Tufts University: “Offensive” Costumes Won’t Be Tolerated

Tufts University is taking a strong stand against three important issues this Halloween: Sexual assault, excessive alcohol consumption, and…”offensive” costumes.

Emphasis, naturally, on the costumes.

At least that’s the way it appears from a letter the university’s Greek life councils sent out to campus fraternities this week. In it, student leaders warn that anyone found wearing a costume that might offend someone will face serious consequences.

“Greek Brothers and Sisters have worn costumes that appropriate cultures and reproduce stereotypes on race, gender, sexuality, immigrant or socioeconomic status,” the letter reads. “Outfits relating to tragedy, controversy, or acts of violence are also inappropriate. We need to set a precedent that people’s customs cannot and will not be our costumes.”

But the letter isn’t just encouraging fraternities to choose their costumes carefully; it includes a warning to anyone who thinks they can just slap a sombrero on their head and get away with it.

β€œThe range of response for students whose actions make others in our community feel threatened or unsafe, or who direct conduct towards others that is offensive or discriminatory, includes OEO and/or TUPD investigation and then disciplinary sanctions from our office that could run a wide gamut depending on what is brought to our attention and the impact of these actions on others,” said Dean of Student Affairs, Mary Pat McMahon.

So let’s break this down. If you go to school at Tufts, your Halloween costume cannot have anything to do with any other culture…cannot have anything to do with “stereotypes”…cannot relate to violence or tragedy…or even controversy. Exactly what’s left when you take all of that seriously? Vampires? Violent. Political figures? Controversial. Superheroes? Nearly all of them were formed out of tragedy. If you want to get really picky about it, you could probably disqualify every Halloween costume on the planet with these restrictions.

Thus, this letter becomes a perfect teaching tool on the dangers of limiting free speech. When you start banning things because they might offend someone, you’re heading down a perilous road. Someone, somewhere will take offense at literally anything you can dream up, no matter how trivial or innocent it might seem.

Now, you might think that a person’s right to enjoy Halloween without being offended is more important than a person’s right to wear the costume of their choosing. We would agree.

Here’s the thing, though: Everyone in America – nay, everyone alive today – already has the right to go through Halloween (and their entire life) without being offended. You can activate this power in yourself simply by making the decision…NOT TO BE OFFENDED! And like magic…you won’t be!

That’s the real danger of this trend towards censorship. Our sympathy for a frat kid who can’t wear a racist costume is not particularly great. Our sympathy for a generation of young adults whose internal happiness and peace is dependent on others, however, is enormous.

The world isn’t going to bend to your will. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll come to an even more profound realization: You don’t need it to.

Sadly, many young Americans are only going to learn that lesson after years and years of suffering, brought about by liberals who think they must protect their precious little feelings.

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  1. It is time to walk away from these institutions of “higher” learning.

    They seem to have lost their value, and are just a cesspool of indoctrination.

    • They do not want our kids to be smart. They want to make them into zombies or assholes. Not sure which yet.

    • They’re no longer institutions of higher learning. They’ve regressed into nothing more than advanced indoctrination centers.

      • And we pay for our kids to be there.

        I question the wisdom of sending kids to college…

        • I just happened to study my property tax statement this a.m., darned if I don’t pay 25% of my taxes for community college funding! Now guess how much say I have in it”s operation…….zero!

          • AND your kids pay tuition for those community colleges…

          • I don’t have real problems with the local tech colleges. At least students leave them with some useful technical trade knowledge. They’re usually limited to the nuts and bolts type of education and devoid of the liberal BS propaganda. Most of those students should be graduating from there with something that they can actually use in the job market instead of a lot of liberal theory.

            I believe that one of Obama’s principal objectives with espousing his desire to make college education free for all is to bring more young minds into so called classrooms where they can be “educated” in progressive/socialist principals.

    • Not being one to correct you, but I think you should have used the words “Run like Hell” away from all these indoctrination centers of the leftist, instead of walk away..

