Trump Unloads On Former Ally

Former President Trump blasted former Attorney General William Barr on Friday saying that he is weak and Republican in name only. This was following the comments made by Barr where he defended the Justice Department’s (DOJ) investigation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in search of classified documents.

Trump took to his Truth Social platform to criticize Barr, calling him “a weak and pathetic RINO”. He even said that Barr was scared of being impeached, which is why he is now a “captive to the Radical Left Democrats.”

In an interview with FOX News on Friday, Barr said that there is a good chance that the DOJ has gathered solid evidence after the investigation of Trump’s mishandling of classified documents.

Barr also said that there was no “legitimate reason” for the removal of classified material from the government by Trump, nor for storing it in his Mar-a-Lago estate.

In early August the FBI had a search warrant for Trump’s Florida home. It was during that raid that they found dozens of documents that the Justice Department is saying were classified.

According to newly unsealed documents, The FBI recovered 43 empty folders that had a classified banner. They also found 28 empty folders labeled “return to staff secretary/military aide.”
A judge is currently reviewing the former President’s request for a third-party special master review of all of the documents obtained.

In his recent comments on Truth Social, Trump also blamed Barr for not fighting for “election integrity.” This comment was in relation to Trump’s comments about widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. These allegations were criticized by Barr and other federal and state officials as there was no substantial evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

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  1. barr IS a weak, lying RINO!

  2. Barr= RINO piece of shit. A rather rotund one at that.

  3. I’m sick of weak so called conservative politicians that have no backbone to fight. Pretty much everything trump said was correct and is coming true. The treason committed by the deep staters and the left will go unaccounted for due to Barrs inaction. In fact Bill Bart’s lack of enforcement will be pointed to as a cause of the pending civil war if it happens. Oh, and it’s not going to be North vs South, it’s going to be red vs blue with the deep staters siding with the blue and the true military patriots siding with red. Barr is/was pathetically weak.

    • I agree; however, I prefer that attorneys general, fbi, nsa, state department, etc., keep their politics on the back burner while conducting the duties of their duty positions (AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO), just as the military is required to do. They should support our Constitution, and the sitting President, at ALL times, as they swore an oath to do.

    • You are 100% right.

  4. Trump 2024

  5. A sad shell of a man Barr used to be.
    I thought he was more successful in his law practice than he is.
    Chris Wray was Chris Christie’s Attorney in Bridgegate in New Jersey. Christie “vouched for Wray” as FBI Director. I believe Christie also vouched for Bill Barr to FPOTUS Donald John Trump.
    Christie should seriously consider what many Japanese Executives do to themselves when they disrespect their constituents.
    Strength and Honor


    Yup, Mr. Barr is quite the opportunist.

  7. Barr is weak and unable to stand up for himself. I wonder what they are threatening him with. Coward!

    • Barr is u ble to stand up to a corrupt President. Trump is the coward for not accepting the rightful winner of the 2020 election.

      Trump has no right to classified documents after he leaves office.

      • How do you breath with your head so far up your backside??
        He was the president, he had the right! He was the president so he can declassify anything he wants.
        Barr is a joke. He wants to sell books and the only idiots that will buy his drivel is dumbass dems like yourself. Nazi Fascist Dictator Biden waived Trumps rights and didn’t tell anyone so he could set this all up. Your people can’t win elections if you don’t cheat, jail your opponents or reveal your true goals, which is the destruction of America and installing a one world communist/socialist government.
        Those goals are the same as Adolph Hitlers.
        Modern day American democrats are modern day Nazis and the Nazis of old would be considered democrats today.

  8. Barr should just get the facts instead of offering his bias opinion to sell his book.
    As a consertive, I will not be buying his book, oh wait, maybe he wants to sell to the Dems???
    I am disappointed in the reporters and anchors that do not follow up with tougher questions.
    Wonder who gets a kick back on book sales?

  9. Mr. Trump needs to learn that not all people are his friend. There is a significant number of RINOs in the Republican Party. For example, Mr, Barr and Bob Mueller are friends for many years. Therefore, Barr cannot be trusted. Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

  10. If my comment is awaiting “moderation,” you are not better than Facebook Google and all these communist in the internet.

  11. I supported President Trump, and appreciated many of his policies.
    However, he seems to be becoming more unhinged and unstable. He lost the election by millions of votes. Get over it. He’s not going to get “reinstated” as President. He’s viciously attacking good Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Brian Kemp who won’t kowtow to him and repeat his lies. (I’m writing this as a strong, former supporter of his)
    Our 10 kids/spouses: None will vote for him again, even though most are conservatives. That does not bode well for a re-run.
    President Trump is now supporting election deniers, who are going to get attacked mercilessly, and will be weaker candidates for the midterm. It looks as though Republicans will lose senate races in Pennsylvania and Ohio and elsewhere due to his interference in these elections.
    There are many great Republicans who would make an excellent President who don’t have all his baggage. Someone like Ron DeSantis would get many votes that Donald Trump would not, which is likely to be critical in the 2024 election. Sadly, I expect that if Donald Trump runs for president again, he will savagely attack all the Republicans who run against him, whether that be Ron DeSantis, Governor Kristi Noem, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and whoever else would dare run against him.

    Liz Cheney could actually be helping Republicans, by helping move President Trump and his rants to the side, so more electable Republicans can step up.

    • You’re a liar! You’re just another lying lib. McConnell is a gutless wonder. It’s people like McConnell that have made Republicans the party of compliance. Unhinged?? Unstable??? Yet you support the current POS in the white house that doesn’t even know what day it is. If anything you commented is remotely true, it only proves you’re a coward that runs away when the going gets tough.
      Millions of votes?? Doesn’t mean shit in a constitutional republic that uses an electoral college. The Founding Fathers did that for a reason. Popular vote means nothing. Lots of people have seen the evidence of fraud and it’s very compelling but cowards like Barr turned their back because it was easier, just like you. Barr’s a politician that needs his ego stroked and wants to sell books.
      Continue voting democrat, coward. We can get the country back without you and your ignorant kids. You reap what you sow.

    • I could not get past your first paragraph. What have you been smoking? Or are you just nuts?

    • The Democratic party is getting away with whatever they want because of dumb asses like you. Anybody that believes that the 2020 election was not stolen has shit for brains. So maybe you and your 10 kids and spouses need to vote for your Democratic and Rino friends. We’ve got enough spineless politicians in the Republican party already.

    • Anyone who aligned themselves with Trump are destined for defeat and vindictive retribution for being truthful.

  12. Just imagine what would happen to Merrick if Merrick treated Biden or should I say Obama who is on his third term in Office, the way that Barr has treated President Trump

    We are waking up to massive fraud committed by both RINOs and DEMS! It seems that the ONLY person that is of, by and for The People is President Trump, the rest are salivating at our destruction and have in fact sold us to communist China!

  13. Any respect I once had for William Barr has been flushed by his reluctance to stand up for the Rule of LAW instead of trying to pretend his friends–Comey & Mueller–aren’t criminals for the things they did. And Christopher Wray is just as “dirty” as Comey & Mueller which became obvious when Trader Joe didn’t replace him with a transgender. Frankly, the SWAMP is much deeper, wider, and dirtier than most Americans ever suspected. Unbelievable as it seems, this administration is shifting our country from a Constitutional REPUBLIC to a Communist Dictatorship without firing a single shot! They’re doing it with REGULATIONS. We are officially a Regulation Nation and these regulations will control every phase of our lives… and freedom & liberty will soon be a thing of the PAST.

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