Trump Releases Plan to Overhaul Immigration

Even people not normally into politics have been caught up in the unprecedented campaign of one Donald Trump. Outrageous, unfiltered, and unlike any politician we’ve seen in modern times, Trump has shocked the Beltway by rising to the top of the Republican primaries. But what is more shocking is how the controversial real estate magnate has grown into his candidacy. While pundits were oohing and aahing over his feud with Megyn Kelly and his comments on John McCain, Trump was doing his homework. And this week, he released a full plan on immigration, proving that he’s more than just a mouth at a microphone.

The paper runs through Trump’s vision of American immigration law, starting with a “wall across the southern border.” This wall has been a central part of Trump’s immigration argument from the beginning, complete with a benefactor: the Mexican government. Critics have questioned how Trump would accomplish this feat, a question he addresses in the paper:

Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things, impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages, increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them), increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays), increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays), and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico (Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options). We will not be taken advantage of anymore.

Trump’s wall is far from the only step he envisions in the fight against illegal immigration. In the comprehensive paper, he argues for a national E-verify system to protect jobs, the mandatory deportation of every illegal immigrant convicted of a crime in the U.S., an end to “catch-and-release” policies at the border, and more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. Along the way, he soberly details how the U.S. will pay for all of this using common sense measures that any responsible government would have taken a long time ago.

“Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced,” Trump writes.

Well, that’s certainly an approach to governance we haven’t seen in a while. The liberals are right; this guy really is an extremist. Follow the law? How quaint! How positively old-fashioned!

No one’s foolish enough to believe that you can magically fix our broken immigration system with a snap of your fingers, but the strength of Trump’s proposal is undeniable. Will it work? Only God knows. But if he was able to do even a third of what he has proposed here, we would be in a much better place than we are now. In fact, if he was only able to live up to that simple standard – laws must be enforced – this country would be immediately headed in a better direction.

When the “extremist” is calling for a return to constitutional law…well, that tells you everything you need to know about how messed up things have gotten.

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  1. So the “Trump the LOUD”, releases his “plan” for immigration that has absolutely no bearing on reality, but sounds good to the rabid masses that don’t deal in reality.

    a win for trump and morons of America.

    if he said he was going to give each one of you a million dollars, would you believe that too, or are there limits to your gullibility?

    THIS has to be a test as just HOW gullible you cons are.

    • And the CONS will lap it up like the Trump lap dogs they are.

      • Trump 2016!! headinobama!!

      • And what kind of gullible idiot are you? At least he is working on guarding our border. Something our nigger in the white house is not doing. Why? Well to get the hispanic vote or course. The dems don’t care about this country, they just want to stay in power by hook or crook. That goes for some of the career repubs too. We need to purge Washington of all career politicos. Can you say “term limits”?

        • Racist scumbag!

        • Let’s see, Obama has tripled the Border Patrol. We have net zero gain in illegals. Now for Trump’s ideas. Getting Mexico to pay for it is a fantasy at best. But not all illegals are coming from Mexico, but South American, so charge those countries also? How will the wall be effective? They haven’t in the past. Some on this site have argued to put our returning troops guarding the wall, or turn it in a DMZ. Maybe that would work providing we have gun turrets, but also make use of landmines.
          But, what about Trump getting rid of the 14th Amendment in that those born in the US are US citizens. That he wants to get rid of and has also argued that is not what the 14th actually states. What about Trump deporting not only illegals but their children who are US citizens?

          • As far as the children go he is keeping the families together. If you were to rob a bank and not immediately get caught and invested the money you stole and doubled the money then got caught would you get to keep any of the money? No because it was gain from an illegal activity. You forfeit everything and still go to jail. They chose to come here illegally and they know it. They took a chance and lost.

          • So their children should lose their US citizenship? Now, how are you going to deport 11.5 million?

          • whos going to take care of them, you? They will still be US citizens. When they become of age they can probably come back if they kept registering as an out of country citizen. Why break up a family? Let them stay a family if they want. If someone is going to assume the responsibility of the kid here, fine they stay. But the illegal has to go and get in line to come in legally.

