Trump to Utah: Democrats Loathe Religious Freedom

In an op-ed published in Utah’s Deseret News, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump explained that the Democratic Party has been trying for years to unravel the First Amendment.

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have tried to undermine our religious liberties on the altar of political correctness,” Trump wrote. “They have challenged the rights of businesses and religious institutions to speak openly about their faith. Undermining religious liberty has been a trend in the Democratic Party for decades.”

Trump went on to remind the people of Utah of some of the darker moments in Democrat history.

“As a leader in the Senate facing re-election in 1954, Lyndon Johnson succeeded in passing into law an amendment to threaten pastors with the loss of their church’s tax exempt status if they opposed or supported a candidate for election or re-election from the pulpit,” Trump wrote. “As recently as their convention in Charlotte, N.C., in 2012, the Democrat delegates overwhelmingly booed when the presiding official asked to have the word ‘God’ put in front of the phrase ‘given talents.'”

Of course, any examples from the past pale in comparison to what the Democrats are doing in the present. Under the Obama administration, we’ve seen both the courts and the executive branch deliberately choose LGBT “rights” over those enshrined in the Constitution, and they are not finished with their secularization of the country by a long shot. After promising that marriage equality was the end of the road, liberals are now using transgender controversies to further erode common sense and to further deny the existence of God.

The Mormons of Utah haven’t been sure what to make of Donald Trump, and it’s not difficult to see why they would have their reservations. In fact, many conservative Catholics and evangelical Christians feel the same hesitance about a man who has seemingly devoted his life to obtaining material wealth and supporting social liberalism.

But as any Christian should know, change is possible. Religious leaders such as Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr. have vouched for that change in Donald Trump, and the man himself has promised to use his presidency to support religious liberty.

Will that promise be carried out? Well, that’s a question we have to ask ourselves about any politician. In this instance, though, we’re not choosing between two individuals who vow to protect the First Amendment. We’re choosing between a man who expresses respect for the right and a woman who favors another god.

That god (“Progress”) will be the destruction of our country if we don’t get out in front of it while there’s still time.

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  1. StupidConservativeValues

    Nothing here worth commenting about, except noting that this wimpy website hardly ever updates its “news.”

  2. Democrats are communists, so they loathe any concept that they can’t control. I find it interesting that they demand the world be on board with their views, but they don’t seem to believe others with differing views have the same right.

    • Trump is in the Mormon State? i think Trump is plotting something the KKK Endorsed him and now the Mormons are joining Forces with Trump,to bring Death and Destruction to this Country and as for Trump and Hillary the truth is Trump is Transgender and he calls himself Hillary and he is running against himself

      • Trump rejected Duke’s endorsement. As for the rest of your comments, they are delusional. Add value to the discussion or get off. You’re taking up valuable space.

        • William(Bill) Hooper

          Taking your advice to heart,KayO:YES,you are taking up valuable space on this planet. Please practice Post-Natal Abortion on yourself,KayO!!

          • I just love it when you folks tie your own noose! We’re all aware of the fact that there’s not a shred of proof that humans cause global warming. Hence, Patrick Moore left the Greenpeace movement because the communists and socialists decided to use it for political reasons. Hey-are you a member of Green Cross political farce? We also know that Green Cross built an ark that is worshiped daily, as well as requires members to attend meetings to discuss whether a pandemic or starvation is the best way to depopulate the earth. You commies always get cocky and shoot yourselves in the foot. But, hey, that’s one less foot to take up space.

          • No Global warming. KayO, The tree huggers finally admitted that and now call it “Climate Change. — That gives them leeway to change their position at will when actual evidence cotradicts their total BS.

          • I watched the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers, and they provided a lot of information about how climate change is being used as a control tactic. Just got the film Climate Hustle in, and looking forward to seeing it, too. These people are just evil. It doesn’t do any good to tell them that evil is an old concept and there’s nothing progressive about it. Get crickets when you say that to them.

          • Right, in the 80’s it was Global Cooling. Article in Newsweek (or Time) in April (or August) 1974.

