Trump With Two Major Endorsements

Make no mistake about it, establishment Republicans like Jeb Bush are cleaning up when it comes to significant endorsements. Bush has picked up about 15 representatives in the House and five or six senators. Rubio is faring similarly. Chris Christie has picked up a couple of endorsements from Republican governors. Donald Trump, though dominating in the polls, has yet to pick up a single endorsement from other elected Republicans.

That said, Trump is doing quite well when it comes to endorsements from major conservative voices outside politics. The first big endorsement, of course, came from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. But now Trump has a couple of figures who carry nearly as much weight in their own specific circles. First on the list, Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona.

Arpaio said Tuesday that he stood by Trump due to his firm stance on illegal immigration: โ€œDonald Trump is a leader. He produces results and is ready to get tough in order to protect American jobs and families. I have fought on the front lines to prevent illegal immigration. I know Donald Trump will stand with me and countless Americans to secure our border. I am proud to support him as the best candidate for President of the United States of America.”

If longevity speaks to anything, Arpaio has impressed the citizens of Maricopa County. He’s been sheriff there since 1993, and his hardline position on both prisoners and illegal immigration have won him fans far outside his own district. Arpaio is also a frequent critic of the Obama administration, and that automatically endears him to anyone who knows the truth about this president.

The second high-profile endorsement came not from the law enforcement sector but from the religious community. Evangelical pastor Jerry Falwell, Jr. threw his support behind Trump on Tuesday, calling him โ€œa successful executive and entrepreneur, a wonderful father and a man who I believe can lead our country to greatness again.”

Falwell, the son of the legendary televangelist and founder of Liberty University Jerry Falwell, Sr., could provide just the boost Trump needs to overcome his deficit among evangelical voters in Iowa. If he’s able to do that, and the most recent polls are correct, Trump could pull out victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire. His polling in the states to follow would indicate that, barring something unexpected, he would have the Republican nomination sewn up.

These endorsements, though they may not impress the political elite, could be just the nudge Trump needs to make history.

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  1. Forrest Jane Cline

    No more “career politicians” for me. I’m willing to give Trump a chance…we can’t be any worse off than what we’ve been with Obama.

    • Forrest Jane Cline –
      I AGREE.

      Have you seen this:

      • Wow Southerner,

        What a scary and thought provoking video of statistics.

        Certainly an eye-opener!
        I was sure to even share it, which is something I rarely do.

    • If the General Election was held tomorrow Trump would lose the Presidential Election in a landslide of epic proportions…. EVEN IF HE WAS RUNNING AGAINST BERNIE SANDERS for GOD’S SAKE. Trump is driving you good people back-and-forth like a pack of flea bitten rodents at an Iowa rat killing.

      • Forrest Jane Cline

        You are a fool if you think any of the “career politicians” are going to make a change in this Country. We have a 100% chance nothing WILL change because nothing HAS changed. Trump gives us a 50/50 chance. I’ll take those odds.
        If you like being burdened with insurmountable debt….go ahead… for one of the other blood sucking, lying corrupt politicians….you know…..the ones that use donar money for their campaigns.
        Not a one of these candidates has ever risen to the status of Trump…nor could they…they are so used to operating on money that has been given to them by the American tax payer. Trump may not have all the answers but the American people are sick of what’s been happening to the United States due to the inept elitists running it. We are sick of it.

        • You are the foolish one if you think for one minute that The Donald won’t pillage Fort Knox or move the Executive Mansion to the Denver Mint so that he can keep an eye on HIS money. Anyway, most Trump voters of my acquaintance are Democrats who have a 32 year old, high school dropout, pot smoking, unemployed son, sleeping in their extra bath room, and these parents can’t for the life of them understand why little Johnny can’t pull down $35 an hour bagging groceries down at the A&P.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            Perhaps you would like to address the issues I referred to. No?
            But….just to answer one of your comments. Most Trump supporters that I know…..are decent people…..they work…….pay their bills, are sick and tired of paying for the free loaders…..want the borders closed….illegals deported…..Obama Care eliminated…..are tired of having Christmas denigrated….want our Veterans taken care of…..and want every SOB that has broken our laws held accountable and etc. and etc. Seems fair to me.

        • Donald Trump is a large part of the problem with non-citizen workers because Trump is even importing immigrant fashion models / prostitutes because supposedly in Trump’s eyes American women are allegedly too bow-wow-ish.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            ….and this comment of yours tells me how much you know about the issues that really matter to American tax payers.

        • Maybe a President Trump will give you a job in one of his strip clubs.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            I can see you are ill informed, as well as lacking in social graces and having the barest of manners.

          • I am sure not as lacking in the social graces as that loud mouthed vulgarian Donald Trump. You have the horse in front of the cart if you think for one nano second that Trump is a gentleman.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            Donald Trump is a gentleman but he’s no fool. We need a man who will follow the Constitution….one who is not afraid to tell the truth… who is not owned by the big money donars… who cares more for Americans than for the interlopers who come to this Country illegally.
            Reread your comments….insults and unfounded accusations even take precedence over your bloviated opinions….. it’s the norm for a person like you.

          • And you evidently think that the Donald calling Americans that he’s never met all kinds of bad names like loser, idiot, fat slob, and so forth makes Donald Trump a “gentleman” or else inoculates him from the disease of foolishness, or overlooks his strip clubs? FJC, you have serious problems seperating fictionwith reality, if you can condemn me for doing the same things that you praise Donald Trump for doing. The duality and the total clueless behavior of the Trump supporters is the reason that Donald Trump will not be elected President.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            Regardless if Trump is elected or not….his comments were true. Again…reread the comments. If people struck at him…he struck back…twice as hard. I know that’s a novel approach for Trump haters….but….true never the less.
            Now…..tell me who is responsible for the overwhelming $19 trillion debt levied on the American people? Trump was right….the stupid politicians. Also…who gave Iran over $150 billion…and… allowing them to over see their own nuclear program? Again…the stupid politicians.
            Trump is a gentleman if he’s treated with respect… not do so….incurs his wrath…which is a good thing. In the not to distant future you will wish there was Trump or a facsimile thereof, running this Country instead of people who care nothing for our Constitution or the American people. Again…reread the comments….I think you’ll find you threw the first insult.
            I like Trump and I could care less if he is President or not…I like him. You’re the one who has serious problems if you can’t understand people’s right to freedom of thought, expression and speech.

          • You made a good point when you asked who is responsible for our $20,000,000,000,000 national debt. Sure our politicians are. But who was one of the primary political ATM machines to issued Platinum campaign finance debit cards to Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and Hillary Clinton? Why it was the King of Krony Kapitalism, Donald Trump, that’s who. Oh I agree with you that Trump will leave a legacy behind but Trumps legacy will be more on the lines of burning the Donald in effigy rather than setting off fireworks in his honor.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            Trump had nothing to do with policy or laws……Congressmen and Senators are the only ones responsible. You, I or any citizen, for that matter, are incapable of making law. Politicians who adhere to crony capitalism and who refuse to put the Nation first are at fault…something Trump sees and courageously brought to the forefront. Instead of denigrating Trump, you should be thankful he had the integrity and decency to do so….even putting himself in the line of fire by saying he had used that avenue himself many times. Have you ever heard any of the other candidates say the same? Of course not. Why would they? To do so, they would have to admit they were in league with “crony capitalism.”
            Which brings me to another important point….do not lose sight of the fact that Trump uses his own money for his campaign…..something NO other candidate can say. The other candidates use big corporate money. Who do you think they will be beholden to? Certainly not “we, the people.”

          • If Trump is no Krony Kapitalist then why did he shovel cash at the Governors race in Pennsylvania with both hands then bitchd and moaned when he didn’t shovel as many coins as the Krony Kapitlist who ended up with Pennsylvania’s slot machine business?
            Your only sin Ms. Cline is that you truly are as dense as you seem.

          • Forrest Jane Cline

            It’s interesting to me that you can never have a reasonable conversation without lobbing forth personal insults and one who never answers previous questions.
            The next event here in America will be one of financial ruin…..either/and/or……refugee criminals. Perhaps there will be one of the other candidates that will take care of these problems to your liking.

        • I agree Jane,

          Its not like Hillary cannot afford her own campaign with all the money she makes giving her so-called speeches.

  2. “WHATEVER” “I DO WHAT I WANT” your beloved Donald Thumper

    • Precious! Lolol.

    • That’s called being an American! That’s called Freedom! Trump is an “Unapologetic American!” He is for the people, and against big government tyranny!

      • He is for his pocket

        • Trump don’t need money or fame. He already has both!

