Trump’s Immigration Shift Is a Major Mistake

Two ingredients fueled the rocket that was the Donald Trump 2016 primary campaign: Illegal immigration and frank candor. Trump’s early supporters liked what he had to say about the wall and the deportation efforts, but what they loved most of all was his manner, which was the antithesis of every politician in modern history. After a lifetime of smooth-talking hucksters, here was someone who would tell you exactly how it was using the first words off the top of his head. The media mocked him mercilessly for his syntax, but even liberals had to admit there was something refreshing about Trump’s approach. You didn’t have to diagram his speeches to decipher their meaning; he was more than happy to lay it all out there for you.

Now, for the first time since last summer, we’re starting to wonder where those ingredients have gone.

Hiring Stephen Bannon was supposed to be a step in the right direction, a course correction from the “bad” post-convention weeks under Paul Manafort.

But maybe the significant hire was not Bannon but Kellyanne Conway, the Republican strategist who had nothing but unkind things to say about Trump in the primaries. Maybe she’s the one in charge, and maybe she thinks the new Trump should have little in common with the old Trump.

Or maybe the problem is ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who has reportedly been advising the candidate.

Or maybe it’s the Republican National Committee, holding funds and donors over Trump’s head: If you want it, you gotta give us amnesty. Good boy!

But at the end of the day, we can’t blame any of these characters. If Trump is abandoning deportation for some version of amnesty, then he and he alone deserves the fallout from that switch.

And the fallout has already begun. Some of Trump’s biggest supporters are turning on him in the wake of his “softening” on immigration, including conservative author Ann Coulter. She was mortified by Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity Wednesday night, where the nominee suggested letting illegals stay in the country.

“No citizenship,” Trump said when asked about his plans. “Let me go a step further: they’ll pay back taxes. They have to pay taxes, there’s no amnesty as such, but we work with them.”

But when it came to illegal immigrants who had been in the country for a long time, Trump said it was a “very hard thing” to just round them up and throw them out.

On Twitter, Coulter wrote, “Well, if it’s ‘hard,’ then nevermind.”

She also wrote, sarcastically, “It’s not ‘amnesty.’ It’s ‘comprehensive immigration reform.'”

Jeb Bush, hardly a Trump fan to begin with, said on a radio show Thursday that the shift exposed Trump as a “typical politician.”

“His views will change based on the feedback he gets from a crowd,” Bush sneered. “Sounds like a typical politician, where you get in front of one crowd and say one thing, and then something else to another crowd that may want to hear a different view. All the things that Donald Trump railed against, he seems to be morphing into. It’s kind of disturbing.”

When you’ve got Jeb Bush, Ann Coulter, and Hillary Clinton attacking you in the same week, you’ve gone badly astray.

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  1. Bush comes off as a whiny, loser, has been (or never was).If Trump calls for deportation of all illegals, he is
    branded a racist. If Trump calls for no new Muslims from terrorist countries, He is branded anti-Muslim. If
    Trump calls for “the Wall” then he is branded anti-immigration and anti-American. I swear whatever he says
    the MSM pounces on him with everything they can. Ridiculous!!! Obummer and Hitlery want to bring in any-
    one and everyone no matter what, with sanctuary cities and give aid and comfort to our enemies. And people
    applaud that, go figure………………….These “refugees” are nothing but terrorists who get welfare and freebies
    to come and commit crimes and WE THE PEOPLE finance it all….Gone are the days when America can be
    kind and let in all immigrants. These immigrants are not like they were when our nation was young. Most of
    them, today are up to no good and seek to destroy our once-great nation.

    • I agree 100% and so far I’ve been a trump fan from day one …but if he starts to soften on muslims or illegal Mexicans he’ll lose 95 percent of the vote here in wv starting with mine …TRUMP 2016 hillary to prison 2016

      • Trump is listening to too much MSM garbage and he cannot allow them to stop him from doing
        what is right to save America!! He cannot soften and change his correct stance on this and
        other important issues. Obummer’s use of executive privilege is most alarming indeed. He
        could declare Martial Law and that will be the undoing of many of our rights.

      • I, also, was a Trump supporter, but if continues to soften on Illegals and Muslims he can count me out. Hillary does not have my support at all! Can’t see myself voting for such a despicable person-just as bad as Obama or worse.

      • So, what is your alternatve? Write-in votes or no-votes all go to Hillary! We have to put our sentiments aside in this issue and still Vote the Trump ticket, and hope for the best.

    • Right wing propaganda is fueling your fear, have you ever looked at the procedure and repealing the second amendment? I don’t think so it is so involved that and the odds too great to be overcome. I’ll try to post the procedure for you. So you won’t be afraid and you will waste your time being played by the GOP.

      • To all of those who fear any president would or could abolish the Second
        Amendment and grab all guns.

        To repeal alarm in the U.S. Constitution requires two thirds vote in
        both the U.S. House and the Senate. Afterwards two thirds of the
        state legislatures and governors must ratify the IPL or the amendment
        to the Constitution for it to take place.

        So even if a president wanted to abolish the second amendment And
        grab all the guns, he or she would have to get consent of over two
        thirds of the Congress and the states.

        This talk that Pres. Obama our secretary Clinton would do that is a
        baseless fear tactic designed to encourage the less educated among
        you and fill you with fear for something that could never happen. In
        short, you’re being conned

        • Do you forget the Obama pen. All he needs to do is sign a presidential decree that suspends the second amendment and “bingo”, its done. He or she (Hellery) will then have to fight the supreme court, but if she appoints her liberal buddys, then its a quick action and we all loose. But then the next revolution will start and depending on whom the military supports, then that’s the winners.

          • It will not be that easy. Judges HAVE been known to deny radical activities by government quickley! It has occurred recently where the Supreme Court has overruled lower judges, such as occurred in the South.

          • Clearly you haven’t read the Constitution. I would like to see restrictions on mental disturbed and terrorists from purchasing certain kinds of guns backed up by background checks. Common sense should prevail.
            If you remember correctly they was a ban on assault weapons previously and George W. Bush let that ban expire. And by the way he issued more executive orders than Obama ever thought of. Give your brain a chance?

          • ARE you REALLY THAT STUPID ????

          • You sound like Forrest Gump. This scumy Prez and Hellery are not beyond doingjust what I said, and they watch out.

          • Dumbass could you even find the second amendment? Do you have any idea what it takes to “Suspend” an amendment? Do you know that there is NO such thing? Holy shit you’re dumb

        • davesnrakleberger

          that might be the law but the democrats don’t follow it and the gutless GOP leadership won’t do anything to stop them.
          The gop leadership is as worthless as used flashbulbs.

          • That is why we are supporting Trump. We have to have some optimism otherwise we give our illegal and not so legal immigrants our blessing to establish a Moslem country here!

            NO WAY!

          • hahahaha

          • Let Me Try to Make It Clear Taken Away the Guns Removing the Second Amendment Is Just a NRA Yakking Point to Keep Mindless Republicans in Line, so Republicans Can Pander to the Billionaires and the Big Corporations Money. You’re being played.

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    • Susan,
      The liberal press is going to malign Trump any way it can. We have to expect that. The only solution is to respond against them and demand that they report the news and not try to influence the outcome. That is NOT their task. I would favor a pettition to require that they report and shut up.

      • And who would you suggest undertake that task? If you notice, people sign petitions by the millions. Has it made an impact . . . Rarely!

        The way people are knocked off these days, I doubt there would be many volunteers.

        • EH,
          The latter is likely proper thinking. I somewhat fear for Trump just because of incidents that have happened to him already. I take aim at the liberal media every chance I get.

