Trump Wants Anti-Terrorism Program to Focus on Islamists

According to Reuters, the Trump administration is planning a huge overhaul of a U.S. counterterrorism program that works with communities and companies to identify and deter violent individuals and groups who could launch attacks on American citizens. The aim: To narrow the program’s focus down to those who are being radicalized by Islamist propaganda.

From Reuters:

The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States.

The media is twisting this to make it sound like violent white supremacist groups will get a free pass to carry out attacks in the Trump era, but that is of course ridiculous. This isn’t a law enforcement initiative, but rather an unproven grant-based system that allocates money to local groups and companies like Google so they can create messaging campaigns. If Trump decided to scrap the program altogether, there’s no hard evidence to suggest that it would make any difference at all.

But if we’re going to do this, we may as well do it right. Let’s face facts: if it weren’t for Islamic terrorism, the Obama administration would have never created this program to begin with. And the only reason the program wasn’t already specifically aimed at Islamic radicalism is because CAIR and other Muslim activist groups had their paws on it. They took an initiative of already-dubious effectiveness and made it completely meaningless.

For several years, Obama administration officials warned us that so-called “lone wolf” terrorists were a greater threat to national security than organized groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. They encouraged the development of grant programs like CVE so community leaders, teachers, and parents would know what to look for in a self-radicalized individual.

Not the worst idea, but one can guess that a budding “sovereign citizen”-type terrorist is not going to exhibit the same outward signs as a budding jihadist. If this program is really going to make a difference, it needs to be specific and it needs to tell the truth. By focusing exclusively on radical Islamists, the program can live up to its worth…assuming it has any at all.


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  1. I do not think it is overkill nor racist putting as much effort into vetting refugees trying do enter America as is typically put on hiring a nanny by diligent parents to care for their children. It is common sense particularly when ISIS has said, in no uncertain terms, that it will infiltrate the refugee streams in order to position itself to slaughter us. Most of us, I believe, would rather be politically incorrect than physically dead.

    The alternative is known as Refugee Roulette, a game I do not wish to play!

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    • PERFECT………………. It is not Racist nor overkill. WE, have to eliminate Islamb. Yes, I spelled it with a B. Lambs are what they are and if they keep coming here to do damage, WE, WILL, slaughter them all.

    • It has been my experience that Vile Liberal Scum fascists are a DEATH CULT. Murder millions of babies for personal gain. Against all common sense and normal logic support people who wish to murder them. Knee Jerk reaction to whatever happens to be the official communist party USA Line!

      Useful Idiots indeed.

      • The liberal Democrat dummies will cause a CIVIL WAR before this thing is over. We are close and it will be their fault and they DESERVE IT.

        • saiah 32:5-8

          Isaiah 32:5-8King James Version (KJV)

          5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

          6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

          7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

          8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

          King James Version (KJV)
          Public Domain

          The Churl is a miser. FIts the profile of many in the financial industry today,

          We are living in the latter days of time rigmht now. The Axis of EVIL today consists of Communists, Fascists,.Islamists, liberals and like minded individuals. Many good people esist fooled by the science olf SOVIET developed science known as DISINFORMATION.

          All evil individuals are useful to the cult of Cain known by many names. Basically the DEATH Cult secret society CAIN began after killing his brother Abel to gain his herds of sheep. God tells us CAIN gloried in his method of murdering for personal gain.. Started a secret society of murder for personal gain. This DEATH CULT continues to exist to this very day. A few extremely evil individuals who use others for personal gain.

          Pay close attention to the behavior of Vile Liberal Scum fascists. Herd mentality incapable of independent thought.totally devoted to the supreme leader. Doing whatever the official communist party USA line happens to be. Even if contradictory to previous lines,

      • You know, I have thought about your remark for a couple of days and have decided you are RIGHT!

        • God gave Isaiah this vision or our time today. Jesus Christ tells us all to ignore most of what evil says while paying close attention to what they DO!

    • Justin: That is absolutely one of the best posts I’ve ever seen…on any subject!

    • The only problem I see with the pic. Is the liberals are making the citizens play it with only one chamber empty

    • Seattle STARBUCKS federal judge like a good self RIGHTEOUS COMMIE puts a gun up to our head, so they feel good about maintaining manipulation and controls. Sorry that the cost is American safety and security.