          • The rich never have enough…why would he accept the petty presidential salary and retirement benefits when he already has one foot in the grave and when he can enact policies that would make him billions…certainly you don’t think he would do something for the benefit of ALL Americans if it would hurt his business, do you?

          • He has billions! Money don’t mean anything to Trump! The thieves are in your party, the Demokrauts! So which Clinton are you sleeping with? Hillary or Bill? Surely you are not in bed with Bernie.

          • My party??? You seem to share a malady with some of the people in here who ASSume that just because someone opposes Trump, that they are Democrats. Hillary is to ugly and laying with Bill would be too liberal a thing for me. Maybe Trump could line me up with one of those “fashion models” he imported and got visas for to work his casinos and strip joints.

          • You have become repetitive and unamusing. Enough!

          • Loser, jerk, nasty, bimbo….these are the adjectives Trump repeatedly uses but you find them amusing enough to ignore the fact that he has no substance.

          • Guess Trump doesn’t follow PC rules, that offends you?

          • Being civil and being politically correct are not necessarily synonymous. Calling someone a son of a bi— and a bast–is beyond being politically incorrect that’s just profane. I would find it very disrespectful if he were to use that type of language in front of that beautiful child you are holding.

          • When Putin cracks his whip Trump will runaway and hide in Canada.

          • At least he wont go kiss the leader of Iran’s butt while they are chanting Death to America, And make such a deal for them to check their selves for nuclear weapons. Weak leader a real Nancy boy.

          • You have a point Love bug, Trump will in all likely hood try to unload one of his toxic hotel properties on the Ayatollahs


          • Yea trying to chase him down and drag his fat behind back to his post.

          • Putin openly admitted to that he like Trump, May be we can be friends with the Russians, where is it writtend that we allways got to be enemies. I’ promises you that if the US. and Russia stick together, the rest of the world will behive, by the way,The Rusian ladys are some hot mamacitas.

          • Maybe that qualifies you for a job at Trump’s Internet Research Agency as a Russian Language Blogger. The Russian chicks that I am familiar with tell me that if it wasn’t for Cheltonians, Russian women would all die virgins.

          • Don’t mind working for Trump, seems like an ok guy to me. Been in Russia many times, first time I’ hear that one, they was always very open and friendly towards me.

          • Kurt, I think that you are in Russia right now. Where did you learn English Kurt, Vladivostok?

          • No, Calingrad, working on my English, hope that you are able to understand me. Right now I’ am in St. Petersburg. Newer been in Vladivostok, but it is on my bucket list, got a few girlfriends from there. Coming.???

          • That’s interesting Kurt. Do you know about the Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg? Do you by any chance work there? It is located on Savushkina Street. In the past have you, or do you currently work there?

          • There is little wrong with your English usage Kurt, but an accent is lurking in the background. Over all your English is excellent but it won’t keep you out of trouble, especially in the espionage business.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            What a DICKHEAD !!!

          • Are you even legal? People here loves Trump maybe you need go back to your own country or stop making up lies.People like you are for Hillary the hag and old big ears Obama we are for Trump.

          • Trump has no political ground game, no organization, and fully 40% of his voters are not even registered voters and Trump doesn’t even have anyone working to register these people. Furthermore 20% of Trump voters are registered Democrats and unless Thump’s non-existence organization gets cracking the Trump voters in closed primary states will be unable to cast a Trump ballot on Primary Election Day because they will be registered in the wrong party to receive a GOP Primary ballot. And the low/no information Trump voters keep attacking the messenger and refuse to see that they are being sold a bill of goods. In 2008 I thought that John McCain’s organization were cuckoo birds but the Trump cuckoo birds take the cake because they are not even in the game. Follow up questionnaires sent to Trump voters reveal that only 20% of the registered Trump voters think that they will be either LIKELY or VERY LIKELY to cast a ballot on election day.
            How do you propose to win elections with support this soft? In a word you can’t.

          • My ancestors were here long before the criminals and prostitute refuse that other countries didn’t want, landed in America. There a big divide between Cruz and Hillary and I sure as hell won’t be voting for Hillary….I’m for a consistent conservative not one who changes his mind day to day and can’t answer where he stands on gay marriage and baby killing.

          • Idiots like you vote for the clintons, gore, and obastard and all of them tell the truth. Wake up at least TRUMP will do something different than the crooked politicians, you will vote for.

          • See already you sound like Trump and the hate he spews…that’s no different than what we have with Obama. You obviously haven’t seen my other posts. Lack of information usually causes one to speak out of passionate ignorance rather than knowledge.

          • he is in bed with them an berackus can not see the forest for the trees

          • hahahaha good one ๐Ÿ™‚

          • no barrustie not from your likes do we expect much of nothing

          • You need help.

          • Is that you, Bill? You need help ….leave those little girls alone.

          • When your a Trump voter or else a Bill Clinton supporter, every female is wearing a blue dress.

          • Trump’s stunt last night was a dress rehearsal for when he refuses to campaign for the Presidency in order to grease Hillary’s rise to power.

          • You may dream about Trump losing to Hillary but for this nation it is nothing short of a nightmare, not a dream.

          • Mr. Trump is going to wipe the floor with Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, that is, if she can stay out of jail!

          • He already said that he wouldn’t accept a presidential salary. Trump employs thousands of people, that’s not a bad thing.

          • Employing people is great… capitalism is great…this doesn’t qualify Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to be president while I’m sure they wouldn’t be as offensive.

          • Sounds like you beem drinking obama’s kool aid

          • Funny how just because I’m not a Trumpette, in Trump-like fashion, people in here ASSume I am a liberal. I’m not a Trump follower because he is as liberal, if not more so than Obama. I want a CONSISTENT conservative with a proven record which shows his conservatism…I’ll let you figure out who that is.

        • He is an American and America loves him. No more pussies

        • say you WHO? o you

        • Your a real idiot he pays for his own run for president he has his own air force one to travel in an he don’t want to be paid to be a president if he wins, He will be saving this Nation money you MORON.

          • He will save us all of $400,000 a year or less than .00001 cents per American. With your grasp of math you must have been educated in a Common Core School.

          • “Idiot” “moron”…is that all you got?…you sound just like a Trumpette who has swallowed the Koolaid…in the past you would have been a Jim Jones convert you are that easily manipulated. So he has money and his own jets…big deal, so in your eyes that qualifies him to lead this nation…I’m sure he’ll be paying his own security and “be saving the nation money”…sheeesh.

          • Heck, Al Gore has a lot of cash and his own jet. So your saying that you want Al Gore for President.

        • Trump will be in your pocket before the cheering dies down on inauguration day. Count on it.

          • If only there were a true level playing field. He is in the pocket of the media already. He’s the richest candidate who claims to be funding himself but the media is funding him. He doesn’t have to spend a penny for all the free publicity he gets from the media, meanwhile the other candidates struggle to raise funds for their campaigns…it just doesn’t seem fair of the media.

          • And he never had to pay the media a dime for all of this publicity, he just had to be who he is, not some bought and paid for politician with fake promises to the people.

            Makes you wonder just how far he can manage to bring our country back to its feet doesn’t it?

          • While I like his stance on immigration, I have a problem with the persona he projects. If somebody doesn’t want to be politically correct they don’t have to be…but they don’t have to be profane and vulgar to get a point across. As for the fake promises…anyone who is running for office and wants to win will almost always inadvertently promise something which they will not be able to deliver. So, while I do believe he will build a wall, I’m highly skeptical about Mexico paying for it.

          • True, all politicians make false promises, its what they do best. When their mouth is moving, you know its a lie.
            Somehow I think the Donald would be a great President, just like Reagan was. However, since he’s NOT a politician, the government and the parties involved will do all they can to see that he does not become president. As they have openly stated, if he’s not a politician, we don’t want him in as he cannot be controlled, whereas Hillary and Cruz can be.

            What I cannot fathom, is how Hillary with all of her lies, deceit, and simple arrogance about the trouble she’s in can possibly have as much support as the polls claim. Who in their right mind could possibly back Hillary even by just being a ‘woman’ when she’s done nothing but lie, cost lives, hidden truths, tried to destroy evidence, and its all public knowledge.

            I have to agree with The Trump, the entire system is rigged, and I have believed that for years. I agree, it is time for a woman President, but damn not her! If we all think we’re in debt now and losing our foreign allies, what will it be like after 4 years of her? And now we have O’Bummer trying to pull strings to get her there?

            People, remove those rose-tinted glasses and vote for Trump, if nothing else vote for the little guy Kasich (sic) at least take votes away from Hillary (not that it matters in the corruptness of the voting scheme), but at least if you vote, you have every right to bitch about how worse things are going to get by allowing her into office.