      • You are so correct… Run like Hell, while we still have the chance… πŸ™‚

        • You know, good land is still relatively inexpensive in OK. Years ago, I missed a chance to buy a 25 acre plot with two ponds, a barn, stone house and a runway on it, with plenty of hunting on it for about $180K. Yes, it would be a short drive of 25 miles into Tulsa, but it still beats CA. I do miss the diving and fishing offshore fishing though. I know of a few that have underground bunkers, locked, loaded and ready.

          • That land in OK sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, my roots run deep in CA. It is a shame to see it fall to communism the way it has. Talk about a one party system based on control of the people and its resources…

  2. Just like “safe zones,” banning specific costumes only contributes to young persons being ill prepared for real life. What are they going to do, turn away a kid at the door “trick or treating” because they don’t like his costume? Whatever will they do if they buy a house and find out their neighbor has a belief system of which they don’t approve? Ask for a refund from the builder or previous owner. Ridiculous, Tufts U.

    • You are correct. I believe this all started many years ago when EVERYBODY got a trophy – for just participating in the sport – they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the players that were not good. That’s not life. You get rewarded for being better than someone else at something for a reason. Otherwise, what do you have to aspire for or to? If everyone gets a trophy – what does that mean? We’re all at the same level at something? That’s why young adults today believe everything should be handed to them and that everyone should tolerate what is thrown their way, and that no one should be offended and agree with what they agree with. It gets a little out of hand.

      • participation trophies… everybody participates in socialism…. Problem is, socialism falls to communism, and both are slavery.

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  3. davesnrakleberger

    what a bunch of sissies.

  4. My guess is that anyone showing up wearing the uniform of a branch of the US military would cause untold angst and many of the cowards to call in sick with loose stools….

    • What happens if someone who is on leave from the military & is appropriately wearing a military uniform & visiting a friend or family member at Tufts? Can you imagine that person getting “egged”, yelled at perhaps attacked, earned ribbons ripped off the uniform??? EGADS!

      • I can’t believe that that would be permitted. That would be a little ridiculous and reckless. But if it does happen, we’ll see it in the news I’m sure!!!

      • check the history of those of us returning from Nam….many were spit on and called names by the airheads from wonderful establishments such as the commie hore prep university UCAL at bezerkly…

  5. “people’s customs cannot and will not be our costumes” pretty much eliminates all costumes. Doesn’t it?? And if we’re being fair, the “warning to anyone who thinks they can just slap a sombrero on their head and get away with it” would apply to Hispanics as well as Caucasians. Right??
    What a bunch of panty-waisted libtards. The most frightening aspect to this herd of overly delicate flowers is that they will soon be running this country as we, those of us from the dark ages, mature into retirement status. I wonder what’s to become of us when the “safe zone” kids take over. I sense an implosion on the horizon.

  6. I’m looking at what I’m wearing right now. What if I showed up at a Halloween or costume party dressed as this? Safe zone alert! Privileged white guy…but I might actually be able to push back with an age discrimination gambit. ENOUGH!

    • I want to go as George Soros with a pitch fork and Obama walking in front of him pricking him with the pitch fork and leading him into the fires of hell. No I didn’t forget the Clintons and George H Bush. They are in front of the pack.

  7. What a bunch of pussies they are making our kids to become. Who would send kids to a school like that. I know. It’s parents that are pussies also. Dumb shits. And I don’t care if what I say is offensive. I’ve been told offensive things before and I freaking lived through it all. I’ll tell you a way to cure that is send those pussies out to the war zone. Let’s see how a bullet flying over their heads offend them.

  8. Hillary’s costume would be the most offensive other than Soros and Obama’s

    • Naw I have to disagree… Soros is Beelzebub in the flesh — he didn’t sell his soul to the devil… he is the incarnate of the devil

    • I will offer a few others, Harry Reid and James Carville.

