Trump Tells NATO Countries: Time to Pay Up

On the campaign trail, candidate Donald Trump repeatedly hit a theme that few other Republicans have ever dared to emphasize: The lopsided NATO alliance. While previous presidents, including George W. Bush and even Barack Obama, have had their gripes about the U.S.’s outsized financial responsibility for global protection, only Trump has made it a central feature of his political ideology. And when he arrived in Brussels for a speech at NATO’s headquarters, no one was surprised when he told the gathered members that they needed to live up to their obligations.

“The NATO of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as threats from Russia and NATO’s eastern and southern borders,” Trump said Thursday. “These grave security concerns are the same reason that I have been very, very direct with Secretary Stoltenberg and members of the alliance in saying that NATO members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations.”

Trump was as direct as he has ever been in his criticism of NATO’s member countries, saying that 23 of the 28 treaty signatories were “still not paying what they should be paying” for their own defense.

“This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States,” he said. “And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years.”

Trump’s critique of NATO has been characterized by some as part of a supposedly pro-Putin agenda. But Trump, both as president and as a candidate, has said over and over again that he’s in favor of the alliance. What he is not in favor of, however, is seeing the U.S. get stuck with the majority of the bill.

We have to remember that we’re not talking about third-world countries here. We’re talking about Spain. We’re talking about Germany. We’re talking about Italy, France, and Belgium. These are highly-developed countries with enormous reservoirs of wealth. There is no reason why the European Union cannot step up and spend 2% of their collective GDP on defense – as they agreed to do when they signed the treaty.

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    It’s about time.

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        • Craig Vandertie

          You figure that if 1 out of every 10 falls for such nonsense those people truly are making serious money through the scam.

          • Repulsive the google scams.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Face Book is another con job being promoted.

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          • They WELLS FARGO, as Jim Comey with HSBC, are all HILLARY’S bitch, excuse the language.

    • AMEN to that!!

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    • And an AMEN!!!

  2. Joseph R. Davis

    Yes, indeed. It was a real treat to see Flip-Flop Don, sucking up to the Saudis. The people who funded 9-11, and the people who continue to fund Islamic Radicals. And berating NATO in front of the world. Not to mention how he pushed his way to the front of a photo op at NATO Hq. And coming home to the Russian Contacts scandal. Yes, we can certainly be proud of Comrade Donald Ivanovich, and his Russian friends.

    • Shayne Jenkins

      No, seriously…. Did you get enough Koolade this morning??

