Trump Slams “Outright Lies” Coming From Clinton

The last three weeks of the 2016 election could easily prove to be more dramatic than all of the months leading up to this moment. If it seems unbelievable that things could get even crazier than they already are, just remember what a potent threat Donald Trump poses to the Washington establishment. These people are willing to do just about anything to hold onto their power, nationally and globally.

It remains to be seen if the establishment can keep Trump out of the White House, but the Republican nominee is not going to make it easy on them. This weekend, he took to Twitter to tell his followers about the deceptions coming from Hillary Clinton and her globalist pals.

“100% fabricated and made-up charges, pushed strongly by the media and the Clinton Campaign, may poison the minds of the American Voter,” Trump said, referring to the women who have accused him of sexual assault. “FIX!”

Trump continued, warning voters that our very democracy was hanging on by a thread.

“This election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unsubstantiated charges, and outright lies, in order to elect Crooked Hillary,” he wrote.

“Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election,” he said.

It really is depressing when you think about it. Think what you will about these allegations being levied against Trump, but what about the obvious textbook crimes committed by Hillary Clinton? Every day, it becomes more and more clear that the FBI intentionally sandbagged the investigation to make sure Hillary remained eligible to run for president. You don’t have to excuse Trump’s bad behavior – to whatever extent those accusations are true – to recognize this extraordinary and sad national coverup.

When all of this is said and done, the Republican and Democratic Party establishment think that a Trump loss will destroy the tasteless ambitions of the American people who are fed up with politics as usual. They think 2016 is just a blip on the radar. In four years, we can just get right back to normal.

Ain’t gonna happen.

If anything, supporters of Trump and other anti-establishment politicians have learned a very valuable lesson. However low you think the media and the Washington elite will sink to hold onto their power…they will sink lower still. There are no depths. And now we know.

Next time, we’ll be prepared.

But if we could just go ahead and pull it off this time, that would be even better.

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  1. Trump/Pence hold USA Values…Clintons hold Dirty Diapers,,,most likely stolen diapers

  2. Democrats do this 30 days before every election. They started this with the first Bush saying he had an affair with a secretary and it has continued ever since. When you have a record of failure and corruption like Clinton this is what you bring up. A pathetic party.

    • A criminal as well as pathetic party. Fire bombing a republican headquarters in North Carolina and spray painting cars at a Trump rally in Bangor Maine defines who the democrat party is comprised of.

      • This is type of ignorance conservatives are dealing with. There is nothing logical you can explain to them because they are all followers with no thinker among them. They have the mob mentality and the maturity of a 10 year old. Their post are filled with vulgarity and lies because liberals don’t deal in facts just innuendos.

        • Money grubbers in the Democrat party worse than the Clintons.

        • On the moneyDrHarley.

        • As evidenced by Hillary buzz phrases that mean nothing. She is going to address issues now that Donald Trump has made them issues.

        • Dr. Harley,
          You might be surprised at the number of very educated and time tested conservatives that are among us. We do read all sorts of information and even research it. I would say without any hesitation that while the average Democrat is intelligent, many liberals are simply bedeviled with childish minds. PC is crap and beyond acceptance among educated people. But even the dumbest conservative is revolted by their garbage.

          • A lot of conservatives like my daughter does not read or listen to any of the junk that is put our by the media. She does her own research and make an educated decision

          • Elizabeth,
            Your daughter is wise. I read the news several time each day. Most of the media is terribly biased. So is some of the conservative press. Some media coverage is so obvious it is easy to dispel. But so is some of the conservative stuff. If I find factual and backed up news items, I am OK with those. Others are likely pure baloney.

          • So true I watch Judicial Watch they have a case against Hillery in Federal court of course they have been sand bagged at every turn but they are like a bull dog they don’t give up. What they have came from the FBI which a fedral judge told them they had to give it up a lot more came from the Freedom of Information Act . Judical Watch is one of the sites we can count on. They have won several cases in Federal Court Look them up

          • So, in other words,, if it’s not the right wing extremist point of view, in your opinion, it’s “biased,” — that’s quite a selective “reality.” LOL!

            The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. US jurist (1841 – 1935) …

          • Trump’s History of Encouraging Violence – Video –

            ▶ 2:39

  …/trump-and-…The New York Times

            Mar 14, 2016

            Donald J. Trump has appealed to the raw anger of voters and encouraged crowds at rallies to use force …

            Donald Trump Encourages Violence At His Rallies. His Fans Are …


            The Huffington Post

            Mar 10, 2016 – Yasmeen Alamiri was standing in the press pen at a Donald Trump rally in Radford, Virginia, late last month when a man in the crowd called …

            Here’s All the Evidence That Donald Trump Encourages Violence …


            The Huffington Post

            Mar 15, 2016 – There has been escalating violence at Donald Trump rallies—incident after incident of protesters getting shouted down with crude, offensive …

            Trump’s endorsement of violence reaches new level: He may pay …


            Los Angeles Times

            Mar 13, 2016 – When Donald Trump said Sunday that he might pay the legal fees of a … Trump encourages crowds to surround and shout down protesters …

          • Kol,.
            I went through all of your documentation. Some would not open and some said nothing about Trump and his approval of violence. I did see where he threatened a lawsuit against the women who claimed he offended them in some fashion. That is what he has a right to do. I would.
            The only out right fighting and interference has been at Trump rallies that involved liberal trouble makers. No Tea Party people (most conservative) attacked or even picketed the Democratic convention. What does that tell you?
            All of the news outlets you posted are anything but biased liberal rags that have betrayed what new outlets are supposed to do and that is to accurately present the news, not chip in their own personal thoughts or beliefs.

            Yes, conservative news out lets, at least some of them, do the same thing. I delete them as fast as I get them.

            The bottom line is that you are a radical liberal who seeks to champion your own choice for President. The leaked info indicates HilLAIRy should be in prison. I would vote for Jesse James before I would vote for a criminal like HillLIARy.
            Trump is no choir boy, to be sure. I did not approve of the tape that revealed his behavior some eleven years ago. While that was eleven years ago, it is not the present. Furthermore, Trump was man enough to publicly apologize for what was said back then.

            HilLIARy instead has done her best to hide crap she committed concerning her emails and the info recently released concerning the Democratic party and its schemers. One piece of info caused a top Democratic official to resign. I think you might be gullible enough to ignore that enlightenment and stick to your unsubstantiated baloney about Trump.

          • Professional psychiatrists have diagnosed Donald Trump as being a pathological liar. Trump will DESTROY America’s Foundation if he is elected.


          • Kol,
            NIce try. But in reality, Psychiatrists or psychologists do not release personal relationships with clients any more than medical doctors do. So this stuff is crap.
            As for the racists crap, in this once case, the building already apparently had white people living in it. Mixing in other races is not conducive to peace. I won’tr take teh time to discuss how that does not work except to say that I live in an apartment house under the control of HUD. We have had a big increase in Kenyans being permitted to live here. While they are nice people, there are many issues with white tenants. Some of them have been here for four years. None of them, in spite of attending language classes they are required to do, can speak only a few simple words of English, such as “Hello” and “good” if you ask them how they are. They eat different foods and cook them differently. The odors, because tey do not understand opening their windows, give off odors that are offensive to white neighbors. They smoke continuously when smoking is not allowed in the building.

            I get along fine with them but I am among the very few.

          • Does your right wing spin & twist make you dizzy at times!?! It certainly has a rather noticeable bad effect on your grammar, spelling & punctuation.


          • Kol,
            I do make typos. So do others. If the error is red-lined, I correct it as I have done four times now in this response. I understand that and do not get after people who do. To each his own.
            By the way, I am a moderate Republican who adheres more to the Constitution than I do party lines. I do not always agree with GOP ideals. I am not a follower of the Tea Party but have moved further to the right in this election session. I intend to go back to my old ways after the election. I favor the old way of the two parties reaching compromises and each side wins some while loosing others. We are now grid locked to party lines with no compromise. It has only led to stalemate and no progress.

          • Lyin’ Donald: 101 Of Trump’s Greatest Lies | Daily Wire


            Apr 11, 2016 – Which made it relatively easy to come up with this not-even-close-to-complete list of 101 lies from Donald Trump. 1. March 30: Trump claims …

            Donald Trump’s file | PolitiFact



            Donald Trump has been a real estate developer, entrepreneur and host of the NBC reality … Trump’s statements were awarded PolitiFact’s 2015 Lie of the Year.

            Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are …


            Mar 31, 2016 – Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is at the bottom of the Politifact list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements. … What does it mean that the man who tells the most lies is the most popular with the Republican …

            Donald Told No Less Than 21 Fact Checked Proven Lies During His …


            Jul 21, 2016 – The full list of fact checked Trump lies can be found here. … Fact : PolitiFact rated Donald Trump’s claim that there was “no system to vet” …

            List Of Donald Trump Lies: 10 Claims By GOP Front-Runner On …


            International Business Times

            Mar 4, 2016 – Republican front-runner Donald Trump has a pretty bad record when it comes to telling the truth, according to Politifact.

            10 outrageous lies Donald Trump has told throughout his campaign


            Aug 5, 2016 – Donald Trump told lie after lie last night because it’s all he has to offer the … Next to the image was a list of statistics that alleged that 81% of …

            Donald Trump’s History of Lying Under Oath – Newsweek


            Aug 12, 2016 – RELATED: An Open Letter to Paul Ryan on Donald Trump … The list goes on, with one point in common: Every one of his answers, while under …

            15 Hours of Donald Trump’s Lies – The Daily Beast


            The Daily Beast

            Aug 1, 2016 – 15 Hours of Donald Trump’s Lies. From his attacks on …. Asked to provide a list of those companies, his campaign did not respond. Trump then …

            Lies, lies and more lies – The Washington Post

  …/lies-lies-and-more-lies/The Washington Post

            Aug 1, 2016 – As with so many things, the question for Donald Trump is: Was he lying then or lying now? It’s equally likely he was lying back in 2013 and …

            What you need to know about debate fact-checks: Donald Trump lies …


            Daily Kos

            3 days ago – Trump continued to lie an astonishing amount, according to fact-checks. He repeated his … NBC News fact-checked 36 statements from the debate, 29 of them by Donald Trump. They found 25 of them to … Recommended list.

        • One hopes Dr. Harley makes diagnoses with more acuity. Does he think? Not noticeably. He prefers Clinton who had a mental maturity of a ten-year-old. An untruthful child.

      • I went to my first rally ever at age 47! To wilkes barre pa to see TRUMP and i was a little worried it was 94 miles away, i went alone and parked nearby so my car would not get vandalized. I had the best time!! I swear it was so positive and there was one lonely protester holding a sign and i ran into every race, religion, gender, class of people you can imagine! For my first experience ever it was great! Only one issue on my way back to my car was a car pulled up to the light blasting “kill donald trump, f$&k dt” they did not have the cajones to go to the rally only drive around the arena lol ugh

        They train protesters how to antagonize others and how to choose the right person who they know will react. The fat chunky darker skinned girl at one rally smiling and laughing as she was nudged out the door and when the very handy cnn reporter met her right outside the door she put on the act “omg i was scared for my life, i just wanted to come and see what trump has to say but after being attacked because of my skin color….” yeah she antagonized a little old grumpy guy.

        They hold training sessions on college campuses

        Sad world when these people are so easily brainwashed for a few bucks! Screw thinking of their futures they are living in the here and now and vote making the same old mistake. I don’t know of one successful democrat run community at least not these big cities oh but don’t think i am pro repuklican either cause they suck too

      • BLM type of people and their supporters. Time for a change of guard in WDC Trump and Pence in Nov.

          • You wont laugh when they strike you and your neighbors, like they have been doing going into gated areas and Upper class areas. Remember the Florida shooting of the Punk .

          • UR so incredibly FOS it really isn’t funny

          • You must live in a hole underground to miss what is happening in the real world. I live between two major Democrat controlled cities in the US where it is happening on a daily basis . That makes you FOS and you need to clean your hole from all the sheet in it.

          • I live IN and between at least 4 Dem controlled cities – for 20 years in the “real world”. U R truly FOS.

          • You are blind to see the Damage they have done to the country, just because you are doing well. You are AFU and FOS like a typical Democrat , I got mine and FK the rest of you . You Pelosi and Clinton crack eaters are all alike .

          • I am not a Democrat. Never was. Likely never will be. The damage we still struggle to recover from was the responsibility of BUSH and CHENEY. They are wanted for their war crimes and can’t leave the country. I’d be fine with a vigilante solution to those criminals. Would love to address UR other BS. Maybe later.

          • Be my guest, and while you are at it include the Clintons and Obamas.

          • If they should become some kind of issue I shall. Half of adults in U.S.A. with mental illness aren’t getting treated. All reside in that big basket of deplorable dTrumpf supporters.

          • Remember the Democrats put all the Mentally ill on the streets, just like Obama is freeing criminals and the Va. Governor is giving felons by the hundreds daily a pardon so they can vote and opens the door for them to buy guns now.

          • Use of Cannabis is NOT criminal except in the weakest of minds. If you are paid off to put minorities in private prisons you want it to be unlawful. Obama is showing good common sense dumping those predators running them and paying off those “good” right wing politicians that also get rich from that CRIMINAL practice.

          • What the hell does that have to do with the Democrats putting the Mentally ill out on the streets . They did the Same with the Vets that were treated in VA hospitals .

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            Regardless of HIS judgement of people, criminals need to serve their time, appointed by the laws and judges at the time. There are legal appeals and such, that may need to be dealt with. Maybe parole rules, or regulations, but not a flat out release. LAW SHOULD REIN OVER EXECUTIVE ACTIONS!

          • Maybe so, but the POTUS can pardon anybody he/she wants to. Pardon is NOT a newly conjured legal manuever. In this kind of miscarriage of justice I’d do the same thing.

          • How many did Clinton pardon that were in jail because of them?

          • I guess when Hillary become President she can pardon herself

          • We do know HRC will be the next POTUS but you can only pardon people who have been convicted of some kind of illegal act.

          • You must be blonde. Your circle of blond FRIENDS missing you. You complete their dope ring.

          • Warped perspective getting you down? Get over it.

          • You are the one that is warped, I saw it happening putting mentally ill on the street. Insurance and Medicare pay very little for mental health care.

          • If they’re blonde they make money whoring

          • They pay nothing for mental health

          • You better go get your prescription filled now!!!

          • Sad you people can not stand the Truth , why do you think there are so many Homeless Veterans that should be in a VA facility getting treated . I live between two major Va. facilitys. So put that in your pipe .

          • But this VA fiasco did not start with Obama!!!! Are you really that naive, Retired? This has been going on for 11 -12 years. Now everything has come to a head – and NOW all of a sudden it’s a problem. Thank you, but I don’t smoke.

          • Putting the people on the street started back in the 70s. No I am not naïve about the situation . There have been problems with the VA ever since I can remember , it just goes from one facility to the next. I don’t get nasty until someone else starts. Glad to hear you don’t smoke.

          • I did smoke for 24 years, but that was 12 years ago – but anyway, the issue is Pres. Obama can’t seem to get a “high-five” for ANYTHING that he did for 8 years. Anything. And when he got OBL, where was all the hoopla praising him? Hell, nowhere. I think everyone was surprised – but you didn’t hear the chatter that you hear now about the things that people thought he should have done. We are in a different world and other countries just don’t like us and don’t like we stand for – or mainly – don’t like us butting into their business. So should we be surprised that these horrendous situations have come about about and to a head? If so, where have our heads been? This should be NO surprise. Funny how people – or countries – don’t like others inflicting on them what we do. We should respect what they do. Not sure there is a right answer or an answer at all – however, I do know that I won’t vote, tolerate, support – whatever you want to call it – a person as vile as Trump. I did like him at first, but then the more that came out of his mouth, the more my mouth dropped. Who’s going to pay for that wall? No one because there won’t be any.

          • Don’t go for the media hype , One thing I learned is Trump plays the Media like a fiddle. You nailed it as far as other countries and our interfearing and Most falls back on the UN sticking their nose where it does not belong.

          • The UN in Haiti was called the United Nothing by its people. I did not see them doing anything while I was there. This was after the earthquake and I could tell you tales about all the free things that were given. when they got to Haiti a container cost orphanages and any other iinity trying to get the containers off the docks cost from 6000 to 8000 dollars and guess who was in bed with the corrupt government The Clinton Foundation. Her big lie was The C Foundation spent 90% to help but it is really the other way around they kept 90% as administrative and gave the 10 % to charity.

          • I would rather have him than lying Hillary go to Judicial Watch web site and read. they have a case against her in fed court. They were given a crumb by a judge: They could ask 25 question and under oath but in writing. How dumb is that. Well they got their answers I don’t remember don’t remember I don’t remember and what was left was a tactical move to stall stall stall The information and e mails came from the FBI and files that are from the freedom of Information act not hackers

          • . . . and? People sometimes really don’t remember especially if you are going to be held accountable to your every word. Not sure what Fox news (I am watching now) are going to report after the election. Showing old footage – not sure how old it is – talking about cyber attacks and being secure making fun of the irony of her emails and cyber security – ahhh from 2010 – just always have to pick. They talk 2 min about actual news, then back Hillary/Trump, Hillary/Trump. Very sad, very biased. Hillary all the way!!!

