Turn the Page: Education Secretary Says Common Core is “Dead”

At an American Enterprise Institute conference this week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, long known as a champion for school choice, vouchers, and other initiatives that piss off left-leaning teachers unions, said that Common Core was effectively finished at her department.

In a wide-ranging speech, DeVos said that it was crucial to learn the lessons of both the Obama and the Bush administrations to see what was and wasn’t working in the public education sector. While she praised both Republicans and Democrats for their “valiant efforts to improve education,” she lamented that “federal education reform efforts have not worked as hoped.”

“That’s not a point I make lightly or joyfully,” she said. “Yes, there have been some minor improvements in a few areas. But we’re far from where we need to be.”

DeVos said that while she wasn’t interested in maligning anyone or questioning their motives, she did have some questions about how it had all gone so terribly wrong.

“Why,” she asked, “after all the good intentions, the worthwhile goals, the wealth of expertise mustered, and the billions and billions of dollars spent, are students still unprepared?”

To that end, DeVos said, she was willing to criticize both the No Child Left Behind Program and Common Core as initiatives that had failed to live up to their preposterous billing.

“I agree — and have always agreed — with President Trump on this: ‘Common Core is a disaster,’” she said. “And at the U.S. Department of Education, Common Core is dead.”

But DeVos made it clear that Common Core was not a problem by way of its construction but rather by way of its provenance. And in this, she said, it had much in common with previous versions of federal education reform.

“Perhaps the lesson lies not in what made the approaches different, but in what made them the same: the federal government,” she said. “Both approaches had the same Washington ‘experts’ telling educators how to behave.”

If you could boil DeVos’s educational ideology down to its core elements, it would involve giving power back to local schools, teachers, and, ultimately, the parents themselves. “Getting the feds out” isn’t a cure-all for what ails our public schools, but we’re so far overbalanced towards Washington centralism that we desperately need a good dose of DeVos’s anti-federal approach.

Hell, at this point, we just need a different approach, period. Thankfully, Betsy DeVos isn’t afraid to take one.

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  1. Betsy,

    You are going to have to kill common core as if it were a snake. Do not stop whacking until you don’t see any movement, and then wack it some more.

    In the mean time, home school

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        Then downvote for fun.

      • If this were true, everybody would be doing it. I did QC as a contractor for Google, and the most you can earn is about $200 per week, and that’s if you bust your butt.

    • Some folk can’t home school because they have to both work to survive.
      However, they COULD get connected with the school and teachers! Parents are doing their children a disservice in not being actively involved in their children’s education.

      • Several families could get together to homeschool. Not everyone works days, and it can work. Even grandparents can be helpful. Think outwit the box.

        • Point taken!

          • Lynda Wheeler Dabson

            Parents come home eventually and homework time SHOULD replace digital device time. There is the weekends, between loads of laundry, etc. If parents want to participate, they will fit it in. Most do not. Unfortunately, a lot see it as the school’s responsibility.
            HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that schools can’t …but they NEED to get rid of the idea that they are the social directors of all kids. Get RID of the counselors, get RID of the advisers, the career planners, the college hustlers and the party planners.
            TEACH academics only!!! Let the parents do the rest and LET peer pressure create the motivations for parents to be involved. Socialization comes naturally because we are social beings, we DON’T need government engineering, crying over shooting from other states, elementary kids voting for the US President in their classroom. Let kids BE kids. Let them develop themselves first, mature, grow up and put away their toys before they have to carry the wait of charity and community on their shoulders.

          • *Independent-Free-Thinker*

            Hello Mary. You’re being ‘followed’ on DISQUS by a scum named “Topher Smith” (a very nasty extreme leftist homosexual). I suggest you X him off your list of followers. He was banned (in prior accounts) several times by DISQUS. He gathers info on people to dox them to employers, families etc (or threatens to if they don’t pay him).

            You might consider using the privacy option on your DISQUS profile (for a while). X-ing him as a follower won’t stop him manually following your comments page (it only takes you off his automatic list). Your decision of course. Have a great day!

        • Mary Lou Matheson

          I am a certified teacher and when my daughter was in second grade I saw her skills going downhill even though her grades were all A’s. I took her out of public school and with another family of four we home schooled together at my home. It was marvelous and all the children excelled. It does take alot of work and sacrifice but well worth it.

          • Excellent. Working with other parents can be essential to getting a better education outside the public school system and cheaper than private schools. It is time consuming but worth it.

      • Agreed,
        If we could get just 10% to work on fixing the school system, it could be turned around.

