Trump Sends Immigration Demands to Congress…But is GOP Listening?

President Trump sent to Congress a 70-point list of immigration demands he wants inserted into any budgetary legislation that might include amnesty for DACA Dreamers, but the response from Republicans on Capitol Hill has, so far, been less than enthusiastic. Democrats are opposing the list ferociously, of course, saying that it proves Trump is not serious about negotiating a solution for the Dreamers. But even on the other side of the aisle, Republicans are essentially telling the president to take a step back and let them handle immigration reform.

Because THAT’S gone so well in the past.

From the Washington Times:

The White House is struggling to get Republicans to sign up to President Trump’s 70-point immigration crackdown plan, with key lawmakers saying that while they appreciate his input, they will take over from here.

Many Republicans chose not to respond at all to Mr. Trump’s plans, which include a border wall, a crackdown on sanctuary cities and a massive rewrite of immigration law to close loopholes that illegal immigrants have used to gain a foothold in the U.S. over the past two decades.

Among lawmakers who did weigh in were southwest border-state Republicans or lawmakers who have been deeply involved in trying to craft a legislative solution to protect Dreamers, the younger illegal immigrants whose fate has moved to the center of the immigration debate on Capitol Hill.

On Monday, lawmakers said it was time for the president to take a step back.

“It is the job of Congress, not the president, to make legal reforms to our immigration policies,” said Rep. Stevan Pearce, a Republican whose district covers the southern half of New Mexico.

This is the only opening Democrats will need to run roughshod over any meaningful immigration policy reforms. While Republicans are scattered all over the place, beholden to a thousand different interest groups, the Democrats are taking a hard line of their own. Point blank, they don’t want to enforce our border laws. They don’t want to deport anyone who hasn’t killed at least a dozen innocent people. They want to soften everything from visas to border security in an attempt to make Hispanic-Americans believe that THEY are the party that cares.

And in the meantime, the Republicans are playing footsy with corporate America, which is profiting off the illegal workforce.

The election of President Trump sent a number of clear messages to Washington, but we’re beginning to wonder if anyone actually heard them. If Republicans need another reminder of where conservative America stands on these issues, they’ll get it next November.

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  1. That’s right, Trump, let the cowards and RINO’s in the GOP “handle” immigration reform. Then nothing will happen, and we’ll continue to have the mess that we have now!

    • The Demwits are doing everything they can to go against Trump. He could give everyone just what they needs at no cost to the taxpayers and they would still vote no!!
      They are just A bunch of cry baby’s!!

      • As are the RINO’s….

        • They are Demo-rats in disguise, Republicans in name only !!!

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          • Yep I agree, but I also think that they could keep the advertisers off the site just by checking there site every so often.

          • Most assuredly!!!! In the mean time I’ll continue with my 3 step slap down! It’ll keep the BA$TARD posting this on overtime!! ROFLMAO!

          • old codger you are one in a million for sure a patriot, stay safe!! ROFLMAO !

          • As are you sir!!!!

          • Thanks and keep up the good fight as I will !!!

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      • Of course it’s silly of you to think Dems would vote no if given everything they want. Funny how you have to make things up to bitch about.

        • Democraps are a bunch of retarded imbeciles .

        • What F()k are you talking sbout?
          Anything good for this Country they will vote no to!!

        • They now condemn curtailing “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” but in 1995 they were “ALL” for stopping it!!!! HYPOCRITES!!!!

          You just have got to see this!!!!!! HYPOCRITICAL DemoRATZ!!!!

          Subj: WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN ….


          Donald Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then
          simply state “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message” Oh, please, please let this go viral. Not one word of commentary needs to be added.

          Very short video – about 84


      • I would call them Retarded Imbeciles .

        • That’s because you can’t articulate a complex thought to say why you think they are retarded imbeciles, which makes you kind of a retarded imbecile.

          • Look who is calling people names, may I suggest that you take a look in your mirror and see just what and who you see there.
            There you will find a person incapable of a good thought. You are like a slug leaving slime behind you where ever you go.

          • Wherever is simply one word…ironically.

          • The best thought you can come up with is about slug slime. Seems appropriate if that’s where your mind is. Or you could help hash this out like a grownup. Sad.

          • I don’t like Communist nor Socialist nor Progressives there is no difference all three are worthless and destructive.

          • I agree you are pathetic little man. Other wise you would not keep downing others like you are superior.

      • Nothing new the Dem-rats are nothing like there fathers or grandfathers Party. The Democrats are mostly Communist/Socialist and far left leaning Progressives. Sad, sad,sad.
        We need to replace the Communist/Socialist,Far left leaning Progressives in the new Democratic party with a Patriotic party like the Tea Party.
        Look what the Communist/Socialist and Progressives have done to the rest of the world.

        • Chandler, progressives are responsible for pretty much every element of the quality of life you and the other yahoos in this thread take for granted, from the five-day workweek to your ability to read this informative passage. The women here owe their suffrage to radical progressives. I think maybe you just don’t know what a progressive is. Progressives in other countries have secured for their countrymen free universal healthcare. So what are you bitching about?

          • Sure you are in a pigs Ass, that is why we put President Trump in so he could fix the mess’
            You Democrats the party of Communist/Socialists and far left leaning Progressives, have done to this country.
            All anyone has to do is to look to Europe and see what has happened to them as the Communist/Socialist and far leaning Progressives took control of there lives.
            Freedom is not free and we the People will not let you destroy the last of the free society.

          • Yeah, and his latest stunt will cost some millions of Americans, including any of you who get ACA subsidies, of their health insurance, the better to fund a mammoth tax cut for struggling billionaires such as himself. Yeah, buddy, he’s really looking out for you, all right. FYI red states are receiving more of this aid than blue states and fit the Trumpster demographic. It’s you he’s fucking over, friend.

          • Grow up and stop whining and complaining you under cover A.W. Democrat Communist/Socialist Progressive.Move to a full blown communist County and see how you really like it,

          • Obama used SS and Medicare funds to support Obamacare. Gave SS, Medicare to refugees and ILLEGALS. If you pay into SS, you may not have benefits when you retire. Government owes Trillions to SS.

          • Yea and I am sick of people saying SS is a entitlement, we paid into SS to receive SS, it is not a government welfare program like the illegals and the lame and lazy get.

          • No one blanks over me, not with out consequences. It is you that does not know what they are talking about I don’t get any kind of subsidies from anyone let along the government, so if you are guess who is getting F***** over idiot.

          • One look as how Obama destroyed Chicago and no jobs. Muslims demanding that we live under their culture. These foreign people were brought here by Obama and UN to take over out COUNTRY.
            God help our COUNTRY and TRUMP

          • AMEN!!

          • Yep and it needs to be stopped dead in it’s tracks.
            We need to rid our FREE Country and it’s legal citizens of the Communist/Socialist/ far left leaning DEMOCRAT PARTY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.
            The Democrats are killing this Country and her legal citizens, inch by inch with illegal law one after another in back door deals.
            We need a party the will understand that they WORK for We The People and not the other way around.