          • the economy started with Johnson so can’t blame it all on Obama but he has a lot of baggage

          • Someone in your circle no doubt. Very close, I presume.

          • You just keep proving how dense and limited you are.

          • You must be dyed blonde gal or trans?

          • Better hurry up – we’re gonna take your guns away – hurry, hurry now!!!

          • They will take them from the Honest citizens and the criminals that the Democrats protect will get them through our open border just like all the Illegals.

          • Oh your a basement dweller.

          • She/ it DOSENT get that its way too heavy. She thinks that’s an inner city intersection .

          • Of course your not democrat you’re a blonde! Another whore for HILLARY s regular troll.

          • You’re a very unhappy little man, aren’t you? Must be a relative of the Trashy Trumpsters.
            Tsk, tsk, tsk.

          • You wouldn’t know TRASH even if you were living in it. You obviously think that foul gut wrenching odor and stench is normal every day living. Flies must be naturally drawn to you. Keep on tsking the flies a away.

          • you got to be kidding! Bush not leave the country Then why was he in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation? The last time I looked Haiti was another country.

          • Haiti is literally nowhere near Europe

          • I agree. But, however, there is too much BS from Retired to address – just too much!

          • U R certainly correct in your assessment. I cherry pick the idiocy I respond to but most is so nonsensical it’s not worth anybody’s time.

          • Potty mouth!!!

          • Are you IT”S mouth piece ?

          • Somebody has to refute spewed trash!

          • Well you don’t need to add to it’s comments. I don’t belong to any Party. WDC needs a good house cleaning and Trump just might succeed as the Clintons will continue in the downward spiral. We need Manufacturing and remove the Strangulation of regulations removed. We also need to shrink Gov. . Our economy is not as good as Gov. portrays , you look at a business section and people getting laid off by he hundreds to thousands every month which increases our deficit due to those paying less taxes.

          • You are correct. Want needs cleaned in WDC is the Congress. The ONLY thing that I agree with Trump is regarding term limits for Congress. There is NO reason that someone should be in the same position for 40 years. This is not regular business – this is a group of individuals who are supposed to be representing “we the people”, and when business isn’t accomplished (mainly Repuglicans), then it’s time to move on to greener pastures. Lord knows they are set for life after they leave! But how can you trust a man that says “we’ve got to bring jobs back” when he’s ONE OF THEM that took the business out of the US? Sorry you can spin that one anyway you want, but he doesn’t make his products here in the US. Practice what you preach (Trump)!

          • It is not Trump himself as much as people want change and that is the hope of many. I remember a friend In NJ that worked in the textile industry and the Gov. was constantly there forcing things on the Co. until it finally shut down just like many other Businesses over the years. Remember Gov. strangulations caused most of everything leaving the US , from Car parts to Drug manufacturing. You Don’t mention were Clintons get their Clothing from or the Foundation money coming from out of country. Both are guilty of being a bad example.

          • Change is good in this case – you are right – but he’s a little too drastic on his non-thought process. Abortion? He doesn’t have a clue what that area is all about – he’ll just grope women and take us back in time when sexual harassment was “permitted” or ignored. We could nitpick on where the Clintons get their clothes, but when all the stores in the US have clothes that are made outside the US, I think we buy what’s available. Clinton foundation does more good in the world than the Trump Fund My Family org. Does.

          • From what I have read the foundation does very little in the US ? Clothing I find most of my Stuff made in the US ,But then I don’t patronize the big Box stores. Just like with Smithfield Ham , it belongs to China so I wont buy it anymore. I look at it this way put Trump in he goofs up he will be gone and we will get Pence. It will not be hard to get him out compared to Clinton and Obama.

          • I’m still concerned about N Korea and Kim Jong-un – he’s too easy to start a confrontation with and he knows Trump is easy to rattle – next thing you know there’s no tomorrow, or no 2nd chances. At least I know she keeps her cool and knows how to negotiate. Trump – it’s his way or the highway – because that would mean he would lose to negotiate. Scary.

          • Kim and china depend on each other. We lost a country to China this week. China has a missile that keeps our Air Carriers far enough away that our planes would run out of fuel on the way back. The Democrats were sleeping all those years under Obama. We have to cut military and defense. Remember Hillarys words we will sit down and talk about it like Kerry and Obama . China is building the biggest military compared to Russia and the US, Sattelite pictures do not lie. Him and Cheney are a lot alike except for the mouth .Cheney ran the country and not Bush , he had many years in the pentagon .

          • I can’t argue with too much of what you say other than the Dems were not sleeping – having a Repugnant – whoops sorry Republican (I get those two mixed up sometimes) Congress doing absolutely nothing – makes it very hard to get anything accomplished – therefore, the feeling of spinning your wheels and going nowhere. Bush was a waste – his wife could have done a better job than he did – she was smarter. Bush only worried about protecting his oil buddies. Then 9/11 on his watch – he looked absolutely clueless on what to do. That’s history – and that’s what I don’t want to see repeated with someone that is prompted to tweet. He is NOT presidential material.

          • It is more about Appointments than Trump Himself, Just think of were Hillary could put Obama . UN and SC , if that happens we are sunk as a free nation. We will be like England and Austrailia.

          • Miz Hillary isn’t even clever. No surprise. Her ability to fool people is fast evaporating.

          • If only the false media would evaporate .

          • Wow. You are impressive for a bleached blonde Hillary troll. Whoring at the intersection of Clintons and OBAMA.

          • ‘The panic is beginning’: GOP strategist Steve Schmidt predicts Election Day disaster for Republicans



          • If you believe that YOU ARE A IDIOT, it is going to be a landslide in favor of TRUMP!

          • Well, actually, an idiot is someone who writes “A IDIOT” and is too damned stupid to even know that CORRECT English usage is to say “AN IDIOT”!!!

            From all indications, most polls now show that Trump pretty much appears to have already lost by a rather HUGE landslide… but wallow in your stupidity and enjoy yourself, dope!

            Hee hee hee haw again, why don’t you, you jackass! :-)))

          • Come on you two, English isn’t your first language – so give each other a break!!

          • Well, actually, English IS my 1st language and I speak 5 others; ow many do you know?

          • Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I believe the object in speaking different languages is to do 1st least one well not 5 bad. By the way, I speak 3 – and the number is irrelevant if you don’t speak it well.

          • Your English here does not read very well. LOL!

            Я свободно говорить на всех тех, которых я знаю.

          • I can understand you not being able to read well – all Trump supporters have just “a good brain” – it’s ok.

          • I read perfectly. Your 2nd sentence was utterly UNGRAMMATICAL.
            Thanks for the laugh!!

          • Just quoting Trump, moron! Yes you are a laugh – more like a joke!

          • Wipe off your chin. The snot’s dribbling out of your nose, down your face and onto your keyboard as you post. And quoting a lunatic makes you look stupid.

          • Joining one makes you an ass just like him. Look in the mirror – yep – it’s an ass!

          • Shove it up your ass.

          • Figures you’d mention how you like it. Is your pet gerbal missing? Look behind you!! Asswipe!

          • The CORRECT spelling is g-e-r-b-i-l…. there’s no “a” in it. My, you really are fluent!
            Idi v zhopu, ocel.

          • See – you do know some English – I knew you would be familiar with that situation! Good job!!!

          • Thanks for the laughs. YOU’re the one having all the problems, not me!

            Does your mother have a loud bark too??

          • Au contraire – no problems here – Thats what I do – I make people laugh.

            Ruff, ruff

          • Well, yeah, but they laugh AT you, NOT with you!!! LOL!

          • So you claim to “know” 3 languages!?! Which 2 other ones are you as poor in as English? Just curious if you really speak any others, or is that just bullshit??

          • Sorry sweetheart, I don’t have to prove anything to you. Why don’t you guess.

          • Do you know that Russian is a much more precise language than English?? MUCH more!!!! There are 34 letters in the alphabet. Every letter has only one sound. There are 4 different “E’s” for the 4 different sounds “E” has. There are NO silent letters. So if you can pronounce a world correctly you can spell it corectly with no problem! And there are no weird and flaky or fluky pronunciations like “to/two/too,” or “laugh/half/staff,” or “team/seem/scheme,” or “flame,maim. It’s a much more sensible and very precise language!! And there are more words in a Russian dictionary than an English dictionary!
            See, I just educated you some! But I bet you can’t grasp it, can you??

          • English is one of the more difficult languages to master and that’s why I understand why you don’t speak it very well. Done with you for tonight – getting off topic and I’m getting bored. Niti-more.

          • Guess that’s why you make so many errors, eh? But what others do you know, as you claimed!?!??? Afraid to say because somebody will call your bluff???

