Trump to Kasich: Time to Drop Out

Donald Trump, bruised after one of the most difficult weeks of his candidacy, said Sunday that Ohio Governor John Kasich should drop out of the race. Speaking to reporters in Milwaukee, Trump said that he had raised concerns about Kasich in a meeting with the RNC. “He’s taking my votes,” Trump said. He argued that without any path to a delegate victory, Kasich was just gumming up the works.

For their part, the Kasich campaign insisted that Trump should take his own advice. “Since he thinks it’s such a good idea, we look forward to Trump dropping out before the convention,” said spokesman Chris Schrimpf, who argued that none of the three candidates would have the required 1,237 delegates.

Kasich has made no secret of his plans. In an interview with ABC, he said the party would likely choose him as the nominee if no candidate could come up with enough delegates to lock it up. He said he thought a contested convention would be “fun.”

“Kids will spend less time focusing on Bieber and Kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents,” Kasich said. “It will be so cool.”

Right. Kids everywhere will be glued to their television sets, hanging on to every procedural motion, biting their nails to see if Kasich and the Republicans will actually go through with this idiotic plan. Of course they will.

Kasich seems like a good guy and he’s apparently been a fine governor, but he is growing increasingly delusional about his chances of securing the nomination. He’s hoping that the delegates will hate Trump and Ted Cruz enough to go with him, even though all of the voter excitement is centered around the other two. And he apparently thinks that Republican voters will just shrug and say, well, guess them’s the rules. Go, Kasich, go!

It’s not going to happen like that. The RNC may very well thwart the will of the voters, but they aren’t going to get away with it. It makes not one whit of difference what the rules are. If the person with the most delegates going into the convention does not come out with the nomination, the party will have a big problem on their hands. That person could be Trump or it could be Cruz. It’s not going to be Kasich.



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  1. Get out you old wind bag. You are holding up progress. The only reason you are still there is to help block the front runners. It’s time for you to call it quits and letter nature take its course.

  2. Michael Dennewitz

    I’m originally from Akron, Ohio and know ALL of the Kasiches. They are all dildo and he’s getting paid to stick nothing more than a pole into the gears! What a has-been!!

  3. Kasich’s running can be blamed on George Soros!
    He has NO CHANCE of winning anything! All this is
    to try to keep Trump from winning! GO TRUMP 2016!

    • We have a one party government more akin to an Oligarchy than a Constitutional Republic. Just stop Trump, no matter if Hillary wins, because she is a member of the Oligarchy.

      • Strange, it is Trump who expects to be elected dictator. His statements are very clear on the point that he intends to rule an oligarchy.

        • Trump…2016

          • Suggest you rent some historic video of 1930s and 1940s Germany. You just might want to change your mind about Trump.

          • Not an ever lovin’ chance of changing my mind about Trump.
            Do you understand we are at the most dangerous cross roads in our history?
            Trump is the only one who GETS it!
            Not only does he get it, he is the ideal man for the job.
            He is his own man, cannot be bought, bribed nor intimidated.
            He WILL stop the hemmorage
            at the border, ISIS TERRORISTS. WILL be ended, we will rebuild our infrastructure, JOBS, illegals will no longer live off the welfare system (taxpayers),
            common core ? Gone.
            So much will be cleaned up & cleaned out.
            The Benghazi Butcher (killary)
            will be prosecuted, & hopefully obama with her.
            I could go on, but I’m hopeful you get the point.

          • Mein Trumpf

            Vol. One: A Reckoning

            1. The Hispanic Peril
            2. The Arab Peril
            3. The Black Peril
            4. The Female Peril

          • I see Trump as our only chance to set this nation back on a right & constitutional path.
            Unless & until I see something dangerously drastic from him, I absolutely stand with Trump.
            You see, I believe God has heard our prayers & has sent us a Warrior in the very unusual form of
            Donald J. Trump .
            Besides, all the lefties &crooked polititions are scared to death of him & hate him because they know who he is & know he is right.

          • Constitutional path?

            Trump does not know the meaning of the word.

            Oh, for sure, I am afriad of him.

            I am old enought to have known consentration camp survivors.

            I am old enough to remember the speeches made b a certain German “savior.

          • You are old enough then, to have learned some common sense. Use it.
            Stop listening to the media.
            Donald Trump is not the “Saviour” He is however, the Warrior God has sent.
            We need to pay attention.
            What are your objections to him?
            Do you not want FAIR Trade, Secure Borders, ISIS TERRORISTS GONE, etc etc etc.????
            Common Core …ENDED.
            He loves AMERICA..
            Pro 2A…
            What is it you don’t like?

          • Donald Trump is a 21st century N-A-Z-I.
            The child of military parents, the wife of three military men and the mother of three children — I AM 100% IN FAVOR OF COMMON CORE.