          • Its tracks. The common word it’s is a contraction of the words it and is.

            You must know that.

          • ROFLMAO !!!!

          • Conservative Christian

            Dream on, this country is a Free country, That means free to prosper, and do for yourself, not the country do it for you!! We are not a Socialist Country never was intended to be. Your rights in this country is to do for yourself. Our founding fathers never meant for this country to be a Country to carry the people, but the people to carry the country!!! That’s what has become the problem with this country, to many want the government to give them everything.

          • What I bitch about is Government taking over institutions and elements of our economy they have no business getting involved in… i.e Healthcare.

          • As long as you think healthcare is a privilege for the affluent, you would. Other countries are doing just fine with their single-payer healthcare systems. We’re not dumber than them. We could do it, too.

          • I have Canadian friends who pay 5000.00 for medical insurance when they spend 6 months here. They get their health issues taken care of here. It’s takes 3-5 years to get knee replacement in Canada. Their medical insurance cost them 850.00 each a month for Canadian insurance.

          • I don’t think healthcare is a privilege for the affluent, I think it’s an individual responsibility. I also think the Government makes everything it gets involved with more expensive than it otherwise would be. Other countries are dependent on the US for their defense and are much weaker economically than the US primarily because of their socialist/statist ways.

        • Most of Obama’s appointees were MUSLIM. The Republican should have gone after Obama, full vetting investigation. Not to late.
          Media should be sued for fake news. Never reports on murders and other crimes by Muslims and illegals.
          Go TRUMP.

      • The RINO’s are more of a problem for OUR President than the Demon-Craps. They are snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, that’s how stupid they are.

        • Well Raymond not sure we can gauge who is the bummest at this day and age, but our President Trump is fighting to get things done, and he is winning slowly.
          Look at what is going on and how many doubters there was and how they are starting to help instead of hinder the Trump changes

          • I don’t disagree with you but, They are coming to his side because they see conservatives winning the primary’s and special elections, in most cases they aren’t converts they just don’t want to lose that cushy job and all of the benny’s connected with it. McConnell needs to be removed from office along with several others, as long as those swamp scum are there they will do all they can to under mine us and OUR President.

          • I don’t really care about why they are doing things, what I care about if President Trump
            wins we win. My comment was that there is no difference between a Demo-Rat and a RINO, and thee isn’t they put themselves FIRST,LAST, AND ALWAYS.
            Just saying.

        • The Republican party is allowing the Rinos to go against TRUMP. I won’t donate to Republican party, but I will donate to TRUMP. Get Ryan Paul out as speaker.

          • You have that right, I don’t donate to the RNC (RINOs, NITWITs, COWARDs). They are using Trump to fill their pockets and then using it to undermine him/us. You most definitely can donate to Trump-Pence and not the RINO party hacks. RINOs lie.

          • Your spot on, the RINO also make back door deals with the Dems.
            I am sick of McCain and Flake and a host of other so called Republicans going against us. . WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!!!!
            For no one should have a job for life and be able to make themselves millionairs on our backs.
            NO ONE !!!

          • I stopped donating to the RNC during the campaign, there is a trump-Pence site that you can donate to. The RNC is using Trump to collect donations and then using them to undermine OUR vote and keep the swamp creatures in office. Look at McConnell and the RNC spent 10 million to stop Judge Roy Moore and lost, Lush McConnell is getting the message. His numbers in his own state are in the tank. RNC= RINO’s, NITWIT’s, COWARD’s.

          • Mark Anthony Jones

            Actually, RNC is fully on board with the Trump America First Agenda. It’s the RINO’s that need expelled starting with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lyndsay Graham, Jeff Flake, etc. As Chairman of the largest county party in Missouri, I can confirm that the RNC is working as an arm for the President. In fact today, I will be introducing a representative from the RNC to the Hispanic Chamber folks, a group of African American Republicans and a group of gay Republicans to talk about the Presidents agenda and how we can help him on a grassroots level. MANY within these constituencies are NOT Antifa inclined and we are reaching out toward them for the 2020 campaign coalitions. We will need their votes, but also we need their voices NOW to push back against the RINO’s!

            Don’t bash, until you know what you are talking about.

          • Nice post and oh so true !!!!

          • I am only reacting to what I have seen, they were behind the move to knock Trump out of the primary, that’s is when I stopped donating to the RNC. I do not trust them, I will continue to send any and all donations to Trump-Pence and other Conservative candidates and NOT to the RNC ! I have withdrawn my support of the NJ Republican party, state and county.

      • Republicans has control of congress total control of congress since 2014 how many solutions have they offered. Never ever forget it was the TRAITOR Reagan who gave control of our border to the money boys in 1986 and they will never give it back.

      • Need, dimwit. Simple verb tense ought not be beyond the ability of an adult. Nor should the concept of pluralizing words ending in ‘y’.

        You must have seen the word ‘babies’ tens of thousands of times. How many times do figure is reasonable?

          • Petulant-brat response aside…the words you needed to use, stupid, are ‘need’ and ‘crybabies’.

            Embrace English, you imbecile. This odd personal pride of yours should be applied before you do a poor job…not after someone takes notice of your sloppy work.

          • Personally I can’t give A shit what you think about me or the way I talk or spell! You don’t like it then go somewhere that gives A shit about what you think!!

          • You care enough that you cannot force yourself to ignore me and move on. You have to make some stupid, face-saving plea…because you’re a cowardly b****.

            Stupid, ignorant, English-failing, cowardly b****.

          • What ever you want to believe is fine with me!

          • You cannot refrain from replying. You feel that were you to simply shut up, that could be misconstrued as doing my bidding.

            Even simple choices are a dilemma for stupid, disingenuous punks.

        • He’s not especially literate.

      • You just have got to see this!!!!!! HYPOCRITICAL DemoRATZ!!!!

        Subj: WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN ….


        Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then
        simply state “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message” Oh,
        please, please let this go viral. Not one word of commentary
        needs to be added.

        Very short video – about 84

      • NO. They are a bunch of haters that want no progress from Trump to make our nation great again.

    • Wait tell you read the latest where Joe Biden has declared war on Moore saying that he and the dems will do everything possible to stop Moore from going to DC for the people of alabama….

    • But except for your xenophobia, there is no “mess.”

    • The real recourse is we the people, getting rid of these do-nothing members of the House and Senate, both Dems and Repubs, who are only there for the money and power grab. It is time for ALL to go. We need honest Americans in office who can see and will do something about the problems that government can fix. The problems are not all fixable by federal government, some must be dealt with by states, counties, cities and individuals. We all have a part to do, not least of which is voting, and not just for a party/team, this is not sports, this involves everyone in America and our future and our children’s.

