Trump’s First Year Was a Successful War on Obama’s Eight

If you wanted to celebrate Donald Trump’s first full year in office, there are a number of ways you could go about it. You could talk about how he presided over one of the most remarkable economic boom periods in recent American memory, all but erasing the stain of the Great Recession. You could talk about how he let the military loose on ISIS, finally destroying the last remnants of their so-called Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Or you could talk about the recently-passed tax reform bill, which will give millions of Americans immediate, important relief from the long arm of the IRS. You could even start and stop with the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, which may ultimately be the greatest, longest-lasting gift the Trump presidency bestows on this nation.

But you could also come at it another way. You could also talk about what could reasonably be called the central theme of Trump’s first year: Turning the country away from the destructive, socialist path that Barack Obama had us on for eight long years. Because make no mistake about it, this was the emergency that made Trump’s election so immediately necessary. He alone, of the 17 Republican candidates, understood the drastic measures we needed to take as a nation to turn the ship around. He alone understood that we were a cruise ship headed for an iceberg; a small conservative adjustment here or there just wasn’t going to get it.

As president, Trump has proven that it wasn’t just campaign rhetoric, red meat for the base. He has governed like he said he would and he has devoted much of his first year in the White House to systematically dismantling everything that Obama built.

While he failed to make the repeal of Obamacare happen, he did successfully manage the tax reform bill, which stripped the Affordable Care Act of the individual mandate – the least popular part of the healthcare legislation. Additionally, he scrapped Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate, freeing religious employers from the anti-faith burdens that the health insurance law imposed on them.

On homeland security, Trump has been even more ferocious in his opposition to the Obama agenda. He capped refugee admissions, banned entrants from six dangerous countries, and increased border security and migrant vetting processes. Perhaps even more importantly, he has refused to tell the American people a lie about the religion of Islam – that it is a peaceful, harmless religion that has simply been hijacked by a handful of whackos. He knows that isn’t true just as Obama knew it wasn’t true. The difference is that Trump isn’t afraid to say it.

Regulations – that’s where Trump’s anti-Obama agenda has really shined. In education, energy, finance, and the environment, Trump has taken an axe to the long list of regulations imposed by the Obama administration, moves that have diminished the size and power of the federal government for the good of the free market.

We’re only one year in, and anyone so-called NeverTrump conservative that still thinks we should have elected Hillary Clinton should be taken out back and beaten about the shoulders and ears with a stick. Last November, this nation was at a Point of No Return moment. Hillary’s election would have sent us careening past it, ensuring that we would never again be the land of great opportunity and boundless freedom our charter promises. We’re not out of treacherous waters yet, but Trump has a firm hand on the wheel. If we can get past the 2018 midterms without succumbing to disaster, we may actually pass a country worth saving to our descendants.

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  1. I’ll be happy to sharpen that AXE that Trump is using to clean up the mess when it’s a little on the Dull side because he still has A LOT Crap to clean out from those 8 LONG Miserable Obama years.

    • Pierrette Berthoas

      We need patience, this has been building for many years..We were uninformed and asleep..Potus has woken us up !!Nothing will ever be the same again..PEOPLE NOW ARE AWARE. EXCEPT THE POISONED KOOL AID [email protected]#$%$#@!

  2. Excellent, excellent article. Although it does lack one major achievement of Trump’s. Making leftists so absolutely furious we get to be endlessly entertained watching them sputter in rage until their heads explode over and over again. It never gets old.

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    • Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

      Love me a large cup of liberal tears💦…ongoing victory…🏁

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    • Your are right priceless

  3. ovomit WAS/IS ILLEGAL, everything he started during his 8 miserable years
    WAS/IS ILLEGAL, just write another EO and make it ALL STOP, PERIOD!!
    ARREST, INDICT AND HANG the ugly alien mooslime terrorist ni666er!!

    • It`s time they arrest this anti American and put him in Gitmo with the rest of his Muslim friends who love him. So far it`s all been talk but no action. Hillary and Billie should be jailed Pelosi should be put back in her crypt she is dead and doesn`t know it. Cry baby Chukie Shumer should also be put in jail with all the corrupt slime from the swamp.

      • Pierrette Berthoas

        Sssooo true..

      • Lets not forget good old Babara (you know the senator from California) and her statement that she was afraid that some might die from the shutdown, but she would have to vote for shutdown. Now do we really need people like these running the country. I thought they were in Washington to PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE. What was I thinking?

        • Your absolutely right Barbra has been dead for a long time. Unfortunately the flakes keep voting her in. California is loaded with flakes. If you tied her hands down she wouldn`t even be able to talk.

    • Virgo, I’m not sure how you really feel about Obama! 😉

    • Pierrette Berthoas

      Hang em High. We let these Crooks get this Big ..We need to Never do it again..

