Trump to Pick MITT ROMNEY for Secretary of State?

According to sources inside both the Donald Trump camp and the Mitt Romney camp, the president-elect is meeting with the former Massachusetts governor this weekend at Trump Tower. On the agenda: Romney is being considered for the position of secretary of state!

The only way this could be more surprising is if Trump was considering Hillary Clinton for the job.

There was no more prominent Republican face of the NeverTrump movement than Romney. His blistering takedown of Trump in the primaries was extraordinary. He hammered Trump on his business record, his foreign policy ideas, his morality, and his fitness for the presidency. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he laid out a more thorough denunciation of Trump than we ever heard from Clinton or Obama.

Romney did not keep up that level of vitriol, but he never wavered on his opposition to Trump, either.

This would suggest that he would want no part of a Trump administration.

As for Trump, a man who prizes loyalty, it’s hard to imagine why he would want one of his biggest detractors in the State Department.

Then again, it could be a genius move. By appointment Romney to the head of the State Department, he’s effectively neutering what’s left of the NeverTrump resistance. His best, most eloquent, most respected Republican opposition will have been neutralized. Furthermore, it will be seen as an olive branch to the establishment, which is freaking out about Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions and Trump himself.

And the earliest indication – naming Reince Priebus as his chief of staff while simultaneously naming Bannon his chief strategist – suggests that this is the path Trump wants to follow. Name an insider, name an outsider. Name a “friendly face,” name a “revolutionary.” He relishes unpredictability, but he may also be building a very sensible, logical cabinet of opposites.

For now, we’ll assume that this isn’t going to happen. Too much has been said, too many grudges remain. It’s…hard to imagine.

If it does, though, it will go a long way towards proving that Trump is the “deal-maker” he claimed to be.

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  1. No matter who he appoints, could it even possibly be any worse than the damned mooseslimes that are in there now?? I mean, really!

    • They are nothing short of communists.

      • If I an not wrong, and I usually am not,for I was a DEMOCRAT FOR A FREE SOCIETY in college and was (still am but much reformed) hippie radical. These kids have absolutely no idea why they are taking to the streets, because today’s guru’s are telling them to. At least Timothy Leary said to drop acid and drop out. (never to be seen again). But today? Still the same. All of my professors were communist, but NEVER called themselves anything but Left Wing(voting Democrat) Progressives. They bemoaned the fact that the schools were too old fashioned to indoctrinate many…now look at them. Yes, I spent 9+ yrs in those dens of inequities, I earned 3 degrees, but lost one thing: COMMON SENSE! I am now thinking that maybe, just maybe Abbie Hoffman(the elections of ’68)did go through with his threat to put LSD in the drinking water for those in Chicago are completely unhinged. And Rahm Emmanuel is just one. Where O where will he get the money to bilk the rest of Chicago dry when Trump cuts off his money for those sanctuary cities? To my experienced eyes, this looks like the last ditch attempt not to “keep safe dear aliens,” who are criminals, but to mass a huge number of new VOTERS…DEMOCRATIC VOTERS. Does he think we are really THAT STUPID?

        • Gee, P. Kathy, I was mentioning to a friend that something is being added to our water everywhere because we are seeing stupid rioting, stupid remarks, stupid lack of smarts, stupid in so many ways on this planet and not just our America.

    • All socialists are communists. All democrats are socialists. Therefore all democrats are communists. Their deception of being anything else is over.

      • No, not even close. It is FASCISM pure and simple. Just look at all of these riots, and what you are seeing is classic Fascism. Mussolini did it with his black shirts as did Hitler with his brown shirts, who would hurt, harass, break legs and arms of any who would vote for the opposition. The problem with all of these dangerous idiologies is twofold: One is that they are European in concept (Read just a little Karl Marx and you will see that) and not for AMERICAN CONSUMPTION for we have a very American Constitution. Secondly, these idiologies are only for the elites and the ruling classes, they do not take in consideration of the villagers and the natives. This was a win for the AMERICAN WORKER, remember them? They are the ones who keep the cogs in the wheel of America running. Remember this one? “The Stupidity of the American voter?” That is why we all ran like HELLFIRE to the polls for it was our heads that were on the chopping block! These INDOCTRINATIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING is exactly where these idiologies are coming out of and are poisoning our soft headed young minds and must be the first to be routed out of these commie Professors. Sweep, sweep like the RED SCARE of the ’50’s for that is exactly what they are. And the first one to be burnt to the ground should be Berkley. Get rid of it and rename is Trump U. For if we don’t, these ninnies will be coming off of these campuses and will be back to yet again darken our doorsteps!

        • Is this why the cost of a “higher learning” is getting astronomically high? Let’s keep the buildings, but fire the deans and board member who hired those commie professors!

          • I agree. If the snow flakes want a safe place, since they are to traumatized by Trump’s election to president, kick them out of college and let them go home and be safe.

          • Last night, Heir Fuhrer Trump tried to repeal the First Amendment.
            Apparently, you missed that.

          • Teachers, professors and educators sent to concentration camps.

            That is one of the first things the Nazi did when they came into power.

            That is one of the first things the Communists did when they came into power.