          • Trump in his own words “Only rapists, murderers and thieves will still identify with him as one of their own”.

          • Do you think someone gives a flying eff?

          • Only people with a fair bit of intelligence would — guess that’s why you got left out, eh!?! LOL!

            Got any education yourself? High school dropout, maybe? You speak more than one language? Ever been anywhere or done anything that might be of any interest at all to anyone else at all? Anything? Anywhere? You sound like another “I’m gonna vote for Trump The Frump cretin! Stupid and ignorant… jackass!

          • You’ve obviously confused me with somebody that really cares!

          • You’re very obviously confused if you think
            that I actually care what you think, придурок

          • That wasn’t nice!

          • Just descended to your level for a laugh or two.
            Why would anyone be “nice:” when you spew
            snotty insults!?! LOL

          • Why would I not reply “snottily” back to someone Thats being snotty to me? Sorry I don’t let people walk all over me.

          • Why would anybody “walk all over “you and get there shoes coated with slime? No thanks.

          • Why would anyone confused enough to be
            a Trump supporter be a caring person?
            That’s not logical.

            Donald Trump Admits He Gets Confused and Makes Things Up After …


            Aug 5, 2016 – Donald Trump Admits He Gets Confused and Makes Things Up After … wrong about the video he had first described to supporters in Florida.

          • That’s right! I don’t care that you are illogical! See how it all comes around to make sense.

          • You make sense??
            Hee hee haw some more.

          • “We have some bad, bad people in this country.” -Donald Trump
            There are, in fact, bad, bad people living in that Basket. Are you comfy in there?

          • If you want to keep begging me to let you KISS MY ASS you’re going to have to use lots of mouthwash first, so your breath doesn’t smell like it usually does before your ugly face gets that close to my anal opening. And, no, you can’t French kiss it, so stop asking!

          • Donald trump demonsrates kissing putin’s ass –


            Donald trump demonsrates kissing putin’s ass – Donald Trump Kissing.

            How Trump’s “toughness” makes him a sucker for Putin. – Slate



            Aug 8, 2016 – Donald Trump talks tough. “We’re going to win … Donald Trump, left, and Vladimir Putin. … What makes Trump kick one ass but kiss another?

            Trump is Putin’s ‘most useful idiot’ because he believes what he says …


            Jul 31, 2016 – In short, Piontkovsky says, “Trump is an idiot who considers himself a … A poster of Donald Trump kissing Vladimir Putin by Lithuanian artist …

            Vladimir Putin Just Made A MASSIVE Donald Trump Announcement!


            What do you think of Putin’s endorsement of Donald Trump? Please leave us a ….. I too would want an idiot to run my rival country into the ground. I’d endorse ….. Now down with our butt kissing,over spending,embarrassment of a PM!!! jy says:.

          • When I look behind me all I see is your face trying to kiss my ass. Stop licking your lips; go use a couple gallons of mouthwash,… your breath stinks too bad to let you get your face that close to my derriere!!!

          • Can we count on you as the only Pedophile here to share some tips on “How To Make Your Kids Less Attractive”?

          • Has anybody else told you to GO FUCK YOURSELF yet today? If not, allow me to be the first.

          • Can we count of you to GO FUCK YOUR INSULTING SELF??

          • 4 U that is a compliment

          • You’re going to compliment me by FUCKING YOURSELF??
            Grab both ears with both hands and pull your head out of your insulting ass, mudak!

          • As I instructed, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

          • Donald Trump is bringing anti-Muslim prejudice into the mainstream …
  …/donald-trump-is-…The Washington Post
            Aug 1, 2016 – Muslims face more discrimination than any other religion, and Trump is making it worse.
            Donald Trump’s Despicable Anti-Muslim Huma Abedin Smear – The …
            The Daily Beast
            Aug 30, 2016 – Donald Trump’s Despicable Anti-Muslim Huma Abedin Smear. A candidate who’s built his entire appeal around fear and loathing once again …
            Donald Trump’s horrifying words about Muslims (Opinion) –
            Nov 21, 2015 – Donald Trump: Muslim ban ‘is really a suggestion’ ….. They are very much akin to the ones anti-Muslim bigots have advocated in the past.
            Donald Trump, Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes, and Islamophobia – The …
            The Atlantic
            Sep 22, 2016 – Donald Trump and the Rise of Anti-Muslim Violence. Research suggests that extreme political rhetoric can contribute to a spike in hate crimes.
            Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is Fueling More Islamophobic Incidents …
            The Huffington Post
            Jun 20, 2016 – “He is against minorities. He is against Islam. It’s not a message of unity, it’s a message of dividing the country and that is not what America is …

          • Makes you proud?

          • Joining one? One what? What are you babbling about, durak?

          • Is your family tree filled with with more than one species of monkey, or are you all the same kind?

          • Watch the rambling, self-obsessed, lunatic despot, Darth Trump. | New …


            The New Republic

            This Auralnauts video takes Star Wars scenes and dubs Darth Vader’s lines with Donald Trump’s monologues. What makes it genius is that, instead of imagining Trump as the sickest, coldest bad guy the universe has ever seen, he’s an annoying tyrant prone to stream-of …

            Embattled Trump finds allies and inspiration in the lunatic fringe – LA …


            Los Angeles Times

            3 days ago – Donald Trump would open the White House to deranged ideas from the right wing fringe.

            Donald Trump is not right … but is he actually crazy? – Daily Kos


            Daily Kos

            Aug 2, 2016 – TOPSHOT – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump … “Have we stopped to appreciate how crazy Donald Trump has gotten recently?

            Ex-Bush adviser slams ‘lunatic’ Trump | TheHill


            The Hill

            Sep 8, 2016 – John Noonan, who also advised 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on foreign policy, sent a slew of tweets ripping Trump’s …

            Conservative Legal Experts: Trump Is “A Menace,” A “Lunatic,” “A …


            Media Matters for America

            Jul 28, 2016 – Conservative Legal Experts: Trump Is “A Menace,” A “Lunatic,” “A Fascist Thug,” A “’Useful Idiot’ For Putin,” And A Danger To “Our National …

            Trump spews crazy talk — and he’s not alone – The Washington Post

  …/trump-spews-craz…The Washington Post

            Oct 14, 2016 – How a major party winds up nominating a ranting lunatic.

          • So you’re in the sewer with Trump, eh? No surprise! I’m laughing at YOU!

            Trump’s desperate dive into the sewer – The Washington Post

  …/trumps-desperate-…The Washington Post

            Sep 29, 2016 – Having suffered a humiliating loss on Monday and dug themselves a deeper hole in the days afterward, Donald Trump and his brain trust have …

            Trump Gets Desperate – BuzzFeed News


            Oct 13, 2016 – “If we don’t win this election,” said Trump, his voice ragged from … that defines a typical Trump rally — but, then, these are desperate times for …

          • Trump’s History of Encouraging Violence – Video –

            ▶ 2:39

  …/trump-and-…The New York Times

            Mar 14, 2016

            Donald J. Trump has appealed to the raw anger of voters and encouraged crowds at rallies to use force …

            Donald Trump Encourages Violence At His Rallies. His Fans Are …


            The Huffington Post

            Mar 10, 2016 – Yasmeen Alamiri was standing in the press pen at a Donald Trump rally in Radford, Virginia, late last month when a man in the crowd called …

            Here’s All the Evidence That Donald Trump Encourages Violence …


            The Huffington Post

            Mar 15, 2016 – There has been escalating violence at Donald Trump rallies—incident after incident of protesters getting shouted down with crude, offensive …

            Trump’s endorsement of violence reaches new level: He may pay …


            Los Angeles Times

            Mar 13, 2016 – When Donald Trump said Sunday that he might pay the legal fees of a … Trump encourages crowds to surround and shout down protesters …

          • Not interested in any made up videos – anyone can make up anything these days. Onward HILLARY- you know she’s going to win!!!

          • Of course! She’s pretty much already WON if you look at the early voting across the whole country!

          • Sen çok akıllı görünmüyorsun.

          • You look really “bright,”… 2 punctuation mistakes and one grammar mistake in just one sentence. Geesh! What a laugh riot!

          • Someone needs to go to the potty because you are so FOS!

