Trump’s Conviction Has Enriched The Entire GOP

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in the hush money trial hasn’t only had a positive impact on his campaign’s coffers but also boosted the campaigns of down-ballot GOP candidates who’ve aligned themselves with the former President.

One candidate benefitting from the former President’s conviction is Tony Weid, who has reportedly been backed by Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., and is running to replace Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher in Wisoncon’s 8th Congressional District.

One House Republican strategist described Thursday’s verdict as “jet fuel for fundraising,” adding that Wied having Donald Trump Jr.’s support is a “huge get.”

According to The Examiner’s report, Wied is expected to receive over $150,000 in campaign donations during a Green Bay, Wisconsin fundraising event on Tuesday evening. The six-figure amount will be a significant cash injection in Wied’s battle to secure the GOP nomination for Wisconsin 8th Congressional District.

The news of Trump’s verdict boosting down-ballot Republican candidates comes on the heels of the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) reporting the $141 million May fundraising haul. The haul, which is equal to what President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign and Democrats raised in March and April combined, was partly driven by Trump’s historic criminal conviction.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) told the Examiner that voters’ backlash over Trump’s verdict was behind the fundraising efforts breaking records.

Johnson added that House Republicans were now “on track to raise the resources” they need to grow the GOP’s majority in the lower Chamber and assist in getting the former President “back in the White House.”

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