        • Soros’ paid rioters yes. BUT communism has been creeping in on America with Soros’ puppet Obama and paid for RINOS and taking over the DNC several decades ago and don’t forget their published 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over America and they have been working on that since then and also Alinsky garbage. Only because we are a Republic (not a democracy, thank God) are these creeps even out there. Fasciam is a form of communism and Hitler was a social communist and then nicely came Stalin to complete it in Germany. My spouse lived under both and thank God was finally able to escape after a few years. Socialists are just a 1/2 step down from real communism (not marxism which is just another form of communism). Yes, we are fighting against the evil elite globalist communists and they are now a wee bit desperate with Trump and Breixit and other countries wanting to leave globalism. God is listening! Unfortunately, since the feds took our money in the early 60’s to take over our school systems, and the teacher unions appeared, brainwashing was the goal and has succeeded in all levels of schools, top down, and not just Berkeley, which has been a liberal university for decades, but does have great students graduating there. The city is full of vegans/vegetarians/democrats so most are mentally deranged from lack of proper food and logic. Studied nutrition at Berkeley and glad I don’t live anywhere near it and hated the drive but worth the knowledge.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Where do you get your ideas? From a tarot card? The biggest liar was Hillary Clinton. The 1st Amendment was not attacked, however, it goes both ways. Anyone can voice an opinion or make any statement that does not include inciting a riot or violence. Ever heard the saying “you can’t yell fire in a theater”? As far as embarrassing America, Obama did that over and over. I spent my entire adult life defending the freedoms you have, until I finally retired. Don’t tell me about the state of America.

          • Defending my freedoms?
            If you were wounded in Nam, I may be the person who sewed your worthless pieces parts back togeather.

            I guess it never occured to you that women also defended those freedoms?

            Deborah Sampson Gannet and Anna Maria Lane fought with Washington’s army dressed as male soldiers.

            Women have done so in every war that America has fought.

          • Oh, no. You weren’t the nurse I asked if a frying pan hit you in the face, were you? I think she changed my IVs and missed on purpose several times. Chu Lai, 69

          • Pay attention. Nurses don’t sew people back togeather.

          • Facism and Communism arw very different,

            Trump is a Facist.

        • That is exactly what Trump is promising.

          There will be brown shirts demanding “papers please”.

          The right-wing extremists have been planning for this day.

          Will Muslims be required to wear a crescent on their clothes.?

          What symbol will Hispanics be required to sew on their’s?

          Just how far will Trump take his hate and bigotry?

          Which race/ethnicity will he damn next?

        • And you’re then saying that communists didn’t carry out riots and use the same tactics as black and brown shirts? So that is the difference between fascists and communists? It is too obvious, too easily demonstrable that fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory—that both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state—that both are socialistic, in theory, in practice, and in the explicit statements of their leaders—that under both systems, the poor are enslaved and the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling clique—that fascism is not the product of the political “right,” but of the “left”—that the basic issue is not “rich versus poor,” but man versus the state, or: individual rights versus totalitarian government—which means: capitalism versus socialism. Use any term you wish but connecting fascism, communism, Marxism to socialism is exactly correct. All are part and parcel to “collectivism” or “statism” which are the new terms for socialism because progressives (good old fashioned communists in America) know too well that socialism scares the hell out of most Americans. I remember writing to Limbaugh back in 2004 when Obama first showed up begging him to start referring to democrats as the much scarier term socialists to wake the public up to what Obama and the democrat party really were. Too bad it took eight years and the loss of many of our freedoms to “executive orders” for Nov 8, 2016 to finally happen.

          • Collectively, I feel that the fools who voted (twice, mind you!) to elect Mr. Obama, finally saw the writing on the wall. They grew up enough to understand what Obama and company represented: Socialism! Plain and simple.

      • I spell it “SHITBIRDS.”

      • Why do you need to tell these lies?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • the correct spelling is muslime, orislime, or islimic. the horrific system created by mootimid the cynophob

    • So “where” are those “muslimes” going after bho is dethroned? It better not be any other government position some place in America! If they are smart, they’ll leave this country because they are NOT wanted here. Trump’s presence assures that!

      2017 is going to have Fireworks like we’ve never seen!

      • WOOT WOOT!!

      • The U.S. Constituion guarantees freedom of religion.

        Our Founders fought and died for reigioud freedom.

        You unsult everything America stands for.

        Islam has been oart of America since before we became a nation. The first casualty of the American Revolution ws a Mulam.

        Suggest you study sme history. Start with these men:

        Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

        • Spell check should be your friend. Try proof reading before you post & criticize others.

          • Spell check is not my friend. I am dyslexic.
            Feel free to insult. You are not the first, you won’t be the last.

          • My intent was not to insult you, simply pointing out a fact. However, you don’t seem to have a problem insulting others. Calling Trump Heir Fuhrer, others brainwashed, paranoid, and saying they need psychiatric help, just to name a few. Thankfully all Alaskans are not like you. You sound like a bitter old lady. Have a wonderful day!

    • America is still a Republic.

      Heir Fuhrer Trump has not yet been elected.

      The Electoral College votes on Dec. 19.