      • Trump is being trashed by Limbaugh, Levine, Coutler not a liberal in the bunch

        He is being trashed for flip flopping and now supporting amnesty. In the beginning he said he was better than all the others because he wasn’t a politician. Well now he is. He just flip flopped for votes and now supports Amnesty


        • Jimmy,
          What Trump knows now he maybe did not know back when he said what he did first about booting illegal out. I did not take what he said as total rollover. Illegals cannot be sent back until they are located and identified. Trump does not always say everything he should say on a given topic.
          As for Limbaugh, I would gladly puke in his left ear if I had the chance.

          • Really?? So when he said that on his first day in office he was going to have a deportation force round up 11 million illegals and ship them from where they came from, what didn’t he know? He isn’t now saying, “until they are located and identified” He’s now saying they can pay back taxes and STAY. That’s called AMNESTY. That is what he blasted Rubio and Bush for. That’s also called flip flopping #AmnestyDon

          • Jimmy,
            Trump has changed position on immigration. I am not arguing that point. I merely suggested why he may have changed his tune. Paying back taxes could be an impossibility for many illegals in the US. Then what? Frankly any allowance of illegals in large numbers are a threat to jobs for legal folks. That is not likely true for many. But if they collected food stamps or government assistance for utilities and rent, that should be included.

            The bottom line is that the House should have created an immigration policy after the Senate went GOP. If Obama vetoed it, a majority would have overridden Obama and sensibility would have prevailed.So, we have had a mess in immigration that has created an enormous economic hanger to everyone. Illegals are taking jobs the poor in many races could use. IN any case, this issue will never be resolved until:
            1. We close the border completely on a temporary basis.
            2. We create new legislation that establishes a firm policy on immigration.
            Then we can reopen the border. I am, of course, referring to our southern border. No, I do not approve of a stupid wall. It will take more technology and more humans to close the border. Walls are too easily breached.

    • WOW. I read nonsense like that and I wonder what ever happened to our educational system. How do you people go through life with your heads filled with so much wrong information. Rather than waste your time posting stupidity on here, take a little time and read. Not from some BS site like this one that posts false stories, read some factual sites or books. Because your hatred is fueled by misinformation The majority of the Syrian refugees just admitted to this country are infants and minors. Illegals don’t get welfare. More muslims were killed by Obama’s administration than all prior administrations combined. Obama deported 2x the amount of illegals as Bush did. LEARN and Get your facts straight. Its scary that you people are so stupid

      • Read the Koran you jerk!! The peaceful, tolerant religion?? Bah Humbug!!! So Jimmy King
        Let these wonder muslims come and live at your house and you will show up dead and
        decapitated………………Let LaRaza come and live at your house and you will be just as dead/
        Look up these things and let me know how uninformed I am.

  2. We need to deport 23 million illegals it is the main stay for saving America
    NO CHOICE on this one we can not afford to elect someone who will not follow the LAW

    • Actually we can’t afford to deport them. The cost would be massive, it would hurt the economy and you will be paying more in the grocery store. Is your irrational hate more important?

      • Irrational hate? He’s 100% right and while I can’t speak for him, for me yes it is hate. I hate people that break into my country just like I hate people who would break into my house. Now be quick and run to your safe place snowflake!

        • Telling me to run to my safe place is an asinine comment coming from the one who fears people who are different. I work with them, and I have no reason to hide from them. Try getting to know them instead of spouting off ignorant bigoted rants.

      • davesnrakleberger

        we can’t afford to keep them either. they are stealing our resources, money and jobs. hey, be generous with your own money. post your address and invite them to your place

      • Actually we don’t have to deport illegals…we just have to stop paying them to break in to this country…Mexico doesn’t pay anyone to break into their country, does that make them racist…??

        • The only pay they get is from working jobs. People like you refuse to consider the problems it will cause them to get rid of people who have no affect on their lives in a negative way by being in this country.

      • Nowhere near the cost over the years of keeping them on welfare
        FYI it will not cost me a penny more at the store I live and shop in the EU

        • Welfare? That’s funny. There is really no point in arguing with someone who believes in fantasies.

        • They can’t get welfare. Where do you people get all of this misinformation? Damm there are a lot of really stupid people on here

          • You are an IDIOT my friend works in the welfare office it takes a vet one year to get welfare in Masshole the state of confusion the illegals get welfare very fast.

          • “My friend works in a welfare office” You mean everytime your mom goes to get her check she sees hispanic people and assumes they’re illegal. Read the law shit for brains, they’re not eligible

          • My parents were Multi-millionaires and i left America because of Ovomit
            You are the idiot go to Massachusetts and see they all get everything free MASSHOLE is one of the states that gives everyone. Also in California they now have drivers licences which is all that is needed in Calif to get welfare WAKE UP

          • So your parents got deported and you couldn’t make it on your own so you left with them Hurry back before Donald builds the wall

          • My mom’s family came over on the Mayflower
            I do not have to work but next month I will work for a few months and probably earn much more than you do in a year.
            I am voting for Trump.
            I run a Trump for president club.
            I am so sorry you will loose your welfare check and have to send your wife out on the street like she used to.
            FYI Parents were Yale PhD’s mom first lady University president dad world renowned.
            And you will always be the same worthless little scum to stupid to do anything but make nasty comments!

          • Hanna Gray She looks like the Skipper from Gilligan’s island with a wig. Holy crap what an ugly family you must have

          • Jimmy King Mom was a Yale PhD and had millions
            You are the one who eats gerbils that your boyfriend killed using for pleasuring you!

    • The LAW should be for EVERYONE, not just American citizens. ILLEGALS have BROKEN the LAW and have NO consequences. It is COSTING US CITIZENS tax dollars to have them here. Why not USE the MONEY it’s costing to have them break LAW and have them here on WELFARE and ALL kinds of FREEBIES to send them back. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. If US CITIZENS face consequences for breaking the LAW, why don’t the ILLEGALS?

  3. Trump is facing a bit of reality. Deporting so many is huge in itself. Finding them is another major undertaking. My own position is:
    1. Shut down the border using manpower and technology on a temporary basis. The wall is too expensive and is easily breached.
    2. Set at work immediately to create a new immigration policy.
    3. Once a new policy is in place, reopen the border.

    • Read Infowars site. RE: Trumps speech in Iowa. Reads differently from what is reported here and elsewhere.

      • EH,
        I just finished a project on Thomas Jefferson. The BS that has been spread by liberals about him for a very long time is totally false. That has increased lately as well. I am appalled at the BS by the Supreme Court concerning the version of church and state. Too many such decisions by the court are pure political and not in keeping with the Constitution.

  4. I do not believe the fickle people in this country. When Mr. Trump stated he would deport eleven million illegals from this country that statement was heard around the world very negative, impossible insane idea could not be done. Now that he stated he has “softened his illegal immigration view” heard around the world as a flip flopper, without even knowing what he will alter. He is red meat and the populace are predators, ready to eat him alive no matter what he says or does. My reasoning of anything he says or does be in good or an error in his verbalization.

  5. Illegals should have opportunity to register, in English. Anyone who doesn’t is deported on discovery. Anyone who does will receive work card. Taxes witheld like the rest of us. Employers who break the law risk shut down and fine. That is how it’s done in Mexico. No benefits. You and I don’t get them in Mexico and we are not allowed to vote. Mexicans have a voter I.D. card.

    • Unfortunately, these immigrants do NOT play by our rules. Read up on the Criminal Cartels printing ID’s for these immigrants! = Big Business!