      • You’re sick demented insecure narcissistic orange president want to be a ruler, a sick autocrat…Just like Hitler and his idol Putin. He wants to get rid of the Democracy you people are so fucking stupid

        • Nancy sounds like you’re talking about obummer except the description would be black and stupid

        • Uou are the blind idiot. You are the one trying to end democracy. If you have no idea what your party stands for, why respond with such and make yourself look completely ignorant.

          • Yes that is what the Democratic party is all about they are now the Democratic Party of Communist, Socialist and far left leaning Progressives.
            Think about this the Democratic Party is a Plague on our society, something we must fight off.
            They have taken over Europe the Communist,Socialist and far left leaning Progressives, and now they are trying to take over America.
            They use illegals and others and different things to take us over and try to take what is not theirs, we will fight anyone who tries.

          • Uou is not a word. Typical that you run your mouth about others being stupid.

        • That was O’s schtick! You didn’t have a problem with it when he was doing it; so why now?

        • Clearly, you are an idiot unable to communicate intelligently. Be gone.

        • Great Nancy;
          You just described yourself ( How Nice) !!!!!

        • Says the old hag who voted for the traitors Obuma and Hellary!

      • You spelled Israel wrong. You must be a very incompetent man.

      • You spelled Israel wrong. It does get much dumber than that.

    • While I see your concerns, I must tell you, I am sure by now you know that President Trump has won on the Travel plan.
      He is trying but the RINO’s and the Democrat Party of Communist/Socialist and far leaning Progressives are trying to stop him.
      But slowely President Trump is winning the battle he wages for America and her legal citizens.
      So take heart in the fact that things are looking up.

    • TRUMP won’t allow this to happen. We need to get rid of Ryan Paul. McCain must be out of picture on voting.

  2. The GOP is not nor should they listen. Trump is the least powerful president in recent memory because he lies and stays distracted from the tasks of his office.

    • Hey, dick head open your eyes! Who lies?? Obama, Hillary, Waters, Feinstein etc!! Shall I go on??

      • Unfortunately for those of us who know President Trump is the real thing and truly loves our country we can’t teach the dimwit loser dumbocraps just how their beloved wannabe king tried to completely destroy our country. These idiots also don’t give a damn about our country, they’re just as blind as an eyeless rodent and love all those freebies obozo gave away like candy at our expense. Those lazy bums have no interest in making our country great once again since they’re losing or will lose those cushy handouts.

      • Just look at him he is a Demo-rat that can’t quit ranting lies.

    • You can’t be serious?! While the Obamas went on numerous HUGELY tax-payer funded extravagant vacations and did more to divide the nation among the races, Trump was busy making a vast enterprise grow strong. While Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with the infiltration of illegals, lots of whom DO commit crimes, and taking our tax dollars… all in favor of the “free stuff”, we Conservatives think that sooner or later, they’ll run out of OUR money. What then? Trump doesn’t intend to destroy America from within like Obama (a devout MUSLIM) did. And he WILL NOT bow to any Saudi Arabian leader, you can sure bet!!! Think again, sir… you cannot possibly be more wrong!!!!

    • You really don’t know what you’re talking about being you’re just another dumbocrap snowflake idiot who wouldn’t know a good thing if it jumped up and bit your ass.

    • You are an IDIOT! Wake up AH!

    • Unlike the democrat’s and their RINO republican’s…President Trump can walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time.

      • Did you ever see those pics of Obama and Moochelle trying to get an open umbrella through a little gate? Anyone with half a brain would have reached with the left hand around the post and handed that umbrella to right right hand and then proceeded forward. It was hilarious! Not to mention, the pics of some poor MARINE soldier holding his umbrella for him at an outdoor event? How about the pic of Obama cupping his genitalia when the National Anthem was sung? Those were a hoot! Oh, and I nearly forgot all those pics of him sitting with his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office as if he owned it!

        • Yes I do…and mooch never held her hand over her heart during the pledge.
          I was embarrassed that so many useful idiots put the traitor in the peoples house!

    • Conservative Christian

      Say instead of covering your ears with headphones, listening to the Rap, Get with the show, I think the DC Corruption, Media and every other Worthless Sellout globalist politicians in this country is Causing all the fake Smokescreens, and distractions, so they can try and Blame Trump, but The American People who Love America are awake, and know who’s really at fault. This Blaming the President isn’t working. Oh but on the few who think like you. But I guess you are a communist or Socialist, Right Dr. WHITE Dre

    • Too bad you haven’t looked around you, Sir, wake up a smell the coffee. He is rescuing us from Communism and worse. Where have you been?

    • That’s your opinion “Snowflake.” But for the obstruction of Congress, President Trump would be well on the way in fulfilling his agenda. Perhaps we can clean up that problem in 2018.

    • A idiot is born every so often, but a Demo-rat never fades away he just keep’s on with his B.S.

    • you got that wrong again your thinking about obambie

  3. We need to send a loud message to Congress either you support our choice for President or resign from your post.
    We the people are fed up with your crap !!!!

    • Clean house in the election of 2018 getting rid of both Democrats and RINO Republicans.

      • I agree with you totally, but in the mean while we the People need to make Congress know that we are serious.
        That if they don’t get behind President Trump, they will be part of drain the swamp process no matter Demo-rat or RINO.
        The sad thing is that it is the Congress that passes laws not the President, and they refused to do there jobs and went on a extended vacation to keep from doing our bidding.
        Are we so stupid that we can’t see what the Democrat Party has become.
        They are not your fathers or grandfathers Democratic Party.
        They are now the Party of Communist/Socialist and Far Left Leaning Progressives. They are the Party that are Millionaires and are well on the way of destroying our Country and Freedoms from WITHIN.

    • Here’s a civics problem to keep you out of trouble for a little while. Look up “checks and balances.” Sometimes Congress is supposed to oppose the president, and there’s never been a better time for it than now.

      • Knowledge Transfer

        How did that work out under nobama?

      • I would not look up anything a Demo-rat has to say, find someone else that can do your work for you.

      • Bullshit. I know all about how the govt. is supposed to work. You do not. We are supposed to be represented by our congressmen. Right now, we are not. They are representing their own interests. They oppose anything and everything the president proposes, even when it is obviously what needs to be done. The idiot democrats are hypocrites and liars. That is a fact. They will not even let the first lady donate Dr. Suess books to schools because they claim they are racist. You people are the biggest idiots there are and you dont even see how you are being used to help destroy this country. I really cannot understand how anyone can be that stupid. It must be hard.

      • that’s for true congress the congress we have now are pretend congress being paid by soros check and balance system only works with a honest congress

  4. Michael Dennewitz

    “My country tis of thee, NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE, God help us all! 😣🙁☹😢

    • No passing the buck. God helps them that help themselves.

      • I do agree that with the Muslims and illegals in our Country now it isn’t what it used to be.
        If we do nothing about this crap then it will continue and our Country will be no more the World will own it , it almost does already.

        • What do we have to fear from the rest of the world? All they have to do is look to see how superior our system is, right?

          • God save us from people that have no clue as to what is happening !!!

