Trump Says DeSantis Wasn’t What?

Former President Trump on Tuesday said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) should be more gracious for having received an endorsement from Trump during his first gubernatorial bid. This has been the latest sign of increased tension between the two men who are widely expected to be the two primary candidates trying to win the GOP nomination for the White House in 2024.

Trump told NewsNation in an interview that he has “had a decent relationship” with DeSantis but that had it not been for his endorsement, DeSantis would not have managed to win the race as easily. He added that this was why he believed DeSantis “could have been more gracious, but that’s up to him.”

Trump also added that in the closing days of the 2018 midterm elections he had held rallies for DeSantis.
However, in recent days Trump has been more critical of DeSantis, whom many consider being the most viable opposition that Trump will face if they both seek the GOP presidential nomination.

At a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday, Trump nicknamed the Florida governor “Ron DeSanctimonious” during a part of his speech where he discussed polling numbers for other potential primary challengers. In a rally he held in Miami on Sunday, Trump also did not extend an invitation to DeSantis, even though at the rally he did encourage voters to vote for him. Trump reportedly also voted for DeSantis on Tuesday.

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  1. This is, and always has been, one of the problems with conservatives. They always “eat their own.”
    Democrats stick behind each other even if they are pedophiles, rapists, murderers, blatant liars, Nazis, it doesn’t matter. They stick together, thick as the thieves they are.
    There’s a time to speak and a time to shut up! This is the time for Trump to shut up. If he keeps this crap up, I’ll have no problem supporting DeSantis in 2024.

    • Mark Thomas DiGennaro

      I totally agree. As much as I would like to see trump back in the office he needs to know when to shut his pie hole. As for Desantis I would have no problem voting for him if he runs for the office.

    • Well said! Agree with you 100%. DeSantis is not Trumps’ enemy, but he acts like he is. Conservatives need to band together, not tear each other up.

  2. Trump is a arrogant narcissist…will never get my vote again !!!

  3. Some how I don’t think you ever did vote for him.

  4. I totally agree. As much as I would like to see trump back in the office he needs to know when to shut his pie hole. As for Desantis I would have no problem voting for him if he runs for the office.

  5. I was a strong Trump supporter and staunch Republican Conservative. I see fragmentation of the Republican Party due to petty squabbles which Trump appears to be causing. This does not set well and leaves the Republican party to appear weak and undecisive. To quote Benjamin Franklin with a slight twist, ” Either we stick together or for sure we will lose separately”.

  6. First of all I doubt if DeSantis will run for President. Think about it, he just won re-election in a State where he is revered and loved! I do think he will run for President in 2028 but he does have small children and schools are important at their ages…maybe not a good idea to switch them. I am shocked to read Trumpp’s remarks about DeSantis…it was normal to hear Republicans against Dem remarks BUT Republicans slamming one another? I cannot support that.

    • They do it all the time, Claire. Every election cycle, be it on the national level or local level. McConnell basically did it by withholding campaign funds from Trump endorsed candidates. In the senate especially. If those candidates would have won, they would not have supported McConnell as senate president! He knew it. His ego and reputation was far more important than the entire United States.
      This kind of crap is handing the corrupt dems victories. And when dems win, everybody loses! EVERYBODY!!

  7. Trump needs to get off the kick of trying to destroy a conservative, not to sure of Desantis yet he maybe a wolf in sheeps clothing we don’t need a dictator anymore than democratic communist but don’t agree with going after also far decent republican, Trump should have taken out all those in the White House should have not kept one of obama,bush, clinton, people at all they have proven to be against America so Trump needs to think hard on what he didn’t do and should have done clean this people out like he promised and don’t forget the rinos the pretender’s we all know them get them gone McConnell needs removed immediately he works for China and the communist party

  8. I must disagree with these comments. Republicans (and Democrats) have been beating each other up for some time Before that it was Federalists and whatever other parties existed at the time. Regarding Trump, it is his style to make up insulting names for his opponents. He is not alone in this, only cruder than most. Regrettably, our system has devolved into a snake pit in which the most extreme positions rise to the top, and compromise is next to impossible.

