Two Courts Rule Against Trump’s New Travel Order

Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland struck legal blows against President Donald Trump’s revised executive order on travel on Wednesday, putting the administration back on defense as the president raged once again against activism in the court system.

The rulings came on the day – March 16 – that the new executive order was to go into effect. It differed from the first order in several respects; visa holders and green card recipients were exempted, Iraq was missing from the list of barred countries, and there was no special clause allowing Christian refugees to come into the country. But those revisions, aimed at satisfying the court opinions on the first order, were not enough to stave off legal challenges from several blue states.

In Hawaii, Federal District Court Judge Derrick Watson ruled that a “reasonable, objective observer” would see the new executive order as being issued “with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion, in spite of its stated, religiously neutral purpose.”

At a Nashville rally, President Trump angrily denounced the rulings as politically motivated, and he vowed to fight for his travel ban all the way to the Supreme Court.

“This ruling makes us look weak, which by the way we no longer are, believe me,” Trump said.

Frustrated by the court’s unwillingness to bend, even in the wake of specific changes the administration made to the first order, Trump said he was inclined to go back to the original travel ban and defend that one instead.

It was clear from both the Hawaii and Maryland decisions that it wouldn’t have mattered how many changes Trump made to the executive order. Both judges appeared to base much of their opinion off the assumption that these orders were just his “Muslim ban” in disguise. Judge Watson referred specifically to Trump’s December 2015 call for a shutdown to Muslim immigration when rejecting the government’s arguments in court.

That’s why we’re still optimistic about Trump’s ability to ultimately win this case. If you take the court rulings thus far to their logical conclusion, federal judges are essentially saying that because candidate Trump once called for a Muslim immigration ban, he no longer has the authority to limit entry into the U.S. from any Muslim-majority country. That’s absurd. That’s a political argument, not a legal one. It defies logic, it defies U.S. law, and it defies the will of the voters who spoke loudly and clearly in November.


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  1. It is clear that the outcome of these challenges was known in advance, and that these “rulings” are part of the revolution now underway that is intended to depose President Trump and restore his marxist muslim illegal alien predecessor as puppet leader of a Soros-controlled peoples republic. The Hawaii “order” was 50 pages in length but was released one hour after arguments were concluded, so was undoubtedly written in advance. It may have been given to the judge by the law school classmate who appointed him to the bench, as Obongo made an unscheduled trip to Hawaii on the day the case was heard and almost certainly called upon this judge. The plan clearly is to stop any and all actions of the Trump administration with restraining orders written in advance at revolutionary headquarters in Washington, issued by selected Obammunist judges in blue states and backed up by the leftist Ninth Circuit, while the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe stops any and all efforts to replace the murdered Justice Scalia and thus prevents these foreordained rulings from being reversed. The resultant governmental paralysis will create the proper conditions for the violent insurrection that has already been organized by Obola and grand vizier Jarrett and paid for by puppet master Soros. The democrat party was once the party of Andrew Jackson, who defied judicial nullification, and Harry Truman, who also stood up to such political stunts; now that democrats have chosen to embrace Michael Jackson and Truman Capote instead, President Trump should defy this new nullification until Congress can remove these judges or limit their authority.

    • Interesting take, Miles, and for the most part I agree with you. In both these Court rulings as well as the one that preceded it, the judges based their decision on some rather explosive rhetoric as well as intemperate opinions Trump expressed during his campaign. Neither of these decisions will survive the SCOTUS scrutiny when it hits there. Both will be reversed and Trump’s temporary ban will stand, IMHO.

    • My sentiments exactly! What I want to know is how come Obongo gets away with issuing illegal Executive Orders (e.g., on illegal immigration (the “Dream Act,” or DACA)), giving effective amnesty to 4 million illegals (by making them immune to deportation), which was explicitly NOT passed by Congress (as they refused to pass the legislation Obongo wanted). Then a federal judge ruled (correctly) that Obongo had exceeded his authority by effectively changing immigration law, without the consent of Congress, and so Obongo ignores the federal judge, continues to implement his DACA edict anyway, and the stinking leftist media does NOTHING!!! Either a federal judge can countermand the POTUS or they can’t, but the leftist slime wants it both ways, whichever way supports their anti-American agenda! So, the Rule of Law means NOTHING to them!

    • Well stated Mike! In addition:
      October: FISA request. The Obama administration submits a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks. No evidence is found — but the wiretaps continue, ostensibly for national security reasons, Andrew McCarthy at National Review later notes. The Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.

      NOTE: On 31 Oct 2016, Hillary Clinton in a tweet, stated: “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” So she knew about the wiretaps too.