          • The same way you would deport one, except it would take a little longer because of the volume.

          • We are going to need processing camps or centers. You are talking about deporting 11.5 million plus their children who are US citizens. Perhaps when dealing with mass deportations that we should think of building prisons for them.

          • Bad choices mestizo. What would your precious Mexico do if I overstayed my visa, or broke a law there???

          • Were u born brain dead, or maybe mama just dropped u on your head on purpose!

          • Was that you making a factual response?

            Looks morally flapping gums

          • What is “Looks morally flapping gums”??

          • so you have reading issues too?

          • No, just understanding ebonics.

          • Troll

          • TROLL:
            anyone smarter than a conservative

          • Which includes the great majority on non-conservatives of every kind.

          • “Which includes the great majority on non-conservatives of every kind.” Common core? You two are having trouble making sense.

          • “Let’s see, Obama has tripled the Border Patrol. We have net zero gain in illegals.”…couldn’t verify that! Care to site your sources?

          • I mispoke somewhat. Starting with President Bush and continuing with Obama, the number of agents increased from 9,800 to 21,394 by 2012. Obama has increased spending on border security to $374 million. Plus another $600 million in additional funding for technology in related to the wall. Obama had proposed to deal with the root causes for illegal immigration by increasing funding for the countries from which the bulk of illegals are now coming: El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, but the Republicans have opposed such proposals.

            All in all, founding for the Border Patroa and other initiatives dealing with the building of the fence as tripled under Obama.

            When it comes to the number of illegal immigratns, it has stablized. It has remained between 11.3-11.5 million since 2007 until the present, which is 11.3 million. The number of illegals entering is the same as those being deported.. This includes whose who had legal visas but remained after their visas expired. Because of this situation, those illegals who have been in the US for 10 years or more has nearly doubled from 35% in 200 to 62% in 2012 (last year of such a study)

            Sources: Cato Institute, Pew Research, Wall Street Journal, GAO.

          • In 2013, the Obama administration released 36,000
            illegal alien criminals into our communities. Those 36,000 illegal
            alien criminals were responsible for nearly 88,000 convictions including
            193 homicide convictions, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 303
            kidnapping convictions, and 16,070 convictions for drunk or drugged
            driving. Out of those 36,000 released, one
            thousand have gone on to commit other crimes, “including child sex
            abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released
            Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E.

          • Read all about what the President HAS DONE with respect to border security. It just might amaze even you. Without question, it will help to educate you and others who are in desperate need of reality to displace the viral nonsense most of you naively lap up:


          • Obama never lies………….Ha Ha Ha!!

          • If Trump is making THAT interpretation of the 14th Amendment, then the varmint has zero grasp of the matter. How many other parts of the Constitution will he twist and torque in order to sell his demagoging, pandering agenda? Of course he will have no trouble in doing that, since his constituency is predominantly clueless airheads who blindly accept his blithering nonsense as certified truth.

          • I will bet you don’t provide an example of THIS.

          • Why should I need to? This forum is loaded with such examples!

        • One more thing – The illegals are US taxpayers They pay over $10 billion a year to state and local taxes since 2010. They pay into Social Security through payroll taxes, more than they will ever get back. They are less like to sign up for Medicaid or receive food stamps, and that is according to the conservative Cato institute. To be sure illegals do qualify for social benefists such as educating, going to the ER. But the Chamber of Commerce, not exactly a left wring group, claims that such benefits are investments for the future, when the children become workers and taxpayers.

          If we would find a way to legalization, that there would an extra $48 billion in federal revenues.

          Now there is the issue that they take American jobs. Not true, economic research studies and data refute that illegals take American jobs. If you deport them, then you are losing millions of entrepreneurs, consumers and taxpayers. There would actually be a job loss because native born Americans don’t have the skills to fill many of the jobs taken up by immigrants.

          Now of course they are breaking the law and there is call for them to get in line with everyone else, but the line is no 4.4 million. Depending on the country, the wait time is 20 years. Now, there are exceptions, employer sponsorships or a family member, those identified as refugees, or because of the person’s professional status, and there is the issue of diversity. But, still you have visa quotas.

