Tulsi Gabbard Admonishes Fellow Dems For Their Support of Russian Sanctions

Tulsi Gabbard once again showed that she isn’t dedicated to being a party apologist on Tuesday. The former Democrat Rep. from Hawaii came out against Biden’s actions against Russia. On Tucker Carlson’s Fox New’s program, she said the following:

“The reality is the sanctions don’t work, whether put in before or now or later, the sanctions don’t work. What we do know is they will increase suffering and hardship for the American people. This is the whole problem with the Biden administration. They are so focused on how do we punish Putin that they don’t care, and they are not focused on what is actually in the best interest of the American people. So when Biden stands there and looks directly into the camera and says defending freedom will cost us, what he really should be stating is looking directly into the American people’s eyes and saying, ‘This will cost you.’ Because the sanctions are not going to cost him or Kamala Harris or the power elite in this country or even the power elite in Russia, it is the people who will suffer, the American people, the Russian people, and people here at home working hard every single day facing those drastically increasing prices at the gas pump, facing increasing cost of the supermarket, impacting our supply chain.”

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  1. The Biden administration is showing no strength and is being reckless, period. For underlying reasons Biden is egging on a war between Russia and Ukraine. It is a sad sad time. This is a very selfish move on our politicians part. Shame on them!! Shame on the republicans who stand by and watch!

  2. Miss Tulsi Gabbard, I have seem you many times on TV on Hannity, as well with Tucker, and many others, exposing your views and how you are
    focused into the disaster of Biden’s administration, which it really is killing our economy whatever is left, and all those tyrants democrats that do not care for our country, that I know for a fact, democrats have never been for the people, only for themselves, and it really bothers me you are
    a democrat when your views are totally against the destruction of our Nation by Biden’s administration. Please join the Republican Party and fight with us and I am sure you will have a better future in our Party than being just a democrats fighting them which will not cause any difference to them, they can’t care less for your views, but we care for you, because we see in you the fighting that Donald Trump has for the love of our Nation, you both are the same, fighters but with brains and love for America, and always put America First, and with your help we can get all these crisis solved, the border, energy, the far left in their quest for the green deal have lost focus on the matters that our natiion is facing, neither Russia, China are paying any attention to democrats about the green deal, and neither is Lybia, Iran, Iraq, or any oil producing countries. Donald Trump made our country energy independence and with you we can get more done. you are a very bright, intelligent and beautiful Lady, and instead of Kamala you can be VP in Trumps administration if you would be interested. One thing for sure, it would be a real plus for Republican, just take a look at what Hirono said, She would love to have a Trump in the democrats party, .. why??.. it is simple reasoning, the man have what it takes to get it done. Trump is very intelligent and powerful, and she did show the world. WOULD YOU COME OVER.

    • While as a Democrat and a BLACK Military Veteran, I’m not satisfied with the party, the are not as evil as the Republican’s. First what have the GOP politicians done for Black Americans? The GOP politicians has spent 8 years trying to make President Obama a great failure as destructive McConnell swore to do, and even against President Biden. The GOP has denied all Americans low cost healthcare, low cost pharmaceutical drugs as in many other countries and give Black Americans the same Voting Rights as white Americans. During Trump’s Presidency he has energize many new racial groups beside the KKK. So what does the GOP leadership offer Black, middle and lower income Americans to make their lives better in the next four years?

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s baffling when a democrat (or republican) works in party name only, when they obviously hold strong moral, economic, political and patriotic alliances with the Republican Party. I tend to believe that they’re lifelong Democrats from a long line of democrats who just tow the party line and can’t see themselves as anything but. It’s true, Miss Gabbard would certainly be an asset to the Republican Party who would embrace her political courage, rather than remain in the Democratic Party which has leaned so radically left and could care less about her stance on anything that contradicts them. The Democratic Party has sadly become nothing but progressive socialists and fascists, led by an old, frail man with dementia. Scary times we’re living in.