      NOTE: The latest news as of 17 Mar 2017: Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA. He didn’t use the CIA. He didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use Department of Justice. He used GCHQ.
      What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database

      NOTE The latest new as of 18 Mar 2007: Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said Saturday that President Donald Trump’s hinting this week that more information could be forthcoming to support his wiretap claims might be alluding to a surveillance activity allowed under U.S. law known as “incidental collection.”—–Michael Hayden is the guy who lied to congress about the NSA and was later exposed that US Citizens were being spied on without FISA warrants.

      Note: 20 Mar 2017: The FBI Director stated that the above is not true! How thing did they know Gen Flynn talked to the Russian Ambassador? How is that Hillary knew there were so called link between Trump’s Organization to a Russian-based bank which were supposedly inside Trump’s Tower. And what really gets me, the FBI is not going to investigate the leaks of Flynn and the phone call leaks between President Trump the Mexican and Australia presidents, all of which are crimes / felonies.

  2. These are not judges they are anti American terrorists and should be removed from the bench for dereliction of duty which is Protecting Americans

  3. I find it unbelievable that an unelected judge can override the President who was elected by the people.The President has the right to suspend immigration from anywhere at any time for any reason and for as long as he sees fit to do so by the Constitution.This is all political on the part of the Demorats.They want to stopTrump anyway they can and they don’t care if we get attacked or how many Americans may die.Everyone by now knows that Muslims are Terrorists.No other group are attacking all over the world.Just Muslims.That should be enough of a reason too keep them out of our Country.The only reason they come here is to cause trouble,not to assimilate and become Americans but to attack and kill our people.
    I wish President Trump would just override these activist Judges who are legislating from the bench and go full steam ahead with his travel ban.Time is wasting and they keep coming.This must stop before the next attack and murder of more Americans.

  4. These are dark days for America. The rulings by these judges have nothing to do with things that are legally, morally or ethically wrong, and everything to do with trying to undermine anything and everything that President Trump does, or says. I hope President Trump does take this all the way to the supreme Court, and in the meantime, let all these unvetted foreigners that come into the USA go directly to the states that filed these rulings live in. Not wishing bad luck on anyone, but if the unvetted foreigners are coming here to do harm to America and Americans, then shouldn’t it happen to the areas that were in favor of letting them come in, and not to the states that are against them coming in? Shouldn’t those in favor of them coming in have to feed them, clothe them, give them free medical and dental care? Shouldn’t they be the ones to give them jobs, and deny jobs to Americans who need jobs? Shouldn’t they be the states that have to put them in jail or prison,. If they commit a crime? And most importantly, shouldn’t these states be the ones who have family members that become victims if crimes are committed, and not the states that were against them coming here?

    • Of course you are correct in your analogy. The problem however, is in trying to bring President Trump down they are also bringing down everything good about America. Of course that may also be the goal if the primary goal is transforming the US into a communist state. I further do not see them succeeding in either case.

      It is a fact george soros has never made a secret of his desire to stop America from remaining a world power and free nation. He sees America as the only thing standing in the way of the “new world order.” It is also true george soros is at least attempting to reach his goal of bringing down America now and he sees this as his last chance or effort? We know he is the man behind the majority of the funding but it is unlikely he is providing all the moneys needed. Considerable amounts of money disappeared during the eight years of the obama reign of terror. We also know this conspiracy goes much deeper than anyone ever suspected and has not gone away when obama left office. For 240 plus years no president remained in close proximity to the White House after leaving office. It seems obama is the first. There is little doubt that should generate some curiosity as to why. The explanation of keeping the kids in school is an excuse not even a reason.

      barack obama failed at his fundamental transformation while in office however, he now has no cover or the built in protections of the office of the president of the United States of America. That means two things he risks getting caught much easier now and if so could be the first president prosecuted for treasonous acts.

    • ABSOLUTELY! Let them feel the burn.

  5. “…federal judges are essentially saying that because candidate Trump once called for a Muslim immigration ban..” No. It’s because *President* Trump insists on calling it a “Muslim Ban.”

  6. Move the illegals in with these stupid judges and their families and see how they like their own rulings then.

  7. Islam has no place in America! They are the enemy and should be dealt with accordingly! Shame on us for becoming such an UNHOLY nation!

  8. Print the facts – 2 liberal courts rule against President Trump – surprise surprise. The second court in Hawaii ruled hours after Obama made a sudden surprise visit there. There is no known cure for liberal stupidity.