        I think it is foolish to think that our public schools are anything more than an indoctrination center right now.

        • The only thing wrong with the public school system is that it is so underfunded that class sizes make discipline the main focus instead of instruction. There should never be more than 20 students in any classroom at any level, yet class sizes of 30 or 40 students are common. One kid I tutor is in a government class with 75 students. No wonder people are so ignorant when it comes to their own government, making them incapable of self-government, like you, who prefer a dictator.

          • Jim Dandy: I didn’t see anything in MAHB001’s comment that indicated he/she preferred a dictator. Class size is only one aspect. The other is putting kids of varying abilities in the same class, so the underachievers drag down the rest of the class. Doesn’t that make sense? The problem is determining which kids are the underachievers without “discriminating” (actual another word for judging) against certain groups just because of their superficial attributes (girls, skin color, country of origin, ability to speak English, etc.). The real answer is school choice. If the public schools are so good, then parents will vote with their vouchers to send their children there. If not, then the administrators will see competition as a spur to improve. Works in the free market, why not in education?

          • bvaughn69@comcast.net

            I think Jim is union teacher

          • Probably just a Lieberal.

          • I agree……students should be divided by their aptitude and skill level and not by race, gender or any other consideration. Everyone learns in different ways and in their own time

          • That is the problem with the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” stupidity!! Not very kid is going to become a CEO, Lawyer, or doctor. Get that damn idea out of every one’s brain.

          • School choice is a must.

          • Merida A McKnight

            Think back to the one room school house! There were students from every age group in there, some of the older ones helped the smaller ones and All got an excellent education the same way with the homes schooled kids of today! I know because I homeschooled my kids!

          • Amen…..

          • UNDERFUNDED?????

            What planet are you from?? We spend about $100,000 to put
            a kid through our ” free”school systems. More money has failed.
            Something else is wrong.

          • We, as in the US taxpayers, pay more per student to educate then any other western nation. And we are at the bottom of the barrel despite all that. Between the teacher’s unions and government involvement, thank Jimmy Carter, our kids don’t learn how to read, write or do math, but they are taught it’s ok to be gay, transgender or whatever, and Christianity is bad but embrace islam. That’s only touching the surface of the problem.

          • Paul Harvey, in one of his messages, touched on part of what
            is wrong. When “Johnny” came home with an “A”in english, his
            parents went to the PTA meeting, and asked how Johnny got an
            “A” when he couldn’t read, write or spell. The english teacher
            replied ” Oh that don’t matter none”. Satire but true.

          • It actually goes back to LBJ in the mid-60’s with his “Great Society” and efforts to centralize education and socialist programs. I know…..I was there.

          • It is always democrats in their quest for a totalitarian government run by them. But Carter is responsible for federalizing education as it was his administration that founded the department of education. LBJ was the beginning

          • Guess again Marvin, I was in high school in 1963 – 65 and saw LBJ’s socialist movement, which was part of his “Great Society” movement and the “War on Poverty”, first hand and remember the community debates about the Federal government and tax dollars getting involved in public education. Many parents were opposed to it because they were afraid that there would be strings attached to those dollars…..and years later they completely control it and have destroyed it for political purposes.

          • Does COMMON CORE and NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND mean anything?

          • 20 kids per class is an irrelevant pipe dream.
            I went to school in Commiefornia more than 60 years ago. A class of 35 students was small class.
            I got a good education, unlike my kids.

          • I’m with you and that was before LBJ got his hands on public education and corrupted it with Federal tax dollars. We were taught not only the basics of education but personal responsibility, respect for authority and our country. Our country has gone to hell over the last 50-60 years…..

          • Right and there was NO common core and ‘No Child Left Behind” stupidity either as teachers usually could identify those kids had the ability and who didn’t.

          • Under funded? You must be high! The cost of public education has skyrocketed over the last 50 years because of the lure of Federal tax dollars in the mid-60’s with LBJ’s “Great Society” programs intended to centralize education and social programs in DC. The Federal government has turned our education systems in to a corporate businesses. Discipline has NOTHING to do with class size but with the breakdown of the family unit, community morals, values and respect for authority over the past 50 years. Teachers are not responsible for the behavior of the students who are coming from dysfunctional families. I attended a Ford Foundation private/public high school and we consistently had 25 to 35 students in each class….we had even more in auditorium classes and there were few disruption in class and if there were the students were sent to the deans office were they were introduced to the “board of education”. It is called DISCIPLINE……and that is what is lacking today. The students are coming out of school unprepared today because the schools have gotten away from teaching the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic,science, history and most of all personal responsibility and respect…..The leftist educators have intentionally removed basic civics and government courses and have altered American history to fit the leftist political agenda, so that the students are uninformed as to how our representative Republic and the Constitution function. Money does not cure all of the evils of corrupt intentions. You wouldn’t know a dictator if you fell over one and apparently have been taught in one of our indoctrination facilities…..better known as a failing public school.

