Trump Won’t Win, Says Republican Pollster

In a op-ed, pollster David Merritt lets us know that Donald Trump is not the “true frontrunner” of the Republican primary season. See, because Trump’s ascension to the top of the field doesn’t match the polling results his firm – Luntz Global Partners – came up with eight months ago, then surely the nomination will go to someone more responsible.

Well, maybe it’s better if he explains it himself.

“Is this what Republican primary voters really want in their nominee – a brash outsider who takes on anyone and everyone?” Merritt asks. “Or do they want, as they told us before, a moderate with real results?”

Merritt sings the usual song that we’ve been hearing from the Republican establishment – Trump is just hot air and big talk. We need a leader who can actually get in there and do things realistically.

The real frontrunners are – or will ultimately be – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Why? Because they have the cross capability to reflect real voter resentment AND appeal to their aspirations for smart ideas. They don’t just throw bombs – they have serious solutions that can deliver real results.

Nothing against Cruz and Rubio, but Merritt is yet another guy who doesn’t seem to understand how drastically things have changed. We’ve been down the “serious solutions, real results” road about a million times now. Guess what? When push comes to shove, none of these moderate Republicans seem to be able to turn their sober, realistic scenarios into action. Listen to John Boehner or Mitch McConnell deliver a speech, and they sound like men who will transform this country into a conservative utopia. But somehow…it just never happens, does it?

“The Trump phenomenon is indeed rewriting the rules of politics,” Merritt concludes. “But in the end GOP voters want a strong leader who not only bashes the system – but knows how to fix it.”

Right. So Trump is changing the game…but in the end, the voters will go back to the same old, same old? Well, that may indeed be the case – only time will tell – but this sounds more like nervous hope than realistic prognostication. It sounds like the same thing Jeb Bush has been saying for the last six months. These Republican stalwarts are more interested in telling the voters what they will do than listening to what they are saying. And that is exactly why the “Trump phenomenon” exists in the first place. This sneering arrogance bears more than a passing resemblance to the kind of liberal elitism that we’ve all come to despise. You’ll come back, it says. You always do.

Well, maybe.

But maybe you guys have already squandered your last chance.

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