Trump to Utah: Democrats Loathe Religious Freedom

In an op-ed published in Utah’s Deseret News, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump explained that the Democratic Party has been trying for years to unravel the First Amendment.

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have tried to undermine our religious liberties on the altar of political correctness,” Trump wrote. “They have challenged the rights of businesses and religious institutions to speak openly about their faith. Undermining religious liberty has been a trend in the Democratic Party for decades.”

Trump went on to remind the people of Utah of some of the darker moments in Democrat history.

“As a leader in the Senate facing re-election in 1954, Lyndon Johnson succeeded in passing into law an amendment to threaten pastors with the loss of their church’s tax exempt status if they opposed or supported a candidate for election or re-election from the pulpit,” Trump wrote. “As recently as their convention in Charlotte, N.C., in 2012, the Democrat delegates overwhelmingly booed when the presiding official asked to have the word ‘God’ put in front of the phrase ‘given talents.'”

Of course, any examples from the past pale in comparison to what the Democrats are doing in the present. Under the Obama administration, we’ve seen both the courts and the executive branch deliberately choose LGBT “rights” over those enshrined in the Constitution, and they are not finished with their secularization of the country by a long shot. After promising that marriage equality was the end of the road, liberals are now using transgender controversies to further erode common sense and to further deny the existence of God.

The Mormons of Utah haven’t been sure what to make of Donald Trump, and it’s not difficult to see why they would have their reservations. In fact, many conservative Catholics and evangelical Christians feel the same hesitance about a man who has seemingly devoted his life to obtaining material wealth and supporting social liberalism.

But as any Christian should know, change is possible. Religious leaders such as Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr. have vouched for that change in Donald Trump, and the man himself has promised to use his presidency to support religious liberty.

Will that promise be carried out? Well, that’s a question we have to ask ourselves about any politician. In this instance, though, we’re not choosing between two individuals who vow to protect the First Amendment. We’re choosing between a man who expresses respect for the right and a woman who favors another god.

That god (“Progress”) will be the destruction of our country if we don’t get out in front of it while there’s still time.

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