Trump Tax Returns Made Public?

According to the congressional panel’s finding and report on Tuesday, the IRS failed to complete the mandatory audits of Donald Trump’s tax returns during his time in office. This raises further questions about the statements made previously by the former President and many of the members of his administration who had claimed that he was not able to release his tax forms due to an ongoing review.

The report by the House Ways and Means committee indicates that the Trump administration might not have taken into account an IRS requirement that dates back to 1977 and mandates that the president’s tax filings need to be audited. Reportedly the IRS only started the audit of Trump’s 2016 tax fillings on April 3, 2019. That is more than two years after Trump took office and it was months after the Democrats regained control of the House. The dates of the IRS audit also coincide with the date when Rep. Richard Neal, the panel chairman, asked the IRS for information related to Trump’s tax returns.

Currently, there are no allegations that Trump himself had directly sought to influence the IRS and stop them from auditing his tax information. However, the report also noted that Trump was “dormant, at best.”

The 29-page report was published only hours after the committee took a vote deciding to release Trump’s tax returns. This has led to many questioning what revelations could be found in the businessman’s tax returns which Trump himself had refused to make public during his time in office. In order for the committee to gain access to these tax returns there was a yearslong fight with Trump which ended with the Supreme Court granting the committee access to the files.

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