Trump Won’t Win, Says Republican Pollster

In a op-ed, pollster David Merritt lets us know that Donald Trump is not the “true frontrunner” of the Republican primary season. See, because Trump’s ascension to the top of the field doesn’t match the polling results his firm – Luntz Global Partners – came up with eight months ago, then surely the nomination will go to someone more responsible.

Well, maybe it’s better if he explains it himself.

“Is this what Republican primary voters really want in their nominee – a brash outsider who takes on anyone and everyone?” Merritt asks. “Or do they want, as they told us before, a moderate with real results?”

Merritt sings the usual song that we’ve been hearing from the Republican establishment – Trump is just hot air and big talk. We need a leader who can actually get in there and do things realistically.

The real frontrunners are – or will ultimately be – Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Why? Because they have the cross capability to reflect real voter resentment AND appeal to their aspirations for smart ideas. They don’t just throw bombs – they have serious solutions that can deliver real results.

Nothing against Cruz and Rubio, but Merritt is yet another guy who doesn’t seem to understand how drastically things have changed. We’ve been down the “serious solutions, real results” road about a million times now. Guess what? When push comes to shove, none of these moderate Republicans seem to be able to turn their sober, realistic scenarios into action. Listen to John Boehner or Mitch McConnell deliver a speech, and they sound like men who will transform this country into a conservative utopia. But somehow…it just never happens, does it?

“The Trump phenomenon is indeed rewriting the rules of politics,” Merritt concludes. “But in the end GOP voters want a strong leader who not only bashes the system – but knows how to fix it.”

Right. So Trump is changing the game…but in the end, the voters will go back to the same old, same old? Well, that may indeed be the case – only time will tell – but this sounds more like nervous hope than realistic prognostication. It sounds like the same thing Jeb Bush has been saying for the last six months. These Republican stalwarts are more interested in telling the voters what they will do than listening to what they are saying. And that is exactly why the “Trump phenomenon” exists in the first place. This sneering arrogance bears more than a passing resemblance to the kind of liberal elitism that we’ve all come to despise. You’ll come back, it says. You always do.

Well, maybe.

But maybe you guys have already squandered your last chance.

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  1. “He’s like that guy who walks into the bar, and will say whatever it’ll take to get laid. Only in this case he’s not trying to f*ck some girl. He’s trying to f*ck the country,” said by -Mark Cuban, an actual self made billionaire

  2. As Bart Simpson would say “What a load of crappy crap crap”.

  3. Trump will win. Either on the Republican party…or the people will vote him in on a third party.


    • If he splits the party by going 3d party he will probably hand the election to the hildabeast. Many republicans will not leave the republican party. He also said he would NOT go 3d party, if he does not win the nomination I hope he is good to his word.

      • Maybe not…Not only has Trump’s message resonated with the republican base, but also with hard working democrats who are tired of being told they want to reward these invaders…Trump’s entry into this race has given voice to all who are tired of being talked at, and then told they are racist or bigoted, for actually demanding our nation and her laws be respected…and expecting solutions…Trump/Cruz 2016…because American kids deserve their shot at the American Dream first…

        • Trumps message is definitely resonating with the American people. Many people love what he is saying, me included, but we need to go back a few years when Ross Perot ran as a 3d party candidate, the republicans lost because of it. If Trump goes 3d party he will draw primarily from the republicans not so much the democrats. That will decrease the republican votes by probably 5-10 million or maybe more but he won’t draw enough to win and that will give the WH to the hildabeast unless she is in jail or even worse sanders. I am terrified for my children and grandchildren. Things definitely look bleak for them.

          • I am not voting for a rino period. If they will not listen to reason and let the people decide a rino will not be any better than a dem. Do you think they will let Cruz win? NOT a chance. We will be stuck with Rubio or Bush and it will be BAU!

          • I won’t either. I did in the last two elections but that will never happen again. I hope that Cruz will be the nominee but if not I may not vote at all if I don’t have a legitimate choice.

          • I will write in Trump or if he goes third party just follow him. Being manipulated by these political asses has got to end.

          • It is time for the PEOPLE to take their power back! I will stand with TRUMP no matter what! I am so disappointed with the GOP. They lied in their campaigns. TRUMP has been proven right on every word he has spoken. Bullish? Yes, and it is time for Bullish to take over for the right reason!

          • Trump doesn’t know his A$$ from his elbow. Bullish??? More like B. S if you ask me!!

          • No, it is the POLITICIANS that are bought and have to do their donors wishes. Trump is not bought by anyone and he is the Strongest candidate to keep us safe!

          • WishIWuzACropDuster

            Good morning!! Hope you had a merry Christmas!!

            There is one glaring thing that bothers me about Donald Trump. I’d like for you to read this and tell me if you think Trump would still be a good candidate.


          • I read this and I cannot believe Trump will be building anything but a great wall at the border. He will not have time to even consider an eminent project while being President. I have heard this interview with Stossel. BUT he was in business. He will not use the Presidency for his business. I just do not believe what this guy is proposing about Trump.

          • I totally understand your feeling, the other possibility is for the largest write in vote they have ever seen.

          • Write-in TRUMP anyway. The ballot machines could be rigged. The numbers could be manipulated. But if you hand write TRUMP, nobody could mess with your vote. Also sign your name on the edge of the ballot, in case of a re-count. That means, we should consider paper ballots instead of pushing buttons or checking boxes next to your candidate of choice of a digital machine. Ask silicon valley techies, they know know how to rig these machines..
            Make use of gentian violet dye, the Iragi ink,
            a disinfectant dye used in voting centers to prevent double or multiple voting, flying voters, bus-driven voters,voter fraud, dead and pet voting. The ink on your finger is used to show, one has already voted plus you got your fingers disinfected. Make this ink mandatory in every precinct.

          • Thanks for the tips 657241.

          • Trump/Cruz 2016…because it’s long past time the American people had leaders that thought like they do…That America can be great again…and should be respected…Trump does the first four and Ted does the next eight…It’s going to take a lot of work to fix our America…but these two can get it done…

          • I absolutely could and would vote for that ticket but I am still a stronger Cruz fan than Trump. One fear I have with Trump is that the good ole boy club can’t stand him so will he be able to get anything passed in congress. Just a thought but I think it may be as hard to get things passed with the present congress as it would be with a democrat congress. His ideas on immigration and muzzies in the country are good and should be adopted. He is a successful businessman so he should be a major asset to the economy and jobs. He does have some excellent ideas, how far would they get in congress though with all of the RINO’s there.

          • 7papa7, it’s going to take a long time for them to straighten this country out, but first they need to get there…DT will have no problem getting down in the gutter with the DNC types at crunch time…and he’ll emerge the winner…
            Trump will do what Regan did, go directly to the citizens of the country and insist they contact their Reps and Senators to make America great again…and it will indeed work…There are many in this country who have forgotten they love this country, and why…those two will remind them…Trump/Cruz 2016

          • I agree it is going to take a long time to straighten the country out and if Trump is elected I hope you are right. I fear for my children and grandchildren and what they are getting left them, it isn’t pretty.

          • The senate hates Cruz so where’s your point about getting anything passed.

          • vote what want work for us out when they come up for vote


            POST THEIR NAMES IN FB, OR ANY SOCIAL MEDIA. Write directly to them and tell them they are RINOs and will not vote for them.
            One RINO, I know is John McCAIN.

          • Being a RINO is not an impeachable offense it is just people not knowing what they are doing when they vote. There are definitely more RINO’s in congress and running for president than is good for the country. Basically if you pull out Cruz and Trump the rest are RINO’s. You have a major RINO as majority leader of the Senate, McConnell and he is a major one. The list goes on and on of the RINO’s in the federal government.

          • You do have a legitimate choice and that is TRUMP who is not bought by anyone. Cruz is taking money from Club Growth and so many others.Actually, he is part of the establishment, but he fights them. Together Trump and Cruz will fight for the American people.

          • WIMP!

          • Trump must be the nominee….GOP is pretending to push Cruz in order to hurt Trump…they would never give nomination to Cruz

          • with the likes of you we have only the bottom to go–thanks

          • Just remember, Cruz was born in Canada. Better go for TRUMP.

          • Do not stay home, please. Go vote or even write in your candidate, even if he is not the nominee or your favorite candidate. Vote TRUMP.
            It is better than giving the Presidency to Hillary.

          • If Trump goes independent he will have given the presidency to the hildabeast because he will take around 40% of the republican voters with him. That way he will not have the votes nor would the republican nominee. I think everyone knows that he will take the majority of votes from republicans and not democrats. President is the one I may not vote for, I would still vote for the other things on the ballot. If I write someone in it will be Cruz.

          • You stand up for TRUMP. Trump has already said he would consider Cruz for his VP. That would be an awesome ticket. Vote Trump period and the party can sit back and watch We the People gain our power back!

          • TRUMP/CRUZ 2016

            That is a winning ticket!

          • Yea, and your electro- shock therapy starts at 9:00 am tomorrow.

          • Just give up BOB. You know you are on the wrong side.

          • No, I’m the one turning the dial on the machine while you have the bite guard in your mouth.

          • Very Funny!! LMAO!!

          • The only way Trump goes Independent is if the GOP elites continue to plot against him…the future of the RNC is in their hands, not Trump’s…in any case, Reince Priebus must be fired immediately.

          • I wrote Reince Priebus and warned him not to do anything against Trump. If they do, the republican Party will be dead. They need to support the frontrunner-TRUMP or we would follow him to Independent status. We have to make a stand People! the gov’t is supposed to work for us!

          • Exactly what I wrote to Priebus. We will not support any REPUBLICAN candidate IF THE GOP ELITES, keep on putting down TRUMP.

            The more they put TRUMP down, the more we love TRUMP. We the People will make sure TRUMP is our next president.
            The GOP elites better put out the white flag of surrender to TRUMP.

          • That I totally agree with, they have more anger at Trump and Cruz than they do the survival of the republican party. That makes the leadership unqualified to serve. They need to realize they are the mouthpiece of the people, the people are NOT subservient to them.

          • lets get one thing straigh our leader ship in this goverment does not have our best interest at heart–its power an control an lots of money is what gets their attention

          • I agree. TRUMP should stay in as a Republican. Those who could not stand or hate him is because they could not CONTROL TRUMP. They should drop out or resign.
            TRUMP is the only candidate they could not CONTROL, that is why they hate him so much. They would be POWERLESS when TRUMP wins. They will fight tooth and nail just to get rid of TRUMP.

          • I see in the last 4 years Thousands of Americans have awakened to the fact that we have been lied to, deception is still raging and Dems+Repubs are putting Americans LAST. We see this clearly now and we want an outsider who will find out where our money is going and what for. That is why the GOP is so scared of Trump. He will destroy their playhouses.I am going to trust the voters will vote smarter in 2016-I just have to hope it will be for Trump.

          • They have been voting and upsetting the parties apple carts. 2014 and 2015 results have been upsetting those party elites in BOTH parties. It is the silent majority who are as fed up as the rest of us with the last sixteen years. Bush and BO created this mess but BO has been much worse than Bush or any other president in our history. However, both administrations can share the blame for this current mess.

            I believe the silent majority will send another message in 2016. If they parties fix the voting, I am sure more action than relying on voting will follow. We are not sheep and this is a free country ruled by our constitution. Vote em all out, dem lemmings and rinos. We are waiting for McCain in AZ for 2016. He won’t even have open town halls these days. Traitor!

          • they refuse to see what is before their eyes—us dumb asses don.t know whats best for us

          • Thanks don. Send our message in 2016 with the rest of us dumb asses. Go Trump.

          • You’re the ones who are refusing to see what is right in front of you. Trump is a racist & bigot who is using fear to get votes & his poll numbers will start to go down, little by little. He has no experience with foreign policy, whatsoever!!! Diplomacy, not a clue. Donald Trump is a joke & no intelligent person could ever take him seriously. He makes a fool of himself every time he takes the stage & repeats the same old crap over & over again. No substance , whatsoever!! People will start to see this man for who he really is. Someone who is clueless as to what it really takes to be a serious leader, a president who believes & supports The Constitution & The Bill Of Rights. Rand Paul 2016!!!

          • We have been lied to by both parties. It is more important to them to have power and control than to do what is right for America. I would be in favor of a clean sweep of all 3 branches of government. With all that we see I can not understand why the people don’t absolutely demand term limits. Expand the house to 6 years also and give them only 1 term then out rotating every 2 years so you have some seniority. Then maybe America would be top priority because they would not be worrying about power and getting reelected.

          • one person worrying about his off spring—must be lonely–ever one else has set on their asses an let this nation down with not one worry about their babys–little or big

      • The days of being a party person are over, “The Party” (both) have betrayed their ridged followers. AND, there is the special effect of most young voters not having a clue.

        • You still have between 30-35% who will vote for there party no matter what. They are committed democrats and committed republicans according to polls that I have seen. Those folks can be counted out as far swaying them over to another candidate so you are only looking at 30-40% of the population to move to your side. It would be nice if people were more concerned about the individuals stance rather than the party. It is hard to say what will happen in this election but I hope to God we get a conservative so this mess obama created can be turned around.

          • their will be a turn out for this presidental election–like you never seem—an its not going the rino.s way—we are driveing this bus

          • We have all rejected their dear JEB.

          • Obama’s mess doesn’t need to be turned around, it needs to be totally destroyed and the Pretender tried for treason and dereliction of duty.

          • Turned around means destroyed. I mean it to take a 180 degree change that means to reverse everything he has done. He should have been tried for treason a long time ago and should have been executed by now for that crime.

          • He must be completly destroyed…not even a particle left of him…

          • His books, even though writeen by others, must be burned too. No vestige of these horrific and painful 8 years….Just the cry to vet our presidents evermore…

          • YOU are one stupid person. YOU have no right to burn a book because you don’t happen to agree with the content of that book. That’s what Hitler did. Were you a member of his family ? Just in case it slipped your mind, we do have a Constitution in this country & The 1st amendment guarantees Freedom Of Speech & Freedom Of the Press. What’s next ?? Banning movies, T.V shows because they offend YOU ? How about The Internet ? Do you agree with Trump on that one? I think it’s time you got your head out of your A$$.

          • O Yes Maryann 33 has the right to burn books. It is her right of freedom of expression, seems to me your one more lunatic left fringe moron preaching your own brand of freedom of expression. But when others free space offends you. you falsely claim they have no right. Well here’s the thing moron . We could careless what offends you. You an your P.C. ilk can rant, whine, bitch an complain all you wish . But you’ll never ever silence our free speech. So go away you brain dead idiot.

          • Just in case you missed it, Faye, whether or not we still have a viable Constitution is questionable. Count me among all those whom you call stupid. I will fight to the death all those who threaten my life and the future of my kids and grandkids, whether that be ISIS, Obama, or even you. I collect used copies of the Qur’an to use the pages of that evil text as a starter in my fireplace. I support Trump 100%. What you may call me is only a reflection of your pitiful life. Your head up your ass just might improve you view of reality.

          • Will you be the one they choose to go to all the libraries & decide which books they can keep & which ones will be destroyed? Are you sure you’re not related to Hitler ?

          • No it is prophesied that all about him will be turned around and removed from history…

          • I agree but you are making an assumption that we have a congress with a backbone. They have done nothing but display cowardice. If they won’t stand up to him on issues they will never do there Constitutional responsibility and impeach him. This is just another reason for term limits.

