Trump Signs Order to Tighten H-1B Visa Rules

President Trump is signing a new executive order that is intended to bolster his “Buy and Hire American” initiative, reduce the advantages given to highly skilled foreign workers, and begin bringing jobs back to the country.

The order is intended to put some sanity back into the H-1B visa program, which is driving down domestic wages by putting American workers in direct competition with foreigners who can do the job for much less money…thanks to government subsidies.

Corporations, particularly those in the technology sector, say the program keeps foreign students in the U.S. after getting an American education. This is apparently important for some reason.

Trump is not necessarily proposing to end the program; rather, the order directs his Cabinet heads to examine the system and come up with changes that could be made to cut down on abuse. Furthermore, the order is reportedly asking for ways in which the administration can ensure that American products – steel, etc – are being used in federal construction and transportation projects.

The White House says that 80% of foreign workers who come to the U.S. on the visa are paid less than the average wage earned by domestic employees in the same jobs. Under the potential parameters of the order, American employers would be required to demonstrate that visa applicants are exceptionally talented/skilled, and it may impose wage requirements on top of that.

If there’s a catch, it’s that such a crackdown could inspire more tech companies to move their headquarters to other countries, which would only compound the issues Trump is trying to solve. On the other hand, if Trump is serious about imposing steep tariffs on companies that flee, we could see an intense showdown between Silicon Valley and the president.

Still, Trump doesn’t have to take drastic measures right now. Just by moving the ball a little ways down the field in America’s direction, he’s rolling back the globalist philosophies that have locked U.S. wages in place for decades. We don’t have to suddenly shut down our borders. We don’t have to adopt a severely protectionist posture.

We just have to start examining some of these programs, trade deals, and mechanisms and make sure they are in the best interests of the American people – NOT just Fortune 500 megacorporations.


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  1. These big tech firms want LESS EXPENSIVE LABOR (PERIOD). We, the USA, have an abundance of EE, COMP-E, COMP-SCI, IT, SYS-ENG, etc. grads from competitive schools driving for UBER, working retail and otherwise making their living as under employed chumps. They cannot compete with the foreign invaders unless they settle for a lot less money. To APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and the others I say this: If you don’t like Americans, then don’t sell to Americans. Pack up your cadre of H1-Bs and get the HELL out of Dodge! Buh-Bye…

    • It is not necessarily the amount of money the US citizens are willing to settle for. It is the fact they are not even given the chance to accept less. there is no interview, no offer made to haggle over. HR takes the easy route and only schedules offers that are within their requirements and only to those that are 100% not going to refuse a job that is low balled.

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    • CISCO may have been one of the biggest who used loopholes in the original rules to import foreign workers at the expense of Americans. The wage is not the huge thing. Wages for foreign workers have climbed along with their cost of importation to where now is a not much less than American workers doing the same job in the same locale in the same state.

  2. What about the H2B workers, that would be too close to home for DJT!

    • NCO retired, you lefties are never satisfied. More, more, more, gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. Criticize, criticize, criticize. OUR PRESIDENT has been in office 90 days and has done more in those 90 days than OWEbama had in 8 years other than totally destroying our economy and devolving us into a Third World country where we no longer have peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next as he promised when saying, “I will fundamentally transform this country.”
      God bless PRESIDENT Trump ~ TRUMP 2020!

  3. Next he needs to also made adjustments to the rules regarding H-2B workers. All in all, I can imagine anything more humiliating and abusive to have to train your H-1B replacement in order to receive your severance. Sounds like the very definition of workplace harassment. America has no shortage of skilled workers…. that was a complete lie to begin with.

  4. Trump needs to do everything under the law and more to stop border crossings and to reign in the liberal nutcases

  5. The disheartening truth that is slowly creeping out is that in fact we have been greatly damaged by globalism.Wages thus the standard of living has been depressed as a result. The elites don’t give a damn about you and me so we better stay vigilant and get behind Trump 110 percent.

    • Let’s ignore the impact of national wages for a second. The truth is this has been going on for a long time and skilled people with knowledge not in the school books have retired or gone on disability. This is borne out in obama’s reign of horror by the reduction in the available wokforce. (and of course lesser income to pay taxes and reduce our debt.) The main point is that these skills have been developed here and taught in workgroups from skilled american to younger american. I am afraid that in things like manufacturing we need to redevelop those skills because of foreign worker replacement stopping this on the job training. MAGA

  6. When I hear companies saying they have to have foreign workers to fill vital tech positions etc – I wonder what the hell is wrong with our schools? The answer is simple they are too busy being liberal indoctrination centers to provide the education they are being paid for.