      They elect the President.

  2. I think Romney would be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was no supporter of Trump. He displayed about as much energy and enthusiasm as Jeb Bush.

    • He should be sent to Syria or Libya or Afghanistan or Iran or Iraq as a missionary which he has some experience with to see if he can convert the muslims. Bet he won’t take that job. He is a typical cowardly politician.

  3. I guess we will have to see what happens here before I spout off. Sources here sources there? This could be a way for Trump to weed those people out. I feel certain that Trump will not stand for leakers at all. YOUR FIRED.

  4. Politics is definitely interesting. The poor democrats and communist media are having temper-tantrums. You can get any better than this.

    • I agree! You cannot make this stuff up. I am enjoying watching the Liberals smolder and melt with President Trump at the switch. (grin)

      • I couldn’t stop hysterically laughing and my husband was really beginning to worry. I wasn’t even this happy when I had my baby 24 yrs ago! Finally! It is so very good when those dirty dogs finally get their day. We have been utterly terrorized with threats of food, water control, FEMA camps, etc. It is alright for them to terrorize me and mine, but not to terrorize them and theirs is it now? Again, I am saying to sweep, sweep, sweep, as if it was your last day on earth, for it almost was. Every one of our rights were on the chopping block, as was our heads. So, no time like the present to return the favor. Those Hollywooders (Apparently Eugene McCarthy didn’t do so good of a job, for all he did was to blacklist them,he should have built gallows complete with the 13 steps) now here comes their grandchildren…ghosts of the Communist past huh? I say that they gave Oh so much money to HRC for “Access” and now that she is “damaged goods” shall we say, where O where will they get their money that went down the toilet? From new movies of course. I say we do not darken those theater doors. I say do not give one red cent(they are red, very, very red) to them. Then you will see mansions go up for sell and then they will have to leave the country!

        • You are happy watching the Constitution being violated?

          Yes, those rights are on the choppung block and Heir Fuhrer Trump is holding the axe,

          He attempted to repeal the 1st Amendment last night.

          • Bullshit!

          • Those with eyes that cannot see, those with ears who cannot hear …
            You may get exactly what you are asking for, ypu won’t like it one bit.

          • I agree our health care system is expensive and also broken, but government intervention has only acted to make it even more expensive. I believe much of the added expense is due to incorrect focus on the problem. Obamacare focused on the insurance issue attempting to solve the problem by giving insurance agencies an opportunity to expand their business. The real issues are: medical care cost at the pharma, doctor, hospital, medical equipment, etc. spectrum. Trying to solve a problem by not addressing the real issue, cost, only exasperated an already sick system.

            Every action our government has taken in the direction of health care cost has backfired by actually increasing the cost at the Doctor’s office, hospital, and drug companies. It would appear to me that if the cost of a medical service or drug is profitable at the quoted price to an insurance company or MEDICARE that the real value is the reduced price agreed to. If you look at what a service, procedure, visit, etc. are charged for non insured persons versus what those entities are willing to sell it for to the insurers, there is a major scam in place. Don’t charge me $100,000 for a surgery and then settle it for $6,000 with an insurer. The real value of the service is obviously $6,000. The only value an insurer or MEDICARE bring to the table is guaranteed payment!

            The additional burden placed on Doctor’s Offices for Government and Insurance required paperwork has almost doubled the size of the staff needed to code and process paperwork. This has added additional cost but done nothing to help the true problem of too high expense. The Canadian system seems to work well with the exception of the wait period for elective, but necessary, surgeries which drives those with ability to pay to cross the border to the US. It would seem that this issue could be solved.

          • The Affordable Care Act is the Capitalist form of national health care. When states permit insurance companies to do business accross state leines, then the cost of health insurance will come down.
            The #1 cause of bankruptsy in America is medical bills.
            The #1 driver of midical cost in the U.S. is bad debt.

            Fact: The U.S. is the only modern, industrialized country that alliws people to die — just because they cannot afford to buy health care. By the time someone is poor enough to qualify for welfare, it is too late; they are 100% disabled for life.

          • go away moron

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • 1 John 3:17-18 – But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels [of compassion] from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

          • If you are so enamored with socialism, I suggest you visit Cuba and Venezuela and see what really happens when a society determines governments can make societies better than capitalism. The poor get poorer, the middle class disappears and the elite run the country and enjoy the spoils of socialism. Research what happened to Argentina and all other countries who ventured down this path including Brazil. Our country, and all others, success depends on managing the balance between individual and greater good decisions, not on enslaving the population through socialism. Al

          • Every modern, industrialized country has a mixed economy.

            Of those contries, America is the only nation which allows people to die because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

            I suggest you read up on Dwight Eisenhower. If he could have had his way, America would have a form of national health care.

            Instead, America has the most expensive health care systen in the world.

          • Dallas Yvonne Auldridge

            And your big earred mon key in the white house put it there. Also brought in hundreds of thousnds of illegal maggots taking the money ear.marked for Americans and pays the medical bills for the rapists, murderers, traffickers, and best of all the pieces of maggot shit that he conts to support in his downhill trod to DESTROY AMERICA. I believe itn war time treason is a sentence of death. I will happily throw the first stone, fire the first bullet, for him and his family of he-shes

          • I suspect you also call yourelf a Christian.