          • Remember what the therapist told you about separating your imagination from your memory.- When you are back in school next week have you teacher help you separate facts from things you just imagine.

      • This is your brain on crack.

        • William(Bill) Hooper

          Really? How long have you had this terrible Crack addiction,Robert Kahicke? Do,PLEASE,Try to stop smoking that Nasty Stuff,Robert Kahlcke!!!!

          • Bill, your parents must be so proud, perhaps you should return to Rehab. where you belong. GOD BLESS AMERICA.PERIOD (end of conversation)

          • Now, Bill we told you not to talk about you suspension for selling to your classmates.

            It’s a new year and you have a clean slate. Go in there and work hard and you will be in the 6th grade next year.

      • You are a nut-job!

        • William(Bill) Hooper

          Jay Upadhya is a rather brilliant satirist,actually,WVF_Expertly using the delusional paranoid schizophrenic mode of Propaganda so typical of PatriotNewsDaily,
          Barbwire,Breitbart,W.N.D.,and similar Wing Nut sites & newsletters.

          • Does that mean Jay Upadhya is not afflicted with the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), which posits that the syndrome results in the inability to think or act in a rational manner?

          • Who did you get to spell those words for you? OHHH,,,,You got your medical records and copied them from there. – Pretty smart but not too honest.

            You could be a fine young man bit don’t listen to anything more that Mrs. Clinton says. Billy, She is a bad person and she will do bad things to you. If she comes around you start yelling NO! and run away as fast as you can and find a policeman.

      • Jay,
        I assume this is sarcasm. It cannot be real thinking.

        • William(Bill) Hooper


          • Bill,
            Duuu-uh right back. Seeing more of your posts leads me to believe I was wrong about the sarcasm. But I can be reasonable. I would like to think of Democrats today as I did in the past. Sure, the two parties always had differences and that was fine. We could address them insensible manner and come to a compromise. But those days seem to be gone on both sides of the isle. I am becoming very alarmed at the amount of socialism coming forth by the Democratic party and the attempt to intervene in the wording of the Constitution or bypassing it altogether. The federal government is overstepping its bounds and that is unacceptable to me. Time to get back to the framers of the Constitution and their adherence to states’ rights and a lot less federal intervention.

          • Hey Jerry, What more can you expect from and underdeveloped mind like Hooper’s?

            Actually he should be praised working as hard as he did getting into the 5th grade last year he almost made it to the 6th too. I’m sure with a little more help and effort he will not have to repeat it again next year.

            Way to go Bill, We are all rooting for you

          • Mathhew,
            I am not attempting to tear down Bill, only point out the way liberalism has gone in the last 20 years or more. I do not think Bill is stupid, only misguided by the liberal agenda. The farther away from the Constitution liberals get the more off base thinking they do. PC is an absolute trip into la la land. We have lost sight of morality by abandoning the Constitution. Oral decay has spread all though society. We are going to pay a price for that as we move away more until we become so perverted we are totally without any moral conscience. That is going to lead us down a very dangerous path. I, for one, have no inclination of taking that path. It leads us to physical troubles and mental troubles from which we cannot escape. Moral decay is prevalent among the poor to such an extent that we are collapsing as a nation. Every nation in the past that ignored poverty has collapsed. sure, the liberals have poured a ton of money toward the poor. Has it worked? Certainly not. why not? It has destroyed the spirit of success and pride in the poor. It has destroyed hope for a better tomorrow. Morality has virtually disappeared for many. Any will to better the way of life among the poor has vanished. I hate to be gloomy but there is a better way of life for everyone. But it will not happen until all of us goes to work to change what has happened. Money is not the whole solution which should be obvious by now. Can we make the poor change their ways? Yes, but not the we are going now.

      • The KKK donated $20,00.00 to Hillary? The Child of the Democrats repays it’s founders.

      • Lady i hate be one tell that need mental help really bad .. Just sayin

      • William(Bill) Hooper

        Hilarious,Jay Upadhya!!
        However,you omitted mention that aside from being a Transgender Moron,Trump is a closet Muslim disguised as a bleach blonde Illegal Latino from Queens,N.Y.C.