      You really cannot compare Mexico to the U.S. where it comes to the problems of legally identifying people.

  6. deport them illegals. if you don’t; everyone from everywhere will just come here!!! and we will be in muslim lade till the end!

  7. This has been my complaint all along. He says something, then waters it down. While I dislike Hilary and have NO plans to vote in her favor, my support for Trump was a no-other-choice decision. However, his morphing and opinion changes have me deeply worried. It seems he wants ALL potential voters to find something they can agree with to garner their votes. For me, this spells disaster and a watered down version of where he originall said he would stand.

    Problem: he can’t accuse Hillary of being a liar, even if I agree, and then change his policies or approaches to those issues people have supported him for. Looking at the major polls, he will shoot himself in the foot watering down immigration policy, as originally stated.

    • Which is why I can not vote for either. So I will go for the Republican who had the second most votes. Both Hillary and Trump are to embarrassing as our leader. I WILL NOT WRITE IN TRASH TO STOP ANOTHER PIECE of TRASH. I have to at least vote for someone that holds some of my values that I can believe in.

  8. First President Trump will need to appoint about 500 immigration judges, then EVERYONE who is arrested or detained for whatever reason and is illegal, then send them before a judge. Severe health reasons should be the only reason to hold off deportation. ALL others should be deported. The army and national guard should be sent to OUR borders to stop all illegal entry. Anyone entering illegally should be taken to nearest entry area, photographed and finger printed and sent back. on second or further offences, jail time first. If these illegals have a family, then can be given the option of all leaving or just illegals. Once back to their home, go to American Embassy and file papers and pay fines and back taxes and be placed on waiting list to return. If anyone is caught illegally trying to return, their name goes off the list for 5 years. The fines and tax moneys collected will be used for wall building. The army corps of engineers should be given the task of building a good string wall.

    • Well put aside from imprisonment. Why reward them with three hots and a cot on the taxpayer dime?

      • Exactly. Warn them once and then sniper shoot them. We have a right to defend ourselves and our country from criminal illegal trash.

        • I billive in the Catholic church because they care for the Immgrants and not only that i either sends them to live near the Vatican or to the Refugge colony in Greece or in the Convent Shelters where the Nuns takes care of them

          • What country do you live in?

            The Catholic churches in the United States are paid by the Refugee Resettlement organizations to settle them into local communities and the taxpayers end up paying them social security, etc until the can get a job.

        • i mean the Pope does that

        • I know of no other country that allows this influx of illegal aliens. We are committing National suicide!

          • You know so much, why don’t you tell the governmenr how to enforce the law.
            Are you willing to pay higher taxes so additional border guards can be hired. They cost $75,000.00 a year, minimum.
            Below are the borders that can be crossed:
            Canada – US border 1,538 miles
            Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles
            Mexico – US border 1,933 miles
            US Coastline 95,471 miles
            Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles
            Total exposure 109, 569 miles

          • I would rather pay Border Guards than let people that are not vetted into our country to commit crimes.

          • The NIH was just given almost a million dollars to study the drinking habits of lesbians. Who gives a crap about the drinking habits of lesbians? How many border guards would that pay for?

          • You didn’t mention how many billions of dollars it takes to keep these illegals in our country. That’s billions of dollars that could go to paying down the debt, taking care of our citizens, repairing our infrastructure, etc. (or hiring border patrol).

          • They actually put much more back into our society than they take out, but you don’t hear that. The policies of the republican party has given huge tax breaks to the rich. Income inequality has gone through the roof, but they have made the illegals the scape goat as a diversion. Everyone of you morons have believed them and think some guy picking avocados for $1.99 per hour is the reason you can’t get a bigger flat screen in your double wide Meanwhile guys like Romney and Trump are earning millions tax free on passive income

        • Why? There is this document called a Constitution.

      • NO HOTS< NO COTS< just one ay ticket out of country….

        • Shovel ready jobs? Let’s make them build the wall;)

          • Do your really think that is a reasonalble suggestion?
            You must be too young to have ever witnessed a chain gang at work.
            It used to be a common sight in the South.

          • Taught them how to keep working until a job is completed. I saw them. They cut grass beside the roadways, they shoveled out ditches that were stopped up and overgrown. Hard work kept the out of trouble and boredom which happened in the prisons. Nothing wrong with chain-gangs/work crews.

          • Nothing wrong with chain-gang work crews?

            I suppose you also are of the opinion that convict leasing should not have been made illegal?

            Prisoners developed ulcers and dangerous infections from the heavy shackles around their ankles. They suffered from dehydration. One person’s fall could endanger the entire group. The leg irons prevented them from getting away from violent prisonets.

            Arazona works chain gangs, in temps over 100, in the sun. It is nothing less than 21st Century slavery. They also still rent out prisoners to private companies.

            Oh, and for your info, Arazona works women on chain gangs

          • Good. I get ulcers from stressing over bills, I suffer from dehydration from working in the sun, and women are liberated therefore are equal to men so what’s the problem?

          • Pkease find somewhere else to live. Here in America we no longer work people to death.

          • If you believe that you must not have a job.

          • Why can’t you be on one. That’s right, you already have a shovel ready job professionally trolling.

          • Telling you morons the truth isn’t trolling Just say thank you for the free education. You missed the first one

          • I remember you dweeb. It’s been a few years. Did you finally escape from your back alley pimp and detox off the crack and anal?

          • Yes, after your mom’s ass got spread so wide, not of the customers wanted to hit it anymore. I lent her out to a traveling elephant show

          • You are not my mom. Go to Tijuana if you want to rejuvenate your disreputable career.

        • There is this document called the U.S. Constitution.
          The 5th Amendment applies to everyone within our borders.

    • Sounds good but illegal under our laws. trumps plan to get rid of the bad ones first only makes sense

      • And how are the “bad ones ” determined?

        • By their jail record

          • Is there anyone here old enough to remember when Castro let all of the jails in Cuba open their gates and let the criminals come over here on boats? It was called the Mariel Boatlift. Not all of them were criminals and those who were allowed to stay were law abiding Cubans, wanting to join their families that made it to the US by boat before then. It is the Wet Foot, Dry Foot thing that those who make it to dry land before being detained by the coast guard could legally stay, but those who were stopped before they made it were sent back to Cuba, to feel the wrath of Castro. His view was if any of the Cubans that were professionals, like doctors and lawyers and the such, should not be allowed to go. They did anyway, and if they were sent back, they were punished severely. That was my take on it. Does anyone else know more about it than that? If so, please explain how you remember it. Thanks

          • Your understanding is correct.

          • There were many criminals that arrived in the boatlift. Many were allowed to stay because the government was unable to verify their background. Many went on to commit crimes and be imprisoned in the States.

          • That is what takes place now, undwr Obama.
            Streight from prison to the border.

          • Not in San Fransico….as we have seen.

          • San Francisco is a city, not a state.
            San Francisco does not operate prisons it has jails.

          • All of California is like San Francisco…with the exception of Kern county.

        • Joel Wischkaemper

          Felony offenses, crimes against society, DUI’s, nonpayment of debts.. on and on.

      • The laws were still on the books when they broke them no matter how long they have been here. Deportation is legal and within the confines of the law.

        • The 5th Amendment requires that they be provided representation and a hearing.
          The US Constitution applies to everyone within our borders.
          Illegals can only be “deported” without a hearing, if they are caught and returned while actually attempting to enter the country illegally.

          • Our laws not there’s.

          • It is the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that requires a trial be provided — a speedy trial at that, by a jury of one’s peers.