    • Please hang him heels up and head 1/12 inch down from a LARGE hill of Fireants. Of course one bite on him and the ants might die.

  4. Trump removed the chains from Obama’s ridiculous ‘Rules of Engagement’ policy in fighting ISIS. We no longer have to kiss and apologize to the enemy before killing them…

  5. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    It’s not that Tyrant Obama was afraid to say Islam was not a religion hijacked by wackos, but he intended to further that lie to the destruction of AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah.

    Why are we going after Strzok and his girlfriend? By the way what happened to his marriage? Why go after Andy McCabe? They are all treasonous, but why not get right down to the bottom line and hang Obama and Mrs. Clinton for high crimes of treason?

    Just wondering.


  6. Great article. I am very proud of President Trump. We need new leaders in the House and Senate and term limits. Not one person in either party should receive retirement pay especially for the short time in office. We worked many years to get that treasured money not them.

    • From what I understand, they serve one (1) term and are drawing retirement for the balance of their lives. I worked just over 50 years and I do not even begin to get a check like those bastards do. They go in without a whole lot and walk away millionaires. Go figure, but then we are to blame for that, it is time for us to stand up and say WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, YOU WORK FOR US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The recent government shut down orchestrated by Schumer is proof also how stupid the Democrat party has become. Hopefully there will be enough Christians at the polls to re-balance the needed sanity congress so badly needs. If you are a voter in Washington State be sure to vote for the challenger to Maria Cantwell. So is an avowed anti Constitution anti Law abiding incumbent.

    • Pierrette Berthoas

      Complete CORRUPTION on part of Demo.government so far..OBSTRUCTION THEIR VENUE AND SICK MEDIA.

    • DirtyDaveyDownEast

      If you really want to make a difference in Washington to drain the swamp; Pray for a 3rd Great Awakening.

      Just as the 1st two Great Awakenings enabled AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, to throw off the tyrannies of 1st foreign rule then slavery only a 3rd Great Awakening will enable AMERICA to throw off the tyranny of corruption now so prevalent in our nation; our government, our economy and our citizens.

      Let us Pray!!!


      • Amen, been praying brother since before Trump was nominated, am now praying every legal, illegal or otherwise alien comes under the ministry of the Holy Spirit when they cross our borders.

  8. One other thing Trump proved is that we don’t have to accept Obama’s claim of “Americans Great days are behind her”. That was only true when you had the American Hater, Race Baiting, Racist in the White House.
    Everyone should notice, even those who oppose Trump that America is only as good as the Person in the White House. If you have a Corrupt individual that only thinks of things he or she wants because of their agendas (Obama) then you get a Country that runs all its agencies by Corrupt backers. We are all seeing that right now with all the corruption in the FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA, DOJ, ETC. that is still left over by the Corrupt Fake President that thought he was king(Obama again).
    Trump has proved that the Democratic party is only out for Fear Mongering with all their doom and gloom talk about how no one but the rich will benefit from Trumps Tax Bill. Goes completely against what the Liberal Democrats stand for. They don’t want you taking care of yourself, so they have to convince you that your a victim that only their Corrupt party can help. They convince Americans that their money is not really theirs and that only Government knows what is best to spend your Tax dollars on. Mostly Social Justice PC BS. Not Safety and Security like it is suppose to be. Democrats can not afford for Americans to feel safe because then Democrats can come to their rescue, when all it would take is having more self worth and respect for yourself.
    Republicans (NOT Rinos) only want you to be able to take care of yourself with help only when needed.
    Democrats only want you to give them your money for their Agendas and to continue to let you know America is Bad and their way is the only way.
    I know who I want to be the responsible ones in Washington, DC. and it sure is not the ones constantly trying to divide us all.

  9. Of course, Obama only got in because he was a NIGGER!!!

  10. Derogatory remarks are not a Christian way. I understand the frustration and ill-will but name calling, race baiting, gender non-recognition is not the way to do this. Let’s give the left a reason to fear We THE PEOPLE. They have held offices so long they think it is home.

    • Gender non-recognition? What is that supposed to mean? It sounds like you are saying, i, as a Christian must recognize freaks who don’t recognize their God given gender, but assign their own, non-existent gender. I’m sorry, but no one can change their gender, and I refuse to recognize their sickness for anything but what it is, A SICKNESS. They don’t need re-assignment, they need mental health care.

  11. Great article and every word is spot on. His record of success speaks for itself and at the same time, emphasizes the failures of the Obama Administration. Obama had no clue because he did not think like an American and he did his best to hide his Muslim bias but even that failed. Obama did not think like an American because he wasn’t one.

    One can only hope and pray that 2018 all the way up to 2024, that this country will continue to experience the goodness of all that this President has done and wants to accomplish.