    • Joe, You are an Idiot. You are to Liberal to live, STFU

    • Joe, sucked up to the Saudis? Are you totally nuts? OUR PRESIDENT stood in the center of 50 Sunni moslem nations, speaking DIRECTLY to them, not lecturing them as OWEbama had; OUR PRESIDENT said America FIRST; America will not tell them how to live their lives, that is their responsibility; America will help destroy radical Islamist terrorism – but they must DRIVE THEM OUT of their mosques, DRIVE THEM OUT of their communities, DRIVE THEM OUT of the world. The United States cannot do it alone. It takes courage to stand in front of 50 Sunni moslem nations and say those words. Sucking up? You are totally delusional. They respect OUR PRESIDENT seeing he is a true LEADER. The Sunnis respect strength.
      His actions for the photo op shouted America is back to LEAD the world. Good for OUR PRESIDENT!
      Russian contact scandal? Really? In your imagination and the NYT which is nothing more than the tabloid Enquirer. No sources named, just lies, lies, and more lies which you libtards lap up. OWEbama, FDR, JFK, FDR, the Bushes all had secure lines with Russia.
      Joe, exactly on what has OUR PRESIDENT flip-flopped? He said he would care for the vets and immediately signed an EO for them to go to a doctor nearby if the VA didn’t get them in quickly enough or it was more than 40 miles from their home. He said he would support our military and has submitted the largest Defense Budget in years and has already ordered ships. planes, equipment at better negotiated prices. He said he would reform taxes and the House has presented a tax reform bill which lowers the taxes for all of us. He said he would repeal and replace OWEbamaTAX, and the House has presented that bill to the Senate. Nominee Trump had said he would BUILD THE WALL. Bids have been taken and contracts are soon to be let to begin doing that. He said he would deport all CRIMINAL ILLEGALS and thousands have already been deported. He is getting rid of MS-13 in raids across the country. You know, the terrorists from San Salvador who crossed our border ILLEGALLY that OWEbama allowed to stay. Nominee Trump had said he would secure the border and he had written an temporary ban to stop all travelers from terrorist-tied countries entering the USA. Unfortunately, the Demonazi judges are being judicial activists, but once the SCOTUS hears the case, it will stand perfectly because it is CONSTITUTIONAL. Nominee Trump had said he would renegotiate trade deals to bring jobs back to the USA and has done so, is continuing to do so and over 1 mil jobs have been created or are in the process of being created. Nominee Trump said he would save taxpayers money and has done so just in renegotiating the prices of Air Force Ones and other aircraft. PRESIDENT Trump signed a billion $ deal with Saudi Arabia for defense weapons to destroy ISIS and create jobs here in the USA providing the equipment. Nominee Trump said NATO had to pay its fair share and they were obsolete because they had no technology division so the USA might pull out. OUR PRESIDENT went to NATO and told them to their faces – they had to pay their fair share – the American taxpayers were going to be treated fairly from now on and not shoulder all the burden – we pay 3.7%. Italy pays less than 1% to NATO. Outrageous, when Greece which is in dire financial straits pays 2%. All of a sudden money is pouring into NATO – they have created a technology division with a director. OUR PRESIDENT has accomplished more good in the four months in office than OWEbama did in eight years, especially on the international front. Too bad, Joe, you only listen to the lame-stream media which spews lies and you aren’t intelligent enough to discern, but certainly do repeat with no facts.
      God bless OUR PRESIDENT Trump ~

    • I wonder what you “suck” up to.

      • Joseph R. Davis

        Well, LeeRoy, it surely ISN’T the Saudis, who funded 9-11. And it’s not the Israeli mamzers who killed my brothers on the USS Liberty.

        • Well, Jackass, perhaps you need to run to mamma Krooked Killary Klinton and get some consolation in a safe-space somewhere.

          • Joseph R. Davis

            Looks like you right-wingers just can’t get over your Hillary Clinton fetish.

          • We’ve been celebrating since November 8, 2016, and we moved on with President Donald J. Trump! Still, there are people like you lost and can’t get over it.

    • Obviously you have no head for understanding of foreign policy, have you not heard, keep your friend close, but keep your enemy closer!

      • Joseph R. Davis

        Just another cliché, to avoid having to think. Typical of the far-right.

        • Mr. Davis, this is not about left or right, its about common sense, just to make it simple, at work place, everyone has to pull their weight, or do you mind just few do the works, everyone else just standing around, expect other people to do their work for them.

  3. Josephine Pellegrino

    It is nothing but fair and President Trump is seeking just that. God bless him.

  4. They all expect America to take care of them.

  5. Just think, USA saved free Europe from becoming Nazi lamp shades.
    How do they say thank you?
    By stiffing America and not paying their fair share (an amount agreed to by them).
    Bunch of cheap bastards.
    Seeing how these cowards honor their commitments, it’s no wonder Hitler almost took over their continent.
    Cheapskate bastards.
    Good job Mr. Trump.
    You’re spot on!
    Now—–go build that wall and lower taxes!

    • I could not have said this any better .”KUDOS” TO YOU.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Defeating and pushing back those despicable “Moonie Muslimes,” just to have their Loonie Libtard politicians ANF their judges welcome all those “Moonie Muslimes” in with wide open arms, sounds like the U.S. under the illegal POS Barack Osama.

      The only good muslim is a dead muslim, and that includes those Saudi scum bags.

  6. Yes, the President told these freeloaders publicly and to their faces to pay what they agreed to decades ago. President Trump does not mince words, thank God!

  7. It’s about time ALL of the big powers pay to keep their own Nations safe! We have our own American citizens to worry about and protect from the radicalized Muslim terrorists.

