Trump to the World: “The West Will Never Be Broken”

Donald Trump has often been compared to Ronald Reagan in his stirring patriotic rejection of the political status quo, but he never sounded as much like The Gipper as he did in Warsaw this week. In a fantastic speech in Poland’s Krasinski Square on Thursday, President Trump vowed to stand behind American principles and destroy the “dire threats” facing Western civilization for as long as he inhabited the White House.

“Just as Poland cannot be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the West will never, ever be broken,” Trump said. “Our values will prevail, our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph.”

Trump used the occasion, only a couple of days after the 4th of July, to expound upon the greatness of Western civilization and the gifts that had come from its mighty dominance.

“We write symphonies, we pursue innovation,” he said. “We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression. We debate everything, we challenge everything, we seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves.”

In the speech, Trump reminded his listeners that they could keep their democratic liberties only if they rose to the challenge of defending them.

“My administration has demanded that all members of NATO finally meet their full and fair financial obligation — as a result of insistence, billions of dollars have begun to poor into NATO,” Trump said. “In fact, people are shocked. There are dire threats to our security and to our way of life — you see what’s happening out there — they are threats. We will confront them and we will win — but they are threats.”

He said that one of those threats was chief among his priorities.

“We are fighting hard against radical Islamic terrorism and we will prevail,” Trump said, lamenting the fact that both the U.S. and Europe have experienced “one terror attack after another.”

“We are going to get it to stop,” he vowed.

He said that the West was destined to survive…as long as it had the heart to defend and cherish its values and its culture.

“Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have the desire and courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who subvert and destroy it?” Trump asked. “If we don’t have strong families and strong values, we will be weak, and we will not survive.”

If we keep electing strong leaders like Trump, there is no doubt that we will.

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  1. The most beautiful speech he’s given. Thank you for sharing the words spoken.

  2. We can begin our journey by those on the “left” stopping their childish negative commentary of our President, and showing that country above personalities is far more important to remember! Donald Trump is our President regardless if you like it or not! You would be wise to note that he has done many things on the behalf of everyone, regardless of political thought. Even his supporters haven’t always been pleased, but the “left” has been so obstructionist as to find nothing to give him credit! That is so wrong! The “right” lived with a President not of their liking, for eight years, and never acted as a spoiled child like the “left” is now doing. This is a serious matter, and it is so disheartening to see so many of our countrymen working to destroy our country, not to save it! It isn’t necessary that you fully agree with the path our country has taken, as political disagreement can be healthy, but it is mandatory that you do not continuously stand in the way of that direction! We might not be winning, but we can only lose if we are our own antagonists!

    • What, precisely, has he “done on behalf of everyone”? And sorry, for 8 years of Obama the reich acted exactly like spoiled children as well as 8 years with Slick Willie Clinton. Criticism was due, but not for what the reich was squalling at him about. tRump is destroying our country, the left is trying to save it.

      • If you aren’t intelligent enough to know the answer to your own question, you wouldn’t appreciate the answer! I think I’ll take the rest of the day off, as I am tired of besting foolish liberals, and if you have bested a fool, what have you really accomplished? Bye bye!

        • So.. in other words you have no answer. Your non-answer proved my point. Indeed, take the rest of the day off and live in your fantasy world which, incidentally, includes your fantasy of “besting”. So long sucker!

          • Eric people like you will never get it no matter what we say. Obama ran on bringing the races together but he did everything to tear us apart. If you would open your eyes you could see the vast improvement in our economy itself and they way this country is moving forward. Of course if you are on the government dole can see why you would hate Trump.