          • The Congress is a terrible bunch…Until we can remove the lifetime POS reps like so many in California and Az etc…It seems even more important to know the reps than our president…We must have reps that will vote for US as it was always supposed to be…McCain has written over and over he disagrees with me and will vote as HE sees fit for himself…That is what must not be…They are there for our will not theirs.

          • Right you are. Sounds like you are from AZ. You have an excellent alternative for senator this go round in Kelly Ward. She is a strong conservative. She is a friend of my daughter and a son in law and she absolutely puts America first and doesn’t really worry a whole lot about polls, she cares about what does the Constitution say. She is great and would make great conservative decisions.

          • And put in Gitmo right now awaitng trial and all…We get to decide how he is executed…We the People…We need a We the People party….That is true America.

          • Gotta be a citizen to commit treason. We’re looking at a foreign saboteur here.

          • 7papa7 , The only way “this mess obama created can be turned around ‘ is for the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama to be removed from office before his second term expires . If that happens everything he has done wile Illegally hold office will be Null and Void . Another words all laws he has illegally signed into law will be gone and every appointment he has made , such as the two illegally sitting US Supreme Court Justices will be removed from the court . Which would rescind every decision made by the US Supreme Court wile these two illegally appointed justices sat on the US Supreme Court . Turning around what has happened for the last seven years wont be easy but it must be done by the removal of this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama before his second term is up .

          • It depends upon why he is removed. If he is removed because he is not eligible then you are right, if he is removed for treason then you would be wrong because he would have been the legal president when those laws were made. I wish that congress had the guts to remove him on charges that would nullify everything that he did. You now as well as I do that congress doesn’t have the guts to take him down.

          • Congress cannot afford not to take him down now…Their careers are at stake here…

          • I still want to see Joe Arpaio drag Obama out of the White House in handcuffs.

          • I would love see same thing but top if off with Obama going for his cell phone then have old sheriff think he was going for gun ..

          • No, we need him alive to suffer a while…He has earned a long jail before his demise..Locked up with all his terrorist buddies…and their stench.

          • I like the way you think.

          • Yes please! Broadcast that for a month…every day…

          • Friend, Yours is a fantasy that many of us share.

          • His justices will also be removed…What a blessing that will be…It will happen…When is in question…We cannot afford to wait until Nov or 17.

          • Justice John Roberts SignedOff On Obama’s Removal For Treason

            ​There’s a bombshell of a rumor going around right now that Chief Justice JohnRoberts has signed off on Interpol to have Obama removed from office for multiple counts of treason.

            The charges are to include declaring war without consent of Congress, Second Amendment infringements, and abuse of the Posse Comitatus Act during the Bundy land dispute.

            (Congressman: Any Criticism Against Obama Is Racist)

            When Obama was sworn into office he took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” however according to the leaked document he’s guilty of the following crimes;

            ​​Article 1, Sect. 1
            1. Used Executive Privilege in regards to Fast & Furious gun running scandal. When Government misconduct is the concern Executive privilege is negated.
            2. Issued 23 Executive Orders on gun control – infringement of the 2nd Amendment.
            3. Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration – Article 1 Section 1, ALL Legislative power held by Congress.
            4. NDAA – Section 1021. Due process Rights negated. Violation of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments. White House: ‘War on terrorism’ is over Thursday, August 6, 2009
            5. Executive Order 13603 NDRP – Government can seize anything.
            6. Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.
            7. Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cyber security – Bypassing Congress
            Violations: Article 1 Section 1, Art. 4 sect. 4,
            8. Signed into law the establishment of “NO Free Speech Zones” – noncompliance is a felony.

            He cites every law….continue to read:


          • I have voted Republican all my life…just once before I die…..I will vote for a candidate of my choice, not the RNC!!…..if they screw Trump over…..I will sit at home!

          • At least go and write Trump in…I too will never vote for the men they manage to thrust on us against our will…We the People get to choose…Always has been that way always will, when we get the elite out…

          • Trump offers what no other candidate has to offer. Legitimate hope. That’s why his numbers include supporters from every group except the Progressive Left. I personally know Democrats who support him. He may sometimes sound devisive; but truth has always been a unifier. Trump may not always be the President I want or prefer; but I do believe he can restore our country’s greatness.

          • Trump offers what no other candidate can offer. Bigotry, fear mongering , hate & no respect for The Constitution , whatsoever !!! A dangerous combination for sure & a recipe for disaster. Trump will never get the nomination. He doesn’t have what it takes to be POTUS. He needs to grow up & start acting like an adult, not like a spoiled little brat!!

          • I really do get it, Faye. You don’t like Trump, while I, and millions of others, do. That’s the American way. I will not be calling you any derogatory names. I leave that particular vice to those with low IQ and equally limited vocabulary.
            Over the years, I have brought 20 (so far) atheists to Christ. Of course, these may have been outside of your circle, and not very bright. One guy really had us fooled, when he became Valdictorian of his university graduating class. But, I agree, that means nothing. He could still be as dumb as a rock for simply disagreeing with you about the Christian Faith and the real world. It’s all very confusing, I admit; but the answers we both seek are coming soon.

          • I cannot believe the stupidness it takes to vote Party.

          • Agree but it happens like I said statistically about 1/3 will vote for the party no matter who the candidate is. It make me sick but that doesn’t change that it is a fact. I vote conservative, not party.

        • david..I agree with your point….too little…too late…and “they”
          want us to let them do it to us again….One thing that Obama
          has done for America that IS a POSITIVE stroke…is show us
          just how bad things could get if we do not pay more attention
          and choose more wisely our next Pres….he has opened the
          eyes of most of us but, there are still those who think (I am not
          sure that is the correct word) that he is still a good pres..pitiful.
          VOTE BUT VOTE WITH YOUR BRAIN…..have a good day

          • Your post reminded me of a post I made back on 7-7-10:

            I’m convinced that God sent us Barack Obama to show us the evils of liberalism…After reading most of these pages I’d say that most Americans have learned that lesson all too well…One thing is for sure, when we remove these progressive liberals from power, our public education system needs a total revamping…There are far too many stupid people voting in America…

          • “God sent us Barack Obama to show us the evils of liberalism.”

            I like that, you have made my day!

          • I agree with you. Now, that all see and all know HILLARY will be worse than OBAMA-maybe we have learned-Without God there is no peace, no care, all is in chaos.GOD is the answer for America. ll Chronicles 7:14. and he is the answer for our lives.

          • That scripture has nothing to do with America; it is directed at the theocratic nation of Israel in that era. The U.S. is NOT a theocracy and we are not God’s chosen people. We are not “my people which are called by my name.” That passage is often cited as being applicable to this nation, but it decidedly is NOT and it is theologically incorrect to assert otherwise.

          • I know exactly what that scripture is about. I was saying this scripture is what America needs to do. I was not talking in context but only in text of it’s meaning. Do you not pray for God tyo hear you when you pray for our country? OR do you pray? Just asking…

          • Wrong we are,all from one of the branches of the Vine moron. All scripture harmonizes. OLD TO NEW TESTAMENT.

          • You need to read the book of Hebrews (in the NEW Testament) and get yourself disabused of your shallow interpretation of the relationship between the testaments.Yes, the testaments are in harmony, but the Old Testament notion of Israel being God’s chosen people and the related encouragement to ISRAEL in II Chron. 7:14 is not a passage that applies to the USA. Israel served its purpose in bringing the Messiah, but we now live in a different spiritual economy than those who lived under the Old Testament.

          • Of course we live under a New Covenant, NOT and Economy The Branches of the vines spread through out the world ” WORLD ALL inclusive “. I suggest you read The entire Epistle of Paul To the Ephesians. Chapter 1 Verse 23 . 3 Praise be The God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who has bestowed On us in Christ every spiritual blessing in The Heavens ! 4 God Chose us in him before the world began,To be his sight to be holy and blameless in his sight. In fact you should read the entire book of Ephesians and pray for discernment on each verse.

          • You incessantly refer to some “Vine,” but without citing any scripture. I can not continue with you until you cite the place you are referring to.

          • John 15:5 Anyone with the slightest bit of understanding Knows this verse an chapter.

          • I am very familiar with that verse, Peatro, and I am familiar with its misapplication. There are those who erroneously interpret the branches to be the various denominations of Christendom broadly speaking. That is demonstrably erroneous, since Jesus Himself, in John 15:5-6 clearly identify the branches as persons, not religious organizations: “HE that abideth in me…” (verse 5) “If a MAN abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch.” (Verse 6).

            You refer to “The branches of the vines,” which makes no sense, since there is only one vine in the metaphor and that vine is Jesus–one vine (singular), not two or more (plural). He said, “I am the true vine”(verse 1) and “I am the vine” (verse 6). Thus a plurality of vines makes no sense in light of what Jesus Himself said. If you disagree, then kindly tell me where you find, in the verse at issue, that there are “vines” (singular). Every Christian is a branch nourished by the vine (Jesus).

            Anyone with the slightest bit of understanding ought to see this clear meaning of John 15:1-6.

          • Nice try at attempting to misconstrue my words no where had I proffered religious organization. Christ spoke of those in Christ . Those who stated with their mouths from their hearts , minds an spirit That He Christ our redemmer. Is their Lord King and Savior. Those He knew before they were even born. Your also proffering another lie . My word was VINE. ( NOT VINES as you have falsely stated.) . YOUR HUMILIATING YOURSELF. STOP. READ MORE CAREFULLY WHAT IS WRITTEN.

          • You need to get more familiar with what you posted. You posted THIS: “The Branches of the vines spread through out the world ” I quoted you precisely. Here is YOUR full statement:

            “Of course we live under a New Covenant, NOT and Economy The Branches of the vines spread through out the world ” WORLD ALL inclusive ”

            That is, in fact what you wrote, despite your incompetence at keeping up with your own stuff. Who is humiliated now? Who needs to READ MORE CAREFULLY what he himself has written?

          • Then why had you ask an Staedtler the following you incessantly refer to a vine. YOUR questions. To me in reference to my 9 hour ago comment of . Wrong we are all from branches of the vine. Now who’s humility. Try back peddling on that. What you can’t keep up with what you had written . A little slow are you. ????

          • Peatro, when you say, as you did above, “Wrong we are all FROM branches of the vine,” you create even more confusion. Let me explain it to you very clearly and very carefully, so that even you might–just might–understand it. It is simply this: If we are “FROM branches of the vine,” then we are not THE branches of the vine. Jesus did not tell his hearers that they were FROM anything. He told them that they ARE the branches. Is there not a difference between BEING a branch and being FROM a branch?Or is that too deep and subtle for you? By the way, Peatro, just how did you manage to embed so much jangled and confusing wording in only four lines? Are smoking something you shouldn’t or drafting more heavily than you should from the Chianti flask?

          • HeadonStraight : Excuse my typing: I do see the many miss spelling errors I had made! For give the crude name calling. The fault lies in my choice of instrument used in communicating. Cell phone rather then laptop. Heavy fingers,speed and lack of editing do not go well together . Your correct the word ” FROM ” should not have been used with in that sentence in that position. I Hate Chianti’s ,Don’t smoke neither do I use either prescription medication or other wise illegal Med’s. As a Northern Italian my preference is Chablis. White wines one 8 once glass at dinner. I do believe and can confirm we are pretty much on the same page as far as Luke 15:5 . We are the branches of the Vine One other point Your claim of my misused ” Vines ” is also correct ! Why I added the s, is a mystery to even I .Thank you much for your patience and corrections.

          • You are obviously limited in your vocabulary, else you would know that “economy” is a term with several definitions, one of which (Item 3 below, the usage I employed) is used by various theologians in referring in either the Old Testament or New Testament to the organizational character of the relationship between Man and God). That usage has to do with far more than the financial matters that probably are the understanding entertained in your limited frame of mind as regards the term.

            Full Definition of ECONOMY


            archaic : the management of household or private affairs and especially expenses


            a : thrifty and efficient use of material resources : frugality in expenditures; also : an instance or a means of economizing : savingb : efficient and concise use of nonmaterial resources (as effort, language, or motion)


            a : the arrangement or mode of operation of something : organization

          • Ptroll see the world through an impaired set if eyes.

          • Hi, BOB spelled backwards is still BOB. It means no one could convince you forward or backward. Why the 666 after BOB, “Mark of the devil? if eyes?, you mean “impaired set of eyes”.

          • Yea, it could be Bob999………………………………………
            I see quite well thank you.

          • Apparently your limited in understanding each difinition you’ve provide has identical meaning . Please post these great theologians that used it in the context of religion or historical facts. I’ve read many Starting With Gregory the Great ,Apostolos Makrakis, Martin Luther,Mathew Henry, MacArthur, R.C.H. Lenski.And many others who’s name excape me at the moment. But go ahead give me some names of those whom are recognized as great theologians.

          • First off, Peatro, I made no reference to “great theologians.” It is well understood by contemporary theologians, writing in the English language (and having nothing like the trouble you exhibit when struggling in that medium) that “economy is a permissible term for the purpose that I have described.Here are a few examples; there are many more, but these should suffice to illustrate the principle. I do not endorse the entirety of the writings I have cited below. I submit them solely for the purpose of showing you that the term “economy,” in theological contexts, is indeed used as I have indicated in our discussion.:


            “God’s economy is God’s plan, and this plan is a kind of arrangement. This arrangement is His administrative dispensation. God has a plan, a divine arrangement, an administration, to distribute Himself into His chosen people. Ephesians 1:9-10 and 3:9-11 fully reveal this matter. The word dispensation in these verses refers to God’s economy, God’s plan, God’s arrangement, God’s administrative dispensation. This arrangement, this plan, this dispensation, is for God to dispense Himself as the processed Triune God into His chosen people. ”



            “Kline on the Works Principle in the Mosaic Economy – 6 The covenant of grant given to Noah is one of several such divine dispensations in the….”


          • HEADONSTRAIGHT: IT IS QUITE CLEAR where as our differences lay . You read from contemporary Theologians . I do not, rather prefer reading from those closer to the source of meanings of the Words of the ancient Greek ,Hebrew an Aramaic. Though I must admit. Having purchase The Book : Which was known then an now as the Cepher. Has in deed been quite eluminating. As to how far off some understanding an interpretations of scripture in both past an recent history are. I would highly recommend anyone of interest purchase and read. Have a Vines Expository with you when you do so.

          • Suit yourself, but since some of those ancient theologians wrote, there have been historical documents, including manuscripts, that they most likely lacked access to, and that are useful in understanding the Scriptures. Not the least of these are the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is nothing intrinsically superior in the writings of those more ancient theologians that you seem to consult exclusively–to your disadvantage, I might add. The Scriptures are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There are both liberal and conservative commentators at work in the current era. William Barclay, for example, is not one whom you would consider liberal by any standard and he is a highly respected commentator. For someone as ensnared in a flawed ecclesiastical hierarchical system as you are, I would commend to you especially Barclay’s dissertation in his commentary on I Timothy 3, concerning the terms “elder,””bishop,” “overseer,”and”pastor,” which are terms used to describe the SAME office in the church, whereas many incorrectly use them to create a non-Biblical sacerdotal arrangement of church governance.