            If your children had attended as many schools as mine did, you would also be 100% in favor of Common Core.

            When we were transfered from Wisconsin to South Carolina, the school change was the equivalent of having been put back an entire grade.

            The only thing Trump loves is money. On marriage #3, it is obvious the man cares about nothing but himself.

          • O good Heavens!!!!!
            To top it off you fault Trump for three marraiges &you, yourself the wife of THREE Military men?
            No, Trump is not a NAZI.
            You are the Only person I have Ever heard in favor of common core.
            I am truly sorry for you.

          • Dear Emma, I suggest you learn the difference between death and divorce.

            My first and second husband were KIA in the Vietnam War.

            They are both buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

          • That is not what you said.
            That is what you SHOULD. have said.

          • I have read the objections to Common Core, especially the reading material.

            Any parent that thinks their junior high school child would learn anything from Black Swan Green, Lemonaid, Dreaming Cuban or The Bluest Eye is lving in a fantesy land.
            I have real bad news foe them — elementary school children are having sex these days.

            I’ve heard the sad stories about “small children sobbing at the table trying to add two-diget number.” That says more about ignorant parents than schools.

          • I cannot stand dr. Seuss.
            I am guessing his books because it sounds like the same garbage.

            However, common core is absolutey off the charts moronic..
            Why make things more difficult.
            As long as they “try” they can’t fail?
            Last time I balanced my accounts, plain old arithmetic
            works just as it should…AND…
            I knew my books to be correct.
            Sometimes the old tried & true methods are best, because they are correct.
            If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it !!!

          • Dr. Seuss is for children in nurswey school or younger.
            Do you even know what “Common Core” is/does?
            What I do know it will protect the children of our active duty military members. Children who may change schools as often as once a year.
            Common Core sets the basics that will be taught at grade levels.

          • Unfortunately, I do.

          • Unfortunately, you do not.

          • Everyone has an opinion.
            As far as I am concerned, yours does not matter.
            Sometimes you are so rediculous it is almost painfully embarrassing to
            label you a sentient being.

          • Yes, Emma, I recognize the Fourth Reich when I see it.

            “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City

            “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis

            “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis

            “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan

            “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas

            “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa

            “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama

            “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference

            “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

    • You are a bit confused, it is the Kach Brothers who support Republicans.
      Soros supports Democrats.

  4. K-sick is only there to make problems,
    Trump and Cruz should make a deal for the best interests of America,

    Cruz would make an excellent replacement for Scalia,

    and the “establishment” can sit back and
    watch the American people take back America,
    before it is destroyed forever…

    please sign this petition to stop the corrupt GOP:

    • How would he make a good justice..he is a phony, he is a RINO when it suits him and as for being a Christian, this man definitely is not one..he calculated and had his team start planning in January to take Carson out.

  5. This is yet just another excellent example of the two-headed, one party totalitarian oligarchy thumbing their noses at all of “US”! Kasich is one of these NWO elitist MF’rs that think he is entitled to the lavish lifestyle afforded to him and the rest of these NWO Godless elitists while they enslave the world! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=================================?, you will be needing them!

    The communist takeover of “US” has been completed but unfortunately because we no longer have a free press and because most of the sheeple are dumb-downed, drugged-up – with now legal drugs besides the pharmaceuticals meant to blunt the minds – uninformed, misinformed, apathetic, sports, (entertainment?) and tecno distracted zombies they don’t realize this reality! Through decades of patience and infiltrating all facades of our once great and free society the NWO Godless communist scum have completed their coup! They own the courts as is evidenced by this ruling as well as most of all the rulings that have gone against the constitution and the people! You have to be either one of them or a fool not to understand that if you want to remain free – what little is left – than you are going to have to put your life on the line to retain it! Like the saw says: Freedom doesn’t come free, guess what, an installment payment is PAST DUE! The American sheeple have become lazy, crazy, immoral hedonistic slaves through a steady diet of sex and drugs being fed to them by the communists that have enslaved them by breaking down their will power to save their own asses! That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and so is this: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=============================?, unless you are content which most of “US” are in being slaves to this Godless State with a life of misery and squalor that is intended for “US” by this homo and lezbo communist regime that lives the lifestyle of the billionaires on your and my dimes that they cleverly pit against the dumb-(m)asses! mInr, NSA!

    • Cruz is also a NWO stealth candidate; he owes favors and millions to super PACS and one of the main guess it..the CFR people and Goldman Sachs…heah, we know someone close to him that has been and is a big name within both don’t we?

    • Find a psychoatric treatment center near you.

  6. Maybe Kasich will have a coronary and just go away.

    • Truly, would we want that? He has a family, he is just minus a brain and a caring for the United States of America. I am quite disappointed, that he cannot find it within himself to pull out and put his energies behind the better candidate, you know the one that is legal and wants to bring jobs back instead of supporting keeping them out of the USA.