          • they won’t fight there’s not enough women and children to hide behind

          • You know you are right sad but true.
            Look at the illegals fleeing there own country instead of doing what we did against the on-slot of English.
            We fight we do not run and let others fight for us, unlike the illegals that are coming here and in Europe.
            When will the people stand up for there country and stop infiltrating our country, and try to take our Country and change it into the country they left ????
            They for the most part will not blend in but try to change us like the Muslims are doing. They flee there country just to come here and change our way of life, and turn our Country into a third world Country.
            I say send them packing back to there own Country,and good riddance.

          • they are cowards

          • I know and the shame is that our government is allowing illegals to invade our country using any excuse.
            You know we are loosing the battle thanks to our life long Judges and Politicians.

          • some way we need to get term limits on these morons

          • We can if we contact our senators and tell them WE WANT TERM LIMITS. If we do not get term limits we will force them out of office one way or the other.
            But we must keep up the fight, and keep up the barrage of e=mails for the Term limits.

          • Are, stupid…not is.

          • You sure are!

          • Knowledge Transfer

            Why don’t you volunteer to move all the ILLEGALS into your home at your perpetual expense without any help from the citizens who have been forced to pamper their ILLEGAL aggression while simultaneously advertising your home address citing that you have removed all the locks on you doors; windows etc.?

          • Since you seem to hate America so much, why don’t you go live in some nice Communist country like Cuba or Venezuela. I’m sure they’ll take good care of you.

          • the middle east would be a better place for him one comment from him to the muslims would be the last one as his head would be used as a soccor ball

          • There is no such word “soccor”. You’re stupid.

          • Shut up Troll!

          • that’s the first thing you got right

    • God save us from phony patriots who hate what our country stands for, or used to. Bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, yearning to be free.

    • if you don’t like it here…move to Russian you fuckin’ traitor

  5. Simple solution: Get all illegals and muslims OUT OF AMERICA and
    DON’T ALLOW ANY MORE TO ENTER! Way past time we cleaned
    up this country and made it a better place to live!

    • Great comment with nothing but truth, as to what is destroying our Country and it is from within.
      We the People must make the Congress both sides of the isle to take notice, and do our wishes or they will pay the price.
      President Trump has tried to do as he promised he would do, but both sides of the isle are blocking him.
      We must make them understand that it was there job to change Obama Care by law, yet they forced Trump into signing it by executive action.That can be changed by the next President. Law is a whole lot better and harder to change.

      • If only you were right! The price representatives payis to be voted out of office, yet lawmakers from both sides are reelected 98% of the time. It doesn’t look like we’re doing such a great job of holding them accountable.

        • You should take the advice that you gave ScooterBoy, you would be happier and so would we all be. While you are at it take Andres Villamarzo with you. Not one will miss you and we will not send out people to look for you, not worth the time.

        • Majority of Americans have an attitude problem ; the I don`t care attitude . If 10 % of the population ( 30 Million Americans ) would invest just 10 minutes of their time calling or writing their representatives , we would not be in this Mess .

          • We heard you the first time!

          • Thank you for paying attention . It is appreciated .

          • You are welcome, you might want to check your keyboard it keeps repeating itself!

          • It is not my keyboard but me repeating myself and you have been polite and civilized . Thanks .
            Repeating myself is like ” emphasis ” , hoping that members here will call or e-mail their representatives just like I do with my 3 Reps. here in Texas . Remember Songbird McCain and boyfriend Graham ??
            Well , same with Cornyn and McConnell , always together and doing nothing . Time for the Two to go . Thanks and have a good safe day .

          • It does not work I do it all the time not only writing, calling but e-mailing, both the RINO and the Democrats party of Communist/Socialist and far left leaning Progressives.
            They send back caned responses with no intention of doing anything.
            Ballot box will work just don’t vote for them.

          • I write ( e-mail ) call , and tweet my Reps. here in Texas . Congressman John Carter is super ; his office is close and I go there often ; they are good people . I had a face to face meeting with John and I can`t complain . Senator Cornyn is a problem .
            Cornyn and boyfriend McConnell are always together and I consider him a double tongued viper . Senator Cruz is OK . They always reply
            to my messages . I do follow them closely . Did you try NUMBERS U.S.A. ????????? It is an organization that fights illegal immigration .

          • Thanks raffaelecafagna for your reply;
            No I have not tried NUMBERS U.S.A because I did not know of them.
            Besides I am trying to make my Congress persons pay attention and respond appropriately to the People that put them in Office.

            This was today . ( It is a good organization working against Illegals ; you can see from reading this page ; they do not ask for money nor membership ; I give them $ 10 as a donation when they are in need . If you can`t you don`t have to donate . Please check it , Thanks .
            Congressional Republicans could trade DACA for weak enforcement provisions — Call Congress today! Oct. 16th, 2017Urgent
            ActionCongressional Republicans could trade DACA for weak enforcement provisions — Call Congress today!

            Based on recent news reports and conversations on the Hill, our Capitol Hill team fears that House GOP Leadership and members of the special DACA Task Force will settle for trading a permanent DACA amnesty for a weak border bill and a few meaningless enforcement provisions.

            Last week, Pres. Trump and the White House released a list of 70 immigration principles. The list includes everything from border security to interior enforcement, including a requirement that all employers use E-Verify, to reducing legal immigration by ending chain migration.

            Please call your Republican Member of Congress who is either on the GOP Leadership team or is serving on the DACA Task Force and urge them not to even consider passing a DACA amnesty until Congress has first passed all of Pres. Trump’s immigration priorities.Call Rep. John CarterPlease call your U.S. Representative and urge him/her not to discuss a DACA amnesty until Congress first passes Pres. Trump’s immigration priorities, especially mandatory E-Verify and an end to chain migration.


            #1) Call the Capitol Switchboard at 888-995-2061. When the operator answers, ask to be connected to Rep. John Carter’s office. Once connected, tell the staffer that you don’t want Rep. John Carter to discuss a DACA amnesty until Congress passes the president’s immigration priorities.

            #2) Click on the red button below that will take you to a phone note on your Action Board with your Member’s direct phone numbers and a list of talking points.
            Call Congressor click

          • Thanks raffaelecafagna;
            Printed the post and putting it on the board for reference.

          • This was today on NUMBERS U.S.A. ( it is a small portion of the entire message ).

            Last week, Pres. Trump and the White House released a list of 70 immigration principles. The list includes everything from border security to interior enforcement, including a requirement that all employers use E-Verify, to reducing legal immigration by ending chain migration.

            Please call your Republican Member of Congress who is either on the GOP Leadership team or is serving on the DACA Task Force and urge them not to even consider passing a DACA amnesty until Congress has first passed all of Pres. Trump’s immigration priorities.

          • Will do A.S.A.P

        • I believe 2018 will be different! And the difference is, of course president Donald J Trump! He knows what America wants, and he intends to give it to them, whether Congress likes it or not!