          • It was not Obama who tor the country apart, it was your ilk. The economy right now is great for the upper crust but that is nothing new. What meager improvements that the rest of us have seen I question trump can be given credit. You do know the jobs trump/pence “saved” by giving massive tax cuts to Carrier have been eliminated anyway? That worked well now didn’t it. Coal is dead. It will not come back in any big fashion. I do not consider pulling out of Paris moving forward. I do not see destroying the EPA as moving forward. I do not see Betsy’s plans for education as moving forward. I do not see filling the cabinet with wall street mega bucks as moving forward. I do not see voter suppression as moving forward. I do not see defunding PPH as moving forward. I do not consider the revisions in health care as proposed moving forward. I do not see any improvement in foreign policy that is moving forward. I do not see crushing the First Amendment as moving forward. etc etc etc. I really do not think I am the one who “does not get it”. And finally, just because I am a liberal does NOT mean I am on the dole. GOT THAT? I worked my butt off and now I am retired.

          • Think what you want but when a man runs on the theme of bringing the races together and once in office does everything he can to make matters worse I part company with the likes of your kind. He also was going to help Chicago with it’s high crime rate but during his term it just got worse. If you think draining the American tax payers for something like the Paris accord was such a great idea think there are a lot of areas you could send you check to help then. The EPA is way out of line and I had to deal with them for 30 years in my management position and could write a book on how crazy they were. As far as education it was always a state issue and until the federal government forced it’s way into the states that is where it always was and should have stayed. Don’t know where you see the 1ST amendment being crushed but dream on, if anything the 1st Amendment is highly abused. We really aren’t talking health care as much as welfare and it is way out of hand on spending to begin with. As far as working your butt of doesn’t mean much because to me anyone who year after year kept having their taxes raised to take care of those unwilling to work, be responsible for themselves or pumping out babies year after year to me sure couldn’t make such a bland statement.

          • Thank you. I will think what I want and obviously you will as well.

          • Think that is the only subject we will ever agree on.

          • Glenn. Don’t waste your time. He’s just another victim of O’Bummer’s bullshit.

          • Wrong. I criticize Obama where criticism is due.

          • Afraid you’re right but the trouble is there is so many just like him it is scary. Adding up the democratic vote is Blacks, Mexicans, welfare group, multi voting, votes from the grave, majority women votes. When you add up just those votes it doesn’t take much more for them to win.

          • I just do not understand how you liber-turds/ commies got so STUPID so fast MAGA USMC SEMPER-FI

          • Dunno, I guess it took you years?

          • USMC. Marine Aircraft Wing. SEMPER-FI Brother.

          • You’re the one living in a fantasy world.

          • Wrong.

          • Nope.  Right.  Reality is knowing where we are in the stream of time and you haven’t the foggiest idea where that is.

          • You sure seem to know everything about everybody else! Might I suggest you look at yourself just once?

          • Before cutting down others you should at least get to know t hem.  But then that’s not the way you liberals operate is it?

          • Like I said, take a look at yourself for once. Our conversation started with you saying to me, “You’re the one living in a fantasy world.” I wouldn’t call that getting to know someone before cutting them down, would you? So…I guess CONservatives ain’t so perfect either now are they?

          • And you are living in a fantasy world.  Just like t he rest of the liberals  Reality is not in your vocabulary and neither is freedom of speech unless it’s you that wants it.

          • you say so.

          • He cant be living in a fantasy world. He clearly doesn’t know what living is.

          • If he knew what living is he wouldn’t be a liberal

          • Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s in fantasy land?????????????

          • You

          • Nope conservatives aint perfect. But still you are an idiot and that is a fact.

          • So you say.

          • I second that.

          • No! Conservatives are not perfect, but they are patriotic.

          • I’m sure you will look lovely wrapped in the flag.

          • I respect the American flag and would never use it for a “wrap.”

          • Of course dear. It is a figure of speech dear.

          • Your cutting down President Trump. How well do know him? That’s what I thought moron.

          • Apparently I know him better than you if you support him.

          • I agree 100%.

          • Estell did. And she found a true American. Unlike you clown.

          • Surely you jest.

          • Excuse me fella…YOU’RE THE SUCKER!! Know it, and deal with it!