  2. “The MEDIA is twisting this to make it sound like violent white supremacist groups will get a free pass to carry out attacks in the Trump era”

    WHAT white supremacist groups????? The ONLY fascists running around right now are Liberal Progressive Democrats.

    We have GOT to do something about this corrupt MEDIA….

    • Not only do we have to do something about the corrupt media, but, (and this goes without saying) ALL of the corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. AND the State Houses nationwide!!!!

    • You want to do something about the corrupt media? Everyone needs to stop buying their magazines and newspapers, watching their TV channels and visiting their websites. Hit them where it hurts. Cut off the money.

    • May be WE should release the White Supremacists!. That way we could teach the Cops how to be men again.

    • So what if it is White Supremist ? Find the new Black panthers website listing it’s members that obama had removed when I informed a lot of forums of it, it cannot be obtained. TRY ! Obama and muslims were members. Our President was a racist, traitor with muslims, There are Warransts against him, look up the crimes he committed against America. Contact Trey Gowdy and ask why has’nt he arrested him like he stated he would on inarguationday, look it up ! Again I ask , What about white Supremist ! Look up the lawyer who stated blacks should’nt be prosecuted for raping and killing whites, they should kill white babies. He stated in another interview that black lawyer sit around and talk about this. You’ve got a lot to learn againt Blacks and their crimes against whites !

      • Black supremacists is the new white supremacist.

        • No, Ma. They aren’t. The Whits have Morals , they have a DEEP Love, Respect for this Country.
          The Blacks do NOT.

        • Don’t put supreme and blacks together in any form. They are black terrorist, thugs,criminals.repatriations paid in welfare and I want a refund of over payment of fifty years. Black lives matters and the new black panthers are muslim backed and Muslim members, third world country backed and they’re returning the favor by killing all police so states will be easier to take over and they can kill Americans. Like they said America will be taken over from the inside with the help of obama who is Muslim and black.

      • I it were Supremacists. There wood be Blood on the streets, with lots of Body’s.
        George Soros’s .

        • Oh My God ! Your’re quoting a filthy muslim lover, blood on his hands, paying for riots, paying for planned parenthood riots calling them women’s rights, Against America ! Where have you been ? With the lying democrats and nasty, creepy, filthy, muslim, gay Obama’s tearing America apart, promoting black lives matters, being members of the new black panthers ! If you are a computer expert or know one go to the New black panthers website and look at their list of members. You can’t because after I told everybody to look at our president , his husband and muslims are members they took it off the internet and nobody could access it . Try it ! You act like a damned fool praising soros. You will get your just rewards when Soros is relieved of his wealth like all liberals and chased out America. Get your sorry ass out of America.

          • I am NOT.
            It is Fact. If the White Supremacists were looted on the streets people like that would be no MORE.
            As much as I despise them, their hatred of Muslims, Soros, the Panthers, people like the leaders of the Democrat party. The Streets would run Red for their HATRED!
            As for the Panthers. How many o them are there/ Just a guess will do.
            Look at how many of the Whites The Mexicans there are.
            There is no way that the Panthers could last more than a WEEK.

      • Contacting Trey Gowdy won’t do any good because Congress can’t indict anybody. Any indicting has to be done by the Justice Department, which Obama controlled and still has his tentacles deep inside of, and which Shumer and the Demlibs in the Senate want to keep controlling by blocking Jeff Sessions’ appointment as AG.

    • Of course! That’s the first thing that a fascist, communist, dictator regime does. Go after The Free Press.

      • Free Press? We have not had Free Press, in this country after What Walter Cronkite did, during Nam.

        • You’ve swallowed ALL the KOOL-AID Hair Drumpf and his handler, Steve Bannon have spoon fed to you like a baby!

          • You eat Shit. You have no IDEA.
            You you?

          • You you you you!! Too bad you only know how to spew profanity!

          • JYuma is right about Cronkite and the “press”. I know because I was around to see it happening!

          • I was around also. And, my state was Democratic. But, then that party “changed,” and now that state is predominately Republican.
            Never heard of a Lib, except the “flower children,” but there were none of those in my state THEN, but the Libs have infected every state now.