    • Interesting. Many companies, even years ago, found it less expensive to send employees to India for medical treatment rather than here because it was less expensive and Indian doctors were usually educated here.

      • A lot of people now go to Mexico or Asia for the same reasons. Plus a lot of drugs that can be used for treatment there are banned by the FDA and medical associations. What I always hear here is that they have no intention of healing you – no money in that – all the money is in continued treatment.

        • I know and I agree. The medical “system” or the dental “system” is not about resolving anything. It is about money. These “professionals” could care less about us as human beings.

        • sandraleesmith46

          And what you heard is correct; big Pharma does have no interest in your recovery; they want that continued income from “treatments”.

      • Several years ago an acquaintance chose to go to India for a plastic surgery procedure rather than here. She said that the doctor there was greatly better than surgeons here and the cost was much less.

        • More than likely the physician was probably trained in the United States.

        • For less than what it cost here, you get the work done and a vacation too. In a lot of cases come home with money to put back in the bank. The down side is if you need to make several visits or there is a problem the doctor is a long way off.

    • And what’s wrong with the corporations themselves doing some training? In 1960 there were no college courses in computer science or programing. At the time I didn’t even have a bachelor’s degree. I was hired by Univac off the street, so to speak, and trained for 8 weeks on peripheral equipment and another 6 on the computer itself. Hour wise, that’s roughly equivalent to 38 units of college credit. The hiring process included a short IQ test as well as an aptitude test. We have plenty of capable Americans but they’re relegated to waitressing and flipping burgers by H1b.

      • sandraleesmith46

        In the ’60s we were still doing “do not fold, spindle or mutilate” as far as computers, for the most part. You apparently grew with the job.

      • I prefer on the job training, or a class that is focused specifically to the job requirements also. However, then there would be no super important knowledge like Shakespeare, and how evil the U.S. is as opposed to the perfect nations of Islam, or how white people cause all problems, and everyone else is oppressed. Or lessons on how to properly hug and coddle rapists, child molesters, or murderers. There would be real useful training instead of globalist brainwashing, p.c. b.s.

        • Agree on all counts. You said it all.

        • My husband and I worked in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA in the 70’s. The companies back then preferred on the job training so a person could be trained for specific jobs. People took pride in their work and they were well-rewarded by the company – even just a pat on the back for a job well done was well-received. As time passed into the new age, new management was brought in that were right out of college and without an ounce of common sense and no work experience. Quite often, people who had worked up the ranks had to train these new imbeciles. The best company that I had ever worked for was the company where my husband and I met. It was over 600 people and there was such a company-wide pride in the quality, quota and teamwork. Then the Marketing and Sales VP was appointed to President of the company by the Board of Directors, his last name was Hitt. He had made many enemies in the Sales world, making promises that couldn’t be kept. As President, he promised product that wasn’t even off the drawing board. He was nicknamed the Hitt man by employees. Not only could we not sell existing inventory, we were not able to sell product that had not even been released by Engineering. The Board of Directors eventually fired the Hitt man but it was too late to turn it around and they had to file for bankruptcy. Long story short LOL, before outsourcing, new management that couldn’t even wipe their own butts were put in charge of companies and lost a lot of valuable employees. They in turn hired new clueless people that were only good at kissing ass. The day of ass-kissing and back-stabbing needs to be a thing of the past. Besides bringing companies back to America and putting American workers first, we also need to bring the pride and teamwork back to make it the best place to work ever! We have so much unappreciated talent here in our own country. Hire American, Build American, Buy American! This is Bob’s wife.

      • I did it too – It worked —– College is nothing more then a Lefties training camp….

    • I agree, I know the vocational school that we have opened a new wing 3 years ago, it’s called RAM-TECH, and they teach them to run robots. Most of the 1st graduating class went to Honda to work making $26.00 an hour, which is too much for kids that age, some of it needs to be put back so they can make a down payment on a house and some to retire on. I do know of one young man that did go on to college,in engineering, out of that class. I think they are getting ready to start night classes, too.

    • snowflakes WILL NOT be hired……

    • First: I would not send my children to public school today. If you want your children to receive a good education, you are better off put your children in private or religious school’s or home school your children. I speak with some authority on the subject of public schools. The DLPC have taken over our educational system, it sole purpose is to make every student a DLPC. They are to follow the commist policy’s​ and do what ever they are told todo. They must not think for there self. Just like the new leader of the DLPC stated: if the Democratic women won’t support the right of a woman to murder there own baby, the Democratic party has no room for them. I personally don’t think any woman has the right to murder there baby. After the baby is born, the woman doesn’t want the baby, than put up for adoption, there is a big demand for babies. I think God would be happier with that plan than murder a beautiful baby. No one but God has the right to call a baby home. You hear that Sen. Chuck Schumer?