          • Return proper discipline back to the schools and the damn psychologists can just shut the fuck up about hurting the child’s ‘delicate” self esteem! Bring back responsibility for one’s OWN actions.

          • Jim,

            That has been the excuse since the Dept of Education was started. Not enough Money….

            Here in CA every tax that is passed is for the children, and we stand about 49th out of the 57 states 🙂 in testing scores…

            What you say is total BS.

          • Well per capita America isn’t really spending like its peers on education.
            Bigger government not required – just better organization.

          • Considering the source, your comment is not credible. No sources.

          • Just Google “per capita, who pays most for school education”.
            You’re the liar, not ! When do you ever tell the truth?

          • Give us all a break. Underfunded, check out some of the bonds for different school districts throughout the US. Pure waste of taxpayer money and for what.

        • That’s because of the lousy teacher’s unions, which are doing education no good!

      • You’re right that parents need to get involved, but that doesn’t qualify them to be teachers. They should connect with schools and teachers, too, but the real teachers don’t have time—nor are they paid—to educate the parents, as well as the kids.

        • I disagree,

          From the beginning of time, It is the job of the parents to provide food, shelter, and education to their children. To prepare them for their life on earth.

          I think it is a huge mistake for the parents to hand off the education of their precious loved ones to the current public school system.

      • Mary Lou Matheson

        I tried to get involved many years ago and I was more or less told to butt out!

        • Then you should have “more or less” let the school that you would NOT butt out.
          If you think there is a problem with a teacher, ask to have your child transferred to another classroom.
          I once sat in a grumpy ole teacher’s classroom for an hour to understand why she reported behavior problems with my son. She had no control of the class and did very little teaching. The students were running the classroom! And, my son was a part of that chaos! 🙁
          I had a “serious” discussion with my son; I also requested a transfer for him. No more problems!
          The education of your precious child or children is just too important, so be very pushy if you must!
          BYW, I am a retired teacher and know how much power a determined parent can wield.
          So, just take the bull by the horns!!!

      • There are a lot of ways to get your kid out of the indoctrination of the public school system.

    • Common Core, is alive and well in South Carolina. Because our so called Republican Politicians are really Democrats in Drag!

      • Sorry you have grahamnesty, that is who you were referencing right.

      • Common Core isn’t going away, and all de Vos has done is to make the Department of Education irrelevant. We have a highly mobile society, and Common Core ensures that kids who move can transition into their new schools without students becoming bored because their old school was ahead of the new one, or lost because the new school is ahead of the old one. It only makes sense for the good of the kids, and it’s a shame that Betsy makes a political football out of it.

        • Merida A McKnight

          Hog wash!!!!

        • Common core is nothing more than a way to standardize the indoctrination process. The feds have dumbed down public education so drastically that to send a child to public school should be a felony. I know several former teachers who have left the system because they were not allowed to actually teach to the level that students should at in a given grade. They also weren’t allowed to maintain control of their classrooms; the students were in control and out of control.

          I taught electronics for eight years at the technical college level from 1980-88 and I can honestly say that the students we had back then actually comprehended what was being taught. I tried to teach some basics to my nephews friends around five years ago and they couldn’t grasp even the simplest principles.

          So don’t p!$$ on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

          • Oh yes, today the children are in control of the classroom and teacher. The children know that they can say and do whatever they please and they’re not stopped. They can leave the room when they want, refuse to do the work, yell and scream and disrupt the rest of the children’s learning without a consequence. If they haven’t come up to their required grade level, they’re just moved on to the next grade. Teachers are so tired and feel helpless that many don’t try to bring up a child who wants to learn but is behind because the previous teacher didn’t do anything about it. Our entire education system and curriculum is a disaster – I believe this was created so that people don’t want to be teachers and the socialist/communists can bring in their teachers and they will take complete control over our children (I think it’s a great possibility).

          • It is called a lack of DISCIPLINE……which is now against the law.

          • Yes Sir! In our day, if you crossed the line and depending on the severity of your infraction against the rules, you were sent to the principal’s office and got a paddling.
            Then depending on your family situation, you got it again when you got home.