          • Luke 3:11 – He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.

          • Cuba has an excellent heath care system.
            People from the U.S. have been going there for a couple of decades, on false passports bought in S. America and Mexico.

          • That may be true but at what cost? Give up individual rights and freedom, be slaves to government control and lose ability to progress beyond the masses enslaved to socialism. No thank you!

          • The U.S. is the only modern, industrialized country that allows people to die. simply because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

            Apparently, that is somwthing you are proud of.

            I suspect you also claim to be a Christian.

          • You are obviously a socialist who has no respect or concern for individual rights and are incapable or unwilling to research what happens in all socialist societies. Take from the workers and give to the non workers, live off the dole from the government and believe all is well because you expended no personal effort to succeed by lived as a puppet of the state. For you there is no hope!

          • Jesus was a Socialist.
            The Apostles were Communist.

          • Wow you certainly seem to have knowledge far beyond us mere mortals. If we accept your statement that Jesus and his deciples were socialist and you obviously are also a socialist it follows that you are a Christian. Is that why you asked if I am also a Christian?

            You ignored my reply to your statement that Cuba has a wonderful health care system. A statement I can not refute. But, you failed to reply to the issue of at what cost. Cuban’s who have returned to this country since the late 60’s will tell you that loss of material things like indoor plumbing, dependable electricity and other material benefits do not weigh on them nearly as heavily as losing control over not only what foods they can buy but also how much they can have to eat. Their mail, telephone conversations, and communication in public is also monitored and controlled. They are not free to travel or in many cases even to select the province in which they live. They escape to the US for freedoms that we have begun to lose, thanks to eight years of a corrupt socialist government movement.

          • “This is my commandment, that you love one another
            as I have loved you.” (John 15:12 RSV)

          • You have delivered three valid and very worthy references to biblical statements. While I totally agree with your selections I must say that our country has erred in attempting to meet the quote from Mathew and misinterpreted or at least misapplied the quote from Proverbs. We have failed a huge percentage of our population by providing for the needy by “giving” to the extent of enslaving them while using them for political gain. We have taken away or at least made it difficult for them to enjoy the fruits if their capabilities and achieve success and rewards from their individual efforts. You feed a starving man with fish, but if you truly love him you will teach him to fish. Our system of welfare inhibits their opportunity to join society and find their way as contributors to their family and society. This is the cruelest slavery placed on any human.

            How do we start correcting this grievance? How do we provide for them and simultaneously elevate them to being self sufficient and meet MLK’s dream? Your thoughts.

          • There is a five-year, lifetime limit on public assistence.

            It has been in force since the Clinton administration.

            The only exceptions are age and dsability.

            How to fix the problem? Stop buying foreign-made goods.

          • Matthew 25:35 – For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in

          • Proverbs 28:27 – He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.

        • Kathy –good article – very ensightful. We come so close to loosing our country.
          It’s staggering to realize that so many ignorant people would stand behind Such a corrupt, lying candidate ( Clinton). It must be because they want free things instead of freedom?? Go figure– So dumb!
          Why Clinton Literally Unfit For the Presidency!
          Can’t Walk, Needs Assistance, Can’t Think, Often Confused, Can’t See, Has Double Vision, Wears Long Coats to Hide Her Adult Diapers, Has Multiple Seizures On Camera, Left in Middle of Debate For Unexplained Reason, Called Donald Trump Her Husband, Massive Coughing Fits During Speeches… she’s a devout lesbian with her Muslim girlfriend/aid, She’s a known Cocain addict, part of the 6 th biggest crime families in NY ( Clintons) ( muslims will never fit within our society and will try to push Sharia law on a society/constitution that is based on Judea christian values), she’s totally responsible for the Death of four Americans in Bengazi ( gross negligence), Bill Clinton appointed the FBI official who investigated her for mishandling security Mail during his term ( who failed to prosecute her – placing her above the law). This speaks volumes about a Party and it’s followers who have lost their way and are Anti American and the new Satin within America.

        • Great idea P. Kathy… Also the “great” Apple co. did not support the Republican Convention as they did the Democrats’ Convention.

          If I buy Apple products now, they will be used!

          • Proverbs 14:31 – He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.

      • It is hilarious to watch these idiots run off at the mouths. I did not know we had so many snowflakes and freaks amongst us. This election has been an eye opener.

        • ..
          You are happy watching the Constitution being violated?

          Yes, those rights are on the choppung block and Heir Fuhrer Trump is holding the axe,

          He attempted to repeal the 1st Amendment last night.

          • America is a beautiful place to live in, but we have some crazies that live amongst us, and they are scary. crazy ak, please go back to your hole.

          • Heir Fuhrer Trump tried to repeal the First Amendment Sunday night..
            I guess you missed his telling the cast of Hamilton what they could and could not say.

          • For your information, publicly chastising an audience member with political rhetoric at the end of the show that he paid good money to see and enjoy is pretty much like cutting your own neck. That “audience ” member was one of a few more that also paid to watch and enjoy a show. To insinuate that Trump is trying to “repeal the First Amendment” is hyperbole to the extreme!

          • Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right.

            Pence was booed by the majority of the audiance before the show even began.

            Pence was not “chastised”.
            Pence actually approved of the cast’s statement: “This is what freedom sounds like.”

            The GOP should put Pence at the top of thw ticket. He is far more suitable than Trump.

            Not hyperbole, just an example of how unfit Trump is. You need to start paying closer attention.

            Oh, and by the way, how many former Presidents were charged with crtmes before running for office?

          • Traditionally, in the world of legitimate Theater, this would have been good cause to throw tomatoes at the actors. Would you have complained about that Constitutional right too? Suck it up!!!!

          • You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • You seem to have it reversed.
            I am one of those speaking out against Trump.
            Pence approved of the cast’s actions —
            he did the right thing, even though he was the target.
            Frankly, Pence is Presidential material. Trump is not.
            Given the choice between Hillary and Pence, I would vote for Pence.
            Given the choice between Hilkary and Trump, I will vote for Hillary.

          • But is okay for Obammy to tell us what we should and should not say and do for 8 years?
            Stuff it!

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Actually, the majority of the Lower 48 is not a “beautiful place to live in”.

            Pollution, ctime, poverty, racism, hate …

            Thank you, I’ll stay up here in Alaska. I prefer “criminals” who walk on all fours to those who stand on two.

            Besides, I can walk out my back door and hunt dinner.

          • And which party governs the cities with the MOST of those things you deplore in the Lower 48?

          • Not cities, states — they are Republican.

            Red states have the highest school dropout rates. They have the highest unemployment rates. The also are notied for their extremely high poverty tates.

            Red states also recieve the largest amount government handouts. Just look at where America;s largest military bases are located.

            Cities are well-publicized, but they are not where the majority of the problem exists.

          • AK is a red state! “high poverty tates”. Do you mean states?

          • I said states, I meant states.

            Alaska is unusual. Land area is over three times that of Texas, Popukation under 600,000.

            No over-crowding. One can live off the land.

          • Read the last word of your 2nd paragraph, it is tates. You don’t need to tell me about AK. I lived there & still have family & friends there.

          • We MUST move you to the south side of Chicago, so you can experience life firsthand with your comrades!

          • Take a walk through South Chicago, then go to Magnolia, MS. Tell me where you got shot at, mugged or raped most frequently. Then tell me it’s not a “city problem.”

            And are you saying that support of our Military constitutes “handouts?”

          • Try some factual data:
            Just how much federal money goes to states with military basis?

          • Here’s a fact: Which state leads the nation with most violent crimes per 1000,000 population? YOURS! That big ol’ state of ALASKA that you lauded as being “safer than the lower 48!” Bwahahaha!

            And you completely ignored my question: Do you consider support of our military as “welfare?”

          • However, you have not cited the type of violent crimes. The two most common violent crimes are Robbery and Aggravated Assault.
            The highest number of crimes are property crimes.

            Alaska crime also refects the number of employees oil companies bring into the state. Alaska’s crime ratehas dropped with the price of oil. That is especially true of sex related crimes, such as prostitution and rape.

          • Rationalize all you want but it will not change the FBI statistics. You asked for data and I provided it from a credible source.

            YOU, on the other hand, continue to avoid my question: Do you consider support of our Military to be “welfare?” Your propensity for straying off topic marks you as one too indoctrinated with leftist philosophies to ever be objective.

            While I would have preferred a proven Constitutionalist to Trump, Hillary promised to promote leftist ideals in harmony with Soros’ plans to further destroy our sovereignty. Her only qualification for POTUS is that she is female. Trump is infinitely more qualified than the Community Organizer in Chief that we’very endured for 8 years. And, so far, it appears that he is choosing staffers who have the survival of our nation at heart.

            I’ll give you the final word since I’m sure you’ll take it anyway. Don’t expect any more replies from me. Have a nice life.

          • Facts are not rationalizarion.
            The BIG state of Alaska is safer, just on the population density factor alone.

            Support of our military? American’s military is larger than all the other countries combined.

            America spends more on military than all other modern, industrial nations combined.

            Yes, America’s military is a form of welfare. It is a manner by which the countey reduces unemployment — including the unecessaey wars our government invloves us in.

            When Trump is sworn into office, the unemployent numbers will begin to climb, just as they have under eveey previous Republican administraton. Then, rhe war will materialize out of the thin air, just as ir has under every prevous Rebulcan administrarion.

          • you haven’t answer the question yet, coward.

          • You have not asked a question.
            You just keep spewing insults.

          • They you either lie or you have a problem remembering,,,,,the TRUTH.

          • Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you

          • Much better. Now we can comment more civil in the future. You have your views and I have my views. I will do my best to behave.

          • Right over the top of your head.

          • I don’t believe you want to comment with anyone civil. Just thought I would give you an opportunity to chat intelligently. Guess that is not possible with a crazy. Uh oh,,,,there I go misbehaving. Hasta~La~Vista.

          • Hogwash!

          • Exactly, why do you publish Hogwash?

      • Is that so?

        Heir Fuhrer Trump tried to repeal the First Amendment last night.

