Trump vs. Fox News, Round III

The fighters have been sponged clean in their respective corners, they’ve swished their mouths out with water, and now they’re ready to put on another show for a capacity crowd waiting in breathless anticipation. No, this isn’t Mitt Romney vs. Evander Holyfield. It’s Donald Trump vs. Fox News, the feud that seems destined to culminate in a steel cage match at Wrestlemania.

“Fox News has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future.” Trump tweeted this week, reigniting a war of words that many – including Fox chairman Roger Ailes – thought was over.

Trump also took exception to Rich Lowry’s appearance on Megyn Kelly’s show, where the National Review editor said that Carly Fiorina had “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon” at the last GOP debate. The Republican frontrunner said on Twitter that Lowry was “incompetent,” demanding that the FCC fine him for his use of vulgar language.

Fox host Bill O’Reilly appeared on the Today show to defend the network and criticize Trump. “And then, you know, this machine, this tweeting thing, that’s like the worst thing you could give Donald Trump, is this tweeting thing,” O’Reilly said. “So I just think this is just a extension of his reality show, ‘The Apprentice.’ This is just theater right now.”

Does O’Reilly think Twitter is a box you buy down at Radio Shack?

In any event, Round III of this feud is sure to divide conservatives once again. Fox News has long been an oasis in a vast liberal desert, and it’s only natural that faithful viewers will bristle at Trump’s attacks. At the same time, Fox’s pro-Jeb bias has been obvious for several months, a cause that lends itself to a fairly thick helping of anti-Trump criticism on the network’s shows. Whether they have been “unfair” to Trump is a matter of opinion, but it’s clear that they don’t love his dominance over their chosen candidate.

If Trump needs to be in a controversial feud, there is an endless list of enemies more deserving than Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, and Megyn Kelly. On the other hand, he’s eager to demonstrate that he’s his own man. It’s been a consistent theme of the campaign that he doesn’t want to identify too closely with Republicans, Fox, or politics in general. His strength comes from his refreshing candor and his outsider status, both of which he reinforces every time he takes a swipe at Fox.

For now, it’s entertaining and fun. But there’s no question that Republicans are more divided than they have been in years. If we are to have any hope of defeating the Democrats next November, we’re going to have to find a way to get back on the same page after the primaries are over. Bush, Trump, Fiorina, Carson? If it means avoiding the nightmare of a Hillary Clinton administration, we’ll be glad to take any of them.


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  1. Honestly, Trump is going to have to be specific about his complaints about Fox News…

    I just don’t see it….

    Just saying he is not being treated fairly when he doesn’t like something seems like sour grapes to me.

    • you expect trump to be specific?
      he’s a conservative, silly.

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    • Well he did make a good point that Fox was raining praise on Carson and Bush for their rise in the polls while totally ignoring the any mention of the front runner…that sounds unfair to me and has nothing to do with sour grapes.

    • MAHB001…….he’s pointed out several specific incidents, not the least of which would have been the line of questioning in the first debate conducted by FOX. If Kelly’s questioning and Bret Baier’s sequestering the whole group about who would support whatever candidate is nominated in the end, was appropriate for a debate concerning serious issues that our country is facing, then you just observed me wearing a white robe and conducting mass for the first time on the shores of the good old USA. His latest complaint is with Rich Lowry’s appearance on Megyn Kelly’s show and blatantly stating that Fiorina ‘cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon’! To me, and obviously to Trump, that was totally inappropriate but it is what I’ve become accustomed to hearing on Kelly’s show, which I no longer watch! If her ‘attempt’ at condemning Lowry for that statement was when she laughingly said, ‘you can’t say that!’, then I would believe she was in total agreement with Lowry! Until Trump pointed this out, there was no condemnation from Ailes or anybody else from FOX! As FOX becomes less and less ‘fair and balanced’, I am becoming less and less a fan of theirs and I watch FOXNews less and less! I turn to the Newsmax channel which I find is replacing FOX in the ‘fair and balanced’ arena! So far, on Newsmax, I don’t have to listen to the likes of Juan Williams, Allen Colmes, Geraldo Rivera……to name just a few! When these liberal jerks, and soooo many more, are on FOX they are pitted against conservatives to give the ‘so-called fair and balanced’ viewpoint, but sadly, they always get the ‘lion’s share’ of the minutes and the ‘so-called….last word’! How nice! If I wanted to hear the liberal viewpoint on the news, I could turn to any number of venues, such as ABS, NBS, CBS, MSNBS, CNNBS or any number of other ‘BS’ networks. FOX is going to get challenged on this issue and you can make book on that……just like the republicans are getting challenged on their ignoring of the people that put them in office to do the job they promised to do while on the campaign trail. FOX is more and more about the ‘big money’ just like our elected ‘representatives’ who are no longer our representatives, but subservient to the big donors who buy the elections for them! Figure all of this out and you will understand why Trump is popular with WE THE PEOPLE and leading in the polls. FOX apparently is more concerned about ‘politics as usual’ than reporting the truth and supporting the people………..In my ‘humble opinion’, they are pretty much in bed with Jeb Bush and have their collective lips glued to his rear end!! All Jeb Bush represents is more of the ‘same old sh** and people are up to their eyeballs in this brown stuff!! A few months back, and I can’t remember the exact situation, but a bunch of the republican candidates gave Trump some grief about passing out Trump signs and hats at one of his rallies, saying ‘Make America Great Again’……….like this was something bad for a candidate to do????? Here’s a first hand, eye witness story for you: I was at CPAC this year and it was known that Jeb Bush was going to speak. There was a move on to walk out on him when he took center stage, because of his known stance on amnesty and common core. Bush found out about the plan and he bused in hundreds of young people from colleges around the area……….giving them ‘JEB’ signs and ‘JEB’ t-shirts. I can’t believe these people were given a ‘get in free’ pass so his ‘donors/people/PAC’s’ or whoever had to pay out some pretty big bucks to get all of these people into CPAC for his speech. Believe me when I tell you there were several hundred of them………easily identified by their bright red signs and t-shires with large white lettering saying……..’JEB’. As the ‘conservatives’ walked out prior to Jeb’s speech, in walked the ‘bought and paid for’ little ‘mind-numbed robots’! I didn’t hear a ‘peep’ about this in the press and so, when I hear Trump speak about the unfairness of the press in reporting ‘ALL’ the facts, I tend to sympathize with him and certainly don’t find his complaints as ‘whining’!!!

      • Robert, Thank you for the post… Very informative…

        My litmus test for bias in the news is when I see bias by omission in the news reporting. That is the practice of suppressing anything that hurts your ideology and sensationalizing anything that hurts the opposing ideology, and conversely, sensationalizing anything that helps your ideology and blacking out anything that helps the opposing ideology.

        The left stream media practices bias by omission every day. To my knowledge Fox does not. Although you seem to be convinced that Fox is biased towards Bush and the RINOs I do not see the bias.. For instance, I do not see Fox sensationalizing everything bad about Trump, and in the same sensationalizing everything good about Bush…

        I think that Conservatives naturally would like to see the same bias towards their candidates as the left gives Hillary… And perhaps Conservatives expect Fox to level that playing field… But, that would mean that Fox would have to abandon their journalistic “integrity” to pander to an ideology.. Again, I just don’t see Fox pandering to either side.

        I definitely do not want that. I want to be exposed to all sides of the news. Not just the half that I want to hear. Bias by omission is insidious, and nothing more than propaganda. To demand the same from Fox would be a big mistake.

        As for Kelly’s question, I thought it was a fair question, and if she hadn’t asked it, one of the other “news” stations would have. Forgive me for saying this, but what I didn’t like was Trumps answer. The question caught him off guard, and he just mishandled it. I would have loved him to come back and say something negative about political correctness and he simply wasn’t going to play the PC game… That would have been perfect for me.

        As for the unity question, that too was not an unfair question. All Trump had to say was to repeat exactly what the conditions were. “If the Republican Party treated him fairly, he would support whomever the candidate was.” Trump didn’t say that, he muffed it, and paid a small price for doing so…

  2. Bottom line on this next election:

    Democrats = Socialism
    Republicans = Capitalism.

    This isn’t about any one candidate, it is about an ideology….

    • Democrats=climate change
      Democrats=gay rights
      Democrats=minimum wage
      Democrats=save Social Security
      Democrats=voting rights
      Democrats=infrastructure repair

      Republicans= DENY EVERYTHING

      and then you silly humans will spend the next 8 years lying about illegal voters and how evil Bernie is.

      • Thanks for agreeing.
        Democrats = Big Business = Socialism = Communism

        AND if 0bama really was for infrastructure repair, why didn’t he spend part of the 100 trillion he just spent on roads, or bridges, or even sewers to take his shit somewhere else.

        The Democrats could have paved all the roads with Gold with the money they has squandered on crony Capitalism/socialism favors…,..

      • Shame on you…you forgot “Women rights”…Animal rights and Bug rights.

      • Climate always changes…gay agenda maybe, they already have rights and always did…minimum wages that will put people out of business or cause them to cut employees or work time let’s call it what Bernie does…socialism…nobody want to get rid of Social Security or Medicare get a grip…easier access to voter fraud is what you want, citizens already have voting rights…infrastructure repair was promised during the first term and hasn’t even started…why not by executive action the way he does for immigration and everything else.

        • “Infrastructure repair was promised during the first term and hasn’t even started”

          How odd! Lots of highway infrastructure improvements in my area of Northern California, and more to come. Get on your Congressman’s case, call his office, write letters, organize the campaign of his opponent. Get off your azz and do something about it!

          • I was talking about the rest of the country, in Texas, our legislators take care of business everybody here is off their ass that’s why everybody is rushing here including Californians who have half of their population dependent on the government… and guess what? We have water. I also wasn’t talking about “improvements”, I was talking about repairs …improvements are always ongoing.

      • Democrats=save Social Security? Neither Dim or Repub can touch Social Security. That money came out of the paychecks of working people, and was put into a federal savings account for when the person retired. The same for Medicare. The federal government can’t touch it.

        • Obama took 500 Billion out of Medicare for ObamaCare!

          • Yes, you are correct, I forgot about that. The money went to open a federal agency which would administer the program. It paid for the union employees and their salaries and healthcare benefits. It provided for office space and all the tools needed to run the offices. Just as the clunker fiasco cost the taxpayer $24,000 per car to subsidize the purchaser for $4500.



    • I agree…If we don’t like the Democrat’s push for socialism i.e. “hidden communism” which we have had shoved down our throats no thanks to the CommieCRats “political correctness” theme then any of the above three will be a welcome to the presidency of this country…If the Republicans fail it will be the end of the GOP for all eternity…Demographic’s will ascertain the rule of the Democratic Party forever…Conservatism and Christianity will find their cause dead in the water as the new democratic rule will take full control of our thoughts, our lives and what wealth we once may have attained.

    • Both parties have sold The People out, for special interest money.
      I like Trump “Calling Out” the establishment. I hope this finger pointing wakes people up.
      Don’t forget the REPUBLICANS promised, if we put them back in power. They would create JOBS.
      Well after they got control of both houses, what did they do? FAST TRACKED the TPP. 4,000,000 US jobs will go to Asia, India area from here. Thats MORE people on social services, LESS people paying in to Social Security………..
      So really how is the establishment going to help us, instead of the big dollar donors?

      • No, if enough Republicans were elected to override the Obozo vetoes, the Republicans could do something. Unfortunately the Republicans fell 5 short of controlling the Senate. The first bill the Republicans tried to pass when they took the majority was the Keystone pipeline. Obozo vetoed the bill and the over ride vote of Obozo’s veto was 7 short. Obozo has vetoed everything the Republicans have passed. Blame the Dimocraps

        • ……..See they are nothing but liers and failures. We need new political parties.

          • We need term limits.
            We need to remove liars from office immediately.

          • Age limits wouldn’t hurt either. Half of Congress looks 3/4 dead, and severely medicated. I think 70-75 should be the limit. Stuff (ones mind) needs repair after one gets so old………

          • I don’t think age limits is the problem; as I see it the older some one becomes the wiser. At least with most people. I do have a problem with term limits, especially when they take the country in a different direction than the majority want the country to go.

          • Look at Senator Byrd, he was over 100 when he died in office. Was there B4 JFK was assassinated. Look at Senator Feinstein, she’s over 80, been there since Reagan was President. This is our congress, not a retirement home for the wealthy, or easily brought.

          • Brain scans for dementia & Alzheimer’s annually,
            60 &Beyond

          • The same congress that can vote in unlimited terms also have the power to avert accountability.
            now that’s power. and power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • I have been saying this all along. Retire like the rest of us HAVE to or the companies find a way to let you go!! I was sent a list of how long some of the politicians were in the white house, some 42 and 43 years controlling our lives and country! We need a list of how long all politicians were in the white house and publish it for all America to see!!! Surly someone is that computer savvy to post it on some web site! I have photos and years sent to me by a senator of 14 that need to be removed!!! After 75 most every one looses train of thought and MEMORY!! There are millions of Americans that could do a s good a job as these old men!!