          • I’m not preaching but there is much to be said for the biblical adage……”spare the rod, spoil the child”. We have MILLIONS of spoiled children and adults today……

          • Those were the “good old ” days.Weren’t they.

          • Yes they were.

          • I know all about that I took some notes home and got by butt set on fire.

          • Agreed…..the Federal government has destroyed our public school systems and failed to teach even basic personal responsibility and respect for authority, let alone educate them.

          • I am 60 and my parents and grand parents told me when they went to (public) school they had a debating class under the Civics curriculum. Can you even imagine a such class being taught in today’s educational environment?

            Not with today’s liberal selective interpretation of the First Amendment.

          • They would not let conservatives enter the debate these days.

          • Amen…..I am 70 and graduated in 1966 and we had extensive civics, government and American history classes as well as one that discussed the comparison between a Constitutional Republic and Communism. We came out of school reasonably well informed……the left started taking over education in the mid to late sixties.

          • George, I understand about teaching kids critical thinking, but I don’t necessarily think it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach personal responsibility. I w as always led to believe that that is part of the parenting responsibilities. Just sayin’. Although I realize that part of parenting seems to have or is being ignored at home no-a-days.

          • But a teacher can enforce discipline in the classroom that teaches the student acceptable public behavior and personal responsibility in the community. Discipline should start at home and is not, BUT a teacher can impose their authority in the classroom and schools. They need to teach the students that there are negative consequences for the negative behavior and actions.

          • Well you have to look at the people that keeps these assholes in office these people are none to bright them self.

          • Well, their holy grail of “equality” has been achieved! All
            are equally ignorant. Not stupid, but deprived of the
            educations we paid for. They would be better off if their
            education funds had been placed in a 401 and turned
            over to them at age 18,(if no criminal record or drug use)’
            At least they would start life with about $150,000, and they
            could educate themselves better in an on-line school.

          • EXCELLENT reply to jim dandy (small letters for a reason).

        • Jim, I was a teacher, and a good one, and I’m telling you that Common Core is BS, and it’s no good!

          • God Bless you… Keep sounding the alarm.

          • jim pandy dandy needs to be block the dude is an asshole commie.

          • Mary Lou Matheson

            I was a teacher too and I totally agree.

          • I was a teacher, too—Teacher of the Year, twice. Maybe you’d like to explain how Common Core is “BS.”

          • She could explain but I don’t think that you understand how “CRAPPY” it really is even though you are suppose to be a “teacher” (small letters on purpose”. I’am sure glad my sons and daughters did not have a “teacher”like you!!

          • What did you teach? Some liberal BS class? Kindergarten maybe? Definitely not something based in a hard science or mathematics because your logic and reasoning skills don’t exist.

            I taught electronics theory for eight years and did training analysis and curriculum development for another six years. Then I went back to school to get a business degree because I was sick of the way we were having to simplify everything to accommodate the students in the pipeline who had learned no critical thinking and reasoning skills in public school.

            Thankfully I am retired (twice) now and don’t have to deal firsthand with the fiasco. However we all have to deal with in a secondary or tertiary manner. The people who have been allowed to “graduate” from the public schools, and sadly most colleges, in the past 30 years are ill equipped to deal with the harsh realities of the world. That is why so many of them never left home and live in their parents basements. And sadly they are the ones who will be responsible for the world after we are gone.

            They can’t even deal with small events because they can’t think. They have been taught that their “feelings” are more important than a rational approach to a given problem, hence they are handcuffed by their indoctrination and most will never escape.

          • Taz you are so right old jim pandy dandy is your useful IDIOT for the democrat communist party.

          • jim pandy dandy is a liberal he does not know how to teach.

        • One of the reasons they developed Common Core is to confuse the children so that they eventually refuse it and their desire to learn is destroyed, and they are taught to think illogically. I see it over and over again. It’s pure garbage. Let’s get back to basics and allow children to internalize what’s being taught, get rid of all the so-called “strategies” that confuse them, and give them one of the old-fashioned easy one, one that makes sense (two plus two equals four, not learning the doubles, i.e., two of the same number equals ____ and then either add or subtract the rest to come up with the answer. What garbage for a second grader! Or, each week is introduced a new word for a math operation, and they haven’t even remembered the previous one. These little ones are so confused and it leaves them feeling inept. I can just barely tolerate this idiocy being imposed upon our children.) I’m thrilled it’s dead in Department of Education and it will soon trickle on down in every state. Yay!