            Personally with her facing all the federal charges she’s being faced with, how can she even possibly run for office? They certainly need to change their laws. If ANY person seeking to run for a government office by election that is facing felony or federal charges should NOT in my opinion be allowed to run for any government office. As far as past charges, even that would be touchy as many would say they paid for their crime. However, if it has anything to do with being rich or being in the government, your ‘time’ was tainted for your own good. Martha Stewart is a fine example, I’m sure she had it so rough for what little time she did for a major felony offense.

            We must all vote (in my opinion) for an outsider again. Remember when Reagan went in and all the hostages that Iran held, were immediately released, because he promised them a war they would not win nor forget. They took him seriously because he was not an insider in Washington and could not be controlled. The same goes with Donald Trump, people like Sachs and all those other rich oil tycoons will undoubtedly be paying more attention to their business arrangements . . . bet on it. I doubt that Trump can be bought off since he has more than enough of his own money and that is what our government is afraid of. NO CONTROL of an outsider.

            Please . . . vote Trump!

            To many he may not be our best candidate, but I believe he is certainly the lesser of all the evils.

        • Those corrupt morons currently sitting in office are not there for their pockets?


    • Your words describe the Sitting president, Obama!

    • Are you “trying” to insult Mr. Trump? If so, get lost!

    • Libtard. Your comments means nothing, obama clapping seal.

    • I’ll like Trump, but I’ love dogs.

    • Is that Michelle Obama with Trump wig on?

  3. I don’t know anyone who looks up to Arpaio or Rev. Falwell. These two endorsements are worthless.

    • Every “fool” is entitled to his opinion, under the 1st Amendment!

      • I agree. Anyone who looks up to these two baffoons has to be a fool. The trouble is fools are allowed to vote.

        • do you vote wayne? because you to are in that class—yea we know your an obama boot licker

        • Yep, that why we have a fool in the White House! Why would Trump reveal his plans? Every point he has, to make America Great Again, has been copied by all the other candidates. No one said anything about immigration or Veterans, until Trump brought it up. Then all the others jumped on the bandwagon. Like it or not, Trump is going to be the next President of theses Divide States! Trump 2016!

          • Yep, and they are all Republicans that jumped on Trumps on his bandwagon. He says he is going to make America great again. Who is it that says it is not great now. Why are people risking their lives to get here?

          • America is not the America I grew up in. The government didn’t go around apologizing to our enemies. America didn’t allow terrorist into the country! We had immigration laws that were enforced. Law Enforcement did just that enforce laws. And the Constitution was the infallible law of the land! Muslim Refugees and Latino aliens come here for two reasons. One is to turn America into a Muslim third world hell hole and the other is to suck up the free stuffs. Health care, food, clothing, education and not pay taxes. They are parasites, living off those who do pay taxes!

          • We didn’t have Obama care, either. And, our presidents didn’t make deals with terrorists.

          • Absolutely correct!

          • I remember in high school in the 50’s about Cuban’s risking their lives trying to cross the ocean and get here. I don’t know what era you grew up in but people have been trying to come the U.S. for as long as I can remember.

          • Legally or illegally? I don’t mind those who want to come here legally! But the illegals have no rights what so ever to be here! And even less when they enter this country, uninvited!

          • Those Cubans were illegal. They risked their lives in small boats and rafts. The coast guard picked them up right and left and saved their lives. We have always had illegals coming to this country as long as I can remember..

          • It’s not great now. Record low workforce and a record high poverty rate. Obama’s foreign policy has created chaos in the Middle East as well as Europe.

          • Wayne Thorson: It’s not so much that they are risking their lives to get here because they love America as she is! It’s that they want to come here and try to change America into the same kind of place that they come from. The so called immigrants don’t like America as it is, they want to impose Sharia Law on us, and make us speak spanish instead of them learning to speak english, and that’s just a couple of Nationalities who are trying to come here with their Anti-American agendas. As far as I’m concerned the only true Americans are the Native Americans, everybody else are FOREIGNERS!!! I was in the U.S.Army from ’68-’70, my Dad was in Korea, my Uncle flew fighter bombers in WW 2, and my Grandfather was a artillery spotter in WW 1, so I’m not happy with all of these illegal immigrants coming here and then the POTUS granting them Amnesty for being here illegally. So I hope Trump can make it, I know he can’t do everything that he says, but at least he can try to right a few wrongs done to us by Obama and all of his kiss ass cronies, who by the way are afraid to start impeachment proceedings against him, as they are scared of what the blacks would do, heck look what they did after Rodney King, they rioted and burned down things, not to mention ganged up and savagely beat non blacks.

          • Those Middle East people are coming here because they are afraid that this country is going to vote a Republican in for president. Have you listened to those Republican debates? They all talk about how tough they are going to be on the Middle East. They are going to bomb those terrorists. Those terrorists are all hiding out in places the civilians are. They are using them as a shield. Trump says he is going to bomb the shit out of them. His exact words. If that is what he is going to do we will known as the world’s biggest terrorists. The Republicans haven’t even thought about that. We now have an agreement with Iran. Let’s give peace a chance.

          • Actually, it was Ted Cruz who said that he’d bomb the shit out of them, and turn their country into a sea of glass.

          • All the Republicans running in those political debates say they are going to bomb those terrorists. Those terrorists are hiding out in places that is full of civilians. That way the world will accuse the U.S. of being the terrorists. We have peace now lets give peace a chance.

        • Exactly how we got the Socialist MUSLIM Fraud Lazy LIar we have in the White House Now.

        • Fools are allowed to vote and you voted for Obama twice, fool.

        • Another thing Colbert didn’t have? A following like Trump.

          • Yea, all he has got is a late night talk show on CBS. The world is his stage. Can’t wait until he has Trump on as a guest after the election.

        • Have you heard the Obama voters (at least a lot) answer questions; they seem very dumb. Everyone knows how he got elected, if they have any knowledge at all.

          • Okay George, The race is on and here comes heartache up the backstretch. Watch out here comes Hillary up the backside.

          • I hope she gets the nomination. The more people that see and hear her, the more her numbers go down. She’s for women’s rights, and she’s married to a sexual deviant. Ironic!

      • an wayneless has his

    • Arpaio has won every re election for 20 years and is liked by the whole country who loves America. To say no one likes him is really a stupid statement. Every state i have visited ,,people have said they wish their state had some one like him.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that you only talked to Republicans in every state. Next time talk to people that have common sense.

    • just like you say you know nothing

    • The communist party endorsed obama. Both Arpaio and Falwell are well known.

    • Exactly.

  4. Two endorsements… TWO? That should get him the key to the executive restroom!

  5. StupidAmericanVoter

    If we elect more parasites like our politicians…we get more of the same. Trump 2016…

  6. Jerry Falwell supporting a strip joint owner….how Evangelical is that?

    • Is that the best you can do? Trump has no dirty Laundry! Main stream media is so disappointed they can’t find anything to use against him. Boo Hoo.

      • Trump resort whotels imported over 250 foreign “fashion models” on work visas issued by the Dept. of Labor, wages average $300 per hour! does this make The Donald the richest pimp in the world??:

        • You can’t take Trump down with that crap. You gonna have to dig up more chit than that! That’s probably more than they make in a year in their home countries. Trump is a charitable man!

          • not to worry wayne is a shit digger from way back

          • Trump as a 62% NEGATIVE in America.
            Hispanics HATE him.
            Women HATE him
            Blacks HATE him.

            only the low functioning still cling to him winning.

            the liberals on the other hand are ALL FOR Trump.
            easy win for Dems.

          • You must have read Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father.”

          • Read it? He iffing wrote it.

          • Last night I channel surfed between Fox, CNN and MSNBC. They’re all afraid of Trump, like you. You’ll still get your section 8!!

          • “They’re all afraid of Trump, like you”

            more proof you are not too bright.

          • CNN AND MSNBC, obsessed with Trump, your next president! The liberal media will carry him to the WH. Anyone who voted for a guy strictly on charisma shouldn’t call anyone not too bright. Did that thrill up your leg ever disappear?

          • You and I agree on little but i must agree when you say that Trump is destined to lose to both Clinton and Sanders and if the polls are even 1/2 way correct lose by a land slide.

          • Reality Are you for anything? you just complain. You will you vote for and why

      • The best I can do? Perhaps you could explain to your daughter how proud you are of this “president” and his strip joint and that perhaps she could seek employment there.

    • Christian showing forgiveness

      • Forgiveness is given AFTER repentance…I don’t see Trump getting rid of his strip joint any time soon. The world will be laughing more than they do at Obama who advocates gay marriage and baby killing…but the new president invites all his adversaries to go see women disrobe…cool.

