Trump Under New Investigation?

Former President Donald Trump has been facing a lot of criticism as many donors were displeased to have funded campaigns that would supposedly help secure a Republican majority. Wealthy political donors who helped Trump with his endorsements and fundraising for candidates in key races are upset to have seen millions of dollars remain in Trump’s coffers, while the election results were subpar.

A Republican said that Trump was receiving a high number of calls from donors who were questioning the handling of the funds. Trump has been shifting the blame onto his aides and those around him who were in charge of the operation.

The former president’s fundraising efforts led to millions of dollars being raised, but only a small percentage of the more than $130 million raised was used for election efforts. Even in races with Trump-endorsed candidates, committees affiliated with Republican leaders often provided more funds than Trump did.

A Republican source has said that if you are seeking donors to support MAGA candidates then you need to make sure that you will be able to deliver results. Instead, as a Republican operative pointed out, Trump raised millions of dollars without spending nearly enough to support the Republican candidates.
Ultimately, regardless of who Trump tries to place the blame on, it is his responsibility to ensure that the money has been spent appropriately and that the decisions have been made correctly.

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  1. I don’t think Trump was responsible for that money, the person collecting that money to support each candidate was
    responsible. Trump did the best he could to help them but he doesn’t walk on water. The people voted and they decided
    who would serve in each position and that is why it is called an “election” not a selection.

    Poor Trump he gets blamed for everything.

    Tell me something, why hasn’t Hunter Biden been hounded like Trump? Where is the results of the so called investigation that
    somebody should be checking into about that 10 million dollars Hunter brought back to America? Sure is strange how
    no one seems to care about that. Sounds like SELECTIVE INVESTIGATIONS and the Democrats seems really comfortable
    with that one. I guess what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander!!

    • Another trumper that doesn’t believe their god does anything wrong. Trump was responsible for the money. He’s been doing this a long time. Fund raising and keeping the money. He’s a remarkable con artist. He’s going to be asking you fools to give again to help his campaign. Cuz I just read where alit if his big donors are not goi g to donate and help him anymore. They don’t want him to run. They want new blood. So he’s going to have to get a lot of money somewhere. I hope he fails.

      • It’s nothing to do with “Trump never does anything wrong”. It’s about equal justice. Why isn’t Biden and his kid being investigated? why isn’t Nancy being investigated for inside trading? Why did Dems waste 2 1/2 years investigating made up charges with the Russia collusion hoax. Justice in this country means Dems don’t get investigated.

    • He sure acts like he is . He tend to like to put money he raised in his and his family’s pockets

  2. i agree with you

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