      • Naw they’re just minions…. if you looked at the rap sheet on Soros, you’d see what I mean. Only the father of lies could love a son like that. Even his name… Soros.. sounds like Saron from the JRR Tolkien’s novels. He initiated the whole iron curtain movement in the early fifties that took millions of families inheritance away from them thru the guise of communism. He instigated the Hungarian Revolution on his own people. He is so fricken evil, his blood would melt your face like acid. I would love to throw him in a vat of acid but I think he would probably survive it.

  9. This is so stupid. And for THIS kind of crap, folks spend tens of thousands of dollars for an “education”. When are we going to get back to TEACHING students about things that really matter, like reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic???

  10. What a bunch of sissies. When you are young (6-7 years old), people say or do offensive things to you. When you learn how to deal with it emotionally, you begin to grow up. You can’t have young people living in a protective bubble spared of things they don’t like and have them mature into responsible adults.
    When my mother was young, she and her siblings were exposed to negative things said about being Polish,,,so much so that my grandmother changed their last name to a non-Polish-sounding name. My mother-in-law was called a wop because she was Italian. Other nationalities were harassed as well – Jews, Japanese, Chinese, Germans, etc. They grew up to be responsible adults who could handle adversity. Some of the boys grew up to fight in WWII and some were heroes. Today’s “protected” youth are going to need psychiatric help – they won’t make it in the real world. Life hands out unexpected challenges – you have to be tough sometimes to get through the challenge.
    Grow up, people! The “liberals” are making sissies out of our young people.

    • The liberals are making an entire generation that will be paralysed by their massively inflated sense of self worth. They get trophies for showing up. Others get suspended and twelve weeks of ‘sensitivity training’ for calling them names. They teach these future narrow minded, entitled, self centered weakling’s that their ‘feelings’ are more important than anything. That all they have to do is whine and the world will hasten to ‘protect’ their delicate feelings from all harshness. Meanwhile they ignore what they consider less important life lessons. Like self reliance, responsibility, real consideration for others, real fairness. Reality. It’s sickening, and naturally, finally beginning to collapse under the weight of it’s rampant stupidity. We MUST ensure that Trump wins. We MUST wrest our country away from these awful people. And ensure that awful woman never again sets foot in OUR Whitehouse.

      • Amen! Well said! My mother would say it all started with Dr. Benjamin Spock and his theory that you never punish children for their wrongdoings lest you hurt their “little psyches”. My parents believed in corporal punishment and if you got it once, you did everything possible to avoid a recurrence. Children don’t seem to suffer any ramifications for their wrongdoing – and certainly some adults are that way (i.e. the Clintons). No one learns self-discipline without suffering ramifications for what they have done.
        Never Hillary! Go Trump!.

  11. Maybe they should take a stance against all of the persons attending Tuft’s for impersonating students, faculty, and administrators. Now THAT”s offensive !!!

  12. My oldest son wants to go to college next year. My husband and I cannot afford a private/conservative/actual college where he could reasonably expect to get an education as opposed to absurd, childish indoctrination. I’m seriously considering talking him into trade school, plumbing/electrician apprentice. My husband works in HVAC and makes a very decent living. My son is very intelligent, conservative because of that intelligence and a Trump supporter despite the fact that he takes a lot of crap for it from just these types of weak, whining, unbelievably ignorant, perpetually offended liberals at his school. This is disgusting. That my son, who could be anything he wants must seriously consider limiting his options because he will not feel welcomed , and in fact would probably be discriminated against at a state college by idiots who want to rabidly control everyone else’s every words, actions and thought to protect from their own made up, ridiculous definition of ‘discrimination’?????? These people have NO business being anywhere near an ‘educational’ institution. They are nothing but angry, entitled, extremly immature little Nazi’s disguised as ‘social justice warriors’. They should be hiding under their beds at home with their parents. Because that’s where they’re going to end up anyway. You can’t function in society with that outrageous level of entitlement weighing you down. And you shouldn’t try, and you shouldn’t inflict yourself on others.