          • term limits is the way—an on the surprime court to

          • Drug &alcohol testing…random..on the spot!

          • Strange, we must take drug tests to get jobs, but not for welfare or congress.

            Did you know RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA is LEGAL in DC?

          • they lie to you to get in –an lie telling you the good job their doing

          • Term limits…..such a no brainer when it comes to stemming corruption. Whoever heard of congress being able to vote in its own term limits.

          • This is still a Government of the people and by the people…

            We need to take it back…. If they do not impose term limits then we can impose them on them ourselves…

            Check into the Convention of States… Support it.. I do.

          • I do too, (support the conventions of states). This is what is called a secession defacto, when states refuse to follow the fed. so whether they officially remove illegal fed authority from their states, they are already not adhering to this imposition.

          • no mark we only need -we the people to take more interest an say in our nation for we can not seem to learn -you have to watch all aspects of government–power an money corupts

        • The rinos and the dems are both to blame. Gang of Eight made that clear and so has the McConnell non action, he is the surrender monkey and makes absolutely no attempt to do otherwise. McCain can be one of the seats replaced by a conservative in 2016. And if every rino or dem running is replaced by a conservative this will shift the votes that are needed to get this boat turned for the next president and it had better not be anyone but Trump or Cruz or maybe Carson. All the other candidates will make deals with BO, the dem lemmings and the left.
          Their records are crystal clear and I for one am sick of open borders, illegal alien hordes voraciously feeding on our tax dollars. They also lower wages, take jobs legal citizens need, many are real felons, and the rest are just freeloaders wanting everything for free and without following our immigration laws. None of the candidates will fix this except Trump. Go Trump. Clean up this mess then go after the real criminals behind this mess. And this post is just the very tip of the fundamental destruction iceberg to discuss!

        • I say let 0bozo own his vetoes…

          Send the bills there, make him own 0bamacare with a veto.

          Make him shut down the Government by vetoing a budget that doesn’t fund PP.

          Make 0bama own it.

        • Well stated, I did not know that abt Bill Gates. Thanks for the “Heads up”.

        • And you think the Keystone pipeline would have been a boon to employment and the environment! There’s a fool born every day.

          And Bill Gates is the only corporate entity in the USA who has done this? More fool you if we think he is the only responsible party.

          • keystone would have been good—an your a fool to think other wise—an bill gates is a marixist as you must be too

          • Building an underground pipeline which can’t spill oil like an oil tanker, or rail car going off the rails, is the safest way to move crude. In the scheme of things it is the cheapest way also. We must move the crude anyway, why not move it the safest way for the environment? Our technology has come a long way. My example of Gates is about you libterds attacking Republicans when it is you who are the problem.

          • I guess your homie education has let you down. Gates is the biggest glaring proof of the libterd hypocrisy. You libterds attack and accuse the Republicans of all this while ignoring the glaring examples of the Dimocraps doing this.

        • Ps.

          The Republicans teamed up with Obama to pass the TPP. Most democrats were against it, even the Socialist (Sanders) knows the TPP is a stupid trade idea. Look how well NAFTA and the rest of these Free Trade Treaties have bolstered the economy. If this trade crap really worked, we’d all have $$$$$$$$$ coming out of our ears. Like the politicians do…………

      • The controlling elite of the Republican party (establishment) is corrupt and no longer working for the people that put them in office. They are not conservatives.

        Both parties are controlled by socialists….

        The Republican party has been covertly taken over by democrats=socialists=communists. That is why Boehner and McConnell are not getting anything done… They are spies, socialists in republican clothing… They support socialism not capitalism.

        Our Government and controlled by “career” politicians is no longer for the people, it is for the CONTROL of the people.

        I like Trump too, but the more he talks the more he sounds just like a politician that will say and do anything to get into a position of power.

        • I agree. As far as Trump’s talk goes. Hate the Game, not the Players.

        • But Trump doesn’t want to get rid of Social Security or Medicare. He wants to get rid of Obamacare and have a better version for healthcare. But most Republican candidates want to phase out Social Security and Medicare – turn that to the private sector and then just get rid of Obamacare, with no replacement – just let those insured under it,lost their healthcare.
          Notice, Trump wants to raise taxes for the rich and lower them for the middle class; just the opposite of Republican leadership.
          So, it will be interesting when it comes to the actual primaries.
          One thing does stand out – and that is Trump gets his military advice from the media. Those that he claims for advice have never actually talked to him.

          • you tell an old lie–republicans have never wanted to kill social security or medicare but your democrats have an did—an if you think both can go on as they are your in a dream world—-if you lower the taxes on both the econmy will roar

          • Not a lite. Republicans opposed Social Security from the very beginning as a socialist program. The same for Medicare. Just look at the old TV ads that Reagan made before president, claiming that Medicare was the first step toward then end of liberty and freedom in the country. They were opposed not because of paying for them, but just the idea of them. Now, take a close look at when the economy did soar, taxes were actually higher. The idea of lower taxes that the economy will boom – when no taxes, no services, and so that will end Social Security, Medicare, funding for education, scientific research. What you are proposing is trickle down economics, and that has never worked. Why are so many states in the hole, like Missouri, Louisiana and Wisconsin – lowered taxes too much and so to fill in the gaps they have to shift money from education. Or with New Jersey, its credit rating has been lowered eight times.

          • Trump wants to restore social security to how it was originally designed.

          • That would be great. Just get Congress from borrowing form it. But, he will face a lot of opposition from the Republicans.

          • The scare to congress now is the shift toward conservative, i.e., Boehner stepping down, McConnel shaking in his boots, the old guard looking extra old and guarded. And don’t forget that these Senators have to answer to their constituents who if they want social security protected, that plays into this pressure game.

          • For the Senators, they probably still feel safe. If they don’t follow the extremists in the party, because where would the extremists go? Not to the Democrats. Third party? It wouldn’t have sufficient funds. Just not vote in a senatorial election – then there is the danger of losing to the Democratic candidate.
            Besides, both the Republican senators and members of Congress rarely follow the lead of the people. Rather tone deaf. More afraid of the NRA than the people, etc. Think of Jeb, he wants to abandon Medicare and put that in the private sector – then watch the costs go up and a lot of the elderly wont have heathcare – just like it was before it. Course, that would solve the problem since the death rate will go up, less elderly and that would cut the costs to Medicare and SS.

          • I don’t agree the senators aren’t scared, especially since except for uber conservative Cruz, none of these bumps have gotten any traction as candidates. The standing senators have to be in denial not to see the direction the republicans are going (to the dismay of the establishment media who are trying very very hard to convince Americans how terrible it would be for a right leaning congress to have a truly conservative president.). I mean, step back from it a bit.

          • It is going to depend on the evangelicals and fundamental Christians. I’m not seeing the media bashing anyone, except for Trump and it is not much in the way of bashing. What you will find, perhaps, is a split in the party, so that there will be the Republicans and then the Tea Party. Plus, it is also going to depend on the billionaries. Who do they want? Particularly the Koch brothers, since their candidate pulled out of the presidential race. That I found fascinating.
            Getting back to the Senators, they still have the upper hand as incumbents and they will more of the resources.
            For the presidential race, it will all depend on the white vote and the evangelical vote.
            Not going to get the Hispanics or the Black vote, and the women’s vote is going to be iffy with the Republicans going after Planned Parenthood, which polls higher than the NRA.
            But we will see.

          • it’s fascinating to me too. We can’t say for sure how it will go which in itself is a new thing. Women aren’t voting typically in this, for instance, not with Hillary, and blacks and legal Hispanics are probably the least polled groups when it comes to wanting jobs and feeling exploited by liberals. They aren’t stupid. the tide is turning with them which is why the liberals are trying to legalize as many illegal immigrants to vote in this next election as possible.

          • Have to remember that it is so early in the presidential race. Legalizing illegal immigrants actually takes a long time and that has nothing to do with American citizenship. But the only tide that is turning is within the Republican party. But Trump telling Hispanics that their cousins, relatives, etc., are all rapists, drug runners, and murderers is not making them all too happy. Especially when it is not true.
            Republican attempts to make it hard for blacks and other minorities to vote, will always end up bringing up those black voters that are already registered. I know, I know – the whole thing about voter fraud – but there is hardly any. Doing fake IDs for voter fraud is the most inefficient way of doing it. The greatest risk for voter fraud is absentee ballots, but fraud right at the voter’s box, with those in control.
            Key will be if there is a shutdown – which is always a fake shutdown since the SS and Medicare checks will go out. Most Federal workers will be forced to work without pay. Military will get paid. Parks and museums, etc., will be shut down. And, of course, Congress will continue to get paid. But it will be bad PR.
            But again, all depends on who will be the Republican nominee and if that person can unify the Republicans and bring some Democrats over. Have to remember that over half of Americans now identify as liberal.

          • First, thank you for your civil discourse.

            These sites can be helpful in this media bias time if we can suspend our perspective (whether accurate or not) long enough to just hear someone else’s take on the world, and at least we know more about what informs that different perspective and know that it is out there. So I thank you for sharing your perspective.

            I think my main point here is that what has worked before in the status quo doesn’t seem to be following protocol now, so warnings about what will result in bad PR hasn’t been the case lately, i.e. Trump’s gaffs, etc.

            I try to look at the bigger picture to discern changing trends, taking into account our history politically. And the liberal populace which ran the country post Viet Nam, included enough of the same democrats who voted for Reagan. I am in a leadership position over democrats and conservatives who speak candidly about world events, and neither party can be stigmatized. In fact, each individual has aspects of the other party’s ideology. For instance, many democrats are liberal concerning gay marriage and pro choice but fiscally conservative. The media tries to paint us in broad strokes in order to galvanize the base for elections, but the reality of what we feel is much more complex. And what we feel and how we will vote I believe is determined by our immediate circumstances. This has been the threat that candidates like Trump and Carson pose to partisan proponents who have thrown a wrench into political analysis. How many commentators have I heard say, “I can’t predict in this environment.”

            The other reality now verses 2008 is the hope and change theory and charismatic Obama which motivated so many to vote has disappointed a large faction, and although these disappointed may not vote for say an outsider candidate they won’t be as driven to vote for what they have had or didn’t get what they had been promised. Where on the other side there is a desperation, like in last chance.

          • These are all talking points, I do not know of any Republicans that are proposing getting rid of social security or Medicare… Nor is a Flat tax a tax break for the rich… Things will have to be done to both because corrupt politicians have spent the money elsewhere.. Those politicians that raided the funds should be removed from office. Someone is going to have to make some very tough decisions.

            The left has successfully masked the real conversation on Taxes such that by using the old divide and conquer techniques and they have vilified the “Rich” and isolated them, so they can raise taxes on them. All the while, the left has successfully implemented the largest tax hike on the middle class in US History (0bamacare).

            I like Trump, but my only wish is that he does not turn out to be just another politician pumping out campaign promises to get elected.

          • Jeb does. He has stated he wants to phase out Medicare. In the recent past, Paul Ryan want to eliminate Medicare by turning it into a voucher program. The last Bush wanted to phase out Social Security and turn it over the private sector.

            When it comes to taxes. For most of us we have to deal with our income tax and then also payroll taxes. For most of us in the middle class that means 15% for income taxes and then 25% in payroll taxes. For the rich – usually just 15% because they don’t have to deal with payroll taxes. Then, if your income is classified as capital gains, then it can be lower than 15%.

            Now, what would be the flat tax rate? Won’t affect the payroll tax. Say that you are right at or below the poverty line and now you have taxes to pay, to be sure it is 10% but 10% from little is a lot. Remember with a flat tax rate that means no deductions period – not for children, education, medical costs. As college instructor I pay about $6,000 out of pocket. If anyone at my university makes use of anything I have written or created, the royalties go to the university, not me.

            As for the rise in taxes on the middle class, you have to put blame with the Republicans, as well. The deal passed by a vote of 89-8 in the Senate (including 40 Republican votes in favor) and by a vote of 257-167 in the House (with 85 Republican votes in favor). The package made permanent the 2001 Bush tax cuts for all but very high-income earners, avoiding tax increases that otherwise would have taken effect Jan. 1, 2013, when the “temporary” Bush tax cuts were scheduled to expire.

            Taxes have gone up for some as a result of Obamacare. The law imposes a 3.8 percent tax on net investment income that applies to people who earn more than $200,000 a year for singles, or $250,000 for joint filers. It also levies an additional Medicare tax of 0.9 percent on wages, salaries and self-employment income for people in those income groups.

            My problem with Trump is that he really doesn’t say anything. Little in policies and substance.

          • Why do you consider a voucher program the elimination of Medicare? Isn’t it really just handing those benefits over to the ones that earned them, so that they can do with it what they choose? Instead of only putting it back into a Government controlled and inefficient system?

            The same thing goes for Social Security… It was our money before the Government stole it from us (with the promise to give it back when we were ready to retire) so why do you consider giving that control back to the people of their money the phasing out of Social Security.,..