    If anything, immigration needs to be curtailed and allow only individuals who can benefit this country rather than come in here with their hand out. DACA needs to be allowed to fail and all those here illegally, need to be sent back to where they came from, regardless of their life here.

    If America is to be first, then its citizens need to be first and these illegals are what they are and have committed a crime by being here. They all need to go for the betterment of all concerned, especially for the sake of this country.

  12. President Trump does not have the best language usage, but he knows how to get the job done. He knows how business works and how to run businesses. He is not afraid to let it be known that HE is going to and is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN here and abroad. That cull that was in the White House for 8 years is gone, but probably plotting with hillary, sharpie jackson, holder, and lynch to take over. Hopefully President Trump can have those named in the previous sentence picked up, prosecuted for their crimes against this country (although that may never happen) and the key be thrown away. I backed President Trump when he was running for the White House and will back in his next election, he knows and has shown how to get things done and he is not afraid of those so-called folks in the Capital Building that are supposedly taking care of our (the people’s) interest. We finally now have a man with backbone and will stand up for us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE. God Bless President Trump!!

  13. Great article – I would only add one thing. After the clean sweep of all of the corrupt individuals presently in office, the house and senate should stifle their own interests and think for the country and pass term limits for both houses. Only then will the “elected representatives” do their job instead of fund-raising and b-kissing while looking to the next election.

    • Never have I known such a race hating person as this thing is. Eight years and look how how bad things were made by him. That gutless congress was totally afraid to stand up to him, the whole damn bunch of them should be run off and we
      CAN do that at the poll, but YOU have to Vote to get change made. I agree with term limits, 2 terms for senate and 3 terms for house. Waiting to see if any of those folks are going to do anything to him or hillay, or billy boy, lynch, jessie, sharpie, holder or any of that race bating bunch or just let them keep their corrupt acts going. If this had been the average American, we would have been licked up and key thrown away-sorry that goes to folks who are trying to do right and these CROOKS will walk away grinning and people will still love and vote for that scum. But we do have an ace in the hole now–we have PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP, a man who truly loves the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and what she stands for. God bless this man.

      • Join Convention of States to get term limits added to ammendments of Constitution. Congress will never vote themselves limits.

  14. AMEN!!!!!!! This article states it perfectly! Had Hillary been allowed to cheat her way into the Oval Office we would have been doomed.

  15. Fortunately we finally have a president who cares about this country and has the backbone to do what he promised in spite of the discusting democrats and RINOS who only care about themselves and the cushy jobs they have and Trump will clean the swamp rat`s out.

  16. Seven More years to go!
    Obama spent eight years turning this country upside down; he left a massive mess for Trump to fix.
    Trumps first year has been tested and he has survived – – Hopefully the nation is seeing how the radical lefts daily assaults on anyone who makes any attempts to fix the Obama mess – always supported by the left leaning media -, will start putting pressure on elected representatives who fail to do their duty but rather feel they need to stand in front of T.V Cameras blaming others will soon accept their responsibilities and do the job they are getting paid to do!
    We had great hopes of seeing the country reestablish it’s values, pride and credibility – – BUT – – radical left government representatives and an ABSURD Left Controlled Media has teamed up to see that we never recover form the mess Obama created and left !
    With our support and pressure placed against elect representatives who feel all they have to do is agree with their party leaders (good followers) we can turn the trend in Washington and the media around – we are being driven by the daily media blitz in support of the Democrats EXTREME and WEALTHY LEFT!

  17. Well stated article. We still have a hard battle ahead convincing detractors of the liberal lies. Sheriff Joe in Arizona is running for the Senate and needs our help. We need more Trumpers in congress and Joe is the man.

  18. Although I am still worried about the insane rage of the left and what they might do to harm the police and the people of this nation, I am very encouraged by the progress and renewed prosperity that we are experiencing now. The President has done a great deal to stiffen the backbones of the Republicans and We the People have scared them into moving in the right direction. There are still a large number of Democrats in the bureaucracy and RINOs in Congress who need to be replaced before our nation will have a secure future. The job is really just beginning and we need to keep working at it. All of us who started with the Tea Party need to keep on pushing to get people with integrity and conservative ideals into positions in the political parties and in local, state and federal government offices and agencies. Electing people to office is not going to be enough if the entrenched bureaucrats continue to have their liberal secret societies and undermine the foundations of our Constitution. They need to be replaced or the agencies that they control need to be eliminated by defunding them or repealing the legislation that established them. Probably as much as half the agencies in the federal government could be eliminated without causing any difficulties, other than to the bureaucrats who would have to look for a real job.

  19. He’s done well for the country by reversing the Dem lunacy created by them and Obozo and they country is bouncing back and it’s turning the tide on their destruction they had planned and proven what was really int heir lying, thieving, cheating hearts. Many of them need to make a long visit to GITMO.


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