      • Trump is not supported by the KKK he is not a transgender and the Country will be better off with Trump than with that lying murdering thief Clinton

      • Actually the KKK has donated $20,000 to the Clinton campaign, and Will Quigg of the CA. chapter of the KKK. Trump’s economic policies are proven winners.

      • You are behind the times, David Duke/KKK is now supporting Hillary. hahahahaha

    • William(Bill) Hooper

      “Democrats are communists”,KayO??!
      How Very 1950s,How Very H.U.A.C.!!
      Did your Mom help you write your post,KayO?

      • That information is, in fact, from the 1950’s. A book written by an FBI agent was a best-seller back then: The Naked Communist. Perhaps your mommy should have made you read it. That’s pretty funny that you believe communism is a new concept.

        • Another great book is “School of Darkness” by Dr. Bella Visano Dodd. It is an amazing book and lays out exactly how people are “transformed” from Fascism to Socialism to Communism. It’s an old book, but superb.

        • He can ask his teacher about it next week, Damn shame about him being held back in the 5th grade again this year.

          • The Communist Party USA has infiltrated the education system. They don’t hold students back anymore because they want students to be stupid. The dumber, the better.

      • The democrats have become socialists to buy elections. Socialism is just to the right of communism. Hope that was helpful!

      • Well, bub. They sure as hell are not capitalists or rugged individualists. ….. But they didn’t tell you about such things in the 5th grade, did they? –

        Arn’t you excited about going back to school next week?

      • McCarthy was right. I think that must be obvious to anyone with more than a third grade education by now. Unless your a liberal with your head rammed firmly up hillary’s butt that is, then all you see are rainbows, unicorns and entitlements. Which is enough for the starry eyed ones.

      • Damn right useful idiot.

        You need to be in prison with your Godess, even though you have the mentality of a 14 year old.

        If you were around back in the 50s you would know THAT was utopia. Work hard, get paid, and achieve the American dream with no government intervention and hindrance. — Although oif you didn’t work you didn’.t eat too well and you, Comrade would likely have starved to death.

        Bring back the House Unamerican Activities Committee.

        Trump for the White House
        Clinton for the BIG house!
        And send Hooper and the rest of her useful idiots with her.

        • Anyone proposing to bring the H.U.A.C. back is proposing something hu-u-ugely un-American! You need to study your history!

    • Amen, amen, this is how they should be labeled but because we no longer have a free press nor an opposition party plus a “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” dumb-downed, drugged-up – legal (pharmaceuticals and marijuana) – misinformed, uninformed, brainwashed, PC bullied nation of zoned-out pornography/ techno/sports/ entertainment zombies the Communist Party USA is allowed to prosper and take over AMERIKA, which they have done! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr=========================?, you will be needing them! mInr, USA!

      • Communism,has been tried as a pure state 3000 years ago. It became capitalist. The nature of our species is to band together to survive and come apart to live. Democratic ideals gave way to republics. it’s history.

      • Yep. We’ve all been watching the leftist agendas hijacked by the communists and socialists. After watching the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers, things became more clear as to why. Folks aren’t being indoctrinated because they’re stupid-they’re stupid because they’ve been indoctrinated to be eunuchs of the left. Tragic, but perhaps there’s hope for some to wake up from the left’s antics.

        • The sad part is that the young ones waving the communist flag have no idea what it really stands for. Their idea of communism is no rich, no poor, just a bunch of happy sixties era hippies sharing everything equally in a butterfly and unicorn laden paradise. They think they’ll create a living John Lennon song where everyone is taken care of just like mom and dad did, by a benign, grandfatherly government who only has their best interest at heart. It’s absurd I know but many of them live in a dream world now, just look at any college campus, and they have no desire to wake up.