    • Some of the most successful people in the world did not finish college, some didn’t finish high school. Bill Gates is an excellent example.

      It sounds like your son will be fine even in the indoctrination centers of higher learning.

      On the weekends I have been listening to the Dave Ramsey radio show when in my car. Mr. Ramsey has a wonderful take on life and solid advice for families in your position. Probably the most important step your some could take is a financial one.

      Hope this helps. I just love hearing his listeners stories of beating the system… Many of them include children and their college debt.


      • Thanks for the advice and I’ll save the link. Frightening the choices we have to make today isn’t it? The system was set up so we, the taxpayer, and our children could benifit from it. Now we carry it like a burden on our back, try to find ways around it and are mostly it seems excluded from those benifits, while others who contributed nothing enjoy them fully, at our expense.. If Clinton steals the Whitehouse we can expect it to get worse, much worse. I pray that Trump wins in such a landslide as to send a clear message to these terrible people. We want our country back. We want to salvage what we can of our children’s future, which Obama already spent. We want reason, sanity and common sense restored. We want the real America, not the ‘fundamentally changed’ one.

        • You are welcome. Clinton will have to steal this election. I do not think she will leave her coronation up to the vote of the people. Communists leaders never do.

          Debt is the easiest way for the Elites to control us. The more in debt, the more control the system has. I think Dave Ramsey gets this. His financial University teaches something not taught in college, how to achieve financial freedom. I would choose that course in front of trade school and college, or at least do them both.

          God Bless, and get everyone you know out to vote.

          • A little off subject here but need to share. My daughter’s fiance received a polling call not too long ago. He stated he will be voting for Trump and he person on the other end of the line started telling him why he should vote for Clinton instead. The more he insisted he was sticking with Trump, the more upset the caller was getting with him! I wouldn’t be surprised if they polled him as a Clinton supporter in order to inflate the numbers to try to make it look like she has more supporters than what she really has. There are WAY more Trump/Pence signs in my town than there are Hillary signs.

          • The polls are lies now. The elites are making up numbers, just to keep Hillary in the race.

            It sounds like that guy was more sales call than a polling call. Did the person happen to state who the poll was for?

            Polls are not facts, be very suspicious of ANYONE quoting polls like facts… Megyn Kelly is starting to do this.. It is a shame. .

          • Now that they are reopening the email investigation, I wonder how far her numbers will tank. It’s a tough situation right now with all of the uncertainty of how this will turn out. The people that are conducting these polls should not be trying to sway your decision on who you are voting for. I think that is unethical. The only thing this person was “selling” was Hillary’s supposed “virtues” even though she has nothing of any value worth “purchasing”.

          • The FBI has to go a lot further than opening an investigation to restore my faith in that organization. Revoking her passports, asking her not to leave the state, or perhaps just handcuffing her would be a start.

            Honestly, she should be behind bars. She broke the law, if either one of us did the same, we would be behind bars.

            We are no longer a country ruled by law…. We are now a country ruled by a liberal progressive ideology. That is no different than a country ruled by Mao, Lenin, or Hitler.

            If that person on the other end of the “poll” was selling Hillary, it was not a poll call, it was a campaign call.

          • I hear you. If somehow they do go through those emails and arrest her, or if Wikileaks reveals something that cannot be ignored, it is too late for a replacement to be put on the ballot but could 0bama postpone the election? How long could it be postponed for? The timing is suspect. Something is not right with this. It feels like a setup but for what?

          • Wikileaks has already revealed things that should not be ignored. The MEDIA is not reporting anymore. They are hiding the truth and playing stupid, or they are really that stupid.

            There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary is currently above the law, as well as 0bama, Holder, Lynch, Patric Kennedy and many more.

            We the People have to decide if we want to be ruled by a bunch of Communist criminals or return to the US Constitution.

            What the Elites have done to this country in the last 8 (no 60 years) years is disgusting.