  7. i have lived and worked under the H1b scheme before i retired. In all the interviews i had in the 90s and 2000s wage was not even mentioned at the interview. it was stated on the written job offer. i know that i was reasonably willing to work for less and even much less but was not given a lot of opportunity. Instead i have seen companies outsource their technical department to either foreign workers or foreign companies. My last technical job was a contract position to experience.provide support to a company that had laid off it’s technical department. The foreign contract company hired was long on promise but way short on experience. It cost much more for the company to develop hardware with their cost saving approach. further the test equipment developed did not pick up marginal product problems.

  8. We have plenty of American citizens who can fill any job we have. We do not need foreigners.

  9. Mr. President, keep up the good work, just ignore all the operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  10. vincent deredita

    GREAT!!! Maybe now people who are TRUE CITIZENS can find jobs.

  11. P.T. is doing what all smart business men do. He’s weeding out the laws/regulations that hurt the progress of his company — or in P.T.’s case, Country.

    The U.S. has become stagnated because of liberal party politicking and NO VISIONARIES IN THE LIB PARTY. When you make policy by the seat of your pants instead of being aware of the pitfalls the legislation would bring, THAT’S BAD POLICY MAKING!

    Bho had no idea of what he was doing and his poor advisors had less of an idea, thus creating policies that hurt American Citizens directly while benefitting all other country’s people living in the U.S. These policies must go or be revised so that Americans get the benefits, NOT unAmericans.


    • I agree with almost everything you said with the exception of Bho not knowing what he was doing. I think Obama knew exactly what he was doing and did not have the greater interest of the United States in mind. I think he would have destroyed the US if he was able to stay in office for a longer period of time. That was his goal and he was “grooming” Hillary to take over where he left off. This is Bob’s wife.

      • Hi Bob’s Wife. I agree with you 100%. I should have phrased that differently. Bho has always hated the U.S. and wanted to hurt us. Everything he did had a negative impact on Americans. Did you know that george Soros was directing a lot of bho’s actions? He was the puppet master while bho was the puppet.
        Actually anything happening against Pres. Trump’s actions is more than likely Soros hand behind it. P.T. hates Soros, doesn’t trust him – neither do I. Soros wants P.T. out of office so Soros can keep causing chaos in America. P.T. knows this and keeps Soros far away from him – which really ticks Soros off.

        There will be fireworks one day between those two and I sincerely hope P.T. kicks Soros out of our country or threatens to put him in prison. Soros is a snake and can’t be trusted…ever.

        • Yes, I agree. Soros is responsible for the “paid” protesters. I had heard that he is paying the $22,000.00 per month rent on the Obama’s home in D.C. I think Soros has done enough damage and he should lay down and go to sleep permanently. I hear that death is his biggest fear. There’s a price tag on his head in many countries and he’s banned in several more. I don’t understand how one person can have that much evil and hatred. I guess that’s why he won’t lay down and die – he is definitely not going up to heaven and I don’t think the devil himself wants him. Too much competition. What’s really funny about the Obamas’ is that they were building a gate around their home to keep bad guys out – the same bad guys that they let in the country to begin with. I know Pres. Trump is a true patriot and he really has what’s really best for America at heart. He didn’t become a successful businessman by being weak. I think he will hold his own against Soros and the dumbicrats. This is Bob’s wife.

          • I totally agree with you. They say we create our own “Carma”. The obamas will get theirs from the very people they let into our Country. Gates mean nothing to criminals…

          • I agree with you. Only one thing. I heard Soros has some sons who are just as bad as him. They need to go too or they will only take over where he left off.

          • send them to russia they know how to elimate trash

          • 3 sons and a daughter who is just as bad.

        • Why threaten? He should just go ahead and do it. There is plenty of evidence against Soros.

          • Agreed. Just kick that sorry sob out of America. He lives in Liberal New York City when he’s here. They have no idea of what right or wrong is, so the snake fits in Perfectly. He really needs to be eliminated from the U.S.

      • b. hussein o. did not know what he was doing as a president but he did know, with instructions from soros and his likes, what he was doing to destroy the United States, Our Constitution, Its Morals, Faith In GOD and heritage.