        Are you really sure you want a dictator?

    • The large majority of democrats are communists.Time for a major change.

      • I find that the majority of Dems are of the ‘old school’ and are the rank and file. The noise makers seem to all be the commies… dedicated.

      • Richard, and sadly we elected several registered socialists and communists and that was our mistake and needs to be rectified and these creatures removed from our Congress. DNC has been communist since 1963!

        • Rosech Levy: In my book, Ike & Stevenson 1952, for that President race, the democratic become liars, murders, corruption, voting the dead, all things that are corrupt. All/the party/everyone of them should be exterminated, including and specially the obama’s, clinton’s,harry reid, peaso, all of them

          • You are a bit confused. In Ike’s day, Democrats were the KKK and Republicans were the liberals.

          • Now that is where you are the most wrong. Republicans and Democrats have never switched places ever. This is a myth, go back and do your research. You are dead wrong or maybe you really know the truth and are out right lying.

          • LOL. You need to get your history books back out.

            Just one example : Democrats supported segragation and the KKK.

            Republicans supported equal rights and desegregation.

          • The same Democrats and Republicans of today supported the very things you are speaking of. Republicans have never been liberals and Democrats have never been conservatives. You are trying to say that the Republicans/ Conservative of today were the KKK and it was actually your party the Democrats/Liberals that were the KKK. You are misinformed and like it or not, it’s the truth. Same truth that a conservative president freed the slaves.

          • Modern Democrats support ll the things the original Party did not.The KKK is anythig but liberal.

          • Well they’re not conservatives either and we don’t accept or approve of them, never have.

        • Please obtain psychiatric help.
          Your paranoia has reached clinical stage.
          Oh, and Levy, it was the Republican who were the equal rights marchers. The Democrats were KKK.

      • They are showing their true colors now that they have lost. They are a bunch of fakes, that will bully you if you let them. Some of them will kill you if you are not careful. I like the 4 STAR GENERAL that TRUMP may pick for Sec. of Defense: Gen. James Mattis – One of his sayings, “I come in peace. I didn’t bring the artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all”. FOUR STAR GENERAL JAMES “Mad Dog” MATTIS.

      • Wow, you have been well-brainwashed.

      • The large part of the red states are school dropouts.
        Time for a major change. Maybe we should tke away all the federal wefare those states get? Let’s see, we could start by moving the military bases.

        • Again, you do realize that AK is a red state don’t you? You should since you live there. You want to move JBER (joint base Elmendorf Richardson) out of Anchorage. Also Ft Wainwright & Eielson out of Fairbanks?

          • Suggest that you take a long, hard look at the trade restrictions that were placed on Alaska from the time our natural resources were discovered.

    • Heir Fuhrer Trump tried to repeal the
      First Amendment last night.
      Are you really sure you want a dictator?

      • I really do not want to comment with you until you answer the question that I asked you. Maybe you can not handle the truth. Maybe you are crazy. Until you can answer the question YES or NO, please refrain from the honor of conversing with me.

  5. Bolton is still the best man for the position

  6. There ya go again “drive-bys” types second guessing Trumps motives. I’d say he’s come a long damn way on his own & making his own decisions don’t ya think? I am tired of people not knowing what they are talking about second guessing Trump…sure he may make some mistakes, but the majority of his decisions will be good & he can always correct mistakes as he goes…been done before…at least he’s not making a lot of czars out of muslims…duh!

  7. Smart on Trumps part meeting with Romney, keep your enemies closer. Romney is a malcontent and a coward, I don’t see him as Secretary of State, but the ideas of heading up the VA could be a good one. He’ll have to find a way to get rid of 90% of the garbage first.

  8. Romney is no friend to conservatives, if he can put a liberal in this post, he can put a liberal on the Supreme Court.

  9. I agree with Danny R., and gibride. Mitt is no real conservative and I question his stance on the 2d Amend. Bolton would be a better choice and maybe Mitt for VA.

    • You have a point there. Bolton was a real “fire breather” as our U.N. ambassador. Has always supported a strong military. He been dealing with the international scene for some time.

    • Bolton? Really? Don’t believe that for a moment…isn’t he the one coming out saying that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? I say that Assad has better ones, his are chemicals in makeup and he kills his own. Who does he hope to reign over? Sand?

  10. I think we need to rethink Guliani . I like him but not his stand on the 2nd . Maybe a post here his objections to the 2nd don’t apply.

  11. I would 100% like to see Giuliani picked.

    • So would George Soros.

    • Don’t worry, I believe that he is going to be on some SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR? His major feat was dealing with the Mafia and John Gotti, the Teflon Don. Well HRC is so much more Teflon, she is made of the stuff. He would be perfect for that role. And let us not forget what Hannity said, it is a real beauty: Only the REAL JOURNALISTS/REPORTERS and those who have proven they are real should be given passes for the White House Press Corp. Now wouldn’t that just piss the Hell out of the real drive by’s? They would be sure to call this non Transparency…Obama is the King of non transparency. I have been saying this for years…when was the last time you saw a real journalist out in the field in REAL TIME? Not in years They only thing we have in American Pravda are the very well paid liars coming out like Josh Ernest (Jay Carney quick really quickly right after Benghazi and knowing he would have to be coming out LYING about some video…he jumped ship…or worse for he hasn’t been heard from as late) telling us what lies they want us to hear.