  3. I should have said HE DID SHOW THE WORD .. Miss Gabbard, it is a petty you are fighting a lost cause with the democrats. You deserve better and you have showed how much you care for our country.
    respecting at Fidel Castro, of Cuba, many democrats praise him for the leader he was, .. (in whose brains can you praise a criminal), one thing for sure Miss Gabbard all these democrats that have praised Fidel Castro, and with their background, Fidel would have round them all up and put them all up the wall. only a criminal can praise another criminal.

  4. We are governed by a crew of know-nothings with nearly 50 years of wrong decisions. Robert Gates warned about Biden’s failures, yet the Progressive media so hated Trump, the voters were so brainwashed they would have voted for Mickey Mouse. Biden is an empty shell. Whomever is giving him advice is really running (RUINING!) this country. Biden’s family has greatly profited from “business” deals with a corrupt Ukraine. They still profit, and at the expense of millions of people. Is it too late? Only God knows, we should all be praying for his intervention.

  5. Tulsi Gabbard join the Conservative party. it is simple reasoning, the man[Trump] has what it takes to get it done. Trump is very intelligent and powerful, and she did show the world. Dems have underestimated Russia and China. Try to get the Dems to abandon this ridiculous Idea that the USA can effect change climate change. Get the XL pipeline back online release the chains the Dems have placed on Oil, Oil related infrastructure, and access to drilling and fracking.

  6. Biden doesn’t have a clue what is going on ! My wife and I are so discussed with him and his cabinet . No of them have. My knowledge of anything ! There just guessing about what they should do as they are full blown morons ! We voted for Trump and if he was in office Putin wouldn’t have the balls to invade Ukraine . Thank Biden for screwing up our country you stupid moron !

  7. Extension of our message ! President Trump, had every dictator in Europe on there toes as they were afraid of him as he no way took there shit. Our jobs were the most there ever was and our economy was at the best it ever was. We were Energy independent and our gas prices were at a 20 yr low. Unemployment was at a 30 yr low ! Another thing Biden stole the 2020 Election ! It was a travesty what these Communist Democrats have done to us. Remember the first step to Communist is socialism ! If this is what you people who voted for Biden want, you and take Biden and all his democrats with you to Russia as that’s where you all belong ! By don’t let the door hit you all in the ass !

  8. I love to listen to you! Seem’s like you arthe only Democratic that really cares about our beautiful country. God Bless you, and stay strong.

  9. Can you see now? Have you had enough wokeness? Are you finished with living in a fantasy world where men are women criminals are victims? Fed up with being called names and being shamed for simply being born? Sick of economic policies that don’t and never have worked? Fed up with giving nearly 30 percent of your hard earned money only to be told you are the problem? Had enough of being told you should have no say in what your children are being taught? Sick of liars in bureaucratic positions taking your freedoms while calling you a liar while hiding the truth? Tired of being silenced and harassed when speaking the truth just because it doesn’t fit the narrative? Had enough of the media being in lockstep in obscuring the truth and pushing false narratives? Sick of paying for illegals transportation into your hometowns while government lies about doing so? Again I ask. Have you had enough of wokeness? All we need to do is vote out these feckless and corrupt lifelong politicians and stop drinking the koolaid that the media is spewing. Start using your logic and ignore the incessant calls of racism sexism etc.

  10. Biden is just trying to position the Democrats as having done “something” before the elections. He’ll be waving flags and bragging while Ukrainian faces are shoved under a boot before you know it. Next he will find a way to line Putin’s pockets. And his and Pelosi’s. Just wait. It will be great.

  11. Never was a fan of this person but in regards to the above she is spot on, on this subject. Only the serfs, under these elite rulers in the DC Swamp, will pay the price in heating their homes, buying gasoline for their cars to get to work and shop for food, for the electricity to light their homes, and on and on. But is what is is, just as God has told us. The ends times are truly upon us as we fight to stay alive. The paid politicians, on all levels in this nation do not pay their bills with money their earned from a job like the rest of us. WE PAY THEIR BILLS, THE TAX PAYERS. You know we fled England to stop such abuses just to be right back where we started from. That’s what happens when the good folks stop watching the hen house and the fox get in. Shame on us. We should have weeded our gardens but we became bad care takers.

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