    • But of course if he had the so-called Rev. Al Sharpton’s endorsement that woukd be dandy right? Frankly I will take Falwell’s endorsement any day over that of a pathetic tax evading preacher who incites racial hatred at every opportunity.

      • Actually an Al Sharpton endorsement would be more fitting since they talk the same BS. If he got the Rev. Graham endorsement I might be moved but I doubt very seriously Graham would support a strip joint owner.

        • Barrustio, Are you in favor of anyone? Just wondering


          • Well, my support of Rev. Graham should have probably indicated who I’m leaning towards. While Rubio professes a spiritual guidance, Cruz by far and according to true Evangelicals is the proven stalwart of conservatism. Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT want a theocracy or a preacher in the WH…but I do want someone who would seek spiritual guidance to make the decisions which will impact ALL Americans and Trump just doesn’t resonate with me on that.

    • You must frequent strip joints often.

      • My apologies I thought you were an informed voter…it’s been all over the news (well not actually because even though they hate Trump, they hate Cruz more) that Trump owns strip joints. Just think when heads of state from other countries come visit he can take them and their wives there and explain to them what New York values are….cooool.

    • Trump’s a strong leader, we’re not looking for a preacher in the WH.

    • At least as Evangelical as Jimmy Swaggart cruzing for whores.

      • Good comparison…wonder how he would answer one of his parishioners who asked him why he would support a strip joint owner…is that now acceptable in our religion?

        • Well Jimmy Swaggart did established the Jimmy Swaggart Invitational Golf Tournament. That’s a golf tournament where the player sees how close he can get to the hole without actually going in.


    • Amen, brother!

    • I agree 100% go trump 2016 to the w.h. go Hillary to prison 2016

      • eeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • I have 2 Buttons that we purchase at a Donald Trump Rally….One is showing Donald Trump with a picture of the White House…where he will be residing starting in January of 2017….The other one is a picture of H-BOMB Clinton behind Prison Bars in a Prison Cell…Where “The Donald” will help put her if she is not in a Prison Cell before that time…GO TRUMP 2016….

        • Well said freedom train. he’s a symbolic high five

        • Have a great day FreedomTrainUSA!

        • Rebecca Weierick LaBelle

          I believe, if elected, Trump would not live in the White House. Why would he live there – he has elaborate mansions in New York and Florida. The White house is too colonial for a New Yorker.

          • that was what i thought to…But I do believe now that he would live in the White House…He stated something concerning this issue a while back….

          • How would he get the corruption out of it, it would be like living in a remodeled bordello, with all the gangster riff raff that have dwelled there, a den of demons. TURN IT INTO A SIDE SHOW.


          • Lol, yes, those crooks that are already in office!

          • I’m sure he would live in the WH, simply because it is what presidents do as that is their term ‘security’ post. I just cannot see him moving everything to one of his mansions.

            Not sure if it would be financially better off to move what he needs to one of his own homes and shut the WH down, or just simply live in it. What would all those cooks, janitors, maids, etc. do for a living if he moved it all to his mansions? He speaks of creating jobs, that would be taking jobs away from hundreds employed in the WH. No doubt he already has those luxuries of his own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Where are these Trump buttons made?

        • It would be great to see Hillary in prison, however, I bet they use the ‘political assylum’ card to keep her from spending any time behind bars, after all, they do protect their own and believe they are above the law.

          If you or I had done such a thing, we would have already been tried and sentenced to prison long before now!

          • General Petraeus did not do a Tenth of what H-BOMB Clinton has done….and they Destroyed his Life…But the she and Billy Boy…The Clinton Crime Syndicate are still running Loose on the Streets…

            Send all of them including the DC DICTATOR to Exile in one the SHARIA HELL HOLE COUNTRIES for the rest of the USELESS LIVES.. if we can’t put their sorry ASSES in Prison….That is why we need to elect Donald Trump….Because he has stated that he will Prosecute H-BOMB Clinton….

      • At least Trump is constitutionally eligible for the oval office as opposed to the limp wrist muslim impostor using the office to promote islam, play golf, campaign for money, go on extravagant vacations with his boyfriend and drive our national debt to a level that will never be retired! Our nation has been sold out by a fairy! Cruz and Rubio are not eligible either. Rubio’s parents weren’t citizens when he was born and Cruz had dual citizenship until he decided to run for the oval office but was born in Canada and not on US soil as required. His mother was also on the voter roles in Canada and his father was still a citizen of Cuba! That dog don’t hunt! We need a top negotiator, a no nonsense businessman, someone who can’t be bought, loves our military and create millions of jobs by bringing industry back to America! TRUMP!

        • Have you noticed how they objected to different statements Trump made, but now they have become me to politicians? Trump said it first. He is way out ahead of the curve on all that makes sense. They are Johnny come lately politicians who lived off our tax dollars. They do not create jobs like Trump.

          • Points well taken, nobody is perfect by we need strength and determination in the White House and a real natural born citizen.The founders were clear in this regard and why they relied on Vatel’s Law of Nations! People are looking for GOD to come down and run for President. Ain’t gonna happen but at least we can have a natural born citizen and a job creator who can out negotiate anyone, loves our military and isn’t doing it for the money! Everyone is looking for perfect, there is no perfect human being, not even close!

          • Doing it for the money would be a foolish reason for anyone to run, as the president is not paid as highly as people think. Last time I knew that position only paid $400,000.00 annually; does not seem like too much money for someone with such responsibilities. Of course we must also take into consideration all the amenities that go along with it such as security, maids, private jets, etc. etc. Still, less income that most Senators and Congress make.

            Its the power and notoriety that drives them to run for presidency.

          • Trump was the first candidate to call the voters ugly, fat, and dumb. Maybe he had you in mind.

          • Well maybe you better look in the mirror, he could be right you know! As they say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks!

          • I would bet that you have never served anyone but yourself. It shows!

        • Trump can’t finish the act and get his voters energized and to the polls to vote for him. Caucuses and primaries are designed to pick the most electable candidate and Trump could not win a butt kicking contest if he was the only contestant with two legs.

          • You have to be a legitimate natural born citizen to be electable for the White House and with Cruz and Rubio those dogs won’t hunt! You can spin it anyway you want but the Constitution is the law of the land, violating it is treason. Cruz, dual citizen, born in Canada and naturalized in America. Kept his Canadian birth certificate until 2014 when wanting to run for president he then forfeited it, makes no difference, divided loyalties make him ineligible. His father at the time was still a Cuban citizen as well. Mother was on the voter roles in Canada…….not eligible, period! Rubio, same issue, he was born to Cuban parents in Florida and neither became citizens until he was four years old…….not eligible! All other GOP candidates are constitutionally eligible! The only proven job creator like it or not is Trump who will donate his salary to the VA! Trump has the money and the power to take them to federal court and make them prove they are constitutionally eligible and neither Cruz nor Rubio can change the Constitution nor can a Judge! Putting them the ballot would be a federal felony. My brother, a veteran as well as a retired Judge affirms my argument! One other thing, if you were the only contestant in a butt kicking contest with two legs. you’d lose trying to figure out which leg goes first!

          • Let me help you Vet. Donald Trump is nothing more and he is nothing less than a Blond Haired, Blue Eyed Barack Obama. Half of Trump’s voter base are registered Democrat Party members. These Democrat Party members are disappointed in how little Obama has managed to basically transform the United States. Furthermore Donald Trump is Hillary’s and the East Coast Liberals’ ATM machine.
            If you’re are frightened of what Obama would do like declare Marshal Law, be very very frightened over what a narcissistic, unbalanced, nut case, like Trump would use the Army for, like to permanently silence his enemies. The closest political parallel to Donald Trump that comes to mind is the late Governor and Senator Huey P. (The King Fish) Long from Louisiana.

          • So your voting for Trump I see. Let’s get something straight, your entitled to disagree with me but to declare I’m frightened …..really, of what……! Divide and conquer is how you effectively fight an offensive to overwhelm an enemy as surprise usually wins the day! So when the day comes that I need your help (never), I will hang up my guns……never! The fact that your obviously frightened and transfer you concerns to me, is of no moment. If it should come to domestic war, those in the military that don’t side with the people and violate their oath of office will face millions of battle hard vets who have kept their pledge. I would venture to guess that those in the military will honor their oath to the Constitution knowing that their families would be fair game and side with their brothers. I can tell you the SEALS, Delta Force, Army Special Forces and all special ops assets will join with the vets and the people to put America back on course. Egypt did it, we certainly can as well!

          • ArmyVet,
            I absolutely agree with you, I cannot see any of our brothers in arms taking up for the government to go against their own, period!