          • Your suggestion seems to confirm; What I have found in the Cepher. Though your suggestion that Scripture is the same yesterday and today. That’s not entirely true, . With the confluence of several interpretation over several intervening language differences from time an memorial. If you were to read the Book the Cepher you would soon see the multitude of variations of the written word .Which have been offered today and yesteryear. They all suggest much differing views ,with each passage,from one century to the next. Though the differences may seem only minor to some. They do tend to lend credence to what some declare as flawed. I do not find myself ensnared in a flawed ecclesiastical Hierarchical system. I consider my religion to be of a spiritual nature ! Separate from a church structure. Well you seem to suggest that Barclay’s does not separate ,Pastor ,Elder, “”Bishop”” overseer. I tend to agree. When Paul speaks of elders. He is speaking of those more learner-ed an Mature in The Faith Though when one reads 1 Corinthians beginning with Chapter 12 One may see why there is a misunderstanding of position with in the church body. God bless you my Brother ! And thank you again for your patience and understanding. I hope to confer with you on many occasions in the future. PEACE.

          • It was directed to Israel BUT it is applicable to the world. His people are Christians also. It is through Christ that we have become “family”

          • It is applicable to God’s people and God’s people today are those in His church, not “America.” “The world” is NOT “my people which are called by my name.”

          • Amani Christous, Christ followers, Christains.

          • you guys take a loooong break please….go have a beer together and a pizza…..try the HUMBLE PIE…it goes down
            difficultly at first but easier after a bite or two but has a great

          • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • You are pretty much right in your analogy here. However, keep in mind those who now call themselves liberal are far from the dictionary definition of liberal.

            Liberal: The dictionary definition; adjective 1. Willing to respect and accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own. 2. (Of a society, law, etc) favorable to individual rights and freedoms. 3. (In a political context) favoring individual liberty, free trade and moderate reform.

            There are a total of seven most of the rest refer to UK.

            I personally know several so called democrats none of them meet those criteria.

            Consequently, I do not see those who refer to themselves as progressive democrats as liberal or even progressive anymore. I see them as “oppressive, regressive communists” who refer to themselves as “progressive democrats.” Because, I might add, communism is still not an acceptable term here in the USA.

          • The DNC published its Communist Manifesto in 1963 to take over America and are very close to finalizing the steps. Trump has blocked them and they and the Demolite Republicans are trying on the same treasonous jacket, so they must be removed asap or America is dead in the water. My spouse escaped communism and we see it step by step imposing on America and our lives. I lived and worked under socialism and it ain’t one iota better but just another shade of communism. DO NOT VOTE PARTY but for the candidate and that means no establishment Rubio, Fiorina, Graham, Kasich, Christi, or any other candidate not up to OUR standards, and definitely Democrats would be plain stupid and crazy to elect the crazy and evil Hillary which would definitely be communism in action. Her whole demeanor and talk is that of a dictator!

          • This is why I am Ted Cruz.

          • Traitor!

          • good luck on that

          • TED CRUZ is a SURE loser to Hillary.
            TRUMP is the only one who could beat Hillary. Hands down. It is a no brainer, TRUMP will be our next President.

          • Have you ever considered mental health counseling or medication?

          • Sanders would be no better.

            I am familiar with the communist manifesto. I would like to see either Trump or Cruz or both (one VP). Many do not realize what a sacrifice Donald is making running for president. But it is huge.

          • TED Cruz was born in CANADA.

          • His mother’s US Citizenship does not confer a NATURAL BORN status to TED CRUZ

          • Bull $hit-Go take a civics class!

          • I have taken that course. And I graduated cum Laude

          • You seem to have been infected with another strain of BIRTHERISM. But you are no more on target here than are the die-hard birther ninnies who mindlessly continue to challenge the President’s natural-born status. You ultrawingers are so-o-o-o tenaciously WRONG on so many of your ludicrous claims. La-la Land must be a nice place since you spend so much time there.

          • Please explain if you would what is an ultrawinger?

          • It is the same as “ultra right winger,” just a shorter form. Yes, there are ultra leftists, as well, but “winger,” in forum parlance, has come to refer to the ultraconservative end of the political spectrum.

          • OMG you again…Spare us pain and get lost please…

          • I can not conscientiously absent myself from this venue, since there is so much rehabilitation that you and so many others so badly need from me, headonstraight, Special Apostle for the Restoration of Intelligence and Rationality to the Blithering Dingbat Sector.

          • GREETING SPECIAL APOSTLE .A special appointment, or ordination. You must posses a special Spiritual gift , or is it a rather rare case of superhuman patients ?

          • None of the above. All I need in order to qualify for that status is a sense of humor.

          • Like hell it doesn’t. That has been court tested.

          • Yes, it does. You are mistaken. Cruz was not required to undergo a naturalization process, as would be required of anyone foreign born. Therefore, the law recognizes him as a citizen from birth, by virtue of his mother’s citizenship. He is a natural born citizen; and so is Obama. The High Court will never rule otherwise.

          • Sir, I refer you to The Harvard Law Review of March 11, 2015. My guy is still Trump; but Cruz is definitely eligible.

          • I am with TRUMP, even if he picks Cruz as VP

          • Two natural born parents????

          • Hi Maryann ! The real question is: The correct understanding of “natural-born”. While the issue has been the subject of numerous law reviews from various points of view, the Court has never formally clarified the law, and likely never will.
            Like it or not, agree or disagree, we are never going to invalidate the Presidency of Obama or any prior President.
            Like it or not, until the Court rules Cruz ineligible, then he is eligible; and so is Obama. Ouch ! Period.

          • born of a Citizen abroad = Citizen

          • Read Supreme court decisions 1999 John McCain vs.John Deschutes . This case particularly cleared the path for both Obama an Cruz.

          • Of an American mother.

          • I know.

          • Is it also “fantastic” and “enormous” and “amazing” and “fabulous”?
            Or are you content with borrowing only one of the superlative terms Trump bores us with in his rambling, self-congratulatory, chaotic diatribes?

          • Sanders would be 10 times worse than Hillary!!

          • Which would make him 50 times better than the wackatory dingbat Trump!

          • I remembered to look at who wrote the above and can totally dismiss it…

          • I totally agree with you.

          • But 100 x worse then Cruz.

          • Wackatory Dingbat. That describes Trump perfectly. You nailed that one.

          • I suspect you are right if of course that is even possible. It is hard to imagine how anyone could be worse then hillary!

          • No one is worse than Hillary….Believe it.

          • No one is worse than Trump…. Believe it.

          • Horrors! Another commie hunter with a pea shooter!

          • That is when we started down the slope…

          • They’re inching toward it…

          • Amazing how often the ghost of the late drunken raving Senator Joe McCarthy seems to show up, finding “communists” everywhere, irrespective of the silliness of such an assertion. You make yourself look plumb silly when you call progressives communists. You obviously do not understand what communism is or you would not make such moronic comments. I used to think such nonsense was funny, but now I see it as a tragic breakdown of common sense. Go to some good library and read up on communism and you will abandon posting such dumbass stuff as you have contaminated this forum with above.

          • headonstraight = part of the dumbed down voting population since the late fifties . Senator Joseph McCarthy was ahead of his time and spoke the truth . I’ll bet you are one of the idiots that believes the US Government did not allow socialist Nazis to come into the country after World War ll .

          • Of course I know that we let in a bunch of Nazis. I live only a short distance from Huntsville, Alabama, where the German rocketeer, Werner von Braun, and his fellow German rocket scientists were gratuituously forgiven of their former Nazi associations and lovingly adopted into the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. Those murderous designers of the death-raining V-1 and V-2 rockets never had to face any kind of judicial inquiry for their deadly war crimes, since we needed their brains in order to advance our own development of delivery systems for our own nuclear ordnance. Warmongering thus trumped justice! And meanwhile, the domestic nuclear madmen such as Edward Teller and Lewis Strauss were hard at work assassinating the character of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who had made the mistake of advocating for a sane nuclear policy.

          • Joe McCarthy was a paranoid A$$HOLE.

          • I agree with you about most people will vote with party but I have to say of us Trump supporters–PARTY, GENDER, RACE has nothing to do with our support.TRUMP is the best man for the job. he is one of us who sees all the corruption in Washington and wants to stop it for Americans. He shows he really cares and Loves this country, the military and the Middle Class. We have been waiting on a candidate with common sense that cares about We the People and we have him–TRUMP 2016!!

          • I also think God sent us Trump. It reminds me of the trumpeter that brought down the Walls of Jericho! We need to be aware that God does work in our lives and I have prayed long and hard for someone and at this point it appears to be Trump. The DNC and RNC both are scared to death of losing their positions, money, and control. Time is here to move them out of our legislatures, executive offices, etc. We must stick to our guns and honor the fact that Trump is the BEST candidate ever!

          • when trump wins fire every sucker there–trumps got at least 6 months of fireing to do

          • If he does win it i too bad that he can’t fire MCconnell, Coker, Graham and McCain.

          • It may take a year to get those Sanchez gals out etc.

          • Only land owner should get to vote, that would kill those terrorist loving democrats.

          • please–i.m neither a terrorist nor a lying democrat–an i don.t want no land owner deciding what is best for me

          • The democrats owns welfare.

          • In addition to not voting, they, terrorist or not, and all refugees should work without pay, not to participate in polygamy, honor all women and children, let them drive and show their faces, not to take any welfare benefits, refuse to obey Sharia Law.

            In short, be westernized, obey US laws, if you want to stay in the US.

          • I’m sorry – God will not send us anything evil. He allows Satan to do that so that we can learn good from evil.

          • Sin is against God and there is always consequences when we disobey… Look what SCOTUS did with what God instituted for one man and one woman to marry.That is against God just like murdering babies in the womb or outside the womb.We are facing consequences…

          • an they are comming

          • But, your god did send us something evil. It’s name is Donald Trump. LOL!!!

          • I know God sent him and then we messed up our chance for a one term with Romney who is anti our God…

        • Only one party (autocrats) with two factions (Dem and Rep) we need to take back America

        • I agree! What part of WE THE PEOPLE DON”T THESE IDIOTS GET!

          • If the GOP does not want to disappear into oblivion, they should support TRUMP instead of putting him down.
            There will be mass exodus of republicans if they continue putting down TRUMP. What idiots!

          • There are several good medications on the market that can help you grasp reality.

          • Tell this to the gop and the media!!

          • They would not listen-they believe what they choose to believe and on a rare occasion-it coincides with the facts.

          • Barack Obama
            Anti jew fascist
            Used racism to rise to power
            Promised to make America great again
            Blamed George Bush for America’s problems
            Too easy!

          • John Galt

            Anti jew fascist
            Buys into racism to rise to power
            Buys into make America great again
            Blamed Barack Obama for George Bush’s problems
            Too easy!


          • Who is against Trump? GOP elites. Those two polls can’t both be right? The polls downing Trump are fake polls released by GOP elites to dump Trump. They hate him for being open about what GOP stands for – hate of racial minorities and white mouthy women like Carly and Megan Kelly. Did you read Dr. Carson is also whining his polls are shrinking? Carson thought he was a rich white Repub. He forgot he is a rich Black surgeon. GOP is a party of rich white males. Just see how Bush III is spending. Forget about those polls – Trump is still ahead. I love to see Trump debate with Hillary.

          • Wow,

            “Did you read Dr. Carson is also whining his polls are shrinking? Carson thought he was a rich white Repub. He forgot he is a rich Black surgeon. GOP is a party of rich white males”.


            ” Forget about those polls – Trump is still ahead”.

            Yea, among pissed off old white people-a dying segment of the voting population.

          • Yea PMS, 28 out of the following 32 polls have to be fake-no doubt!

            NBC/WSJ12/6 – 12/9849 RV3.45040Clinton +10
            USA Today/Suffolk12/2 – 12/61000 LV3.04844 Clinton +4
            CNN/ORC11/27 – 12/1930 RV3.04946Clinton +3
            Quinnipiac11/23 – 11/301473 RV2.64741Clinton +6
            MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist 12/22360 RV2.05241Clinton +11
            FOX News11/16 – 11/191016 RV4.04146Trump +5
            PPP (D)11/16 – 11/171360 RV2.74544Clinton +1
            McClatchy/Marist10/29 – 11/4541 RV4.25641Clinton +15
            Quinnipiac10/29 – 11/21144 RV2.94643Clinton +3
            NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl10/25 – 10/29847 RV3.45042Clinton +8
            CNN/ORC10/14 – 10/17956 RV3.05045Clinton +5FOX News10/10 – 10/121004 RV3.04045Trump +5
            PPP (D)10/1 – 10/41338 RV2.74444Tie
            NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl9/20 – 9/24RV–4939Clinton +10
            FOX News9/20 – 9/221013 RV3.04642Clinton +4
            Quinnipiac9/17 – 9/211574 RV2.54543Clinton +2
            ABC News/Wash Post9/7 – 9/10821 RV4.04643Clinton +3
            CNN/ORC9/4 – RV3.04848TieMSNBC/Telemundo/Marist8/26 – 9/91115 RV2.95340Clinton +13
            SurveyUSA9/2 – 9/3900 RV3.34045Trump +5
            PPP (D)8/28 – 8/301254 RV2.84644Clinton +2
            Quinnipiac8/20 – 8/251563 RV2.54541Clinton +4
            CNN/ORC8/13 – 8/16897 RV3.55145Clinton +6
            FOX News8/11 – 8/131008 RV3.04742Clinton +5
            Quinnipiac7/23 – 7/281644 RV2.44836Clinton +12
            McClatchy/Marist7/22 – 7/28964 RV3.25438Clinton +16
            CNN/Opinion Research7/22 – 7/25898 RV3.55640Clinton +16
            PPP (D)7/20 – 7/211087 RV3.05037Clinton +13
            USA Today/Suffolk7/9 – 7/121000 LV3.05134Clinton +17
            CNN/Opinion Research6/26 – 6/28890 RV3.55935Clinton +24
            FOX News6/21 – 6/231005 RV3.05134Clinton +17
            Quinnipiac5/19 – 5/261711 RV2.45032Clinton +18


          • Your stats are not clear-Compare them among the GOP hopefuls.

          • That was Trump against Clinton.

            It does not get any better with the rest of the “GOP hopefuls”.

          • All I wish and pray for is TRUMP be our next president.

            SO help us GOD.

          • Please do not say that about my Angel – Hillary. She already looks presidential.All I want if Trump to debate Hillary.I will make sure I watch that debate. What a day!

          • A grinning president is NOT presidential. See how she laughed and grinned while Benghazi burned and our Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans died? She has blood in her hands. And telling a lie that it was caused by a Video and on the other hand called Chelsea, her daughter, that it was a terrorist act. That is an outright lie or a double faced lier.
            All I know is she is BO’s 3rd term. BO’s kiss ass-er.
            PS. Another issue about women, president or not: They have hormonal changes whether menopausal or old age up to a 100. Your angel is a grandma, besides.

            They could change their minds any minute after making an important decision. And that is NOT presidential. Besides if she wins we should issue to all interns a red alert: Bill is back!

          • Hillary did not take the Fifth at all. She spewed on them morons on Benghazi and E-mails branded as scandals. John McCain and his friends came out of the hearing whining –“She is too hawkish-we cannot stand her.” I said to myself: “They got what they were asking for.” I wish she cursed them. I actually asked the relatives of Benghazi victims to sue Trey and FoxNews anchors for reminding them about their relatives who died in Libya. How would you like to be reminded of your dead relatives – everyday on TV? Not me. Please join to vote for Hillary next November.