            It seems you take one persons ideas about a subject and pin them to the entire Republican ideology…

            A flat tax would take the place of both the payroll and income tax. It would simplify things and make it easier for all to understand. Our tax code is purposefully complicated with the intent to confuse the tax payer as to how much he/she is actually paying…

            Bottom line, I blame this on POLITICIANS, on both sides, I believe that both parties are now controlled by socialists. Their goal is control of the people not to work for the people as our constitution demands…

            Your confusing explanation of taxes as to assigning blame indicates that they are winning at their game of divide and conquer. . .. Not working so well for us slaves that pay the taxes.

            Bush’s tax cuts benefited all Americans. It was the left that insisted on taxing the rich and confusing the tax codes even further with 0bamacare…

            0bamacare IS a TAX!…. The only way it is constitutional is that it is a tax…

      • sold the people out—no truer words—-but we let ourselves be sold out my setting an no action to protect this nation or its freedoms

    • your wrong Obama has more big companys in his pocket than any republican one

    • It all should be about the….Constitution !! Constitutional Conservatism = Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

  3. Trump is neither a conservative or a liberal, his huge ego won’t allow it. All talk and no substance.

  4. Francisco Sperandeo

    Nobody wants Trump, the Media, Democrats, or the GOP! He is not bought and they will not be able to control him. Dems are scared because of the possible investigations into some key people if he is elected and if a non RINO REPUBLICAN gets elected their pet programs the GOP screwed us with will get chopped! The GOP does not want him because they are part of the ONE PARTY “LOBBYIST” disquised as two, and their agendas will suffer and the Nation will profit! The Media does not want him for the same reason, he is bigger than them! I may be completely wrong, but after watching his interviews from 25+ years ago when he said the same things as today I have to believe he wants his legacy to be that he turned the nation around and made it Great as it once was! Those that call him dumb and an idiot, I would think his successes would beg to differ! If so than I wish I was as dumb! As for no substance, why do like ODUMBA does and let your enemy know what your moves are? You do not give anything away this far in advance. As it is several have taken his successes and emulated them playing from behind! He did not become successful on his own! He is smart enough to surround himself with the best and smartest then listen to them! I may be wrong like I said, but I will take one of the most successful business minds in the world that does not owe anyone anything over any of the others receiving millions from special interest groups with AGENDAS! After 8 years of the Community organizer in DC I will take a smart business man with the passion for this Nation and not everyone else’s!

    • Trump’s IQ is 156, placing him in the ” Genius ” category. This BS from the Left calling him “dumb” and “stupid ” reflects on their own shallow arguments against a man who has proven he loves America and his fellow man. Just look at his list of charities and compare to Gore a few years back of $ 400 for one year and the same for Biden. Democrats are ONLY BENEVOLENT WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY ,stolen by a gun to the head from IRS.

      • I’m sure there is the occasional benevolent democrap out there, but I’ve not known very many over my long lifetime. You statement about them being benevolent with other people’s money is exactly what I’ve observed over the years. Earlier in my life, it was always the churches that handled benevolence, took care of the poor, etc., but democraps do not like that process. They believe that government should take control of every facet of our lives. I can’t remember which administration it was that took over the total care of the poor and needy, but I think it might have started under the Clinton administration?? democraps have a great disdain for Christianity, and I suppose that is because it calls to task their lifestyle. If you don’t support marriage as being between a man and a woman, you’re going to have trouble with the scriptures. If you support the homosexual lifestyle, you’re going to have a problem with the scriptures. If you support abortion, you’re going to have a problem with the scriptures. If you think you know more than God, you’re got a really serious problem with Christianity. These people always fall back on the tired old argument of, ‘who are you to judge me?’, which is true in and of itself, but I like to think of the chastisement of these activities as supporting the truth of the Bible. If you point out the scriptures condemnation of homosexual activities to someone who supports these activities, you are not judging them………God has already made the judgement! The scriptures are very clear on who should take care of the poor, but again, democraps ignore this because they simply think they know more that God! Ann Coulter wrote a great book on this issue of democraps and Christianity! It was titled………”Godless”! This is a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in this subject!.

        • freedomoutpost ken

          How better to remove Christian religious faith from the people, than taking complete economic control of their lives.

          • That too, Ken! Not to mention their use of the ‘public’ school system as a tool for indoctrination as opposed to education!

          • true–eeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa

          • Sadly it is working very well for them.

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          • YES, something idiot Bush and Cheney DID WELL. Young Graham is quite WELL OFF……lying to his followers…….nothing like his Daddy.

        • Democrats are anti any institution that makes people independent and powerful to the point of not needing them. They pose as the party of helping, but only help make people slaves to them, which is their end goal.

          The democrats exploit weakness and seek to make people weak. So, they hate the family unit, reward single motherhood, hate church charities, hate truly educated citizens, enable dependency on drugs, seek to disarm people both literally and psychologically. It’s the party of victim hood. Or of the white hood, the KKK.
          Really amazing that people can’t see this for what it is.

          • If you missed anything, Suze, it wasn’t much! Our forefathers were brilliant men and they set us up with a government that would be the envy of the world. A free society with a Constitution based on Judeo-Christian principles where the people rule (a representative republic)! We elect our representatives to do our ‘bidding’, but over the years we’ve become very apathetic! Wealth and success can do that to people if they do not remain vigilant and we have not remained vigilant. We’ve become content with our representatives ‘running the show’…….we let them and they were more than happy to usurp that extra authority. They now look down on the ‘masses’ (us) with their collective noses in the air believing that we are too stupid to pick good candidates for office. They are just way smarter than the great unwashed. Remember what Jonathan Gruber called us when he was looking for ways to get obamacare passed even though the majority of the people did not want this boondoggle. He called us the ‘stupid American voters!’. The sad part of that deal is that he was more right than wrong! There has never been a shortage of ‘rule the world’ wannabes. Those people that believe if they were in charge the world would be a utopia, but all of the ones that have promised that through the ages have been dictators selling ‘snake oil’ to the unsuspecting masses! In all my studies of history, I only remember reading of one instance of a utopia and that was the garden of eden………… only took 1 man, 1 woman and 1 serpent to mess up that sweet deal. In all of the other cases where a utopia was attempted after that, there was a smiling man promising the people everything if he was just put in charge. Once he got there, millions of people died and the ones left were basically slaves. Our country is on the precipice of just such a fate. When the government took over the education of our children, the dumbing down process started along with indoctrination. Bibles were removed from the schools, followed closely by religious symbols…..i.e.: crosses, The Ten Commandments, etc. Discipline was removed, parental authority was weakened and moral values slowly but surely faded. Since education was no longer the main goal of the schools, standards had to be lowered to fool the kids into thinking they were actually learning something and it kept the parents happy. Bumper stickers started appearing all across the ‘fruited plains’ on parents cars telling the world how their child was an honor student in his/her respective school. Lack of discipline has other problems, too and I would direct you to ADS and any of the other names the ‘so-called’ experts hung on kids with disciplinary problems. When I was in school, those problems were corrected in the principles office when he introduced you, up close and personal, to the ‘board of education’! In todays school sans spanking, they had to create a disease and thus a medication. Now we have little drug induced zombies sitting in class with their eyes rolled back in their heads. Parents couldn’t deal with the discipline issues at home, either, for fear of being turned into the ‘discipline police’ and charged with child abuse, so they were happy to have a ‘spaced out kid’ causing them no problems. We’ve ‘come a long way, baby’ and we’re paying a heavy price. Sex education seemed to replace the 3 ‘R’s’ and kids were quickly becoming proficient at putting a condom on a banana. They were now inspired by and interested in homework again! With all of the teacher/student interaction we’ve had in the past several years, it would appear that the teachers were enjoying ‘tutoring’ the students!! Not to worry, though, our ‘union guided’ education system has everything under control and will get us on the straight and narrow with ‘common core’! I’m so excited, words fail me!!! President Lincoln said, many years ago, that if this country was every to fall to an enemy, it would not be from outside, but an enemy from within. I believe we are witnessing just such an attempt by this current marxist/communist/liberal left administration who promised, and is fulfilling that promise, to fundamentally change the United States of America! It’s sad to say, but our last hope just may be our 2nd amendment! God help us!!!

          • Great to hear from you Baird.
            Let me just make a declaration here: I have hope. Because, and this is my very personal belief, the nations founded on God entered into a covenant with God, and God never breaks His covenants, always retains a remnant from which to rebuild. I am hearing from this remnant everywhere, of which you are one. So, the pattern historically speaking, civilizations after Christ hit the scene have built up, became corrupt, and because evil by its nature destroys itself (God’s law), these corrupted systems implode (think democrat run cities), BUT>..and here’s the hope part…it’s a purging, a cleansing of the fruitless, a corrective of sorts. I think we are witnessing that junction of history, where certain events are going to dovetail to make very clear how essential our Christian-Judeo values are to us as a nation. It would take very little at this point in my opinion, such as an attack on our shores, an economic crash, etc., for this corrective to manifest with abandon. I saw it these last few days with how people responded to the pope and the intense coverage of the event, how hungry people are for moral leadership, and it doesn’t matter how liberals try to spin his message, because in the end anything that draws people to God draws people to freedom and to seeking the truth and empowering one another,
            I am just praying we don’t have to suffer too much in this corrective before we get back to “real” living. The first ones to lose everything will be the entitled dependents inner city dwellers, and just the idea of what will happen has prompted me to move way away from those places to a part of the country where people still take care of one another and know how to support themselves.

            One other thing that keeps coming to me here which also informs this view, is we are a young country but old enough to have forgotten why this free nation was established. We’re ripe for a refresher course, especially since our real history isn’t being taught in our government run schools, coupled with the fact that this Obama “hope and change” generation has since had children and children rebel from their parents…always have. I am thinking of the seventies when the hippie Marx lovers were convinced they had changed this country forever, but here come up their children who are bone weary of living in communes and not knowing who their real father is, and frankly want a manicure and a cool Corvette, and Reagan’s yuppies voted the liberals out. Same thing was happening in Britain with Margaret Thatcher.
            So, I am expecting the truth to OUT.
            All this to say, I have hope.

          • Whoever Wrote this Shit is a total Moron……why are so many Repoobs so stupid?????

          • So let us hear something intelligent out of you, something with substance. Any child can call someone’s argument moronic and leave it at that. Come on, oh brilliant one, let’s hear something of brain matter. or forever hold your poop.

          • Suze- You’re a moron!

          • You make my point.

          • No Suze, you make your own point unbelievable.

          • You keep making my point buddy and don’t realize it.

            This isn’t fair to you.

          • Fairer than having a pointy head like you.

          • That was funny. I mean it. Could be you have a saving grace.

            And about my head.

            It’s just I need more room for this brain.

            But I have a specially made hat that isn’t bad.

          • Most of our Forefathers were Self-Serving Thieves.
            We stole the Lands that were not ours by killing those that were here before us.
            Nothing has Changed to this day. It has only gotten worse. OUR Politicians are still worthless and GREED obsessed paid off by the ONE %……Wake up Repoobs. YOU have destroyed a ONCE GREAT Country after killing its former Owners.

          • Take your liberal BS and troll somewhere else.

          • F you con!

          • freedomoutpost ken

            Don’t wet your panties and cry now!

          • Why not?

          • freedomoutpost ken

            Oh, I see, that must be why all you liberals stink so much.

          • the country has been downgraded by liberal ideology, not the other way around.
            But look at any democrat run city if you want to see ruin.

          • Pat………..Do you know, or are you related to, ‘headoncrooked’ (I think he says, ‘headonstraight’, but he’s pretty obviously delusional)? If not you guys need to meet! You could have some great discussions about chess matches, pool tournaments, corn hole games, etc…… know, things of substance! If you do get into subjects like politics and history or any other mundane topics, wear nose plugs and try to keep your heads above the BS

          • Send all that information to me via smoke signal.

          • both parties did

          • Rhonda,
            Back then,there were NO parties……….just Thieves looking for new opportunities at any cost. It took years to come up with Good vs BAD Parties. Liberals today are MORE like Conservatives were THEN. GOP’ers/Tea Parties are Self-Serving Whores!!!!!

          • They will never wake up, they are too thick headed to do so. I’m afraid we’re stuck with these foolish cons.

          • admit it, you kind of secretly like conservatives. and you’re growing on us too there baby cakes.

          • What?

          • We have to live with you too, but we aren’t going to elect your mindset ever again to run this country.

            We have seen the “hope and change” the liberals promised.

          • Ain’t gonna win in ’16. Stick a fork in all cons, they’re done!

          • Are U and yours really THAT stupid……MORON?????
            The South made up of mostly Uneducated/Ignorant Republicans disproves your Bull-Shit. Our present President proves what Family Values are all about.
            Remember Asshole…..the KKK started in the South and Now is called the fucking Tea Party.
            Idiot Bush was and is the worst President EVER…..killing 5000 innocent Americans for NO Reason…..there were NO WMD.
            Reagan was almost as bad with shit like Oliver North doing the KILLINGS…..poor Rony was Senile from day ONE in Office.
            Get your facts Republican Morons!!!!!!

          • a known fact is KKK began with the democratic party which now poses as the party to help the disenfranchised while making sure they keep them that way and dependent on them. But if you are a product of public government run education you have been reared on rewritten history. So that wasn’t your fault. But you’re an adult now and we all choose in the end whether to be slaves or NOT. Communism has never worked.