            I would bet that the government would have grave consequences should they ever give such a drastic order to the military branches to go against their own blood.

            I have had this same debate with many people that think that our military would go against their own on presidential orders or face the consequences of going against such orders such as treason or whatever stupid reason the government would come up with for not following an order. However, it is unlikely that even under those circumstances would our military brothers go against their own . . . it would just be too over the top for them to do so no matter what the consequences they may face for refusal of such drastic orders from the government.

            I’m with you on that issue 100% ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I cannot understand why they are even allowed to run to start with if they are not natural born citizens, what has this country come to? Pitiful and disgraceful bunch of corrupt idiots we have running this country now . . . I mean really, look at our current president, what a fine example of a waste of precious oxygen.

        • Charles Manson, and Theodore Kandinsky are both “constitutionality” eligible for the oval office but that doesn’t mean that they are any more qualified for the office of President of the United States than say “What difference how does it make” Hillary is. I will admit however that so far Donald Trump has managed to avoid prison. In fact the Un-bomber has murdered one less American than the 4 Americans that former American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has managed to croak so far.

    • Ronald Reagan was the Governor of California, before running for president! I believe that makes him somewhat of a politician! Trump compares himself with Reagan and, you might, I don’t! At least not yet!

      • Neither one were lawyers. They both had/have COMMON SENSE and can plainly see that the Socialist/Commie Democrats were destroying our country. That accounts for something!

    • A BIG SECOND TO THAT….GO TRUMP 2016….So we can begin the process of Removing the STENCH that is on the DC CESSPOOL…By using a GIGANTIC FLUSH JOB…


      So campaigning for other politicians for 2 decades, EIGHT years is Governor of Ca and 3 runs at the Presidency makes him an outsider?

      or maybe it was the 16 tax increases and the gun control?

    • Go Trump,
      Go Fiorina
      Go Carson
      Go Cruz….

      None can be considered establishment.

      • fiorinn is a self-avowed communist; cruz is a rino globalist; carson is dead in the water with his “Both Al Sharpton and I have the same goals”, calling for government-forced vaccinations, all 278 of them, and supporting parts of obama’s amnesty. So, please research the candidates BEFORE you vote. TRUMP is the last, and only, man standing.

        • What chu talkin bout marlene?

          Those sound like liberal talking points… You better research that shit before you spread it…. Huff poo puts that kind of crap out all day long, the liberals suck it up without question and that is how the lies get spread….

          ANY one of the four that i called out would be better than a Democrat….

          • I stand by every word in my comment and you’re not smart enough to understand it. NO – not “any one of them” because there is no lesser of two evils within either congressional party. I have no intention of compromising my conscience or principles to vote for any them – no, not one – period. Give it a rest. I’m bored with your dialogue.

          • We will have to disagree. Your insults are the typical tools that liberal trolls use. It is sad to see someone that claims to be a republican use liberal tools and liberal talking points, in an attempt to silence the conversation.

            There are lesser of two evils… Romney would have been a lesser of two evils. Or even a greater of two goods.

            Your talking points are less than insults with zero credibility or facts behind them.

            And while you want others to believe that I am compromising my conscience or principles, I want others to look into your talking points and make up their own minds… .

            If all the Trump followers followed your advice and Trump loses, well then so will the Constitution and Capitalism. Because once again, the left will have been successful at dividing Republicans.

          • MAHB001, What have I been telling you about secret Democrats splitting the Conservative vote in order to elect more Democrats?

          • I agree with you… I don’t know how to tell the Republicans from the Democrats these days other than their “loyalty” to the Republican brand… And I do not think that is a proper gauge.

            How do you tell them apart?

            I don’t even know if Marlene is a plant or not.

          • Perhaps because some agree with issues on both sides of the fence? Is that what we call ‘Independents’ ?

          • I am beginning to think that Marlene is very independent. Nothing wrong with that.

          • Currently Trump is poling only 33% among self identified Republicans which is 1/3 or 33.3% of 66.7% but only 20% of Trumps 1/3 of all voters say that they are likely or very likely to cast a ballot for Trump tomorrow. That means that Donnald Trump is dead on course to getting a whoppping 10% of the Republican votes tomorrow.

          • At this point, anyone is better than the ‘evil’ that is in office currently, with the exception of Hillary Clinton.

          • Notice how marlene and pmbalele post off each other like the little balls and flashing lights in a pin ball machine.

          • Maybe by the time you grow up you’ll be able to play too, little one. Apparently, you have many reasons to be jealous – LOL

          • Toots, you don’t understand. I think that you and pmbalele are paid bloggers also known as trolls who post off each others’ comments.

          • You need mental floss, fool..

          • I don’t doubt your word but Rubio has a better Conservative voting record than Cruz by a whopping margin of 100%.

          • According to the liberty scores
            Cruz 97%
            Rubio 79%

            How are you measuring your data?

          • If you chose the votes that you score carefully you can make Barry Goldwater look as Liberal as Bernie Sanders. Students for A Democratic Society did so every year because they didn’t score or count Civil Rights votes because these votes and filibusters against civil rights reduced Southern Democrats Liberal Voting Records. Therefor Democrat Segregationist like Senators Lister Hill, john Sparkman, and others always won a 100% Liberal voting record while the SDS demonized Goldwater’s votes out of hand.



            Americans for Democratic Action score Senator Cruz as only a 10% friend of Liberalism, but rate Senator Rubio even lower by scoring him only a 5% friend of Leftist activism.

            If you care to read the ADA’s data they have a list of Zero friends who didn’t vote even once for the ADA line. there is I think over 140 names on this list of Zeros and not a one of these lawmakers are Democrats. That tell you anything sparky?

          • I would never accept endorsement from this woman from Alaska โ€“they call her Sarah Palin. Look how she was dressed at endorsing and promoting Trump. That dress is for sleazy girls not for President of TPs and Repubs or governor. And Repubs and TPs talk about family values. Is that family value-dressed like that! That was fake family value. I am told last December her family got in a brawl in a tavern and they were thrown out. I wonder if it’s true she had 5 guns each with 25 rounds and carries them in her vehicle. Well, she may be right. I am told Alaska has a lot of grizzly bears and coyotes. Not in Iowa. May be she should have been neighbor with John Wayne, the move star. Sarah Palin has trapped the Repubs and TPs. They are in big trouble.

          • You will never have to accept that endorsement. Problem solved.

          • Why only White TV anchors at FoxNews are all Whites. You mean Blacks are not qualified for such position. I think this was a ploy to remove Dr. Carson as GOP nominee. Repubs and right wing people see him as Black male. They hate them.

          • I don’t know why there aren’t more blacks of Fox, perhaps they do not like being called Uncle Toms by the politically correct.

            There are Black anchors on Fox News. Harris Faulkner comes to mind, Juan Williams as well.

          • If you see a team dressed in white with a butterfly net, RUN don’t walk away because they are looking for you.

          • You need to go back to the Russian Army’s English language School pal. You’re Russian roots are showing. No beet stew from the Internet Research Agency for you.

            Is it snowing in St Petersburg this morning?

          • That is why Trump lost in Iowa. How can any natural thinking person accept endorsement from a woman dresses so sleazy? Not me. You can keep her for your future GOP VP.

          • This Black male was murdered. I cannot believe what they are telling us as cause of her death. Repubs and TPs hate smart Black males.

          • You mean like Dr. Ben Carson? What chu talkin bout pmbalele?

          • You heard me. This was a bright young male. He made a mistake to marry a Repub woman. There is conspiracy about his death.

          • In my opinion Charles Manson would make a better President than either “Hellary” Clinton or Bernie Sanders who has, “One Foot In The Grave and His Other Foot On A Banana Peel.”

          • That is a good suggestion for a write in candidate.

            I wonder if any on the left will follow it.

      • Ted Cruz spent 8 years carring water for George W. Bush’s White House and clerked under the very Supreme Court Justices who Oked Obama care, and you claim that Cruz is not an insider?

        • Yes, I still consider Cruz as anti establishment.

          If you must know, it is very hard to tell who is a traitor to conservative causes within the ranks of career politicians.

          Who would have thought Kennedy and Roberts would have been liberal progressive and voted for 0bamacare?

          The only way I can tell is by ones actions, not words… Cruz has fought the establishment since I can recall. Have I missed something?

          • As far as I’m concerned and of course we’re all entitled to our opinions here . . . if any of those running have had anything to do with the WH or any government offices in general are to me ‘insiders’.

            I cannot recall anything in Trumps past that has put him working for the government or the WH in any form. Which to me makes him an ‘outsider’, which it is my belief that we need another outsider in office just as Ronald Regan was . . . an outsider, and a good one at that!