          • ///

            Trump’s History of Encouraging Violence – Video –

            ▶ 2:39

  …/trump-and-…The New York Times

            Mar 14, 2016

            Donald J. Trump has appealed to the raw anger of voters and encouraged crowds at rallies to use force …

            Donald Trump Encourages Violence At His Rallies. His Fans Are …


            The Huffington Post

            Mar 10, 2016 – Yasmeen Alamiri was standing in the press pen at a Donald Trump rally in Radford, Virginia, late last month when a man in the crowd called …

            Here’s All the Evidence That Donald Trump Encourages Violence …


            The Huffington Post

            Mar 15, 2016 – There has been escalating violence at Donald Trump rallies—incident after incident of protesters getting shouted down with crude, offensive …

            Trump’s endorsement of violence reaches new level: He may pay …


            Los Angeles Times

            Mar 13, 2016 – When Donald Trump said Sunday that he might pay the legal fees of a … Trump encourages crowds to surround and shout down protesters …

          • My what a nice mouth that you have – do you kiss your wife with that trashy mouth?

          • He is getting back what he started

          • Listen buster brown, it is a reality that the Progressive left(Clinton Cartel) cheats lies and does voter fraud!
            The new Veritas Video has it showing it on you tube and social media!!! So get real with your bull!

          • Like voter fraud just started at this election? If there is fraud – why are we voting? Because if Trump doesn’t win, its rigged and if he does win – what is it not rigged? He’s a poor winner and a much more poorer loser.

          • Inner city war on law and orders.

          • Financed by Clintons cartel.

          • More like BLM supported by the Dem. party.

          • Or just plain BM from BO

        • Prison for Hillary. She needs help.

          • She lies when the truth would be better. Why did she not say we were hit by Terrorist in Benghazi. Waht was she trying to hide

          • Her gun sales for profit, and ammo getting into the wrong hands. Then there’s the uranium issue. Hillary sell twenty per cent to those damn Russians. Putin that she so innocently claims hacked and rewrote emails to make her look bad because nobody told her how security and unsecured servers work.
            And then because of a video when she didn’t answer the phone and it was from Ambassador Stevens who HILLARY used to do her dirty work but she was not available. Nobody knows where OBAMA was they want four more years So there.

      • That’s Hillary! Her husband did well as president when he was not raping or sexually abusing women.

      • Yup and not one word from MSM covering for Hog face Hillary

      • Trump’s History of Encouraging Violence – Video –

        ▶ 2:39…/trump-and-…The New York Times

        Mar 14, 2016

        Donald J. Trump has appealed to the raw anger of voters and encouraged crowds at rallies to use force …

        Donald Trump Encourages Violence At His Rallies. His Fans Are ……/donald-trump-violence...

        The Huffington Post

        Mar 10, 2016 – Yasmeen Alamiri was standing in the press pen at a Donald Trump rally in Radford, Virginia, late last month when a man in the crowd called …

        Here’s All the Evidence That Donald Trump Encourages Violence ……/oh-yes-donald-trump-d...

        The Huffington Post

        Mar 15, 2016 – There has been escalating violence at Donald Trump rallies—incident after incident of protesters getting shouted down with crude, offensive …

        Trump’s endorsement of violence reaches new level: He may pay ……/la-na-trump-campaign-protests-2...

        Los Angeles Times

        Mar 13, 2016 – When Donald Trump said Sunday that he might pay the legal fees of a … Trump encourages crowds to surround and shout down protesters …


    • The party is over for the Clintons.

    • Hillary definition of corruption failure and pathetic.

      • I would say Hillary’s description of dTrumpf is pretty darn accurate. Tx for bringing it up.

        • I agree with Trump she’s a catastrophe.

          • Not before 2017. You agree with the slobbering lizard-brained narcissist. Says little for your judgment.


          • Neither are you. What’s your problem?

          • Angry little girl just like Hillary.

          • And besides, who is Zdenka Gast?

          • Don’t know. Must be a phone number you read off a bathroom wall.

          • If you want anyone to “Ask jrsk”, you’ll need to provide better answers than that.

            If the true story of Ms. Gast were known, I expect that you and many others might be shocked at the inadequacy of your list of adjectives (“incapable”, etc.) referring to HRC. She may eventually bump all other historical criminals to “also-ran” status. I think that is her goal.

          • I agree a HILLARY is a slobbering lizard-brained narcissist with bad and little judgement. Hope soon she is in prison. Lock her up.

          • U don’t even know what a narcissist is, do ya! Next time plug in all of your 3 brain cells and screw on your head before making dumb snarky remarks.

          • Oh my super intelligent troll we have whoring for Hillary. Can’t pass up a pond to peer at your pretty face now can you? She pays her hungry desperate destitute whores enough to satisfy their hunger I hear. Mentally emotionally unstable homeless and those that decompensate readily. She pays trolls supporters and riot inciters. Men get paid more than you though, darlin’

          • I’ve seen your name before. SAN Francisco one of those sleaze places where good people don’t go. That’s why you so relate to HILLARY.

          • Perfect hometown for you if there are no good people there. You fit in excellently.

          • Not my town at all. Didn’t even stop for except for the sign. Just saw your name in lights. Sorry ma’am didn’t want to offend you. I know you Hillary types are quick to insult but can’t take it. Don’t leak your DEPENDS one bit ma’am.

          • No offense taken – Interesting perspective for a Trumpanzee that jumps to idiotic conclusions because they feel comfortable with the idea that a wack job with the intellectual maturity of a 6 yr old is in the same TOWN as the red button in the WH. Ask your Psychiatrist if she is voting for der dRumpf. Of course not, none of THEM will.

          • Please do not reply to me any more thankyou

          • If you would just STFU I’d totally ignore you.

          • Please refrain from your juvenile profanity. Knowing you are a low life HILLARY whore troll much more cannot be expected. I simply will have to block you.

          • Why don’t you do the same thing, mudak!!

          • Hillary’s going to prison.

          • Did you speak to your Psychiatrist yet?

          • Do you speak to yours… about your obvious Asperger’s Syndrome!?!

          • Try psychotherapy yourself!!! It’s very apparent that you need it!

    • They accuse others of doing what they are doing to hide their acts

  3. The Clintons are both EVIL…..and both LIARS and both crocked and both Devils……Get rid of them………..

  4. When you have absolutely nothing but misery to offer, you come up with lies and more lies thinking that the same old same old will actually stop many people from voting for Trump. Sorry, Clintons/liberals/Soros ain’t gonna happen this time because we chose TRUMP and we will vote TRUMP and we will help get you prosecuted and the Clinton Foundation taken from you, Bill and Chelsea, robber barons all! You have always lied so why do you think we will accept your lies now is beyond me!

  5. This article sounds like “give up” time which we cannot do! Even if everything points to a Shillery victory, we must keep up the fight for Trump! Our country’s soveriegnty is in jeopardy!

  6. Patience is a virtue.

    Those who push the FBI for an indictment against Ms. Clinton that they cannot prove would give her a free ride due to the prohibition against double-jeopardy. No true law-and-order conservative would risk that for temporary political gain.

    Bill Cosby also called all of his accusers liars. They and the prosecutors waited until accumulated rape charges against him could be proved. If Mr. Trump had not run for President, the accusations against him might have been forgotten. He raised himself into the same league as Bill Cosby by pulling his own bootstraps.

    • The case against Hillary is very easy to prove. Only needs to be prosecuted. The cover up and deletion of emails under subpoena show ill intention to defraud the Congress and the American people. That’s more than enough to put her behind bars. Unfortunately the corruption starts at the very top with Obama, who can’t afford that Hillary is taken down as she will pull him down the drain along with her.

      • Keep this going!
        imagine anyone calling her on this

        read! Wonder how many people are aware. Word for word
        from the Cornell Law Library – RE: H Clinton

        Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library.
        Word for word from the

        Law Library Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey
        tells MSNBC that not only is Hillary Clinton’s private email server
        illegal, it “disqualifies” her from holding any federal
        office. Very specifically points to one federal law, Title 18.
        Section 2071.

        those of us who do not have United States Code committed to memory,
        here’s what it says:

        Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates,
        obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to
        do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book,
        paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk
        or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public
        office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States,
        shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three
        years, or both.

        Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map,
        book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully
        conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys
        the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more
        than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be
        disqualified from holding any office under the United States.
        As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the
        office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces
        of the United States.”

        it explicitly states “shall forfeit his office and be disqualified
        from holding any office under the United States.”

        voters know that? The media won’t tell them. So it’s up
        to us.

        Can you help hold Hillary accountable?

        Pass this on, please

      • Timestamped messages show that Ms. Clinton’s office released the server and requested deletion weeks before the congressional subpoena. Her office told the congress what they believed to be available and what was not. Congress asked for what the office no longer had just to embarrass her and that failed. The contractor that managed the server had taken it out of service and scheduled for recycling although their technician was late in doing so. The real failure was not in clearing the server late. I carry a certification in computer security and was working for DOD at the time. Their standard is physical destruction of the drives because entities like the NSA can read deleted drives. Ms. Clinton’s office should have requested that immediately.