        • That’s history. Not this time. Most of us will not re-elect any one of them, especially anyone from the Senate. Not one.

        • wait until the next election things will change

      • For congress to take notice you need 30 Million Americans ( 10 % of the population ) to call or write congress ; problem solved .

      • HIS WISHES DO NOT REPRESENT WE THE PEOPLE, only his minority base… We the people are also Americans asshole fuck Trump fuck you

        • Nancy you sound like a real winner ! Must be a liberal

          • a brainless liberal

          • i dont define myself as liberal or conservative or moderate… as a human we all posses a bit of both. I OPPOSE Autocracy, which is why i vehemently oppose the wanna be autocrat insecure racist narcissist in the white house… and to educate you, and a little common sense NOT All republicans are conservative (tRump is not one) and not all democrats are liberal… that is IGNORANT talking points of the alt right… and ignorant i might add

          • I have never, not once, heard anyone call you a human!

        • Nancy, sweet Nancy… it time for your meds and go back to your room…it’s ok, you can come back out tomorrow, they are serving your favorite split pea soup and crackers and you can play bingo too…MAGA B!TCH
          TRUMP 2020, PENCE /GOWDEY 2024🇺🇸

        • Nancy;
          What a ignorant potty mouth you have, take a breath and call your savior Barack Hussein Obama.
          Oh by the way Donald Trumps second term will be in 2020, thought you would like to know.

          • good burn !!

          • Thanks;
            The Demo-Rats just can’t let it go . Donald Trump is the legitimate U.S. President and that is a fact.

          • that’s why they are not true americans

          • Did you see on TV about the Dreamers being caught smuggling in illegals, more than one got caught smuggling illegals into our country
            Now is that not a reason to stop the illegal dream act, I believe is should be.

          • you are 100% right we don’t need this dream b.s.

          • They the so called DREAMERS are nothing more than illegals that there parents have lied to about how special they are.
            No other World Country in the past has cared about illegals and there dreams., they got deported.
            This is just a way for the illegals to get what they want, by invading a Country, start complaining and rioting to get what they want.
            I don’t know who put such a stupid crap into effect but it has to stop.
            If your parents are illegal every child of the illegal is illegal even if they hide themselves in plane site in the country they invaded.

        • You are the minority. Otherwise, the bitch would be president and the country would already be finished.

          • ASSHOLE, your, fucking moron (affectionately referred to by Mr Tillerson, and many others) won by land mass and MINORITY of votes!!!!!!!!!! and to call Ms Clinton a bitch, allows me to call you a misogynistic ignorant ass, like your fucking moron tRump malignant insecure racist cheap tRump

          • Filthy black animal.

        • No, FUCK YOU asshole nancy FUCK YOU! You don’t speak for we the people who are the majority!

        • What a nice lady you are bitchy!

        • nancy ; go play with your dildo . Asshole is you ; WE the People is US that voted to elect President Trump . Go back to your cave and stay there because you are very confused .

        • the people voted him in and as of the last election WE THE PEOPLE wanted a change and stood togerther to vote the right person in office. You are not a american that backs the president of the united states so you have a long wait, us real americans will keep on voteing for the right man to hold the office of president of the U.S and he’s in office now so fuk you a$$hole

          • NO WE THE PEOPLE DID NOT ELECT HIM, land mass did. HE LOST THE POPULAR, THE PEOPLE, VOTE BY 2%, which is a huge margin, 3 MILLION votes… he is the popular vote LOSER

          • that 2 % was all the illegals from calf. you and the polls had hitlery winning but the people showed the democraps were not wanted and are tired of all their lies trump will make america great again and some day you morons will see it

    • It would be easier if you just found some comfy fascist country where you can lie around and bitch about foreigners and people of other religions. What are you, anyway, because you’re no Christian.

    • How are you planning on doing that .???????????
      Please advise .

    • Are you sick motherfucker there were many Americans that are Muslims I came here in 1800 you dumb piece of shit. Let’s get rid of the racist nazis and the kkk and those who fly confederate flags w

      • You dud not come here in 1800. And if i want to fly a rebel flag, i will. What you are too stupid to understand is that a rebel flag does not mean i dont like black people, which is what you wish it meant. It means i dont like yankees, and i dont like you.

      • You forgot to mention ANTIFA, BLM and the DNC YOU PILE OF BULL DUNG!

      • 1800 you are the dumb piece of shit!!! you should be dead and in you virgin heaven screwing the virgin pigs that you thought would be women. but if you are really a women you deserve the treatment that you got from your muslim friends. what are you? women or a male muslim coward?

      • I see you brought your potty mouth with you…A real model citizen aren`t you…You really make us proud to have you!

        • You’re the juvenile clown that giddily uses the word ‘dildo’ as if you’re a twelve year old boy.

          (Why do you use extra spaces in every (literally every single instance) contraction you write? Unless you’re a filthy drunk or a drug addict, your brain should easily conclude that the sole purpose of a contraction is to save space…not add it.)

        • OH Please with the puritanical bullshit. model citizen…lol who are you to judge…. if you think the fucking moron (as Rex affectionately calls him) in the white house is a decent citizen, then you are a fool

    • And the Democraps to while we are at it!

  6. Like in the movie “Cool hand Luke”….the republicans had better get the minds right…or they will find their selves out on their asses….with some men & women in their place that will get the job done…period!

  7. Paul Ryan is starting to look like a Dufuss. Many Republicans are.

    • Paul Ryan is a douchebag. A long time ago, when he was running for president, he said a lot of things that made me think he wouldn’t be so bad for the job… but NOW I know better, and we sure did dodge a bullet on that one!……


    • Andres Villamarzo

      Are you talking about our president the so called “moron” in chief? This is of course, stated by Rex Tillerson a hero in the white house. The retardlican party is being led by incompetence and everybody except the cry baby retardlicans know it!!!!!

      • Now then I know you are looking in the mirror when you made that statement of ridiculousness.

        • Andres Villamarzo

          Sorry Miss Chandler but if you had passed the 3rd grade you’d a checked and read the commentaries made by the other trump supporters. Instead, you are quick to insult and quick to comment rather than to read and see that all the retardlican party does is cry, cry & more crying. Just read the commentaries, “pure criticism” of the other party. This is why nobody can get anything done, pure divisive and division with hate and discontent mostly from the retardlican party. If you were listening to your fearless leader, he tweets one thing today and changes his mind tomorrow. If you believe this to be normal behavior, then you mam need to look in the mirror and ask your self a whole lot of questions!!! Have a nice day!!!!!

          • Look in the mirror oh BIG MOUTH KNOW IT ALL , not only do I not care but neither does anyone else on this site !!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry Miss Moronsky but just read all of the commentaries, “pure non-sense” about political figures to include about Spkr. Ryan. By the way, Spkr. Ryan is more intelligent than Trump and his entire lying family! Go back to that broken mirror and get off that chair @ your Walmart Door Greeter job and try and learn something and stop listening to that orange peel looking urangutan/bigfoot of a president that can’t put 3 sentences together to form a paragraph! His own Secretary of State called him a moron, and who am I or anybody else to call Rex Tillerson a liar?

