Truth is a Tool of White Supremacy, Say Claremont Students

Two weeks ago, raucous liberal protesters managed to create so much chaos on the campus of Pomona College in Los Angeles that officials had to shut down a speech by Heather Mac Donald, a conservative scholar who has been a prominent critic of the Black Lives Matter movement. The next day, Pomona College President David Oxtoby explained that while the colleges of the Claremont consortium approved of protests, shutting down other ideas was a bridge too far.

“Protest has a legitimate and celebrated place on college campuses,” Oxtoby wrote in an email to all students. “What we cannot support is the act of preventing others from engaging with an invited speaker. Our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth, the collaborative development of knowledge and the betterment of society.”

Three black students took exception to the email, and this week they let Oxtoby know it with an open letter that was published in the school’s Claremont Independent newspaper.

“Free speech, a right many freedom movements have fought for, has recently become a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions. It has not just empowered students from marginalized backgrounds to voice their qualms and criticize aspects of the institution, but it has given those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination a platform to project their bigotry,” the students wrote.

They went on to make an even more extraordinary claim: That “truth,” was in fact a tool of white supremacists.

“Historically, white supremacy has venerated the idea of objectivity, and wielded a dichotomy of ‘subjectivity vs. objectivity’ as a means of silencing oppressed peoples,” they wrote. “The idea that there is a single truth–‘the Truth’–is a construct of the Euro-West that is deeply rooted in the Enlightenment, which was a movement that also described Black and Brown people as both subhuman and impervious to pain. This construction is a myth and white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, capitalism, and the United States of America are all of its progeny. The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search, in matters that endanger our abilities to exist in open spaces, is an attempt to silence oppressed peoples.”

The students are calling on Oxtoby to issue an apology for his email, to ban “hate speech” from the Pomona campus, and to take disciplinary action against conservative columnists who write for the Claremont Independent.

Or else, we assume.

We’ll just say this. If “THE TRUTH” is a Euro-West construction, guess what? You’re living in the Euro-West. If “THE TRUTH” gave rise to capitalism and the United States of America, praise God for that construction. And if “THE TRUTH” doesn’t objectively exist, then – by any reasonable logic – what you’re saying is no closer to it than what Heather Mac Donald and the conservatives at the school newspaper are saying.

If there is no “truth,” then there is no conflict. If there is no truth, the students would not demand that others acquiesce to their version of it.

These idiots never seem to consider the fact that if there is a free speech crackdown in the United States, it might just be their speech that gets censored first.

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  1. What is democratic about shutting down the voice of the opposition with intimidation and violence? This is a tactic used by manipulated groups who think they have all the answers but don’t understand any of the questions. They are being led around by their collective noses by an exploitative elite. Did you ever see a bird with two left wings actually fly? Of course not! You need balance and cutting off the right wing and transplanting it on the left side will ground it forever.

    • By the time my daughter went to college, the principles our family expresses were a part of her personality. If the current generation has a weak moral compass, it’s because my contemporaries dropped the parenting-ball.

      • Amen.

      • You are correct.
        What the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical life forms fail to understand is that there will come a time and place, where we will simply refuse to suffer theses life forms anymore.
        We have been way too patient with these ersatz life forms for 50 years.

        • You got that right roger doger

        • Next time someone misuses the term “liberal” I am going to scream. These people are not liberal – as that indicates freedom to choose. They are totalitarian-authoritarian-bullies, not much unlike fascists or communists.

          • Indeed – leftists are the ones who have “misappropriated” the English language. But, it doesn’t just stop with the word “liberal.” How about the word “gay” (as in the “gay ’90s”? – referring to the 1890s of course, not the 1990s). Back then, “gay” simply meant “happy” or “care-free.” I prefer to use the term “homosexual” – it even annoys the homosexuals because they prefer the euphemism “gay.”

          • Too right! Words DO mean something. I think of LGBTQAI (whatever, the next freaking hyphenation is) as sexual deviance … which is an accurate description. Iam not offended by homosexuality, but I AM offended by MILITANT homosexuality.

          • I use queer to piss them off.

          • Faggot works just as well.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’m far more blunt!
            Q U E E R S is more my wording, meaning ODD. And I haven’t met a QUEER yet that WASN’T odd.. ??

          • Yes, it does give a little feeling of smugness when using the word “homosexual” when referring to them in thier presence. Some really become upset.

            Tough! If they have problem with being hetrophobic…again, Tough!

            I couldn’t care less, their sexual preferences, I do care and object to having their life-style and demand for political correctness shoved down my throat.

          • Oh, lad they are merely ‘sexually bewildered’.

          • The “PC” wave that defined the Clinton era was/is nothing more than cultural marxism.
            America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter
            and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

          • Paulene Perry Dougherty

            True, when I listen to kids use the word “gay” today it seems to have morphed again in its meaning to mean “lame” or “no good”.

          • You’ve got a valid point there, Sol.

          • I think the coercion of the term can be attributed to the FDR propagandists – the so called free press at the time. Little is new when it comes to propaganda.

          • Correctly said, and well put Sol_of_Texas!

          • Paulene Perry Dougherty

            You are correct, radical leftists would be a more acurate term

          • They are the Socialist/Communist Left, nothing more.

      • Maybe , maybe not ! You get 4/6 years of every day every class insidious brain washing, the values you taught at home seem old fashioned ! By the time you see what is happening to your kid they think YOU are stupid and don’t understand what’s going on in the world ! Their professors told them so and THEY are smarter than mommy and daddy !

        • Here’s a little diddy. Look at our lives today. What do you see. Both parents having to work just to make ends meet. If in a major city, the parents may not even get home until 8:30 or 9:00 pm. Understand? Who has our children for most of the day? School first, street second! We have in most cases lost the family unity. Take a look at gangs and our government. What is their message to our young people? You are all alone and no one will take care of you, BUT we will.