          • You really don’t much about anything. Illegals are deported every day without hearings. They are caught at the border and immediately deported. You need to get off the leftist swill and try to educate yourself just a little. I know that is hard for you leftists since you are so gone on the Kool-Aid, but maybe a little life in the real world would help.

          • You Dumbass, that’s what she said If they are caught in the act they can be immediately deported Man you people are stupid. Oh wait…you’re from Texas. I understand

          • You expect a right-wing, school dropout to actually read an entitre post?

          • I’m guessing I’m much smarter and better educated than a useful idiot like you.

          • I’m not guessing, you are an idiot, and you are anything but useful — to anyone.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Left wing Liberal racist pig!

          • F You. I guess you’ve never misread anything in your life. What an A$$hole. BTW, I’m sure I’m much smarter and more educated than an idiot like you.

          • J, you live in Texas. Texas education is an oxymoron You mind friend, are just a moron.

          • I take it you went to school in some place like New Yak City, Chiraq or Bastan. Those great liberal fountains of knowledge. You are the moron. Education in TX is much better than any of the liberal sh!tholes you attended. You don’t have a clue about Texas or Texas education other than what you saw on Communist News Network (CNN). I bet you’ve never even been out of you mother’s basement, much less attended school. Noe, F off.

          • Where are ALL of the top rated colleges in the USA ? Not Dallas, not Austin. Where are ALL of the Ivy league colleges. Oh let me guess those aren’t the best schools right. that’s just the liberal media ahahahahah Dumbass

          • Didn’t the lazy, useless golfer-in-chief supposedly attend an Ivy league college? Didn’t lying, crooked Hillary attend an Ivy league college? Didn’t the slimeball, philandering Bill Clinton attend an Ivy league college? Even W attended an Ivy league college. I didn’t get any of my degrees from Texas universities, but I’m certainly glad I didn’t attend an Ivy league college with the likes of their graduates. At least W loves this country, not like those other 3 losers. And no, those aren’t the best schools unless you want to pay a lot of money to be fed a lot of liberal propaganda instead of getting an education.

          • Okay so don’t be a politician. The schools with the most fortune 500 CEO’s are

            Harvard, Cornell, U Penn, MIT, Northwestern, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Princeton All of those are in the North East or the Ivy league except Stanford and Northwestern And Northwestern is in Chicago, the other city you knocked. So there are a lot of fortune 500 companies that are glad you didn’t go Ivy as well But look on the bright side, we’ll need plenty of ditch diggers like you when trump deports all of the mexicans

          • Which golfer-in-chief might that be?
            Eisenhower played on D-Day, putting in his tent.
            Eisenhower also had a green outside the Oval Office.

            Barack Obama The lefty plays more hoops than golf.

            Harvard Presidents: John Adams, Hohn Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklim Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Barak Obama. The only embarassment was King Bush II.

          • My ancestors founded two Texas cities.
            You are an embarassment to eveything Texas oncw stood for.
            I know a great deal about Texas public K-12. In most of the state it is underfunded and backward.

          • Childish foul language.
            Yes, no doubt about it,
            you are an challenged intellectually and emotionally..

          • Thank you.

          • They say ignorance is bliss. You seem vwey blissful. Probably too lazy to read an entire post.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • Who’s copyright did you violate this time?

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            Stop you must take your liberal medication you are a lunatic! seek help

          • You steal, then call someone names. Wow!

      • An illegal who has been convicted of a crime is deported immediately upon having served their sentence.
        They are takwn streight from prison to the boder.

      • Interesting, and anything that the Donald says that could be sensible is very difficult. Grandpa said “Even a Blind Squirrel Could Feel out Acorn Once in a While.”lol

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Nope. They will be going home and for the most part, will be allowed to sign a waiver to enable a fast move home without prosecution for a felony offense. But even if the foolishness described in the post up there had to happen, we would actually save money. Welfare for the illegal aliens in 2013 was over 750 million dollars. And look at this site to understand what we are facing without closing the borders.
      The Clintions first, George Bush next, and then Obama, have created a huge problem for the American People. Millions to solve it.. but trillions if we don’t.

      • Suggest you look at yur state’s laws.
        Citizenship or legal alien status is a requirement for all but medical benefits.

        • Bull crap. How many illegals are in our schools? Millions. They have neither legal alien or citizenship status. How many illegals receive welfare benefits? Millions. How many illegals receive SNAP? Millions. You might get away with spewing your lies to the low info voters on a liberal site, but you will be called on it here.

          • You may call her out all you want, but that doesn’t make you right. Go ahead and ignore her and remain ignorant

          • They pay the same school taxes that you do.

            Citizenship and/or legal alien status is required for SNAP.

            A legal immigrant must have been in the US for over 5 years before they qualify. Exceptions are disability and age..

            Try looking at the actual laws for a change.

    • That’s the way worked in Nazi Germany in 1930s. and that worked out really well didn’t. Clueless rant.

    • How should the problem of minor Ameriocan citizens be handled?
      Should they be taken away from their parents and put in foster care?
      Should they be illegally deported? …

      • 2.yes and 3.yes, next?

      • What American citizens? They aren’t citizens if their parents are here illegally. I know it is hard for you to read and comprehend Section 1 of the 14th Amendment, but give it a try sometime.

        • “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    • First error; if health issues are a reason for exemption, they ALL will claim health issues. They know the games and how to play them. Second error; the Army Corp of Engineers has yet to take on any project that it hasn’t totally screwed up and doubled or tripled the cost of. The construction companies that handled the rebuilding of the double deck freeways in California after that 1994 Northridge quack collapsed them had the entire freeway system up and running within 6 months. That’s who should be hired to build the wall. It will be on budget and ahead of schedule. No government agency or entity should never be trusted with anything important if you want it successfully completed.

    • The hell with a judge,deport them all..let them clean up there country..Than apply to become citizens.. They have no rights they are here illegally,the word means they are breaking our laws.f___ them.

    • But thats is NOT Trump’s position any longer. Not since the flip flop


    • A string wall won’t keep anyone out

  9. What shift? Are you looking for a job with the main stream media or something? Only negative spin in this article. Perhaps you would care to address that he will immediately deport every criminal law enforcement can come up with, that he will immediately start building the wall as promised and that he will immediately enforce the already stringent laws that already in place that have not used in recent times.What do you have against that?
    He hasn’t used the word amnesty at any time. That is the disingenuous figment of inferior journalistic imagination. Why can’t you faux journalists print what he said…not what you want to think he said?

  10. Bring back the old original Trump! He needs to quit listening to the RNC and those jerks that got us where we are now! We don’t need any money hungry politicians,Republican or Democrat telling him how to act or what to say! Just be yourself Donald and tell the politicians where to get off!!

    • I believe what he is saying right now is just “words” to appease the establishment. I believe he will never stray from
      what he originally said once elected. He’s playing a game like they all do, but in this case it’s to shut the GOP up for now. I have no idea of course as I cannot know what he’s thinking, but that’s my hunch.

      • His speech at Des Moine was a double down of his original policy. Send them all back to their CoO and let them re-apply from there.

      • I hope you are right!

      • Yes, maybe that is true, but . . . . It is “us folks” who will be voting and not the guys in the in-parties.

        If he does not appear steady in his policy, people will not vote, or not vote for him! He is travelling an “iffy” path, especially so close to THE Vote. The public is not, in general, very insightful. Mostly people see things in black or white, and I AM NOT referring to race!

  11. What a stupid article…first off, earlier Trump supporters are NOT going to vote for Hillary because Trump said we are going to build the wall & fallow the laws already on the books…Second Trump has said from the beginning, that a good leader stays flexible to bring about the best outcomes possible. Thirdly, leave it to the media to lie & distort Trump’s positions on anything and everything, while ignoring Hillary’s criminal wrong doings….its so apparent that it is just plain disgusting!