          • Did I cause YOU discomfort , by using a Word describing the used food that one eats?
            Would Excrment be better suited to YOUR sensitive personage?
            How about Feces, Dung, how about,Biogeochemical waste?
            Perhaps, Manure, Fertilizer, Fecal matter?
            You may call the produce of our ingesting food any in way YOU wish.
            I perfure stating the YOU are Full of Shit.
            I could have refused to YOU as , Full of Turds..

          • Boy, you sure have a fixation. Sure you don’t have a fetish?

          • Well, now that you brought it up. Yes, I do have a Fetish.
            It has to do with True, having a conversation with a person of modicum knowledge.
            After reading your past posts. You have neither.
            All you have is a Head FULL of Shit!.

          • Think you have a much more perverted fetish than that.

          • Well, now that you have brought it up.
            Yes , I do, have a Peverted Fetish.
            I like to tie a Full of shit Liberal such as yourself down Script off their lower cloths. . Then place a Thick Leather cover on their lower crunch , legs. The Cover has a Hole in it situated at the Liberals Sexual parts.
            Then place a Ratter between their Legs, with the tail secured by a piece of Rawhide thong, so the the Rattler when fully out stretched can not come into contact with that area.
            Wetting the than real well, allows it to stretch. A ratter can not be inn Sunlight try long as they get over heated, and go made.
            They trash around striking and stretching the Thong util they have been able to reach the Hole.
            Snake bite Swells what is bites in Humans, is very painful.
            That is my Fetish. I just have never had the Opportunity, to Indulge it.
            I am willing to try it to see how well it works. On You.
            Now be a Good Boy!
            Help an “OLD” man Indulge his Fancy.
            It wood be the Liberal thing to do.

          • Didn’t know you were into S&M as well as Scat, but it figures.

          • You need to do a little research, there Boi.

          • You need to do A LOT of research, BOI.

          • I bet ‘cha I can tell who the real liberal is here?

          • Yah, just look in a Mirror! This is one Looking back at YOU!

          • Maybe if I close my eyes you’ll go away?


            NOPE, still there!

          • Great Targets. RINO’s Both.
            To bad you agree with them!

          • I’ll give you a few minutes to get your bearings; Take the KuntKap might need them at our next meeting?

          • Patriotic Americans get a bit upset when encountering a “person who just doesn’t care” about anything important (such as our America!).

          • “U serve whom I don’t serve!”


          • I serve no one. I don’t have a need to.

          • Now that’s a good one! U don’t work, don’t pay taxes, have no home, don’t use electricity don’t eat, I guess U have it made?

          • Thank you so, so much, kanewas, for the video!

          • Anytime Mary.

      • 0bama didn’t have to go after the press, because they laid down for him giving up their freedom for liberal progressive communist worship.

    • The most effective way is to cut off their money stream by boycotting their sponsors. I’m hoping that someone on the national scene with enough clout to run an effort like this will step up and get it going.

  3. 0bama refused to call Islamic terrorists, Islamic terrorist and only used the term, violent extremists so that 0bama and the liberal MEDIA could include white supremacist groups when dealing with “terrorists”….

    I believe 0bama and the liberals did that because they really wanted to go to war with white supremacist groups and NOT Islamic terrorists. So when the terrorists hit, the Government would have to go after white supremacist groups as hard as terrorists…

    In other words, 0bama and the Liberal MEDIA wanted to suppress Christian Extremists, the Radical Tea Party, and the Terrorist in the Republican Party…

    That is YOU folks…. 0bama and the left stream MEDIA want to suppress YOU.,…

  4. If an American (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, whatever) were to try to walk freely in Iraq, within a day (or an hour) that American would be captured, tortured, beaten, beheaded and it all would be filmed for public review. This is the general population in one (of 6) of the countries that Trump wants to exercise “extreme vetting”. Why in the hell would any American want an individual from one of these countries free to roam our country to hate, harm, rape, kill any citizen in America? Those dumba$$ Americans protesting Trump’s extreme vetting are the very individuals that would last less than a day in one of the 6 affected countries. How damn stupid can they be? Libitard, open border, globalist, Socialistic foolish maggots (wow—–that makes them democRATS). Tisk tisk how ignorantly foolish!