          • We want justice. She should be in jail. She should not be in any campaign trail. Do not close GITMO. Reserve a cell for her and Bill.
            Do not vote for Hillary. She would be worse than OBAMA.

            I would like to be reminded of my dead relatives. I would like to honor and pray for them.

            It makes a lot of difference, Hillary

          • You wanted what -justice? She did not kill those government employees in Benghazi and therefore that was not a criminal trial. The problem with McCain and Trey is that came with an attitude at the hearing. She was ready to fight fire and fire. Please join me to file a civil complaint against Trey and McCain for wasting $10 mi for a fake investigation.

          • Shillary killed the Embassador and three others just as if she pulled the trigger her self. By not providing the security the Ambassador had requested on several ocasinos . She ignored his request ,she ignored the actionable intelligent which stated, there was significant information to suggest they would be attacked.

          • You watch FoxNews too much. Those at FoxNews are adulteress, liars; thieves and divorced at least one time. FoxNews especially Bill O drummed up the Benghazi incident-he was almost crying why the government was not investigating. I wondered what further news could come out Benghazi probe. I was right. Nothing new has come out. We should bill $2mi to FoxNews. May they can learn how to shut their flippers.

          • Well It wasn’t wasted after all. Why might I say that with conviction.. Simple they nailed her under Oath with lying to congress. #2. She is directly responsible for the death of the Ambassador an three other Americans. How ? by failing to provide the Necessary security. With which Ambassador Chris Steven had requested on numerous occasions, well in advance of the actual attack. #1 Lied to the parents of the slain #2Lied to the nation and the world claiming the attack was do to a vidio. #3 Did not turn over all government property as required by the documents she sigbed. #4 permitted the transfer I’d secret information to our enemies. #5 employed the services of a non goverment employees who she knew The administration had refused access. #6 the cover up is part or the conspiracy. Lastly #7 lying to congress under Oath.

          • Great comparison. Trump is a clown & it shows every time he takes the stage. He most definitely does not believe in The 1st Amendment& that makes him a very dangerous man. He wants to close The Internet, kill all the families of terrorists & ban all Muslims from this country. He has lost his freaking mind!! To all you Trump supporters. Do you seriously want a man like this sitting in The White House, with his finger on the button? WAKE UP, YOU MORONS!!!

          • Wait !! The establishment is still trying to raise Jeb B from his death bed.They have millions tied up in this fellow.

        • My grandfather was a dyed in the wool Dummycrat. If you put a skirt on a baboon and ran it as a Democrat, my grandfather would not only vote for it, but volunteer to work on the campaign.

        • sorry but what is a “ridged” follower?

      • He said he would not go 3rd party as long as he was treated fairly. Get your facts straight before you distort them.

        • I will not vote for another rino period. I stayed with em twice and we still got BO. They do not care whether they win or not. This is crap and I am fed up!

          • I’m with you there as I too will never again vote for a RINO and will support Trump all the way.

          • Trump is no politician and that is what I want!

          • And nobody owns him. He truly is the right one at the right time. Seidena your posts are great, keep it up. Truth is always hard to refute with the lies of the dems and people realize that.

        • Yes, he signed that pledge. BUT now you have the GOP being DISLOYAL to him.I would not blame him at all if he goes Independent! I would too so I could cast my vote for TRUMP!

      • He said he would not leave the party if he was treated fairly. You are right though when you say many republicans won’t leave the party. But it is only the liberal rino republicans that shall remain in the repub party. Trumps poll numbers are evenly divided between Independence, Conservative republicans and conservative Democrats with a few libertarians thrown in. Trump running as a 3rd party candidate could literally win with out the rino liberal repukes. O an yes I am A Ted Cruz supporter but if Ted doesn’t win the nomination I’ll support three possible other candidates Donald Trump,Bencarson or Carly Forina. That’s it. No one else is worthy of My trust or vote.

        • I am not being arrogant at all-please do not take my comments in other way except being truthful. I started doing research on ALL candidates of the Republican Party.I am telling you the things I found out from all was not good except two.They were Trump and Cruz. Ben-NO! Carly NO! Believe me Carly was promised at one point from the establishment. . if she could bring Trump down, Jeb would take the Nomination and he would choose her as his VP. That was a deal made. Carson has put down Wilson in Ferguson for shooting Michael Brown and his aides support Farrakhan and so does he. That has been proven.It took me months to come to the realization Trump was the right candidate. Cruz and his donors I do not like . I am still looking into some things on Cruz. I like how he knows the Constitution. TRUMP/CRUZ ticket , to me, is a winner.

          • Your full of crap trying to Tie Dr.Carson to Louis Farrkann. Supply the link. An please no politicofacts progressive horse crap.

          • http://www.american www.

          • As I had anticipated, you posted progressive lying troll Web sites. Come on are you that naive where in your unable to determine whether or not your reading politcally biase opinions ,from those of straight forward facts driven unbiased reporting. Grow up educate yourself. I stated clearly before no progressive horse crap. OPINIONS PIECES ARE JUST THAT opinions ,but when one adds their political biased to opinion pieces it removes any valid points.

          • Yea, like the bastions of truth that you follow? How man y times have you been through rehab now?

          • Great picture!! I’m curious to know if Trump was ever a member or supporter of The KKK or The Nazi Party? Not that hard to believe, especially with all the hate, bigotry & racism that comes spewing out every time he opens his mouth. I think I’ll Google it. See what I come up with.

        • I could never vote for Carly Fiorina after what she said in support of muzzies just a week or so after 9/11. I really like Ben Carson and would love to have him as a neighbor but he is lacking in his knowledge in especially international affairs. I also don’t like some of the things he has said that would be big government programs such as requiring ALL children to get shots regardless of personal beliefs and that the government should step in to insure it gets done.

      • He did ‘pledge’ he wouldn’t run third party…but the other candidates also said they would support the Republican Nominee. Now that they see Trump running away from the pack, they are also going back on their promises. Did we expect anything less???

        • No i expected disloyalty form the GOP. They do not want their lobbyists and special interest groups found out! Trump will find out all about the corruption! We need a strong man that will stand up to9 the status quo and Destroy it. He will get back to the Constitution and put Americans first!

        • Because the others are going back on there word is not a good enough reason for him to go back on his. Besides we don’t now that the others will go back on there word they may just saying this stuff for posturing and trying to scare the people. Integrity means you do what you said you would do regardless of what others do or say.

      • I agree… Third party run will kill our chances. Also, I don’t think Trump will garner the votes outside us conservatives. I wish he could but being realistic I doubt it. I’ve heard a lot of people saying they wouldn’t vote for him because he is an obnoxious blow-hard. Personally I think Cruz has a much better chance of winning both conservatives and moderates.

        • Yes many have said they would not vote for Trump. But three times as many have said they will vote for Trump even if he goes 3rd party.

        • What republoican candidate haven’t they called names and slandered? Ever!

        • Who would you want to stand up to the RHINOS and their blubbering? Trump who says just what he is thinking and takes no b—$$$ or someone who has gone along at times to get along? I don’t care that TRUMP bullish or obnoxious. It is time for strength. when was the last time you heard a candidate say he will not take any pay for doing the job of the Presidency, but will donate that money to the homeless shelters? I am 62 and this is a first for me. Trump really Loves and cares for this country and he speaks from his heart. Does anyone think he had to run in this race? NO! He said he just could not sit by and watch the corruption any longer because he loves his country,. That’s the kind of man I want in our Oval Office!

          • I agree with Selena. There is no other candidate but TRUMP, who will SERVE as PRESIDENT FOR NOTHING. Of course we would have to pay him.
            The others are begging for donations, although they are millionaires on their own right. Obama who is not even a millionaire, became a multi-millionaire in his first year. Go figure. Corruption? Pay back the puppeteers?

        • Cruz is by far the smartest one running and the classiest. I am a strong Cruz supporter and I think he could easily beat the hildabeast in any election. He has a way of destroying his opposition in debates with just a very few words. I would vote for Trump if he were the nominee but his gruff ways definitely are NOT presidential and could be devastating to our position in the world. Obama has destroyed we need a healer and that person is Cruz.

        • I’m not voting for Trump because he IS an Obnoxious Blow- Hard, a racist , bigot, fear monger & a clown who belongs in the circus, not on a debate stage. When asked what The Nuclear Triad was, he was clueless. Marco Rubio stepped forward to explain exactly what it was, while Trump just stood there looking like a complete moron. Must be all those cartoons he watches on Saturday morning. LOL!!!

      • If he wins the nomination and is not given it, me and tens of thousands like me will sit this one out.

        • The solution is not to SIT OUT from voting! that is just not right. Go VOTE and WRITE IN TRUMP’s name for your choice. We all have to VOTE in 2016!!

        • If he wins the nomination with 50% +1 there is nothing that the RNC can do about it, he will be the nominee if on the other hand he only get 49% then they can have a brokered convention.

        • Please do not sit this election out. It is very important TRUMP wins. WRITE-IN TRUMP’S NAME.
          Write or phone your county registrar and demand a write in box or space in the ballot or in the machine. Also demand a space for your signature to verify your vote in case of a recount.

        • And welcome Madam President Clinton!
          Excellent strategy!

        • If you do that, you will be handing The Presidency to Hillary on a silver platter. DUMB ASS!!

          • Republicans lose elections when they run candidates that can get votes. That’s how elections are won, you run someone who people want to vote for.
            If they take the nomination from a winning candidate and give it to a establishment candidate of their choice because they aren’t happy with the choice of the American people then screw em’.
            The lesser of two evils is still evil. I’ll not give my money or vote to a party that doesn’t respect the wishes of the majority of it’s American voters
            And if you vote for him, if they do this, who really is the dumb ass?.
            Not me.

      • The Libpublicans will do their damnest to get Cruzer or Dorko Rubio, both likely have many secrets to exploit for blackmail. Best solution if Republican Convention doesnt select Trump, REAL million patriot march on D.C.

        • I think Cruz is pretty straight up and would not worry about skeletons in his closet. If they were there I think they would be using them on him to damage him as a senator. All you have to know about Rubio is his agreement with the gang of 6 on immigration reform. He didn’t fight them he agreed with them.

      • I am a staunch Conservative and I will leave the Republican Party after 50 years and vote Independent for Donald Trump! He is the one I like despite his bullish ways. At least he has been proven RIGHT on everything he says! I like integrity and America needs an honest man to straighten this country out and get us BACK to the CONSTITUTION of LAWS!

        • I absolutely agree Seldena! No more elite light weight rinos that are closet libs….GO TRUMP!

        • I am also a staunch conservative since Reagan. I really wish we had a record on Trump. He was quite liberal not that long ago. I only want a hard core conservative to be president and I don’t care who that person is. Right now the one with the longest strongest verifiable record is Cruz. That is why he is my first choice. Like I said numerous times if Trump gets the nomination I will absolutely vote for him. They are about the only 2 I would support in the general election. We will probably never agree on who should be first on the ticket and that is fine, they would both probably do an excellent job.

      • I hope he keeps he word to, the dam democrats and the Republican in DC sure have not been kind to us or Mr. trump as they are complacent to let the enemy keep coming into America and kill us all.

      • The problem is. ..the Republican Party said they would support him if he wins the nomination. How many of them have already gone back on THEIR word?

      • If there is any justice remaining in our country she won’t be around for the election.

        • Right you are. You just answered the question about justice in America, it no longer exists. Considering many of the judges are Clinton appointees I see no way she will be tried for anything. I don’t like it but it is reality.

          • Why must the department of justice charge her and not the court system,as a U.S. citizen did the destroyed emails she claimed were personal but of which some have been proven otherwise not belong to the citizens?, and if so why could a citizen not have her charged?

          • Justice should be taking the lead but they are so corrupt they won’t go after one of there own. Once everything is done the FBI will take it to the right place. The FBI under Comey stays pretty independent and overall he seems to be a pretty fair guy. When all the facts are in I think he will do the right thing and take it to where he thinks he will get the verdict she deserves.

      • I just made a similar reply. I wish I scrolled down and seen your’s first. I could have saved all that typing.

      • that kind of thinking is exactly what they want, as long as they can keep a dumborat or lying republican in there they get to keep their little game going. There is no difference between them that is a smoke screen they put up to fool the public into thinking we have a choice this is very clear now.

      • I pray he will keep to his word. That is why the Republican party better take a serious look at Trump! He can and will win!

        • We won’t know until next November who will win. Right now he may be in trouble with the primaries. He was running away in IA and now he is 10 points behind Cruz. Cruz is moving up in all polls. Senator Cruz and not Trump may possibly be the nominee. Again we don’t know. I am a Cruz supporter but could very easily support Trump if he were to win the nomination.

      • He said that with a statement that only as long as the Republican party was fair. It hasn’t been so if he goes independent than it is within his right and part of the deal with the GOP. If you think that many will not leave the republican party than you are very out of touch. Many are educated hard working US Citizens and they don’t have to be told what to do they can see for themselves as plain as day. If Trump is not the GOP candidate than MANY will leave to vote for him as an independent. Haven’t you been following the wind? People are TIRED of being lied to, they are tired of the same bullcrap politics. The GOP and DNC are almost the same. None of them have done anything to help and benefit the US Citizen except pass laws and force illegal immigration down our throats. The DNC got their rear ends handed to them in the November elections and both party’s will be in shock when TRUMP wins the Presidency in 2016

      • It is not Trump who is breaking the agreement, friend. The establshment is attempting to drop him from the ballot. He only asked to be treated fairly. If not, then it is the establishment that will be dropped by millions of us.

      • well he’s got my vote either way…but I’m counting on someone getting the balls to try and put Hillary in prison before she destroys what left of the U.S.

        • It won’t happen. It seems that now a day you need to be totally spineless in order to serve in DC. Also I doubt that anyone wants to be put on the clinton’s hit list.

      • Jeb is saying he may have to go back on his pledge and go Independent! So, he cannot remain loyal to a pledge? NO JEB for me ever!!

        • Let the RINO go. He is approaching rock bottom and would have a negligible effect on the election. Good bye and good riddance to RINO trash.

    • It is part of human nature when those who damn anything the public wants…it turns right back and slaps down the very ones who were working very hard to manipulate public opinion.

      This has been a shock for many of us how far the manipulation and negative PR that is directed at Trump. What we have seen happening during the Obama Adminstration: No free speech or at least being threatened about it; the gun control issue; and NOW? Now even who they know will straighten the U.S. Economy back up and running strong. For some reason, they don’t want us to feel safe in our own country and work hard behind the scenes to disparage Donald Trump in our eyes.

      IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN…you idiots! We know what you are doing.

      • Obama has been let loose for a time, and is wrwaking havoc on us. Trump is a HUGE threat to the “status quo” in Washington D.C. those crooks families have spent lifetimes bending the country to their will. Time to change that!

      • We are seeing the biggest invasion of a country take over in world history. Only you and God can stop the evil of those who are steam rolling us into slavery and death. Pray and seek God’s righteousness, then obey His commands. Matthew 6:33 In Jesus Name Amen / Shalom

        • merrit can not stand the idea we don.t want –what they think is best for us—screw the status quo

        • Trump is God’s Trumpet!

          • Trump is an idiot & you are a moron.

          • I see you liked your own comment………..Just have to make personal attacks huh?
            Typical liberal that has no facts. Why don’t you just have a conversation here and try to prove your point instead of attacking someone for having an opinion. Oh, that’s right. Nobody can have an opinion unless they agree with you.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Faye no you’er the dumb ass.