  7. sorry Kasich,there is something about you that reminds me of the old snake oil con artist of the late 19th and early 20th century. he even looks greasy and slimy, like their sales pitch.

  8. We will not elect nobody but
    Donald J Trump for President of the United States of America. Our votes will count day dreamers. We will stand.

    • We need to be prepared! I am hopeful that Prebius was drunk at the last party he attended and made the statement, “I will never allow Trump to get the nomination.” We will see a war as never before and it will move rapidly; the bikers coming to WI to protect he and Melania should be enough to tell Prebius that he is not a god…

      • Prebus will say anything. I heard him tonight say that the winner will be either Trump or Cruz and then, when questioned, allowed that Kasich, the spoiler with an ego almost as big as Obummer’s, might be the winner. He is like the rest of the RINOs and establishment. They hate Trump but they also hate Cruz and Cruz can’t see it, also because of his ego.

        • I did not hear that and thanks for the insight! I was listening to an hour long video on u tube by Jack Ott; he was assassinated about a year, was told, after he made this video. He shares just how this nation has gotten snarled into the Illuminati, Stalin’s involvement, the Rothchilds of course. I should not have been shocked when I heard him tell how Bush won Ohio…those in charge of placing the voting machines, at that time were honest. As such, they demanded the machines be opened to see all is at 0 before the polls opened..well those that were there and evidently for Bush refused…eventually, they were opened and low and behold…Bush already had 300 to 400 votes..I wonder how many times ole NWO stealth hypocrite has pulled this one? He and Rubio were in on TX or by now Trump would have the nomination – needing only 67 to do it! Cruz is planning all types of things and using mega millions in advertising slams against Trump..Trump should sue to shut this moron down..not even legal to be a candidate.–Ks or google Jack Ott? Otto? the video was made in 2008.

    • You do not elect anyone..
      The Electoral College elects the President.

  9. Agreed. It will not be Kasich. He needs to get out of the Big Leagues and stick to his own home grown neighborhoods. He is not in touch with what is happening around him. Are we sure he is a Conservative? Being not in touch with one’s surroundings is definitely a “Liberal” trait. Must be senility creeping up on him. Nice guy, just out of his league.

    Funny comnent abt kids being glued to the TV watching what Kasich is doing in the campaign. This is a huge RED FLAG that dementia is creeping into Kasich’s brain. There is no teen close to being interested in a Presidential Campaign when there is the opposite sex around and mega video games to compete with. Maybe some loner kid with no friends might check out kasich’s antics, but most have many more interesting things in their lives to do. Again, Kasich is out of touch with reality. Are we really sure he isn’t a Liberal in disguise?

  10. That Rino moron fool will never drop out. He’ll be campaigning after someone is elected president. The dolt just doesn’t get anything.

    • He’s an IDIOT!! He hasn’t got a shot in hell getting the vote from “we the people” he’s part of the ( old club elitests establushment) That’s why the RNC will elect him to run for POTUS! Establishing anoth er 8 yrs of BUMBO-RAT DEMORAT ESTABLISHMENT in DC and GOD HELP US! Because of Odumbos nuclear deal and those morons will build nuclear misses and the Rev Guard WILL HAVE NUKES!”SCARY! and Demorat Presidents are inherently WEAK & FEEBLE! what’s going to happen when the MUSLIM TERRORISTS detonate a dirty nuke in NYC ?? Or any port on the USA?? I can almost guarantee its gonna happen! It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN IT HAPPENS! ?because our Southern Border is WIDE OPEN! Who knows who’s coming across now?? When our BP afents aren’t even allowed to give out NTO’ s anymore??
      Kasich is just trying to get to the end even when his numbers are almost zero he is going to stick around just to be the monkey wrench in the system because he KNOWS the morons at the convention will nominate him because, the RNC does not want either Trump or Cruz to be the nominee where-in almost guaranteeing him to be the nominee which means mass revolt from Trump & Cruz supporters so in Nov Kasich will be it & were forced to vote for his elitest ass to keep a socialist alzheimer ” everything is free guy or a compulsive , lying , heartless, cold BITCH from becoming POTUS! So the Dems best is either a Communist /Socialist or a CROOK HUH?? PRETTY DAMN SAD!! Hmmm wasn’t HITLER A SOCIALIST??

  11. Kasich is there to put a wrench in the works. He’s getting his marching orders from the top GOP/RINO dogs in Washington. When a large number of Liberals and Democrats like a GOP candidate…, somethings just not right…..

  12. Now—honestly would you want someone like Kasich representing you in congress or in the executive branch of our government? He doesn’t have the balls to at least drop out—-what would he be like as a President or congressman?—i don’t care to find out !!!!!