        • I became exponentially smarter, as my daughter left her teens behind!

        • First thing each of my daughters (one a physical therapist and the other a molecular biologist) said after a few weeks of college ” I think the teachers in the history, political science and English departments are kind of different”. They were too polite to say flaming moron idiots who think they are the elites that rule the world.

        • Higher education, diplomas, degrees or even doctorates mean one has applied themselves to certain fields for more years and that they most likely have knowledge in these field but in no way does it mean that they have wisdom in that field or any other field.
          Being smarter than mommy and daddy is not the same as having wisdom….
          Truth can and is in many cases manipulated by the liberals to farther their causes in mushing their agendas.. Whenever a liberal teacher says there is no absolute truth it is time to ditch that teach and never ever re-enter his class room.

      • Black college students don’t appear to have HAD any parents. Their behavior isn’t their fault; no one ever told them anything!

        • sandraleesmith46

          The street gangs and schools did; unfortunately, it was all the wrong information.

        • Need to find fault? 12 year olds spreading their legs and to STUPID to understand how we procreate! But, then they do it again and again and again! All on the tax payer dollar!

      • Well said and so true! That “village” is important too, so be careful about the “village” in which your kids participate.

      • Yes; my three daughters were pretty much the only conservatives in their respective universities, yet they managed to make friends without changing their core beliefs. In time, these people may yet see the light as they get older, and hopefully, wiser.

        • My three also were among the only conservatives at their universities. They were among the few whose parents did not divorce.

      • And they did. Those parents of these imbecilic snowflakes are abject failures themselves, for their parents were part and parcel of the “flower power” generation that threw all morality and common sense out the window!!

      • Just as I see it, also.

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      • Honey, you should be sending your pitch to liberal forums. The people that participate in those are the types who believe anything and everything that sounds too good to be true. If you do this, you’ll reel in a whole army of suckers.

        • The most funny thing about the internet money making pitch, is that Google and Youtube are de-monetizing, so that those Youtube stars are being forced to find real work, because the money flow is gone.

    • It is also the tactic used by fascist tyrants in third-world, tin-pot dictatorships, and other liberal-controlled organizations.

      Look at Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito, Pol Pot, Mao, Lenin, Ceaușescu, Amin,

      • Please do not use that term liberal. The Founding Fathers were liberals. These people (Hitler, et al) are totalitarians.

        • They were liberal in their time for their revolutionary ideas and ideals; today, they are the conservatives, because they set the Gold Standard, our Foundation. Liberals in today’s society, only want to tear down and destroy what our Founders’ set to parchment; they want to stray on the path to Destruction, and drag the rest of us with them.

    • Very nice analogy. Thanks.

    • Brilliant, Justin. May I plagiarize your analogy?

    • ROFLMAO! Justin, that was a great post!! You made my day.

    • If truth is a tool of white supremacy, then lies are the tool of leftist demented Democrats. They stifle free speech when any speech disagrees with them. They do not honor freedom of religion unless it pertains to Muslims and various marijuana cults. They support violence upon dissident voices and yet think they are immune from assault charges. Any speech which disagrees with their point of view is hate speech and not allowed. Along with many others, I fought for “FREE SPEECH” on college campuses in the 1960s. Since that time, “free speech squares and alleys” were established on most college campuses. Those areas were turned into “safe zones” where those going therein did not have to hear anything they disagreed with, and were free from “nonaggression.”

    • I never saw a bird with 2 left wings actually fly but I did see a dog with 2 left wings try to fly. It just couldn’t get off the beach no matter how hard it tried. As I understand it, this left winged dog is the DNCs replacement mascot for the jackass.

  2. vincent deredita

    Bring back the KKK!!!

  3. Contrary to what the bottom feeders on the Left believe The ‘TRUTH’ shall
    set you free. Unfortunately for them it exposes their lies, corruption and attempt
    to destroy the freedoms the American People have. They cannot stand up in the
    light of day with their lies exposed and the could be considered “Racist” to them
    especially when it destroy and all arguments they try to make or when they
    attempt to win by slander and lying about others rather than telling the truth
    that they are only concerned about power and domination over others and
    their ability to enrich themselves by stealing from the Public TAX PAYERS.

  4. Good little, Godless communists. They do not know God, therefore they do not know the truth or peace.

  5. The time will come when these young folks will have to grow-up! And those day’s will be the worst days of their lives! The world and all societies have ways of dealing with those who can’t stand-up to reality, it is often known as poverty and complete failure! Always try to understand that “Rights” are a two-way road!

  6. It seems these three students don’t care about truth! They only care about what has faultsly been fed to them by radicals. They want their say, which is their right, but not to let the opposition to have the same chance is SO incorrect!

  7. “…“truth,” was in fact a tool of white supremacists…”
    So say 3 black, snowflake, idiotic, moron, maggot students.
    Seems as if these 3 are the ones actually unable of uttering the truth.
    No wonder some fools never seem to be successful, they perpetually hide behind some bullshit notions.
    Hard for some of these maggots to achieve success with other bullshit logic directed towards other intellectual blacks that “are acting like white people”. Yep, that’s right, let’s dumb each other down while climbing the ladder of success.
    What pitiful nonsense.

  8. Liberals don’t believe in the “truth” as it calls for accountability and normalcy, neither of which is part of their agenda. Shutting down conversation is Communism and that is what had become the liberals platform. When you condone rioting, looting and physical violence you have gone to the dark side and that is not what America is all about. Professors and weak parenting has allowed this nonsense to become the everyday attitude of students, media and liberal leadership throughout our country. Free speech does not include becoming animals and treating others with disrespect. Morality and decency has not place in the liberal mindset.

  9. Lock and load folks. Bloodshed is inevitable. Semper Fi!!

    • Francisco Machado

      A group of unprincipled often violent ruffians coördinated under the ideology of totalitarian societal control of thought and word. A definition of the Sturmabteilung. and we know what became of them when they were no longer useful. And, ultimately, of the ideology they promoted.