          • Faye no you’er the dumb ass ?? What the hell is you’re. I think the word you are looking for is you’re. Did you make to the 2nd grade? Trailer trash.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Well if i’m trailer trash what does make you out to be a hot pickle.

          • If Trump Is an Idiot? Then why is he leading in the polls . Seems clear to me; it is the idiots who chose to discount him. Might it be because you fear he shall take away all those free bees your freeloading ass has been utilizing.????? I believe I’m on the right track with those questions.

          • Polls don’t mean shit. They go up & down & are constantly changing every day. The election is a year away, so why would you assume that Trump is going to win ? Only a fool would believe that. Trump is nothing but a twelve year old dressed in a man’s suit. He is really good at insulting people- Woman, Mexicans, Muslims, people with disabilities& so on…. He even insulted Hillary for going to use the restroom, during The DNC debate & called her disgusting for doing so. Only an imbecile would make such a stupid statement. He is too immature to be a leader of this country & it shows big time. As Jeb Bush stated ” you can’t insult your way into The White House ” He has no respect for anyone, including himself. He is just a big clown who belongs in a circus, not in The White House.

          • Thus far all the pun-dent’s,the lunatic left fringe media ,the establishments, all the pollster,Have had it all wrong .So how is it you seem to think your right an I’m wrong. In this historic time of our nations history. No one especially an outsider candidate can be counted out. Donald not my first choice, 1st there is Ted Cruz , then there is Dr. Benjamin Carson, Then Donald trump. These three men are the only ones I’ll vote for period. Any of these three will be far better for the nation then anything the establishments have to offer. Proof is in the omnibus bill. Establishments equals scumbag lying pieces of Sh##.

          • They are manipulating the poles and will show poles of Trump falling behind soon…Do not believe the polls…Get out the vote for Trump and or Cruz…

        • Muslims are sincere, dedicated, devout, and faithful to their god, their prophet, and the Qur’an. Therefore, we all need to clearly understand the very words they live by. Are you ready to know the truth??? Read from the Qur’an 47:4 “SO WHEN YOU MEET THOSE WHO DISBELIEVE, STRIKE THEIR NECKS UNTIL YOU HAVE INFLICTED SLAUGHTER UPON THEM.” Islam is a death cult which seeks world domiation. If we won’t or can’t accept this reality, then tomorrow your children and grandchildren will be either Muslim or dead. Wake up America.

          • That is what their plan is. It doesn’t matter if you and I believe them or not, they believe it. Everything the heads of state have done points to being complicit to their plan. That is why they keep wanting to disarm us. So they will have advantage over the country. Taking our guns has nothing to do with “our safety” it has to do with “their safety”. Those pushing that program are evil. God of the universe has a different course of action. I’m following Him, He is trustworthy. Amen

          • Those butts in the air fools do not know what a God is….They are not bright enough to check out what kind of God they serve…They are too dumb for this country for sure…We serve a real and only true living God.

      • Polls are not to be believed or trusted. They don’t reflect public opinion. They are run by the same people who run the media. They seek only to manipulate and sway public opinion. So, as one thinking individual, here is my private poll:
        Trump will win ! Now, we’ll see whose poll is the most accurate.

        • The polling companies like this have psychologists write the questions that the pollsters ask the respondents to get the results they want to get. As a former LEO, I saw in court often how a lawyer, by the way they asked questions, can get a witness to say what they want to hear (Mr. Jones, do you still beat your wife? That is a yes or no question, sir. Your Honor, the witness is not responding to the question)

          • So true. In this instance, a Republican Pollster means a RINO, Establishment Pollster; certainly not a Conservative.

        • Neither myself or my neighbors have been polled and we all overwhelmingly support Trump over any of the establishment candidates. This poll mean nothing!

        • Polls said Romney would win for sure…Should have known that Christians knew better than to vote in a Mormon….

        • That makes two of us winners….Never listen to their mind bending polls….Do they ever ask you???? I didn’t think so.

      • You are so right. I do not want any POLITICIAN. I want an American that wants to get us back to our values and love of country and military! I want more jobs for the unemployed and I want my country to secure our borders and stop with all the pc garbage from the liberals. Trump all the way!

        • Trump is most certainly going all the way. Straight to the funny farm. Some shock therapy may help him get rid of all that racism, bigotry& hate he’s been carrying around with him for a long time. But, The Donald is not to blame, since he learned it from his father who was a member of The KKK. They have also stated that they support Donald 100% & have contributed large sums of money to his campaign. Before you accuse me of making shit up, Go on YOUTUBE. It’s all there in black & white. A vote for Trump is a vote for Racism. Maybe he will hire blacks to work on his plantation. Did I say plantation ? MY BAD!! I meant to say The White House. Not to worry. He will never get the nomination, not even close.

          • I researched your claim of DT’s Father being a KKK member. Not one article can 100% say yes he was. They surmise from a group that was arrested back in the 1920’s MIGHT have been DT’s Father but cannot say for sure. Trump is no more a racists than I am and I 100% KNOW I AM NOT!! So, keep spewing your lies. Trump just keeps gaining when people lie on him..If you are supporting Hillary–get ready for ISLAM and Sharia Law.

          • An Louis Farrkann is supporting Trump . So is everyone else who has an ounce of intelligence.

    • If he runs Third Party, there are not enough delegates to ensure he would win. This is reminiscence of Ross Perot in 1992…when he did that he fractured the Republican Consensus and elected Clinton.

      Let’s hope Trump is smarter than this !

      • You know what I would love is to see some dam justice as killery clinton is getting away with murder and both parties are guilty of dereliction of their duties. killery should be indicted and treated like us citizen who would already be in prison with the crap she has pulled. I don’t want Mr. Trump to run third party but, the rino’s has so much hate it’s not funny.

      • time to punish the GOP and RNC

      • There is no comparison, nothing reminiscent about the Donald verse Ross run and hide three times in three times out of the race. Donald has balls Ross Perot was a little drag queen . I would be willing to wager if Donald were to run 3rd party he would receive some where in the neighborhood of between 33.9- 40 percent of the vote and when dividing the Electoral college in a 3 way race Donald would have the majority in a 3 way race sufficient to be sworn in as President of the United States.

    • You are nuts…if he runs third party Hillary wins…is that what yo want idiot?

      • I would take that before I vote myself another stab in the back by people who think I am obligated or have to vote for the lesser of two evils. The lesser of two evils is still evil and I’ll not endorse it because some group feels they have me over a barrel.

        • Hillary is a proven serial LIAR and I am fed-up with this in our Oval office! She absolutely cannot be trusted with all the Muslim Brotherhood she has in her camp. We have to vote for one that REALLY loves this country, the Constitution of laws and hates the corruption.

      • Not so fast with a Hillary the LIAR win. Comey is still investigating her and I trust he will indict with all they have so far from what I have been able to find out. DOJ another story. But if Trump goes 3rd party and I really do not think he will, I will support him to the end!

    • I like Trump and or Cruz, both have balls to tell us the truth. we have not had that in Washington for 50 years.

    • That will not happen. It didn’t work for Ross Perot, and it wouldn’t work for Trump either.
      As it is going now, Trump cannot complain that the GOP has treated him unfairly. If Cruz wins, then Trump loses fair and square. If he can’t handle that, then he is no friend of conservatives if he runs third party and puts Hillary in the Oval Office.

    • There’s an exceedingly strong possibility The Donald could very well win the Oval Office running as a third party candidate. The Donald is no Perot as the “knowledgeable” pundits fondly prognosticate. He is at once, attracting a vast, growing majority of Republican, Democrat and Independent voters fed up with the crap spewed on them.

      The Donald is:

      At once charismatic, as he is boisterous; inarticulate, as he is truthful;

      Fearlessly In the face of political opponents, as he is graceful and caring for our military and Police Officers (something no other candidate as shown as forcefully);

      Willing and putting the safety of America and American citizens ahead of his personal fortune for the good of the country;

      Willing and answering JFK’s call to: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

    • Sadly a THIRD PARTY will ELECT SHI-LIER_RY IS that your Goal??? Same way we got SLICK.. or have you forgotten?????

    • I second that!!! The News Media is doing what they call a SNOW JOB on him….. Donald J Trump has the fire and conviction in him to be a great PRESIDENT…. He has my full support… GO TRUMP/PALIN 2016!!!!

      • Great president??? LMAO!!!

      • I believe that Bill & Hillary made a deal with Trump. He was promised some cushy little position at The White House , but only if agreed to run as an Independent. Talk about a SNOW JOB on The American People. Palin??? She is just as stupid as Trump is. When asked in an interview about The Founding Fathers, she could not name one of them. That’s pretty embarrassing , coming from someone who was The Governor of Alaska. It’s more like DUMB/ DUMBER 2016!!!

    • At this point, if Trump is not the nominee, I probably will not vote. Cruz is an evangelical who, if President, would rule according to his prayers and subsequent results. We cannot have that in a President. Remember Bush, when he invaded Iraq, a reported asked him whose advice he followed for the invasion. Bush replied, “a higher power”. Rubio neglected to vote many times. I do not like either of them.

    • If Trump doesn’t win in the primary election, there is no possible way for him to win the Presidential election in 2016. The best he could do is beat the Republican candidate, as an independent and hand the general election to the Democrats because he will split the Conservative vote and not cost the liberals one vote, so the numbers just won’t be there. I don’t think there are many liberals even considering Donald Trump. Lets not forget Ross Perot gave the white House to the Clintons with a very small percent of the Conservative vote. If Ross Perot was not a factor, you probably would have never heard of the Clintons. IMO there are 2 ways the Dems can win. One is very low Conservative voter turnout and two is a strong conservative running as an independent and I believe the libs are hoping for that to happen. Donald Trump knows this and I believe he will do what he knows is right and not run, IF he loses the primary. And I do say IF.

    • Republican party better take Trump seriously. He will win!

    • Yea, because that worked so well when Ralph Nader and Ross Perot ran for president?


    • Perhaps Trump is the start of the new party that is surely coming soon…No more GOP elites and their mess.

      • After last night’s debate…Trump made it quite clear he is not going third party.  I hope the GOP treats him fairly!!  The American people are sick of Washington period.  I think Trump will make America great again.  On all the issues I think Trump will try his hardest to get things done.  And remember… no matter how much he can accomplish…it will be more than all the promises of our politicians.

        • Did you hear Glenn Beck say Trump was a progressive and if he is the candidate he will stay home….I did not stay home when it was his Mormon friend Romney…Beck sounded morose.

    • When pigs fly!

      • As a Senator Ted Cruz Supporter I am beginning to believe Trump may very well win both the primary nomination for the republican party . Then go on to win the general election. It is crystal clear those whom are in denial of what clearly appears to be a growing public sentiment ,an following of Trump supporters. Fail to recognize How huge the hatred for both establishments is . Hell I live in a rather small community with a 75 percent democrat majority. I hear the vast majority of them now openly supporting Trump, They state they shall also vote for Trump during the General election. The clue for those living in denial of this rather obvious our cone should be His lead in nearly every polling set of data. 15 -20 points ahead of shillary. No other candidate whether democratic or republicans m is running even remotely close . To Donald’s percentage. I’m not happy about Cruz being that far behind with only 8 weeks left till Iowa. However my unhappiness doesn’t detract from the reality.

        • You underestimate the power of the Republican establishment. And you apparently do not anticipate any as yet-undisclosed scandal emerging to dislodge Trump, which in my opinion likely to happen. Keep watching.

          If Trump should win the primary, he will be eaten alive in the Presidential debates by Hillary. Trump only blithers vague, unexplicated generalities. That might be enough to
          get him into the general election, but he will not be able to persuade enough sensible voters to support his bold but utterly undefined programs for immigration reform, national defense, the budget or other matters of importance to the electorate.

          “Madam President”: Get used to it.

      • Exactly!!

    • I will write him in if I have to!

    • If he’s egomaniacal enough to actually carry out his threat and go third party – HE WILL DEFINITELY CAUSE HITLERY TO WIN. I would vote for Trump if he’s the nominee, BUT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM IF HE GOES THIRD PARTY. Personally, I would prefer Cruz as pres with Trump as his v-p.

  4. It is the GOP and Trumps to win if the lame GOP RINO’s don’t f*ck the whole thing up and make him jump ship. These morons are stupid enough to give it to Hitlery just to make a ridiculously stupid point. The ONLY point that matters is that we the people are done with the establishment. Get over it and get with the program. If Hitlery gets in we are going to end up like this:

      • pretty sure that if we had a port of entry narrowed down as this one is,
        we would be looking at the same thing now,,with the muslims, the Hispanics, and do not forget those who are coming across our
        pourous northern borders….lots of people being smuggled in through
        the northern forested areas….we deff. are under attack and unless
        our ????Government takes immediate steps to curtail it, we WILL
        be on a par with Europe (now lost as we once knew it and subse-
        quently no longer a “trusted” and supportive ally)….it isn’t just about
        the number of illegals but about the entire “ally” thing…with the
        muslims in charge of Europe*s governmental processes, who has OUR back there? No One. You heard Merkle denied our request for
        more troops to support ours in the ME…NO…was her answer…and
        from there it is going to go downhill…..

        • I assure you aaron, you’re preaching to the choir here…

        • True. TRUMP will CLOSE the BORDERS!!

          • False. Trump will try to close The Internet. LOL!!!

          • No Faye. You misunderstood what he said. YES, CLose the Internet in Syria, Iraq where they are using it to recruit fighters for ISIS. Not OUR INTERNET. Trump wants to infiltrate them to stop them on the Internet where they are. Not shut down the Internet in the U.S. People are getting this all wrong!

          • No, You’re mistaken . Trump’s original comment was that he wanted to close The Internet, period . He did not mention Syria or Iraq’s Internet. He back tracked on his comment only when he was challenged by Rand Paul during the debate. Just like he did when he stated that he wanted to ban ALL Muslims coming into this country. That was his original statement, but when he was confronted by Greta on Fox News, he changed his tune. Trump then said he would not ban American Muslims or Muslims who were serving in our military or who were in The Middle East on business or visiting their families. You are the one who got it wrong & maybe if you paid more attention to the facts, you wouldn’t come across as an ignorant fool.

          • First of all I am far from an ignorant fool. I know every word Trump said. Yes, he did say shut down the Internet and find out where their recruiting is coming from. Yes, he did say ban ALL MUslims and then he added (when it was explained to him) that some were in the military and some were citizens. he then said he would not touch those Muslims.Trump at least has the guts to learn and change what he says and means. I like this that he can learn. He is not a know it all like some.

          • So, what you are saying that I was right & you were wrong. End of discussion. Next time get your facts straight.

    • When, recently, did you know the GOP not to screw things up. It is the one area where I respect their expertise.

      • There just might be enough revolt this time to get things sort of back on track. One of the differences this election cycle is that there is enough anger among the conservative voters AND there are decent candidates for us to select from. At least Romney isn’t in the bunch. I still wake up everyday and research Yeb Bush to see if he’s come to his senses and as of this morning, nothing doing. That moron is second to last in Iowa and is STILL going to go make an ass of himself there. Ugh, we’ll just have to wait and see. The libtard left has the confirmed lying, cheating, scandalous, corrupt keg-legs Hitlery and that delusional, deranged moron Burnout Sanders.