          • From what I hear, the next email dump is going to reveal something that the media won’t be able to ignore. I hope this is true but I worry about what it will mean for the election. This entire administration is corrupt and with Lynch pleading the 5th on the Iran payments, the only way 0bama is going to prevent the truth from coming out is to do everything he can to stay in office. He also will try to prevent being implicated in the email scandal especially since he knew all along it was illegal and let it continue. He knows that if Trump is elected then he is finished. We are going to have to make damn sure Trump has a landslide victory as he is We The People’s FU to the establishment politicians and the corruption. If 0bama stays in office, there goes the Supreme Court too. Scary times, my friend. I’m afraid of the uncertainties we are facing in this most important election of our lives.

          • Project Veritas has released videos that the MEDIA should not have ignored.
            The MEDIA ignored the Planned Parenthood videos…

            No doubt about it, this is it… After this, the Communists in charge will be in complete control of the Government, but not of the people……

          • Deny deny deny is the cornerstone of those in the political world. We no longer have separate parties nor do we have separate branches of government. The SC and 0bama have written laws (obamacare tax vs penalty and EOs), 0bama has appropriated funds without notifying congress (Iran payments) and all 3 branches have ignored what the people want. It’s minority rules and all this PC bullsh1t has ruined this country. I have one grandson and another grandchild on the way and I am truly afraid of what the future holds for them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Now it’s time for me to enjoy all the Nevada Day festivities.

          • Did you see Dinesh D’Souza’s film, “Hillary’s America.” Deny, Deny, Deny is the cornerstone of all criminals.

            You make excellent points… One has to believe that Paul Ryan is one of them. He has not brought up impeachment charges against 0bama, in spite of all the illegal activities, and has done nothing to slow 0bama down..

            I think that might be why Ryan won his election this time. He has been chosen by the elites.

          • I have not seen it. Is it one that I would have to rent or is it available on YouTube? I started watching Clinton Cash but had to stop so I could get up for work the next morning. I’ve lost all faith in all politicians. I used to think Trey Gowdy had possibility but he is proving to be just another establishment elite. It’s sickening.

          • I think that we send good people to DC, and the cesspool eventually corrupts them all. Some are corrupted by the process of getting elected, others it takes years.

            That is why I am all for Term Limits. They will limit the amount of time in the cesspool.

            I was very encouraged by Trey Gowdy’s strong words about the FBI coward Comey.


          • I have watched most of these but my only question is why not one single one has not consistently pushed to have her revoked of her top secret clearance. Comey admits she’s guilty as hell but she is still receiving classified briefings. That is why I have zero faith in them. That woman should not have any part of our national security.

          • That is a good question… As I understand it, with Hillary’s “Clinton Foundation” connections, she could not pass a background check.

            How did she get one in the first place? She is not a viable candidate. I do not know who gives these people clearances, but it would be worth looking into. Whomever gave Hillary hers, is corrupt as well.

          • I am encouraged that there are so many of us that get it now. We are awakening,

            It seems that a majority of the people are not satisfied with the type of Government that our elites have imposed on us.

            Let us pray that there are still good people within the FBI that will do the right thing.

            We must also do something about the corruption of the election.

            Here is a petition I signed.. Kind of funny petitioning 0bama about a corrupt system… But 100,000 people signed it pretty quickly. I wish I could get 100,000 people to sign one of my petitions…..


          • You’re right. We shouldn’t have to essentially beg the president to do his job and get rid of the corruption. I’m signed up with your website and I try to go in weekly. I will look into this one when I get home. Thanks for the info.

      • Nice to share a site and person who has solutions to all the insanity…

    • Bravo, the nation desperstely needs skilled trade people; let life’s failures (college-educated) take those meaningless gov’t. slots!

    • “- weak, whining, unbelievably ignorant, perpetually offended liberals”
      So well said Natalie….

  13. Put down your manifestos and go out and see the pending END of your decades of indoctrination. All you little self-important socialists will be looking for employment in Venezuela. But not to worry, skippy and the Hollywierd elites will already be there to greet you.