          • Learn your history…Demos were like the Repukes of today in the 1860’s when the KKK formed. You’re an idiot! All cons can do is tell lies, because they don’t know no better.

          • Incorrect oh ye misinformed one.

            Well known fact that liberals are the KKK crowd and still keeping minorities in servitude, especially in mind control, which you demonstrate so pitiably.

            Better cleanUrClock.

          • Dumb de dumb dumb you are.

          • I love that tune.

          • Your President is not called Bath House Barry, for no reason. His family values are in the toilet. The KKK was started by Democrats. ie. Senator Byrd was high in the KKK. The TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already and not KKK.
            I agree with you about Trump…but nothing else.

            You are just one foul mouthed, useful idiot, of Obama. Read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky and you will find yourself there..under the definition of “useful idiot”. The book is Clinton’s, and Obama’s bible. Read it…I dare you! Are you aware that Alinsky stated, near the beginning of his book, that he could not have accomplished his book, without Lucifer?

            So..if you are in league with are in league with the devil.

          • He hates America

          • Who? Mr McIntyre?

          • Yes, McIntyre sees our founding fathers as “self serving thieves”

          • You hate Amurika…half wit!

          • That’s what we said, you hate America. And don’t know how to spell either.

          • Either, there, I spelled either. IDIOT!

          • How about dinner and maybe taking in a good movie?

          • Sure. Where and when?

          • We have movie and dinner night at my church every second Wednesday.

            Or if you like Chinese?

          • I love zipperhead food. Yum gook food!

          • Thought so, that’s why I suggested it.
            They also serve a great fried okra.

          • It slips down your throat like Repuke talking points.

          • Good reply

          • Please flag him!

          • Hey Dip-Shit…….Take Alinsky and Lucifer and shove them up your ASS/ U uneducated Low-Life!!!!
            Only Clowns like U know and have heard of Bath House Barry…..U are to stupid to wipe OUR Black President’s Ass or shine his black shoes.
            YOU…. moron…. are in a Minority today and tomorrow NON-Existent…….MINORITIES will make U cut their grass or clean their toilets……….America will be great again with less Trash like U…
            Repoops will never Control this Country AGAIN……..Pick your Choice for the new RACE……..might be BLACK or Cuban or Asian.

          • Your mother would be so proud of your potty mouth! and ….I am so ashamed, that you actually take up space on this Earth. God forgive you for your hate, and filth.

          • He is ill. I mean it. Lives on the fuel of his rage. Better not to respond.

          • nearly all your posts are toxic vomit, just nothing but.

            what is wrong with you?

            Hating at this level isn’t healthy man, and you certainly aren’t changing any minds here by that approach.

            I have responded to a few of your truly foul posts but regret that, because it just seems to fuel your illness.

            This is the last time I will respond to your darkness. And I encourage everyone else on this post to do the same, because it’s cruel to perpetuate that degree of hate in a person.

          • freedomoutpost ken

            You mean great again like $18 trillion in debt and personal income dropping about 7% since Obama has been in office? Or how about an education system that is falling apart with a down dumbing to insure minorities and Hispanics can keep up? Or maybe it is how this Administration is whitewashing every terrorist attack as domestic violence or workplace violence? Or is it the taxing of hard working Americans to support domestic violence (Obama’s name for terrorism) to organizations like Planned Parenthood ($581 million dollars)? We aren’t wiping Obama’s ass because there are too many of you liberals fighting to get in line to do it.

          • Very deep in Lies, or is it just uninformed,deception of the Demoncratic up-side-down world, is strong in you.

          • You have identified the nature of the beast.
            I am being serious here. Demonic.
            When all that is left is a spewing of toxic foul, foaming at the mouth.

            He is hate. Very pathetic.

          • The party that wanted God out of their Platform, Evil to the core. They hate anything that is Good.

          • Praying that as this evil continues to detroy whatever it touches, the good people will rise up. We can become weary of well doing until we just have to get off our duff.

          • Good God you’re dumb! There is no god you f*cking fool!

          • Only a fool says in his heart there is no God.
            You have just demonstrated what leads to delusion, not knowing God. You have no true north buddy, so of course you can be used by evil forces.

            You hate what is good. You hate people who know God.
            Jesus said the dark hates the light and will try to snuff it out.
            But you will always fail.

          • Jesus is exactly like Hitler. If you don’t agree with them, you’ll be taken directly to hell. Fuck your religion.

          • You seem to already be relegated to a living hell of your own choice, You don’t need anybody else to send you there.

            Your only release is to spew some of that evil on what is good.

            And this is why you hate America, that it is founded on
            Judeo Christian values.

            Quite a civics lesson you are providing those who are following this discourse.
            Strangely telling you brought up Hitler, he could have really used you in the Holocaust.


      • OKAY, Trump is not dumb. He is a very smart bombastic, blithering, bloviating blowhard.

        • He takes no crap from China or anybody else when he negotiates. He’s a fighter and he wins. I had to fight 2 wars , fought for my business for 40 years, competed and I like more about him than I do of any of the democrats. We must get welfare back to it’s original intent of temporary help rather than a life style. Nobody is afraid of Obama, he’s a wuss ,destroying a fine Military Machine with his feminization . We need someone tough to deal with this over grown, duplicitous government. He needs to stop the immature name calling or he’s toast but I like his enthusiasm for America. Have you seen how much he gives to charity compared to Biden and some of the Liberals ?

          • Trump is a MAN! Ovomit is a GIRLY MAN!

          • The American military machine is not in any danger of destruction. It is huge (over-sized in fact) and powerful and we spend more money on it than the next 10 largest nations combined spend to fund their military capabilities. If anything we need to downsize it and get many of our overseas units out of nations where we do not belong. “Some of the liberals”? How about some of them like the Clintons–with their foundation–and Jimmy Carter, who have done far more charitable work than Trump? You are being rather selective.

            I got some info on charity cheapskates right here and the most egregious cheapskate listed is Dick Cheney.


          • that’s the liberal rhetoric that has gotten us in this middle east mess. It’s had its day with Obama and is crashing and burning, the pendulum is already swinging back in reaction. All it takes is one hit to our shores and the surge for a much more powerful military will be overwhelming, and I anticipate the hit happening while the weak Obama is still in office..

          • The World can thank Daddy Bush for the Middle East mess and then his idiot son. The Black President will go down in History as the BEST EVER!!!!!!

          • You betray your superficial education. Yes Bush and the GOP are part of the liberal movement and traitors to us all. We all saw Bush’s stripes when he ushered in the Patriot Act. That is why there is this rise against the whole bunch and why both parties are equally afraid of true outsiders like Trump and Cruz.. GOP and Dems want baby Jeb Bush and if not him, Hillary will do, as long as it’s the same old big government big brother status quo. They’re globalists; not for America and have proven they cannot be trusted to do what they were elected to do. They want to further cripple the middle class and enrich their elite pals.
            But I don’t think you care about America. Sounds like you wouldn’t mind if it became just another Europe, in spite of what is happening as a result of their liberal policies.

          • Even I give more than Biden and other liberals ! Lol Ted Cruz 2016 !

          • Ted Cruz is the Worst EVER. He hates the Middle Class and Poor…… a liability to the World and this once Great Country but destroyed under idiots like Bush, Cheney and Reagan….the Senile movie Clown controlled by Oliver North…..who loves to kill innocent People.

          • Substantiate that Cruz hates the middle class and poor. His stance on taxing certainly doesn’t attack the middle class,
            Another bald faced falsehood Pat. I think you just write any old thing here.
            Just giving you a chance to substantiate a little.
            Give up the goods for us.

          • Flash……Libtard Troll Alert ! Flash…….Libtard Troll Alert ! Flash……. Ted Cruz 2016 !!

          • Everybody gives more to charities than Biden, and liberals only give when it’s someone else;s money.

          • 61% of Tea Party members hate Charities and Giving.

          • If they are “Bible clinging” church goers that is completely incorrect. They are family oriented and community minded, build their world around tight communities and helping others. It is liberal government whose aim is to hobble charity organizations so that people will need to turn to gov instead.

            Come on, admit it, you just made that up. But thank you for the opportunity for me to clarify this for others reading this exchange.
            What else you got there my libber fibber.

          • Link please.

          • Herr McCormack…..are U really that stupid? U and Killer Cheney are of the same Mind-Set……Halliburton made Cheney and Bush very Rich for Wars that we LOST. Remember Moron, America has not won a WAR since WW2……and with Trump leading this Country WW3 would be JUST around the corner. Trump has NO Diplomacy…..something Obama could teach this Rich Clown.

          • Obama has actually set us up for more wars than we have ever experienced. We are very likely to be attacked while Obama is still in office. His weakness invites aggression.

        • And America needs him!

          • About like a fish needs a bicycle!

          • Out here in Seattle we have flying fish, therefore, I believe for someone who drinks they probably do see fish riding a bicycle!

          • Try to think bigger here. Trump has already shone a light on how status quo the media is that’s trying to keep their controls over Americans. They have a lot to lose if Trump can close the borders and get our country strong again economically and militarily. Have you noticed how cozy Trump is with Cruz? What if Trump endorses Cruz who has no trouble at all speaking in refined acceptable language
            A flag to watch when it comes to our corrupted media is who among the popular candidates aren’t they covering in flattering terms? Why are the liberals so supportive of Fiorina in spite of her anti abortion stance? Look into her background and see her liberal affiliations going way back. She’s just another RINO posing as an outsider.
            I think you are focusing on Trump’s crass methods and missing how he has already impacted the whole corrupt system.

          • ARE U NUTS……..what for???? World WAR 3 would be just around the Corner with his MOUTH.

          • No, We have already had WW 3, the American Revolution was considered a World War l. We already are ripe for WW 4, and it is already ripe! I have had enough of professional politicians, who lie, cheat and steal. We need someone else! America no longer has any faith and confidence in congress and the politicians. I believe that he would be a better leader than we have or will have in the past 16 years.

        • but for one thing headless—he is his own man—for that along he gets my vote

        • He is also Brilliant, Loves America, will secure our borders,, return power to the States & the People, where it belongs.
          He will bring back industry, jobs & common sense.
          TRUMP ALL THE WAY!!!!

          • ALL THE WAY to international embarrassment,as the rest of the world wonders in jaw-dropping astonishment how mass delusion and insanity could have placed such a buffoonish. crude, bloviating blowhard in the position of President of the U.S.

          • We shall see.

          • At least you HOPE that is the case, eh?

          • With or without scandal, Trump will NOT become President. He is already sliding in the polls but his ridiculous tax plan will give him a temporary boost, after which either (1) he will say enough ridiculous things to scuttle his campaign or (2) he will be blown away by scandal–or both.

          • Best Expressed TRUTH yet. Beautifully Stated!!!!!

          • Trump is the Worst……3 marriages/4 bankrupts/ etc etc…….has NO Diplomacy and the World would once more laught at US.

        • I agree, and love it. So, what is your point?

          I take it you support the 535 Lawyer Politicians in the House & Senate that have failed this Nation in the most egregious way.

          It all boils down to a Balance between Production and Spending. Your lawyers have not a clue as to what this means. However, Mr. Trump does comprehend our financial system.

          Do yourself and everyone else a favor and vote for Trump.

          • Trump also understands the global economy, and that the world runs on money. He admits he isn’t conversant in Muslim, but he sure speaks their second language of money and would know how to make a real deal with other nations in a way that wouldn’t put us at their mercy.

          • You have the point down pat.

            Thanks for the reply.

          • Richard Nixon got his down Pat.

          • Please…….do NOT vote for this Clown…….bankrubbbbbed more then 4 times/on his 3rd wife and not to intellectual with NO CLASS.

          • Provide an alternative. I am willing to listen.
            What I cannot accept is another lawyer or anyone without financial knowledge.
            Our Financial system is in disarray. There is clear and present danger of a Credit Crash. Example. A one percent interest rate hike will tank the Credit Default Swap industry. Specifically the sub-prime auto loan industry, and Student Loan lenders. Then there is the Oil Industry left swinging in the wind. This must be addressed quickly.

            I can present a list that would take you over an hour to read!

            How bad is it? Recall the 535 politicians I spoke to. I would charge the majority of them with sedition. You worry about ‘No Class’, I worry about rioting in the streets. In 2008 we came within three hours of a Credit Crash. We are now on the same road to perdition. What will be the first sign… your local ATM machine will be shut down.

          • The credit default swap industry is a great deal of what is wrong with this country. That “industry” helped produce the Great Recession.

          • Thank you for the reply. Good to know a few people get it.

            I have three sources I pay a substantial amount of money to, though there are newsletters available from them for a lot less. Stansberry & Associates, Bill Bonner & Associates, and the McKinsey Global Report. They are world wide investigative organizations. Over a 30 year period two of them have an accuracy rate of 87 percent. The McKinsey reports are 100 percent as they are compiled from hard data. This agency is rather expensive but know the other two are linked to them so if you are not a high value investor this agency expense is not required.