        • I agree. We are angry and fed-up with all in Washington. We have been lied to , not heard, and REVOLT is coming if TRUMP is not the Nominee!!

          • What we ALL have to do is educate ourselves on the issues and then go out and educate others. We cannot leave it to the media to put the correct information because they are nothing but liars for the libtard left. WE MUST DO OUR PART!!! Here is a 90 minute reminder of Hitlerys evil deeds and methods. It is the movie she banned in 2008 because it would have damaged her campaign. Let me know what you think.


          • OW! This should be all over FOX NEWS! They would be the only outlet that would show this about this LIAR!

  5. Lessee, Obama was going to lose the nomination to Hillary….well that prediction was wrong, now we hear that Hillary will win the nomination and beat Trump. As the professional pundits were wrong before, why are they right now?

  6. Why is it so hard to understand that people may have figured out that voting in the same trash you voted in before and ended up with nothing but a bigger mess forced on you might have worn a little thin and now people do not want the same crap. If you step in crap then wipe it off and get clear of it but for crying out loud do not wallow in it and then whine because it stinks. Voting in the same crap as always and then whining you got stuck with crap just might have come to an end. I know I am sick of the same political hacks and am ready for change and the Obama kind.

  7. Trump 2016

  8. Are you, author of article, saying that Ted Cruz is an establishment moderate?
    If so, you are too uninformed to be listened to.
    Or are you just lying?

    • No, Ted is not establishment. But Ted is bought. When you have donors, you have to promise them something and I do not like this at all. Trump is the only one NOT BOUGHT!!

    • Are you not aware that most of Cruz’ support is from small contributors?

    • Here’s the problem with your querie. Of the 60 plus million dollars donated to Ted Cruz 59 million dollars of it came from single small donners. Giving less then $200.00. So logic would dictate Ted can’t be bought either. That is if one were able to from a well reasoned logical thought. Are You able ? That is the question.?????? This post was not intended for you Galveston but for Seldena.

  9. Rubio is a RINO!
    AND, a sponser of a bill called “I Squared”!
    Look it up, it lets unfettered numbers of muslim students into this country! Encourages them, actually. They will stay, take jobs from our citizens, or even stay, draw welfare while undermining our civilization!

    In this case, he is just as bad as BHO!
    Very, very dangerous!

    • Yes, Rubio wants to increase the number of refugees. I could not believe he said this! I was shocked. WHY do these RHINOS not care about our safety? Rubio is lying to the voters just as Ben Carson and Carly is.

  10. I don’t care what Merritt or his polling firm says… Trump will win. The people want Trump …it is the politicians that don’t want him. And we don’t want THEM. I’d vote for Trump at this point no matter what party he ran under. Why are they so afraid of Trump anyway? He is the right person to get this country back on it’s feet. They don’t like it cause he says it how it is.

    • Politicians are supposed to have our opinion, not their own. We, the people, are the biggest lobbying firm there is. We pay the most money. They need to listen to us this time and not broker this primary. Trump 2016

      • The politicians that are supposed to be representing you get a lot more from the lobbyists. They don’t care what we want . I like Trump and Ventura , but I wish he would stop insulting everybody . Is there anybody that he does like ? I haven’t heard of any .

        • If you notice-THEY bash him first. Yes, I have told him to just let go of them putting him down, but he feels he has to respond. CRUZ bashed him behind closed doors and I thought that was pretty bad. At least Trump is right out in the open not hiding anything!

          • Some local guys, in the know , were on the radio and talked about a guy in Florida had a tire business. Cruz, as a lawyer , represented some Chinese went to court against the guy and it ended up the guy lost his tire business and the Chinese owned it .

  11. If the Republican convention is brokered it will be the destruction of the Republican Party. Most Americans Republicans Democrats Independents, alike believe in Donald Trump’s platform. Maintain America’s security protect the people, protect the Second Amendment and sort out these entitlements.

  12. These pollsters will be getting new careers after Trump continues his rise in the polls.

  13. David see if they have an opening at CNN. You just might need a job soon.

  14. What a tool this guy is…Trump has been leading from Day One and it’s now 6 weeks away from Iowa…This guy should probably find a new line of work…

  15. Anyone who can make Hillary go Shrill can win, then what happens?

    The key quote is ‘we need a leader who an do things realistically’…does that mean go along with Congress and continue DOWN THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD or do we want someone who will PULL BACK THE CURTAIN AND EXPOSE THE THE LEVER PULLERS BEHIND THE LAND OF OZ IN DC.

  16. What is realllly interesting? Those who have been open and VERY vocal against Trump, his numbers are climbing. LOL…Guess, the supposed, underdog is winning! The more they criticize, his polls are climbing higher and higher.

  17. Yup, if they can figure out how to make the voters believe their lies! Let it go as the voters want or face the ultimate divide.

  18. It seems the Republican and Democrat incumbents have merged into the Swine party and they sure as heck do not want to lose their spot at the troft. The amount of squealing going on makes it clear they want to stay in control of the dumper of the slop bucket. Heaven forbid if an outsider might knock a hole in the troft. As long as they get an established politician from either side of the isle they can remain fat and dirty.

  19. Joann is right, 6 trump voters here, if he doesn’t make it, we will vote democrat, verses any other in that republican political party running. It be no different.

    • Please don’t despair enough that you’ll vote for a woman who is a chronic liar. Remember Benghazi: she looked into the eyes of the parents of four dead Americans and told them a video reaction caused their deaths. NEVER forget &NEVER forgive Hillary. VOTE TRUMP 2016 🙂

  20. But! If Thumper leads in the vote! Then he must win! RIGHT??? OH! I FORGOT, THE RNC CONTROLS THE VOTING MACHINES!

  21. And an establishment GOP peon making a prediction that Trump will lose? Why is this news, the GOP had
    as well as the Socialist Democraps both hate any and ever one who is not a team player and who will not
    bow to their demands. This individual, like most, has only one home to defecate from and he is letting it
    overflow with his insanity and fear. The people, from both parties, like Trump for his plain speaking which
    is like a breath of fresh air in the political climate currently. Both political parties have lied to the voters
    constantly spreading fear among the American citizens. They are allowing our enemies to invade our
    nation to line their pocket at our expense. Unless there are major change in the political climate you can
    expect President Trump to rewrite American History from the very first day of his administration and the
    terrorist in our government had better watch out as he unleashes a revocation of the “corrupt executive
    orders” that were issued by the muzzie terrorist in the Oval Office.

  22. I keep saying this I’m for Trump but I don’t believe the GOP will ever let Trump have the nomination, they will do everything they can to give it to one of their selected rinos, polls like this are used to support this but in most cases polls are just made to show the desired results not the truth, the republicans in charge are afraid if Trump gets the nomination he will be elected and the end will come to their getting fatter for allowing whatever liberals want, no one can truly predict the outcome unless it will be 2012 repeated where the dead, fictitious and multiple votes elected the so called president we have, Trump 2016!


  24. The republicans will try to pull a fraud on voters like dems have for years. Both parties top leaders want the same thing (DESTROY) USA. They want a one world government. Does anyone remember Bush Sr. on his NEW WORLD ORDER SPEECH? Trump can make USA great again. The people have to decide now if they want freedom or slavery. Honest Americans will take freedom.

  25. Go TRUMP!!

  26. The message is, “Fix it or forget it.” If the RNC doesn’t get the message this time, they may as well join the Democrat party, (which is where many of them belong anyway.)

  27. Another grad of the Karl Rove school of……………..”Coming from Ahead, To Lose, Again”! This is also known as the “Over&Over&Over Plan” which is commonly known as, Well, we know it didn’t work the last several hundred times, but it will all be different, this time, we promise”! Just for once I wish the GNC would listen to the people instead of reading the “Daily Talking Points” sent from the DNC!

  28. #TRUMP will win the 2016 election Go #TRUMP

  29. Every single last son of a ditchdigger that lambaste Trump is one of the very same people responsible for putting America in the Jam it finds it self in.
    Also, it is just about the same thing they would say about Romney,Bush, Rubio, McCain you name it!
    Trump might make them a little more nervous because like him or not, he is somewhat more trustworthy than your everyday politician. In a den of thieves the last thing they want is an honest man!

  30. I am so fed up with these LAWYER candidates!!!! What have Cruz and Rubio ever done except run their big, fat mouths? Well guess what? The Donald has actually accomplished things, and big things, as opposed to C and R. Where is it written that only lawyers get to be POTUS?

    • Well seems to me you haven’t done your do diligence. Rubio hasn’t done square . But Senator Ted Cruz certainly has. . Starting with his appointment to solicitors General in the Great State of Texas. He has won 9 times beglfore the US supreme court in cases where individual an states rights were at stake. I am personally voting for Cruz as the nominee. How ever if he were not to win then my next best choices are between Carson,Carly an Trump. I will not even consider voting for anyone other then Cruz Carson Carly or Trump. Period.


  32. We need someone to make Hillary Shreek like she did at that I famous Libia hearing and she is dead meat…..then we need someone who will make Congress stop acting like Obama is still in the Whitehouse and hold their feet to the fire in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION IN THE SAME FASHION. Who do you think will do that?

  33. Seems to be a lot of fortune tellers out there. An overwhelming number of experts. They can tell the future but cannot explain the present or the past. That’s an expert all right!

  34. And if Trump does not win then you will not have a GOP and you will soon not have a country

    • So words from an establishment fear mongering ,clown supporter. I guess you to haven’t figured it out yet. We no longer shake in our shoes over those establishment fear tactic, frankly because if neither Cruz,Carson ,Carly or Trump wins. We will certainly lose if the establishment anoints an establishment clown . Why simple an rather obvious who other then the 4 outsiders will actually serve the nation an not the party establishments. No one else so a vote for a Rino is the very same as voting for Shillary. Or do you refuse to get that.

    • Ralph where did that comment come from? We do not have a country now! We the People no longer matter! Trump will get us back to our REPUBLIC and he tells the truth!

  35. Not withstanding any law triumphs these big mouths may have accomplished, they still don’t have the vast understanding connected to creating, maintaining and making billions of dollars from a global company that The Donald has. The US government is a corporation, for God’s sake, and needs to be run by a first rate CEO which The Donald is, and which C and R are not. R, in particular has NO experience except blah, blah, blah, just like Obama.

  36. One thing that disturbs me about Trump is that he is always talking about himself. Whether it’s how likable he is, how he’s established a great business, or how much he is ahead in the polls. It just seems not normal to be so self centered. We already have one like that in the W.H. The only difference is on is on the left, the other right, but both think very highly of themselves.

    • There is a reason for him telling us about himself, There is a poll that says he could win the Presidency and the other is 60% people think he is UN -likable. This really bothers Trump. he wants to do all he can for us citizens and stop the corruption and stealing our money.When money is going to support REFUGEES and Seniors do not get a COLA raise–something is very wrong in America! TRUMP wants to stop all this insanity and put Americans FIRST.

    • That’s because Trump is in love with himself. He is a narcissist for sure.

  37. Trump will win even if we have to WRITE IN his name on the ballot!! ALlL these pollsters thinking we will go back to our old ways is very wrong! We want an outsider and are sick of bought politicians. the old ways are dead to us. It is a new year and a new way and that is NO POLITICIAN but a bullish, strong American like Trump to sit in our Oval Office. He understands “We the People” like no one ever has before. he is our candidate –period!!

  38. What a revelation-Trump would lose by +/- 8% against Clinton-he is toast and will continue to self destruct.

    • lol that is really some funny sh-t right there dude. sounds like wishful thinking to me. Trump is gonna beat that piece of pond scum like a bad dog. Keep wishin’ tho. lol!!!

      • Sorry to tell you this Russ, but I just crunch numbers and the numbers do not support your hopes and desires.

        • what numbers are you speaking of? Just the ones you want to see obviously. Time will tell, but still think I’m right. ok?

          • Well Russ,

            I deal with numbers and successfully projected Obama to win by just over 5% verses McCain.

            RCP Average11/23 – 12/9—-48.542.8Clinton +5.7
            NBC/WSJ12/6 – 12/9849 RV3.45040Clinton +10
            USA Today/Suffolk12/2 – 12/61000 LV3.04844Clinton +4
            CNN/ORC11/27 – 12/1930 RV3.04946Clinton +3
            Quinnipiac11/23 – 11/301473 RV2.64741Clinton +6

          • Well bob Those numbers your quoting were primarily the same numbers used by Politico. So they weren’t your numbers at all Bob.

          • Well Ptroll,

            Those numbers are primarily the same numbers used by Politico because they are a representative sample of the American voters, so they really are my numbers numb-nuts!

            Perhaps you can stay clean and avoid rehab -again.

          • Well bob in the military when some steals unwarranted valor we call that . Stolen valor same thing with Plaggerizing. Burnout bob Your a freaking Plaggerizing. In more simple terms a liar & a thief. You word is worthless burnout bob.. Only a Crack head would accuse a straight drug an alcohol free individual of needing rehabilitation. Right Burnout Bob Yea you have a problem burnout Bob. Stop living in denial Burnout Bob.

          • Ptroll,

            “Well bob in the military when some steals unwarranted valor we call that.”

            I’m not sure where your impaired mental process comes up with “Stolen valor” numb-nuts, but if I add 2 + 2 and come up with “4”, did I plagiarize someone Numb-nuts?

            “You word is worthless burnout bob.. Only a Crack head would accuse a straight drug an alcohol free individual of needing rehabilitation”

            Well Ptroll-you sure do act impaired or are you just plain Stupid? As I said-It’s all ini the “Math” numb-nuts, so you have a comprehension problem as well?

            There is no denial Numb-Nuts-your a moron!

          • Well Burnout bob Mental impairment is your middle name . Now copy paste ,post those numbers from your 2008 postings bob . You claimed you came up with am posted those numbers during The McCain Obama election cycle well bob while doing a bit of fact checking myself. I have yet to find your posting of those numbers. Nothing like being caught between a rock and hard spot right moron. You lying freaking Plaggerizing. Burnout Bob. Hers the point Bob I copy saved many posting from both of the past election cycles . Try again you moron.

          • Wow unhinged Ptroll,

            ” You claimed you came up with am posted those numbers during The McCain Obama election cycle well bob while doing a bit of fact checking myself”.

            Aside from your usual grammatical errors and a run-on sentence, I have no clue what you claim to have “fact-checked”. Since I have only had a disqus account for three years, my statements regarding the McCain election were not on the internet, but in an educational environment-some place that I doubt you have ever been since you left 3rd grade numb-nuts.

            ” Hers the point Bob I copy saved many posting from both of the past election cycles”.

            What was “her” point numb-nuts? is “her” election cycle like a “menstrual cycle” and how do you copy and paste it?

            Perhaps you need to check back into rehab moron as what little grey-matter that you process has become increasingly dysfunctional and unstable.

            You really are one freaky and clueless little troll.

          • Well hello again plagiarizing burnout Bob !

            Back to your usual obfuscation,deflection and diversion tactics. Try another route Burnout. ( Educational environment ? ) What and abject failure Burnout Bob the eduacation system as been for you. Rambling sentences.? I think not Burnout Bob.The average comprehensible sentence,encompasses between 8 to 20 words . Seems you become rather unhinged when a given sentence exceeds 4 words in totality. ” Right ? Burnout Bob “. (In an educational environment ?? ) What Chicago’s state penal system. Seems to me Burnout bob,the education system has been an abject failure on your behalf. ” Right again Burnout Bob ?”.

