Trump Slashes Refugee Levels to Lowest in Decades

President Trump came into the White House with a number of different ideas, and one of those was that the United States was spending far too much of its money, resources, and national security capital on resettling refugees. Not only did he frame this as a terrorist threat that the Obama administration refused to take seriously, he argued that it was much more efficient for the U.S. to help these refugees in their own country. It was cheaper that way, less dangerous, and it wouldn’t burden small U.S. communities who fear losing their culture to transplants from half a world away.

This week, the White House announced that it was taking a significant step towards fulfilling the promise of Trump’s new vision. Next year, President Trump will set the upper cap on refugees at 45,000, the lowest level since the federal government began setting a ceiling on the number in 1980. Not only is it a historically low figure, it cuts the Obama administration’s last cap – 110,000 – by more than half.

And according to VICE News, that’s not the only change the administration wants to make:

The report still hasn’t been made public, but VICE News obtained a copy from a Hill staffer and has published it in full below. Most notably, Trump wants to create a new obligation for refugees, suggesting officials may consider whether individuals meet “certain criteria that enhance a refugee’s likelihood of successful assimilation and contribution in the United States.”

The U.S. has long worked to assimilate refugees after their arrival, but the purpose of the program is to relocate people fleeing war and violence with nowhere else to go — their ability to speak English or perform skilled labor has never before been a factor.

“Of course we want to help refugees assimilate when they are here, but that’s different from having to demonstrate that on your application,” a Hill staffer who leaked the report and wasn’t authorized to speak on the record said on the condition of anonymity. “This is a significant change.”

You can of course dispense with Vice’s liberal reporting bias and draw your own conclusions. To us, this sounds like not only a reasonable clause to put in the program, but one that should be common sense. It is the lack of a clause like this among our European brethren that is causing their countries so much strife right now. Vice may want to act like it’s gratuitous and cruel, but it’s nothing more or less than what our country must do to survive. This isn’t about putting a priority on white, English-speaking tech geniuses – this is about making sure that the people we bring here…actually WANT to be here. We have that right as a nation.

It’s a shame so many liberal seem to think otherwise.

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