        • It is a political football Jim Dandy and has been since the mid-60’s when LBJ Federalized our public schools with the lure of Federal tax dollars in an effort to centralize education and socialist programs under his “Great Society” plans. Under federalization education and our public schools and universities have been turned in to political indoctrination centers that do very little real teaching of the basics.

        • Common Core ensures your children are indoctrinated into a socialist society…

          It controls the curriculum in all schools by controlling the testing. And by controlling the testing it makes sure the little ones get just the right amount of indoctrination and can answer the Socialist questions in a uniform way.

          Not much more.

        • Here comes this guy, again telling you that he is the authority on everything. That is, the authority on everything leftist, democRAT, and ridiculous.
          But he’s right about kids not feeling left out or being bored when changing schools. As long as the standards are set for the absolute dumbest, they will know what to expect.

        • The only thing Common core is good for is indoctrination not Education! People open your eyes. The real people of America need to read Thomas Paine’s book “Common Sense”.

        • Common Core is as big a disaster as Obamacare was.

        • That may have been the intend, but that is not the reality. My credentials: teacher for 25 years, Ed.D.

        • Common Core is no good for are kids and you are no good as a teacher and teacher should never be aloud in a union they suck like you.

      • The liberals like Common Core, so you know that it’s no good!

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      • Might be alive but not well.

    • And kill the teachers!

    • A better suggestion .. in your snake analogy of killing Common Core, where I come from the best and only way to kill a snake is to cut off the head. Wherever the head goes, the body follows. You cut off the head the body dies.

      It’s undeniably clear between GWB > No Child Left Behind and Obama > Common Core, the Grand Plan was to suppress the the learning achievements of Americas best and brightest students. Especially in the eyes of the progressive leftwing, it was unfair to see any child (white, black, yellow, red … it didn’t matter) struggle or even experience failure.

      It was unilaterally decided rather than let American education excel and compete on a global level, America will “Dumb Down” our curriculum’s at every level so that every student “Gets a Prize or Award” for excellence.

      This is utterly Rubbish! Under this failure of a plan, there is absolutely no incentive what-so-ever for the inquisitive, curious and studious student(s) to put forth an effort. Especially knowing that those who are educationally challenged or just plain lazy will be awarded the same level of achievement.

      • Agreed,

        I believe that Socialists/Communists have secretively poisoned the public school curriculum with the type of indoctrination that Lenin was talking about when he said.

        “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

        At the end of the day, the enemy is within the education system and as you suspect, probably in the head. Betsy DeVos has severed the head. Now it is up to good God fearing individuals within the system with the morals and fortitude to recognize and fix the system from the inside.

        I pray for them, because this is really important.

        Note that Mrpoo will post an insult then a denial as a rebuttal, which only means that I am correct.

        • Thanks for your reply MAHB!

          I see by your Lenin citation you seem to appreciate history. Sadly, some parts of our history are repeating themselves.

          I see there are a few opposite minded posters on this board. (you have the agitators and trolls on every blog board)

          But for the most part (and special kudos to our teachers who are denouncing Common Core as a failure) there is an nice majority here who share the same ideas.

          • Thank you,

            I am a firm believer in if you ignore history, you will repeat it. And I also believe the enemies of our Country want us to ignore our TRUE history, while simultaneously ignoring theirs….

            It seems the Left has concocted a revisionist history where America is all bad and no good, a history that gets the people to run away from Capitalism and our Constitution, directly into the arms of a Socialist/Communist society.

            That is what I would consider the poison that needs to be removed from the school system. I agree again, special kudos to those teachers who are denouncing Common Core and doing something about it.

            Rock On Musicmaker, or if that is not appropriate pick your genre and melody on… 🙂

  2. Most “teachers” today, are NOT. They are “instructors” hired to “indoctrinate” the students, to make them into good little OBEDIENT COMMUNISTS. Textbooks have been “changed” to reflect “PROGRESSIVE” LIBERAL/LGBTQ “views” ONLY, and our History is slowly being erased by rewriting the “textbooks” the children are issued, to fit the “GLOBALIST” COMMUNIST “AGENDA”.

  3. Common core was a joke. There was no wrong answer, just how you got to the answer you gave. The Education board was complaining about how far we were behind in math and science compared to the rest of the world? Their methods and propaganda indoctrination left no room for sound science or math education. Free thinking and innovation were discouraged. Opposing thought was punished. Only the socialist collective was the desired curriculum. Now we have to play catch up and the children pay for it. Parents were encouraged and some threatened to stay out of the education of their children. Difficult to stay at home and teach your kids when you have to work and private school is expensive. Past time for schools to be returned to the states, communities and parents.