  12. My daddy once told me: “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” I suspect President Trump is doing just that. It is a logical move for a man like President Trump to make. It will serve him well!

  13. Like Obongo, Romney belongs on the ash heap of history. Do not resusitate!

  14. Forget all that silly stuff about Trump just keeping his enemies close. Romney is not just an “enemy”; he is, for those with very short attention spans and failing memories, the man who Trump called a FAKE, FRAUD, CON MAN AND PHONY. Yes he did; here it is right here:

    Whether or not those pejoratives accurately describe Romney, what Trump sees in Romney is not so much an “enemy,” but someone who is like Trump himself! Birds of a feather…..

  15. It is the implications and consequences of policies which, more than the deceit of campaign promises, are the proof that we are not “all Americans,” at least, not with a common perspective and appreciation of heritage, history and values which eliminate the politics of compromise. And, indeed, it is the politics of compromise which, however representative of the diversity which is perceived to necessitate it, weakens our system and paralyzes it with gridlock. As a basically, diversely sectarian nation of Christians, covering the spectrum from Roman Catholics to Protestants to Unitarians, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, it is and has been the willingness to accept the constitutional rule of law, secular law, which was the unique compromise of each to the greater, public good, equal justice and liberty for all, without harm to the particular convictions or persuasions of each, because we all accepted the validity of the Ten Commandments, the Jewish law, and obedience to them, as the basis for order and justice, codified in secular law. Fundamentally, it is division over the law and obedience to it which gives impetus to partisan-political persons to represent those diverse viewpoints. When there is the opposition of those with irreconcilably different belief systems, and compromise with respect to the Constitution and secular law is rejected, experientially, there is legitimate reason to discriminate on the basis of law. Historically, people were separate by choice or design for the security provided by commonality. For most Americans, “In God We Trust” has never meant, merely, “the almighty dollar,” but it was the commonality factor which made trust the basis for domestic tranquility and the common defense of the nation. Constituting a divided house was never an intention of the founders and the policies which have done so have weakened us to the extent recognized by voters who reject them and expect change.

    • Excellent post. We are just about ending 16 years of pussification. Yes that does include GWB who was far from being a true conservative. I believe with the election of Trump, conservatives joined by many others, have rejected Bushes 8 years of pseudo conservatism and 8 years of Obama’s communism. They want America returned to conservatism, glory and greatness which was never achieved since Reagan.

  16. Monsanto would love Romney as secretary of state. If it wasn’t for Romney and Brain & company Monsanto would still be known for producing poisons that destroy the environment and human health. Romney will just be another Hillary.

  17. I’am not a Romney Fan, he is a Repuke~Republican !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Donald please do-not do this on One John Kerry’s Enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We need a real Leader in that position too Important John Bolton

  18. I don’t believe a word of this article !

  19. No we don’t need Romney
    . He had his chance and blew it

    • NO he did much, much more than that. Remember the Jekyll Island meeting? This time the established Old Guard got together and determined that they would lose to Obama before the election.Just how did they do that might you say? By decided NOT to tell voters about Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright’s Down under church. Bill Ayers, etc. I know the the commies reign supreme at all the Ivy League colleges, I take as my example Angela Davis…remember her? The Black Panther member who was convicted of bombing someone or something? She did her time and just where O where do you think she is now? Why she is a “professor of indoctrination” at one of those very expensive colleges. So is Bill Ayers, his wife who said what Charles Manson did was “Oh just so cool.” These are the people inside these colleges giving our soft heads even more malleable ones. They all decided not to mention this to the American people, who unlike me, wouldn’t have even known who they were. I would, for I was a STUDENT DEMOCRAT FOR A FREE SOCIETY, but it was my girlfriend’s older brothers I saw coming home in body bags before their 19th birthdays, and then Kent state happened. So, with a lot of garbage, I did my 9+ yrs in those indoctrination’s of higher learning; I earned 3 degrees but I did understand that every one of my professors were communist, they only said that to “the few” and to everyone else they were Left Wing (voting Democrat) Progressives who bemoaned the fact that the schools were too old fashioned to indoctrinate many…now look at them. Thanks be to God that I am still a very radical hippie, but much reformed. I believe Winston Churchill said that “If you are not liberal when young and conservative when you are older, then you are not a political animal.” By the by, OBAMA GIVE BACK THAT CHURCHILL BUST. It is not YOURS for it was given to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  20. Romney knows squat about international policy or diplomacy exactly as Clinton. Plus he is a GOP establishment hack that Mr. Trump should not trust or have anything to do with. There are many far more qualified and trustworthy people than the author of MassCare a predecessor of ObamaCare.

  21. I have always said this and apparently Trump does too. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER. That is exactly why I have been advocating to keep Paul Ryan…where you can see him.

