turkey still has some troops in Iraq,(Turks are Sunni) and the Iraqi Shiite leader Maliki wants them gone, he thinks they pose a hope to Iraqi Sunnis who have had their power reduced in favor of the Iraqi Shiite government. But, Turkey is not taking its troops out of Iraq, as if telling the weak Iraqi Shiite government “Try to move us.” There’s a civil was waiting to happen, and our guys are stuck in the midst of it, because Obama decided to pull out all U.S. occupation forces, and now is slipping in U.S. troops to be embedded with Iraqi Shiites, but I doubt with the Kurdish, which are the people worth helping.

    Let’s face it, Arab people are just so tribal, so hateful of each other’s form of Islam, that they’d fight each other in a second. But, if it takes them to be a cohesive force, they will flop unless U.S. troops are embedded with them….and, that is the part I must argue. One would think that by now these people could fight their own battles.
    None of them, are worth an American’s life or lifetime of physical disablement.

  15. Yes, U.S. forces (acting as advisors) along with Iraqi soldiers are closing in on ISIS, but according to Republicans, Obama is doing nothing. Yup, another mis-representation on what is really happening. And, to those of you who are criticizing how this is being handled, I am sure you all went to West Point and the Army War College where you got your armchair expertise. My advice to you as a former military officer and unit commander – SHUT UP!

  16. They are closing in on the Leader of ISIS? Does that mean they are closing in on the Rainbow House? If so it’s about time !!

  17. Mel2107: Do you think Cheney is involved with this??? Come on Mel give us the scoop.

  18. Oh Boy,, Seems how Nov 8th is election day let’s act like everything under control so people vote for Hillary.. Fail again i will not fall for crap

  19. After they kill him for the election propaganda show another enemy leader will pop up for us to chase. On and on and on the war will go no end in sight a nice distraction for us everyday folks like reality tv . BULLSHIT

  20. The best of Iraqi military divisions under Saddam Hussein contained Sunni Muslims entirely. They proved to be better fighters than the Shia Muslims now in Iraqi uniforms. These were the same “brave Iraqi fighters” who dropped their newly supplied U.S. weaponry and ran like a bunch of scared rabbits when they had to meet

    Isis irregulars in combat. They left U.S. “classified” military equipment and fled. Guess who took it for their own and is now in use by ISIS? Iraqis don’t fight well, unless they have very superior numbers and their opposition is weaker that the Shia-Iraqis are.

    These are the “parade ground” Shia fighters with who American embedded instructors have to worry about, and it’ll do them no good! The Shia Iraqis will scatter, run away, no matter if they’re the best equipped fighters in that combat area, they will still flee. The only ones worth their salt are the Kurdish, the Sunni Arabs have been alienated by President Obama to satisfy the Iraqi-Shis government.

  21. It’s obvious that the coalition that Obama has helped put together to defeat Isis in the field is working and working very well. Isis could be defeated in the field by Christmas. Obama did this despite all the obstructionism of the Republican Party. Thanks Obama LOL

  22. Obama making it sound like everything perfect .. Just make himself and criminal Hillary look good

  23. Wow !! They have surrounded the White House

  24. Barack H.Obama has destroyed everything that this country stands for. Is he for killing the radical Muslim army? NO HE IS NOT! They are his family. GGGRRRR! He sits back and laughs when they kill Christians, Jews and Infidels. He isn’t qualified to be the President in 8 years of hell. I didn’t vote for him in both years. If you hate Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence than you are not an American EVER! Wake the hell up! Obama didn’t put his hand on the bible when he became President he put his hand on the kuran! Why are you people so stupid! We need to kill all the military Islamic terrorist. We need to kill them before they want to take over the USA. They want to take over our United States of America! I will never change my Christian faith. All I can say is Obama and Clinton are traitors and they do not put us LEGAL AMERICANS FIRST! I DO NOT WANT MY TAX DOLLARS GOING TO ILLEGAL ALIENS PERIOD! I am totally for drug testing. If they fail they will get no benefits ever.

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