Trump: Susan Rice Possibly Guilty of a Crime

In an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, President Trump said that it was likely that former national security adviser Susan Rice broke the law by unmasking the names of his associates caught on incidental surveillance reports. Trump also said that Rice was probably involved in a larger effort to destroy his incoming presidency.

“I think it’s going to be the biggest story,” Trump said. “It’s such an important story for our country and the world. It is one of the big stories of our time.”

The Times asked Trump if he thought Rice had committed a crime, to which he replied, “Do I think? Yes, I think.”

So far, there has been no evidence to prove that a crime was committed – at least not by Rice – but there’s no doubt that someone leaked Michael Flynn’s name to the press, along with others who were involved with the Trump campaign. And since that was classified information, it was a crime. Maybe Rice did that herself, maybe she ordered someone else to do it. Maybe she didn’t have anything to do with it. But by unmasking the names and then sharing them with several intelligence agencies, she certainly laid the groundwork.

In an email to the Times, a spokesperson for Rice said, “I’m not going to dignify the president’s ludicrous charge with a comment.”

Rice herself denied doing anything wrong on Tuesday. In an interview with MSNBC, she said, “The allegation is that somehow the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That’s absolutely false.”

Strong denial. Of course, she also said just a month or so ago that she knew nothing about any of this incidental collection in the first place. Now she admits that she knew about it and she admits – tacitly, anyway – that she did indeed request that the names be unmasked. So we’re not sure how seriously we’re supposed to take her new denials.

Oh, but Donald Trump is the liar. Right, right.

On the other hand, let’s get real here. Rice didn’t come up with this scheme on her own. Whatever she’s guilty of, Obama’s guilty of. This was a coordinated effort and it reeks of politics.

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  1. Thier all ready passing out knives fr lesser democrats to fall on and take the prison time for Rice. All so under stand the. mex/American maid will be found hanging from a coat hook in the congress men’s room with a typed confession addmiting the sending of classified E-mails on helleries server. Cut and dry no investigation needed no medical examiner.

  2. Add Susan Rice to the list of Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder as law breakers under Obama.

    • Probably be easier to list those that aren’t law breakers.

    • All of them did what they were told to do by Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama; therefore, he should be added to the list.

      • I see clearly that you are an ardent supporter of the right wing rumor mill. People like u have been posting the same garbage for years.trump can tell you anything and u will lap it up. If someone says something about obama, the right goes into a feeding frenzy. Trump played on that during his campaign.

    • Oooh, there’s plenty more criminals in that party. How about Kathleen seblius, that Lerner gal, fauxahontas…….and don’t forget HARRY REID, THE most corrupt individual to ever hold office besides Shumer and Pelosi.

      • Don’t remind about Chucky Shoehorn. He is an embarrassment to New York State. What about Maxine “Muddy” Waters – She spews hatred on trump 24/7. She should give those big lips a rest!!!

    • Earlene Hammond

      Let’s not forget the biggest law breaker of them all under Obama, HILLARY CLINTON!!

      • I know I mentioned just the tip of the ice berg. And Obie Wan told us that he had Syria under control for chemical weapons. He must have forgot to look in the big heavily guarded storage unit that said “DANGER KEEP OUT – Poisonous gases inside”!!!

  3. Obama didn’t do ANYTHING that didn’t have a political aspect to it. He’s always been smart enough, tho, to make sure his fingerprints don’t appear anywhere. He’ll throw Rice under the bus along with anybody to keep his name out of it all. I’m sure he’ll say he “found out about it like everyone else – when I saw it on the news”. . . . .

    • Rice is his patsy, she is willing to go out there and take the blame. Wonder what he has on her or is she stupid when it comes to common sense.

      • Or maybe something more personal

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    • Yes, the former pathological-liar-in-chief will probably skate on his lawlessness, but he should be jailed!

    • Obama will not throw rice under the bus. He has no reason to.

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      He never did anything he found everything out by watching the news. Idiot

    • Why does Trump want to tweet at night is beyond my knowledge. I am asking Trump to focus on the WH job instead of wasting time with news people. We Demos want Trump to succeed for it’s in our best interest too. The problem now is his family. Ivanka Trump wants to run the WH as Vice President and Chief of Staff. We do not know where the current First Lady desk will be. Worse of all Ivanka will control the flow of Trump agency heads in the WH. Agency heads have to ask Ivanka before they are allowed to see the President. Republican White males will not like to be dictated by a woman, and especially not part of the government. I had relatives as employees. They thought it was their business. They were firing employees without my knowledge. Their behaviors were becoming really rough with other employees. Trump should be careful having family members as his advisors. He may see Ivanka and these agency heads take off gloves in the WH. What a day to see a match between Ivanka and Comey or McConnell’s wife.