    So if those countries choose not to pay, will President Trump pull out and leave them high and dry? Perhaps form another Organization that each of those countries can join – for a price – and create a stronger alliance financially and militarilly? It may finally be time… Once that happens, our World can finally deal with militant Islam and slam dunk them into reality!

    So go on Nato countries. Don’t pay up and see how long NATO will last without American funds nor military strength! We can create a new Alliance that will protect each country – FOR A FEE. No more letting the U.S. carry the financial burden for the world! STEP UP OR STEP OUT!

    • An entry fee and a monthly payment.

      • Exactly! Germany’s Merkel made a mess of her country when she let millions of muslims inside her borders. Now she thinks America is going to tske care of her and her huge mistake?

        Wrong! If she doesn’t pay — caio. She is on her own and probably going to cause a German Revolution that overthrows her govt. It will be completely Merkel’s fault. She had her chance to get the U.S.’s protection by paying a nominal fee. She chose not to.

        • She is now bad mouthing Trump to the rest of the Nations that we cannot be relied upon to help them. So be it.

          • Merkel’s stupidity created the mess Germany is in — her and no one else! All responsibility lands entirely on her shoulders.

            She welcomed all those millions of Muslims into Germany hugging and kissing them like they were family. Most Germans hate her for doing that to their once beautiful country.

            She is a fool to try to play Pres. Trump. Her country will pay for it in the end — German Revolution to get her out of power. It’s coming if she doesn’t wise up. OR perhaps her stupidity will create a German Revolution first to kick her out of office?? Who knows?

            Europe is discovering Pres. Trump is a much stronger President than that coward snake in the grass obama!!
            There will be more moves of strength to come from our President. He is just warming up!! And “all” the liberals are screaming louder and louder because he’s destroying their clueless plans to make the U.S. “wet nurse” the entire World. Not any more. The World can pay for the wet nurse or find another way to survive! End of story.

          • You are 100% right!

  8. wait a minute… the blood sucking liberal leeches want everyone to pay their “fair share”, so how come there is no screeching and sucking sound coming from the communist left for NATO accounts receivables for US protection?

  9. Good for President Trump! It is great having a real man for President again!!

  10. Put up their GDP or shut up when ISIS moves into their neighborhood.

  11. They can’t pay it because they’re to busy paying for their socialist health care system

  12. UN, Time To Pay Up, Or Ship Out. Free loading Is over
    BOBBY ~!~

  13. Craig Vandertie

    Cut off the charity that totals $45 billion/year to Israeli, per capita the people of Israel have been far more wealthy than U.S. citizens for the past 60 years in large part because of the charity from U.S. taxpayers.

  14. Yeah. Another gift that keeps on giving from OBAMA . Hillary’s uranium probably soon will come back on us and our allies RAINING HILLARY RADIOACTIVITY from Hillary warheads.

  15. Joseph R. Davis

    For all you people who love Israel, research the Samson Option. Briefly stated, if Israel starts another war, and is about to fall, they intend to take the rest of the world with them. Great people, the Zionists. My opinion IS anti-Zionist, and I AM a Jew.

  16. Camille Gilliam

    Go Trump!

  17. Dennis Anderson

    We could send all of our un educated ignorant people over there. Living like germans getting food stamps like all the other muslims do. Lay around and make babies because theres no work. Hey they have got to exercize you know!
    Do you think they would close the door to americans? Maybe put everyone on a calorie diet because theres no food? Hey Merkel here they come = That was fun now pay your NATO bill. I understand reparations were never paid to Greece & Italy for World War !! ???? Ouchhhh!

  18. Tell them the way it is and to Pay Up – NOTHING comes for Free!

  19. These countries have been putting their money towards their liberal/Dicktatorship policies!

  20. ABOUT TIME —- americans have been paying for and rebuilding the EU forever…..BILL them for every piece of equipment – every bullet – every meal – ……

  21. I agree. Why should we pay the brunt of NATO expenses to protect countries who won’t pay their fair share? Especially those countries who welcome Islam immigrants with open arms. Everybody just seems to say, “Let the USA pay for everything. They’re rich.” Well, thanks to ovomit & his unbridled spending, we’re enormously in debt. How can we pay for that if we have to support Europe, too?

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