  12. MSM propaganda once again. I heard nothing of the sort at Ernst’s Roast and Ride yesterday.

  13. Gee media makes sound like everyone going run away from Trump … Trump still gets my vote ,, I understand Trump got work hard get all votes he can, because Hillary likes tell lies and cheat, millions of idiots like Hillary because such scum of earth

    • Trump likes tell lies and cheat, millions of uneducated puppet barbarians like Millertrump because such hate filled souls empty head of earth.

      • Oh my , How much did Hillary pay you post such B.S about Trump ?? Or have you been watching CNN ?

        • $0. I’m not a Secretary voter. I have no access to CNN but I have done my research. Millertrump is a sociopath and pathological liar. He has conned, cheated and used/abused people his entire life. Millertrump is a barbaric neo- fascist uncouth dangerous circus clown. Perhaps you should turn off your biased tin foil hat far right fascist radio and visit the hollar’s library.

      • He loves the suckers!

  14. No…, it’s not a mistake. It’s a realistic and appropriate approach to immigration. Think of the financial burden to deport all 11 million so called illegals! I’m sure after Trump did some number crunching, he and his staff concluded, let’s take the felons out first, then address the other folks that aren’t an immediate danger to Americans…… That’s being a little more financially responsible along with realistic. That “deport ALL illegals” from the beginning, everybody knew was un-realistic…..

    • Who says we would pay for it!

      • Perhaps you could tell me…, who’s tax dollars fund the government other than you and I and the rest of the citizens?

    • Pray tell . . . How are you going to define the good from the bad immigrants? That has been the problem to date. ISIS members or any terrorist group members are not readily identifiable. That is pie in the sky thinking. Sorry!

      • Felons….. We have a record of illegal felons who should be deported immediately. Potential immigrants, that’s a separate immigration issue. That involves rigorous vetting & scrutinizing. We could use the knowledge Israel has accumulated regarding vetting. Don’t be so pessimistic. That “pie in the sky” does exist…., and it takes determination, perseverance, along with dedication to be successful. America wouldn’t be America if folks had the same attitude you do. Sorry to inform you, Where there’s a will…, there’s a way. That’s how America became the greatest nation on this planet…..

        • America is not the greatest nation on this planet. We have fallen behind in so many areas. The Scandinavian countries are most prosperous and the happiest on earth. Fucking socialism!

          • Sorry to burst your bubble Frank, America still rules!!! Spent a great deal of time touring in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium and several other blond hair blue eyed countries…. Perhaps you shouldn’t believe all the travel brochures. It’s not all peachy keen buddy. Beers pretty good though.
            If you truly love socialism…, perhaps a move just north of the boarder might suffice. Plenty of Socialism there….. Or, if you have the means, go over there & spend some time like I did. The grass isn’t really greener IMHO, and winter really sucks…, I mean really sucks!!!! Brrrrrrr……

          • You pass soooo much gas, it’s huuuuuge!

          • After seeing your posts…, It all comes clear. There’s always one in every crowd. What a maroon…..

          • You don’t even know how to spell you own name. It’s “Moron.”

          • Obviously you just got out of diapers and haven’t watched good old Bugs. Get a life and get educated punk…

          • Here’s some good ‘ole bugs

          • WHAAAAAA! Pussy boy.

          • Children like you are so brave behind a computer keyboard…. but when it comes to being a real man face to face, you cower and wet your trousers in true eunuch fashion…
            As your posts have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt… You’re a little Socialist coward permanently latched on to a government teet. Oh when the real world bites you in your pansy little diapered @$$, no amount of ointment will soothe your butt hurt rash….. That picture you posted is a perfect depiction of you…
            Well done Sparky….!


          • That’s the perfect face for an incurable rash….., Skippy….!

          • Thanks Sparky

          • No problem stinky……

      • Trump’s puppeteers plan to use extreme mind scans, extreme, extreme mind scans..first on those dangerous, spooky, terrorist white supre…uh, immigrants and then on citizens .

      • You can tell by just looking at ’em. You can tell!

  15. Illegal immigration is a 30 year, extremely complexed problem that is not going to be resolved by waving a magic wand. If anyone realistically believes that 11 million immigrants could be, first located, and then put through the court system in less than 10 to 20 years, thy live in fantasy world. When you further take in the problem of the millions of children that were born in America, ages 1 to 30, the problem becomes even more complex. The best we can hope for is to deport the felons, all recent immigrants that have crossed the border, and give the remaining immigrants 4 months to register and receive working papers; in this way the illegals must register with the authorities, and not give the authorities the impossible task of hunting them down. Those who don’t register, within the 4 months allotted, will be immediately deported when found. (No citizenship shall be issued). If an immigrant with working papers commits a felon, he/she will be immediately deported after being released from prison. To remain in the US, they must pay taxes, and fines. I believe Trump wants to stop illegal immigration, but to attack him for finally resolving 30 year immigration problem is ludicrous.

    • Why pay their prison expences. Just deport or shoot them for murders and rapes! If you keep them in prisons, one thing you must remember: the taxpayer pays for their incarceration, and that could be years. The way to stop this from happening is to reinstall the Death Penalty. Both ways are more than they would give a non-believer!

      • There are a lot more issues on the table then immigration, none of which will be resolved if Hilary gets in–the biggest issue being the Supreme Court.

        • If Trump gets in, he will choose, or already has suggested, a Conservative for that seat. If that hell-cat wins, all bets are off for sure.

          Maybe I am dreaming, but I do not think the She Cat will win. I have seen reports that many Dems are turned off by the constant attention to her illegal activities and lies, her involvement with Islamic groups, the Clinton Foundation, and now her health issues. These raise questions about her suitability from all angles. They could, possibly, vote for Trump, or not vote at all, or do a write-in. All of these choices are losses for HC.

          Daydreaming, perhaps?

    • “Just put ’em camps, lock the doors and come back in 5-years. There won’t anything left of the fuckers.”

      Fred Trump, 1967

  16. I can’t stand Trump or Hilary they are both a joke. I will be writing in Cruz

    • Yeeesss….that’s just as good as voting for Hillary. She thanks you kindly.

      • Hey I didn’t vote in the primary for a Nominee that can’t win, Don’t blame Trumps failure on me. I vote true Republican only, not a democrat on the republican ticket…If Trump loses the election, it is on the people that selected him. You can’t blame the people who have nothing to do with him….

    • I was a Cruz supporter, but the reality now is if you don’t vote for Trump you get Hillary; if you don’t vote, or vote for Cruz, you give Hillary your vote! Sad but true.

      I would much prefer to place a vote with Trump than water down his chances of beating Hillary. Placing a protest vote gets you an even worse government than you have with Obama.

      • The reality now is if you don’t vote for Trump, Hillary is going to win.

        And if you do vote for Trump Hillary is going to win. The only thing you can do is practice saying

        Madame President

    • As an ex-Cruz fan, I disagree. If you write in Cruz, you are throwing a vote away. Making this a vote for Cruz gives Hell Cat another vote against Trump.

    • then don’t whine when killary gets elected moron.

  17. Its not a shift
    Obey existing law
    And work with them
    Its not a shift

    • “I’m going to round up all the illegals and immediately deport them”

      “we are not going to deport everyone, we will be humane”

      Shift flip-flop


    • You can lie to yourself all you want, but that doesn’t make it true.

  18. How could Mr. Trump have made a mistake?

    His partisans have already denied that he ever made one in his life.