          • In your opinion that is probably correct. Sorry to tell you though, your opinion sucks.

          • Guy’s like that don’t know how to deal with it. Too brain washed.

          • Many of us have learned that the Liberals function as brain-dead humanoids. What is the point of having discourse with a Lib? It is a waste of time.
            One media source said that The Donald is playing with the Liberals as one plays with a cat with a red-dot laser.
            I believe that! LOL

          • Really! It sounds that the many who learned are all trump U graduates. Congrats!

          • Many of us have learned that CONservatives function as brain dead hemorrhoids so whatever..

      • You are backwards. Trump is trying to save our country and the left is trying to destroy it.

      • You are a godless idiot that has had his eyes blinded to the truth. Shame on you!!! The “left” is evil!! They are THE PARTY of DEATH, DESTRUCTION, PERVERSION, GODLESSNESS, OBSTRUCTION, DELAY, NO, and HATEFULNESS!!!

        Don’t you EVER forget that, Eric.

        • How can one person (you) be so wrong so many times in a row? You are truly amazing there, fanny.

          • Wrong? My eyes aren’t blinded from the truth. When one lives by Godly values, one is NEVER wrong.

            I suggest you, Eric, start opening your eyes to Godly values, for it will enlighten you to the TRUTH!!

          • What precisely about me makes you think I do not live by “godly values”? Please explain to me how you define “godly values”.

          • Just did fella!!! Reread what the LEFT is truly guilty of above! You are a Leftist, and Leftist in this country are truly ungodly and very hateful people, for they constantly DISTORT TRUTH at every opportunity!!!

          • Fanny, you are crazier than an out house mouse. So tell me, how do you feel about the Constitution?

          • And exactly what about Franie’s above points of morality is so crazy?
            What exactly do you disagree with?
            If you even attempt to justify your opinion, you are cementing the loathsome position of your own decrepit, immoral, self, and you make the point for so many here who have attempted to show you the error of your thinking. If there is an outhouse mouse in this discussion, it is you!

          • How do you feel about the constitution?

          • We heard you the first two times you asked that question.
            Sorry, but I’m not taking your bait.
            Seems like you have no legitimate response to a logical discussion?
            I expected that!

      • Let’s see….for everyone here legally he’s working to straighten out what that pos obeyme worked so hard to destroy…yes, if you come here legally and want to assimilate to our laws and ways you are more than welcome….everyone else go pound sand. He’s working to reverse what that troll Hussein did to our military….he’s also working to get the VA straightened out. As a Marine 1973-83 I watched as that Kenyan showed his high disregard for those in charge that wanted a strong military. Obeymecare….that should have been stuffed up his ass as he left the White House…. I’ve seen my health insurance premiums skyrocket and services going down. His bullshit minimum wage campaign will lose millions of young people and first time employees jobs. It’s not meant as a living wage…or don’t you idiots still get that? He’s working on much more, but it’s more for hard working folks and not the system sucking leeches like so many of you there are.

        • It is very obvious to tell where you get your information.

          • It’s very obvious where you get yours….Or I should say lack of truth news.

            By the way, enlighten me which part isn’t true. Oh, and you might want to use facts.

            I didn’t know Obama was in office from 1973-83 when you were a Marine, fact. Obama is not a Kenyan, fact. Military, not as simple as you seem to think, W made serious cuts to the VA, fact.
            My insurance rates were going up each year and continued to go up at about the same rate after Obama care, fact. FYI I don’t think Obamacare is the correct solution however. It is actually based on a CONservative plan put together by bastion of liberal ideas (haha) the Heritage Foundation, fact. Medicare single payer would be the best solution, opinion based on fact. I disagree with you on the minimum wage. I’ve heard the same old worn out conservative arguments and scare tactics for many years and they never pan out. Or course the minimum wage entry level jobs are not SUPPOSED to be full time jobs, but today they are if you haven’t noticed. The loss of the good paying middle class jobs started WAY before Obama, fact Like try your hero Reagan, continuing with the neoliberal policies of Slick Willie Clinton and the neoconservative policies of W followed by the neoliberal policies of Obama and now followed by the trickle down proposals of your newest hero trump. I’d call that opinion based solidly in fact.