  9. The news as&ho87 always try to paint what trump say’s the wrong way. Desantis thought he would get more votes if he urned on TRUMP. I don’t feel Trump was wrong for being mad that desantis slited him…

  10. Your first sentence is semi-correct.
    But I don’t see where DeSantis slighted Trump or dissed him in any way. Trump saying he “should be more gracious” sounds like he’s trying to take credit where credit isn’t due. DeSantis was a great governor without Trumps help. Seems like he governs like Trump would minus the mouth.
    If you’re implying that DeSantis should have got down on his knees and kissed Trumps feet, that’s a load of crap.
    DeSantis endorsed a lot of people on the local level and most of them won. He’s not yelling “look at me! Look what I did!”
    They both have good ideas that work. Just stop bickering.

  11. I agree, DeSantis is a great governor without Trumps help. He governs like Trump would minus the mouth. Trump just can’t shut his. He is starting to look more and more like an ass. and I am rapidly losing my respect for him. If it comes to a choice between the two DeSantis would get my vote,
    it’s a no brainer.

  12. I’m a Floridian and like DeSantis. Before he was governor, he was my congressman. And as a combat veteran, I also like him coz he was in the service as well.
    • However, I have always been for Trump…even back as far as 2012. NO President, in my 78 years, has ever faced the b_s, created by the left and RINOs, to take him down…and it continues.
    • With that said, I want the either Trump or DeSantis to be the next President… so I hope the one that can win, will be our candidate.
    “At this point, 216 GOP candidates that Trump endorsed won their races Tuesday night, with 19 losing to the Democrat candidate.”
    ~ FOX News 9 Nov 22

  13. Unaffiliated conservative

    As I see it I will vote for either whoever is nominated. I like the job Trump did but while in office. I believe if he would have stayed focused on it & not got sidetracked on twitter he would still be there. Love the rallies but think it was a poor idea to have one J6 played right into their hands. Trump has a record now he doesn’t have to call conservatives names. He just seems to be using 2 grade tactics to show his narcissistic tendencies. DeSantis on the other hand is all business and doesn’t allow any of the BS to deter him. Run or not DeSantis is the future & Trump need’s to run on his record as it was a good one.

  14. The Left stole the Pres Election. What makes people believe the Midterms were on the up and up?
    The Dems are using Communist China tactics to put and keep themselves in power.
    Three Trillion People could vote for Republicans and One million for the Dems and the Dems would still come out on top.
    Voters don’t count: Counters Count! Counters determine the winners. Counting machines are run by the Demon Crats. So who comes out on top? It should not take a Genius to figure it all out?
    The Left counts on division. The Militia has been made out to be a terrorist organization, which is contrary to the Constitution. So therefore they know people won’t stick together and even if people tried to form a Militia, to overthrow the Tyrannical Communist Left; the Left would be in power and have the Military squash them. Maybe the movie “Red Dawn” portrayal of future events is on the horizon and that is why the Left has to get rid of guns and or Ammunition, to reach their goal of Dominance!

    I sadly believe that The Republic of America is over. People through greed for more have sent their kids off to schools to be indoctrinated for Communism.
    Satan divided the Republic and Women wanted men’s jobs instead of staying home and raising the children “The Right Way”. Same thing happened in the Garden of Eden.
    Now women even want to become men physically and men have been demonized, and therefore don’t want to be men anymore.
    Women want to be men and men want to be women.
    Blacks against Whites.
    Spanish against Blacks and Whites.
    MS13, Russian mafia, Nazis, Chinese & Japanese Crime families don’t discriminate; they just kill everyone, that gets in their way.
    American Crime families support the drug Cartels and don’t care as long as they can stay in power and rule over people.
    Asians just trying to cope and climb the ladder to success & enlightenment.
    Just about every religion against Jesus and His Born again believers and the Jews that were selected by God Almighty to receive their Messiah: But rejected Him!
    Satan believes he is achieving his victory. But the final battle is about to take place and I know the outcome! Satan gains lost souls for his kingdom, the fiery pits of Hell; But he loses the battle for the souls of the Believers and followers of Messiah Jesus!
    Please Note: I have black, Asian, Mexican and other races as close friends and Brothers and Sisters in The Lord Jesus. We believe that Satan is pitting everyone against whoever, or anyone, that doesn’t believe the way they do, or take their side.
    I am not racist: I am against Satan and his followers.

  15. I loved Trumps rallies but don’t like the bashing of Republicans must show unity and positive comments . I will vote for whoever is the nomination for President. He needs to stick to what he is going to do. Win those independents and Democrats that are on the fence with kindness and respect!

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