Trump’s Popularity Among Latinos is Skyrocketing

Nancy Pelosi thinks Trump’s border wall is immoral. The Democrats believe that it is a wedge issue they can use to improve their standing among the base. The media wants us to know that the wall is racist, ineffective, and impractical. California says it will invite an environmental disaster. And so on.

But there’s one demographic in America that apparently isn’t buying the narrative, and it’s one that may surprise Democrats. According to the latest NPR/PBS/Marist poll, 50% of Latinos now support President Trump and give him a thumbs-up in the job approval area, an increase of nearly 20 points from December. This means that Hispanic voters are quickly coming around to the fact that Trump is RIGHT about the need for a wall and that it is imperative that he do whatever it takes to secure the border.

We imagine the media will do everything in its power to ignore this latest poll and Democrats will cross their fingers in the hopes that it’s just an aberration. But they won’t have the luxury of ignoring numbers like this for long; if Trump gets out ahead of even the Democrats with the Latino vote, they can kiss their 2020 election chances goodbye. Maybe they ought to start thinking about coughing up that $5 billion.

Liberals are always deeply confused when it comes to Hispanics supporting Donald Trump. But if you want insight into the phenomenon, there are few better places to look than a September 2016 article by the UK’s Guardian newspaper. In the piece, they talked to several Latino supporters of then-candidate Trump, and their answers were illuminating.

Here’s what Ximena Barreto of San Diego had to say about Trump at the time:

When I turn on my TV, I see terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and in Orlando. There are dangerous people coming across our borders. Trump was right. Some are rapists and criminals, but some are good people, too. But how do we know who is who, when you come here illegally?

I moved to the US in 2006 on a work permit. It took nearly five years and thousands of dollars to become a US citizen. I know the process is not perfect, but it’s the law. Why would I want illegals coming in when I had to go through this? It’s not fair that they’re allowed to jump the line and take advantage of so many benefits, ones that I pay for with my tax dollars.

People assume that because I’m a woman, I should vote for the woman; or that because I’m Latina, I should vote for the Democrat. The Democrats have been pandering to minorities and women for the last 50 years. They treat Latinos as if we’re all one big group. I’m Colombian – I don’t like Mariachi music. Donald Trump is not just saying what he thinks people want to hear, he’s saying what they’re afraid to say. I believe that he’s the only candidate who can make America strong and safe again.

Barreto has, of course, been proven right in the two years since the election. And now Trump is trying to make good on his biggest promise to the American people: To build a wall across the southern border. That’s what we need, and that’s what Democrats should give us.

If they don’t, the political consequences may be devastating.

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