    • O vomit and Soros have already Bought The Bus and Rhodes better Run for his life also along with Brennan, Lynch and the CLAP man …..Can’t wait when the “possibility” become “certainty” and RICE become FRIED RICE!!!……and she’ll Plead for a”DEAL” to THROW O VOMIT under the BUS!!!

  4. Thought #1: wish President Trump would take more care about his interviews; the NYT is a commie publication Thought #2: of course she’s done somethibg wrong; she’s a Commiecrat!

  5. These elites make the Watergate group look like pikers (JV). The audacity and callousness is shocking, no virtue just taw pride for power. A prime example of man’s depravity and absence of a moral code.

    • power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      • And that is trump’s problem. And look at mcconnell..changing the rules for political reasons to get gorsch is a sad day for democracy.

        • Change the rules, a trick McConnell learned from Harry Reid.

        • A sad day for “democrats,” but NOT for “democracy.” Besides America isn’t a “democracy.” We are a Democratic Republic!

          • Mary,

            We are a “Constitutional Republic” nowhere in the U.S. Constitution are the words; democracy, democratic or democrat.

            Article. IV. Section. 4.

            The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, …

            Democracy is not mentioned at all.

          • Interesting! I was taught that in school many years ago.
            I just Googled that a few minutes ago. That link called our nation a “Representative Democracy!’

        • You really are in need for a GPS to help locate your Head Buried in your colon

        • The sad day comes from the democrats who tried to block a man who in fact some of them voted for in the past. He is the most capable man for the job. It was because the democrats were trying to get even because they didnt get Obama`s yes man past the republican`s. It was all about them and not about the country and they LOST AGAIN. And what goes around comes around.

        • Sad for the Progressives, perhaps, but a great day for the culture of the SCOTUS. Because now we’ll get back to the Rule of Law, not the rule of touchy feely. The Constitutional framework itself is a document that sets into motion the conservative ideals of the Founders. So, when we get more people like Gorsuch on the Court, with his originalist intrepretation, our Constitutional Republic will have been well served. And when the Trumpster selects another conservative with his next pick, a simple majority vote by the way, the stamp of the conservative SCOTUS will be set for perhaps the next two generations. Read it and weep, Carol Smith. We might even get rid of Snowflakes by turning them into real people and make them work for a living.

    • That certainly sounds like an apt description of the democrat party these days!

      • More like the party of anarchy, when leaders are lawless what does that teach ‘do as I do, not what I say’. IL is known for corruption, 4 governor’s who have served time. We need virtuous and honorable leaders to lead us out of this debauchery.

      • Is there still a TRUE (D) party anymore??? … or have Ovomit, Schumer the Clown and that KLAN of PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL MORONS taken it over??? and made it into the new(D) Fascist party???

    • Trump has never had a moral code. He is the most unqualified, inexperienced pres of our time. He bases his decisions on whom he spoke to last. His attack on Syria was not approved by congress, but he is desperately looking for some kind of political victory since everything he promised has failed. This will cause problems with Russia and the middle east.

      • Nobody was as unqualified and as two-faced as B-HO.
        Who can respect an elected offocial who introduces ONE piece of major legislation then votes against his own bill?
        But he voted that way because everyone else in the Ill. House voted against it and he was too sorry to stand his ground. His voting record wasn’t any better than Trumps and Trump didn’t even hold office.

      • OH …Lord … another dumb-ass Liberal rant. I guess you were OK when Obama & Hillery initiated a military ground action in Libya WITHOUT CONSULTING CONGRESS!!! You sloth-for-brains Liberals always amaze me.

      • You are a typical democrat who follow`s the main stream media who make up the news as they go along and the sheep like you continue to follow. President Trump is an AMERICAN who care`s about our country he`s done more in eight week`s than Obama did in eight years. And at the end of the day Trump is still our president and will be for the next eight year`s . Do you need a crying towel or a coloring book and some crayon`s??

      • Have you heard about TRANNYBARRY escapades in MENs Bath Houses??