  5. Trump is doing the smart thing by developing a U.S. counterterrorism program that concentrates its efforts on who the majority of terrorists are throughout the world and it is not white supremacists. The fact of the matter is that Radical Islamic Groups are conducting most of the terrorist acts and that is where we need to focus our attention. While the Democrats, their moron friends in the media and the idiots on the Left will bellyache and say that this is profiling, racist and Islamophobic, who cares? Anyone in this country with more than an ounce of brains realizes that the Trump Administration is going to concentrate its efforts on protecting the American people, not on political correctness.

  6. What the young Americans need today is a lesson in World History, to realize that there is nothing new under the sun. What happen in the past will repeat itself in the future, because mankind seldom learns from their past mistakes. The country is split down the middle; one side believing their fighting for world-social-justice, and the other, defenders of a constitution. What the first group fails to understand is that “World Social Justice” has historically, never existed, and never will. The only reason this country progressed as far as it did, is because our forefathers were wise enough to base our nation on the principles of Fundamentalism, but unfortunately, history confirms that democratic-Republics have a longevity period of approximately 250 years. The day this country tilts toward liberalism, is the day the entire world will digress into a long period of darkness that will last beyond any lifetime, because without Gods laws, the world will continue to digress. If we adhere to our immigration laws, the present problem would dissipate; but that’s not what this is all about, it’s about the death and burial of the Liberal agenda, the progressive movement verses our return to the constitution law. The immigrants, the liberal fight for, are potential voters needed to overthrow our present political system—a form of insurrection. Thank God the people have chosen freedom.

    • Eight years of President Trump, then eight years for Pence should beat the Libs down a bit.

      • From your mouth to Gods ears. As an old war vet, I’m encouraged to see the Patriots totally reject the progressive liberal anti-God movement. It is a conformation to those who never returned form the battle-field that the flag-still stands.

        • My oldest brother died just yesterday (of natural causes) and will be honored with a military send-off! I am so happy about that; It brings tears to my eyes.

  7. He should do that. Never mind those 90 year old Polish Women who might have a dozen pierogis and kielbasa in their luggage. Watch out President Trump – Chelsea Clinton is going after you on Twitter!! She might be as useless as her mother when it comes to electronic gadgets. Have Barron knock her around a little bit.

  8. Remember that massive civilian army that Barack Jihad Obama promised to create in his first term as president? President Jihad said his army should be just as big and powerful as our US Military. Barack Jihad Obama imported his army’s foot soldiers exclusively from Islamic nations. Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of Muslims that Obama brought to America are young able bodied men of Jihad age? Are you armed? You should be!

  9. It has become obvious to all conservatives, we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    They will cheerfully destroy the USA to feel superior and a few bucks a week in handouts.
    Make no mistake these ersatz life forms, will smile and destroy the last best chance of mankind on this planet to live free for those reasons.

    We must physically separate ourselves from these life forms, it is that or civil war.

  10. I tell you to discern evil by their
    beliefs and works. Through this we can see Satan in all Islamism. There is no
    such thing as a peaceful muslim. They either are fighters or supporters of

  11. Amen! Obama purposely dodged reality for eight years. Like the typical Progressive, he ran from the facts where radical Islamic extremism is responsible for more than 95 percent of the world’s terrorist attacks, and focused on his agenda of supporting secretly the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s time that truth and justice pave the way…not lying and deceit.

    • He did not dodge reality, he made it his own. He was a muslim and brought as many into our country as he could. Over 1500 the last day he was president.
      He told us he was muslim, appeared in their type clothing, and warned if there was a conflict between muslim and Christian he would side with muslims. Don’t take my word, look it up.

      • Audacity of hope…page 261

      • His purpose was to bring as many black, brown and Muslim people into the USA as he could, more so I believe, to dilute the majority’s numerical superiority in voting, and to get as many ILLEGALS voting democrat as possible. He repeated he was a Christian on numerous occasions and the press repeated it. He didn’t like the U.S. or he wouldn’t have tried to fundamentally transform us into a Euro-weenie socialist welfare state through the tactic he learned from the first Community Organizer, Saul Alinsky. And that is divide and conquer, by creating chaos in every phase of the culture. Rich and poor, black and white, gay and straight. Create chaos. That was his purpose. “You didn’t build that, somebody else did!” Yeah, sure, Barry. Take a hike.