          • Agreed, Fiorina and Carson also fit your description.

            I happen to like them all including Cruz, because he is the biggest pain in the arse for the insiders out there right now.

            If he doesn’t make it, I hope he becomes the Majority leader.

      • AGREED!

    • I’m not sure we’re sitting on any conservative candidates. Including Trump. Stop and consider how Obama made all the necessary noise to galvanize the Left. His rhetoric was making changes that were unconstitutional, and he’s still doing it to this day. Well, Trumps doing the same, but to galvanize the Right. His rhetoric also disregards our Constitution but nobody cares because they’re not considering the overreach but only what they want to hear about saving the country. Let’s save the Constitution and the country will recover. I’m sure you need no examples of Obama’s overreach through executive orders. Well what about the executive orders Trump is saying he’ll sign? He said he will ensure all cop killers are put to death and he’ll do an executive order to enforce it. What just happened to the states judicial system? The Constitution forbids that type of federal overreach. He has just performed a dictatorial action. Now we have the Left AND the Right trashing the Constitution. Think about it. Is that what we want as a country? I don’t think so.


      • Trump will have absolutely no on in the House and Senate to help him pass his platform so the only one that trump can count on is Obama’s Cell Phone and Bic pen. You want to see some real executive overreach? Elect Trump.

        • I will agree with the assumption but we’re not sure at this point. The rhetoric from Obama and Trump seems dictatorial and that pretty much sounds like the Left and the Right are the same. Like I said before, we need to save the Constitution, put lawless politicians on trial and the country will heal. We must be a nation of “We The People” and once again rule from the bottom up letting those in power know they work for us. I know, just don’t fall off your chair laughing. But the premise is within reach if the Constitution’s kept in tact. Not sure about the debt being within reach though.

          • What it really sounds like is that Trump pretty much has you bamboozled. In what alternative Universe do you live in where a politician like Trump donates and bundles millions of dollars for his fellow New York politicians the likes of “Hellary” Clinton, Chuck Shummer, or Michael Bloomberg, and that politician qualifies as a Conservative?

          • I see you still are not awake. Where do you get the idea I’m for Trump? My statements are about the scrupulous behavior on most everyone in power or trying to get into power. That includes Republicans, Democrats and Progressives on both sides of the isle. And besides, Trump’s a business man, not a career politician (yet). Something we should also be concerned about. Just because he knows how to make himself rich is no endorsement on his ability to bring our country back. He’s been in it for himself his entire life. Why would I think he has changed? So please get off my back about being fooled by him. The list of names you mentioned is the reason I don’t drink from that cup! Have a great new year.

          • Trump doesn’t know how to make himself rich. The biggest win for Donald Trump was when his dad impregnated the egg Trump developed from. Every dollar trump has is a direct result of his real-estate mogul poppa croaking and leaving the Donald his fortune. Trump wasn’t even smart enough to take his daddy’s money in a different or new direction.

      • I agree, our Constitution must be saved before they make terrible and irreversible mistakes.

        In my opinion, they already have, certainly we cannot chance another?

    • Amen johnm!

    • It ‘s about freakin’ Time !!!!… that America finally! has a PresidentAL CADDIDATE, who wants to Represent ALL of the American citizenry! – without FAVORITISM TO ANY STUPID MINORITIES!… WHO ARE JUST A HUMAN, AS THE REST OF US!!…. (WHO BY THE WAY!) HAVE PLAYED BY THE RULE OF LAW!!! AND NO… WHINING !!! OR BELLYACHING!!! OR BUDGING! IN-LINE! EQUAL MEANS EQUAL NOT IN WHAT YOU HAVE BUT IN…. Equality, each person as G-d, views us with, true EQUALITY….. NO ONE IS BETTER OR WORSE…. JUST = THE SAME !!!!!!!!!! = AMERICANS!!!!

    • GO TRUMP !! and Hillary go to Hell!!

    • Ronald Reagan served as Governor of California two yerms, at the time the nation’s most populous state. Before that, he was President of Screen Actor’s Guild. Both positions involved negotiation and politics.
      He actually didn’t exactly clean out Washington,DC, he governed with a Democrat majority Congress. But, he won them over by being a “straight-shooter” and good guy, who demonstrated his patience for legislators who were difficult to deal with….and he dealt with them anyway. He never carried scorn, nor demonized persons who didn’t agree with him, he converted such people to friends.
      Don’t kid yourself, he was a “one in millions” kind of politician and got things done because he was a gentleman in every respect. There is no one, including Trump who can walk in Reagan’s shoes. I wish there were!

    • I agree, Ronald Regan was our last best president, he took no guff from Iran at all, in fact, they immediately released all the prisoners they held the minute he took office. We certainly need another ‘outsider’ to become president, too bad that Ross Perot could not have stayed in the race a few years back, he too would have made an excellent president, but we know how the government works, supposedly he was threatened out of the race, just as Ron Paul supposedly was.

      It seems as though anyone that runs for president must now fit the ‘governments’ standards or face the music so to speak; and you can bet that Donald Trump does not fit their standards of corruptness and deceit. Afterall, he cannot be bought, he has enough money of his own to prevent just that.

  8. TRUMP ………….. Warts and All !

  9. Trump has support from Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

  10. I remember 1964′ when then Sen. Barry Goldwater was betrayed by the establishment GOP. Rockefeller, Scranton, and others basically helped the rogue Lyndon Johnson get elected and this nation still suffers from his corrupt administration. I agree that Ronald Reagan has been our last great President. And, by the way, the political gangster currently occupied the WH will be one of our worst Presidents.

    • “I agree that Ronald Reagan has been our last great President”

      WHO supported CHOICE, GUN CONTROL and RAISED taxes 16 times.

      • Reagan lowered more taxes than raised them. He raised the gas tax by 5 cents, he also got rid of a lot of regulations which brought down the price of products and it stimulated the economy. He wasn’t pro choice,in fact he said that it’s funny how all the people that are for abortion have already been born.

        You seem to be a big fan of taxes. On the tax form there a place where you can pay more in taxes. Go for it, Cha Cha!!

        • we voted to raise taxes in Ca to balance our budget.

          In 1982, The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act raised taxes by $37.5 billion per year, and the Highway Revenue Act raised the gasoline tax by $3.3 billion.

          In 1983, Reagan signed off on legislation to raise payroll taxes and tax Social Security benefits for some higher earners.

          In 1984, the Deficit Reduction Act included increases in taxes on estates and distilled spirits and ended some business tax breaks, to the tune of $18 billion per year.

          In 1985, Reagan signed legislation making permanent a 16-cent federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes, then worth about $2.4 billion a year.

          In 1986, the Tax Reform Act lowered the top income tax bracket from 50 percent to 28 percent. To pay for the reductions, however, the legislation closed a number of tax loopholes.

          In 1987, Reagan signed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act that extended the telephone excise tax and eliminated a real estate tax deduction loophole.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          He’s/It’s a left wing TROLL Mac..

        • Why don’t all you people search the net or where ever and find out who owns the fed and the irs. It is not the AMERICAN people. Reagan, check into the irs and found out not one penny of the money the irs steals from the AMERICAN people goes to paying anythiing in the government. I think that is why he was shoot(they tried to kill him) that is what happened to JFK he was going to close the FED and IRS, that is why they shoot him. LBJ was a crook and in the pocket of the FED.

          • After becoming a Texas school teacher at the height of the Depression LBJ went on to amass a $400,000,000 fortune “working” for you the people by the time he died!!! lolololol

          • Point noted, many know its been that way for a long time . . . however, most must still remove those rose-tinted glasses.

    • He is already the worst president that ever was. Even carter is relieved of that tittle.

    • Will be one of the worst? Hasn’t his track record already proved him to be the very worst? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Be triumphant with Trump. Our last chance to be a Republic.

    • Silly con, we are still a Constitutionally limited Representative Democratic Republic.

      • WRONG. Free speech is gone. Read the rtest of HR347. There are no pictures but you should be able to grasp it. We have 35 terrorist training camps in the USA now. You need to be a little better informed

      • Silly Lib … we were NEVER a Constitutionally limited Representative Democratic Republic. See below for the hard truth. Our Founders knew quite well, that a democracy will eventually degenerate into mob rule.

        Article IV, Section. 4.

        “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a “REPUBLICAN” (emphasis mine) Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.”

        The words “Democrat, Democratic and Democracy” are not found anywhere within the text of the U.S. Constitution. It does not really matter if one or more politicians past or present uttered/wrote your posted remark. We are a “Republic” … deal with it!