  9. Janicemarieperry

    stands to reason demoncrats are still for all the Anti American agenda that Hillary/Obama tried to ram through this last election — those in office are the remnate of the looser
    bunch – they are hell bent on destroying
    Trump and anything that will bring America
    back after the horrible 8 years they aided and gave carte blanche with blessings to Obama to destroy Our America – they sat and did nothing – and now they are really busy in
    their destruction of what we the people want
    to bring back our Constitutional laws of our
    America – they are as guilty as Obama and the rest of the crooked mess that has taken place these last 8 years on the hill

  10. So Obuma goes to Hawaii and the judge he appointed voted against it and has a 50 page disagreement written up in 1 hr…. Obuma should be locked up for obstruction. It’s ok so when Trump gets HIS supreme Court pick in they can all go to hell

  11. Liberal, socialist courts controlled by Satan. President Trump “STOP PUSSYFOOTING AROUND DECLARE WAR ON THESE EVIL SATAN FILLED MUSLIMS, AS THEY HAVE DONE ON US!”

  12. I’m sorry, but this is absolute BS. These judges, who can’t seem to uphold the U.S. Constitution and keep their personal agendas at home, need to be removed.

    • HOW ?? Good Idea, now who does the public pinch to get started ??

      • I’ve been asking myself the same question. Right now, I have no idea, but I’m going to try to find out. Will let you know what I learn. Would appreciate it if you share anything you learn with me.

        • There was a law passed in 1952 about illegals. It needs to be enforced.

          • That’s not the issue. The issue is, how do you get rid of judges who refuse to enforce the law? It’s not a judges job to legislate their flipping opinion and personal agenda.

  13. Obama is behind all this and Soros is his Financier. Cut the head offf these two snakes and the problem will mysteriously disappear.

  14. Obama had 8 years to “fundamentally” change this country. He nominated judges who had his ideology. He employees a disproportionate number of Muslims. So what’should the surprise that this new administration finds itself swimming in muddy waters. Just keep pushing Donald Trump, we believed you could overcome he failings of the last repulsive and totally felonious administration.

    • One Muslim is one to many ! How many have we allowed in ?? Columbus now has 45,000 and that is up from about 20 thousand in 2011 ,and some places have more ! Deport them all !

      • Ed Columbus is going to have problems. I been studying islam and what theu are up to and its going to get ugly.

        • They already have , We had the Somalian drive into Students at OSU and then get out with a Knife and it would have been worse had it not been a concrest flowere box that stopped him , I have a great Grandson which is a Senior in High school , He was on his way home and got attacked and Robbed , they had a balll bat , They hit him in the head , that was in Sept.he got out of Hosp. in Dec , It hurt my son in law and he got up set and Commited Suicide , makes it very bad on my daughter as she has been a diabetic since she was 10 , she is now 63 and her grandson is staying with her , makes a lot of problems !

  15. A steel cage with a lot of the people dropped in 90 feet of water would change a lot of
    the problems.

  16. The courts do not have the power to block the President’s Travel Order. The administration should simply treat the court’s ruling for what it is – “illegal and worthless”.

  17. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Left-wing judges need to be impeached by their own colleagues who are also in the responsible position of upholding laws in USA. OUR president is making decisions in the hopes of protecting American citizens… while the judges ruling appears to do the opposite and diminish the work of our New President. Bad judgement by a judge in each case and no doubt motivated by the left-wing democrats who promoted them into their positions of power… etc.

  18. I don’t think the judges even read past the words travel ban on President Trumps order. If they did, they would see that he is not banning the people for life, only 90 days. That gives our judicial system (?) time to prepare a vetting that will be legal and comprehensive to these judges that seem to think that a 90 day travel ban is a lifetime ban.

  19. These judges are simply “anti Constitution” judges. They should immediately be fired and disbarred never to adjudicate again!

  20. Federal courts by Constitutional design were meant to be the weakest of the three branches of government. Judges since the beginning have railked against this and “legislated” from the bench, usurping the States and Congress.In reality President Truymp should do the obverse, let all immigrants into our country who have legally filed, upon their arrival into America immediately take them into PROTECTIVE custody and VET them in a high security SCREENING facility over the course of minimum 6-8 months before they are allowed to place on foot on American Soil. Let the courts litigate against this order,stall it for 4 years in the court system.

  21. Time to go to the Supremes and get this crap straightened out. Should make these out of control judges look silly.

  22. So lets dump them all in Hawaii until they can actually be properly vetted. I’m sure the judge won’t mind at all.

  23. It really hits home when a federal judge can over rule the president of the USA and Trump has his legal team which is much more qualified already clearing the ruling as legal…We have a dark cloud over America right now and it is festered by the big losers ,, Wimps who will not let OUR president do his job for all Americans

  24. Get rid of the Liberal judges and their total inability to grasp necessary security measures in the U.S. and you’ll pass this Order with flying colors!