          So how does Trump view all of these issues?

          • Name one valid issue, not an illegal visionary issue. How are illegals “entitled to education??? How many work under the table, hence do not pay in to the system?

            Don’t take American jobs???? If they are working in America, joto, they are taking American jobs.
            Why do you libTURDs and illegal law breakers not want to “get in line”? All Europeans have to!!! My forefathers had to!!!

        • .
          Can you say “term limits”?.
          I would rather say firing squad for the traitors.

        • Dano needs to explain why the GOP who had control of Congress for a decade starting in 1995, DID NOTHING.

          The Senate passed a bipartisan bill last summer.

          The GOP in the house DID NOT bring it up because it would have passed.

          Can’t have that happen. They then have no voting issue to get you conservatives foaming at the mouth.
          Good thing for them most conservatives are clueless.

          • Odumbass has had 7 years to stem the flow of Odumbass voters. Instead you twits give them tax credits, driver’s licenses……

          • A lot of us are not clueless we see what they are doing and we are getting damn tired of it. However since we really do not like the liberal ideals and laws limiting peoples rights we vote for the lesser of two evils. We also notice the way the leadership pushes the newbies to vote against us that put them in office. The same old same old is just like a festering boil that needs to be lanced. Trump could be the lance.

          • “We also notice the way the leadership pushes the newbies to vote against us that put them in office”

            I will bet you don’t provide an example of THIS.

          • Really the wall is not necessary if all the citizens of our country had a govt. issued id card that needed to be scanned for verification of citizenship before anything could transpire. Just a few weeks ago Boehners leadership team pushed a few committee chairmen out because they dared to vote against the TPP and TPA Also the vote to remove him from leadership did not fare well for the ones that voted against him. Which means one person is trying to push all the votes regardless of the will of the people back home on the issue. By the way you really do not need to be a snot!

          • Sorry i almost forgot about the senator in Nebraska that was bribed to get a needed vote against the will of the people in jhe state to pass the ACA

          • If you think building a wall and making Mexico pay for it is a “real” idea,

            YOU ARE UNFIT TO VOTE.

          • I will bet you don’t provide an example of THIS.

      • Says the Ocumstain, leg humper.

      • headonstraight,
        Let me remind you that I did not exactly agree with Reality nor did I agree with Trump. I often do not nor does he agree with me. But we have communicated to the point of respecting each other and have had thoughtful discussions. My thanks for his good word.

        • it’s open dialogue that is IMPORTANT.

        • But I remain convinced that the cons (at least a sizable proportion of them) will lap up just about anything proposed by their hero, Trump, and without serious examination of the feasibility or consequences.

          • headonstraight,
            In responding to some of the posts here aimed at me we are in agreement. See, it can be done. I am a moderate generally but am leaning more right due to my concern for the Constitution,

          • And you comment with substance, which is appreciated, unlike the extreme wingers here, most of whom rely solely on insult and invective, often punctuated with profanity..

          • headonstraight,
            I am sure I will get charges of being a lib but so be it. I still do not embrace their way of approaching topics. These postings are to inspire thought and hopefully some answers via compromise, which is the Constitutional way of solving out problems.

          • Agreed. But the problem with the extreme right is that they do not respect compromise. It is my way of the highway and anyone who disagrees with them on even a single issue is branded a RINO.

          • WoW! How hypocritical is that!

          • headonstraight,
            So here is an old issue updated. I am surveying the conversations about the Iran deal and there is no post to get onto at the moment. So what do you and Reality think of the Iran deal? I will ask him the same thing.

          • In brief, I believe it not to be the most absolute totally best deal theoretically possible, but we can not reasonably expect to achieve a deal of that kind. It is better by far than the status quo.

          • headonstraight,
            Interesting. I have yet to hear fromSanctions Reality but he may not have gotten and message yet. I did respond to AKlady in Alaska.
            Here are my thoughts on this to date:
            1. