Trump to Announce Japan Deal Creating 700,000 New Jobs

While the left is busy making President Trump look like the worst president in American history, the man in charge is still busy making this country great again. Not only is he doing more to protect America’s borders than his predecessor ever did, he’s working diligently to fulfill his campaign promise to bring the U.S. job market roaring back to life.

Next on the jobs agenda: Japan. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement may be history, but Trump is already proving that you don’t need a convoluted Asian deal to negotiate with our Pacific allies. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is scheduled to meet with the president on February 10, where the two are expected to unveil a deal to bring 700,000 new jobs to our shores.

Reportedly, the plan will consist of a $450 billion investment in our infrastructure system, space tech, and computer sectors.

From Financial Times:

Japan’s government is pushing companies and investors to hand over details of their US investment plans so Shinzo Abe can deliver a “tweetable” figure to Donald Trump when they meet this week.

Executives at three top Japanese companies said officials had been in touch asking for investment numbers. Public investment institutions say the prime minister is also leaning on them to pledge tens of billions of dollars to US infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail.

Some Japanese countries are pushing back, telling the press that they can’t commit to building new factories that they don’t need just so the prime minister can get in good with the new president.

At the same time, expanding the Japanese-American economic alliance would be beneficial to both countries, and it could tie in to Trump’s promise to focus on building new and improved roads and bridges. Furthermore, it could weaken the Democratic Party’s attempts to use that promise as a vehicle for their own trillion-dollar infrastructure deal. While that bill will mean higher taxes (undoubtedly), Trump’s dealmaking could push infrastructure to the private sector and save the taxpayers a boatload of money.

In the meantime, China is no doubt watching all of this with a wary eye.

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  1. Huh! japan has its people working all day for a fish, so why would they want to export 700,000 jobs?
    It’s always the $$$$~

  2. Waiting for the out come

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  3. Sure glad we have a president that wants what’s good for this country instead of apologizing for it.

    • The other was a worthless piece of shit. Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence are doing more then o did in the 8 years of destroying our country. I’m so happy and feeling great about Mr. Trump. and Mr. Pence.

  4. Trump is working to get Americans working. Our last administration was more concerned with jobs for illegal aliens, and more hand-outs for the lazy and irresponsible. Why didn’t Omake these bama do inner City Black Americans a big favor and get rid of hordes of illegal aliens competing for, and driving down the wages in the inner cities ?
    Trump will do his best to make these jobs available to Americans.

  5. This sound grandiose .

  6. Things are moving at a frenetic pace compared to the last 8 years. It is “Out With the Old” and “In With the New”: – The Old

    – The New

    • a frantic pace, but a lot of them have been half baked. with trump, u have to see if it is true or not since no days go by that he blows a lot of hot air or outright lies. .

      • No lies or hot air. President Trump is fulfilling all his campaign promises unlike ostupid. But he did bring change, change in how people view their fellow man, country, and elected officials.

        • Hold on- You’re having a bad dream. President Obama and Michelle Obama were Saviors of this great Nation. In fact I see Trump trying to side with President Obama policies. This is especially for expanding Obamacare. Trump wants to make sure all Americans rich and poor are insured and without deductibles. But with current problems, Trump may quit after one year. He already has it up-to-here with Repubs and TPs whining about his presidency. Romney is the only one praising Trump. Of course Romney may be vice president if Trump quits.

          • Yes u can keep your doctors, illegals will not be on obama care and we will all be paying $2500.00 less for health care. He just didn’t mention the $12,000/year deductible

      • Be careful @disqus_qfEFPTtkzC:disqus, your troll is showing.

        President Trump has done more in week by accident than odumber did in a year on purpose. Well, at least as long as we overlook oputter’s golf game that is.

      • The only thing that blows are tramps like you carol. Do you hear that?? It’s the sucking sound of all you liberal dopes realizing the party is over. Better turn in your obeyme phones and get to work…lol

      • The only thing that is half baked is you! Quit sounding like a typical liberal troll…your Obama was a failure, get use to the fact we have a REAL leader occupying the White House. I am sick and tired of you whiney leftist losers! Try thinking about the good of our country for once!

      • It wouldn’t be half baked if not for Dems obstructionist scorched earth policy.

      • President Trump doesn’t have the press for cover, they licked o’s boots

      • I believe you have already been told that Oblama is the golfer( as in every other day) when he was in office!! That’s why all he has to show for his presidency is Obamacare!!

  7. This article is full of it….lol

    • I know you liberals hate success – you prefer handouts.

      • the deals he cut with manufacturing companies are insignificant, given the fact that there are more than 145 million Americans now in the workforce, and about 7.5 million who are still officially unemployed.

        what he has done so far needs to be connected to tax changes,
        most of all to the broader tax reform that the new administration talked about, pointing to Trump’s pledges to lower corporate tax rates and create other incentives for companies to locate jobs in the U.S.

        and again, he middle class will suffer.

        • If corporations can pay their people better wages because of corp tax decrease and decreased regulations that will help the middle class. The trickle down effect does work as long as the country’s laws are followed and government stays out of the private sector.

          • Dylan Davis, please do not argue with the smartest democrat woman ever.. She knows more than anyone else. Wouldn’t it have also been nice if she had held the democrat messiah responsible for forcing those unemployed out of the work force? Dimocrats like living by double standards but now they are being held accountable.

      • i am a liberal and worked my entire life. my friends are liberal, got an education, worked hard and conributed to their communities and this country. what have u done…………but u don’ know that since u depend on fake news to feed ur ignorance and perpetuate lies. obviously u don’t know liberals.

  8. “…scheduled to …expected to…” all *sounds* great! But, in the meantime, his administration *has* removed data and statistics from the government website on animal abusers, so puppy mills and others can continue.

  9. Trump has gotten more jobs for Americans in less than one month than the Muslim-Marxist jihadist had in his eight years as “Dick-taker-N-Thief; but then again his goal was to destroy the middle class as all communists must do to retain power!

  10. Liberals and Islam are screaming “foul”…so…we are right on track! Go Trump/Pence!

  11. If the Republicans and Democrats would actively support President Trump, God only knows what could be accomplished this year alone! RINO senators like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake need to get on the Trump Train. In addition, the same goes for practically the entire Democrat Party.

    • John McCain, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio all took money from George Soros so we can see why they do not want President Trump to succeed. They didn’t know we would find out about their money supply so they tried pretending they were taking the moral high ground by opposing President Trump. The truth has a way of always coming out but they are still pretending to be innocent but the public now knows.

      • This is one of the main reasons all these RINO’s are stampeding. They know that President Trump is going to uncover a lot of their questionable behavior.

  12. The Donald also needs to get things arranged with Korea. The Korean companies do a wonderful job and are highly competitive in price and quality. They take pride in doing what the Japanese have been doing to us.

  13. It’s time for dems and msm to stop continually attacking President Trump and start working with him. He’s already doing more than they did the last eight years.

  14. Gee you mean people can work, instead of having Riots all day ? Just sayin

  15. Yes the democrats are busy trying to make Trump look as bad as possible most people are seeing through these lies. What I hope is going to happen that the democrats because of their stall tactics and smears will be seen by normal Americans as useless. Then the dems lose 10 senate seats in 2018. The republicans keep the house and the president is reelected in 2020. Trump is bringing in the jobs. That’s one thing this country needs jobs, jobs and more jobs and not the part time ones created under Obama’s time in office but good paying full time jobs.

  16. President Trump is showing democrats that you don’t have to “give away the store” when negotiating with other countries.

  17. The Radical Left is so busy trying to tell Americans how to give everything they have earned with their own hands and sweat to every illegal immigrant, that they haven’t noticed our Nation is beginning to grow and become fruitful. President Trump is an enigma to many, but to me he is completely readable! When P.T. promised to make America strong again, unlike barack’s empty promises that resulted nothing, P.T. is doing something! His first weeks in office have created more POSITIVE changes to America than barack ever did or could ever imagine!!

    By the way, has anyone seen or heard about barack these days? NO? To be expected. Watch for the “Fraud King” to slowly disappear from sight. Why? Because he couldn’t watch someone destroy his every last act of treason he did, without growing angry or wary? And, P.T. has other plans for barack that doesn’t include a leisurely vacation in the South seas! Interestingly Michelle is now being seen all over the TV, BUT NO BARACK? It’s got to be a HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE to barack watching P.T. dismantle all his dastardly deeds, but the biggest action is yet to come.

    Congrats to President Trump for ignoring the idle and completely insane words from the Left. If they truly knew what they were talking about these past 8 years, our Country would be in much better shape, but they do NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT – EMPTY SELF INDULGENT THOUGHTS THAT ONLY HELP THEMSELVES AND NO ONE ELSE – Thank God their Lying Queen never got to be President!

    Come on Americans!! Start supporting your President!! He only has this Country’s survival in his sights — that means you and me, success, security, financially set! Let’s do this!! HAVE A LITTLE FAITH THAT AMERICA DESERVES GOODNESS — NOT LIKE BARACK’S LAME STATEMENTS THAT AMERICA IS AN EVIL LAND — OR WAS THAT CAIR OR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD THAT SAID THAT?

  18. “Some Japanese countries are pushing back”??

    I didn’t realize there was more than the one! Just as long as we’re getting alone with at least one of them, things will be fine.

  19. Trump did more before he was sworn in to get jobs for America, than Obama did in 8 years. Now as POTUS, Trump is doing even more for American jobs. As Trump gets the jobs, he is putting AMERICA FIRST! He had already cut the cost of government by getting hundreds of millions reduced from the military aircraft contract.

    All the while, we and Trump and his administration are being obstructed by the most pervert racist, bigoted and demented party in U.S. history–The Democrat Party and its senile leadership

  20. Too much of the Lone Ranger act. We who want to be supportive are, nevertheless, getting antsy about the one-man show routine in a country begging for well thought out policies and inclusiveness. Shoot from the hip and the daily dramatic accomplishment are making an old traditionalist like me very nervous.

  21. Wait! “Some Japanese countries are pushing back, telling the press that they can’t commit to building new factories that they don’t need just so the prime minister can get in good with the new president.”

    Didn’t know there was more than one Japanese country.

  22. Our last administration was far more interested in turning over our country to Islam!

  23. Vladimir Michaylov

    Obama always was alien ! he did nothing with job or economy, o… no ! He just reduced it… no job , just increase of welfare eaters… What is going to be a big problem then…he knew what he did, creation of this future problems for this country. Must important to start demolishing in right way and then it will never be stopped….

  24. <> And who will be held accountable in the event of some kind of mishap? The private sector saving us a “boatload” of money. Please … get real. The private sector is interested in one thing: making money for itself. It’s the private sector which doesn’t want to give salary increases or employee benefits. It’s all about money fro themselves.

  25. Even though I support Mr. Trump and we both voted for him I just don’t see this happening any time soon. I hope it does but I am doubtful.
    What we actually need is more American companies investing in America.

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