    • I ask you also, and I feel I already know the response, would you like someone like Cruz in the W. House? He is illegal…the N-600 was not filed; he is on the Canadian citizen lists and, and believe it or not, he is not even legal to be a U S senator…he simply came to town and reinvented himself. His name is not even Ted..Rafael and his middle name is not what we would consider one that is American..but he knew and knows, he had to change it out to get the vote…Google, and if you search deep enough, you will find about the “insiders that know of his dalliances and a note from Heidi saying, “I know, I am o.k. with it.”

    • He’s a RINO,voted for gun ban,approved Obamacre in his state,11 million illegals are to be legal..sounds like a DEMOCRAT

  13. It is no secret that Kasich supports the TPP and NAFTA; we Americans know that too and we know that they take the jobs away for the millions needing jobs on our own know, what we call the USA? Kasich is now obligated to Soros, some write $500,000, other say $700,000, the dollar amount is not important, is the fact that he taking votes from the only legal candidate that sees the picture as a whole of what needs to happen and in what order to get the USA jump started. Kasich, as with Cruz, does not see the whole of the has to start with the UN, unemployment, Obamacare, taxation…a big order for the only man that can work through this condition that has been brought forward by the Demorats, the GOP establishment and last, but not least, the GOP RINOs and that starts and ends with McConnell.

    It is also unfortunate, believe it or not..he is also pulling votes from the illegal candidate which I could care less about…we simply do NOT need another illegal in the WHouse and one that also supports Obamatrade!

  14. This shows that Kasich Is more concerned with his own ambitions than he is with the welfare of the American people. His tactics are more likely to result in us being stuck with Hillary. Seems that we need to drastically reduce the privileges and the perks that go with this job so that these politicians will have less incentive to sacrifice their honor.

  15. I’m no Trump supporter, but I agree on this one! Kasich is maybe more damaging than Boehner. Failure of the RNC to throw full support behind whoever carries the popular vote is nothing less than criminal. The RNC has no right to support anyone as a candidate who has not won the popular vote. They may tell us that they have that right, but they do not. They just bestowed that little power instrument on themselves with no input from we the constituents whatsoever. We didn’t give them this right – therefore it does not exist, except in their little pea-brains.

  16. I will write trump in if I have to

  17. We the People do not elect a President. We nevee have. We cannot — the Constitution prohibits us from doing so.

  18. Kasich is only staying in the race so that Trump won’t get the 1,237 delegates he needs for the convention. soros paid him $700,00 to stay and make sure Trump didn’t win the primary.

  19. So, according to press resources Kasich is gay and his state is in free fall. He is for illegal aliens and “rapefugees” coming into Ohio by tens of thousands.
    Cruz is a womanizing cheater exposed by two need sources and probably DC Madam’s black book. He is supported by GOPe and Bush family.
    Both are globalists. Particularly Cruz since Heidi worked on NAU for CFR.
    All Dem & Repub candidates are globalists except Trump who wants to lift foreign tariffs and allow our exports to flow. This would create millions of mfg jobs in US and lift ppl out of poverty. His trade pacts will level the playing field and stop one-sided trade imbalances. This would reduce US debt. He is the only one who will complete the wall and extradite criminals.

  20. Also, Trump is the only one who will negotiate w Putin, keep US out of war, and support our Vets. He will improve healthcare, give Vets local care choice, and make America strong and independent. He will probably do away w UN and, reform, or eliminate NATO. He will lower the corp tax to 15% which is below China’s 20% and bring business and $16 trillion back into US to create more jobs.
    Nobody has these initiatives but Trump.

  21. Little Bright Feather

    Kasich is not going for the Presidency – he’s going for the VP position. Whoever gets the nomination will have Kasich forced on them as the running mate – even though the Constitution does not allow “running mates”. But then, who has even considered the Constitution in any of this ! If they did, Cruz nor Rubio would be running or ever on any ballot. Neither are eligible ! And in the case of Cruz – he is not even a citizen here at all ! He’s lied about who he is all his life ! Yup – he’s a “Constitutionalist” alright ! At least when it suits him. Otherwise he just walks all over it. ALL of them EXCEPT TRUMP are Establishment and we want the Establishment GONE !
    Anyone who gets it who is Establishment, nothing will change and the OWG will continue on because they are ALL owned and controlled by the Shadow Govt. ONLY TRUMP IS NOT OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY THOSE COMMUNISTS ! Trump wants to get rd of it all and give the power back to the people as our Founders established it to be ! Trump is following in our Founders footsteps for those of you cannot see that !
    Everything he has done is what the Founders would do, and did to establish this land ! Trump is like a Jefferson ! He was the boldest of all the Founders.

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