  12. Yup, if the danger is from Ragheads, outlaw ragheads! Makes sense to me.

  13. I’m GOOD with this!



    Americans love football. It is the American sport. It teaches maneuvers, strategy, tactics and most of all team work. One of the best times to strike the USA is at Christmas or the Super bowl.

    This family sport brings us together including many reluctant moms for a most exciting event. Sadly thanks to the divide and conquer people we Red blooded Americans (blue before it hits oxygen) have been punished for our love of country by the NFL and it’s president Putty with an anti American gesture. Starring Colon Capon Neck. It is sad to see a quarterback take a knee for communism during the flag ceremony and the SSB. When Tim Tebow took a knee for Jesus the media was outraged and mocked him as if he was Jesus. The League took a gamble and encouraged Kapernik to continue to insult our nation. I personally know a few guys who refused to watch football this season. I myself will not watch a 49er game and possibly the Miami Dolphins who pulled the same crap. There is an old Italian saying, You never poop where you eat. Dogs don’t do it. Mine is from a business standpoint. You don’t insult your customers.

    Many a dad watching this great game played by two great teams is bonding with his kids Sunday. He does not want to be embarrassed by a porn show ala Janet Jackson the flapper or a political statement by the communist party. So if you were outraged by the Kapernik stunt and the disrespect of our SSB and the flag that drapes the coffins of our fathers, sons and daughters but chose to live with the game. I understand. I too sacrificed principle. Sunday is my day of atonement. I am going to watch the game but at halftime I am shutting off my TV for 30 minutes.

    That is how long my message is to Roger stop insulting my country. Have a great super bowl guys and think about a Korean war vet I saw at the bowling alley this week. He was half paralyzed with a bad stroke and he was dragging his bowling bag up two steps which took forever. I thought he was going to fall down and I knew he wanted no help. He was still fighting from 1950 to stay an American. So if you remember one Korean Vet on the Lord’s day turn off the half time show for old glory. God and Country forever. GO Trump!


  15. disqus_v5723Mqspa

    Well, DUH!! Where the hell do these idiot politicians think it all comes from?!

  16. President Trump, please do whatever is necessary Americans have your back. The Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization is about to expire.

  17. What President Trump needs to do is talk with IDF and
    Mussad to teach American Law Enforcement what to be
    looking for when it comes to islamist nut jobs.

  18. Logic…finally

  19. “A budding “sovereign citizen”-type terrorist is not going to exhibit the same outward signs as a budding jihadist.” No, not the same signs. The signs indicating a budding “sovereign citizen”-type terrorist would be very different from those indicating a budding jihadist. For example,a budding “sovereign citizen”-type terrorist would write completely different things on Facebook than would the Jihadist. Still, both might leave signs which could be recognized if you have an idea what to look for. Signs which for example might have been used to detect Timothy McVeigh in time and which could help locate the next McVeigh BEFORE he had a chance to perpetrate a new horror. Is that not a worthwhile aim? I would say it is. So why does Trump want to stop it? Well, don’t ask me to understand or explain the Trump logic. Much better minds than me tried to comprehend Trump, but to no avail…

  20. About time to get real. O bummer couldn’t even spit this out of his mouth. GO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

  21. Excellent layout and summary of the Koran vs Bible
    After reading only an idiot would label The Koran as a religion
    Instead of calling it what it really is — a terrorist organization.
    Every country on the planet should make the non politically correct
    Decision– BAN the Koran from all civilized societies– Corrosive and an imminent threat to civilized lifestyles. Muslims wanting to practice these followings must be sent to the Middle East or to all Muslim societies