            I think you may know what the ‘Free’ financial reports are doing. No big deal, I am just jealous.

          • Dr. Ben Carson.

          • You are full of conservative shit.

          • No, I am regular.

            Do you know what SHIT stands for? It is a maritime expression for “Stack Higher In Transit”.
            You should learn to curse in Chinese, far more colorful.

            The Financial Grim Reaper awaits you and no one will shed a tear for the likes of you.

          • See, you’re always wrong!

          • 100 or more companies that succeeded. What has Barry succeeded at prior to becoming president?

          • Your false patriotism is showing.

          • I carry the scars to prove my patriotism. How about you?

          • Yea, your mental scars of being scammed by the very government you can’t decide you hate or love.

        • he IS a little rough around the edges…i am GLAD FOR THAT!..
          i (the country) has had enough of the swinemaster’s elixir.

        • Could be that this bombastic blithering bloviating blowhard is speaking the language that the enraged and desperate understand.

          • Could be–and far more likely IS–that this bombastic blithering bloviating blowhard is
            demagoguing and pandering to a poorly-informed extremist sector that has been sucked into extremist far-right mythologies that will never survive intelligent scrutiny. When so many gullible sheeple have been duped into believing that the President is a Muslim, it is understandable that they can be bamboozled by a bombastic blithering bloviating blowhard!

          • This is the perspective and talking points right now of both GOP and Democrat. They agree with you. They are the status quo establishment who will do anything to keep their power.
            They have joined ranks to squash him.
            this alone gives me pause. He can’t be bought. I agree he is very dangerous but not to Americans.

          • Thanks……….so TRUE!!!!!

          • It’s not a real strain to believe this clown is a muslim when you consider that he stood in front of the American people and very clearly stated that the most beautiful sound he has ever heard is the muslim call to prayer! At best, that would have to be considered a very unusual statement for a self-proclaimed American Christian. Add that to the statement made in one of his two books that were probably written by Bill Ayers when he said, ‘if events in the world turn against the muslim world, I will stand with the muslims’……..also, a very unusual statement from a self-proclaimed American Christian! So he wrote two books? Hard to believe considering that the clown can’t put a good sentence together without the aid of a teleprompter and that sure lends credence to the theory that the books were in fact written by Bill Ayers! Consider that his top senior advisor in the gay hou…….oops…….White House is an Iranian born muslim, who, while she was at Stanford, made more than one statement about how her desire was to see the United States become a more muslim nation and that she would work to make that happen by using our own religion (Christianity) against us! Wonderful lady, huh? Has the president’s ear on all major policy decisions which, quite frankly, scares the hell out of me!!! Consider that he appointed a devout muslim to lead Homeland Security……Jeh Johnson! That should scare the hell out of every ‘sane’ American, including you, ‘headoncrooked’, but from your statements, I find it very easy to include you in the ‘gullible sheeple’ that you are talking about. While I’m on a role, I might also mention that he has an appointed CZAR for sharia law! Why in hell would an American president appoint a muslim CZAR for sharia law and pay him in excess of $100,000 per year to serve in a position that is in direct conflict with our Constitution? Decided to send you some of these little ‘tidbits’ from a ‘sucked in far-right extremeist’! I’m sorry I couldn’t send them in braile, but maybe you can get somebody to read this for you. I understand how hard it must be for you when you have your head stuck so far up your posterior! One more thing for you to ponder…….I bet ‘your’ American, Christian president was ‘shocked’ when he brought the parents of an Army deserter to the Rose Garden for his great announcement that he had secured the release of Sgt. Bergdahl. To get this little terrorist wannabe, dipsh** releases 5 of the most dangerous terrorist leaders imprisoned at Gitmo……whata deal! This little POS deserter converted to islam while in ‘captivity’ and so did his parents. Our gay hou…..ooops…..White House sh** for brains usurper stands by beaming while Bergdahl’s dad takes the mic and speaks in arabic, ending with ‘praise be to allah’! Yep! Our Christian president sure did look shocked when that happened…..NOT!!

          • You show yourself for the duped, gullible sheep you are with your asinine assertion that the President said he would “stand with the muslims'”(sic). That old lie has been around since 2008 and has been decisively refuted time and again. It continues to be ASSerted by right-wing nutjobs like you who simply pick it up from some other right wing nutjob’s comments on some other right wing nutjob-dominated forum. It is patently FALSE. And Jeh Johnson a Muslim? That is the height of absurdity. Where did you find that myth?

          • President Obama clearly promised to never go against the Muslims, “should this get ugly.” His exact words.

          • Cite your SOURCE, Suze. Then we can deal responsibly with this controversy.

            I can assure you that he did not utter the “exact words” you claim him to have said.
            Better be careful with that “exact words” stuff, Suze. You have to put up the goods when you make such a confident claim.

            I will state plainly that you can NOT put up the goods. He did not pledge to “stand with the Muslims” or to never go against the Muslims. Now you try to prove me wrong. If you are so sure he said those things, then you ought to be able to substantiate your claim.

            I get so tired of these viral bogus claims by you ultracons. Now act like an adult and SHOW me something to PROVE what you are asserting.

          • Obama made this statement very early in his tenure as president. I will look for it, but it has been well viewed. Those words stayed with me as an uh oh.

          • I confidently predict that you will search in vain, Suze. Here is some help for you:

            Experience has taught me to be wary of short, one- or two-sentence quotations that are submitted without accompanying written context or without other useful
            information on the setting in which such statements were allegedly made. The BOGUS quote (“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in
            an ugly direction.”) was especially provocative. Having an “inquiring mind” and really wanting to KNOW what lay behind that quotation, I tracked down its
            source and guess what I found? First, I found that the “quote” is not a correct “quote.” Most notably, the word “Muslims” (!) is NOT in the sentence
            purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said (See pages 260-261 of the book):

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly
            the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized American citizens of whatever national origin. Note also, that the “them” (NOT
            “MUSLIMS”) with whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN
            CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of misquoting what Obama
            said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            For nearly 7 years, gullible or dishonest wingnuts have misquoted the President’s statement and despite being shown that the so-called “quote” is bogus, many lying weasels continue to propagate it. See Revelation 21:7!

          • It’s in his book, which you already know about but more importantly and the reason this is a relevant topic here nearly eight years later is that he has done more than write or talk about standing with the Muslims, he is standing with the Muslims by every single choice he has made.
            His sympathies with Muslims is a known commodity now.
            What is your point?

          • Here is what I already know, Suze, and what YOU could already known if you had done some minimal research on this subject. As matters now stand, you are in the embarrassing position of being shown that you have been relying on a viral bogus report that should have died a natural death about 15 minutes after some lying weasel started barfing it up.

            You and others show yourselves for the duped, gullible sheep you are with your asinine assertion that the President said he would “stand with the muslims'”(sic). That old lie has been around since 2008 and has been decisively refuted time and again. He did not pledge to “stand with the Muslims” or to never go against the Muslims. That viral lie continues to be ASSerted by right-wing nutjobs like you who simply pick it up from some other right wing nutjob’s comments on some other right wing nutjob-dominated forum. It is patently FALSE. Obviously you can not defend that old bogus “stand with the Muslims” stuff since you and others neither show nor cite any proof or evidence whatsoever. I have thoroughly checked into the matter and my fact-checking decisively shows that the asinine claim about the President promising to “stand with the Muslims” is a load of the well-known barnyard commodity.

            Experience has taught me to be wary of short, one- or two-sentence quotations that are submitted without accompanying written context or without other useful
            information on the setting in which such statements were allegedly made. The BOGUS quote (“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in
            an ugly direction.”) was especially provocative. Having an “inquiring mind” and really wanting to KNOW what lay behind that quotation, I tracked down its
            source and guess what I found? First, I found that the “quote” is not a correct “quote.” Most notably, the word “Muslims” (!) is NOT in the sentence
            purportedly quoted from Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” Here, in context, is what Obama actually said (See pages 260-261 of the book):

            “Whenever I appear before immigrant audiences, I can count on some good-natured ribbing from my staff after my speech; according to them, my remarks always follow a three-part structure: “I am your friend,” “[Fill in the home country] has been a cradle of civilization,” and “You embody the American dream.” They’re right, my message is simple, for what I’ve come to understand is that my mere presence before these newly minted Americans serves notice that they matter, that they are voters critical to my success and full-fledged citizens deserving of respect.

            “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            That “dark underbelly,” with its forced detention of Japanese AMERICANS, is something this nation should regret and never repeat, and that is clearly
            the kind of thing Obama was opposing as regards treatment of naturalized American citizens of whatever national origin. Note also, that the “them” (NOT
            “MUSLIMS”) with whom Obama committed himself to stand were “newly-minted Americans” and “Arab and Pakistani Americans”–in both cases AMERICAN
            CITIZENS, and in no way subsumed the greater community of non-American Muslims the world over. But, the obvious intent of misquoting what Oba said and leaving out the contextual setting was to cultivate within the unwary reader a false impression that he is committing categorically to stand with Muslims–whatever the issue and whatever the conflict.

            For nearly 7 years, gullible or dishonest wingnuts have misquoted the President’s statement and despite being shown that this so-called “quote” is bogus, many lying weasels continue to propagate it. See Revelation 21:7, Suze, and then get down on your knees and tell God you are sorry for propagating lies about your President and ask forgiveness!

          • Wow was that long.
            i can see this is so important to you. You have presented your case and for me to question your sites would only rile you, which I really don’t want to do.

            But here is the thing, we are all watching Obama and where he is concerning Muslims, and just as important where he isn’t concerning Christians and Jews.

          • For you to question my sites would be a big mistake. But all you need do is to go to page 261 of the book I cited and you will find that the information you relied on for that “quote” from the President is BOGUS.

            Don’t think that “long” reply of mine was specially ginned up for you. I have been using it or a very similar version since about 2008, when I first received that BIG VIRAL LIE from a relative who had been duped, as you and others have been. And the usual response is either insult or denial, since most wingnuts are allergic to the truth in matters of this kind.
            The believe what they believe because they WANT to believe it.

          • You present yourself as knowing all things, and that there is such an animal as an unbiased source.
            What we can do as consumers of information is to purvey the whole field, since only God has the whole picture. I try to get an overall perspective, but the most important thing to pay attention to is what is actually happening, for instance what you hear is going to happen verses what actually happened, and make your own assessment about a source;s credibility. The most important aspect of Obama’s Muslim sympathies has been his choices while in office. There are some events that can’t be spun.

            And, concerning his book, what are you talking about? He says it right there that he would stand with Muslims. He is the one who wrote it.

            and daggone if he hasn’t.

          • You obviously hang around with a bunch of idiots why don’t you try fact checking some of this stuff maybe you’ll learn something. Check out the head of the CIA he’s also a Muslim you need to get your head out of the sand

          • Obviously you can not defend that old bogus “stand with the Muslims” stuff since you neither show nor cite any proof or evidence whatsoever. I have thoroughly checked into the matter and my fact-checking decisively shows that the “stuff” about standing with the Muslims is a load of baloney!

          • You do such a ‘great’ job researching bullsh**, research it yourself!! I’m not your teacher!!

        • His IQ of 156 is in the genius range.

          • That “IQ of 156” has not been verified. It is merely a speculative estimate produced by a psychologist who studied Trump’s background and personality. Neither Trump nor anyone else has released any actual results of any IQ test he has taken. If Trump wanted to show the world how tremendously, amazingly, fantastically HU-U-U-GE his IQ supposedly is, he could arrange to take an IQ test under supervision and release the results publicly.

          • Thar specialist is precisely the person I referred to who made the “speculative estimate produced by a psychologist who studied Trump’s background and personality.” He did not carry out an IQ test and the only valid way of determining a person’s IQ is to administer an IQ test to the person. The specialist would not disagree with that. He woild acknowledge that his conclusion is speculative if he has any professional integrity, which I suspect he does. Everything I said earlier still stands and you ain’t got no gotchas, ken!

          • These same specialist say there is no way to administer an accurate IQ test. Some people have scored as high as 235 and there are seventeen (living) who have scored between 160 and 235.

          • If you believe that there is no way to administer an accurate IQ test, then you must concede that it is even less accurate to merely speculate on someone’s IQ, as the “specialist” discussed above has done.

          • freedomoutpost ken

            If they are specialist who estimate IQs, wouldn’t they be the best ones to evaluate an individual?

          • Perhaps, but not even the best speculation is anywhere near as reliable as an actual IQ test properly administered. May I remind you that your post which first brought up this IQ matter said this:

            “His IQ of 156 is in the genius range.”

            You made a flat-out unqualified statement, with no hint or suggestion that the source of your information merely provided a speculative estimate. I respectfully suggest that you need to be more careful with your “facts.”

          • freedomoutpost ken

            The specialist is confident his professional opinion is quite accurate and that administered test are not always accurate. If the test were accurate individuals would get the same score every time tested, but I would bet the results can have many variations.

        • Trump is entertainment, and not very good entertainment at that! These cons are so very stupid!