      • I seem to remember that being called the “Night of Long Knifes.” All the dangerous radicals being wiped out by the functionaries of the Nazi Party.

        • If I recall correctly the dangerous radicals were the Nazi party. The night of the long knives solidified Nazi control. Soon after hitler had the brown shirts killed to the man. Then the black shirts the SS became his personal protectors.

          • Well said. The useful idiots were the Brown shirts, who did the Antifa like activities of arson, mob action and such, and the Black shirts killed them, so they could not revolt on the Nazi later. Very similar to the Communist Revolution in Russia, where Lenin had many of his original revolutionaries killed by the communist party, because they were seen as too subversive and a threat to the State.

          • That’s fairly accurate.

          • I believe the consecration camps were built before Hitler came into power much like our FEMA camps of today.


        • The night you refer to attacked Jewish business’s. Do you want to crank up the ovens again? I’m cool with that, only different buns this time. Such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. And lots of liberals.

          • Francisco Machado

            Kristallnacht was the attack on the Jewish businesses.

          • That’s what I said, numb nuts. Fransisco. You must be an illegal alien.

          • Francisco Machado

            The Night of the Long Knives, 30 June ’34, to which Brooks refers was when the NAZIs held power and killed off the radical Sturmabteilung members whose violence had helped bring them to that position of power. The Röhm Putsch, Kristallnacht, was the pogrom against Jews. It happened in November of ’38.

          • Francisco, I think Jcluvs is a troll, because he is short on history and long on insults. What you said matches what I learned on that history.

          • No, you are talking about Kristolnoht, which was the smashing of business windows, and was part of the actions by the Brownshirts to terrorize not just Jews, but Gays, Communists, and any target group the Nazi were trying to scare.

            The Night of Long Knives occured after the Brownshirts were no longer useful, and Hitler had burned the Riechtstag, which gave him the false flag he needed to become ruler.

            Please actually read what I am talking about before you go all cromagnon on me. It makes your comments sound less embarrassing.

    • The lines are being drawn bro. A new civil war is inevitable. The wagons are being circled, And the snowflakes will melt.

    • Damn right. Semper Fi!!

  10. These SnowFlakes still don’t believe, for instance, that Black Lies Matter is based on a Proven Lie. They continue espousing un-Amercian activities and rioting, calling it “Freedom of Speech” . . . . Lunatics!

    Freedom of Speech and Assemblage assumes those who use it, are civilized folks, not radical “wackos” with evil intent on their minds.

    • They do, I believe, demonstrate the sum total of their specific indoctrination center education. They are the centers that used to be our colleges and universities. They are even in our public schools. This left wing radical idiocy has even seeped into our media and the legislative government itself. Like it or not America is slowly being consumed by this ideology. I would like to think we elected President Trump in time to turn this once great nation around but only time will tell about that. However, if we do not wish to lose this once great nation we too must take action where necessary. One president can not do it all. He also must have our total support.

      These progressive communistic so called democrats are moving to overthrow this constitution and the free market system they do mean to fundamentally transform America with or without obama as president. Furthermore, he is still engaged make no mistake about that! That is the goal of this open resistance.

      If America is to survive we will have to navigate some very rough roads ahead. There is a price that must be paid for the mistake America made in November 2008. It is coming due now!

      • Spot On Analysis !

        We have known the Communist Goals in America for just over 50 years and most of their objectives have been reached, especially in the “education system” which has become an “indoctrination System” . . . . and it only gets worse as SnowFlakes graduate and carry their irrationality to the work places and become “government elected and selected’s”.

    • If u don’t stand up to the communist you’ll be slaughter like the animals they believe us to be?

  11. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder….

  12. Truth is the Nemesis of oppression.

  13. This is the absolute proof that college is a joke as far as educating some people. If these idiots have so little respect for the truth and honesty, they go together, this bullcrap school must be helping drive these opinions. They would do better by respecting other people and in return would receive respect! As they are now, they have zero value to anyone, blacks or whites and will become a larger drain on the welfare system as time passes! We got a shit load of dishwashers and buss people and waiters already!!!

    • MSM propagandist’s push a lot of this BS, and the indoctrinated soak it up like sponges…all financed by globalist’s…makes them useful idiot’s and they are to stupid to know it

  14. The proof is in the pudding…the indoctrination has over taking the education system, and is leaving badly prepared idiot’s in its wake!

  15. disqus_qSvrJpGZe6

    Well is that untruth is the tool of black supremacy? Sure seems so.

  16. This reaction by “students” tells us in DETAIL how their little pea brains are unable to “function”. One wonders how long they will use up space in the university that some thinking person might be able to use effectively – it is obvious these students do not have the brain power to benefit from their stay at the university. Sure do hope my tax dollars are not helping them destroy the nation.

  17. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

  18. No! He is delusional. Truth existed a long time before all of this nonsense about white supremacy. They should be teaching truth in this white college and all colleges. Truth is truth and is not a tool.

  19. Truth is what America was founded on and yes that was and is Jesus Christ. Sadly today our students are being lied to making them fools. Ignorance and immorality follows. Trump should focus on the conspiracies to undermine America and clean house in the education system.

  20. Why would anyone waste their time responding to these idiots. They should prepare themselves for the inevitable “unemployable” status.

  21. This entitlement group of individuals along with all of the belly aching minorities are all blaming the wrong people and if you follow the logic, they are blaming themselves. It is not the hard working people, it is not the whites, it certainly is not the law; it boils down to the useless politicians that they keep voting in and who really do nothing to advance them, because they want them exactly where they are so they and continue to lie and get their votes and line their own corrupt pockets. It is certainly none of the dedicated educational professionals that work tirelessly to properly educate on every level, it is those so called teachers and professors that bring their own agenda to the classroom along with a nonsensical course of studies. How about we try and get back to the basics where values and respect were taught. No society has not failed you delicate little flowers, the truth and the real world is just being hidden from you by corruption, false religions and false political ideology. Seek your own truth and stop depending on bull shit.