          • The political elite are extremely wealthy, but citizens are poor. In Venezuela, Chavez’s daughter is the wealthiest person. Everyone else, save those related to her in some way, are poor. It’s Hillary’s kind of world-she wants to be rich from the sweat of our backs, have us line up and bow to her for our food, and ask her permission for everything. The young actually believe the government is their daddy. I’ve been passing out copies of Curtis Bowers’ Agenda films to some young adults. They are shocked by the information, and some are waking up. It’s up to us to counter the lies of the left.

          • We need about a million more like you! Thank you, I’m going to look up that film right now. I go on liberal sites all the time and try to counter all of the absurd, ridiculous propaganda in the comment sections. I’m always polite and always stick to provable facts, as many of them truly believe we are a bunch of ignorant, racist, ogre’s. I point them towards MRC,Judicial Watch, Daily Caller, Allen West and other reputable sites. I figure if I can change a few minds, or at least get them thinking, then they’ll change a few and so on. With the liberal media doing all in it’s power to put that awful woman in the Whitehouse for four more years of abject failure it’s up to us to show them the truth. Thank God we have the ability to do so.

          • Being on those liberal sites is of great import. They really don’t know they’re being used. There’s some very useful information in the films, and we have to use that information to inform the uninformed…names, dates, etc. All of the information can be verified. If you reach only 1, then that person will reach another, etc. Even the media doesn’t care to be informed. I think we need a million more like you, too.

    • Humans love the illusion of control. They are often driven to kill to enforce that control. Remember that fact.

      • That’s exactly what the left has planned.

        • And the right. Neither can be trusted.

          • Who is “the right”? If you’re referring to conservatives, then no, the conservatives don’t want to kill anyone off except those who are trying to kill us.

          • All the labels do is mislead. We do not know what those label actually mean nor do the people who use them. If we stuck to issues it might be a lot better unless the person is one of the Kyriarchy.

          • Labels describe-they do not mislead. We do know what the labels mean, although there are those who like to change the qualifications in an effort to mislead.

          • I disagree, especially in political discussions. It to me seems a way to not speak to specifics and silence to other person. If others are changing the meanings then that is misleading because then what they say,may be actually opposite.

          • Only the liberals change meanings in an attempt to disguise their agenda. Attempting to silence others is exactly what the liberals try to do.

          • Conservative and the left are both control freaks. Freedom means viable choices without retaliation or consequences. It means the end of the tyranny of PC.

          • There are always benefits and/or consequences to every decision we make. What you describe cannot exist.

          • It can and has. We allowed it to die.

          • Enough with the cryptic comments. Nothing has died.

    • And where did you get the idea that we are communists? Do you know what a communist is?

      • You mean that you don’t know that there are many in congress who are members of the Communist Party USA? You can study up just like I did. Start with the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers-one member even complimented Mr. Bowers on his findings, but then announced in a meeting that America could do nothing about their agenda because they are taking our children. Read The Naked Communist and Toward Soviet America. Look up the names of the congressional members who are communists on the internet. Do you know what a communist is?

    • Rot! You extreme wingers who invoke the C word irresponsibly and inaccurately damage your credibility, and it can’t stand much more damage.You obviously do not understand what communism is or you would not use the term so sloppily!

  3. The Mormons should be listening to Mr. Trump. The man is speaking truth. They should ask themselves one question: will Mrs. Bill Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton be better for us than Donald J. Trump?

  4. Trump is all too cozy with religious figures on the fanatical fringe, specifically proponents of “Christian Dominionism,” a heretical, cultish initiative that would make shipwreck of the First Amendment:

    Given the utter ignorance of some of Trump’s recent statements on religion, it is probable that he does not know what the Christian Dominionist movement is all about and is thus likely to be led by the nose to accept what his Dominionist advisers tell him.

  5. Democrats are now so liberal that they plan to totally control us by any means they can.Fortunately Utah is not the only state who opposes Democratic domination and destruction of the First Amendment.

    • William(Bill) Hooper

      Doubtful,Jerry Branson,but I should mention that you have your tin foil hat on crooked.

      • Bill,
        I don’t wear a hat. Those awful liberal vibes come right on through. But I have an eraser. Apparently you do wear a hat and nothing has filtered through. I used to be a moderate but things have changed to high levels of liberal absurdity that I can no longer see them as viable human beings. Start with PC running amuck.