          • Your are a waist to time and energy !!!!! LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND THERE YOU WILL FIND A BIG WAIST OF TIME.

          • well spoken like a true democrap that dosen’t know anything but crying over the last election craw back under your rock and don’t come out till you understand what would of happened if hiltery got in. All of us would have to speak spanish like the illegals that voted for her

          • Dosen’t is not a word. You are very, very stupid. Embrace English you mentally-lazy jerk.

          • Dilbert, do you enjoy being a stupid nerd!

          • If you are asking if I enjoy mocking you for your overwhelming number of dumb mistakes, the answer is yes…tremendously.

            I also get a big kick out of pointing out what a disgusting excuse for a female you married, being a stupid man with very limited options.

          • I hope you get a big kick…Right in the middle of your rear end! She looks better than that man you married!

          • Trump is more intelligent than you, Ryan and the whole Democrap party combined!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            p.s- find yourself a good job at Burger King, Wendy’s or maybe Subway, I’m sure it will improve your horrible disposition!!!!

          • You know if you would like we can play hide and go seek, I’ll go first twit and I will make sure you are not found. That is what your whole life is apparently hiding from reality. Your life is a waist of time and time will be your enemy.

          • hey ! I eat there, and I don’t want this a-hole touching my food

          • You need to get your Trumpy Bear and go to bed!

          • your reading too many false reports from the media wake up!!!

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong! First of all, the false reporting comes from our president whom by the way has problems with telling the truth, I believe he was called a “pathological liar” by just about every political person, and most recently called a “moron” by his Secretary of State and Senator Bob Corker. Are you trying to tell all of us that Mr. Trump is correct and everybody else is a liar? Anyway, now he cut off subsidies for the poor in regards to healthcare, this is heartless!!!

          • what’s heartless is the illegals getting everything free . the reportings are still false and the media is owned by morons like soro. the polls and the media had hitlery winning the elections so who is the lier? most of those political people are democraps pretenting to be republicans. Those are the ones that need to be eliminated. You don’t know anything about subsidies for the poor

          • Andres Villamarzo

            I don’t know any illegal receiving free benefits. This is garbage made up by the “hate mongering trump supporters”. You cannot receive benefits from Social Services anywhere in this country if you are not a citizen. Therefore, go back to your hate mongering group and tell them to stop spreading around lies that continue to infect our society with the bunch of malcontents on the right following a “moron” of a president per his Secretary of State. Go back to school and learn something and take a class in “Human Relations”, it might help out your sour disposition. I have to ask you, are you a “Walmart Door Greeter”? Cause you certainly sound and act like one!!!!!

          • go tell hitlery that illegals are not citizen that’s how she got her votes at least I have a lob not like the sucking illegal moron like you , you are not an american, you don’t support the U.S or the president of the U.S. so go back to your country. do you work in a zoo cleaning up elephant crap?that seems like the only job you could handle with your I.Q.

          • Andres Villamarzo

            Sorry again to burst your low IQ of 1.0 slightly above plant life but you need to stop blaming the rest of the country for your lack of education. It is not the fault of the USA that you only completed the 3rd grade, but at least try and do the math even if you did not get passed the 4th grade.
            (a) Donald Skunk has been trying to repeal the ACA, for your ignorant information, their is a Cadillac tax imposed on the rich in the ACA in which enabled the poor and middle class to afford healthcare insurance. Donald Skunk wants to do away with it, so he and other rich/wealthy can get out of paying those taxes.
            (b) “Wealthy Tax Reform Plan”- I know that you are an ignoramus but try and figure this out, Corporations- lowers taxes from 35% to 20%, Lower Income- raises their taxes from 10% to 12%, Middle Income- raises their taxes from 13% to 25% and does away with mortgage deduction, Rich/Wealthy- lowers their taxes from 39.6% to 35% and does away with the estate tax. (none of it makes any sense except the rich make out on this deal).
            I know that your looking for a dictionary right now cause you cannot understand a word in this or can you see that Donald Skunk and his cabinet filled with Goldman & Sachs and millionaires & billionaires, and you are the only ignorant bastard in the USA that believes that these rich guys are looking after you. (did not drain the swamp but filled it ).
            Today, in the mail Donald Skunk boasted about a 2% increase in social security, we also received a card from my wife’s prescription drug plan, it will increase from $43.00 to $68.00 dollars, her increase on her pension will be $14.00 dollars, this does not include the increases that are coming on our healthcare plans.
            Now please, I know that you are of limited education but try and do the math rather than acting so ignorant and making yourself look anymore stupider than you already are, also we are all asking that you take time away from your Walmart Door Greeter job and take some night courses in school after your facial surgery from your accident as a child whereas when you were born your parents took one look at you and threw or hurled you out of a 2nd story window and you landed on your head and face. We hope your proctologist can take the asinine look off your face and help make you look normal and not like your present features of an “Urangutan/garden snake”. Good luck asshole.

          • there you go again talking thru you butt. you need to get your head out of you butt and take the crap out of your mouth do you get an ecco with your head in your butt? what do you do when you have to fart with your head stuck in your ass. do you count the pimples on your butt with your head stuck in there? what country are you from it’s got to be a third world country with no education judging by your post go back there and post with the rest of your morons

          • That would, of course, be “your butt”. This is not an Ebonics forum, stupid…and you ought not challenge anyone about their level of education.

          • What a damn idiot you are!

          • More lies!

          • The word “citizen” means just one. Typical, that you taunt others about their IQ. Like most stupid people, you’re a jerk.

          • Like most Democraps you mean!

          • All lies!

          • President Trump is the one telling the truth! you Libaturds watch and read that fake news until you are brain washed!

          • You taunt others about their language skills far too readily for a stupid man that cannot grasp the simple concept of you’re.

            What an effing jerk you must be.

          • If you would quit posting, maybe just maybe no one will realize what a jerk you are!

          • Buck up, sissy. How could you be expected to defend our nation, when you cannot even withstand honest scrutiny?

          • Hey, sissy you`re the one that has trouble keeping the nats fought your rear end!

          • And all you do is Lie, Lie, Lie! What ever you do don`t look in the…It will probably break!

      • You, the useful idiots, have know idea who is leading this country. All you know is, its not hillary so you are going to whine, cry, and lie until you get your way. It aint happening.

      • Have you forgot That Obuma and the Democrap party is not in office now?

    • The first wholly true statement I’ve seen in this forum. Add Trump to the list, and you’ve got bingo.

    • Looks like or is a Dufuss ????

    • And all Democraps are!

