Tulsi Gabbard Admonishes Fellow Dems For Their Support of Russian Sanctions

Tulsi Gabbard once again showed that she isn’t dedicated to being a party apologist on Tuesday. The former Democrat Rep. from Hawaii came out against Biden’s actions against Russia. On Tucker Carlson’s Fox New’s program, she said the following:

“The reality is the sanctions don’t work, whether put in before or now or later, the sanctions don’t work. What we do know is they will increase suffering and hardship for the American people. This is the whole problem with the Biden administration. They are so focused on how do we punish Putin that they don’t care, and they are not focused on what is actually in the best interest of the American people. So when Biden stands there and looks directly into the camera and says defending freedom will cost us, what he really should be stating is looking directly into the American people’s eyes and saying, ‘This will cost you.’ Because the sanctions are not going to cost him or Kamala Harris or the power elite in this country or even the power elite in Russia, it is the people who will suffer, the American people, the Russian people, and people here at home working hard every single day facing those drastically increasing prices at the gas pump, facing increasing cost of the supermarket, impacting our supply chain.”

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