            False Valor, Plagiarizing, stolen. false or fake identity. Your the typical progressive want to be. Want to be someone or something other then the uneducated loser you are.”Right again?” Burnout Bob. Much like the now resigned head of the NAACP who is White though she claimed to be Black. Or the left fringe lunatic Senator Elisabeth Warren from Massachusetts. She claims to be Cherokee. While offering zero genealogical evidence as proof. None exit or ever existed. Or better yet the lunatic loser born in Kenya who claims to have been born In Hawaii. However his now deceased Kenyan Grandmother who was interviewed. Claimed to have witnesses his birth in Kenya . Forged birth certificate ,false stolen social security card & #. Your just like them Burnout Bob. ( Dam Right Burnout bob ) .Your just another unhinged left fringed lunatic attempting to play genius. While retaining the intellectual capacity & occupying the space of a Monad.

          • Well hello again unhinged Ptroll !

            “Back to your usual obfuscation,deflection and diversion tactics”.

            Just calling you out to be the moron that you are…………..

            “Try another route Burnout. ( Educational environment ? ) What and abject failure Burnout Bob the eduacation system as been for you. Rambling sentences.?

            No, But I can spell E D U C A T I O N numbnuts!

            ” I think not Burnout Bob”.

            Probably the only comment that you have made that is accurate.

            “The average comprehensible sentence,encompasses between 8 to 20 words . Seems you become rather unhinged when a given sentence exceeds 4 words in totality. ” Right ? Burnout Bob “. (In an educational environment ?? )”

            Was there a coherent thought to that rant?

            ” What Chicago’s state penal system. Seems to me Burnout bob,the education system has been an abject failure on your behalf. ” Right again Burnout Bob ?”.

            Only been to Chicago once-for a GOP convention numbnuts.

            “False Valor, Plagiarizing, stolen. false or fake identity. Your the typical progressive want to be. Want to be someone or something other then the uneducated loser you are.”Right again?” Burnout Bob”

            What exactly have I plagiarized Numbnuts?

            . “Much like the now resigned head of the NAACP who is White though she claimed to be Black. Or the left fringe lunatic Senator Elisabeth Warren from Massachusetts. She claims to be Cherokee”

            Good for them and you left out you claim of being a man.

            ” While offering zero genealogical evidence as proof. None exit or ever existed”.

            You claim to be a man-but we all have suspeciaions that your of the rodent population……….

            ” Or better yet the lunatic loser born in Kenya who claims to have been born In Hawaii. However his now deceased Kenyan Grandmother who was interviewed. Claimed to have witnesses his birth in Kenya”

            Yea-everting on the internet is true and dopes like you bite hook, line and sinker.

            ” Forged birth certificate ,false stolen social security card & #. Your just like them Burnout Bob. ( Dam Right Burnout bob ) .Your just another unhinged left fringed lunatic attempting to play genius”.

            Not really numbnuts, but compared to you, i’m brilliant, but then compared to you, so is a common garden slug.

            .”While retaining the intellectual capacity & occupying the space of a Monad”.

            Let’s see……………..
            In functional programming, a monad is a structure that represents computations defined as sequences of steps: a type with a monadstructure defines what it means to chain operations, or nest functions of that type together.

            I’m guessing that was one of your many grammatical errors moron ?


          • Thanks for confirming that linking you to the rodent family really was charity on my part……………………..

            I can see you as pond scum…………………..

          • Considering pond scum is a multi cell higher life form. I’ll take that over the single cell Monad. That you represent Burnout Bob. Pond scum devours monads.

          • Well enjoy those singe cell animals that you feed on Numbnuts and thank you for confirming that you ferment in the still waters of decay.

            Great debate tonight-Thump failed miserably -like you do every day!


          • Your picture reminded me of Rambo, Bruce Willis in Diehard & The Terminator, all rolled into one. Put them all together & what do get? The Donald. LMAO!!!

    • Hey Burnout Bob ÷ Back at posting progressive talking points. News Flash Bob. National and state polling data Has all the top for Republican front runners crushing shillary by 8 or more % points . So you must be referring to Shillary s own fake polling data.

      • Hey Ptroll,

        Out of rehab again?

        “National and state polling data Has all the top for Republican front runners crushing shillary by 8 or more % points”

        Care to cite a source or were those from some of your hallucinations during detox?

    • Where did you see that poll? One out this morning has Trump beating Hildabeast by 6 points! Self-destruct? He is actually getting stronger. Everything he says has been proven to be TRUE!! On the other hand–HILLARY just keeps the LIES coming!!

    • Ooops…your name is spelled wrong. Was that your own internal poll you took while hallucenating there Boob?

    • I agree with you 100%. Hillary will make mince meat out of Donald The Duck. LOL!! .

  39. Moderate republicans are RINOs who just contaminate the party. To support that statement a political commentator said of the 2000 election that JFK could not have been nominated by either party because he was too conservative.

  40. GOP, DNC whenever they say such things it is code that they will use vote fraud. Both parties are guilty of it….The career politician has made their millions not by their financial intelligence but cutting deals and dodging and weaving their way. They are ENVIOUS of Trump. Having a guy like Trump who is rich, good looking and knows the CAPITALIST system and has made more them, is too much for these career politician whores to handle… They HATE it. So their only skillful tool in their tool box is not intelligence, like Trump, but scheming, spinning, manipulating the system and having the mainstream junk food press run inference for them creating age old myths of the haves and have nots, smoke and mirrors and assorted tactics. The majority of the American people are so self absorbed, self centered that they become what they listen to from the junk food mainstream media, rather than READ and take personal responsibility in vetting out people. It is easy.

    That’s why they are in politics. Where they can make millions doing nothing and getting paid off by lobbyists and now Middle Eastern money which has infiltrated American politics. The greed is too much.

    I would much rather vote for Trump who understands and knows the system than a bunch of manipulators and envious criers who are mental midgets as compared to Trump when it comes to understanding the economics of the United States Capitalist system AND running the world’s largest economy to putting us all back into a better standard of living, than the one we have endured under Hussein Obama and his minions. These career politicians have successfully demonstrated over 10 years or more that they haven’t done a GD thing. They are not capable of even watching a small piggy back without screwing it up. They are lucky I not president. I would put all career politicans guilty of bribe, the majority of em, and put em in a Gulag north of the artic circle with a tent and a toothbrush and provide just enough calories to sit quietly and ROT.

  41. Same old BS from same old men……..they are goingt o loose & I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. If Trump doesn’t win it will be because of the criminal politicians in charge of both the Democrats and the Republican organizations. They are scared to death to have someone like Trump elected because they may lose their criminal income and influence that they have been allowed to steal over the past many years. It is way past time to get a handle on our out of control politicians and get our country back in the hands of the people. Mickey Mouse could beat Hillary Clinton by a landslide because she is such a selfish criminal anti-American.

  43. well I want to see someone besides a trained polition in the w.h. you can see what shape they’ve put this country in it’s time to get back to normal before it’s to late…it my not be perfect but it’s a whole lot better than we got now with this president in office…this country is worse off than it’s ever been…go trump 2016

  44. What the voters want:

    A government for the people (US citizens).

    Stop trying to destroy the Constitution.

    Stop giving more right to illegals than US citizens.
    US citizens get the jobs first!

    Close the borders.

    Stop lying to us!!

    Get rid of lobbyists!

    Stop the insane spending, taxpayers are sick of picking up the bills for the lazy people that choose not to work. There will always be people with disabilities that can’t work, not talking about them.

    Stop supporting countries that hate the US.

    Sick of business as usual!!!!!!!!!!! Bb

    • Trump is a breath of fresh air and will do the will of the people!!

      • Trump is more like a killer tornado. He will destroy this country & anything that gets in his way. He will never get the nomination because he is just not smart enough to make it that far.

  45. Its over for the old republican party!
    One too many let downs!

  46. Funny how they republicans, don’t they really mean democrats lite? Those who want a yes man they can control makes it easier for them to still to only think about their selves and to hell with us. We have open borders and terrorist coming in and these do nothing democrats and democrat lite and sickening and makes my blood boil.
    Almost seven years has past and these do nothings have let this lying treasonous none vetted illegal sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama do as he dam well please and they are complacent to the trouble America is in. Why do they hate this country so much is mind boggling, and they are not working for us tax paying citizens that’s for dam sure. They are the worst to ever hold office, and we see what good it done to give the republicans the house and later the senate, not one dam difference did it make. obama and nancy pelosi still told john boehner what to do and he would kiss their socialist butts and do it. Same thing goes for mitch mcconnell. obama and harry reid telsl him what to do and he’s all to willing to kiss their socialist butts to. Mr. Trump is no yes man or butt kisser, that’s why they are scared of him.

  47. Merritt, dont bet on what or who we will vote for! p.s. rubio and cruz really dont qualify

    • Hey idiot Cruz is in the lead as far as his name is on 40 state Ballets already . If he wasn’t Qualified he would be on those ballets. Your one more troll who has yet to read the last decision handed down by the supreme court 1995.

      • Hey illegal, you need to re-read my U.S. Constitution! Their are no Amendments that say a foreigner can be president, that includes Obammy!

  48. Thank you! I’ve been annoyed as Hell since November 2014 when we gave these fools control of the Senate and expanded our already GOP House to record numbers. And nothing has changed. Obozo has continued to rule like the Banana Republic dictator he is while the GOP Establishment has shuddered in fear, eager to sell their political souls to the biggest donor, even as the Republic dies on the vine. They will not fight to secure the borders, reduce the debt, or lift a finger to return the government to the American People. And that’s precisely why Trumpism has been a breath of fresh air. He’s shown a willingness to fight while the Establishment members hide under their desks. He says “Make America great again!” The Establishment cowers in fear and does nothing.

  49. Either wayTrump has proven in business that he is a master of making deals. As such, theoverre’s nobody I’d ratthe country willher see in the White House – except Mitt Romney who is also a master of negotiating deals.
    Unfortunately, due to Trump’s brash personality, I’m afraid he’s not electable over Killary’s unholy machine – the opposite, but same result as Romney losing because of being too humble and a Mormon.
    Either way, unless the republicans can get some control over the rampant voter fraud, the whole thing including the country will be a lost cause – keep your powder dry…

    • There’s only one candidate who can get down and dirty with the nasty DNC types at crunch time…and that candidate is Donald Trump…Sorry haters, but I for one am tired of milk-toast ‘gentlemanly type’ GOP nominees who get their azzez handed to them because they have too much class to wallow in the mud with the swines…DT won’t have that problem…and will emerge the victor…

  50. We the People know how to fix it, RINO merritt and it’s not with a moderate with real results because that never happens when you elitist establishment types push your agenda on the American people. We’re on to your politics as usual and no longer want any part of it. You morally bankrupt political talking heads in the main stream news media just can’t get it through your thick skulls the real reason Trump is ahead. His talk is real and the people like that for a change. Politicos like smooth talking PACman Rubio and those like him only talk a good story but will not be able to realistically deliver results when they are at the bidding of crony capitalism. Keep trying merritt, sometime along the way you will see the light.

  51. This is just another article the news media is trying to put a dampener on Trump,,, “But in the end GOP voters want a strong leader who not only bashes the system – but knows how to fix it.” – and just how does the american voter know who that might be? The professional politicians of the past tell you what they think they you want to know, get elected and then once they get in do not hold their promises. We need someone that is not a professional politician and does not owe anyone anything. Trump may sound radical but what he is saying seems to be what the people want. (that’s why he is ahead in the polls!) If he can do half of what he says he can do he will be far ahead of those who “promise” one thing and do another. i.e. Obama. So, those very people who voted for Obama (I can’t find anyone who will admit that they voted for him), If you want another four years of the same, vote for Hillary. (With her you will also get Bill). Just look at what she has done or not done and she hasn’t even been elected yet. For those that say Trump has no political experience, what experience did Obama have? one term in the senate began on January 4, 2005 and ended on November 16, 2008 when he resigned. Until then, Obama had been the leader of nothing. Yes, he served eight years in the Illinois Senate; and yes, he had spent the two in the U.S. Senate. He was also a law professor, a civil rights attorney and a community organizer. All admirable lines of work. But did they qualify him for the highest office of the land? We can now answer that NO! As for me i’m voting for Trump!

  52. Trump will be hoist on his own petard. Most of you wingers will have no idea what that means, given hour limited education, and I will not burden myself to “splain it to you. Do your own research.

  53. We are sick of Republican Do Nothing Party. They are as big of Liars as Democracts

  54. Calm down folks! Whether you’re pro or con The Donald. To quote the late, great Yogi Berra: “The opera ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!”

  55. Trump will win and it will be the end of the Republican party.


  57. Did you mean his FORMER company?
    I assume Frank has “spoken” to him.

  58. Ever notice that Republican Party has a list of Good Ole Boys that are in line to run for President?

    Remember, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney? What do they have in common……they LOST and we got the WORST Presidents in History!

    IF The Donald will do half of what he says he will do we will be much better off!

    Can anyone be worse than Obama other than Hilary and the Communist Munchkin Sanders? I hope not!
    We need a VIABLE Third Party to put an end to this oligarchy of parasites that have been feeding on U.S. for hundreds of years!

  59. Trump will be nominee and president. The establishment drivel is nothing but laughable at this point

  60. The communist Left would love and will try anything to get the punk-ass, RINO Rubio as the GOP candidate because they know he is a loser and a push-over! JUMP FOR TRUMP!

  61. This article is “spot on!” Anyone who thinks Trump doesn’t know how to get things done is an idiot. He didn’t get to be a billionaire by sitting at home sucking his thumb. Trump WILL BE the nominee if he gets the votes -too bad GOP. Ooops, I forgot, the GOP establishment could simply not give the nomination to Trump after he wins almost all the primaries (which is why Theodore Roosevelt ran third-party in 1912, thus splitting the Republican vote and giving the election to Wilson). Well, time will tell… But conservatives in this country are SICK AND TIRED of lying republican RINOs promising to serve as conservatives and once elected, go along and give Obongo anything/everything he wants!! I guess they’re afraid of the little spoiled community organizer throwing a temper tantrum…

  62. And WHAT does the Republican party think that they know about what the majority of AMERICANS want or thin?. All of the politicians in DC and in some states have been out of touch for so long with the American majority that they wouldn’t no it if it was put on a bill board in front of their house and office. I and many others have had it with there bowing everybody except we AMERICANS. Remember that a Muslim is not an American, as they only swear allegiance to Islam not this country.

  63. I wonder if David Merritt realizes that these days the republicans at ground level give him and his organization no more credence than we do the top GOP leadership?

  64. McCain failed because he dropped his “straight talk” for the party line,,Romney lost because he didn’t have the balls to call a spade a spade.

    The GOP lost because they have no idea what’s really going on out here, they are so focused on protecting their part of the racket.

  65. SCREW YOU all you republican traitors we no longer trust you since you have proven yourself just as much of a liar as ratboy obammy. TIME TO ELIMINATE ALL CAREER POLITICIANS this will no longer be a career for you or anyone else, it will be a temporary part time job you are all WORTHLESS and not to be trusted

  66. “WASTE,WASTE”,instead of concentrating on winning the W.H.,as GOP,These(????),must have educated themselves,under the common core program !!