    • FYI, Yolinda, the schools are already run by the states, with the feds in an advisory and support position. The rest of your silly post is just as reflective of your complete ignorance and conservative indoctrination on the subject.

  4. Finally!!! Thank God!! Hopefully we won’t be one of the dumbest countries on the planet any more.

  5. Philosophically, community schools have been breeding grounds for “indoctrination and political activism.” Listen to childrens recording of teacher classroom presentations. This should be first alarm in each household. Secondly, attend PTA meetings with community families present…ask local parents (church goers are a start) if they’re planning on attending PTA’s. With families organizing and directing school administrators what each classes lesson plan should (and should NOT) have – directs administration, staff and teachers their goals, thus setting the bar higher than with only one voice from Governor, and local politicians. Establish local funding drives for school extracurricular activities. This is the way We The People do it in Rural America (the Heartland). Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. Psalm 128.

  6. For too long we have removed the parents from involvement and control of what and how our children are taught. Huge schools may be more “economical” but they are not more “educational”. Parents have been removed from the equation so, today, they fail to even participate in parent-teacher events. We need to return control of education to parents – not administrators, educational specialists, or teachers. Parents need to feel welcome at school boards meetings, rather than arrested for speaking out. Some of us are old enough to remember one room schools, run by parents who hired the teacher and directed (and participated in) their children’s education in the basics of Reading, (W)Riting, and (A)Rithmatic. Maybe we need to return to more of that.

    • I actually asked to sit in on a class my child was having trouble with. The teach exploded, Absolutely not she did not allow parents in her class. I went to the principal who totally agreed with the teacher as she walked me to the door. Yep pure INDOCTRINATION centers.

      • One thing is, your tall tale in no way implies that there’s inappropriate indoctrination going on. The other thing is, I don’t believe for a second that the teacher “exploded,” although you obviously are unused to being told no, and you feel picked on when it happens. But try to imagine what it would be like to have a stranger looming the the classroom from the POV of most of the students, and how uncomfortable for your kid. You can see wat goes on in the classroom at Open House, assuming you care enough to attend, but parents sitting in, unless they are the regular aide, is a stupid idea.

    • Parents have removed themselves, but you know, the one-room school house offers huge advantages including cooperative learning (which conservatives hate as being “progressive”), but it is also the most expensive way to do things. Unless you’re wiling tofork over the cash for such a structure, we’ll have to stick with the industrial style of school we have now.

  7. The Obama created “SNAKE” needs to be beheaded and make sure all heads are off

    • The snake was born before Obama, but he really gave it a rich diet. Parents need to be involved constantly and be vigilant. Public education is a far cry from what it was a few decades ago, and it needs to return to be a real partnership between parents and county boards of education or independent school districts.

      • It already is what you say you want, and it is a lack of standards that put us in the toilet in math and science. Other than having the funding cut out from under them as a result of the Republican tax revolt, and class sizes consequently going through the roof, how do you think schools are much different than they were a few decades ago?

        • By the centralization of control at the state and federal level, and allowing the feds, especially, to control what is taught and what to emphasize, enforced by the golden rule. “He who has the gold rules.” The funding of public education used to be state and local, through property and sales taxes, and optional additional levies. Now, the funding that comes to schools through the feds comes with a price – increased control of content and method.

          That was not the case in the 40’s and 50’s (and before) and education was fine. Feds began getting more control through creation of the U. S. Dept. of Education under Carter. Since then, both Democratic and Republican administrations have pushed the camel further under the tent, until the whole critter is in the tent. The Republican tax revolt of the 90’s would not have hurt education funding if the feds had stayed out of education.

  8. Thank you for killing this ridiculous movement. Let’s get back to teaching the kids real math.

  9. Simply defunding this catastrophe is insufficient. This whole program is intellectual apostasy, & must be utterly destroyed. Back to the basics, truth, critical thinking, traditional American values, & personal accountability. Anything else betrays our children & threatens their future.

  10. Communist Common Core Was An Indoctrination Tool, For The Far Leftist To Indoctrinate Our Kids Into Transgenderism, Communism, Islamicism, I Know I Lived It… But Good Luck In Telling The Communist Teachers Unions Common Core Is Dead They Will Still Use It.. I Think To Save The Kids Is To Shut Down Every Liberal School In America, Than Reopen With No Commie Union, As You Would Get With School Choice.. The Kids Are Not Learning, Math, History. It’s More About The Commie Ideology, And All The Sick Sh*t That Comes With It….