  6. Have come to the conclusion that if it is/was endorsed by Obama it is/was likely criminal and absolutely Anti-American!

  7. I am confident that the new york parakeet cage liner slimeball interviewer was laughing under his breath due to the knowledge that suzyho is a democrapo hore and that nothing will happen to her..or any of the other criminals to include the biggest stinking fish, the clintoney crime family…

  8. Can’t say there was crime committed or not and what difference doe’s it make she won’t be convicted of anything anyway. With all the known corruption in Dem. party and there hasn’t been any convictions yet. Crooked Hillary and Limp D**k Bill are still walking free. Everyone knows they broke several laws. Until someone starts making the Democrats accountable for their actions our beloved country will remain in turmoil.

  9. IMO all efforts to smoke out the shadow government will fail, until and unless the soro$$$$$$ dynasty is taken down; accordingly, taking out the soro$$$$$$ dynasty should be the first order of business.

  10. They need to hang Rices ass along with Obuma and Clinton. Lock em up a throw the key away. Three totally un-american pieces of crap.

  11. BULL HOCKEY! Rice was simply doing her job as the President’s National Security Adviser. It would have been irresponsible for her not to have requested the unmasking of identities of persons involved in questionable contact with Russians or other persons with national identities and backgrounds that posed potential threats to this country. Wingnuts are distorting what she did in their desperation to distract attention from the much more serious issues of Trumpite cozine$$ both with oligarchs and other Russian criminals .”Unmasking” in itself is not a crime, though this FACT seems not to be understood by the some of the knee-jerk critics who have irrationally inflated this issue.

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      Oh my gosh you are the idiot of the year.

      • And YOU are the blindly critiquing, name-calling Trumpite sheep of the week. You are among the true believing paragons of naivete’ who tell yourselves that bwhen you say (or write) something, you are not obliged to put up anything to document your inane contentions.Truly pitiful, but typical of extreme wingnuts.

        • It’s obvious that you are relying on your fancy “Wordsmithing” to convince others that the TRUTH is actually a LIE. Typical liberal rant. Please do us a favor and change your moniker to “headonstraightupyourass”

      • Let us hope that some day you can participate within a realm of informed dialogue that respects the standards of argumentation, discussion, and debate–instead of senselessly relying on puerile recourse to insult.

  12. Just start charging, trying, and convicting these people. Just because they were “big cheeses” in the Obama years does not mean that they can flout our laws and get away with it. When the underlings are looking at 20 years in the pen, they will start giving up those above–like Obama.

  13. There needs to be some conviction of the Obama/Clinton/Comey/Schumer/Pelosa/Reid Criminal Mob, we the people need to see that there is not two different set of laws. But one law for all, Justice for all, that’s the American way. This dual law system will destroy our United States. It must be clean up before we can truly take our rightful place as a world. leader. There must be equally justices for all.No special group can or be given special legal rights​. Hitler tried that and we all know how that ended,is that our future?

  14. Possibly committed a crime? Really? Susan Rice and Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama both should be arrested and jailed!

    • Virginia Hornibrook

      Along with killer Hillary, Bill, Jarred Michelle, rice, Lynch and Comey they all need to be in prison. Come on Republicans get your act together and investigate these criminal’s. I know​ it’ll take sometime but get it done so we can get America back to the wonderful country it always has been. A get the Muslim’s that are here, if they’re not loving our country send them back to where they came from send Obama back to Kenya. Go Trump Go

      • Virginia, I agree, that all of those crooks/criminals need to be prosecuted for their crimes. Republicans are still having trouble with the idea that they won. The Republican Party “should be” in control of the federal government and about two-thirds of state legislatures, but from the way they behave, one would never know it. Thanks for everything, President Trump!

      • Excellent post.

  15. President Obama pissed way 8 to 12 trillion dollars, trillions unaccounted for. Broke endless laws, obstructed justice, lie endless times, and got away with it. He divided this nation on racial issues, and spied illegally on political enemies. Do not ever say he did nothing, he screwed this nation over and got away with it.

    • Trump inherited obama’s good economy, the economy obama saved from a depression when he took office. Please show us the 8th to 12 trillion dollars Obama pissed away. By the way, trump is known primarily for his lies and disregard for facts. Lying does not bother him and he does it nearly every day. He is mentally unfit to govern.

      • You know, Carol Smith, “lying” doesn’t appear to bother you when you lie!
        Your candidate lost! Get over it and get a life.

