Trump Should Force Democrats to Sue to Keep the Border Unprotected

One of the healthy side-effects of President Trump’s quest to build the wall is that he is forcing Democrats to show America just how little they care about protecting our borders. Nay, they are proving that they care very deeply, in fact, about keeping the border porous and unprotected.

We’ve rarely seen the Democrats put up a fight as fierce as they have over the last month, and you have to sit back and think: Gee, what exactly are they fighting for? To save taxpayer money? Nah, they don’t give a damn about that. What then?

Well, they are fighting for nothing less than a border in which thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants can cross each and every year. That’s their hill to die on, and Trump should make sure that they do.

The best way to do that is to declare a national emergency, build the wall with military funds, and force the Democrats to make good on their promise to sue him. The better he can establish that the Democrats will go to any lengths necessary – legislatively and legally – to keep the border open, the better our collective chances of putting these worthless liberals out on the streets for good.

“There would immediately be a lawsuit,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) said of Trump declaring an emergency. “Taking billions out of the Pentagon’s military construction budget would be a big problem, and there’s bipartisan opposition to it.”

According to the Congressional Research Service, it may not even be necessary for Trump to declare a national emergency.

“A new report by the CRS not only suggests that the president could obtain funding for his wall by declaring an emergency or by using other existing statutory authority, it provides a virtual road map,” said George Washington University Law School Professor John Banzhaf. “A rarely mentioned alternative, one not subject to the kind of legal analysis as an action under the NEA, would be for the president to act under several existing statutes — a move which would not be subject to the NEA’s congressional termination provision since it does not require a declaration of any emergency.”

This would be a way to go, and it would secure the border. If Trump decides to take advantage of this, we’re all for it.

And yet, there’s something delicious about the political opportunity to force Democrats to file a lawsuit against the administration. We will never, ever believe that a majority of American voters believe we should keep the border unprotected. By forcing Democrats to go to extreme lengths to support illegal immigrants at the expense of the security of our nation, Trump can make his 2020 case without saying another word.

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