  22. Truth is…these “educated morons” are living a lie, based on Queer Logic (absence of both common sense and logic)!

  23. MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

    If living in the “Euro-West”is so oppressive, egregious–what have you,,to you “Hyper-melanin” types,,,,then leave. Go to that big “Afro-East” continent. Leave the White Civilization, live in any of those Afro-nations, run by Afro types,,,there are so many Afro-utopias awaiting your Black studies “edumacated” azzes, just look at what 200 years of Afro majority operation, each, has done for those shining examples of Afro-ness: Haiti and Liberia,,not to mention the rest of the sub-Saharan shtthole that is “Afro-ca”

  24. Francisco Machado

    Jack Nicholson’s line “You can’t handle the truth!” fits the situation well.

  25. Sheer Leftist lunacy.

  26. Wow Harvey Mudd, Is the Yak still alive or did you outlaw pool to. Good ole Claremont I havent been back that way for 40 years. Well you guys dont have to worry Trump will take you off vouchers & food stamps. You have been getting a free ride for far to long, now thats the truth. Youre going to in the future have to test clean for government assistance, and youre not going to pass a urine test, now thats the truth. Trump will shut off the flow of goods coming into the country from China. Hes bringing blue color factory jobs back youre not going to make it, now thats the truth. You never did like the truth so you make up your own. The problem is the real world can live without you, Now thats the truth.Southern California Pomona / Chino/ Ontario / La Verne / Upland used to be a great place to live but not anymore,Get a job and grow the hell up. Now thats the truth. Move to San Yasidro and see if what their idea of truth is? Better yet if you want the real flavor of Mexican justice go past
    Ensenada. You will be gaurateed to come back to a different person. Its very possible your heart might go to a clinic in San Berdino / your kidney to Riverside. Now thats the truth.

  27. And just what would be expected of the leftest? Stupid is as stupid does and comments like those by the “students” prove it.

  28. The sad thing is, those black leftist radicals have admitted the great belief of the Muslim and non-west thought process.

    That belief is that lying is a crucial aspect to cultural and religious conflict, and fighting logic and reason and sanity itself is vital for insane ideologys of the Muslim world and much of the third world.

    If you can throw logic, reason and sanity in the garbage, then you can focus on the mindlesss barbarism and crazy of Islamic genocide, black supremacist ideology and blind race hatred that is getting the entire white race in South Africa murdered with a big old grin and laughing.

    This is the clarion call of the barbarian, violent horde and the genocidal tribal mob, and has been done since violent tribes killed and ate each other on the african veldt.

    This siren call to Politics dominating Truth, sanity, logic, and thought, and the use of anger and hate, has been the tool of third world revolutionaries, totalitarians and lunaticks since forever.

    I now understand why they wear vagina hats on their heads. That is what they are thinking with, or the male counterparts.

  29. So they just don’t want to hear the truth other than what they claim it is. Hummmmmm is that Freedom?

  30. So TRUTH is a “white thing”? I wish I could so eloquently define the word truth as did the person above in that one paragraph, but I can’t. The reason I can’t is not because of lack of education or because of my race. The definition of truth is very simple. Truth is truth and not a lie. While there are many definitions of the word lie, truth has only one. The reason so many hate truth is because they are liars. They lie to cover up all illegal dealings. The truth exposes their criminal activity and so they hate the TRUTH! Some get away with their lies, but eventually the TRUTH catches up to them. We as a nation have lived within a turmoil of lies and deception with all of our government agencies for more than 70 years! Well, guess what? Today is the dawning of a new day. Hopefully a new decade; a new century. Lies will destroy us. We have a slight idea of how close to destruction we came as a nation and in time to come we will witness the REAL truths of the lies that almost destroyed us as a nation! So why are all of these democommies, Rinos, elite establishment, socialist and communist embedded within our nation and government so afraid of the truth?????? You tell me!

  31. Black Lies Matter. Really? Better yet, only Black Lies Matter. True? No, but who cares?

  32. The brown shirts are coming! The brown shirts are coming! Suppression of the truth is the primary tool of the Left.

  33. No civilized individual has the right to shut down free speech. Period.

  34. The ignorance of this is beyond description! Suffice to say, this is a “college” in the state of Californicate! Enough said!

  35. No.1 – Black Lives Matter was sired by GEORGE SOROS – not an American – and created to ENCOURAGE CHAOS AND DISSENSION. College students are the perfect storm for BLM because they have no wisdom, only energy and misdirection.

    When Colleges/Universities actually “teach” instead of “incite”, our world will be a better place! If those immature college children want to make a name for themselves, do it through expanding their minds via knowledge — the actual reason they went to college – NOT the righteous bluster they think makes them grown ups — they are but mere children, still!

    All that bluster reveals a student full of new unexperienced “sexual” tension (it’s common for that phase of life) and no where to go with it. Perhaps a Spring Break will lighten their bluster load?

    Having gone to College, this sounds all to common. Get a bunch of sexually frustrated students together and they are ready to tear down Mt Rushmore. But give them a Spring Break, a lot of music, drinking and sex and their concerns seem to shrink rapidly. It’s a phase that most College students experience!!

    Where the poison comes in is in groups that George Soros funds to create chaos in our Nation. BLM is one of those bastards “fathered” by Soros. If you want to rid America of the poisons being forced on our children – including College students — GET RID OF GEORGE SOROS, GLOBALIST-LOVING OLD DWIBE.

    He is the poison in our Society, not College students – he eats them for breakfast and spits out his minions to do his dirty work. He is not a higher thinker but an evil old man who sold his Mother and Father to the Natzis for a pocketful of change when he was 14 years old. Look it up! Be ready to throw up reading his unthinkable evil acts he has done throughout his greedy life. ★★★★Keep him away from our children because his evilness smothers all he speaks to…★★★★

  36. The reality is We are losing this Republic and it’s inherent nature of Freedom and Liberty to a cancerous Enemy within that needs a radical excising as a cancer in a individual would. Not only to remove the infected part but the surrounding and suspect tissue therein combined with the intensive application of sometimes violent and radical forms of preventative measures.
    Like a ship perpetually springing leaks with every repair two more appear, the time to scuttle the boat completely and be done with it has come.
    This cancer in it’s many forms must be removed entirely if health is to be restored to this “once upon a time” Republic; these cancers; multiculturalism, diversity, anti-Nationalism, Globalism, open borders along with the Cultural Marxist Ideology and the subversively incremental “communist” playbook that is Liberalism/Progressivism that is the Democrat Socialist Party today MUST be Removed and done so with the only recourse left to us Patriot Americans; the deployment of Our 2nd Amendment as it was intended to “throw off” the Tyranny upon us, the exercise of debate, compromise and civility is long past due and the time for decisive ACTION is yesterday. Enough of this Sedition, Subversion, Subterfuge and Treason — the time for destroying the Enemy before it destroys us is NOW!!!

  37. These idiots never ponder anything beyond the absurd nonsense that comes out of their ‘poor me, I’m a victim and everyone else must tiptoe around me forever’
    circle jerks. The fault lies entirely with academia, which has, over the last eight years of constant race peddling, division, hate and bigotry against anything conservative from the Whitehouse and Democrats, coddled these morons to the point they truly cannot see beyond the tip of their arrogant, sneering, upturned noses. Their spineless teachers and administrators, so very terrified of being labeled by the lunatic left and stripped of their cushy jobs seem perfectly willing to let these kids completely ruin any chance they have of functioning in the real world. Because when they try this idiocy with a boss who doesn’t have time to run a daycare for delicate snowflakes they’ll be fired, again and again. And then spend all their time falsely accusing their former employers of racism for not grovelling at their feet, like their ‘college’s’ did. This is Obama’s real legacy, you have to wonder, is he proud of it?

    • Is Sodomite Hussein OIslam proud of his “Legacy?” That Demonic Fraud is ecstatic about the destruction he has wrought upon this Nation as a Muslim Brotherhood Subversive, Illegal Alien Marxist Alinskyite Cloward-Piven Strategist would be. He’s just disappointed that he wasn’t able to have us under Martial Law before being evicted from the White House. Now he, the Clinton’s and Bush’s have to be Burned Alive on National T.V. so we can attempt to restore this Constitutional Representative Republic before it becomes a real “Democracy” a Mob Rule Dictatorship.

  38. Far out! I guess this means Jesus must have been a white supremacist. In John 14:6 Jesus says “I am the way and the truth and the life”. I don’t believe Jesus was a white supremacist, what I do believe is that these black morons are so lost in the woods that they will never be found. As long as they blame others for being lost and as long as their leaders continue to stand behind them, it is guaranteed they will live out their lives lost in the woods. It’s too bad these dummies have so little guidance-if someone actually cared for them they would tell them the TRUTH and they could live a fulfilled life.

  39. Utter nonsense. Claptrap. All sound and fury signifying nothing. If ‘truth’ is a tool of white supremacists, then lies are a tool of black ‘victim-hood’.

  40. The “Institution” responsible for this dissension and sedition etc, where it’s mission when it began in 1924 was to subvert and destroy education in America to destroy, circumvent and lie about Our Nationalism was/is the “Council on Foreign Relations.” This subversive Enemy movement within has had as it’s members ALL the big politicians of the 20th and 21st century and almost every POTUS since it’s inception except for three: Eisenhower, JFK and Reagan (that should tell you that they were REAL American President’s).
    The C.F.R. was the “Club” for incremental World Domination started by the “Bankers and Industrialist’s” who gave us the Federal Reserve —Warburgs, Shiffs, Morgan, Harriman, Rockefeller’s etc, all beholden to the Rothschild Luciferian Banker Family Dynasty. This IS, and these Are what needs to be “Taken Out” if we are to excise the cancer and the Enemy within.

  41. What a bunch of wing nuts!

  42. So essentially they are saying only blacks should have freedom of speech and everyone else is a bigot and broadcasts hate speech. You should all go back to Africa.

  43. If indeed TRUTH is nothing more than a tool of white supremacists. Then indeed if “Black Lives Matter” is at all recognized as being a TRUTH, it must therefore be a tool of white supremacy. Ergo, Black Lives Matter is only a tool of white supremacy, as such it has no relevancy in today’s America.

    • I actually agree with you. As BLM is a negative hate-filled angry violent group, that has caused more blacks to end up in prison, destroy lives, and as hate usually begets hate – it HAS increased the hate and anger BY ANY DISSENTING GROUP AGAINST BLACKS!!! White supremacists WILL WIN AGAIN. And, the financial supporters of BLM like Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, etc. HAVE MADE MILLIONS OF $ BY KEEPING BLACKS DEPENDENT.

  44. Stuart Cockerham

    What passes for truth or critical thinking these days never ceases to amaze me. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jesus also claimed that he was indeed the truth. When I found the truth in the Bible and the Word (truth) made flesh in the form of Jesus Christ, I started to question all the so-called truths that are taught by our government, in schools, even in the churches I learned to cherish the whole truth.

    On the other side of that coin, I can only take a limited amount of the constant lies in our society without speaking truth to the lies. This tendency can make you alot of enemies real fast, but I’m determined not to acquiesce to the lies that abound, no matter whose mouth speaks them.

    On that same note, I got where I could not stand to listen to the continual lies coming from former Pres. Barack H. Obama or Hillary Clinton. I mean what’s the point of paying much attention to someone who is a compulsive liar, whether they are the main-stream ene-media, the president, BLM or the Demon-rat party. Satan is the father of lies! I’m just saying!