  14. I think the new generation is a bunch of pussys & babies!! Grow up!!

  15. Just as well ttrain them right, if they join the ranks of the G, they need to know how to march in lock-step, like Hitler’s people did!

  16. The costume police are out. Everyone should go to school naked.

  17. Utopia is the dream of the libs, and the means is Forced Utopia like it or not. You must comply.

  18. If Tufts is a publicly funded school, then they have no constitutional authority to restrict First Amendment activity.
    This all started with the Progressive movement back in 1903. They have vowed to “Beat us from within!”

  19. What a bunch of pansy pussies! Just STFU! If you can’t stand the heat, stay to hell OUT OF THE KITCHEN1

  20. On the campus of cute little darling Tufts University (in name only) the move is on to make tradition offensive and PC acceptable. But, therein lies a serious problem; who is capable of providing an objective, sane judgment of what has crossed the PC line? In their juvenile quest to show tolerance, they have exhibited a crass and evil show of intolerance. For shame, Tufts. You will always be a second rate school for the naive, the immature, and the spoiled brat.

  21. Liberals are the ones who are so emotionally messed up that they float their own emotional baggage onto others they “think” are being mistreated — because of their own frailities. They, each one, need psychological counseling to to bring common sense and rationality to their worlds. It’s like a bunch of 5th graders running around screaming “they are picking on Pablo because he isn”t like us”. Well welcome to REALITY!

    Pablo or Devon or Chen or Lucita aren’t like us. They come from different cultures and “young” children see that difference. It’s “how” their parents teach the young children to address the differences that help a child learn to accept those differences as bonuses to their young lives!

    I used to tell my young children that all children are the same beneath their skin color and that they have different lives they came from but still love to play the same games as my children did. Both my children had friends from many cultures, close friends and my children were blessed with a whole new knowledge of another world through their friends from different lands! My kids loved having “different” friends.

    Liberals were never told as children that the world is a different place with many different races and issues. It’s the Diversity that makes us wonderful! When we can’t laugh at ourselves, our differences, we loose what life is about. Laughing, enjoying Halloween because it is a time of craziness is what childhood is all about…NOT a bunch of misguided LIBERALS floating their own frailities over situations because they themselves are a psychological mess!

    Grow up America! Accept differences and accept that life gets crazy. Stop this insanity of wrong doing. Get all liberals some help before they destroy our world too!

  22. Mr. Trump! Please defund these cesspools and let China and Russia pay their fair share.

  23. Wait till these special snowflakes hit the real world they will all FAIL they are too weak and gutless to survive in the real world. These liberal teachers at these schools should all be hung for destroying the youth of this country. The go there to learn not to be indoctrinated by a bunch of worthless morons that were not good enough to get real jobs. If I was a parent my my kids went to one of these schools I would demand my money back.

  24. What about people that are offended by costumes period? Where does this PC crap end?

  25. obama is importing a million jihadists and truly transforming america
    obama is muslim brotherhood and you and your family are truly at risk
    get a gun that is not registered or tracable if you have to use it
    you can toss it in a dumpster and run
    search gunbroker.com “conversion cylinder for cap and ball”
    we got a few of them. and carry them everywhere

  26. carry a gun everywhere these days
    search gunbroker and ebay for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa”
    get protection-we did
    america has been fundamentally transformed

    forget about this nonsense for a bit
    and get a laugh

  27. Being STUPID is one thing, but it is really STUPID that the people who come up with these STUPID ideas and policies are too STUPID to realize the STUPIDITY of their STUPID policies is just plain STUPID. Now that is really being STUPID !!!

  28. I am so fed up with all this pc garbage I want to throw up ( I wanted to say “vomit”, but you never know, it might offend someone!). We are raising a bunch of namby pambys who get “offended’ when someone coughs the wrong way. When will all this craziness stop?

  29. David Arthur Anderson

    Right up Milo’s alley. What a crock.

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