    He cannot claim (like duh-bya) that his only mistake might have been hiring the wrong people and THEY made mistakes.

    That would make hiring them a mistake and Mr. Trump has never made a mistake.

    Ah! the life of a troll is so difficult.

  19. He hasn’t changed his position. It was always his position, unless of course your weren’t listening. Rounding people up “ALL AT ONCE” is impossible, but it STARTS SOME WHERE. It is the beginning and it is the purpose and if there are people who deserve to be here, “THEN LET THEM COME IN LEGALLY” That’s been the point from te beginning or did I hear that incorrectly in every speech he gives

    • That’s it ass hat, keep making excuses for your “straight talker!”

      Cons are such a bunch of pussies.

      • Oh yeah what a rea man you aren’t. You were that hat very well peckerhead. They don’t call you woody for nothing

    • #AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon#AmnestyDon

  20. The media is trying to portray it as a shift. But he is talking about the existing laws that the past administrations have not applied to the problem. Last year there were 100,000 CRIMINAL aliens brought up for deportation and the demoncratic judges did not apply the law – these were CRIMINAL ALIENS CAUGHT BY ice.

  21. Not so! CNN’s Jake Trapper made several attempts to put words in the mouth of VP Candidate Mike Pence this morning’s, Sunday, August 28, 2016, on his “State of the Nation” segment, regarding this so-called “shift.”
    Gov Pence refused to bite; in essence, he informed Trapper repeatedly The Donald hadn’t changed his mind; that The Donald would specify his policy addressing the illegal immigration problem in a few days – just as he did his economic plans previously.

  22. Okay, we know Trump will prosecute or just collect and dump all the criminals back to Mexico. But what about the rest of illegals who BROKE OUR LAWS SNEAKING INTO OUR COUNTRY? Sorry, just because they lived here “Illegally” and took jobs that Americans could do, that is NO reason to be allowing them the right to stay.

    What about ALL THE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO FOLLOWED THE SYSTEM AND DID IT RIGHT? By allowing these criminal illegals to stay in our country, you have just sent out a memo to every other illegal itching to sneak into America that it’s okay to do so. And at the same time, the President is spitting in our “Legal Immigrant’s” faces telling them “too bad, but you had to do it the right way — the illegals do not!”

    This is totally unacceptable and I don’t care that La RAZA or any other Latino Group is having a hissy fit about sending these criminals back to where they came. If La Raza wants to help these criminals, GO TO MEXICO AND HELP THEM THERE!! iLLEGALS do not belong in America unless they do it the correct way…period! No more babysitting people because their own countries cannot take care of them. America is NOT a FOSTER HOME for illegals — ship them all back across the border…NOW! Let their educated kids figure out how to save their parent’s birth countries. It’s their turn to pay it back!!

    • Trump’s plan is amnesty. He is going to let them pay taxes and stay, thats amnesty


      • Don’t be so sure. There’s more to.Trump than meets the eye. He didn’t become.a.shrewd business man doing what everyone expected…


          • Why are You, a friggin Libhead, on a Conservative site? DUH AND DUH DUH!

            There has NEVER been a liberal who is a Patriot. For one thing, libheads don’t even know what a Patriot is or believes, so Why the hell is your big liberal PIE HOLE doing on this website?

            Oh, I know. You’re here to cause trouble. Well little man, and I mean that in every way possible, GET LOST! Your opinions or comments mean absolutely ZERO -0000000!
            If we wanted a comment like that, we could go to one of the Libturds websites and puke all over it, but we’re not interested and “Frankly Scarlett, we don’t give a damn!”

          • And you’re a moron, so that’s makes your team lose!
            Talk to us again when you become a better judge of character and get your details straight. Oh Damn, I forgot! Libs can’t handle facts- they’re too close to the truth which Libs never believe anyway! DUH!

      • Jimmy King is right! I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying he’s going to go for amnesty! He’s says it’s the best plan. The best! This is great news for us…we’ll collect more taxes and help Jesus’ children. That is quite the mission to help out your fellow man!


  23. Dennis B Anderson

    Here it is I know you? Theres 3 generations of you dead beat cork suckers. I watched you I grew up with you. Singing songs carrying signs doing drugs at Haight Asbury Park Frisco. The free cheese on your lapel stinking of pachule oil. Poking holes in the air with your speech about how everything should be free. Talk about taking over and together were going to do it! Asked to help out in the garden at the hippy farm and there would always be an excuse why that wouldnt take place. Yeah I even knew a guy that commited suicide that was giving money to the Manson family out of fear of his life. Hitler-y is on the level as Charles Manson.
    If one speaks out against her you also will commit suicide, thats what her possee will write it up as. That contusion, or the hole in the back of the head that was once impossible now has become adroit, a physical possibility with adrenaline. Hitler-y was listening to music that was coming from the dark side of the moon, and smoking dope while putting together her ideas. Trump shouldnt back down and I havent heard him do this because I dont watch = ABC / CBS / NBC / MSNBC / CNN. Mainstream
    has been bought off. Now here is some white trash they are selling out our country, and helping Obama create a race war. DONT EVER TAKE DOWN A FENCE UNTIL YOU KNOW WHY IT WAS PUT UP! Robert Frost !!

  24. David Melnick David

    I absolutely love that the lame stream media are all showing their true colors. Establishment is their mantra eh.

  25. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    I liked the old Trump, when he was stomping around saying what the people wanted to hear. He is not a politican. He doesn’t claim to be, and that is what is neat about him. The liberal media will distort the truth, and add to or take away from what Trump actually said. Conservatives have always had to fight the media. They like the Democrats, so they spew out what they think the people want to hear. I am so sick of Hillary Clinton, and her scandals, her lies, her dishonesty. Why can’t the people supporting her see what she is, and will be even worse if she gets elected. I just read something stating she was suffering from MS, that she can hardly stand or walk by herself. Do we need a president that can not fulfill the office of President?

    • Subtle shades of orange Maydell; but still stompin’, no grace involved, so be happy, live long and prosper. Na Nu na nu.

      • typical libtard troll-when ya got nothin’ get nasty and post stupid shit.

        • I learned it from reading your posts Deby phoo, but that was pointful pertaining to the ignorance of her post and really you have nothing in it, except your 8th grade diploma .

          • hah, except her post wasn’t ignorant, but yours was , and also irrelevant, like you appear to be. cya.

          • Guess your right but that first sentence made me wanna hurl. ..’stomping around saying what people want to hear’; so many things out of whack there. The reasons so many oppose him, certainly the opposite of what I look for in a candidate or a friend for that matter. I first look for grace, how a person moves, responds, reacts to statements and situations; next their ability to speak , I’ve heard some great orators in my lifetime; I live for baseball but a speech or debate comes first. I look at grooming , clothes and sharp, crisp style. Educational background, sense of humor , important. Human beings don’t ‘stomp around’ and leaders don’t say ‘what we want to hear’, they call a stripe a stripe in an eloquent way. If I go out to eat with a friend, even if fast food, and the napkin isn’t on the lap, proper etiquette isn’t followed , its our last meal. if they move or drive with less than poise and smooth flow, we’re done. We are given life to rise above our animalistic natures. Mr. Trump is barbaric in every way, an animal. In 70 years he should have developed grace, style, eloquence and substance of ideas politician or not, he does not reflect the perfection of the Divine within to which we all aspire .

          • you are one high maintenance individual-no room for error in your world. good luck with that

          • Farkumbarkconssuckdick

          • Are you so dumb you don’t know you’re dumb? Eh, dummy?