    Some lame liberal judge doesn’t understand or perhaps they are becoming feeble minded when it comes to securing our country!! So American CITIZENS are safe from some lunatic muslim terrorism bent on killing as many Americans as possible! Because some radical muslim jihadist in Saudi Arabia has beaten that idea into the visiting muslim youth’s pee brains, young muslim men try to kill Americans daily.

    Much that happens does not see the news because Americans would then really see the dangers of allowing more muslims into our country. The radical Left does NOT want a highly informed American public because that would destroy their Globalist agenda.

    It will be the stupid and arrogant who will perish first because they don’t know how to recognize the enemy. This islamic enemy is a smooth talking manipulator or a radical angry manipulator — either way they ALL have the same objective — TO KILL AS MANY AMERICANS AS POSSIBLE!

    UNFORTUNATELY FOR THOSE RADICAL ISLAMIST, several fast balistic missiles would end their entire countries. How very foolish of them to play their games with Americans! It will not end well for the Middle Eastern terrorists whether they try to sneak into our country or not. They are “marked” men and their number is that of the beast, 666.

    Those two foolish judges will eventually see their error or perhaps it will take the loss of a beloved family member by the hands of a raging muslim terrorist to show them. Whatever the cost, it will involve human life – American human life – unless all muslims are destroyed and definitely not allowed into our Country.

    President Trump is only doing the American people’s will — that means ALL AMERICANS. Maryland and Hawaii needs to back off and shut up. Because those judges DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL AMERICANS! WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEIR AUTHORITY NOR DO WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THEIR RETARDED ACTIONS.

    SHUT UP AND BACK OFF HAWAII AND MARYLAND JUDGES. YOU NO LONGER HOLD ANY POWER NOR HONOR IN OUR COUNTRY! Your acts are treasonistic. You are dismissed from the bench to never return. Despicable and extremely disappointing!

  25. President Trump is stronger and more dedicated to making America strong again, no matter what two Leftist judges try to do. He will sweep them under the rug and go forward with establishing a stronger country, less all the illegals and terrorist cultures that try to destroy our good people and country!

    Anyone, including those 2 judges, not willing to support Pres. TRUMP’S actions is free to leave and live in another country. Your actions have hurt enough Americans already and we are DONE WITH YOU…PERIOD!

    We Patriotic God loving Americans do NOT want you here. There’s the door. Don’t let it smack you on the butt on the way out! Good riddence to bad rubbish!

  26. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    President Donald Trump, the ELECTED one, is doing what the Muslim ARAB Hussein Obama failed to do, KEEPING AMERICA SAFE. Anybody denying him to do the job people elected him to do is collaborating with our common enemy, ISLAMISTs of the world, radical and/or moderate, who have declared war on the West, especially the United States of America. Therefor Islam is considered to be our common enemy. Islam is not a religion. For nearly two millennia it has been an ideology, a tool of conquest. When Nazism was on the rise the Courts of Germany collaborated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party turning Germany into the dictatorship that brought great suffering and pain, not only to the German people, but to the world, at the cost of tens millions of lives and immense collateral damage. The American courts’ collaborating with Islam will bring great pain and suffering to the American people AND the world. History has it that religion is only as peaceful as its religious leaders are. Islam is an ideology whose religious leaders have used as a tool to induce war not only on non-Islamists but on their own. During WWII America knew her enemies, the peoples and the countries. Today America knows her common enemy, Islam and the Arabs, but with no specific country.

  27. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    President Donald Trump, the ELECTED one, is doing what the Muslim ARAB Hussein Obama failed to do, KEEPING AMERICA SAFE. Anybody denying him to do the job people elected him to do is collaborating with our common enemy, ISLAMISTs of the world, radical and/or moderate, who have declared war on the West, especially the United States of America. Therefor Islam is considered to be our common enemy. Islam is not a religion. For nearly two millennia it has been an ideology, a tool of conquest. When Nazism was on the rise the Courts of Germany collaborated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party turning Germany into the dictatorship that brought great suffering and pain, not only to the German people, but to the world, at the cost of tens millions of lives and immense collateral damage. The American courts’ collaborating with Islam will bring great pain and suffering to the American people AND the world. History has it that religion is only as peaceful as its religious leaders are. Islam is an ideology whose religious leaders have used as a tool to induce war not only on non-Islamists but on their own. During WWII America knew her enemies, the peoples and the countries. Today America knows her common enemy, Islam and the Arabs, but with no specific country.