  67. The Republican Party is done. Back in the days when the Republicans stood for something has past. They are all bought out by the firearms companies, big oil and wall street. The Republican voters know this that’s why they have become Trump supporters.. The Republican party won’t back him because he goes against what they have become to stand for like shutting down this country ect. He will be running as an Independent. Which will in turn give the election to Hillary. We have had 7 years of putting up with the biggest do nothing congress in history. The American people are going to be electing Democrats. Thanks to Trump he has brought so much attention to the voters that it will be the biggest turnout in American History.

    • The GOP has not stood for anything since 1980 and were purchased by corporate America during the Reagan Administration.

      • Yes, that’s true. As soon as Reagan became president, he got in bed with Wall Street & soon after started closing down companies in this country & giving American jobs away to countries overseas. GMC was the first to go & more companies followed suit. Hugh profits were made at the expense of The American Workers. That was the beginning of the end. Nothing would ever be made in America from then on. China is number one in producing all the products that are used in this country. Reagan really screwed this country, so why do people say he is one of the greatest presidents of all time? That’s a question that most Americans should ask themselves.

        • It was his second term when I left the republican party and became a libertarian.

        • Well you’ve got the story 25% correct Reagan did sign the trade bill .But it was the demo-rats in control of congress during Reagan’s first term; that pushed the tax increases on those corporation. Those same demo-rats also placed with in that trade bill benefits incentives for transferring the corporation, corporate headquarters out of country.” Do to tax policy” Demo-rats kill jobs, kill the economy. Kill health care. Maybe some day when your not such a partisan A-hole you’ll wake up and smell the coffee.

  68. Elizabeth Valentino

    What is he talking about? Where has David Merritt been of late? geez! what a downer he is! of course Trump will win, he better!!

  69. Elizabeth Valentino

    DOUBLE AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. WOW – the good ole boys are nervous about TRUMP because he is upsetting their “apple cart” and everything
    will come out – why haven’t the Republicans started Impeachment against Obama – he is getting away with
    murder and they just sit and twiddle their thumbs!! Nixon did a lot less and they were after him like gang
    busters – there is something going on in this country that is far more serious than anyone realizes. I always
    thought there was some group behind Obama to ruin our country – it is very suspicious to me. I have always
    had a very strong intuition ability.

  71. merrit your ate up–the people are not going back to your same o sameo—take your belt up a notch or two –you like all the rest can not see the forest for the trees–WE ARE FED UP—trump is diffrence an a hell of a bunch diffrence is what WE want

  72. Luntz, Merritt et all have been saying this ignorant crap for 8 months and haven’t got a thing right.
    They have proven to be puppets within ethics. They are disreputable liars !

  73. Trump will win! People are sick of the many politicians that pretend they support the American voters. They are like birds on telephone wires, seeing witch way the wind blows so they can follow that direction! President Reagan was an ACTOR! At least Trump is a businessman! He has made hard decisions most of his life and had the courage to follow them, like them or not. I will vote for Trump!

  74. Merritt is a wing nut. Sane people do NOT listen to him. Shame of FOX!!

  75. Trump will Win 2016

  76. When FED UP Americans reach the polls in 2016 (a big IF, with the wannabe dictator still in charge) the US will experience its greatest reinnasance since Ronnie!

  77. Of course the experts predicted a Dewey victory over Truman in 1948. The even printed newspapers saying “Dewey Wins.” It’s a case of history repeating!

  78. The GOP soon will be known as the Going out party if they try some BS with Trump or Cruz. People don’t want you democrats and rino’s as you’re both anti America as crap and fighting for the rights of terrorist instead of our rights as citizens of America.

  79. The liberal media is trying to not only destroy Trump but their trying to bring down Carson, Cruz and Rubio because they all are out there telling the truth and the liberal media and liberals don’t want the truth to get out and all these candidates aren’t afraid of the liberal media or King Obama or democrats/liberals and aren’t afraid to call them all liars ! The liberal media wants a quiet Republican who will be afraid of them and will let them attack them without saying a word and right now none of these candidates are going to take King Obama or democrats or the liberal medias BS ! Trump can will because even moderate democrats like him not just Republicans and Conservatives and what makes him look so great is he won’t take the liberal media BS and he gets in their faces and calls them liars and does the same to democrats/liberals & their King Obama ! The Republican party BETTER BACK THE PERSON ITS VOTERS WANT OR THEY’LL BE IN BIG TROUBLE WITH THE VOTERS ! Trump , Carson and Cruz and Rubio all look good but the reason Trump looks the best is because he’s not afraid to stand up against the liberal media’s BS and not afraid to tell the truth about the liberal media or their King Obama or democrats/liberals !

  80. Your wishing and not listening to the people he will win by a landslide

  81. Nobody even cares about what the polls show. Everyone will vote for the candidate that represents them the best, not who the “majority” wants. Let the best man win.

  82. this GOP hack can take a walk..

  83. Once again, the establishment tell us what WE think!

  84. The media and ‘elites’ now remind me of Kruschev at the UN beating his desk with his shoe.

  85. We’ve tried so-called “Republican Moderates”. They keep turning out to simply be RINO’s and nothing more. And, no, the public has not been asking for more of the same as Merritt states. The problem is that Merritt and his RNC cronies simply turn a deaf ear to what the constituents are shouting at them. They certainly can’t say that they don’t know what we want – all they have to do is listen to Trump. He’s loudly stating the same things as the rest of us. After the last election, we all sat down and waited for the actions promised during campaigning. Well, we’re still sitting and waiting for something to happen. It is now readily apparent that nothing promised is ever going to happen with the current crop of empty suits staffing the RNC.

  86. Polls and pollsters have been known to be wrong.

  87. Trumps a lock.


  89. Neither did John or Mitt and they were Rove’s guys. Jeb ain’t goin no where. It’s gonna be Trump/Cruz – and we will be pulling the Hispanics away from the Dems who make no common cause with their base.

  90. trump is the only one that willn’t back down it,s time to get some one that will get the job done and it sure isn’t hillery

  91. How can Trump not win? Are you implying that there are more Islamofascist Democrats, communists, liberals, and just plain idiots that would vote to destroy America?

  92. David Merritt sounds like little more than a RINO establishment hack , attempting to influence opinion. Maybe he needs a couple of real jobs working 30 hours a week with no benefits and insurance from Obamacare.

  93. Amen! The thing that appeals more than anything else about Donald Trump is, no body owns him. He is bought and paid for by no one. I think the courage to put up his own money to stand up in front of America and pound out one sterling idea after another puts him far above the rest. Take Iowa, Ted Cruz resonates with the Evangelical Voters. That’s great. But when the Taliban following ISIS march down Main Street DeMoines the Evangelicals are going to be dead. What good is their vote then? We need a President who will SAVE America before none of it matters and we are very close to that point. From educators to pop culture (whatever the hell that is) except we are all told the mainstream crowd pays attention too it, to all the dimwits we have walking around (remember Leno’s jaywalk all stars) boy did that man shine a light on a cancer in this Country. We are so close it scares the hell out of me. I can’t see any candidate that comes close to Trump. The time for band aids is done. We need a hammer!

    • What courage ? What money? Donald has had free media coverage and ten times more of it then any other candidate. Thus far Donald claims he has spent 4.5 million dollars Quest what that is equal to the very same amount of small donation that he has claimed to have received. From individual $ 200.00 or less . Be real Donald may be a great spokesmen for those things Allieing our nation . But he will not make for the best presidential choice. That man is Ted Cruz.

  94. Trump sure pissed off a lot of minorities when he said stop Muslim immigration. It gave fire power to the Dems and you wonder if he could beat Hitlary. Trump donated to the Clintons and invited them to his wedding. So, what really is Trumps agenda? If he runs as a third party, he would take votes away from the Republican nominee and Hitlary would win for sure. So, is he really serious or is he another Ross Perot?

    • It’s possible that The Clintons made a deal with Trump behind closed doors, just to get Hillary elected. She could have promised him a position in The White House, if he agreed to run as a Republican. Then as he got closer to the election, leave The Republican Party & run as an Independent. Hillary would most definitely win The White House for sure. If this is true, you would have to admit that their plan was brilliant & The American people would be scratching their heads, asking ” What the hell just happened “

      • Then I heard another possibility that Trump will drop out and stand behind the Cruz camp telling all his followers to go with Cruz.

    • What fire power ?? Several national polls, clearly show that the over whelming majority of the American public agrees with Trump. That includes Latino and black Americans. Stop; freeze Muslim immigration, Freeze importation of Muslim refugees . Until such time as the federal government is able to completely vet all immigrants . These polls also had a substantial % of democrat’s agreeing with Donald Trump. Polls Rasmussen,CNN,Fox, Politico, Drudge, and several others . Only the narrow minded ignorant would disagree. National security is now the number 1. issue with voters which includes immigration., 2nd. is the economy ,3rd. government spending 4th. Obama no care health care. 5th. Taxes.

  95. The still will not believe how pissed off myself and other republicans are at the party and their continuing hatchet job on Trump. Told my Congressional members to get off the BS Bus or not to count on my vote for any republican nominee. Between the liberal media and the GOP old boy school they have all been propagandizing against Trump and his numbers soar and they cannot make the acceptance. We are faced with the old age dilemma of politics’ the lesser of the evils presented and right now with the choices of Hillary and GOP loyalist old boys “We pick Trump, That’s fact! “

  96. Merritt is an IDIOT!

  97. Not this time I think most voters are fed up with establishment or career politicians just like I am, my thoughts have been for at least a decade top throw them all out & start over & starting at the top is the best place to start. Maybe after Trump wins the establishment will get the message

  98. IS THIS ANOTHER Dewey defeats Truman again??

    Who cares? Nobody reads the newspapers anymore.

  99. Why don’t these supposedly unbiased poll companies, predict the Socialist-Democrat candidate cannot win? We need a continuation of the Obama regime like we need a European country. If anyone likes the European socialism so much, just declare yourself a Muslim refugee and move there for cradle to grave support from the government(taxpayer).

    Any Republican candidate, even Paramecium R. Amoeba would be better than any Democrat candidate. Trump has plans and the ability to carry them out. Cruz is a true core conservative.

  100. Trump’s numbers keep going up and the media idiots( including Fox News) who work for the illegal obama administration still living in denial . Donald Trumps got the lame stream liberal media ( Including Fox News ) running in circles so they don’t know which end is up . I’m loving every minute of it ! Go Donald Trump .

  101. Merritt needs to pull his head out and see that Trump is the ONLY viable candidate in any party. His personality is the type we need to wrest control of our government away from the politically correct mavens and those who would take away or constitutional rights. Impeach Obama, imprison Obama and Clinton, and take our country back from those who subverted it.

  102. Win, loose, or Draw. If Trump stays I the running then he will always have my vote and I am sure I am not alone on this one. Trump is the only one on that stage that has what it takes to save this once great country. Cruz is a good man but I have read that he was not born in the USA. Lets don’t make that mistake again.

  103. The Left, be it Media or Liberals is frightened of what Trump will do to them…break their unrealistic fantasy bubble where they live!

    What they don’t get is that the American public is done with their insane and hurtful actions to our country. Trump knows what Americans want! He may be brash and loud but his heart is in the right place – he wants our Country back and strong again, not torn apart and overrun with foreign nationals — THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS IN THOUGHT, ACTION OR FAITH and Trump wants them OUT! Let them move in with liberal families and see how long the libs can take that!


    • Why aren’t you just the peach . A DUMB A RAT. THROWING OUT BARBS AT PEOPLE OF TRUE FAITH. Sure seem like the feds should take a real close look at you. Your sounding much like an Islamic Muslim terrorist . Islam The cult of evil. The cult who hates Abba Father God the one true and only God The triune God. The God of Abraham Issac an Moses.


  105. The Washington Establishment hates Trump and Cruz because they both have called out the Elites for their hypocrisy and egregiousness. They also hate Carson and Fiorina because they are Outsiders who have not been indoctrinated into the Washington Ethic of lies and betrayal. Any on of those four will make a better President than we’ve had for a long time, certainly better than Obama or the other liar and Marxist, Hillary.

  106. he may not win but it won’t be from lack of our vote …he’s got the majority of peoples vote in wv …or at least around were I live anyway

  107. The question to be asked is, “Who is to be believed an obvious prejudice pollster, 0r the obvious enthusiastic Trump supporters who show up in inordinate numbers to show that they are behind Trump and his policies? It makes no matter what the pollsters say as they have been wrong more often then not. What is important is what this nations populace is looking for in their next presidential leader. To date Trump, Carson fit bat bill!

  108. What we do not want is another Luntz Moderate…No more moderates chosen to lose to the unacceptable dems…Get a grip…

  109. You can all keep your polls..What we will have is TRUMP as our presdient…A real America…a for sure American with real birth certificate and soc security card and all the rest…Trump is real America and we know it.

  110. The leaders of the republican party are RINOs, in other words liberal democrats lying about who they really are. They are doing their usual attack on Donald Trump because he isn’t one of their clique and they can’t control him. They believe that if the tell their standard lie “oh he can’t win” often enough those who vote for the republican candidate during the primaries will not vote for the Donald and might vote for Rubio or Bush who they can control.

  111. Another delusional republican pollster. It’s still early. Trump is in good shape and he would be in better shape if they got rid of the low scoring candidates who are a distraction. Only 4 candidates in future debates. Go Trump, the ass-kicker who knows how to get things done.

    If they declare a Trump-Cruz ticket, it will be hard to beat: then make Ben Carson Surgeon General, Ron & Rand Paul head of the Treasury / Federal Reserve, Judge Napolitano Attorney General, Ted Nuggent Head of Bureau of Land Management, Rick Santorum head of Investigator Generals to go after corruption, now that would be interesting.

  112. This poll-taker might be inserting the voter fraud existence into his calculations. That is my concern. How do you think this incompetent puppet got there in the first place? No legitimate, informed society would have anything to do with him.

  113. This is crap journalism, if it can be called journalism at all.
    Makes a good case for NOT hiring the Luntz pollsters, though. And, hey! Thanks for the heads-up on the polling company…I’ll remember not to read anything they publish.

  114. He is absolutely right they will steal the nomination from Trump and the voters with a “Brokered Convention”. Remember they go behind closed doors to count the votes thats when the Magic happpens.

  115. Trump will rise to the occasion. How do I know it? Truth tellers often sound brash. Mark my word. Trump is not going to do it all by himself. He will surround himself with smart people. As he so often says that he knows very smart individuals. He will also listen to them. He says he will unite the Republican Party. I believe him because he has to have powers of persuasion if he could make great business deals. Yes! He will make great deals in politics like he has done in business. We have seen the establishment fail repeatedly for years. We don’t need the same old over and over. Last night O’Reilly threw everything at him without rattling him. O’Reilly said Trump was thin skinned. After their bout last night I thought it was the other way around. Trump kept his cool and O’Reilly did not, in my opinion.

  116. David Merritt’s full title is Establishment, RINO, Republican, Manipulative Pollster. Now, we understand clearly, don’t we?

  117. If either that liar and moron Hillary or that socialists fool Sanders wins, America is lost, they are no better than communists even worse.

  118. Look at the stats. The more Trump is slammed, the stronger he becomes. So, keep it up, Faye. We sincerely appreciate you.

  119. If only this is true…I cannot stand one more day with this POS not in prison awaiting his trial….

  120. Caution readers. Republican Pollster David Merritt should be properly understood as RINO, Establishment Pollster, and strong past supporter of John McCain. Okay?

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