  12. What is the reason to get foreign educated employees? Because our education system sucks! Apparently we are more interested in training kids to be liberals than in STEM training. It comes down to votes. Listen to interviews with students and they don’t seem to know which way is up, except maybe their nose! Just maybe our huge corporations should support USA education and get us up to the standards of all the little pissant countries we get ‘qualified’ employees from. What big business really wants is borderless globalism. Sorry kids, you are not on their radar.

    • well, I’m no millennial but IMO, it’s all about cheaper labor. I was one of 20+ Americans ordered by corp mgmt to TRAIN our replacements. Our replacements were TATA India employees, L-1b ‘intra-company transfer’ visa holders. Once trained the well-educated American employees were given a small severance and a pink slip while foreigners on visas lived and worked in Lake Mary, FL.

      I had 3 trainees; each learned a different facet of my job. None of them had near the experience nor knowledge that I did. all 3 were young male Indians, just out of college.

      I applaud #Trump’s first step on H-1b. But, it’s going to take a lot more to make it a fair market for Americans. L-1b, F-1 and OPT are 3 other visa programs being abused.

      Furthermore, the abuse of the H-1b visa program is as old as the program itself. In 1995 Dan Rather, 48 Hours reported “Slamming the Door”. AIG Ins replaced 250+ Americans with H-1bs. 22 YEARS AGO. Watch it here:

      • Wish I had seen, and more importantly, appreciated the importance of that before I started studying STEM in the late 1990s. Only to graduate in the top quartile of my class and find that employers simply weren’t interested in talking to high quality domestic talent.

  13. I understand that there are no microchips being produced in the United States. This is very dangerous as almost everything uses a micro chip today. Maybe there should be an incentive to correct this problem.

  14. sandraleesmith46

    No HB-1 visa should ever be issued until AMERICANS have jobs; THEN they can search for talent to fill unfillable positions; but not before. And no more subsidies for foreign workers either. They make it or break on what they EARN only!

  15. This should have been done a couple of decades ago and there should be not only tariffs but extra taxes added on to any American companies that move their headquarters over seas but not allow them to make up for the tariffs and taxes by raising their prices in the US because the issues here are this. All tot the outsourcing and other jobs going overseas have cause a major void of good paying jobs in America and when you take the good paying jobs you stunt the economy. When you also bring people over here and pay them less than what you paid trained American employees then you also create a lower class of highly efficient and well trained people working here who send a large portion of their earnings overseas which also screws our economy. You also then screw your own people. As a business owner I understand you are in it to make money but if you begin to buy into this low pay low grade benefits and taking the jobs away from your country you make it harder for your wn people to earn a decent living. With the advent of the new automation technology you are also going to be highly responsible for the nails in the coffin in the American economy. You see if our economy fails and we go down your business looses the biggest consumer in the world and you will be responsible. We also need to realize that the first thing to do is to say to yourself is destroying the US your goal or is having a business that can not only compete but provide help for the US economy a better thing. There will be millions of jobs lost in the next decade because of automation tech and if we do not create jobs for those who are going to be fired, layer off or just plain the job is deleted because robots and computers are taking them then we will be in a completely welfare based economy with even fewer rich people but they will become much wealthier and the rest of us will become street people or janitors if the tech does not take those jobs to.

  16. Employers don’t have to pay into Social Security as the foreigners get everything free.

  17. There is a lot of abuse including H1-B visa holders who also often suffer due to the program .The program needs a lot of rethinking.

  18. Southern California Edison is one of those employers in California who takes advantage of the loopholes of the H1-B visa. This company hires IT personnel from Asia, let her employees train these foreigners and once trained SCE fires their own employees and replaces them with the foreign hires.

  19. Drumpf and his Grifting Clan should manufacture their cheaply made products here in the USA!

  20. De-publicans and the other miss-guided lame brains are killing this nation by their mental mental day dreams how their cancer will kill all of us!

  21. Bill Gates went before Congress and said America needs to increase the H1 Visas, because his company can’t find qualified Americans to work for Microsoft.
    The man has 86 billion dollars and wants more money from hiring cheap labor from other countries.
    Remember if your salary is over 60 thousand dollars a year, your company can legally fire you and bring in foreign workers which you have to train to get final benefits.
    Congress passed this law to benefit American companies over workers.

  22. Ultimately it is the disintermediation of government from trade which would produce the deals for the citizens.

  23. Marshall Sattler

    We Need to get rid of foreign workers,fine companies that hire them,if your not a citizen then they should not be employed here or allowed to stay here.

  24. MAN – it’s the techies that are opposing trump and abusing the programs —— as usual….

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