      • Oh Billy, I can’t play with you any more. I have to go back to work now, so you be a good boy and tell your mother it’s time for your nap, and you pay attention to your teacher and work real hard to get out of the 5th grade this year and in to the 6th.

        You can play grown up again with the other useful idiots after you are done with your nap.

        Don’t forget to say your prayers before you go to sleep.

  6. William(Bill) Hooper

    HILARIOUS! Whoever “Admin” is has Outdone her,his,it,or them self[ves] in Totally Insane Gibberish…Granted,would be Duce Trump has,does,and will say ANTYTHING to ANYONE to gain their Vote,but this goes Beyond Donald’s usual Incendiary Comments,Lies,and Rabble-Rousing.
    Question:WHAT does this “news” letter have to do with Patriots or Patriotism??
    Answer: NOTHING.

  7. Michael Dennewitz

    One highly skilled SNIPER could drastically change things!!?

  8. The time will came, when for some of us celebraite and say, MERRY CHRISTMAS, will be forbidden. No any religious holyday will be aloud to celebrate. Our children also, can’t anymore celebrate Christmas in school with their piers. Soon, you have to .live, say, think and believe what they ask you to believe.


    Its slander pure and simple. Democrats support the first amendment. The first amendments says that church and state should be separate. Government is supposed to give its attention to nondenominational issues while not persecuting people for their private religious beliefs.

    There used to be alot of people that thought blacks were made an inferior race by God. By the reasoning of trump and his radical right followers is it intruding on their religious beliefs to give access to blacks to public accommodations? There are nuts that think they should be restricted to being “hewers of wood and drawers of water” Where will that twisted logic end?

  10. michael schimanski

    hillary not only wants to destroy religion but the 1st amendment all-together . The democrats are against the Constitution , period …. hillary has already stated that she wants to get rid of guns ( the 2nd amendment ) , religion ( the 1st amendment ) and anything else that stands in her ‘s and soros way for power and money .

  11. Religious freedom? Really how easy it is to let the word trip over the tongue. Unfortunately what is really means is the speaker’s religion. We can be called Christian; there are over 300 sects of Christianity who do not agree on many things.
    We are better off as a species with out the prejudices and ambitions of long dead people who lived in a different world, a different time,and place with different challenges. What was clan or tribal survival then is now useless or worse destructive.
    When we colonize other world the constitution must contain freedom from religion. Why? To prevent any one set of dogma from rule.

  12. there are evn voters in Utah that do jot understand that if they do not cast their vote for trump, we get hilary as president

  13. Demoncraps are the anti-God party but they do have a religion. It’s called “Me first and what makes me feel good.”

  14. Now that he’s actually coming out and naming policies, I’m even more glad I voted for him in the primaries. And it’s either this or another communist in the WH.

  15. I challenge others on this site to convert 1 person to vote for Trump. He needs all the votes he can get or Hillary will finish ripping our country apart and bodies will be everywhere.

    Think of your children and grandchildren/great grandchildren.

  16. I wonder who composed the op-ed?

  17. They are Traitors! They should replaced by Republicans and thse Republicans who are liberal need to be replaced too….Voters get Your List and Take Care Of Business In November! Vote Trump! Next Tuesday Everyone tune into PBS (Public Broadcasting) and watch the Reagan Show and I had even forgot just exactly how he cut Welfare to the poor, caused the Farmers to lose their farms and Workers lost their jobs…this does
    not say much more for him as President than Obama the first 3 years of his Oval Office Term! The Conservatives holler all the time about him being so excellent and it helps them put down Mr. Trump…I lived through those days and I forgot how bad the times were, but I thank God that I was so blessed to be able holding the Presidents Office Position in Kansas in the Welfare Rights Group too have won the “Keeping of Medicaid Programs when I was allowed to speak out to Kansas Politicians in person and before them and they twice handed down money to keep the Medicaid in place…and the Judge Royce found in favor of the Medicaid Program and ordered that it be kept in place for the Residents of Kansas which were needful forever”! I am reminded that if We the People Work Hard and Honestly We can Vote Trump and Win! This was in the late 1980’s and in 2016 We can Win Back America! Go Voters Go!