    • We are now an Islamofascist Democrat entity, deserted by the congress, without our rights being protected by the military. Obama is our first black leader, our first Muslim leader, and our first Dictator. He has followed the outline to power as described by Hitler in about 1936, using the control of the press, suppressing / destroying Religeon, creating division among the citizenry, teaching the children to report certain things about their parents to authorities, and so it goes on and on. Wake up. Face reality. It may surprise you.

      • That may be, however, teaching children to report their parents to authorities has been done long before Obummer took office ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • This is common practice in Marxist Societies, which we are becoming more alike each day. Can you imagine the voters for Hillarous & Bernie? The only ones that gain in a Marxist Society are the leaders.

  12. I can not be for Trump after he wimped out of the debate because of a moderator

  13. I prefer Cruz over Trump. However if Trump received the nomination, I would support him. The trouble I have with Trump and, most seem to forget is: A few years ago he was a liberal democrat! The clintons and, trump were close friends! Before trump ever opened his mouth about running for office, I didn’t trust or, much care for him. We seem to forget trumps a wheeler & dealer! He has yet to answer a question specifically or with any substance. Reminds me of the POS in the rainbow house, when he was campaigning! When trump started making outrageous statements, he had most conservatives in a uproar! He was speaking what we were thinking and, what we wanted to hear! So! he is being supported by peoples who are reacting with their emotions and, NOT with brain! I don’t want a wheeler & dealer in the W.H: I want someone who swears on the BIBLE to uphold and defend the Constitution; The law of America! I repeat! I’ll support trump, if I have no other choice; but, I really don’t trust him! When Cruz was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, he was so impressed with the Constitution, he memorized it! To me, that alone says something of his character.

    • You can start NOW! Because like the others, with Cruz owned by Wall Street and the others owned by special interest and supported by the DC establishment. Trump is the only choice!

    • Some of us are tired of hearing about who or what Mr. Trump was years ago. We are interested in what he can do for America. Get a new line!

    • Ronald Reagan was once a democrat, and I liked him as president and as a person. He was very good at what he done, and wish he were alive today.

    • You have a right to your opinion but people change as did Reagan who was a Democrat before he was a Republican. No president can be perfect, being human precludes that but Reagan was for all intents and purposes a truly inspirational leader, a uniter who made us great again and gave us a military we could proud of after the Carter screwing! Trump in many ways is similar to Reagan in his quest to make America great again by taking back our industry, creating jobs, getting the islamic invaders the hell out of our country, closing the border with Mexico, building a wall which is a must as well as re-energizing the border patrol and making our military the most powerful in the world once again, so nobody will mess with us! Neither Cruz nor Rubio are Constitutionally eligible for the White House. Cruz was a dual citizen,which automatically disqualifies him. He was born in Canada, vacated his Canadian citizenship when he decided to throw his hat in the ring! He may be naturalized but that’s it. His mother lived in Canada, was on the voter roles and his father at the time of his birth was still a Cuban immigrant. That dog won’t hunt. Rubio can’t sit in the White House either, both of his parents were Cuban immigrants when he was born. You must be born on US soil of parents who are citizens to be able to run for President and at the very least have been sworn in as citizens through the acceptable naturalization process, which takes years and requires you pass a rigorous vetting and educational process! Trump was born of citizen parents on US soil! The founders relied solely on Vatell’s Law of Nations when when drafting the Constitution. Every founder either had a copy our had taken one out on loan from a library! So Sturgis you may prefer to drive a car but you are required to have a license to do so or be in driver’s ed. Driving without a license is against the law, running for the Presidency having not been born of parents who were themselves natural born citizens, citizens of the soil, is not permitted under the Constitution! The Senate and the House have no such requirement!


    • Me too – I am so impressed beyond words that he boycotted the debate circus of clowns to raise $6 million for our veterans, and thereby avoided the well-planned Fox attack dogs – it was brilliant! TRUMP 2016

    • It sounds to me like you want to elect Mitt Romney. Well that train has already left the station and left you standing on the platform with your hat in your hand.

    • I would hope you would want a person with an IQ of at least that, 150 borders genius ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. All TRump needs is support from the PEOPLE. We do elect the President. He is an outsider so I wouldn’t look for indorsments from any of the RINOS. Don’t need them. HE owes no one and that is how Americans want it. TRUMP loves America and loves the people. If you think they should let ILLEGALS and MUSLIMS invade this country then vote for KILLARY.

    • Only problem is the electoral college puts the PRESIDENT into office not the AMERICAN people,but we will see when the PEOPLES VOTE PUTS TRUMP IN OFFICE WHAT THE ELECTORAL S DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes Wayne,
        they do, they need to do away with that electoral bs. They say they will, but gee, it never seems to happen.

        Any office should be dependent on the individual votes and nothing else. However, don’t be surprised what the electorals will do, it is just a fancy way of corruption.

    • Right. A tsunami of TRUMP voters could push through that wall of the GOP establishment . Another thing we can do is let the candidates who are members of congress that if they don’t give their delegates to TRUMP, we will never re-elect them to office again.

      • Trump will not result in a tidal wave but in a slack tide.

        • This election is between DONALD TRUMP and the Globalist criminals that control every aspect of our government, every NGO pushing a Globalist agenda – the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros, UNESCO, USAID, Goldman Sachs, the CFR, and the Clinton Foundation. Every member of congress is owned by them – every one, no exception. This is the most important election of our lifetime. TRUMP is the only candidate on whose train I care to ride because I, too, love America and I’m glad that one man is standing up for the principles in support of the issues that are most important to our future as a free people.

      • Who are you intending to vote for marlina Bernie Sanders? Yea, that’s what I though too.

    • If Sarah Palin isn’t a GOP insider then there ain’t a dog in Georgia!!!

    • You are correct Mike,

      You need to watch the video posted by SmartSoutherner on the statistics of muslims already in this country and the European nations are already done for, in fact the German government even admits this in the video, their country will become all muslim soon as most over there will.

      Taking a look at our own countries statistics on muslim immigrants is really thought provoking, I would recommend you watch the video posted here that I shared from Southerners post.

  16. Please vote for Mr. Trump in November. You might as well, because as of January 20, 2017, I will be calling him Mr. President! Pick a real winner for a change!

    • How come in the general Election polls is Trump and Ted Cruz losing by wide margins to both Sanders and Clinton?

      • I really don’t know which polls you mention, because if you think Bernie Sanders even has a glimmer of a chance because of polls, which you say don’t support Mr. Trump, then America has a much greater problem than I thought. The last national poll I saw reported indicates that Trump beats anyone on the Democrat side. That was about a week ago.

        • WTF are you mumbling about? There are TWO political Parties in this country. There is the Republican Party and there is the Democratic Party. Currently Donald Trump has less than 1/3 of the Republican Party behind him. Furthermore AFTER the Republican Party chooses it’s nominee later this year there is another election scheduled for November 8th 2016 that is for all of the marbles. The November Election is the election for the President of the United States of America. I take it that you have heard of the United States of America before? Well the final election for ALL the marbles is the Election that Donald Trump is TRAILING both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in by 15% behind Sanders and by 10% behind Clinton. This percentage is an average of all national polls so it is difficult to fudge five or six separate polls from Democrat, Republican, and Independent polling organizations to come up with the answer that you want. Here is the figures, and while I share your distress about the direction that this great nation is drifting, voting for Trump is only going to multiply our problems. Without further a-do here are the Real Clear Politics poll averages, read them yourself and weep. Weep very loud and very bitterly because the longer the election campaign continues Donald Trump’s chances of winning is declining week by week.

          You will have to navigate to the 2nd page before the National Polls come into view.

  17. The establishment GOP still doesn’t get it. They can pat each other on the back and look the part of the “Good Ole Guys”, but that’s NOT going to change how Americans vote or who they vote for. The GOP Congressmen have been given a D- rating for “DISAPPOINTING & DISABLED” when it comes to doing their jobs for the American People. We are done with politicians and previous experience in Congress – have they improved our American lives or removed the fungus in our Presidency? NO!

    So here is a toast to WE THE PEOPLE’S choice for a New Beginning for America! To a stronger Military securing our Country, to our Borders being closed and secured, to a Super Reputation in the World of strength and Power, to each American finding prosperity at their door, and to the removal of “ALL” who tried to destroy our Christian traditions and foundations…Hail President Trump! May you live long and Prosper as we rebuild the damage obama and his clueless minions have done to our Great Country! God Bless America – Land of the Free!

  18. The sheriff nd Falwell real blow my mind.

  19. Not picking up Establishment endorsements is the right thing to do right now.

    Picking up an establishment endorsement is about the same as having the Titanic’s anchor placed around your neck while swimming to Hawaii.