    (The following contains nothing but verifiable facts, not editorialization)
    The New Testament is the code of conduct for Christians and the Koran is the code of conduct for Muslims. The following verses are from The Koran translation published by the United Muslim Foundation and the translation published by Penquin Classics:
    1) Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people. (3:118)
    2) Those that deny Our revelations We will burn in fire. (4:56)
    3) The unbelievers are your inveterate foe. (4:101)
    4) Believers, do not choose the infidels rather than the faithful for your friends. (4:144)
    5) Those that make war against God and his apostle and spread disorder in the land shall be slain or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides or be banished from the land. (5:33)
    6) Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. (5:51)
    7) Make war on unbelievers until idolatry shall cease and God’s religion shall reign supreme. (8:39)
    8) When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them. (9:5)
    9) Believers, do not befriend your fathers or your brothers if they choose unbelief in preference to faith. Wrongdoers are those that befriend them. (9:23)
    10) Whether unarmed or well-equipped, march on and fight for the cause of God, with your wealth and with your persons. (9:41)
    11) Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. (9:123)
    12) When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. (47:4)

    Muslim-American Polling
    A Pew Research Center Poll in 2007 reported that 86% (»2.8 million) of Muslim American citizens believe that the Koran is the word of God, 50% (»1.7 million) believe that it should be taken word for word, 47% (»1.6 million) think of themselves as a Muslim first and an American citizen second and 41% (»1.3 million) of those under 30 years of age admit feeling that suicide bombings of civilian targets can sometimes be justified.
    A 2015 Center for Security Policy poll of Muslims living in the United States reported that 25% (»800,000) agree that violence against Americans can sometimes be justified as a part of global Jihad, 41% (»1.4 million) believe that Jihad is an obligation of the practice of Islam, 54% (»1.8 million) believe that there are violent Jihadists in the United States and 19% (»600,000) believe the use of violence in the U.S. is justified in order to make Shariah the law of the land.

    Note: There is no verse in the New Testament which prescribes harm for non-Christians, but there are verses which instruct them to love even their enemies.
    Question: Should any organization whose code of conduct and defining document instructs its members to harm non-members be classified as a religion or terrorist organization?

  22. Let’s have more information on this judge Jason Robards, the communist traitor judge from Starbucks Seattle. Washington. We the people should challenge these dictators. The attorney General of the state of Washington talks down about the power of the law. How was OBAMA able to walk all over our constitution over riding the will of we the people. Laws must be passed that these terror traitors be held financially liable for any illegal behaviors of these aliens.

    • Askjrsk, The Laws are There.
      We need to have them ENFORCED.
      Were they, we would not have people like these on our Courts, nor in our Law enforcement agencies.
      Were the Laws enforced we would have far less Illegals also.

    • The one thing O bummer did is leave a lot of affirmative actions that the communist judges could have challenged but didn’t. Like marshal law, and now that Trump has put a temporary Ban on immigrant in which O Bummer used to bring all the illegal immigrants in, the same FCR’s claimed it was the president right ,so this judge is committing treason by challenging Trumps immigration policy and should be disbarred and thrown in prison!

  23. Finally, islam is being seen as it truly is – A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING! Do not let anyone try to say Islam is PEACEFUL because it is a devil in disguise. Barack, being a worshipping muslim himself, tried to bring as many muslim people into our Christian country – many he brought in illegally behind Congress’s back. Now we must remove those he brought in by deporting them.
    Please know you cannot trust a muslim to act like an American. They have been raised since birth to hate Americans, and living in our Country is only causing them SPIRITUAL CONFLICT. It cannot be done. Research what Psychiatrists say about that ever happening…unlikely.

    There needs to be a huge change in regards to the Muslims living here now and stopping any further muslims from entering our Nation. It’s a sensitive issue and no matter what happens, someone is not going to be happy…and it won’t be Christian American citizens.

    Strict vetting must happen for our country to be safe..No more discussion, just action!

    It’s time to think of the security of our children and loved ones – and not the feelings of a culture that refuses to assimilate into our American Society. Americans MUST come first…end of story.

    • Agreed,but the Demorats are determined to stop Trump.They want as many Muslims as possible and they don’t care if they are vetted or not.All these crazy fools Marching in the streets, blocking roads and complaining that the election was somehow fraudulent are not concerned.They welcome all comers and want open boarders.For some nutty reason they don’t see that a country cannot survive mass immigration.We would lose our national identity and America would disappear in a decade or less.

      • Please understand the demonstrations are being funded by Georgy Soros, the billionnaire, who is a high ranking Globalist. They want America weak and financially insecure in order for them to control the World. Please read up on Globalists, One World Order, etc.

