Trump Wants Bill Clinton Judge Recused on Hillary’s RICO Case

Citing “virulent prejudice,” former president Donald Trump wants the judge overseeing his RICO case against Hillary Clinton to recuse himself because he was appointed by Bill Clinton!

Trump sued Hillary Clinton last month, accusing her — and several other defendants linked to her 2016 campaign, including the Democratic Party, the DOJ, and the FBI — of carrying out an “unthinkable plot” to tie his 2016 campaign to the Russian government.

The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Florida, where Trump lives. Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who Bill Clinton appointed to the court in 1997, was assigned to oversee the case.

“Due to the fact that the Defendant, Hillary Clinton, is being sued by her former opponent for the United States Presidency, an election that she lost, regarding serious allegations on her part, as well as her allies, of engaging in fraudulent and unlawful activities against the Plaintiff, and because her husband nominated Judge Middlebrooks to the Federal Bench, there exists a reasonable basis that Judge Middlebrooks’ impartiality will be questioned,” Trump’s attorneys said in a recent court filing.

“Due to the fact that Judge Middlebrooks has a relationship to the Defendant, Hillary Clinton’s husband, by way of his nomination as Judge to this Court, this amounts to prejudice so virulent or pervasive as to constitute bias against a party,” the filing continued.

While Trump’s claim may hold some merit, as Politico reported, it’s exceedingly rare for courts to grant motions seeking the recusal of judges based on the political party of the president who nominated them.

Trump’s sweeping racketeering lawsuit against Clinton and the other defendants accused them of conspiring to fabricate evidence tying him to “a hostile foreign sovereignty.”

Hillary Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill said in an earlier statement to the press when the lawsuit was first filed that the suit was “nonsense.” There has been no comment from the Clinton camp thus far on the request for Middlebrooks’s recusal.

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  1. Why not just render a verdict now before the facts have even been given!
    Like Biden’s Administration’s PPP program, where billions have been released to foreign citizens and citizens taxpayers, that filed fraudulent petition for compensation, these statements where never verified and now claim, these benefits are stolen and not recoverable, adds the senseless that the charge of insurgents, should be hereby from a friends of the perpetrator!
    Justice for none! Only a coup!

  2. This is a no-brained!!!


  4. Stacy Dougherty

    Absolutely this Judge if he was a “real Judge” would recuse/remove “himself” knowingly having some kind of relationship with the Clintons and making it appear bias or be given the opportunity to be Bias. Lets see a Juror picked basically cannot know anything about the case they are about to hear but the Judge can have close ties with the defendants husband? What a conflict of interest this appears to be already and we are not even in court.
    Wouldn’t expect any Clinton/Obama/ judge to be fair! Its probably pay back time for Judge Middlebrook!

  5. frederick fetty jr

    I have been excused from jury duty because I was a law enforcement officer. Fear of bias for victims on criminal trials of law breakers. Same principal applies here. Common sense!! .


    How the Clintons get away with everything not on up and up throughout most of their political lives, is unfathomable.

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