Trump To Start A New Business?

Photo by Giulia Lorenzon on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump during his campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Saturday which was aired live on Newsmax, claimed that he would possibly drop out of the 2024 presidential race and instead start a car-towing business. Trump’s statement was meant to exhibit his opposition to the Biden administration’s support for electric vehicles and his strong stance on Iowa’s ethanol and corn industry.

Trump said that he could open up a tow truck business all across the country in order to tow all those who are going to run out of energy. He then joked that if he did drop out of the race this would be the only reason he would do it.

Trump proceeded to state that while there was a place for electric vehicles, ultimately the choice needed to be with Americans and there should not be any mandates that are going to destroy the gas-powered car industry. As he pointed out, if that occurs then the ethanol industry in Iowa is going to die as there will no longer be a need for ethanol or gasoline and people will not be able to travel more than 12 minutes away from their homes.

The former President then vowed that if he is elected in office again then on the first day, he would repeal the electric vehicle mandate put in place by the Biden administration. He proceeded to argue that he wanted people to have the freedom to own a gasoline car, an electric car, or a combination hybrid depending on their preference.

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