    • Look, Are you telling me she didn’t carelessly handle sensitive security information on an illegal server? – That is good for 2 years in Levenworth right there and she has admitted doing it on national TV. – Then no prosecution.

      And who gives a shit about that 11 year old tape? – Only RINO Saboteurs and useful idiots. It is a TOTAL non issue

  7. The garbage and lies the Democrats have pulled off for years and getting away with it is because for years and the wimpy Republicans have never stood up against the lies. Just like when Obama shut the Government down. The Democrats blamed the Republicans and the Republicans said nothing.Obama blamed the Bush for the housing bubble the burst and nothing was said by the Republicans that it was the Democrats that forced the banks to make loans the people that could not afford them.
    With the Lame Stream Media going along with the Democrats and the silence of the Republicans the Republicans will never win.

    • They never went against the democrats because they were all in cahoots from day one.

      Let’s get Trump in and then we can round up all the RINO/Democrat elite establishment and run them out of Washington.

      • The mistake is re electing the incumbents during the primaries. If you want change and complain that you don’t want Hillary because she’s been in government too long, you should get rid of every one that’s been in office two or more terms. How can you claim she’s been in office a long time and didn’t do anything and not claim that all of the republicans running for tre election been there too long or longer and haven’t done anything either. Look at Ryan. Vote him out. He’s been in congress twice as many years as Clinton

  8. No body with common sense could vote for her .vote Trump to save country .this will be last chance.. …….Trump 16 ……….. Ohio , Florida and other states Don’t be fooled by Killary

  9. What did she say now? The article doesn’t say.

  10. What is incomprehensible about all of this is that her emails have been leaked and the truth is out there about what a dangerous and duplicitous POS she is and still the low IQ morons who support her will vote for her. She has even said that she wants hemispheric trade AND open borders. Those two policies ALONE would bankrupt this once great country. The Germans thought Merkel was great until she ruined their country forever by opening their borders. Now it appears Germany will forever be lost thanks to that cucking funt. Will we be saying the same thing? Watch this short video and you’ll know why it is so important to elect Trump…

  11. This whole situation makes me sick. During my FBI career there never was a time when we weren’t working a Clinton criminal case. They were always guilty and never prosecuted because of our corrupt system. Now our nation is running out of time. Trump is dangerous to the people who have been killing our nation for decades. I voted for Trump on my mail in ballot and pray tens of millions follow me. Hillary Clinton, her phony husband and their daughter Chelsea should have been prosecuted over their foundation and global initiative years ago.

    • Several postal workers are bragging on social media how they have thrown out Voter ballots who voted for Trump. So it’s very possible your vote doesn’t count. So, be aware of that.

      • That is BS. How can they know who the vote it for, It’s inside 2 envelopes and if they open either one the ballot is void and the vote won’t count either way.

      • I served overseas during several Presidential elections and voted through the mail. Each time I checked to see if my vote had been counted through the voter ID number and discovered it had not been counted. After pressing the issue I was informed that none of the military or overseas law enforcement ballots had been delivered on a timely basis so they weren’t counted, The State Department was behind this massive fraud by holding on to ballots until it was too late. Folks we are faced with a situation where there will once again be massive voter fraud in favor of the Democrats who are behind these crimes. Time to say no to fraudulent elections and demand photo ID’s be required and all overseas ballots be counted.

  12. How long did these democratic jerkoffs hold onto this information before releasing it a month before the election? Did they think this is the whole enchilada? That this will make Trump bow out of the race? Well…. WE
    WON’T LET HIM! I don’t care how many girls he kissed or how many pussies he grabbed or how many asses he slapped! He never lied to Congress. He never put American lives in danger. And was never under indictment from Congress. I’m going to vote for Trump and I don’t care how many women you parade in front of me claiming that Donald Trump did this or that ! HE’S GOT MY VOTE!

  13. Wikileaks Julian Assange is under assault, Clinton Mafia at it again, Julian Be Careful Amigo!

    NEW YORK – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, secreted away in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, entered into a “Mexican stand-off” Sunday night with John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

    As the drama unfolded overnight, suspicions built that the Clinton campaign had grown tired of Assange’s daily “drip, drip, drip” release of Podesta emails, with the ninth drop occurring earlier Sunday. A total of 12,073 emails have been released of a suspected trove of 50,000.

    Despite being largely ignored by establishment media, the emails have done obvious damage to Clinton’s candidacy through wide circulation on the Internet.

    The problem Podesta and the others in charge of the Clinton campaign face is that any attempt to apprehend Assange may not prevent the future release of more adverse emails.

    WikiLeaks appears to be giving out clear signals on Twitter that any attempt to apprehend Assange could trigger the release of the most damaging information WikiLeaks holds, not only on Clinton and her presidential campaign, but on the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, on Ecuador and on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

    Politico reported Monday, meanwhile, a source close to the Clinton family said Hillary Clinton was “not really focused on the hack” but remains worried about the political impact. One longtime aide said “she’s pissed.”

    The WikiLeaks drama builds

    At 12:33 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, WikiLeaks tweeted: “Julian Assange internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.”

    The tweet suggested the possibility authorities in the U.K., perhaps with the encouragement of the U.S., were in the process of pressuring the Ecuadorian government to release Assange from his current refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy, freeing him to be extradited to the U.S. for criminal prosecution.

    Roger Stone, the former Trump adviser known for his outspoken comments, weighed in on theory: “John Kerry has threatened the Ecuadorian President with ‘grave consequences for Equador’ if Assange is not silenced,” he tweeted, adding “Reports the Brits storm the Ecuadorian Embassy tonite while Kerry demands the UK revoke their diplomatic status so Assange can be seized.”

    At about 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, WikiLeaks tweeted what appeared to be three “dead man” files, the first dealing with UK FCO [Foreign & Commonwealth Office], the second with Ecuador and the third with John Kerry.

    A “dead man” file, in the vernacular of cyber-hackers, is considered a fail-safe measure in which the hacker sets up a file of the most damaging information to be released on the Internet if he is killed.

    Speculation immediately developed on the Internet that Assange was dead.

    “Praying for Julian. I hope he isn’t dead. This does look like an emergency dead man’s switch,” wrote one Reddit user.

    Get the hottest, most important news stories on the Internet – delivered FREE to your inbox as soon as they break! Take just 30 seconds and sign up for WND’s Email News Alerts!

    The hacktivist group Anonymous posted what appeared to be live-streaming of British police storming the Ecuadorian Embassy in London at night. But on closer inspection, it became clear the group, in typically mischievous fashion, had simply re-posted an incident that took place four years ago.

    At 9:53 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, the U.K. Ecuadorian Embassy Security office tweeted a photograph of Assange holding a sign that read “Transparency for the state! Privacy for the rest of us!”

    The sign appeared to confirm Assange was alive and still within the protective custody of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

    Monday: The Mexican Stand-off Begins

    Through the night, Internet experts in the U.S. worked to open without success the three “dead man” files WikiLeaks had posted on Twitter.

    During Sunday night, an anonymous post from a source identified as “a low level intelligence officer, not CIA,” appeared to solve the puzzle of why the WikiLeaks “dead man” could not be opened, explaining the posting was aimed not at making the files public, but to make clear the files existed and were ready for release at any time.

    The post read:

    I’m a low-level intelligence officer, not CIA. The Tweets are SHA256 hashes, not keys. They signify that the files to come are real.

    Read it here first: Ecuador has caved to pressure from Clinton & Co. Assange is being extradited. The situation is very fluid and he has threatened to kill himself if removed from the embassy.

    The file hash is directed at Sec. Kerry as a direct threat.

    No, I don’t have any proof I can share; these are diplo [diplomatic] cables I’m getting this from. But Assange will likely be imprisoned or dead in the next 12 hours.

    If they get me for sharing this, at least I died a patriot.

  14. For all intensive purposes, the clinton family and the obama’s deserve to be eradicated. They are fk-ing crooks and if they were in China they’d be executed.

  15. Proving the Demoncraps are a DIRTY party. The party of DIRT. Giving you sodomites, radical leftist, communist, lieberals and Hillaryous.

    The party that will cheat and lie all the way to the bottom.

  16. If Trump wins- he should make the Clintons and Chelsea- Ambassadors to Haiti, where as long as they personally assist and finance the rebuilding they can stay on that island rather the return to the US and face treason, fraud, money laundering, and a host of other charges.

  17. Ya all need to watch this it explains it all.

  18. I Trust Trump!

  19. Trump has been rich for a long time,
    if these claims were true, he would of been sued right after they happened,

    just like the rape victims came forward, right after their assaults happened,
    and we still have a blue dress with the rapist’s scum all over it!!!