  8. Shows just what many rinos in congress think of the people that elect them. Trump wins an impossible election because the people want things changed, including immigration and the repeal of healthcare. The gutless rinos who ran on those ideas now when the need to step up and fulfill their promises and pee down both legs and act against. The swamp has more power than doing the right thing. Power, press and DC parties are more important than the People and their promise. As shown by the many votes on healthcare. When they knew it wouldn’t get signed in the White House they did vote for the repeal. Now that they have a president that will sign it, they change their stance and vote. No wonder there is so little trust in Washington today.

  9. No amnesty to DACA. Trump must do what he has promised during the 2016 election. Enforce immigration laws!

    • They should never give in to the INTIMIDATION that is DACA.
      They are illegals I don’t care wither there parents brought them in or they just strolled in. THERE ILLEGALS AND THEY MUST GO,ALL OF THEM NO MATTER THE AGE. If your parents are illegal so are there children.
      You want to be like Europe then keep the illegals then you will know how it feels to be replaced by other world citizens.

  10. Let me see is the gop listening, I would say not to President Trump and certainly not to their constituents or a lot more would be getting done.

    • The republicans are not doing there constitutional duties, they hate Trump as much as the Demo-rats do.

      • most of those republicans were in office too long and they know who they are. They hate trump because they are democraps acting like republicans probably getting paid by soros

        • I am shouting about the Congress both the House and Senate should have TERM LIMITS.( NO PERSON SHOULD HAVE A JOB FOR LIFE, NO PERSON)
          They should not stay in Office more than ( 2 Terms in the Senate) and (3 TERMS in the House) A job for life is what they have made it, we the People are there guarantee that no matter what they do they will not be punished.
          We have to drain the swamp and soon, put into place limited ability to become millionaires and have a job for life.

  11. Well – time to hunt these people and remove them – They don’t give a damn about america or people – JUST WHAT’S GOOD FOR THEM AND THEIR POCKETS……

  12. Andres Villamarzo

    Let’s hope the retardlican party has the will power & energy needed to confront and resolve issues important to this great nation. For now, the republiclan party and it’s leader say one thing then do another. Nobody can understand which direction either is taking on any issue!!!!!

    • And there are a lot of solid conservative voters taking note of that !!
      ” Making a list, and checking it twice ” !!

      • Do you believe that conservatives are united in doing things that benefit the American public? Also, Trump signed another executive order that made no sense regarding the purchase of healthcare across state lines. Again, makes “no-sense”, Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna & many others are already across all state lines, I purchased Aetna last year and they are in every state. The ACA (Obamacare as you know it), when it was drawn and written, imposed a Cadillac Tax on the rich in this bill, whereas many poor & middle class were able to obtain healthcare. Trump has never cared about the poor as his past does not reflect any good things he has done for them, and we believe that Trump is trying to remove this because of the taxes. Secondly, his “Wealth Tax Reform Plan” is as follows:
        Lower Income- raises their taxes from 10% to 12%.
        Middle Income- raises their taxes from 13% to 25% and does away with mortgage deduction.
        Higher Income/Wealthy- lowers their taxes from 39.6% to 35% and does away with the estate tax.
        Corporations- Lowers their taxes from 35% to 20% (makes absolutely no sense!

        Trump’s tax plan does one thing, helps the rich, screws the middle class and business’ will run across the border and else where, and they will be singing “Merry Xmas to us” all the way down to the bank. During the Reagan years I remember their idea of a tax reform plan they implemented which was give the rich many breaks and we the workers received $15.00 dollars in our checks! Strongly suggest to all of you to contact your legislators and say “no” to Trump”s Wealthy Tax Reform Plan. Thank you.

  13. Andres Villamarzo

    p.s.- the only thing the retardlican party does is cry, cry & cry about the other side but do not look at themselves, none of us know where to send the retardlican party a case of Kleenex to hopefully stop the crying and get something accomplished!!!!!

  14. Why are we even talking about this. Send all those kids back to parents and be done with it. I’m tired of my tax money supporting all these illegals. These kids have not come into our country legally..
    Obama was a fool for allowing this but he wanted a new group to become democrats of the future. If the dems / GOP want them here so bad , let them take them to their house and provide for them.
    Round them up,back up the buses and move them back to Mexico or where ever and do it soon.

  15. You claim that “Point blank, [Democrats] don’t want to enforce our border laws. They don’t want to deport anyone who hasn’t killed at least a dozen innocent people.” This is a silly exagggeration even for PatriotNewsDaily. Obama deported far more undocumented aliens than did George W. Bush, focusing on those who had committed crimes other than simply being here, and developing DACA to spare innocents who have grown up as Americans immediate deportation, contingent upon their good behavior. This represents a reasoned approach.

    Trump’s breaking his word on negotiating around DACA, focusing his cruelty on orphans, and breaking his word on who would pay for his border wall are not reasonable. These points stand out among his shameful demands. He is literally holding the dreamers hostage in order to blackmail lawmakers into actions that would not otherwise receive serious consideration by reasonable people. It is a despicable tactic, and exercise in calculated cynicism. This is not how a president is supposed to act. His threat against sanctuary cities alone is jurisdictional interference and abuse of power.

    Your support for Trump’s dictatorial behavior is hardly patriotic. You will notice that border state representatives are the ones who most strongly resist Trump’s bullying. This is because they have a much fuller understanding of all issues around immigration than anyone else, and Trump would do well to heed them. He’s going to need their support when the articles of his impeachment are presented to the House.

    • I wonder if G. Bush counted the ones turned back at the border as ‘deportations’ as Obama did ?? Might change the count.

    • You sure are a Dandy, you are as full of SHITe as a Christmas Turkey!

    • our support for trump is very patriotic you are the one that’s confused. you rather support a candicate that uses illegal voters and lies.. You and the border states don’t understand that is how issi and muslims get here to build their cells. the children under daca should of stayed with their parents not dumped off here so we can take care of them, we have our own children to care for not theirs, and most of these daca children end up in ganges. sanctuary are the biggest problem these cities are breaking the law about illegals in the USA they don’t respect our laws and do what ever they want to do like rape, killing,no respect for women,beating children. You may want this I don’t. If anyone needs impeachment it should of been obambie people like you democraps need to stop crying about the last election and become americans again and support the president of the united states no matter who he is we did for obambie.

    • Trump`s not breaking his word, you Democraps are hold him up!

  16. The GOP had better do something concerning immigration.

  17. Contact your representatives. We must get this done.

  18. Time to cut off the paychecks of Congress. Hit them where it hurts and we will get their attention. Ammendments to restrict Congress are long overdue. When a lawmaking body uses their authority to make themselves and their cronies rich, they have outlived their usefulness. That goes for the US Supreme Court as well. Life appointments should have an expiration date when an appointee reaches 80, or chooses to retire earlier, not hang on and sleep through proceedings! Stop wasting taxpayers dollars!

  19. All I can say to those Rogues in the Republican Party , enjoy your antics because your time is limited you will be out of power after this term if not before if the people don’t recall some of you communist.

