Trump Slapped With Search Warrant By Crooked DOJ

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

( – Department of Justice’s Special Counsel Jack Smith subpoenaed and got a search warrant to search through former President Donald Trump’s X, formerly referred to as Twitter, account. On Wednesday, the court filing was unsealed.

In the July decision of the case, X was requested to hand over all the documents related to Smith’s search and they also fined the social media platform for $350,000 after their failure to comply with the court’s request within three days.

The request for the documents was first made in January, and the documents were received through a nondisclosure order that forbade X from disclosing that a search warrant had existed. Former President Donald Trump was also not to be informed of the search warrant under the order.

The now-unsealed filings show that X and Smith’s office had spent months going back and forth before Smith was able to gain access to the information that related to Trump’s account. An appeals court had also supported the decision made by the lower court, arguing that there were grounds to believe that Trump was going to “jeopardize the ongoing investigation” by destroying evidence or notifying co-conspirators.

The lower court in their ruling had determined that the former President’s X account should be searched for criminal offense evidence. The ruling does not state any of the details relating to the subpoena or search warrant.

On Wednesday, Trump took to social media to attack the Department of Justice by deliberately not informing him of this attack on his civil rights.

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