  22. I think he would better as Sec of the VA he has a reputation of fixing things

  23. My problem with Romney is his judgement. This is the man as Governor who gave RomneyCare to his State, a version of Obamacare. For Romney to come out so vehemently against Trump is another indicator of Romney’s lack of judgement. Hillary is the perfect example of someone who has not only a serious lack of judgement but is also a political whore who used her position to sell out American interests and insert her own interests. Personally, I believe it was Obama’s plan all along to saddle up with Saudi Arabia through the Muslim Brotherhood and sweep through the middle east “Arab Spring” installing Muslim Brotherhood along the way. Syria proved to be far too big an obstacle then Obama realized. The U.S. has caused this civil war in Syria. Trump can end this war his first week in office. So I can’t imagine Romney as Secretary of State. Time will only tell.

  24. Interesting…Romney? Actually, if Romney accepts (it would be his Civil AND Spiritual duty to do so), he would be a counter balance to the other more outspoken cabinet members.

    This is a stroke of genius because Trump’s Cabinet would be more rounded. If they can all work together to rebuild our Nation, it will become one of the strongest Cabinets in U.S. history! This is something our Nation needs to go forward to heal and become stronger.

    The only people that do not want a stronger Trump Cabinet are the democrats because they KNOW all the damage bho created with their help will be trashed and repealed — with the Blessings of the majority of Sane Americans! It is about time!

  25. I can’t believe he would choose Romney but I’d much rather see Guillani as head of DOJ. That’s his background and then he could go after Clinton. I think Trey Dowdy would make a perfect Secretary of State, just let all those countries try to take advantage of us then. LOL He’d kick their butts.


  27. Simply put: I hope not. That would be another “Hillary” … we do NOT need another version of Hillary.

  28. Simply put: NO ROMNEY for anything. But appreciate Trump talking with many from both sides and evaluating their value to America and his presidency. Just like any employer, you have to interview many to select the right one. So far, so good, Trump. AND, Schumer can shut up saying they will fight against Session. Well, thank God the Republicans can pull a “Reid” on you and get him with just 51 votes!

  29. Democrats would cry if they were hung with a new rope


  31. Romney would be terrible mistake as he showed us during his presidental debates how weak he is. Along with that he has no loyalty which shows he has no integrity!

  32. The one thing for sure can be said about President-elect-Donald Trump, and that is he is not ignorant or stupid; therefore, Mittens Romney can go straight to hell.

  33. all your comments are right but mitt Romney good LORD put somebody else not that turn coat traitor… put rudy julianie or somebody the people can at least trust a little and it ain’t romney

  34. I am really excited about the Trump team now. He will appoint people I don’t like, people I like and people I don’t know. Sounds like a team that will fight a lot, but will ultimately get stuff done. Some of the stuff I’ll like and some I won’t. But unlike the big mistake Obama, Trump will move the country in the right direction.

  35. If Trump would put Romney in as Secretary of State he has a problem. This would be a big mistake. Romney does not like Trump and will make his job as President very rough.

  36. WHY would Donald Trump even consider placing Romney as Secretary of State? Romney would never hold any political office if I had anything to say about it. Romney is a “turn coat” and a Republican In Name Only (RINO). He did his level best to destroy Trump. Its nice that Trump is a bigger person by trying to make nice with this jackal, but I would never trust Romney on any terms, nor should Donald Trump. Newt Gingrich would be my choice for Secretary of State.

  37. I think Romney would make a great Sec of Commerce, with his business background.

  38. But, ROMNEY?! You gotta be kidding! After his milk toast campaign against Obozo, it’s obvious he is a political eunuch. Bring back Bolton who has both the diplomatic experience AND the balls for the job.

  39. The only thing that would make this right is for Trump to get romney on TV to give him the job foe all America to see then tell him he was just joking that he’d never consider a rino for a position on his team!

  40. sure hope not – rinos wil align with the democrats like they have been and against Trump which they did until they saw Trump was winning – not that they care about what the American people want – they are too arrogant and Romney is among the worst – not to be trusted!! I do trust Trump and Bannon to come up with the best plan.

  41. Romney??? GOD FORBID!

  42. Trump should be loyal to his base and NOT APPOINT ROMNEY TO ANYTHING. He is a malcontent coward, a bum in my opinion.

  43. john bolton is a better choice. Mittens would be better used to head an agency that needs a complete revamp. The VA or IRS

  44. Mittens?? NO way ! Absolutely not !

  45. Making Romney SS would be the biggest mistake he could make.


  47. This romney walks around like he has a cob up his ass! He is your typical elite! Drain the swamp; jettison this guy Pres. Trump!!

  48. I have said my fill here. The election is over, and once we are past Dec. 19th. (electoral vote) President – elect Trump will be home free. AKlady2015, your a riot! I really had a lot of fun here. But, after awhile politics gets old, and I must move on. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

  49. ROMNEY !!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. Never Happen !!

  51. This may be the FIRST DUMBEST appointment that Trump will make. I’ve heard the old axiom “hold your friends close and your enemies closer”, I bet many many Trump supporters aren’t happy about this.
    I’m not!!

  52. Cindy Poling Hannon

    No, never anyone who turned their back on the Republican nomination. Not because they should have been loyal to Trump but because they should have been loyal to their PARTY!

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