  11. The biggest problem with our education system is that the Democrats took parents out of the equation. For too long, the powers that be, have stated that “they” could “do all” for us and our families. That is backwards as to the ways it is supposed to be. We, as individuals and families, are supposed to takes of ourselves, we are supposed to educate our children, we are supposed to go our and earn a living, we are NOT supposed to allow the government to be involved in anything that directly affects us. Until we get back to understand that caring families raise caring children and that families must be interested in the education of future of their children…this wreck will continue

    • Democrats did not take parents out of the equation. *Parents* took parents out fo the equation. Parents also supported the defunding of schools, leading to enormous class sizes—the single most important aspect of any educational structure. Provide for enough teachers and classspace toknowck class sizes down to 20 max, and our school system would soar.

      • We put a man on the moon during the time when there were still one room school houses and we were using “slide rules”. Granted, parents are guilty, but overwhelmingly the Democrats have had a major hand in causing harm to our schools.

  12. Millions of tax payers dollars paid on this another of the democrats great ideas… They are wrong about evolution, they are wrong about homosexuality, they are wrong about abortion, they are wrong about the economy, they are wrong about voters fraud, they are wrong about Obama, and they are wrong about God,… I find it amazing that they can even dress themselves in the morning.

    • But we can, which means you are wrong about Democrats, doesn’t it?

      • Duh, I didn’t say democrats couldn’t dress themselves and I didn’t say that the democrats were wrong on every issues… they are maybe only wrong on 90% of the issues… I said I am amazed that the democrats can dress themselves… So, no I wasn’t wrong.

  13. Trust me, Betsy DeVos doesn’t give a DAMN about your children. I know this personally because I live in Michigan where she tried to ram her idea of school down our throats, These schools were set up in old abandoned buildings, and they lasted about 6 months. Then we stood up and said get out of our school system. We have one of the most successful schools in our area. We excel in everything from test scores, music, sports, and the list goes on and on. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick (at least his mother named him right) choose our governors, you know, Dick Snyder who poisoned the people of Flint when he changed the water source on purpose to try to drive the residents out. To this day, he has done NOTHING to correct this, and the people of Flint still can’t use their water. The only good thing we do have is “term limits” and Snyder is in his last term. But, we aren’t hopeful, because Dick DeVos will just appoint a new Governor. Back to education, 75% of our graduating students go on to college. Betsy DeVos, just another greedy, self-serving money grubbing whore.

    • I don’t get to do a lot of cheerleading in this sewer of a blog, but yay! You have hit the nail on the head. DeVos is interested in one thing relating to education, and that is to line her pockets.

  14. You know why de Vos hates national education standards, don’t you? It’s because the private schools she owns aren’t good enough to meet them. That, and she likes the idea of the public paying for Sunday school since apparently there aren’t enough supporters for it to pay for it privately.

  15. the democrats have weaponized education where the basic foundations of what students have to learn have been pushed aside for these social engineering programs that involve race, sex and gender and other leftist agenda subjects…meanwhile students in china are being taught advance math and science in lower grades…American students are learning transgender studies, black studies and Mexican history studies….if a student wants to learn about Mexican history..that can be taught as an elective class..or the student can learn on their own….advance math and advance science classes will have to be at the forefront of education in order for American students to compete in a future global economy…..

  16. Our school systems will he never be right until we stop social promotions and come to grips with fact not everyone needs a college education. Also require colleges to only offer degrees that have a need for that expertise

  17. I am a recently retired public school teacher, and I can tell you that Common Core is absolute BS! It certainly needs to go, for many reasons!

  18. The one good point of common core that all states should adopt is, For grades 1 thru 12 all should address the same basic subjects. This could at least assure the same subjects per grade which, could give follow on institutions a better feeling of math, english comp, history, U S Government, vocational courses etc, exposure. It would also give business a better assurance of at least a basic similar education for all. HOW the subjects were taught is a matter for state/local control.

  19. “Hell, at this point, we just need a different approach, period.”

    Duh!! Why not try what has worked in the past?? Maybe
    math should be taught by people who understand math.
    (like how many eggs make a dozen.)

  20. I was 11 years old when we moved from Worthington Indiana to San Francisco, I was at least 1 year ahead of the California kids, this was in 1956!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We live in Hillsborough where the schools are very good, because of parents and teachers, not government

  21. Who would set standards?

  22. AMEN, AMEN!!

  23. The Federal Government has about as much “business” in education as it does in “guiding” ocean currents or tides!! ABSOLUTELY NONE!!! Both of these programs are little more than “Dummycrat” ideas that DO NOT work, CANNOT work, and (even worse) are not capable of being FORCED TO work!!! Children learn things at their OWN pace, in their OWN way, and NOTHING that our “Washington Elites” say, do, or dictate to us will change THAT fact. Teachers NEED appropriate, LOCAL guidance, they need the appropriate LOCAL tools, and the LOCAL training and support to be successful.