  18. Often little by little, often bite by bite the Democrats have sought to remove or minimalism the rights and freedoms of God believing, church going individuals. It seemingly goes unnoticed, and un-relented by the general public and media as being unimportant to life and the general welfare of the American citizenry.

    Yet, these basic doctrine and policies were at the foundation of our country when it was founded 240 years ago.
    Then, men of solid principle and decorum chose to adopt these basic tenets because they had seen where other societies and civilization had ended up without them! Our first ten amendments to the constitution literally drip with the blood and life examples of ruined societies and governments that chose to ignore these basic freedoms and statutes.

    In ignorance and arrogance we have now have leaders, short sighted they are, making knee jerk decisions based on misguided and faulty information that will lead our nation to its seeming ruin. They make laws and rulings for the general public to follow but deviously exempt themselves from the consequence of such rulings. Elitist, bordering on being aristocratic, they loose their vision of their constituency and what they were called to office for. Once entrenched, they derive for themselves power and wealth at the expense of those who elected. It is an entrenchment that they seek to maintain at all cost and from decade to decade.
    Can it be of any wonder our country is lost to corruption and political correctness devoid of any moral conscience?

  19. The topic was covered nicely, but I think when discussing Donald Trump, the fact that he was born into a well to do family, and followed the pattern of making good deals, and building such golf courses, hotels, business buildings, that he is also doing his part for the American way. Without people who can afford to do these things, what would we have in this country? Do you realize how many people are employed, because of what he has done? On top of all that, he could have just sat back and enjoyed his golden life, but he was so sick and disgusted to see what was happening to America, that he paid his own way to run, fought a battle on every turn, still is, to try to wake up Americans to the shrinking of our way of life. The silent majority, those ordinary people, recognized him as someone who could help show the way, and he won, out of what 17 people running for the nomination? He is still battling, but now it is more the liberal press, media who of course are backing that liar, that sick person, that one with blood of patriots on her hands, and yes, some of his own party, who had him sign a pledge that he woul d not switch to another party, and when he shocked them all by being the last of the 17 – standing, they started their attack. It is still happening today, so yes, it will take an awful lot of rallies, an awful lot of money, an awful lot of prayers, and an awful lot of votes from middle America – all those ordinary folk that get up each morning and go to work, to support their families. This focus on Donald is always skipped, and any negative is highlighted.

    • You should find an artist to illustrate this lovely naïve fairytale. Truth is out there, its safe to look and preferable since your knowledge or lack of effects us all. Also, being able to tell shit from Shinola is a benefit. Good wishes, be responsible, research all yourself.

  20. If one wants to know what hillary will do check Saul Alinsky. What her campaign is doing comes right out of his book for radicals. Doesn’t sound or look American to me. Check it out for yourself. And remember she has proven be on a doubt she is a serious LIRE.

  21. Having come from a long line of Mormons (both sides), I know they are mostly quiet and reserved people. Trump’s bluster probably ruffled their feathers a little. However, these people are smart enough to see hillary’s lies and false promises, so choosing the honest bluster over the dishonest ego, is an easy choice to make…and so they will choose Trump!

    As will all Christians, Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians, etc., because when it comes to choosing between a man of his word or the SheDevil, the choice is clear. Faith is Faith and the devil is on the other team!

  22. Stevie Wonder sang “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.”

    Having been raised Roman Catholic and even graduated from Rockhurst High School, I took a hard look and then stopped believing. It made me neither Democrat nor Republican until Reagan identified the party with Catholicism. He conned Evangelicals (previously anti-papist) to kill for an anti-abortion papal encyclical “Humana Vitae”.

    I cannot abide and the Constitution does not allow government to enforce any sect’s religious prohibitions as law.

    Utah, long a bastion of such abuse has been cleaning up its act, making that part of Republicanism less attractive to them.