      • And just where do you get this info about his IQ? From him? And you believe a narcissist? Do you believe anything Obama says? Well, Obama is a narcissist. Guess what..YOUR new messiah is a narcissist too. He lies and lies. I have caught him in lies. But go on…be a “useful idiot” to Trump..just like all those “useful idiots” of Obama.
        Have you EVER listened to Trump speak? His vocabulary is that of a 4th grader! And you believe he has a high IQ? Well, I can tell you one thing..his EQ is in the toilet!

        • Whartons School of Buisiness

          • Read his Whole Story……Trump is a Moron.
            Daddy paid for him to make it through Whartons…..a Paid-Off education.

          • Degrees don’t matter if you can’t make it in the real world. You sound like an elite snob with all that degree superiority.

          • And just who runs that School of Business? Leftists? hmmm? Do you trust leftists to tell the truth?

          • It’s a matter of record. Argue with them. My IQ is only 136. I managed to fly fighters in 2 wars, survived IBM sales for 15 years and had my own business for 35 years. He must be pretty sharp to make the money he’s made, but more than that we need a fierce fighter ,in my opinion, to change Washington. I was hoping Cruz would be the nominee but , we’ll see.

          • And..could it not, also, be his corruption, that got him, as far as, he has gotten?

          • Prove corruption. He’s never been investigated nor indicted. Never heard of any “corruption “

        • You are too into the vernacular he uses; what has he discerned that the so called smarter politicians aren’t getting? The definition of intelligence is not in how polished someone is but how they are able to navigate/manipulate their environment, how they handle challenges and turn them to their advantage. What people get from his lack of polished political gab is an affirmation that he is the real deal. They trust him, that’s why he can say, “You’re gonna love what I do when I am the president” and they believe him.They know him from way back. He isn’t purely conservative nor liberal, he wants to get us back on track and he cannot be bought.
          When people get this pressed and betrayed by one sweet talking corrupt politician after another and lied to by journalists who are supposed to hold these guys accountable, they say, “Screw the PC rules. We want somebody for us for a change.”

          • The fact that he is a narcissist, just like Obama..because all narcissists say and do the exact same things…is enough to tell me, I do not want him, as my President. Read up on all his lies, about the Bible, and church! And how he thinks he is a perfect man, who does not need to ask God, for forgiveness! If that does not make you see the light, then you are lost.

            Obama said all the things the people wanted to hear.
            Trump says all the things, the people want to hear.
            Two peas in a pod..a narcissistic pod. Neither cares about you, or this country. All they care about is themselves…power…and money!

            I would also, never vote for a man, who has had 3, or 4 wives. That is very telling!

        • Another Idiot writing SHIT!!!!! Obama makes YOU look pretty stupid…..U worthless American and Hater. Get educated before opening your mouth……MORON!!!!!

          • @Pat McIntyre sound like a leftist who cannot debate, so you name call!
            I AM educated. I RESEARCH my candidates.
            Your statement about TEA party members hating charities, and a LIE. Conservatives give much more money, to charities than the left. FACT!

            So, I guess you are right down there with the Prince of Lies! You, and your illegal President, that is. Take the scales off your eyes, and the cotton out of your ears, and learn the TRUTH. Otherwise you are going to burn in hell…just like the rest of the progressive/socialist/communist/ narcissists… and baby killers.

          • Pat doesn’t substantiate. I have asked him several times, and he just gets upset.

          • Hey, you’re sounding pretty smart there Skippy. Actually Obama makes YOU look pretty stupid.

      • How do you know Trump’s IQ is 156? I could say my IQ is 500 but I would need to have an impartial person conducting a test. He is probably a smart man but I doubt he has an IQ as high as Ben Carson’s. (I really would like to know how Mr. Trump’s IQ is known.)

        I really don’t think a massive IQ matters when it comes to being president. We need an honest, truthful, humble yet strong, person who is sure of himself without being arrogant and self aggrandizing or ill tempered. Most of us are tired of the insults to people who disagree with any candidate.

      • Shut up Jim, enough of you and your shit for brains comments!

    • Well said, Francisco!!!

    • I couldn’t have worded it better!!

    • Right On!!!!!

    • AMEN Francisco AMEN !!

    • If the election process is not corrupted, then it really doesn’t matter what the Media, Democrats, the GOP, or even Soros wants.

      It will be what the people want…

      BUT, I think the process is corrupt.. I believe the Media, Democrats, GOP, Unions, Schools, Courts, are all controlled by the same interests.. They are all controlled by people with an agenda to CONTROL the people of the United States, not do the wishes of those people…. Our Government is no longer of the people and for the people….

      Our Government is now all about CONTROLLING the people, and abusing the fruits of our labor…

      We the People are making one really bad assumption right now… We think these people are keeping each other honest… BUT, if you think about it, Dems=GOP=MEDIA. They are not watching each other to keep them honest….

      These people are NOW COUNTING THE VOTES,,

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      Joseph Stalin

      • Francisco Sperandeo

        You are not alone my friend! This is why Trump is more a movement than a Candidate. Looks to me to be a peaceful REVOLUTION! If this proves corruption and we continue on the current path with the citizens of this country getting the short end of the deal, I shutter to think what the next revolution might be this nations true citizens are totally FED UP with how we are being governed. We send a clear message to DC in November and we are completely ignored! I think the Speaker realized the fight on its way!

        • What the “established” politicians of both parties, “elites” and rubber-stamping media are really fearfull of is another spokesman arising, galvanizing the seething resentment and frustration of growing public opinion toward the the aforementioned. The Donald’s no holds barred, take no crap from anyone, no matter the consequences, honestly, candid, common sense approach; plus keeping his cards close to his chest rather than reveal them so early in the campaign, thus depriving them of targets, drives them bonkers. They also fear The Donald will encourage others to forcefully and vocally to show similar back-bone as most liberals “can’t handle the truth” of their totalitarian, intolerant agenda.

          • Francisco Sperandeo

            Yes , he is truly galvanizing the core resentment voters that are fed up with both the GOOD OLE BOYS CLUBS! Why Trump stays solidly in his numbers. My fear is these 2 rising minority candidates Fiorina and Rubio fools a lot of the voters into believing they are truly outside options when in fact they are riding Trumps wave. Totored by the GOP establishment.

          • Every one had better read up on Carly Fiorina and see how amazing she thinks the muslim civilization is! !7 days after 911 she wrote an article about the great muslim culture!! EVERYONE who thinks she is a Christian had better read all they can on her, I think she could make the evil Killary look good!!.

          • Francisco Sperandeo

            Fiorina was on the JV stage and outshines the other also rans. Not great but after Fox was hammered for Trumps treatment and the lack of support for their man BUSH they needed to find someone to battle Trump. All of a sudden she gets a lot of money and gets moved to the big stage even before she had the numbers. Then she gets to the debate and it was obvious how the questions were used to set her up on issues she was schooled on! I just think she has become the RINOs hope to unseat Trump playing the poor female role. Need to be careful like you said. I worked for a female CEO and she appeared outside to be the nicest, sweetest person in the company. Behind doors was another story RUTHLESS driven and would step on anyone!

          • voteing for her has never nor will it ever inter my mind

          • I agree with you.
            She is there as a foible to killary….just in case…
            She is about power & prestge, NOT America.

          • And to think the Muslims think of her as nothing more than a cow. The Muslims have a 1,401 year history of “Rape, Murder, Pillage”. Mohammad died in 632. Within 100 years they came near to conquering the known world. Islam does not separate Religion, Culture, and Politics. It is one and the same to them.

            Those who cannot comprehend this deserve to lose their head as they are but fools.

          • islam is not a religion, it is a theocracy led by the mullah, subverting human rights using sharia law, and supported by a godless and brutal military. Obama is an example, he fails to follow our basic laws, destroys our military, ignores our laws and fosters the use of schools and our gov agencies to promote a fundamental change of American culture to islam;s theocracy and repressive way of life. Carson has it right, we can’t have another muslim as president.

          • Right on target. Dr. Carson presented a veiled warning.

            Thank you for the response.

          • They are both RINOs. After what Fiorina did to HP would not consider her for dog catcher. And, yes, I know her. We both played in the same sandbox.

        • the one thing this nation dose not need is more lawyers in charge—no life time people in office—its need a way smaller goverment

      • freedomoutpost ken

        We can all thank Ross Perot for starting this downward spiral or maybe we should blame ourselves for voting or not voting for Perot.

        • I personally know Mr. Perot as a competitor. Beat out his company twice. Found him to be gracious and without guile.

          When he ran for President found everything he said to have come true. If anything he understated the consequences.

          It is true he helped usher in Clinton. The Republican House & Senate helped keep Clinton in line – somewhat. Perot was truly afraid of another Bush Presidency. I could provide informed speculation but nothing that can be proved. You might consider Clinton & Bush became bosom buddies.

          Nothing is as it seems!

          • My reply was a bit sarcastic, realizing that both Clinton and Bush Sr. were bad choices for America. More voters should have realized voting for Perot could have stopped both of them. Notice my last comment, “for voting or not voting for Perot”. Everything is as it seems, “They are ALL crooks.”

          • Did not take it that way at all. It just so happens I have personal knowledge of the events.

            Perot as President would have saved our Nation from a lot of misery. You are also correct in saying things have devolved since his time.

            With out going into it the following capsolizes the problem. The new Monetary System established in 1971 absolutely requires that Production & Spending be kept in Balance.

      • I believe we are at a turning point and we the people can turn this around. Not too long ago, in the seventies, this country looked like it could never get beyond its liberal bent, but then the pendulum started swinging back, as it will, and I think the climate is ripe for that shift in power again. And from what I can see in the media’s reaction and the GOP deer-in-the-headlight incredulity, something has got them acting pretty desperate.

      • Are you ALREADY getting preparing yourself to “explain” why the next President will be a Democrat?

    • Francisco, you’re spot on. Great post

    • Trump 2016> he’s not from Kenya OR Arkansas

    • Trump is anything but an idiot. Just look at how much attention he has drawn to the republican race and made his name known even to low information citizens, how much light he has shone on media bias, how deftly he has blown PC to pieces, and how even if we hadn’t thought to vote for him, we feel like defending him. This guy is brilliant.

      • Francisco Sperandeo

        Exactly p, and why I feel he would be the best option to restore this Nation. What really sold me was watching his interviews from 25+ years ago with his passion, message, and hopes were the same back then before what has destroyed us today. We all know he is smart, successful, and passionate but the concern was his sincerity. But with the money, success, and everything he ver needed already achieved that he truly wants his legacy to be MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Even if for some reason he does not win I thank him for waking up so many in this Nation to the obvious, that the country is broken beyond our worse fears!

        • What Trump has understood is the priority of dealing with our immigration problem, because if we don’t we literally are through as a nation.
          And his credibility is wanting to do this and in being able to do this is what is earning him followers. Other politicians are watching how this issue is resonating and it’s serving to shape their approach. The other no brainer attached to Trump is how great he would be economically, not just in this country, but globally, and in the end, that’s the basis of global good relationships: money. I wish he could clean up his mouth a bit, but that is part of the reason we believe him, because he is so candid.

          • love it—I will close the border my first day in office—-an that can not come soon enough

          • He has already brought out how immigration is no longer talked about like an impossible issue to deal with (what the establishment wants us to believe) but one that MUST be taken care of, that our laws must be enforced. And now all the other candidates, as well as congress have to deal with that new consciousness insistence from Americans. Trump has already done this much. Not to mention how he has shot PC to shreds. Thank God.

        • We are badly banged up, but We are Not Broken.
          Not by a long shot.:-))

        • The Trump problem : On his personal and business level, he visualizes how to get from A to E. It is the B, C, D that will stymie the “E” result. With his business dealings, the deal revolved around him (individualism), his finances, partners, the partners finances, buyers, sellers and the negotiation table. It was all about the deal and making a profitable deal. Everyone had something on the table. Some left with more ; some left with less. The crux of the B, C & Ds’ will be the establishment R’s & D’s…the DC Cartel part…..(yeah, there is money in their game), the House of Representatives and the Senate. Of the most importance is the Constitution. There is no negotiation to the Constitution. There is no ‘art of the deal’ with the Constitution. The Constitution does not leave anything at the table.
          I have heard, every Monday, Donald Trump whine (talk,talk,talk,) for a few years and do nothing but play the stupid apprentice show. I never saw one episode. Where was he when NY needed him for Governor ? or Mayor ? Too risky for his ego ? I do not think the Donald Trump machinations in the business world prove him to be a “Constitutional Conservative” President. This is….exactly what the country needs….a constitutional conservative….and I see all of this in Sen. Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is the champion of the Constitution. He is..the Donald Trump of the Senate. Trumps words have been Ted Cruz’s ACTIONS. For me, “Acta non Verba” That is for who my “primary” vote will be cast. Ted Cruz 2016 !

          • Francisco Sperandeo

            That may very well be true but my concern is he has been a part of the Senate for awhile. Where was he before he threw his name into the race for president? He is however on my VERY SHORT list. Trump, Carson, Cruz! I’m just not sold on a career politician. Where is his money coming from? Has to have LOBBYIST money in that war chest.