  24. Go back to reading, writing and arithmetic and forget about teaching grade schoolers high tech stuff. They need the basics. They won’t be prepared for the future without the basics they need. Keep politics out of the schools. They have no place in the school system.

  25. Thank you Ms DeVos for using a level head when assessing common core’s value as a teaching system – pitifully poor! Yes, finally keep the Federal Govt out of our schools and let teachers teach so our kids get an education not brainwashing.

    Bho really did this Nation a disservice by pushing C.C. on our public schools — he did not have the welfare or education of our kids as a priority, but brainwashing them instead. Poor President, poor example as a leader!

    When our youth can’t do simple math after graduating nor can they put a sentence together correctly; but they know about Homosexuality and transgenderism, our children haven’t been educated, but brainwashed about political agendas! Let’s make our schools a place of learning, not a home to spread political ideas.

    Again, Thank You Ms. DeVos for giving our kids a better chance of getting educated. Question: when will this be enforced?

  26. The Federal Department of Education, which has been turned in to a leftist propaganda tool needs to be terminated and the responsibility of public education given back to parents, communities and states and based universally on the basics of education. The promise of Federal taxpayers dollars has destroyed our public schools and universities by turning education in to a corporate business that has exploded the cost of education with the unlimited deep pockets of the taxpayers. Along with those deep taxpayer pockets has come the scourge of teachers unions that have demanded their share of the pie. The unions have also been responsible for driving the cost of education sky high. There was a time when teachers taught for the joy and love of teaching.

  27. Common Core was always dead and was created to be so. Created for the one purpose of teaching our children to obey and blindly follow a lawless New World Order controlled government. Well… we now have a President who is pro America… not the New World Order and their puppets. Go Donald Go!!

  28. I was long ago, an education major. My professors used to say in the 1960s that Public Education had failed in the USA! They were right! Today public education is simply indoctrination in ultra liberal views that threaten the USA! It is that simple!

  29. Rotten-to-the-Core . . . . some still call it Common Core, was nothing other than the brainwashing of America’s youth. The current crop of Snowflakes have, somewhere in the recesses of their mind, the ability to think with a modicum of rationality.

    Rotten-to-the-Core would have eliminated this sliver of Common Sense.


  30. “Common Core” was just a way for the national government to get control of the education process. It has turned into a nightmare of leftist indoctrination, and of teaching the answers to the “one size fits all” tests, instead of allowing the educational process to be tailored to the needs of each separate community. Kids in a rural community, who expect to be farmers when they finish school should not be bothered with learning the “politically correct” way to administer a “project” in a big city. Kids in a big city don’t need to be taught about the “evils” of “white supremacy”. Maybe a little basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry, astronomy, English grammar, honest U.S. and World history, civics and economics would help all of them, by informing them about the world, and teaching them to THINK. But just teaching the kids to memorize the answers to a “standard”, government-issued test is defeating the concept of education.
    Education should be tailored to the needs of the people being educated.

  31. Great move by Ms. DeVos and she is right, money has never “fixed” the education system. Give control back to the states and local school districts and stop federal interference. This means locals have to take the initiative and get their individual act together too. Stop teaching to a test!

  32. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Face facts, two decades of this type of nonsense leaves graduates unable to do simple arithmetic without a calculator. And reading, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are almost nonexistant. Can we please get back to basics? Today’s youth can’t even make change for a dollar.

  33. Common Core is; Communist Core 101. Do not teach them to think for themselves, they may get smart and vote for someone who is Not a Demo-Commie.

  34. Thank god we have a woman with common sense and brains to head our failing schools. I have read stories that are either so gross as far as what a teacher is saying or doing in a classroom that it makes my blood boil. Of course there is the teaching method where they completely change our real American history into a fantasy the left seems to be teaching. We send our children to school to learn reality in the classroom not a trumped of version of what they want it to be.#release the memo

  35. The best thing that Betsy DeVos could do for the country would be to declare that there is no need for her department and shut it down. There is no justification, either practical or constitutional for the US government to have control over the education of our children. It was and should still be a local matter, with some influence from the state government. Elimination of the USDOE should be the goal of the administration.

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