    Each believer with whom I have spoken claims that all but one of the ten thousand or so religions that have existed are cons and that his is the only real one.

    Am I so different when I see just one more con?

  23. The past 7 plus years actions by the pitiful POTUS people believed has split this nation and its time for decent people to clean government and put things right. Huckleberry has medical problems and a 30 year record of lies. Time to deny Clinton any further destructive power!

    • Its absolutely amazing how fast the coordinated propaganda of the right can be spoon-fed and then disseminated by those who don’t read or research. Right wing radio, the great manipulator of simpletons, I listen to the fascist liar Cunningham everyday to find out what you folks will blog tomorrow , it never fails. Bang a drum, any drum and gawkers come. Fabricated gossip freeing you of responsibility and providing fodder for a non objective fire all a planned netting of a broader base for the republicans by republicans. You’re being conned and used..

      • Might be so, IF I believed every thing spouted by either/both sides. I fortunately look at facts. Hope you do too.

        • Yep, that’s why I listen to all sides.

          • Glad to hear you’re wise enough to learn. If the black population would take time to Learn, they could help solve their problems.

          • So you want them to buy the newly created right wing propaganda and talking points that cover the immoral lack of concern and responsibility to take actions of compassion of the party. It is the Republicans who have fought to end Affirmative Action and other helping hand policies not Democrats . Its spin for those who don’t know history interestingly from their education which Republicans defund…hmmmmm

          • So you’re uneducated?

          • No, their all voting for Pence/trump, well 90.6%.

  24. Any one who is corrupt have no-god but power and money and it makes no different what party they are… The Establishment of decade of this corruption has got to go . They should all be hung for TREASON. Some one should hang Soros.. Why would any one want this Man in their Nation who is trying to over throw all Nation’s Government for the NWO ? I am not saying Putin is the Best but he is smart to turn the NWO agenda down.. But because of this, now USA wants to attack Russia and making up lies on Putin just like they have done to other leaders and even doing to Assad . USA and the UN want the NWO. Hopefully under their Muslim Brotherhood control and sharia laws .

  25. The notion that Democrats “loathe” religious freedom is patently absurd. Where are the hard statistics on that? A reiminder: Jerry Falwell, Jr. hardly represents the voice of Christianity in our country.

  26. Constitutional conservatives frequently cite the founding fathers, but the modern democrat party has founding fathers, too, and chief among them is Karl Marx, who said that religion is the opiate of the masses. For most of the past half-century the goal of the democrats has been for opiates to be the religion of the masses, and today about 1/3 of them are atheists, 1/3 muslims and 1/3 Wiccans, from which constituency their crooked harpy candidate hails. Their goal is clearly the marginalization and then the criminalization and finally the suppression of the religious conscience that has always been America’s unique protection against tyranny, and its replacement with a state cult of “Hope and Change”, “Stronger Together” and “I’m With Her”. We are on the threshold of persecution of Christians that will rival those of Stalin and Mao, and every person of faith must remember that the leather-clad liar from Lesbos is an idolatrous disciple of the devil-worshipper Alinsky.

  27. Yet, these same liberal-democrat morons, in the interest of “equal rights” and “equal justice,” love to quote the, now essentially irrelevant, Declaration of Independence, (rather than the Constitution, the current “law of the land”),for the trite phrase concerning “these truths to be self-evident, that all men are CREATED equal and that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights.” They deny God, as Creator, insisting that a woman’s right to choose to abort any unwanted pregnancy is HER inalienable right.
    They insist on a perverted interpretation of the “separation of church and state,” (which was NEVER held to be a practice in the United States), until Madolyn Murray O’hare, the infamous atheist, won a court case which succeeded in achieving the cessation of school prayer and, essentially, began the dissembling of religious instruction and influence, as a foundational element of law and order, not only in schools, but in the public institutions of the country, as a whole. They disallow any reference to God, because He, and such reference, are incompatible with the very concept of the equality and “freedom” of religious exercise which was so integral a part of our national, educational life until the early 1960s and because the concept of “God” runs counter to the notions of power and authority which government wants to exercise, that government can, in effect, overrule God is an essential part of liberal ideology. This was very evident at the recent Democratic National Convention.
    The current disorder, dysfunction, immorality and lack of ethics in private and public– even government- official– behavior has its origin in the rebellion of people against God, not against each other. Yet, liberals are, primarily, concerned with their ability to govern and maintain order and control by prohibiting any assertion of the supremacy of God, the Creator, in human affairs. This is their sole concern, the ability to control the masses.
    They are responsible for the mess which America has become over the last 56 years. Now, they would remove as many firearms from private ownership as possible to be able to further extend their ability to control.
    Americans must turn the tide against this diabolical, liberal plot or the country will be forever lost to the jungle mentality which feral predators exhibit. They will reap just what they sow and we are having to deal with and pay for the consequences of their stupidity, and that is exactly what it is.