      • Speaking of mentally unfit you seem to fit that profile . If you really believe all that B.S you posted you should be put in a padded cell. Obama led people like you around like sheep and you just followed your pied piper over the cliff. Get a life and grow up Trump has done more for this country in three weeks than obama did in eight years. Grow up.

  16. The whole Obie Wan Barobie WH was crooked.

  17. For crying out loud, WHEN is President Trump’s administration going to PROSECUTE all the co-conspirators in the democrat party? That party is so complicit in criminal actitives, it’s not even funny!

  18. None of this will ever see the full light of day because both the R’s and D’s don’t want to admit just how much surveillance is actually being done on the American people.

  19. This is just another rumor fed by trump to deflect from his investigation. Look for more rumors, he works hard on tjose.

  20. There are a whole bunch in the Muslim/Commie Regime, including the Anti-American him self guilty of TREASON. They should not be in prison, but in front of a firing squad.

  21. it’s one right after the other , shuck and jive ,thrust and parry ….knock yer dum ass out….stay the course ,keep the faith

  22. swear to gawd..listen to Merle Haggards’ ” Are the good times over for good”…recorded back before you were born…and you will realize what America has been goin through and what your parents have been through…there are ghosts in the machine from time immemorial pulling you away from being a simple man….don’t you worry , you will find yourself .

  23. Earlene Hammond

    Yes she probably is guilty of a crime! However, we absolutely know positively for a fact that Hillary Clinton is guilty of numerous crimes, so why has she not been indicted???

  24. Whether Sandra Rice committed a crime or not is unknown at this point. One thing we do know, however, is that Rice is a liar. For most democrats truth and honesty are unimportant. The agenda is everything. Principles, like the rule of law, are kicked aside like days old rotting fish. A month ago while being interviewed on PBS Rice faked astonishment at the idea that she might have been involved in unmasking members of the Trump administration after November’s election. “Me, I know knowing about any unmasking that may have taken place,” she asserted, “I don’t know anything about it. Nothing!” Now, when the worm has turned and it’s been proved that her fingerprints were all over that cookie jar, she now says, “yeah, but I was just doing what any good national security adviser would do.” No, you’re doing what every corrupt democrat government official trying to stay out of jail does. You’re lying out the wazoo! Like Obozo did about his dopey healthcare bill. Like Eric Holder did about “Fast and Furious.” Like Hillary does about everything!

  25. time to wheel out the RICO statute for this. This was a long term conspiracy to violate the civil rights of American Citizens

  26. I hate to admit….but you an me an the world has been hoodwinked …the wool pulled over our eyes….the basic scam from the time immemorial

  27. We don’t all get into Donna Summer…do ya happen to know any old hank Williams songs?

  28. IN the old days of treason by the Rosenbergs, the David Greeglas’ and others that tried to harm America they were hanged, shot, or imprisoned. Today we have the Trumps trying to scare North Korea into giving up their pursuit of a vehicle that will allow them to nuke America. How funny it is that the Clintons sold nuclear material to the Russians so they can build more nuclear bombs and they have the capability to bomb anywhere they want to bomb in America. Wonder where the Clintons and Obamas will settle if war does occur.


  30. That’s rich! A draft dodging, 4 time bankrupt, 3 time married admitted fraudster and sexual groper assigning guilt before being charged or convicted!!!

  31. DRUMPF, the POT, calling the KETTLE Black. Give me a break. The most CORRUPT president in history!!

  32. As I read this mess on here, I’m amazed how closed minded a lot of you are! Obama didn’t do anything but tried to correct the wrongs of George W. Bush! As a matter of fact, look at the 8yrs of his hell that Obama had to deal with! Congress cut $19billion from the Armed Services with over 300,000 forced retirements of our servicemen with no support from the President or the Democrats!! Being a veteran myself fight those people who say they care about the American People. Total BS, but you all support them! Support this fellow veterans when Trump and congress privatize the VA system, the all of us will be paying for our own healthcare. I got my picture up here and the one’s who doesn’t, what the hell are you afraid of? All talk, with a fake ass name at that. Pussy’s!

  33. Susan Rice may have done something illegal? The question really is, has Susan Rice ever done anything legal? She is about as crooked as it can be! The real trick is how to get Obama in on this. He gave the order, we all know that! I am getting impatient for the Republicans to quit talking and get these people in court!

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