          • Hey dim wit…. my insurance premiums never went up more than 11.7% in any given year for 25 years since 1984 FACT! They have gone up 155% the first 3 years of that crap that was sent in and named Obamacare. FACT!! You could have fooled almost any of you tards saying he wasn’t Kenyan…but his dad was and he loves to be referred to as an African before American…FACT!
            You socialists…the worst besides being a communist…love it when the government is in charge..FACT!! I tell you what…my business I started in 1989 hired on average 22 minimum wage employees every year. I started my construction business on my own with no help from anyone.. I couldn’t even get a small business loan because I was white in 1988. I put my home up and threw the dice, but had to bid against minority companies that got preferred treatment by LA. Not one of those companies is still in business…when you don’t appreciate what it takes to run a business on an even field you usually don’t last. Well, as of two years ago I retired but this minimum wage crap already cost 5-7 of those jobs we averaged each year. When it goes full boat there won’t be one job that will be filled if they don’t already have experience or a trade school diploma. The college kids will be out along with any high school kid… The only ones my oldest son will hire that don’t fill that description will be vets….we hire 6 vets each year…those are the only ones getting a pass. Minimum wage has already cost many jobs…all Jack in the boxes out here now have ordering kiosks and McDonald’s is going the route of automation starting this year. The same voice all over will be the same….do you want that super sized?? Lol

            You can blame your buddy willie for NAFTA….that was the beginning of the end for you lazy slugs. Oh and nafta was the drug cartels dream agreement…they were able to load thousands of trucks with drugs and if a few got caught, it was the price of doing business.

            Single payer insurance…another socialist wet dream. Go up to Canada and see how long it takes you to see a doctor…morons.

          • Do we feel better after our little rant? How nice for you. Btw, I already DID blame Willie for NAFTA.

          • Bravo, Shecky!
            You explained the FACTS to that liberal turd, Hartman, but he is either too stupid to get it, or he’s too stubborn to admit them! Which isn’t at all surprising, as liberals always think their answers to problems are the only answers, but when they fail, as their ideas always seem to do, they never admit it! Their answers are to always double down and pump more legally stolen tax dollars into the programs. the best that they can hope for is that their Ponzi schemes, formulated to garner votes, and little more, don’t collapse during their elected terms of office. Actually, it’s a real shame that they see the same things that conservatives do, but react in ways that do not fix problems, but instead exacerbate them. Their dream schemes, always result in taxpayers footing the bills, and usually getting nothing out of those programs. Charity is great, but should be voluntary, not mandated by government, and that’s the way it used to be. Oh, for those good old days!

          • Thanks, but it doesn’t change anything with him….you can’t fix stupid.
            Your last point on charity is right on. If you want to put into helping that’s fine, but make it by choice. If you find that the money you are donating isn’t doing any good you have the ability to stop. We have found for decades you can’t fund those that don’t want to work with endless programs. It doesn’t do them any good and it costs us to support them. What should be done is like they did back in they day were work camps. The National forests were great for that…most of those old retaining walls and pathways were put in by those affected by the Great Depression. Nobody got a welfare check, wic card, bet card or the like. They got a chance to work for their food and keep…then if they were frugal (what a concept) they had extra money to save and pull themselves out of their poverty. But by today’s standards that kind of work is beneath them and considered belittling….they all want their participation trophies.

