Trump Sends Immigration Demands to Congress…But is GOP Listening?

President Trump sent to Congress a 70-point list of immigration demands he wants inserted into any budgetary legislation that might include amnesty for DACA Dreamers, but the response from Republicans on Capitol Hill has, so far, been less than enthusiastic. Democrats are opposing the list ferociously, of course, saying that it proves Trump is not serious about negotiating a solution for the Dreamers. But even on the other side of the aisle, Republicans are essentially telling the president to take a step back and let them handle immigration reform.

Because THAT’S gone so well in the past.

From the Washington Times:

The White House is struggling to get Republicans to sign up to President Trump’s 70-point immigration crackdown plan, with key lawmakers saying that while they appreciate his input, they will take over from here.

Many Republicans chose not to respond at all to Mr. Trump’s plans, which include a border wall, a crackdown on sanctuary cities and a massive rewrite of immigration law to close loopholes that illegal immigrants have used to gain a foothold in the U.S. over the past two decades.

Among lawmakers who did weigh in were southwest border-state Republicans or lawmakers who have been deeply involved in trying to craft a legislative solution to protect Dreamers, the younger illegal immigrants whose fate has moved to the center of the immigration debate on Capitol Hill.

On Monday, lawmakers said it was time for the president to take a step back.

“It is the job of Congress, not the president, to make legal reforms to our immigration policies,” said Rep. Stevan Pearce, a Republican whose district covers the southern half of New Mexico.

This is the only opening Democrats will need to run roughshod over any meaningful immigration policy reforms. While Republicans are scattered all over the place, beholden to a thousand different interest groups, the Democrats are taking a hard line of their own. Point blank, they don’t want to enforce our border laws. They don’t want to deport anyone who hasn’t killed at least a dozen innocent people. They want to soften everything from visas to border security in an attempt to make Hispanic-Americans believe that THEY are the party that cares.

And in the meantime, the Republicans are playing footsy with corporate America, which is profiting off the illegal workforce.

The election of President Trump sent a number of clear messages to Washington, but we’re beginning to wonder if anyone actually heard them. If Republicans need another reminder of where conservative America stands on these issues, they’ll get it next November.

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