  28. Obama had an 8 Year honey moon as President and he was an illegal ,, They are out to hurt President Trump from day one , He is not one of George Soros click !

  29. George E. LeFebvre


  30. Dennis B Anderson

    Poor Trump hes no lawyer, and no one is giving the man any help. Our government has gotten that far out of control. Theres treason going on here and the death penalty should be innacted before Obama & Hillarys fake government cant get away without paying with their lives. Trump could put out one of those fiat bills out like Oblowme. He doesnt need any approval as long as he stays within the confines of our constitution. I would fire someone for the mis information Trump has been given. I heard Trump is going to take both judges to court. After this I would hope they get shut down. People cant yet understand Obama was changing the face of america right in front of you. This was arrogance maybe Trump can suggest that the judges know that haoles need to see Obamas sealed records? Next question is why was he given special privileges that he not have to share that information with the citizens of the USA before being concidered a candidate for the presidency? Are the pieces coming together for some of you out there?
    This was a government take over not a party from the get go. Thrump hasnt been in office some 60 days yet and the democrats are wanting results. Compared to the last 8 years one would agree this is not rational thinking. To want so little of your partys choice, and demand so much from the political opposition. It stinks and it shows! Its a close second in a time warp?? Its 1931 Berlin, Germany again.

  31. It is obvious that these judges do not hold their country very high in their estimation, saying that our president cannot say who comes in and who doesn’t. In the first place, the lifeboat is overloaded and sinking, we cannot accept any more foreigners. Secondly, the people whom these judges are directing their ill-advised decisions are NOT people we want in our country! Far too many Americans have been hurt or killed by these so-called ‘refugees,’ and we cannot allow any more to come. Third, the judges are showing their anti-American ideals, have displayed ideals that would rank highly among the communist/marxist groups, and would gladly shove their fellow Americans into slavery just to make themselves look good! It is time for these judges and others like them to ‘fish or cut bait’ and to decide if they want to be Americans or something else!

  32. liberals are in lock step to keep the Republican elected government form carrying out their goal of fixing the country.
    The two judges need to be removed for incompetence by Congress along with the 9th Circus Court.

  33. Both judges were wrong!

  34. There is a Bible verse that I would like to share with you. Maybe we should do this for President Trump and our country. Ephesian 6:10-13 “Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from His mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with principalities, with powers, with world rulers of the present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and having done everything, to hold your ground.”
    “In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”
    With all the flaming arrows thrown at us daily, we need God’s shield constantly! Continue to pray for our people and country!
    • •

  35. None of this “TRIPE” will survive the SCOTUS when or if the GOP grows some “Stones” and do their job to help the newly Elected President of the USA to do the things that need be done. We can’t keep sending our military into battles with their hands tied behind their backs, and the enemy has nothing more on their minds except “Death to America, All of them”! And, that “All” means just what it says.

  36. Scum of the swamp and should be immediately removed and punished for endangerment to the country.

  37. If the President Congress and the House pass a law or bill where does the court get the power to over turn that law or bill? I think we need to stop illegal aliens and people that there visa’s have expired from staying here or coming here. We need to stop people from those Country’s that hate us from coming here.

  38. All that is necessary for evil to exist is for a few good men to do nothing. Mr. Obama was a man but not one of the few good men and most of the judges he appointed fall in line with him.

  39. As I understand it, the president has every right to issue travel bans. This power was given to him some years ago, by law I think. So now these judges are ignoring the law. If this is true, can these judges be removed for not obeying the law?

  40. yeah as someone said let us dump all these people coming in that judge’s lap in hawaii and let them deal with them all . And all the left that hates this new administration look out your time to get kicked is coming . and the 44th pres dumb ass !

  41. Man – it’s time to Investigate – Impeach – disbar – return these harvard ho’s back to the real world away from obozo and his flying monkeys…..

  42. The decisions were planned – orchestrated and continue as part of the “dump trump” plan….

  43. William Hutchinson

    I agree with the below comments of several of you wrote but until we replace the judges and break up the 9th Circuit Court we are lost. we need to clean up Washington by replacing leaders at the FBI CIA AND NSA.

  44. anthony j. manzo

    Fire these egotistical IDIOTS. I read where the one in Hawaii is taking orders from obama.

  45. Make Note of these names:
    Hawaii, Federal District Court Judge “Derrick Watson” “Traitor”
    Maryland U.S. District Judge “Theodore D. Chuang” “Traitor”
    Aiding & Abetting the Enemy !!!!

  46. No dam court should overrule the President when it comes to national security it’s up to Congress to do that.

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