    • As with “Sandra…”, I wish I could give you more than “1 up vote”. We’re all very tired of this BS, and those who ACTUALLY believe and promote the BS.

  45. That’s a whole lot of blathering to try to justify that the dissenting students are full of schittt.

  46. these students only want one voice to be heard thus they use anything to make this happen. I hope most of our youth have enough stenght to know that only by hearing from ALL sides will be truly have strengh and fairness in our society

  47. sandraleesmith46

    The concept of A SINGLE Truth is rooted in the Bible, in fact, in the Person of Jesus Christ, Who declared Himself to be THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life; singular in each instance, meaning there is NO other option or possibility. He predated the “enlightenment’ by some 1400 years, when He walked among humans, and made that statement, but He, Himself is older than time; HE was present at and the originator of the entirety of creation. It may be chic and fashionable to deny the Bible and Yhwh God’s Word; but it’s a deadly fashion. Our Constitution was predicated on the principles of freedom and personal accountability found ONLY in Christianity. These who deny that are denying TRUTH!

    • If I could give you more than “1 up vote”, I would. I’m so tired of this liberal BS. Talking points, using different words for “their OWN meaning” in order to change the belief by these ill-informed cry babies,… I’m so glad I won’t be “attempting” to work with any of them in REAL LIFE.

      • sandraleesmith46

        I agree; changing the definitions of words hampers communication, because we literally are no longer speaking the same language.

        • That tactic works on the poorly educated in our nation. They have a gut reaction to “some words”, and then when the far left uses a softer or more vague word, they really don’t believe it means the same thing. There is no way to educate that type of stupidity, and I’ve tried. It’s a constant battle trying to “express medical insurance facts” with people who don’t understand any of it. They also prefer to believe what they want, so will never investigate anything. It’s so sad, but as an old person, I feel it’s worth it.

          • sandraleesmith46

            And that’s why it’s used: because the useful idiots won’t question or challenge it.

  48. More proof that the liberal mindset is only a vaginal discharge.

  49. Become a member of “BMM”. Bowel Moves Matter. It’s the same as “BLM”, basically. All blacks are fecal matter.

  50. do we have enough trees and ropes to go around? i hear that there are only two forms of life that love liberals. other liberals and vultures.

  51. LIBERALS – the modern name for the village idiots that can’t work – hunt or fish for themselves and demand that taxpayers supply their right to have everything given to them…..TRUTH – that’s something that has been EXTINCTED by these NUTZ…..

    • “Liberal” is in fact a re-branding of “communist”, started back in the 1950’s during the Cold War with the USSR when American commies kept losing elections.

  52. ok Clairmont college, let those idiots know it will now cost more to go to college because you lost your Federal Funding.

  53. There exists “TRUTH” – whether these left-wingnut lunatics like it or not! “1+1=2” is a “TRUE” statement. And, if that’s too childish an example, how about “exp(i*pi) + 1 = 0” – which is also a “TRUE” statement, provable by comparing their Taylor series expansions (its also a basis for all alternating circuit calculations made be electrical engineers, so if its “not true,” then “so much for our electrical grid,” which must therefore not exist either!) (oops, I’m writing this post on a computer, connected to the internet, which runs on alternating current from the grid – I guess it must exist after all … a variation on “I think, therefore I am.”) These post-modern freaks are really beginning to annoy me! Their ideas are so clearly, provably false its ridiculous. So, if adherence to “actual TRUTH (not to mention actual FACTS)” makes me a white supremacist, okay, then I guess I’m a white supremacist! Left-wing nutjob insults mean nothing to me!

  54. Ahhhh. Democrat snowflakes, the farce is strong amongst you. I find it amazing that even though you borrow tens of thousands of dollars from the government student loan program, or worse, take it from your parents hard earned retirement savings, and buy what should be a great education, it seems none of you have the common sense to pour pee out of your shoe with the instructions written on the heel! When you grow up and see the democrat party for the communistic ideals they promote, you can start making public announcements and pronouncements. Until then, try to keep your childish babbling to yourselves. You make yourselves look foolish for sure. Go find a socialist utopia in a nice communist country and go live there. And when you make a stupid statement there, they will offer you a blindfold and a nice dirt mound to stand in front of, and then things will get real interesting for ya! Make sure to keep screaming your propaganda until the end!

  55. Everyone “else” is doing it to the Blacks! The Blacks have absolutely no responsibility for what the Whites or anyone else thinks about them! They can hate others, but if anyone acts with malice towards Blacks, they cry “foul”, “racism”, discrimination” and everything else! It is NEVER the fault of the Blacks! So there!

    • People like Obama, Sharpton, Farrakhan, etc. have made millions encouraging blacks to STAY DEPENDENT by preaching the “victimhood” ideology. The problem with “victimhood”, is the victim has NO POWER, and it’s the victimizer that has all the power and needs to change. This is fact and as the far left/libs/dems. preach this, THE ONLY WAY FOR THESE POOR BLACKS TO BE SUCCESSFUL CITIZENS, IS TO NOT BELIEVE THE DEM. PROPAGANDA. Successes like Dr.Carson, were taught by their parents, THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN SUCCES.

  56. What a crock of BS!

  57. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    The truth is something the leftist retards can never tolerate, because it exposes what hypocritical bigots they really are.

  58. Someone needs to inform these supposedly “learned” students that free speech is a 2-way street. Just like you expect those you oppose to respect YOUR right to free speech, YOU need to respect THEIR right to free speech. A concept that is obviously lost on most college campuses across the country. So, so very sad (and disgusting).

  59. These “protesters” sound and act exactly like a bunch of spoiled rotten brats, which might well be exactly what they are. If you disagree with a speaker, when and if questions or comments from the audience are sought, speak up then, but remember that others might not think much of a speaker you like or agree with. How would you like them being shouted down. I rather suspect that these protesters wouldn’t much like that, though the following has been correctly noted. What goes around, comes around. I submit that these protesters consider that, though I seriously doubt that they ever will. In conclusion, you can always simply stay away, if that isn’t to simple and direct an option for such “caring,concerned” types as these protesters would represent themselves as being.