          • My father was in the CCC’s (Civilian Conservation Corps) in the 1930’s. The organization was run much like the military, and allowed for many out of work young men to have a government job that actually paid back America in one way or another. It was actually one of the most successful “make work” programs of the “New Deal”. Many of those same men were among the first to make the transition from civilian paramilitary to military forces at the beginning of WWII. In fact, so many of them did so, that the program was shut down in 1942 from lack of participants. Anyone who wants to learn more about the CCC program needs only to google it.

          • To you and deerfly. I agree! All done by the socialist FDR. Those programs SHOULD be put back into place today. Bernie, in reality, is an FDR Democrat in many ways. And, FDR was pro union. Another thing we need back. Even Forbes agrees with that.

          • Not “those” programs – “that” program – the CCC!
            Most of FDR’s thinking was tainted by socialism, and is nothing to be proud of! Of course, he did have a heavy burden to contend with – the results of the Great Depression, and WWII – and for that, he should be given leniency by those who write history and thus his legacy.

          • I was trying to be nice but hell with that. How does it feel to be a moron and a dolt all at once? Please explain how CCC was so different and not “socialist” when, according to you, the “others” were.

          • CCC was a paramilitary organization and not any sort of a handout socialist program. Everybody worked for what he got, and wasn’t given anything! That’s the difference!

          • You say so. You’re welcome to come back and play again though. On second thought…

          • My, you are a persistent jerk, aren’t you?
            A typical democrat liberal socialist who, when shown up by an intelligent answer to your own question, has no response other than to reduce the conversation to playground symmetry. Childish behavior at best, and never ever admit to being wrong! But then again, liberal answers are almost never correct anyway, and, as you continuously show us, your answers are nearly always in the form of another question. Real answers escape your ability!

          • I get tickled when CONservatives complain about liberals with characteristics that describe themselves. Go bother someone else fly.

          • Just another brain dead liberal moron! Can’t support himself and must rely on the sweat of others for his sustenance. The life plan of the chronic liberal! Pie in the sky socialist programs, supported by those who are milked for the funds to support those programs. What a scum bag you are!

          • Obviously you know nothing about me which is just fine. I want nothing to do with you nor do I want anything you have.

          • Yeah, right!
            There never existed a liberal who didn’t have his eyes set on funding his socialist programs from the sweat and labor of others!
            That you want nothing to do with me makes my day, but I still have my hands on my wallet!

          • To you and deerfly. I agree! All done by the socialist FDR. Those programs SHOULD be put back into place today. Bernie, in reality, is an FDR Democrat in many ways.

          • you hate ocare, you’re going to love trumpcare replacement.

          • Listening to a clown that wanted everyone that worked and paid taxes to pay for every kid coming out of high school’s college education…?…That’s rich! Oh and by the way, how’s his wife’s fraud investigation going? Seriously, that fraud needs to be sent packing…..anyone that voted for that lying sack of shit should have their heads examined. My feeling is socialists should leave the country and go somewhere like Canada or some Euro trash hole that is socialist. We are a Constitutional Republic…what part of that don’t you folks get?

          • Oh, and I was stating when I served…these are the generals that felt the community organizer was nothing more than a pot head with a pen and a phone. Obeyme was an ego on steroids and couldn’t handle those that thought he was nothing more than stated above.
            Here’s a pretty comprehensive list that that idiot got rid of.

          • The Man unlike you served his country clown. He didn’t tuck and run like O”Bummer did.But what can you expect from a lib looser like you?

        • Shecky Kind of hard to deal with those that wouldn’t listen no matter what proof was shown them and can only come to the conclusion they have to be on the government dole, not paying for all this crap.

        • You’re a Marine. I’m a Marine. Hartless will never get it. SEMPER-FI Brother.

      • How can the Left save what they destroyed? Open your eyes.