  20. This HAS to be a joke! She lies about twenty-eight percent of the time – somewhat or fully, which is pretty good for a politician. He lies eighty percent of the time. SHE lies less than most politicians. HE lies more than anybody we’ve ever seen! This is just another stinkin’ tDrumpf lie. Only big-time LOSER’S complete and utter rejection of the facts believe anything the leader of the Sexual Predator Party says.

  21. Donald Trump needs to mention that they are all lies and just move on to the Important things. Donald please do not dwell on the slander because that is what Hillary and her Camp wants you to do. You need to address all of the issues at hand b that is what the American Voter is interested in. Also the fact that Hillary wants to let into America the 550% more of Syrian Terrorists to Rape and Kill American women and children. That is why Hillary and Obama want to take our Guns so the American people cant defend them selves when their Terrorists attack.

  22. Copy this and spread it far and wide PLEASE.
    Apparently, the FBI forgot to visit the Cornell Law Library. Word for word from the Cornell Law Library Former United States Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells MSNBC that not only is Hillary Clinton’s private email server illegal, it “disqualifies” her from holding any federal office. Very specifically points to one federal law, Title 18. Section 2071.
    For those of us who do not have United States Code committed to memory, here’s what it says:
    “(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takesand carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.”
    Yes, it explicitly states “shall forfeit his/her office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.
    Shouldn’t voters know this ? This is THE LAW. THE RULE OF LAW MUST BE HONORED !!!
    The media won’t tell America.
    So it’s up to us !!!

    • That law is for every one but the Clintons as per Obama .

      • Call your neighbors. Ask friends to vote absentee so they will count. Take people to the polls. Fight !
        Yes I’ve seen fraud at the polls. I saw 100 absentees bought in ONE COUNTY alone and the woman who cheated got a lawyer to let her plea deal, she didn’t serve a day. Her brother a district judge and her ex a state senator. Google Gay Nell Tinker and Hale County Alabama 2004. She walked free. What a crime but she got away just like Hillary is doing
        When the FBI found the server in Chappaqua, Hillary should have been locked up right then.

        • Get our elderly to the polls, they have been stuck again with a $5.00 raise for SS.. The Gov stole a $100.00 from SS when the age was raised and have Changed the Cost of living formula several times since then so the elderly are getting LESS than TRUE INFLATION. But Gov. employees have received more since Obama took over.

          • The Demonrats last ditch effort is to do phone banks where they tell America the Republicans are going to do away with Social SECURITY. Biggest LIE EVER. They scare us senior citizens to the polls. It is legal but so highly unethical, the Clinton way.

          • The Democrats Under Obama have Hurt the People on SS. They Stole money from Medicare to put people on Medicaid with the ACA law. The only good peace in ACA was pre existing conditions, but it did not stop the Insurance Co. from gouging those people.

          • That has been going on in areas were Clinton stands a good chance of loosing. Trump and Pence Nov.2016.

          • You don’t know that the correct word is “losing” not “loosing”???? Sounds like your minds kind of “loose”!!! LOL!

  23. The GOP is comprised of two distinctive groups. The fiscal conservatives
    are the ones who normally run the show: they’re the ones who push for
    “starve the beast” policies, fewer corporate regulations and lower taxes
    on the rich, because unsurprisingly they’re often rich. However,
    fiscal conservatism is actually pretty unpopular, for good reason. You
    can’t build a party that’s nationally successful on fiscal conservatism
    because not enough people want it.
    This is where the second group comes in. These are the single-issue
    voters that the fiscal conservatives were able to wrangle onto their
    side: the evangelicals, the racists, the gun lovers, all people who feel
    very passionately about one particular topic and will vote Republican
    because the Republicans have positioned themselves as the party that
    supports those issues. These are called “wedge issues” because they
    split voters along ideological lines: even though the GOP’s fiscal
    policies are bad for a poor white evangelical voter, they’ll vote for
    the GOP anyway because they’ve positioned themselves as the only option
    to fight abortion, and they’ve cultivated abortion as being a more
    important issue to that voter than fiscal policy. This is the
    Republican base.
    There’s a lot of techniques that go into creating and maintaining
    wedge issues, but a big one is dog whistling. Because wedge issues
    still only capture about 40% of the electorate and you need 51%, GOP
    politicians have made a practice of wink-nodding at their base during
    elections, saying things that an independent or undecided voter can take
    as innocent while carrying a clear message to the base. The whole
    birther thing is a good example: relatively few politicians said they
    didn’t think Obama was born in the United States, but plenty said “well,
    a birth certificate would sort this whole thing out”, which can sound
    reasonable to an independent but carries a clear message to the base
    that they agree the President isn’t a US citizen. They have to do this
    because the social issues they’ve created, to those on the wrong side of
    the wedge, are abhorrent.
    Trump’s message is basically the same as everything the GOP’s been
    dog-whistling for decades. The only difference is that he considers a
    dog whistle to be low energy. He prefers a bullhorn, which fucks up the
    whole strategy because suddenly it becomes searingly obvious to
    everyone what he’s saying. This appeals to the base because finally
    someone is focusing on giving them what they want instead of using them to push a fiscal policy that they don’t care about.
    The fiscal conservatives, meanwhile, are horrified because they
    didn’t want to have to be openly associated with those social issues.
    Trump puts them in a position where they have to choose between pissing
    off independents, who don’t like it when the GOP runs on a platform of
    “fuck Mexicans, blacks, women, and gays”, and pissing off their base,
    who won’t settle for dog whistles anymore.
    This is part of why Trump was able to decimate everyone else during
    the primary: it wasn’t just that they were too busy attacking each other
    to attack him, but they to some degree couldn’t attack him because they have the same social positions that he does.

  24. All working TAXPAYERS must take the time to vote Nov. 8th. Please motivate all co workers, friends and family. It’s 100% sure that ALL welfare recipients will show up.

  25. Ted Nugent nailed it in arguing for the vote for Trump:
    1) Obama is against Trump;
    2) The Media is against Trump;
    3) The establishment Democrats are against Trump;
    4) The establishment Republicans are against Trump;
    5) That Marxist Pope is against Trump;
    6) The UN is against Trump;
    7) The European Union is against Trump;
    8) Communist China is against Trump;
    9) Mexico is against Trump;
    10) Soros is against Trump;
    11) Black Lives Matter is against Trump;
    12) MoveOn.Org is against Trump;
    13) Koch Brothers are against Trump; and
    14) Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.
    This former refugee from a communist hell could not have said it any better. To complete this indictment, the name of Hillary should be added. You know her – the wife of that impeached disbarred felon and serial rapist Bill Clinton with their common list of 46 unexplained murders, accidental deaths, and suicides of their former friends and acolytes who suddenly became less reliable. Well – 50 really, when the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi are added. I would have expanded his category of “liberals” to include our progressives, “social sciences” professors, government employee union goons, Democrats, and other bottom-feeders, slime and scum of this once free country, but Nugent’s list is quite comprehensive; bravo Mr. Nugent! However, he forgot to mention our RINO’s, quite accustomed to losing with a remarkable measure of stoicism; for example, Dole, McCain, Romney, Ryan…and that loser Nixon’s VP what’s his name.

  26. You know the media has created this monster and we can’t stop it…I only watch one channel and only 3 programs. When the votes are counted my tv will no longer have any National Networks…I despise the flagrant use of their platform.. They should join HILLARY. They are responsible for the situation. The silly women are so pious it makes me sick. Judge Jeanine and Sean Hannity you are honest and I love your reporting.

  27. Did you catch the redirection of discussion off subject of open borders? She did the recorded narrative. Russia and Putin interferes with her emails and broke into her intelligence. What about the speech to Brazilian bankers on open borders. She has a DEPENDS MALFUNCTION as she insists Russia got her emails. This is one unfit crazy lady. Plastic fill on face looks better than last time. She convulutes words to make them fit her narrative to cover the last lie. No wonder Generals endorses
    Clintons cartel narratives should be labeled “Let me tell you what You Want to Hear”. No wonder Bernie called her racist over her predator bill.
    She talks about women as victims, if they cannot have an abortion at nine months. Rape victims are simply”bimbos”. Hillary pays men more than women, she has name called Latinos and people with disabilities as “taco bowls, dependent people”, and “retards”. Her lies go before her.
    Taxes she must increase her life style demands increases. She already has helped herself to furniture from the state department. What a sleaze.
    Her “rhetoric”, meaningless buzz phrases building a psuedo narrative that makes no sense. She is the definition of delusional.

  28. WikiLeaks are telling the Truth about Clintons and Obamas and Noone wants to accept the Truth, but isf Hillary is elected you will find out when We the People have to arm and take back America from the Likes of this Criminal…she is another “Castro and Hitler rolled into one”! You want your Rights and Freedoms to be taken and Our
    Constitution destroyed and Open Borders to allow the criminals and kiler to come into America to kill Us? Welll you better run fast and elect Trump to take back America from the likes of the Obamas of this Country and World! Vote Trump!