  20. ANYBODY (who is on the Right side politically) is a better choice than killary clinton or bernie “the tax man” socialist, I mean sanders.

  21. Obama just announced a Democrat will win the WH, he didn’t say which democrat but he said he has a great following~cant wait people we have to get moving and vote for Trump ~ people don’t even have money to contribute ~ who put us in that position ~ Obama Now he wants congress to work with him and give him $1.3 billion for school lunches for the children during summer. Obama is talking to the Unions ~ get ready they want more money ~ People we have to boycott celebrities ~ I hate to say this Sports~ can you afford to keep up with the costs ~Hillary whitewashed of lies and mishandling of classified documents ~ Mayor of Baltimore ~ is the new DNC
    chairwomen ~ this is sick~ Whether you like Trump or not this is your last chance to Make America Great Again

    • Isn’t that the truth. She espoused all of OlBluegums failing policies and programs and promised to expand on them!! She even wants to bring even more of that savage animal trash that Europe is now trying to rid themselves of, here. This is what Europe looks like now…

    • America is screwed until we snap you brainwashed cons out of your trance.

      seriously, WHY do conservatives want children to go hungry?

      take this silliness for example.
      “Mayor of Baltimore ~ is the new DNC chairwomen”

      you you guys just pull shit out of your butt?

      we could use a new Chairwoman of the DNC, but that has not happened.

      America is GREAT.

      here is a right wing new source called FOX News telling you that I SPEAK THE TRUTH.

      “U.S. Economy โ€˜Lone Bright Spot,โ€™ as Global Outlook Getting โ€˜Worseโ€™”

      The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

      Sounds like the United States is lucky Obama chose this path or we would be suffering like Germany that is on the edge of recession.

      • What a bunch of moronic drivel, as usual. When OlBluegums took office we had a deficit of 10.6 trillion dollars and now it is fast approaching 19 trillion dollars. When that moron took office there were 28 million people on food stamps, now there are 46 million. Obamacare is collapsing becuase the idiot and his merry band of morons were too stupid, like you, to know it simply wouldn’t work. OlBluegums is going down as one of the worst presidents in our history. Hitlery will be known for her scandals, being a confirmed liar, her corruption and, being an overall POS but, the one thing she will NEVER be known as will be Madam President. Madam Corruption, yes. Inmate Clinton, HOPEFULLY but, Madam President, NEVER!!! Then we have Burnout Panders, the delusional old fart who can’t do math. Won’t ever even come close. Sounds like the United States is lucky we’re FINALLY going to have a president who knows what the hell he’s doing. Don’t you EVER get tired of being a moron?

  22. And the one before Reagan was Theodore Roosevelt

  23. I’m not very keen on religion in politics where Falwell has taken it. Religion and politics should be kept separate. Not moved by Falwell’s endorsement, especially, since he is the son of a TV evangelist.

    • The Constitution bans Religious tests for officials of both State and Federal offices. Before the 1st Amendment granted you freedom of Religion, Article VI of the same Constitution granted everyone freedom from religion.

  24. I am very surprised that Jeb Bush has any supporters. You can connect jeb Bush and freaud very easily. Jeb served as a director for Claudio Osorio witj his construction company. osorio was going to build hurrican proof homes in hnaiti ast economical prices. Between 2007 and 2010, Jeb was paid $468.000 plus expenses. Nothing wass ever built and went Osorio was sent to prision, Jeb gave back $270,000. When we do the math jeb kept about $200,000. This was about a 40 million dollar fraud. If jeb were to try to explain this one, you could probably file the answer under F for fertilizer

  25. The biggest endorsement of all comes at the ballot box and that is the one Donald J. Trump longs for most. Trump 2016!

  26. Elizabeth Valentino

    I totally agree with you Johnm & Dude! yea trump!

  27. I can’t reply to each and everyone of you so just let me say…..have a terrific day all of you Trump supporters. As for the other few….wake up to the truth. The ones who have been running our government have got us into this mess. Its going to take an outsider who knows how to run a business to solve our problems….and that would be Trump!

  28. BS. If anyone really believes people will change their minds about a candidate because if an endorsement, they are not to be taken seriously. Trumps fans were always Trump fans. He didn’t pick up any because Sarah or Falwell were bought out. Trump probably has 1/3 rd of America, at most, willing to vote for him. That number won’t change. He just can’t shut up. He’s insulted almost everyone at one time or another.

  29. To the dismay of Republicans and Democrats the people elect the President the fox is inside the hen house guarding their own to hell to the will of the people. The RINO’S are running scared the democrats don’t have legs to run period. Go Trump you have the real Americans back.

  30. I’d rather have Sarah Palin & Sheriff Joe’s endorsements than about 95% of the self-serving dirtbags in the District of Corruption.

    Was my statement too harsh & Politically Incorrect?
    OK, I’ll change it.

    I’d rather have Sarah Palin & Sheriff Joe’s endorsements than about 95% of the career criminal politicians in the District of Corruption who have been on their knees for the past 7 years licking the Gay Muslim’s pink furry bedroom slippers.

    There, fixed it!


  32. Who cares about the endorsement of RINOS by RINOS? To me the endorsement of a famous, well-known respectable person is important, but the most important endorsement is the one coming from those who say, GO TRUMP 2016. And no one but Trump has that many endorsements, more endorsements than what the polls indicate.

  33. After listening to the Republican debates and reading various reports about Republican presidential candidates I have reached several conclusions, among them:
    1) Donald Trump suffers from a narcissistic personally disorder (clinically called NPD by professional psychiatrists);
    2) Trump is a low-IQ bloviating gasbag mainly engaged in personal attacks on his competitors, and in self-praise;
    3) I got really tired looking at that enraged pig face of Trumpโ€™s throwing insults left and right, and by shouting non-sequiturs;
    4) He can make deals with Reid, Schumer, Pelosi โ€“ he declared;
    5) The only serious presidential candidates with a good chance to beat Hillary (the wife of that impeached disbarred felon Bill Clinton) or that aging communist Sanders (who celebrated his honeymoon in Moscow under Khrushchev) are Cruz and Rubio, with perhaps Bush, Kasich, and Christie as back-ups; and
    6) Megan Kelly is an excellent reporter.
    7) I have had more than one medical professional warn me that Donald Trump is a pathological narcissistic sociopath โ€“ declared Glenn Beck. See 1) above.

  34. Rebecca Weierick LaBelle

    Trump is a construction manager of large buildings. But we have to look at his behavior — he is a narcissist extraordinare. In Reno and other public appears Trump drew the largest applause when he lashed out at the dishonest and unfair media for its practices and portrayal of his campaign speeches.

    He hates the media when they don’t write what he wants. How would he fix the media if he was President – take it over as did Hitler in Germany.


  36. Iowa, please don’t give us Hillary, Bernie, or Donald. we need a statesman and none of those qualify.

  37. Remember boarding the bus the next morning after Reagan’s election… the (black) bus driver was devastated that Reagan had won… Of course, I quietly revelled in the outcome and told him that positives were on the horizon… History supports my comment!!!

  38. May God Bless Sheriff Joe Arpaio, patriot, hero, a true American.

  39. I thought Reagan was gov . of California so i think he was a piloshiton as us cajuns say in LA.. irregardless he was the greatest president in my life time of 60 years and cruz reminds me of Reagan the great . trump voted for obama .

  40. President Donald Trump will do as he says. Trump is the only choice!

  41. LOL I believe that. trump is a dc insider and is part of why dc is so fked up. I like the name .
    my favorite song it don’t come easy

  42. The Iowa Caucasus goers were more concerned with which candidate could defeat Hillary and Bernie than the so called values issues. If Ted Cruz thinks that Iowans voted for him because they sing the same songs out of the same hymn book, then Senator Cruz has a bigger problem than Senator Rubio.

  43. Jeb just can’t go home. He needs to. Mommy and Daddy can’t do the job for him even while they are twisting arms.

  44. The Socialist Democrats and the Establishment Republicans are for OPEN BORDERS and that is the REASON we must vote an OUTSIDER as POTUS. GO TRUMP!

  45. Doesn’t surprise me that Donald doesn’t have ‘elected’ Republicans endorsing him ~ but watch the stampede, when HE wins the election! In truth, it is better this way, it states more than words could say, that an every day businessman, who knows how to solve major problems, and still values money, and knows how to handle it, someone who believes in all our freedoms, and would see that nothing takes them away from the people, is not a Favorite son of those in Washington, D.C.

  46. why would a sincere candidate want a endorsement from the gangster bstds that run the demonrat party an the republican party ,whose leadership is as corrupt as corrupt as the united nations dictators.

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