  20. Here’s the truth about the democrats and republicans who refuse to deport illegals and stop importing immigrants then putting them on our welfare system. These are the same men and women who cry they can not afford to house our vets, 2.5 million homeless American children mostly under the age of 9 plus those children’s parents. The same ones who cry they can not afford to do anything about our mentally ill living and dying on the streets. Yet they can find hundreds of billions to care for illegals and imported immigrants. These are the same politicians who gave us Obamacare destroying the working classes healthcare while they are exempt by their own vote. These are the same ones who regulated and taxed our jobs out of the country then allowed millions of illegals to take the ones that were left. We finally get a president willing to try and fix our nation and put our people first and what happens, the traitors in congress worried about losing their money cows refuse to do right by America and our citizens.

  21. Don’t worry next year it will be another story, but the good thing is more people are taking notice, the real truth will come out soon. we don’t need mayhems running are country.

  22. Fire them all!!! The American people have spoken!! Deport, build the wall!!

  23. Thank you Susan Short. If Republicans would do their job, POTUS wouldn’t have to do it for them. It is a shame that Mitch McConnel has let this happen under his watch. These people only work 3 days a week. They don’t do anything on healthcare, immigration, healthcare., etc. This needs to be changed NOW. 8 years boasting about replace and repeal, and John McCain has stabbed them in the back both times it came up for vote. There are 3 or 4 more whose names I can’t remember. These RINOS need to be the first to go when McConnel goes. We can only hope Bannon can do his part in helping them out the door.

    • When I confronted my ‘representation’ about his short hours, he said that he had ‘people’ just for that. In that case… wonder what we have him for ??

  24. “It is the job of Congress, not the president, to make legal reforms to
    our immigration policies,” said Rep. Stevan Pearce, a Republican whose
    district covers the southern half of New Mexico.”

    “WHY” didn’t you and the others “TELL OBAMA” that when he signed the DACA Order????????????????

    Congress has 30 days,1 month, to weigh in on approval or disapproval of any Executive Order issued.

    “IF” you had been doing your job we wouldn’t have this problem today.

    “YOU”, and other like you, create “Greater” problems than you solve, but don’t worry, elections are coming.

  25. If they are illegal they need to go home.

  26. Yah let them handle it just like they have been for the last decade. Screw them Mr. President, do what you know is right and stop them from selling us out again.

  27. Dear members of congress, we elected Trump for a reason, you are opposing him on every corner and everything he tries to do for US. You can and will be replaced one by one, as long as you keep this attitude.

  28. The ONLY LEGITIMATE “dreamers” in America are AMERICANS’ kids; not those invaders! And the only RIGHT solution is to send them ALL back to wherever they came here from, along with the bills for their upkeep for as long as they have been here, their illegal invader parents and any siblings born here, and erroneously labeled US citizens when they aren’t because their mothers were NOT under US jurisdiction at the times of their births. It’s PAST time to stop this invasion and the chain migration that follows it, as well as the stealing of Americans’ kids dreams from them!

  29. Stupid for GOP to ignore If no agreement then we need to follow our current laws and deport ALL illegals

  30. I stopped giving money to Republican party after this election. They are all hypocrites and progressives in conservative suits. None have the balls it takes to get the job done we elected them for. Liars and cowards and self serving professional bull shitters.

  31. President Trump is trying to do good things for America…Unlike Obuma, who had a smooth mouth and a lying @$$, which would swap ends to fit the occasion!

  32. And i’m not listening to the GOP. I will not re-elect any of them – not one.

  33. The chamber of communists have already bought 70% of the GOP. The republicrats don’t want Mr. Trumps immigration policies anymore than the dimbocrats do and both will fight them tooth and nail! The dimbocrats have found one immigrant that should not be here, Christopher Columbus!

    We the People will stand and fight to the end of time to keep our FREEDOM and our COUNTRY. If you do not love this country you are free to leave, we will not miss you or go to find you.

  35. hillary has a hit list; maybe TRUMP should have one also.

  36. They are going to listen, if not in 2018, then 2020!!

  37. We now know there is no two party system, some politicians call themselves democrats others republicans they both lick the shoes of the same masters the money boys. Neither party cares what the devastating results are for our country or the suffering American families who only want a shot at achieving the American Dream.

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  39. RINOs need to be removed in the Primaries and Dems defeated in the General, if we are ever going to get Immigration right. That goes for Tax Reform, Radical Islam, Term Limits and The SCOTUS as well.


  41. Very few of these Liberals live on the borders or in Sanctuary cities. Crime rate in my area very low until Obama got in office. Why didn’t they vett him? Now we have home invasions, rapes, drugs, gangs, arson, illegal criminals, murders. Must have a very good alarm system. Every house that doesn’t have an alarm system is stripped. One family, home invasions, 3 couples beat up, one man died. Black gang members. All charged with murder. Now CA suppose to be a Sanctuary State. God Help Our COUNTRY and TRUMP

  42. Of course they are listening, but not to our President or suffering American workers who are seeing their wages shrink and their jobs disappearing, they have ears only for the chamber of commerce and their billionaire owners.

    • Yep you got that right as well as the illegal’s AND THE ILLEGAL DOCA CROWD.
      What I want to know is why don’t they blame there parents for them being illegal, they could of come legally and the kids would of been legal
      We the People want them removed back to there Country.
      The sad thing is that the Demo-rats keep assisting them in Demonstrating in our streets what they WANT AND WHAT THEY NEED, AND GET IT.

  43. Deport them all young and old and build a wall

  44. The GOP is committing political suicide. They have done nothing but give us lipservice and there’s no difference from them and the Democrats. Why are we paying these do nothing politicians in Washington. They’re making tons of money off the backs of the taxpayers and have exorbitant expense accounts by the American people are struggling because of their failed abysmal policies and lack of action on anything and they are ignoring it. They all retirees millionaires and continue to betray the American people in the United States. Kick the bums out. It’s more than time for us to clean the swamp. Term limits

    • If they the RINO’s in the republican Party don’t get the tax cut done , they will be done. But don’t forget the Democrat party of Communist/Socialist and far leaning Progressives they have not added President Trump in any way. There for they are not helping We the People in any way.

  45. Patriot News Daily – Direct from downtown Kremlin. When Chump made his demands the Republicons and Democrats all had a good laugh. What happened to the goofball-Clown who makes ALL THE GREAT DEALS!!!

  46. Honestly I hope congress does nothing about DACA. Let the deadline come and go so those illegals become deportable.


  48. Trying to find a republican in DC is becoming a hard thing to do. Now rino’s run around sucking up to our enemies the democrats and I hope every last one of the traitors pays a price for it. There is but a handful of decent people working for the people, most are trying new ways to screw is out of more taxes to build up their bank accounts. Drain the swamp Mr. President and flush these cutthroats down the drain.

  49. At the end of the day, most of the DACA people, if not all of them, will get to stay here
    Congress should come up with a simple single bill to solve the DACA issue and send it up to Trump. Veto or sign.
    Everyone says they want to provide for the DACA’s but no one wants to take any action. All talk

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