          • You said, “Cruz! I’m just not sold on a career politician. Where is his money coming from? Has to have LOBBYIST money in that war chest.”

            And I think it is possible his friend Trump could set him free of lobbyists if Trumps numbers decline and Trump’s concern for the country is that it shouldn’t go to the commies.

          • No disrespect….but seriously ? 19 months as a Senator and from day one (1) he has been breaking the establishment’s balls. You call that a career politician ?!! His finances have been basically garnered from businesses, PAC’s and people…like me. This applies for Carson and Fiorina also. This information is all over. Search it out and when you have done so, come back and talk Issues and Actions.

          • Francisco Sperandeo

            Jan, I did not dispute Cruz and he is #3 on my short list. My issue with him is just with him already in DC. I’m strictly looking at outsiders, but if I have to vote for a POLITICIAN Ted Cruz would be the only one! Originally he was my first choice. Then I started following Trump his history and how much both sides are scared to death of him. I would love to have Trump/Cruz ticket or Trump/Carson, Carly I just have a bad feeling about. Do not think we would have a Cruz/Trump ticket. I may be wrong but I do not believe he would accept Vice President position. He would just as soon.bow out and support Cruz. You do not need to sell me on Cruz, I just believe Trump would be the way to go with Cruz VP and heir to the seat.

    • Mr. And Mrs. and the up coming generation, the ones that have a mind and not had a communist professor , WANT Donald Trump!!! They see the political sewer rats in the W.H. giving America to obummer to give to the muslims! The young men don’t want their wives dress in rags and the women don’t want to be dressed in and covered in rags! Trump is one of the smartest men in America or he wouldn’t be so wealthy! They cannot buy him and America is the country he loves so dearly! Francisco Sperandeo you have written a truly amazing article! The rest of America is not that intelligent!!

    • I got your back Francisco, I think Trump is the only way to go. No more dynasties…Bush nor Clinton…Trump in 2016 Trump/Carson might be good Trump/Cruz too…

    • If the progressives take the White House for 4 years or definitely 8 years, we will have a progressive Supreme Court. Then we be will be in deep trouble.

      • an you think we are not now with a left voting one?you been some where?

        • The court was right wing leaning before Obama’s NSA got some dirt on Roberts, why would he change his conservative outlook, and go against the principles of the court not making laws, but interoperating the Constitutions rules? Think what 9 lefties would do.

    • No one could have said it better.
      Trump all the way!!
      Fiorina is a dangerous joke.
      I would vote for another bush first! (I can’t stand bush!!)

    • trump has had an epiphany. same as kim davis

    • Well said. I agree, TRUMP is the man to bring back the USA to be great again.
      Other candidates are wasting their time and money. Scott Walker made the smart move. Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindall and Ted Cruz are NOT eligible. Even if they are, I will still vote for TRUMP. Jeb Bush is a RINO

    • You may not be wrong Francisco. You make more sense than heads on straight and that is fact.

      • Francisco Sperandeo

        Thanks, unlike a lot of liberals I like to listen to both sides. Then when adequate international I try and make an honest decision. Today I was talking Trump with another at a medical facility. This other man walks up and hears our conversation. As soon as he heard TRUMP he went off ranting out the box! Trump is a F-ing Idiot! Blah Blah! I immediately stopped the conversation and walked away. Time and again it has been proven you can’t talk, reason, or sway one that has that much bias already built up! I did not talk about any good Trump has done behind the scenes documented. I just said, one of the most successful, richest, sharpest minds in the world, if he’s an IDIOT then sign me up! Then walked away! So many people believe that Trumps APPRENTICE persona is the way he is in real life! It was entertainment and a show. Problem is you and I know the Democrats, RINOs, and Media has over a year to keep hacking at him trying to topple him. I just hope he can weather the storm and make it to when real issues are on the table and he has schooled himself! I know I will try and do my little part. STAY TUNED!!!

        • You seem to be a very well adjusted liberal Francisco. By that I mean that you can reason and think for yourself . That is in my opinion one major reason why so many people have grown cold toward anyone that even looks like a liberal might look now.
          Everyone that I know supports Donald Trump. Not one person that we know stands by any of the rest of the candidates except for a very few that still want Ron Paul. Not Rand-Ron. Some people just seem to be a little slower than others-:) Politics as usual got America into this mess. Politics as usual can not get us out or save our Nation.

          • Francisco Sperandeo

            LOL, let me clear this up. I am not a liberal by a long shot. Guess I needed more punctuation!

          • LOL. Thanks for the clarification. Well said. Yes, the Liberal politicians and most I hear or read from all seem to be mentally defective. I wondered for a while if it was due to drug’s? now I just think they are literally delusional. Anyone that falls for this current administrations BS is out of their rabbit eared minds in my opinion but I try to get along with most people if I can.

  5. Democraps want another stupid nigger

  6. The only one who has been addressing only the issues is Cruz. People need to pay attention rather than concentrating on this BS back and forth.

  7. Francisco Sperandeo

    Nice listening to intelligent informed conversations! I do not claim to know it all or am correct, however I think I can read people fairly well. I know I was correct about the current White House occupant. Just imagining what President Trump would be able to accomplish make one feel there is truly hope!

  8. If one sits and thinks really hard: I think that most of the bullshit that has come about, is the direct result of Mr Trump being a self sufficient man. Everyone hates the fact that he DOESN’T NEED ANYONE’S FINANCIAL BACKING, and therefore, CAN’T be bought! Most contributors are of the mind, “After I donate these thousands of dollars to your campaign, just remember what you said you’d do for me, should you win!” That in itself is exactly what has kept politics so f…ed up!!

    • I agree and we need to unite and vote for Trump! I have 2 dem family members that I have convinced Trump should be our next president.

  9. You know what? Anybody with half a brain, I am talking about all the folks commenting here and MILLIONS of others, knows that we are being LIED to by almost EVERYONE in Government and in the MEDIA. Trump is HATED by them because he tells the truth. We ALL need to do EVERYTHING we can to see that TRUMP gets elected. He is our ONLY hope to get things turned around. Promote him, talk about him, change minds and inform people who are too asleep or too dumb to realize what’s at stake. Let’s do EVERYTHING we can to get him elected !!

  10. Trump has turned into a WHINER!

  11. This country was ONCE considered a Super Power! No one messed with those people in the United States of America. Now?? Ha! Now we’re considered the laughing stock of the universe, and all because of one little rabbit eared, halfbreed socialist whose main goal since childhood has been to destroy the US… And thanks to We The Lazyassed People, he’s doing a mighty fine job of it. Martial law is at our doorstep!!! 🙁

  12. They are purposely trying to divide the republicans because they want Bush or some other patsy. The people do not!.

  13. Trump made a deal with the Clintons to cause chaos in the GOP. As soon as he loses his appeal to the majority of the GOP, he will abandon ship and run as an Independent. It does not matter what he signed. He will claim that the establishment teamed up against him and use that excuse to run as an Independent. Hell, the Clinton Foundation is probably paying for his campaign. Anything to assure a Hillary victory. What they did not forsee is Obama supporting Biden when Hillary’s stupidity caught up with her.

    • Donald asked Bill if he should run, Bill said yes. Never underestimate Bill Clinton. Trump should stick to failing casinos. And I thought the house always wins.

  14. The Bill O’reilly opinion show is now formally on my OFF list.The spin stops there. Trump is not a buffoon as people like to insinuate.
    The only problem I see with this campaign is the are just too many GOP candidates.

    • The people who consider trump a buffoon had better think of what they have in life! He was intelligent enough to make enough money he isn’t begging for money kike all the others are, 28 , 18, 10, 8, letters every day asking for donations and want it like a payment !! Trump has not asked for 1 penny! And Carly Fiorina with all the money HP paid her to get rid of her is still begging for money from people on fixed incomes and no matter how hard up you are they keep sending letters every day , plus the 49cent stamp for all their senseless surveys that they don’t even read!!!

  15. It would be nice if this post had mentioned the fact that Rupert Murdoch is/was trying to get Michael Bloomberg to run for the Democratic nomination. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox Network and Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly work for him. Not to mention Murdoch BOUGHT his American citizenship. So much for Fox being conservative. They’re in the RINO box.

  16. Let’s see where the House goes next.

  17. Francisco Sperandeo

    Take a perfect intelligent conversation from truly concerned citizens throw in a naked racial comment and it ruins it for everyone and makes all us conservatives look like racist fools! Being Black is not Obamas Failure! His action, beliefs, and agendas are his and OUR failures! I did not dislike him for color but what he stood for. Once elected I had hopes he could unite the nation like no other before him! He took an opportunity to go down in history side by side with Dr King, instead his Racist hatred and distain for America put him into the short list of the WORST PRESIDENTS EVER if not the lead Dog!

  18. You would think that Fox has it’s hands full enough with kissing the azz of this homo and abortion loving pope they so adore.

  19. Fox is RINO Broadcasting Inc. Their orders come from the GOP which has damaged us as bad or worse than the dimmercrats. Rand for POTUS!!

  20. No we won’t, Bush or Fiorina would be as bad as Hillary.

  21. “Fox News has long been an oasis in a vast liberal desert”. Yeah, an island in the ocean of liberalism… Except for it sank a long time ago, and now is as liberal as CNN, except for much less entertaining to watch

  22. The thin skinned need not apply!! Old saying do not pick a fight with anyone that buys the ink by the barrel that applies more today in a 24/7 news media!! Trump is beginning to show the unthinking are that it takes more than ANGER to get elected!! You need to be presidential before you get in office!! EGO isn’t enough just ask 0!!!!!

  23. Let us get rid of that loud enraged pig face of Trump throwing insults with his low-IQ bloviations!

  24. Shaping up to be the biggest thing Trump has done in addition to drawing attention to the Republican presidential race has been to force the media to show its very unattractive underbelly of agenda.

    The fact that he is so obviously an outsider and has run on the benefits of not being controlled by special interest groups or the status quo, also means that anyone who opposes him or any network who doesn’t cover him, puts them in the position of appearing like they are.
    And their bias and frustration in not being able to control Trump is on display.

    We find ourselves rooting for Trump even if we hadn’t considered voting for him, because we have really had enough of these political driven news outlets.

    And I personally resent Fox News whose logo is “We Report, You Decide” abandoning even the appearance of that integrity.

    Why don’t they do just that with Trump. Let him come on and be himself, ask real questions and let him freely discuss his views, and then let other candidates do the same, and let Americans make their own choices. But maybe, and this is important, Fox doesn’t want to take that chance, that in allowing Trump to make his case, even more people will join the movement.

    Trump has shone a spotlight on Fox NOT behaving with any more journalistic ethics than the liberal networks. And even if we have reservations about Trump and don’t end up voting for the man, FOX has taken a profound hit with their conservative viewers.

  25. Fox wants Bush…..well, it isn’t just Trump vs Fox….it is a large majority of Independents and Moderate Republicans. So, they want the big push to open the border worse than it exists….TO HELL WITH FOX!!

  26. Don’t watch FOX anymore since first debate. Noticed how they just like all media have an agenda therefore selected canidates. Not sure who owns FOX but that’s who really calls the shots, signs the checks. This will be the most important election not only in our life time but for all generations to come. Now is not the time to trust man before GOD. We conservatives have our our trust in so many politicians in the past and look where that has taken us. Its time Americans stand together against the Liberals true agenda “slavery for all.”

  27. Trump vs. Fox News is like a fight in the Gladiator arena.

  28. Fox news and Rich Lowrey are being dishonest. They are constantly telling us Trump is no conservative. Trashing everything he does. At the same time they are fawning over Carly Fiorina. She is no conservative. She wrote a policy paper in 2010 Praising Obama on Common Core. She is part of the establishment not an outsider. She was a big part of the McCain and Romney campaigns. Also involved in the NRSC. So why are they anti Trump and Pro Fiorina. Because Fiorina will do the establishments bidding and no have to worry about the American People. I do not trust her. And anyone who is thing about voting for her better read up on her back ground. You will find that she is not all she claims to be. Trump I believe is a man of his word and I trust him. If Fox continues to trash him, they are going to lose me as a paying customer, who has watched Fox for yrs. Go Trump 2016

  29. We simply do not watch the Kelly show anymore as she is a perfect example of power corrupts. At the beginning she was informative now she is a bossy know it all who passes judgement on everyone she disagrees with. She belongs on MNSBC where she would fit right in with the rest of the phonies!

  30. I think Fox as well as the other media outlets are trying to take control of our decisions. Trump is not an entertainer nor is he one to be controlled by media or polls. I sure hope he reads this stuff because I do not watch Megan Kelly anymore but O’Reilly is still on my list to watch. I don’t know how long but right now he is still a contender. Everything Trump has said has not swayed my decision…it has reinforced my decision to VOTE FOR HIM. You all just wait and see…if you don’t think he has proposals and plans and strategies being developed…then you don’t know who you are talking about. This is TRUMP for goodness sakes. He will come out strong with Policies that will knock your socks off. As for being Politically Correct..I don’t think so…and I am glad. As for being able to work with World Leaders?????? Are you guys for Real???? He didn’t become the person he is by not being liked. We don’t need someone to be in the Presidential Office to be ‘LIKED’. I want someone to be there to be RESPECTED AND a contender and REPRESENTING AMERICA’S INTERESTS. Fox News…you had better start taking your BIAS out of your shows and be FAIR AND BALANCED…You want BUSH….AMERICA does not!.