  60. Michael Dennewitz

    When are all these little pussy, breastfed woosies gonna knock off this racist shit?? Can anyone even begin to imagine what the hell this country will be like in 10 years if today’s youth are running it?? I’m damned glad I don’t have many years left!! ??

  61. charles johnston

    Since when has the truth been a tool of anything but freedom? These derainged twits have zero clue about freedom or any concept that their freedom ends where another’s begins. It is truly bizarre that any group of people got into any college with these views, but then most of the colleges are now bastions of liberal idiocy. . . so never mind.

  62. Good grief, and just when I thought commie-liberal college kids couldn’t get any DUMBER, they always prove that they CAN.

  63. Interesting the fuss is against the “white race” or Caucasians which I dare say the wild eyed professors belong to regardless of their own warped world view.

  64. For those too young to remember, or perhaps never even knew about, I offer a succinct quote from an expert in the propaganda field. Enjoy.
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent,
    for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”. – Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Nazi Propaganda

  65. These brainwashed, ignorant leeching morons think that the truth is the white mans tool of suppression? The money from “white man’s” grants and student loans finances these current and future “System Leeches”. They better learn now that the TRUTH is THE TRUTH and not Left Wing, Liberal Bullshit!

  66. vincent deredita


  67. Statements like this is what is creating a new generation of people who are fed up with affirmative action and all the other programs that are associated with minorities. These kind of statements make people want to remove any and all government support to the academia supporting this crap. They teach reverse racism to the naive idiots that the high school teachers have let graduate without a lick of common sense. The only way to fix idiots like this is to put them in the military when they first get out of high school and see what the real world is all about before getting their snowflake degrees. The current state of the educational faculties is a disgrace!

  68. Mike from Burnsville

    Insanity. Plain and simple.

  69. These are college kids that are acting exactly like college kids. If you went to college you would remember the intenseness of life and your rage at unfairness. A lot of this is pent up sexual tension that all college students feel — they just get confused about where the intense feelings are coming from. Give the same college students Spring Break full of loud music, drinking and sex (yes, parents, Sex!) and the intenseness recedes into another week of craming for mid terms etc. and showing your latest “Selfies”.

    Here’s the dangerous part happening today. Groups like Black Lives Matter are being pushed as legitimate concerns when they are the offspring of George Soros creation. He is funding BLM as well as La Raza, etc because they are chaos creators and Globalists want the U.S. in chaos so they can control it. BLM is a means to an end – and NOT the end our wisdomless college students think. They are being used by Soros to change the direction of our Society — not to help it.

    ★★★If you have College students (or even if you don’t), GET INFORMED AND DISCUSS WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING AND THAT THEY ARE BEING MISLED BY A SOCIOPATH WHO SOLD HIS OWN MOTHER AND FATHER TO THE NATZIS WHEN HE WAS 14 YEARS OLD — FOR A POCKETFUL OF CHANGE.★★★ If he sold his own parents for a few pieces of silver, wouldn’t he use anyone or anything for personal gain? He would…and he is! Don’t let your college students be used to further Soros agenda. Educate them so they know the difference between “Good” and “Evil”, I.e. George Soros.

    • GardianFlame, you are very insightful! I sometimes just feel irritated with our nation’s youth, sometimes forgetting the fact that they ARE young! Thanks

      • I’m guilty of that too until I put myself in their shoes…and remembered how crazy those years were! I always thought I had all the answers when in reality I had no wisdom yet. They are still children finding themselves…just like all of us once were. 🙂


          Tired of being hassled by adults?

          ACT NOW!

          Move out, get a job, pay your own bills . . . WHILE YOU STILL KNOW EVERYTHING!

  70. BLM is a phony organization, just another band of thugs. They should be dealt with like any criminals.

  71. Violence and anarchy are the tools of the Left. The lawless should feel the full force of law and order!

  72. The lunacy of the left on display for all to see in — where else? — California.

    “They went on to make an even more extraordinary claim: That “truth,” was in fact a tool of white supremacists.”

    The liberal controlled education is clearly failing to develop the minds of these mental midgets.

  73. Lucifer’s children, and they likely deny his existence.

  74. How DARE those students shut down a guest speaker with views other than their own. Those students not only owe that conservative speaker a PUBLIC apology, but they absolutely owe the College President, David Oxtoby, an apology for their rude and unconscionable behavior.

    If this is indeed the road these intolerable students insist on taking, it’s high time the college, universities too, take the action of suspending their enrollment as this kind of NONSENSE is thoroughly impacting the reputation of these ‘halls of higher education’!!!

    These intolerable students ought to be individually SUED for their seditious behavior, their intolerable intolerance, and for their defaming the reputations of those schools!!! Time to take legal action against these students and teach them that what they are doing is absolutely WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL!!!!

  75. The liberal progressive, pinko commie. koolaid drinking, snowflake moonbats time is coming sooner that later. They are going to get theirs. It will be such a surprise…! Oooo….Rahhhh….! Semper Fi….!

  76. Truth is Truth, past, present and future.
    Relativism has no basis, so it cannot/will not survive by it own acknowledgement…..

  77. There’s an anarchist leftist are being used through the brainwash of the college professors and scum like the fake we had in the White House. Now they think they’re in Bolden ,they think they have all the answers, their answers or false and fake, they have not sketch of truth in them. They have no experience of life, but then again neither did the stupid people follow the Hitler and Stalin ! As of great leader one said ,those who do not know history, it is bound to repeat.