        America is too powerful and President Trump is only making her stronger, so Soros, who backs a lot of anti-America groups like Black Lives Matter, La Raza, etc. has all his “Chaos” groups at work. Soros is trying to incite chaos and undermine Pres. TRUMP. Soros hates Trump because P.T. won’t seek counsel from him like barack did. Soros pretty much ran the shots with barack — both working to undermine America.

        So when you see these demonstrations going on, please know that it is Soros behind them AND that those individuals holding signs and screaming are NOT INTELLIGENT CONCERNED AMERICANS, BUT LOWLIFES BEING PAID A FEE TO ACT LIKE RIOTERS. Let everyone know this is what is happening. FYI: “YOU ARE NOT SEEING REAL CONCERNED AMERICANS BUT PEOPLE BEING PAID TO ACT LIKE THEY ARE UPSET.”

        Look at their faces. Most are college age (with NO wisdom and extra time on their hands) and street people! Tell other bloggers to research Globalists…it will put the real blame for those demonstrators where it belongs — on GEORGE SOROS and no one else!

  24. Very smart man, President Trump!

  25. If Americans took the time to READ the holy books of Islam they would know Islams goal is to dominate the world.
    PC from the Oval office down has prevented the truth of Islam from being told. I am surprised we have not felt the pangs of Islamic revolution in America since we have already been invaded with the help of your tax money.

  26. The whole idea that we need to look at everyone is absurd. There are no Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist extremists going around shooting, stabbing and running over innocent people only Islamists. Why waist money and time just to be politically correct? Political Correctness has done so much damage to this country. It’s refreshing to see someone like President Trump not follow it.

  27. Mohamid Jihad Bama is a full fledge communist, He has been pretending to be liberal, but don’t belive him. Carry a big stick when you see him. He has in his 8 years done more harm to this country. He will still be trying, as he stated in his first term “to raise his jihad army. He is a snake, watch out for him.

  28. To be politically correct we should not be allowed to vet a Sudanese
    Muslim until we first vet a Sudanese Catholic, a Sudanese Lutheran, a
    Sudanese Episcopalian, a Sudanese Jew, a Sudanese Buddhist, etc.. Good
    luck finding any of them because the Muslims killed them all! The “L” in
    Liberal does not stand for Logic!

  29. Something is greatly amiss. In June 1952 Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act. That act became Public Law 414. Chapter 2, Section 212 covers the prohibition of entry to the U.S. of any Alien who belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence or other unconstitutional means”. The Muslims have clearly and frequently openly declared the are going to take over this Republic and freedom way of life, using “war Jihad” techniques. Why has not the President, Congress and the Department of Justice followed enforced this law? Everyone reading this should contact all of their congresspersons and demand the law be strictly enforced—-and seriously consider the charge of TREASON for all of those who persist in ignoring the law, whether they be politicians, lawyers, judges or people on the streets. Ask your nearest Government Printing Office, Public Documents Distribution Center, for a copy of that very lengthy law or ask Google or one of the other search engines for a copy.

  30. But how will will figure our who is the Islamist terrorist and who isn’t? They don’t come with signs and, well, they’re all, you know, sort of brownish. I think we’re grasping at straws here and becoming much too terrified. Inspiring terror is just what terrorists want. We have to figure out some way of really doing this rather than just signing orders or saying we’re going to do this thing or that thing. Whatever approach we use has to make sense. And don’t pooh-pooh those “violent white supremacist groups.” They are part of the problem in that they feed into our fear.

    • Easiest thing in the World.
      All you have to do is ask them if they believe that they can Swear to the constitution as they do to the Quran. If they will not Place the Constitution before the Quran. They are VERY likely to become Terrorists.

  31. Exactly during the Clintons and the Obamas administrations they’ve been immigrating foreigners into our country and granted them citizenship that’s why America is not safe anymore I’m glad that an outsider like President Trump enterviene and his fighting against the corrupt politicians and the media. Don’t believe any fake news about President Trump they’re just trying to destroy his policies that’s because it will stopped them from bringing drugs and criminals into our country. God protect our President Trump against evils and give him strength to fight against all odds.

  32. And how will those Islamists get caught? What methods will we use to ferret them out? How are they to be identified. I guess by their skin tone or evidence of some kind of foreign accent?

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