Tulsi Gabbard on Social Media Bans: Why Are People Celebrating?

If all Democrats were like Tulsi Gabbard…what would we even have to talk about here at Patriot News Daily? Every time this woman speaks, something reasonable and sensible seems to come out of her mouth. We don’t agree with everything she says or believes in, but she certainly sees the deranged heart of the Democratic Party, which is a lot more than we can say for 99% of her former House colleagues.

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Gabbard, a veteran, noted that everyone in the armed forces takes an oath to defend the Constitution – which includes the First Amendment.

“We take an oath to uphold our Constitution, to support and defend it, which includes supporting the freedom of speech of every single person in this country,” Gabbard said. “Let’s be clear from the outset that as we are seeing now, once again, how dangerous these Big Tech monopolies are, and how imperative it is that we break them up, that we actually bring about solutions to break up the power that they have amassed. And the important thing is that we do this through legislative changes and reform, not through throwing Molotov cocktails and having riots.

“This is where we come into play,” she continued. “That we as voters need to make sure we are choosing leaders who are motivated by serving the American people, upholding the constitutional freedoms and upholding the democracy more than being motivated by selfish interest and how do I please my Big Tech monopoly donors?”

“I don’t understand why more people aren’t outraged by censorship,” Carlson mused. “If Nancy Pelosi was shut down, censored, silenced, erased tomorrow, I don’t care for Nancy Pelosi’s views, I would swear as God watches that I would defend her. Trump, whatever you think about what he says, some of it I don’t like, everybody, everybody, this is great I support this. Ro Khanna, who is like a very smart guy, he is in favor of censorship. What is this?”

Gabbard acknowledged that it is “disheartening” to see so many people celebrate the censorship of views and individuals they don’t personally like.

“As you know, we’ve talked about this before, this is something I take to heart in a very deep way like every other service member that we take an oath to uphold our constitution, to support and defend it, which supports including the freedom of speech of every single person in this country, whether we agree with that speech or not,” she said.

“Whether that speech offends us or not,” she concluded.

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