    • Barbara Harmon

      God bless you for putting it exactly as it should be told. The libs will say we did the same to Obama – NO we did not. Happy or not, we were above the kind of whining and name calling and hate-filled innuendos that are prominent each and every day. If they only could realize in their heads and hearts that they are actually hurting our country more than helping! This country and what the libs are doing is a joke around the world – because of the division of our people. It is wrong – We put our President where he is and he deserves more respect than what they obviously don’t understand. He won – and God put him there and our country needs to come back together before God says ENOUGH and stops their whinings forever! Shame on those who cannot and will not respect our President and all of the good things he has already done and will do in the future.

      • They are Godless people, Barbara! They cannot be reasoned with!

        • Stefaniedbaldwin

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      • Barbara, I totally agree that God is with our POTUS!

        • Amen! PRESIDENT Trump is OUR PRESIDENT because we bowed our heads and on bended knee begged for God to intercede for our beloved America, and He not only heard, but answered affirmatively.

          • I love the way you said what you said. God Bless You, God Bless President Trump And God Bless America.

    • EnemyoftheState

      The left fears the light because its collective deeds are evil

    • Deerflyguy, what you state is correct! …It is the LEFT that wishes to destroy America, 8 years of Pajama Boy proves it beginning with that damnable obummuh-care being forced on us; just look at the wreckage left in its wake. The trolls/lefties are rampant/rabid… they see a President who wants to save this country from their BIG government tyranny and it’s sending them over the edge, just look at their hateful actions and hear their hateful rhetoric…they prove their hatred everyday!

      • the Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.
        The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

        • Great post!
          There are over 3M muslims in America now! That is too many to deport.
          We will definitely have to eventually do something about them! They plan to take over from the inside of America.
          Check out Hamtramck, MI. Their takeover has already began.

    • You are so right.

    • Thanks for you wonderful post!

  3. Joseph R. Davis

    Of course Donald Trump doesn’t want the West to be broken. He won’t be able to sell out the country, if it’s broken. Well, it’s more like he won’t be able to get a really GREAT, or HUGE price if it’s broken. On the other hand, maybe Putin or the Chinese actually WANT it broken, and are willing to pay Donald Trump to break it, with the idiotic things he’s saying and doing.

    • Ahhhh! The first troll of the day heard from!

      • Joseph R. Davis

        Ahhhh! The first inane response from LeeRoy. I suppose Daisy Mae will be chiming in shortly. I wonder what LeeRoy and Daisy Mae will do when the FBI investigation knows all, and tells all? That which we call TREASON, by any other name, is still a SELL-OUT.

        • Get back under your bridge, troll! Find yourself some nice night crawlers and centipedes for breakfast!

          • Joseph R. Davis

            I greet you, LeeRoy, with that old Yiddish salutation, hallowed by time and sanctified by usage: Stup es in toches!

        • When you say “treason”, you HAVE to be thinking of Ob and Clinton’s actions in service…certainly not Trump’s

        • What? Like the OBAMAS and Clinton’s did??? You do have a very short memory now, don’t you?

      • NO there was one DUMB-AZZ before named eric hardheadG-D these people are about the most STUPID people ever MAGA SEMPER-FI

    • “with the idiotic things (your) saying and doing”. Have you even looked in the mirror lately?? You may want to slap that “idiotic” and imbecilic face staring back at you!!!

  4. Jackie Fulwood

    With all my heart I believe that God took control of our hearts and these elections to give us this President and other officials to save America.


    How the hell can Trump defend western civilization from the Russians? They are not western civilization. He’s being blackmailed by Putin and he wanted to removes sanctions against Russia. The Senate voted 98-2 to tighten the sanctions against Russia despite him and his pro-russian administration.

  6. OK, I believe the statement, “The West will never be broken,” let’s just make a few changes to insure that.
    1. The Constitution of the United States of America is The Law of The Land. Muslim or Sharia Law carries NO weight in America and has NO PLACE in American courtrooms. 2. As an Elected Official, one will uphold their Oath of Office or be replaced. If the Oath of Office states, “Support and/or Defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” that means support and/or defend the Constitution AS WRITTEN not as your big budget benefactors think it should be written. 3. Either DC gets the hell out of the Healthcare business and turns it over to the Citizens to choose their coverage OR the ENITRE Country gets put on the Healthcare Plan Congress gets. 4. Audit ALL members of Congress, the Senate, etc. If they are receiving funds from outside sources, no Government Paycheck. I have a few more ideas, but some of us have work to do.