  28. Matt.4;4.Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God. You will live a dead life if you do not follow the word of God. America started out following the Bible and that is what made America Great. LOOK AT US NOW . DESTRUCTION is coming at us from every direction. Everything that Obama has touched is falling apart.
    Since they have taken the BIBLE OUT OF THE SCHOOLS they are coming out of the schools like communistic dummies. We are in debt twice what we were before OBAMA took office. Those that took the Bible out of our schools should all be thrown in JAIL along with the Judges in the Supreme Court that help make it happen and stole that blessing from America.

  29. Democrats hate the First Amendment because it allows conservative speech they hate.
    Democrats hate the Second Amendment because it guarantees protection to the individual citizen to own and
    bear arms which protects against their compromise of other amendments
    Democrats hate the Third Amendment because they would like to dictate to the homeowner who stays in their
    home like they would want to dictate all other things in life
    Democrats hate the Fourth Amendment because they would like to search the homes and violate the rights of all
    conservatives, Christians, and those who disagree with what they believe.
    Democrats hate the Fifth Amendment because it gives rights to conservatives the same rights they have.
    Democrats hate the Sixth Amendment because they would like to “railroad” conservatives off TV, radio & media
    Democrats hate the Seventh Amendment because they would rather try those who disagree with them in by false
    accusations rather than by evidence
    Democrats hate the Eighth Amendment because they would like to punish all those who do not agree with their
    man-made global warming…err…man-made global cooling…err…man-made climate change.
    Democrats hate the Ninth Amendment because they would like to limit your rights to those they think you
    should have.
    Democrats hate the Tenth Amendment because they would rather all power be reserved in the national
    government including educational decisions and they hate state’s rights.

  30. This is proof positive that the Democrat Party has completely changed from what it once was. The proof? – 90% of Catholics were Democrats , especially the Irish Catholics, like ummmm, John Kennedy for instance. The hard core of the Catholic Church to this day dose not approve of the agenda of the LGB,,QRST or whatever the degenerates call themselves.

    That alone would prove the Democrat party has no core American values, but there are a ton of other things the way overshadow the Democrat party’s change into a treasonous communist organization. It must be stopped in it’s tracks, and I mean even after the upcoming election even of Trump wins. The RINO-Democrat elite establishment is a real danger to, like Superman says – Truth, Freedom, and the American way.

    Face facts…..It’s past time to reconvene the HUAC hearings before things degenerate into a full blow cavil war. The communist elitists and their useful idiots must be stopped or it will mean the end of life as we know it.

  31. Communist hate God because God represents people’s free will and a set of 10 rules the Marxist left HATE! Remember Nancy ( crazy ) Polisi just said people don’t need God as the people have the Democrat/Communist party as they think they are God , but are nothing but civil servants , who think their position gives them the right to break the laws and put th above the laws ,good examples TreAsnous Obama and Hitlary!

  32. This is why our founding Fathers like Washington, was Quoted stating ” that such delusional thinking as the ‘Bible’ was Dangerous -! especially to weak minded persons-! & the Christian Protestant Church has allowed Kabbalah Law to be preached instead of baby Jesus-! this 18 Churches, to every 1 Rabbi pushing Kabbalah Law-!

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