            Oh looky, Trumpy’s having a seizure!

        • Ha! Sucker!

  26. Joel Wischkaemper

    This issue is complex. The idea is to enforce the Immigration Law President Bush didn’t enforce, and that President Obama didn’t enforce. It is a shame we cannot punish them for it too.
    But at this point, and considering the Supreme Court decisions, the Immigration Department under Mr. Trump is going to have to work with them. If you have a flat tire and you are going to fix it, you are going to have to work with the tire to get it fixed.
    MANY people have said that if you don’t have a border, you don’t have a nation. We were being pushed toward open borders without our permission.. Mr. Trump’s administration is going to have to work with the issue to get it fixed. The cost of open borders would have been staggering and the reward of closing the borders will be a lot of savings.
    Per Jeb.. he is one evil person and he doesn’t like the United States taxpayer at all. Nor will he fork up the money his simple minded policies would have cost.

  27. The day of reconing is here for how much longer depends on the out come of this crocked nation and the world!

  28. Right now, on Hannity, he is stating the wall WILL be built, immigration is going to be severely limited as none from Extremist Islamic States, VETTING any allowed, better tracking.
    Illegals that are here for 10 years or more, have become citizen-like, that pay back taxes etc. will be allowed to stay AS ALIENS no citizenship.
    He’s NOT flip-flopped, he’s taken a realistic serious look at the issue & is being humane to those who have shown their mettle. I have a neighbor that just found out she was illegal because of a wrong decision her DAD made 12 years ago (she was minor) – married with a beautiful daughter & good husband – is now dealing with feds on this. If she’s sent back, the family’s not allowed to go (I understand) & she’ll need to wait years to “reapply”

    • Thats a Flip Flop of epic proportions

      “Illegals that are here for 10 years or more, have become citizen-like, that pay back taxes etc. will be allowed to stay AS ALIENS no citizenship.”

      Allowing them to stay is also called AMNESTY


      • So, what’s “reasonable”? shipping back a married mom w/2 kids and an American husband, married 56 years, who, through a screwup not her fault, she’s not “legal”? Shipping back a 50 yr. old that’s been here “in shadows” for 20-30 years, works whatever he can, but doesn’t ask for handouts, just the opportunity to work?
        Trying to round up some thousands & thousands of illegals who have been living here for decade or more, when the ISSUE needs to be the immediate problem – those that are currently flooding over known gang members, drug runners, coming here for the “handouts” AND the illegal rubbish being rushed in from Syria, Middle East?
        Where would YOU spend the (limited) money & resources?!?
        He’s not flipping, he’s maturing his political stands & listening to reason, wisdom or experience.

  29. Actually if we enforce e-verify (including massive fines on business organization who hire illegals) and deny them benefits available to legal citizens, we won’t have to deport anyone; they’ll leave on their own!

  30. Good Evening, folks. I am thankful I found this site again. I wanted to see how far it had gone since my last comment.

    I have to say this; I was very surprised that Trump softened his stance on immigration, but it did not cause me to drop him as my candidate to vote on for President. I have never seen any other candidate that spoke so sternly in the beginning and did not soften up the closer it comes to election day. There is too many things that he spoke about during this year that I like about him. You have to understand, he is not a professional politician, where all of his speeches are polished to a perfect glow. I know many of us thought that of all the subjects of his campaign, illegal immigration was his toughest stance. There are many people put off by that and he was slowly dropping in the polls.
    Now, let’s see who will continue to follow him or change sides and go with someone that is a polished candidate and says things that she knows the people want to hear. That is how many voters feel, that she is for the underdogs. He will have to watch himself from now on, because everything he says from now on will be seen as favorable or unfavorable.

    Who are you going to vote for right now if the election was tomorrow morning? They are both trying to capture the swing voters. Whoever wins the voters that has not made up their minds yet will win the election; to my understanding. How do y’all feel about it. I’d like to hear from y’all.

    • Here are my feelings about it Rodger in all honesty, this is not begin posted as a slam or a joke. Ignorance is a cultivated enemy …

  31. There has been no shift, just demorats trying to make trouble.

  32. I did not know that Partiot News Daily had diehard Hilary supporters on the payroll.
    It is vote for trump or hilary gets elected you moron

  33. Patriot News Daily…What a bunch of numbskulls! Your real name ought to be Disinformation Daily!


    He’s only saying he’s going to enforce our current immigration laws…PLUS, build that wall.

    GUESS WHAT? Those laws call for the deportation of people here illegally.

    Of course he’s not going to deport some old grandma who’s been here 20 years. I never expected that.


  34. I don’t think that deporting all eleven million is something that can be done. Lets deport the ones that come to us in the back seat of a police car. Either as a criminal or for DUI. A lot of Americans have been killed by illegal alien drunk drivers. Lets deport the ones that come to us to apply for welfare benefits or for food stamps. Lets deport the ones who abuse the emergency services.
    What? You overdosed on drugs? You are out of here!
    What? You were injured defending a woman from a violent rapist? Welcome to America!

  35. There was no “shift”, Trump simply using ears pleasing language on MAINSTREAM Republicans and Independents.

    • Three different positions last week, maybe more… the Kama Sutra of immigration. That sounds like the Trump spokesman everyone had so many laughs about all last week. She said, “He hasn’t changed positions he’s just changed his words.”

  36. Trump is a major mistake.
    Trump is Bush on steriods.

  37. Trump is a major mistake.
    Trump is Bush on steriods.

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  39. Trump is a majpr mistake.

  40. No help needed.
    Trump is a major mistake.
    How many times is this to be deleted?
    This is #5

  41. Duirng the great depression, the US government deported every illegal alien in the country when jobs were needed for its citizens. As to why the US can’t do it now baffles me. In other countries around the world illegals can’t qualify for assistance before becoming what is known as landed immigrant status. If the US took the option away of anchor babies, assistance, and make it known that we take care of our own first, and enforce the laws that are already on the books, then people wouldn’t be clamoring to come to the US.
    Trump shouldn’t go back on his word. Illegal is illegal. Those who came here twenty or thirty years living in fear of deportation , took the risk when they came here that they had broken the law and that any time they could be deported. Those that are being deemed as a “good illegal” still broke the law when they entered into the country illegally. Therefore there is no such thing as a law abiding and a criminal alien. Either the US and Trump are going to apply the laws of the US or not. If you as a citizen are being prosecuted by the government for a crime they are still going to apply the law as mandated on the books. There will be no determination whether you are a good person or not that will keep you from completely avoiding some form of punishment. Remember the catch word here is completely. The same should go for the iilegals that are here.

  42. The original Trumpty hot air would have cost us about $600 million and a $1.3 billion dollar loss in revenue .


      Looks like the emperor has no balls.

    • Trump/Pena ’16

      • With the cost at 60 billion and immigration at an all time low it may be a hard sell. I can imagine a 50/50 split … cost/ work force/material sales/and concessions. I did learn today that NAFTA =60 million jobs in the U.S. just with Mexico. There are many ways employed to keep our neighbors out. Its a sad idea, sad commentary on the illusion of fear created; who wants to live in a world that leaves people behind. I say neither should build it.

  43. Since no one knows what this “major shift” entails, shouldn’t we wait until he explains instead of jumping on the negative comment train?

  44. The media needs to attack this deranged mentally ill criminal and her name is Hitler Hillary!

  45. Deport every last illegal and close the borders..

  46. Don’t blame TRUMP. It’s the political establishment. In this case the Republican Elite. he had to make a deal with the pinheads to get their support. Sometimes you have to give a little to gain your objective. Vote TRUMP and let the politicians on both sides sweat. Vote TRUMP and save the good old USA.