  78. anAmericanByChoice

    More inanity! Good Heavens, when will it stop? For these mentally diminished nitwits “the truth” is what they think, believe and want to impose on others. Disagree (with anything they say) and you are a racist, bigot, supremacist, and what not. There is a simple solution, guys, pack up and move to some socialist/communist country. Don’t like it here, go, move, good riddance! And don’t let the door hit you on the butt on your way out! The USA will be a better place without you.

  79. The “truth” those dumb black students will have to face is that they cannot change the world by their demands! That society will fall hard on them and terminate them with large doses of reality and truth in the “real world”! Now that is something worth waiting and watching for! The STUPID SHALL BE PUNISHED!

  80. I’ll give this president a couple of days before he folds like a newspaper; shucks – he and his officials kept the conservative speaker away in order to quell chaos before then saying it goes too far: he’s a double-minded man and without the “stones” to do his job, which SHOULD have been asking for extra support to bring in the speaker. Now that black students have issued him an ultimatum, he’ll no doubt give in; they’ve as much as already branded him and the newspaper and the college as racists tools, so to save student tuition accounts, if HE doesn’t fold on his own, he’ll be forced to do so by his own board. This is the path of private and public colleges the last ten years, and it’s why graduates come out dumber about life than ever, as well as dumb about academic things; they spend all their time, with the blessings and kiss-ass policies of the colleges, trying to turn things upside down – like making truth a weapon of conservative. Talk about stupid!

  81. What a classic bunch of BS! The truth is the truth, eve if it is incomvenient.

  82. You’ve herd of the $#it family, haven’t you? There’s horse$#it, bull$#it and crock-of-$#it. Well, these are their progeny… full-of-$#it. They smell, (reeking of foolishness) and arrogance.

    I have a college education, but am humble enough to know that the truth is unalterable fact. You can’t hide from it. There’s no escaping it, but these “little snowflakes” have mentally removed themselves so far from reality that they find the truth “too frightening to face”. In the film “A Few Good Men”, Tom Cruise was asked by Jack Nicholson “What do you want?” Tom said, “I want the truth!” Jack’s response seems to be appropriate to the students of Claremont when he says… “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

  83. TRUTH:

    Until blacks start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures, they will never get ahead, but continue to wallow in self-pity reinforced by purposeful ignorance.

  84. I guess I’m sticking to the truth then. Plus I’m white. YAY.

  85. For idiots like this, there can no longer anything called higher education because they sound like they have elementary school education. This is another of the BLM, and was also for Obama that wrong is right. It is just another way to try to confuse you. It worked for Obama for a while, but it doesn’t have a prayer for these idiots. Besides everything about BLM has been proved a lie, so why would anyone waste more than split second thought on what their message was about.

  86. It’s called free speech and it’s any legal American’s right to use it. This comes back to Obama and his 8 years of political correctness which has destroyed free speech in this country and the country itself.
    In America, you now have the inmates running the asylum.

  87. Lefties cannot accept discussion and disagreement. They demand total control.

  88. Well there you have it…liberal progressives are all about falsehoods and fake news, whatever supports their agenda.

  89. vincent deredita

    I hate NIGGERS CHILI PEPPERS and MUSLIMS. Bring back the KKK!!

  90. Radicals consider speaking the truth to be “hate speech” because they hate to hear the truth.

  91. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    These SJWs have as Nietzsche would say, have , in fighting monsters, becomebthe monsters themselves.

  92. “The truth…” has been used since bible times as one of the descriptions of our LORD JESUS CHRIST! It is used in John 14:6 —-“I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man cometh to the father but by me.” The truth is ALWAYS the truth, regardless of how it is used!

  93. The left is becoming unhinged and scary. Instead of being open to diverse opinions, they want to shut anyone down whose opinion differs from their own. Disgraceful. If people really want to avoid the “Euro-West”, this is the time for them to get back in touch with their roots elsewhere. Like in another country on another continent.

  94. WE have a problem with understanding.
    When the telephone was invented it allowed for communication both ways, much like Lars Larson.
    When the Soviets wanted to communicate, they used loud speakers, like our mainstream media.
    The Media has been spinning the “truth” to wind people up and spread their agenda and their beliefs regardless of the truth. When they were found to be wrong about the election, they should have been shut down by the FCC.
    If you can’t argue the other side of an argument than you don’t understand the whole of the issue.

  95. I want our 2nd American Revolution to start right the fuq now!

  96. In our KJV bible our Lord JESUS CHRIST said —-“I am the way, THE TRUTH, and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me.” ….Are they against him too???

  97. By the Claremont statement, they are stating that lies and falsehood are the black, liberal position.

  98. White supremacy has nothing to do with it. It’s all about common sense and right and wrong. They talk about all the rich Republicans but failed to look in the mirror and see themselves as the majority of the rich. The Democrats remind me of the little rich kid with this spiffy bowtie that wants everyone to play by his rules or he will go home and tell his mommy. It is time for the working class to shit or get off the pot one or the other make a stand for the right and just and the American way.

  99. and lies are the “tools” of the campus morons, major media twits, and they are enjoying a huge amount of company off campus among parasites, air heads, and other assorted commie loving aholes….we are witnessing the “indoctrination” of a nation…film at 11

  100. anthony j. manzo

    I think most of these CHILDREN should be brought home and let their mommies change their diapers. And if their mommies and daddies are good American parents they will redden that choice part of the anatomy that god has provided them for that purpose. Their parents also should check the people they have put in charge of educating their children. I would never let these pseudo intellectual IDIOTS teach my children. Probably none have ever worked in the jungle to earn a living.

  101. TRUTH:

    Until blacks start owning up to their own self-inflicted failures, they will never get ahead, but continue to wallow in self-pity reinforced by purposeful ignorance.

  102. Too bad Claremont students aren’t intelligent enough to figure out what is true and what is false, or just as important to be able to identify that information that is not true nor is it false It’s much easier for them to just believe whatever their idol tells them to believe.

    I don’t know that they ever were very smart; mostly their family had money.

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