  7. SOOOO relieved & finally feeling safe in our own country now that Obama is GONE & Trump is our president!!!

  8. – “billions of dollars have begun to poor into NATO” – “poor”??? What kind of “yellow” journalism is this??? You’d think not only the author, but the copywriter and editor would catch this poor reference to the word “pour”!!!!!

  9. Never say “Never”!

  10. The Democrats during Barry’s Muslim reign has allowed an army of Islamist terrorist on our soil which the left wing progressives cheered as progressive globalism. Like Europe we will be fighting for our own civilization if we do not stop the onslaught.

  11. I think that will be left up to the ppl .One more like obambo and we will break it ourself .The dems are trying to do just that break the country and make it a 4 world

  12. It’s not any outside force that will subvert and destroy our culture and values. It’s leftists, drooling, bugeyed lunatic liberals determined to replace our culture and our values with the chaotic depravity that passes for ‘normal’ in their sick, twisted, imaginary world.

  13. Except by Trump’s dictatorial ideas and practices. We can all watch it collapse in his hands.

  14. I’m 63 years old. I’m a Nam Vet. With a President that has some balls and wont back down like so many others. I’m ready. Lets kick some ASS!!!

  15. It is our good fortune and blessings to have a President who actually loves America and is showing that he
    has the strength and courage to stand up to all of the violent Left’s attacks on him, and in turn, the whole
    American system of democracy so brilliantly spelled out in our Constitution. People in places like Poland
    deeply understand what freedom means and what it’s like to lose it. The “spoiled brat” mentality of the
    Left shows clearly how much “protesters” do NOT understand about the United States and the values
    our founders intended us to uphold and defend. Islamic terrorists have a strong ally in the Obama camp,
    of course. Even having the votes of dead people, illegals, and folks who figured a way to vote in more
    than one state, Trump prevailed. Instead of a career political criminal in the White House, we have the
    brilliant, patriotic President Trump. Yes, he has a few rough edges (he shouldn’t allow himself to be
    goaded into responding to left-wing/media attacks, no matter how vicious and completely unreasonable)
    but the man has honorable goals and is fighting an uphill battle to achieve them. He has the monumental
    task to undo more than 8 years of treachery courtesy of Obama and his cohorts. We have been granted
    the chance to wake up from the nightmare of having a traitor in the White House. We dodged a bullet by
    keeping the crooked Hillary Clinton from carrying on that shameful torch. It’s time for all Americans to live
    up to being citizens of the United States, “united” being the key word here.

  16. Excellent speech! He has this nation now starting to move in the direction it should be with regards to putting us first, jobs first, security first and growing our economy. And yet one really dumb asshole liberal writer had the idiocy to label that whole speech racist and a call to white supremacy.

  17. [ “The West will never be broken!” ] Pres. Trump has a long road to travel if he is ever to gain the wisdom he needs to be a truly successful president… Sadly he speaks to much without seriously thinking…. He is a smart man or else he would not have built such an empire.
    Worldly wisdom comes easily and this statement [ “The West will never be broken!” ] is not from one with godly wisdom. Godly wisdom comes from reading God’s WORD and Pres. Trump needs godly wisdom if he is to succeed as a great president.

  18. Joseph R. Davis

    Alas, poor right-wingers. They thought they were voting for a Savior, but in reality, they elected a S**t-Bird. He sucked up to the people who funded 9-11, and insulted our NATO allies with his babbling about money. And encouraged ultra-nationalism in Poland. And made a crude remark about the French President’s wife. Yeah, President S**t-Bird is a real winner. A real class act.

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