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  48. anothe msm troll of a writer.
    Yo DA, it is either Trump of Clinton. If you do not vote for and support Trump, you are selling out the country .
    Cut the crap

  49. I wish the hell “reporters” and “journalists” would dog Killary as much as they hang on every word Trump says then spin it to their favor just to get ratings. He has NOT shifted. We all know it will be a process and not an overnight one. At least he will actually do something and it will be for America’s benefit for a change.

  50. I wish the articles of impeachment ( already drafted) would be persued by congress: getting him kicked out and prosecuted is a step that must be pushed by all.
    Drafted by the North American Law Center, is to be weighted up at a Jan 13th meeting of the RNC, reports Brandon Hall of the West Michigan Politics Blog. The document titled “Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama” it begins, “Resolved, That Barack Hussein Obama, acting President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment to be exhibited to the Senate”.

    Article 1 “Usurpation of the Oval Office via criminal identity fraud”.

    No bona fide records of evidence presented by Barack Hussein Obama establishes his true identity, and voluminous evidence demonstrates that all of the documents presented by Barack Hussein Obama as proof of identity and eligibility for high office are forgeries, created for the sole purpose of deceiving the American people in his pursuit of political power.

    Article 2 “Malfeasance, misconduct and abuse of the Oval Office”.

    1. He has acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.), in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax records purpose not authorized by law, and to target Republican and conservative political action organizations, withholding I.R.S. tax exempt status for opposition political organizations, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

    Article 3 “Aiding and Abetting known enemies of the United States”.

    In his conduct of the office of President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, contrary to his oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, he’s directly engaged in the covert aiding and abetting of foreign entities via the funding, arming, training and intelligence assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, the Free Syrian Army and others.

    This conduct has included one or more of the following:

    1. Refused to faithfully execute the laws of the United States concerning organized immigration and naturalization as prescribed by the 1986 Immigration Reform Act.
    2. He has unlawfully used taxpayer funds to aid and abet the illegal invasion of the United States.
    3. He has used unlawful and unreasonable threats and intimidation tactics to force well-intended Federal agents to stand down on enforcement in direct violation of the laws of the United States.
    4. He has unlawfully used national security agencies under his direct command to threaten and intimidate American Citizen Comitatus, in an effort to silence their opposition to the ongoing invasion of the United States by unlawful intruders.
    5. Without any congressional authority or oversight and in direct violation of his duties as Commander-in-Chief, he has directly engaged in the covert aiding, and abetting of foreign entities via the funding, arming, training and intelligence assistance to known enemies of the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others.
    6. He has engaged or caused his subordinates to engage in weapons trafficking to known enemies of the United States, specifically the Mexican Cartels at our southern border and Islamic terror networks throughout the Middle East.
    7. He has worked to undermine relationships with United States Citizens and numerous United States allies around the world by engaging in unlawful surveillance unrelated to national security.
    8. He has directly threatened international security, he and his subordinates have worked to cause socio-economic upheaval and racial tensions in the United States, for the sole purpose of political gains.
    9. He has worked to hamstring United States service members and private contractors on foreign battlefields via Rules of Engagement which have given our enemies an upper hand on the front lines.
    10. He has engaged in an unlawful overt effort to disarm legal American Citizens and remove public access to ammunition in direct violation of the United States Second Amendment, aiming to prevent a free people from providing for the personal protection of life, liberty and property, protect against illegal invasion, or a government body which has become abusive to the citizens in violation of constitutional protections.
    11. He has knowingly appointed cabinet level personnel with known direct ties to international terrorist organizations and has given them top security level clearances.
    12. He has unlawfully used groups with known ties to terrorist organizations as Oval Office policy advisors and altered numerous national security and law enforcement policies on the basis of advice from known enemies of the United States.
    13. He has circumvented congressional authority to unlawfully use taxpayer funds to finance known terror organizations and isolate some of our closes allies now under direct military attack.
    14. He has unlawfully and purposefully dismantled the balance of power between the three branches of the Federal government, operating as a unilateral unchecked dictatorship.
    15. He has worked to unlawfully fund, protect and defend known anti-American organizations in direct violation of 50 U.S. Code 843.
    16. He has unilaterally defunded, demoralized, undermined and dismantled the United States Military and Military Command, leaving our country increasingly vulnerable to attack and unable to respond.
    17. He has sought to remove qualified military leadership from command due solely to their opposition to his destruction of the Military and Military readiness, while advancing the careers of those within the ranks who have openly agreed to “fire on American Citizens”, if so ordered.
    18. He has worked with labor unions to threaten, intimidate and extort money from United States employers, and employees, and unlawfully used labor union funds to advance an anti-American agenda without the voluntary consent of Union members.
    19. He knew or should have known that he was placing Americans in harm’s way in Benghazi, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan without adequate force protection, in direct violation of his oath and duties as Commander-in-Chief.

    In all of this, Barack Hussein Obama has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.
    Go Trump!


    Looks like your emperor has no balls!

    Ha! Ha! Ha!


    • You are such an azwipe and only ignorant pathetic eople post this kind of stuff. I’ll bet posting you mounting Hillary and even either one of you being nude would cause all of us to go blind.

  53. Pena/Trump ’16

  54. Shift? I don’t think so, but even if Trump wilted on deporting illegals there’s the Supreme Court to consider. We cannot allow a Democrat to appoint those judges. Keep in mind that while Trump may be abrasive Democrats are traitors.

  55. GODBlessRealAmerica#1


  56. Sigh………………….I listen to nearly all his speeches there has been no mind changing. In fact he has laid out how he will do it and named the laws on the books that allow him to get the refugees out of here back to UN and EU camps along with enforcing our immigration laws, will take care of “Alien Threats” and illegals.

    Anyone who is not a citizen can be deported if they want the overthrow of our government or our Constitution. The Qur’an and Sharia Law are not compatible with our Constitution or laws. They came on ships and planes many from EU and UN camps they can leave the same way.

    All single men Somali, Afghani, Iraqi, Tunisian, Burmese etc who harbor terrorists need to be rounded up, put into the 800 Detention camps built by O via H.R.645, that are empty, the 55,000 children are not in them, the illegals are not in them so you put these dangerous men in them. Google refugees taking over small towns in America. It is mind boggling. Look to Fargo ND and see what they are dealing with. Go to Youtube and put in refugees tearing up Europe. Trump did a video on this and it is out there, this is something of great importance.

    We not only have ISIS among them and every agency has told Congress so but O let over 80,000 criminal illegals back into our society. What is this? A suicide pact with Islam?


    Pictures are worth a thousand words. You people better think long and hard on this.

  58. Trump said whatever he needed to say during the election. It was stupid to believe that he would deport the illegals and create a devastating recession. He is smarter than that. But the rhetoric got him elected. No different than politicians forever who promise whatever they need to get elected then get practical afterward.

  59. People sound surprised that Trump lied. He lied between 53% and 91% of the time during the campaign. You can’t hold him to his statements. That is ludicrous.

  60. “Major mistake”? I gotcha major mistake: DONALD TRUMP is by far the outstanding “major mistake” in American Presidential history!

  61. I am a Trump supporter, but the speech where he offered citizenship for 2 million illegals has softened by support…a little. But, the democrats will not take his generous offer. I am ok with allowing them to stay here, but not citizenship with rights and benefits. Or, extend the citizenship time frame from 12 years to 20 years. Then I might support it. As we all know, illegal immigration is simply a voter registration scheme for Democrats because the people in this country won’t vote for them.

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