  31. I don’t like Trump. I have watched and waited to see a change. He is still the same bully and egoist.

  32. Trump supporters support Trump’s bullying tactics toward dissent; love a sales pitch; are bored with details; have short attention spans. Trump is selling them a dream with NO specifics. NONE of us knows what he will really do, because he will hire people to advise him and THEY will have more voice than the people, and supporters will get Trump’s wrath if they disagree with him/them.

    • Look at some of the nasty things John Adams said about Thomas Jefferson. One statement comes to mind:
      Adams said in the 1798(?) Debates.
      That if you voted for Jefferson your wives and daughters may end up being sold on the open market.
      Politics has always been a nasty game………..
      I say let them all have a lick w/the Big Stick, see who is stout enough.

  33. Well Said, Jim ! Trump still has my vote, because he listens to us & won’t back down, when bullied! We are sick of the libtard BS, & want our Jobs & Country BACK! Bush is too weak. Cruz is better than Carson or Florina, but I’d settle for them, if Trump quits.

  34. Fox is repub establishment. Owner of Fox (News Corp) Murdock and his hatchet man Ailes have no intention for anyone to disturb the sweet nest they have within the establishment. Fox talks a good talk – but follow them with an educated ear and you will soon learn they are more of the same. More citizens MUST get it through their thick skulls that BOTH parties support the overall New World Order through which they believe they will come out as favorites in the “winners” circle of global control.

  35. Trump needs to get tougher skin if he can’t even handle what’s been put out already. Suing Club for Growth, Univision and now continuing fighting with FOX… What is he going to do when the Dems tear into him? With the baggage he has?!?
    He also needs to figure out what he’s going to say and really SAY something instead of blathering & bloviating.We need to know what he’s “for” and what he’s going to do , etc. especially as he’s quite new to being conservative & definitely new to politics.
    We’ve already put up with 1 unknown/unvetted ass, we definitely don’t need another even with a R after his name!

  36. Anyone that votes for fiorina is voting for the muslim takeover of America! She is completely pro muslim. Trump is for America!

  37. Francisco Sperandeo

    Just seen a report by NBC that Carson has passed up Trump in the latest polls. Guess it depends on who does the poll!

  38. Here I thought Riley had power as the most watched cable program! Seems that he had his wings clipped out from out of him. He is no longer balanced. I still had hopes for him, however, the Bush man with the white clipboard who evidently cannot remember anything without his talking points, why they love him I do not know.
    Goodbye FOX, and the Republican Party that has started to lean heavily on Trump. I had an open mind prior to this week that FOX and the Republican Party would stand-up and be honorable… it seems that if they cannot control him and that is very good for the American people.

  39. marla1.Economically we have a bigger problem.There are now 10,000 boomers retiring every day.
    This does two things.They are receiving benefits from a fund that s almost broke and two,they are no longer paying taxes as earners. So where can that led the country.

  40. more needed than fox news–really?–fox has been moving left since the judge-an beck were let go—your blind if you can not see it—-their goal is moving left to where their owner sits

  41. Fox is partially owned by the saudis ,,does this answer your questions on why they support JEB ..i do believe the Bushs are faithful believers in islam.

  42. Go Trump!!! Fox has been having a field day with their pundunts trying to hit on Trump. I used to think Krauthammer was very likeable, but he is just a Dem claiming to be an Ind. he is no longer trustworthy, he is just spouting the same old liberal nonsence out of his mouth. I no longer respect him.. Fox news has gone way too far left since their change-over. they are no longer something to watch to see “fair and balanced” news. It is very liberal, full of lies .

  43. The writer fails to mention Sen. Ted Cruz for 2016. Hmm, I am highly offended and skeptical of this writer and the “Patriot News Daily” especially for putting Bush’s (establishment) name even in the mix. It’s Ted Cruz 2016, all the way. We are not doing the ‘Jeb walk’ ! If Jebbie wins the primary, it will be through collusion and deceit. I know it….We’ll stay out of the Presidential part of the voting ballot if it goes down that way. The Bush money machine has already, months ago, bought out ‘Concerned Veterans for America’ and many others. I suspect this one (PND), too. Ted Cruz 2016.

  44. Trump should really ignore and or take with a grain of salt the media and others attacking him. It is being used as a diversion and distraction to take him off point. If it takes his energy away from campaigning to rebuke the comments then their plan is working as the voters get bored easily and just move on to the next candidate as you can see his poll numbers are dropping since the attacks began. Just have the campaign manager rebuff the accusations and keep Trumps name out of it. The less attention the better let it be a nonissue. Not everything needs to be responded to.

  45. If you want to unite the party, then support Trump. Reiance, and Karl Rove want to control him like they do Bush and the other losers running. Trump has created an Army of Loyal Followers that hates the GOP 62% and I think it is more. Add to this Army a plethora of independents who know that establishment elites in DC must go, as in the case of Boehner,[plus McConnell and any other traitors] .Trump has them all running to the toilet every time he makes a statement. So if they had any sense, they’d back him and let him turn his sharp tongue on Hillary, loser Biden [who isn’t even running] and the socialist idiot, Bernie Sanders. The GOP leadership is making fools of themselves. They have the most powerful candidate in the nation, and they are trying to shoot him in the back. WHY??? Only because they can’t control him like all other’Politicians”. I put all my financial support behind Trump, and none to the elites trying to Jap him. I even hear long time Democrats doing the same. The nation is sick and tired of the lies from the elites who have sold this nation to the third world. W e trust in Trump to once again show the world America is still strong. Bush and the dough boy from Jersey don’t have his power or presence. Fiorina has already said her piece in June 2015 about how she loves the muslims.
    We have had enough of muslims trashing our nation. TRUMP is the only person in the US who speaks for a majority of Americans, and that’ because he is NOT politically correct, and we also love that.

  46. Francisco Sperandeo

    I was wondering how long it would take before some liberal idiot would TROLL and find this post. Then start stirring the pot of negativity! They cannot stand the TRUTH and most likely think Hillary is not a lying corrupt entitled politician! Very simple really, if you are not for Trump, Carson, Fiorina and maybe Cruz then you are part of the PROBLEM and are not worth getting into a debate with because to much KOOL AID has been ingested already!

  47. Fox News has always been WAY TOO FAR TO THE LEFT. And over the years they kept winnowing out the Conservative Spokespersons and moving farther and farther to the left. When they got rid of Glenn Beck that pretty much sealed the deal for my wife. Then they ADDED Megyn Kelly and she always a Communist. They always bring on those Communist guests and the Communists never let the conservatives say anything. The hosts always let the Communists control the show and they always talk over the conservatives. The Hosts never take control of the show and give the conservatives a chance to say anything. I quit watching them a long time ago. My wife was fed up with them too.

  48. The more the left and the rino’s and media try to belittle him that makes it even more assured he is the man for the job. We have a foreign exchange student who is nothing but a lying low life reprobate pos sitting in the white house. And, They have a problem with Mr. Trump. The problem should be with the pos in the white house and the scum in the senate and house. Speaking of house, Donald will clean up the garbage. The garbage that talks will end up in court for high crimes and misdemeanors and treason.

  49. Ask Yourself—-Why are all the “powers that be” so afraid of this Man?

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  50. Mcintyre, not going to stoop to Ur level but since U dont know Saddam Hussein used his WMD son Iran and killed thousands of them and he also used them on the Kurds his own people, not wasting any more time on U . Ur a misguided Dem that lost ur way……………..

  51. Trump has been the only candidate so far to emphasize a solution for the failed border security in which we are inviting invading felon aliens to come to our country where we will support them with every free thing known paid by U.S. taxpayers. We are tired of this blatant violation of U.S. Immigration law by the POTUS and Democrat Party.

    Then he correctly identifies the scandal and provides a solution for the horror facing American veterans at hospitals which were made and paid to take care of their medical needs, but instead they lied and put them on lists, then threw away the lists and numerous vets died before they received medical treatment. I always knew the government was incompetent but thought there was one thing the government did correctly, and that was care of my fellow vets. Apparently, this was an illusion. The government did not take care of vets, but actually killed them through neglect. Trump promised to build new hospitals and change the attitude and running of the health care for vets.

    I hope he will bring out other issues as we progress in this long campaign time.

    Fox News has no business picking a horse in this race, but is supposed to be “Fair and Balanced.” On the one hand it has a Megyn who frolics with Howard Stern speaking about her increased breast size when she was pregnant (duh?) and her husband’s body part size. Then sodomite Shepherd Smith has a leftist perverted agenda and rants which are not and never have been and never will be “fair and balanced.” I don’t watch either one on Fox News any longer, in fact, I haven’t watched Fox News since the debate last held on the network.

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  53. Thanks but no thanks- I will not take Bush or Carly both of whom are Rino’s both of whom the GOP wants to shove down our throats. I’ll take those that speak their minds and buck the system like Trump, Cruz or Carson. I want to see America back again and stronger then ever. That means we need strong leadership.

  54. This was a ho-hum article at best, and the last paragraph was the worst. Suggesting that conservatives would be happy to vote for Bush if it came down to a Bush/Clinton choice is ridiculous. Either way we would be faced with the same continuing agenda, as one is just as bad as the other, and a RINO Republican is just one step away from a radical leftist liberal. Conservatives will not vote for Bush, so would vote for the best 3rd party candidate who remains standing – whomever he or she might be. True conservatives are sick and tired of being marginalized and disenfranchised. Don’t be fooled into believing the same old train of thought that the only way to keep the Demoncrat contender from winning is to vote for the establishment RINO Republican candidate that the GOP hierarchy chooses. Those who would cast their vote for Bush, rather than a good 3rd party candidate, would be the ones throwing their votes away and likely ensuring Hitlery’s election. Think about it.

  55. Smartest thing that Trump said lately is let Putin take care of ISIS

  56. From what we have witnessed daily since the first debate on Fox and since that time, Fox news has consistently done what they can short of downright slander to alienate viewers from Mr. trump. When Donald J. Trump says that they have “treated him badly” it is obviously true. Being long time fans of that network and news program my family and friends have become annoyed and angry about their current unfair treatment of this man as well as their over all change in program of late. Fox has lowered their standards. I took up for them many times in past when liberals said bad things about them but now I can’t defend their behavior or their remarks. Knowing many viewers of Fox feel exactly as we do I must only assume that Fox believes they have become so big and wealthy that they aren’t capable of failure or of falling from their lofty height. There is an old saying – the bigger you are the harder you fall . When you are on top there is no place left to go but down.

    • Anything that alienates Trump is a good thing. The varmint is a big crybaby who can’t stand a little criticism. He has no temperament for the office of President. Sure, he is in the lead in the GOP primary, but he has been stuck at the same percentage for a long time. That 25% or so represents the naive, gullible sheeple who can’t see through the blithering bloviator. Sensible Republicans ain’t falling for Trump’s act.

      • Coming from a person that wants us to believe he is a smart conservative type man that is a good church type person with good values and that upholds OLD Republican ideals, your words are contrary to your attempt to make yourself seem more than one of the “sheeple” that you try to accuse Trump supporters of being. You want us to believe that you would actually support old school Republicans now. ? Really? ( Then you are insane. ) Completely insane.( To consistently do the same thing over and over expecting a different result is pure unadulterated insanity.)
        You support the current agenda that is pushed forward by this current Obama administration. Gun control and environmental issues that go too far one way and no where near the right way in others. Lunacy! Your head isn’t on straight it is so far up your rear end that you are blind as a bat. You might be a Deacon in your church but apparently you haven’t read up on the last couple of chapters of Revelation lately. Makes me wonder if you have been being led by (a strong spirit of delusion) like the one that has been covering this Nation and every Nation for a while.

  57. Finally, these revelations ought to put to rest the claim “Fair and Balanced” is a ruse as they are the FOX FAKERS, part of the state-run, fifth column media which only proves that we are no longer a free nation as you can’t have one without the other! The sheeple are being played like a fine fiddle as most of them believe this propaganda that is being spewed out of these treacherous mouths that only care about there lavish lifestyles and celebrity that is being afforded them for being the useful idiots that they are! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or living a life of misery, squalor and servitude awaits all of “US”! mInr, NSA!

  58. As soon as he is asked a tough ? he will cry unfair

  59. Nobody OWNS Trump. He has them all crapping their pants. He is PRO SECOND AMENDMENT and his recently released tax plan hits it out of the park for us, business and bringing business back from overseas. He also has a 10% tax plan to repatriate money in offshore accounts suspected to be somewhere north of two and a half trillion. Must be making obama sick. Disregard all the media pundits and over paid special commentators and put this man in the White House. America will be Great Again.

  60. The fix is in as it has been for decades as America is “Transformed” into AMERIKA as the sheeple allow it to happen! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

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