  29. We all know this is true about Clinton, so what do we do about it, eh? We, as ordinary citizens, need to take back control of our government and do our very best to ensure that liar and thief never reaches “our” White House.

    How can we help do this? Go to the Tea Party site and volunteer to call people in those important states, PA, OH and FL for Trump!

    Call Linda at 770-318-6528, or email her at and volunteer. Another email address is:

    We don’t have to feel helpless; whatever we achieve ousting Clinton or not, at least we can say we did something constructive other than write these blurbs!

    To all of you that contact the TPP, grateful thanks to you.

    Go Trump!!

  30. When Clinton loses I just hope she and her “family” disappear for good. I am so tired of looking at her face.

  31. If the Republican Party leadership really wanted to win, Mr. Trump could do it, but it appears they had rather let Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton finish off America. Trump-Pence on November 8th!

  32. Old mud face Hillary needs stopped from being president


  34. What’s to be expected from the hitlaryites but lies and deception, their despicable.

  35. Trashing people is their known way. Look what they did to Herman Cain the last time around trashed him I think he would have made a great president and was sorry that he did not run

  36. 20 More Lies: 1. [Trump’s rhetoric] is like nothing we’ve heard before from a nominee for President of the United States. On the contrary, Barack Obama has specialized in divisive rhetoric, both as a candidate (“bitter clingers,” “typical white person“) and as president. And, of course, Hillary Clinton often uses racist language. In 2008, she pandered to “hard-working … white Americans”; in 2016, she borrows from Black Lives Matter, talking about “white privilege” and “systemic racism.”

    2. He’s taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of America’s two major political parties. Donald Trump has nothing to do with hate groups, but a “radical fringe” has been in charge of the Democratic Party for a decade — and she was its first victim, in the 2008 primaries. Since then, the party’s leaders have embraced the Occupy Wall Street protests and the Black Lives Matter movement — which she still supports despite its incitement against police.

    3. In just the past week, under the guise of “outreach” to African Americans, Trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in insulting and ignorant terms: “Poverty. Rejection. Horrible education. No housing. No homes. No ownership. Crime at levels nobody has seen… Right now, you walk down the street, you get shot.” Ironically, Clinton said that in front of a “largely white” audience in Reno. But consider what she is saying: if you speak honestly about problems in the black community, you are racist. That is how political correctness has imprisoned blacks for 50 years, ever since (Democrat) Pat Moynihan tried to talk about the crisis in the black family.

    4. A man with a long history of racial discrimination. Trump has no history whatsoever of racial discrimination. At the Democratic National Convention last month, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley fled from the camera rather than cite one single example of anything Trump had said about black people, much less done. Clinton cited a handful of lawsuits by the Department of Justice — a department which recently tried suing Louisiana school districts for helping black students.

    5. And let’s not forget Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called “Birthers.” The “Birther” movement started among Hillary Clinton’s own supporters in 2008, encouraged by a candidate with a deliberate strategy of painting her opponent as not fully American. Her campaign also encouraged suspicions that Obama is a secret Muslim. If Trump is a racist for asking for Obama’s birth certificate, then Hillary Clinton is an even bigger racist than he.

    6. In 2015, Trump launched his own campaign for President with another racist lie. He described Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals. Trump’s statement was over-broad, but he was not describing “immigrants.” He was describing illegal aliens. He did specifically add: “And some, I assume, are good people.” What the Clinton campaign does not want to acknowledge, in its push for open borders and total amnesty, is that some illegal aliens from Mexico do rape and murder.

    7. This is someone who retweets white supremacists online. Trump is constantly on Twitter, and retweets many people. If he were interested in retweeting white supremacists, we would see many examples — not one or two inadvertent retweets among thousands. If you want to find extremism on Twitter, visit Hillary Clinton’s own Twitter feed, tweeting and retweeting Black Lives Matter. The day after police officers were murdered in Dallas, she was tweeting about white racism. Appalling.

    8. His campaign famously posted an anti-Semitic image – a Star of David imposed over a sea of dollar bills – that first appeared on a white supremacist website. The Trump campaign didn’t realize the image was antisemitic, and did not know its origins. It changed the image after complaints. But look at the overt antisemitism in the Clinton campaign: a plan discussed by party officials to use Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ religion against him, for example, which Clinton never condemned.

    9. When asked in a nationally televised interview whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump wouldn’t do it. Only later, again under mounting pressure, did he backtrack. What Clinton leaves out, of course, is that Trump had already denounced Duke and the KKK several times — including the day before that CNN interview. She falsely paints his repeated denunciation, in the days after the interview, as backtracking.

    10. Trump said thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey cheered the 9/11 attacks. They didn’t. “Thousands” did not, but a handful did. Breitbart News did much of the legwork uncovering the truth behind what actually happened in New Jersey, and it was clear that a minority of American Muslims celebrated the attack. Clinton can barely bring herself even to acknowledge radical Islamic terror, so it is no surprise she would persist in her denial. But she has to lie in order to do so.

    11. Just recently, Trump claimed President Obama founded ISIS. And then he repeated that nonsense over and over. This complaint might be taken seriously were it not a response to Clinton’s lie that Trump is the “recruiting sergeant” for ISIS. Trump’s claim that Obama (and Clinton) “founded” ISIS, by allowing a vacuum in Iraq, is an exaggeration of what happened, but Clinton’s claim that Americans are to blame for terror by criticizing Islam actually does the terrorists’ work for them.

    12. It’s another reason why Donald Trump is simply temperamentally unfit to be President of the United States. This is a lie for the simple reason that it is what Democrats say about nearly every Republican presidential nominee, regardless. In 2008, Obama constantly claimed that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) lacked the temperament to be President of the United States.

    13. And he’d ban Muslims around the world – 1.5 billion men, women, and children -from entering our country just because of their religion. Trump has since refined his policy to target immigrants and visitors from regions of the world (predominantly Musilm) where terrorism is a problem. But note that the reason for his policy is not because of religion itself, but rather because extremist members of that religion have a horrifyingly frequent habit of terrorism against innocent people.

    14. “Hoist It High And Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims A Glorious Heritage.” Clinton singled out several Breitbart News headlines (among thousands) to claim that the site is racist. The irony of this particular headline, which comes from a guest op-ed, is that Clinton embraced the Confederate flag for decades — not just as First Lady of Arkansas, whose own state flag commemorates the Confederate flag (by her husband’s decree), but later on the campaign trail in 2008.

    15. Trump – the only Presidential candidate ever to get into a public feud with the Pope. Every Catholic Democratic presidential candidate who supports abortion is opposed to the Pope. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI reiterated that politicians who support abortion should be denied communion. Pope Francis has softened that rhetoric but the conflict remains.

    16. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Breitbart embraces “ideas on the extremist fringe of the conservative right.” That is simply a lie, as anyone who reads Breitbart even occasionally would know. And the Southern Poverty Law Center has no credibility left — certainly since a would-be mass shooter used the center’s guide to “hate” groups to target the Family Research Council merely for supporting traditional marriage.

    17. That one came shortly after the Charleston massacre, when Democrats and Republicans alike were doing everything they could to heal racial divides. Breitbart tried to enflame them further. On the contrary: as Democrats like Clinton were exploiting the Charleston attack to inflame racial division and push gun control, Breitbart News focused on healing. There are several examples, including Lee Stranahan’s moving account of the makeshift memorial in Charleston.

    18. Just yesterday, one of Britain’s most prominent right-wing leaders, Nigel Farage, who stoked anti-immigrant sentiments to win the referendum on leaving the European Union, campaigned with Donald Trump in Mississippi. Here Clinton repeats one of the most frequent — and self-defeating — delusions of the anti-Brexit campaign. (Farage has already responded.) The majority of British voters are not bigots; they simply chose sovereignty over foreign bureaucracy.

    19. Trump himself heaps praise on Putin and embrace pro-Russian policies. He talks casually of abandoning our NATO allies, recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and of giving the Kremlin a free hand in Eastern Europe more generally. How rich this is, coming from a former Secretary of State who championed the Russian “reset” and ensured, after a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation, that a Russian firm controlled by Putin owned 20% of American uranium.

    20. Parents and teachers are already worried about what they’re calling the “Trump Effect.” Bullying and harassment are on the rise in our schools, especially targeting students of color, Muslims, and immigrants. There is little evidence to support this claim. But Americans have been bullied — by the Obama administration, which unleashed the IRS on its political enemies, and accused opponents of the Iran deal of making “common cause” with the regime — attacks that Clinton

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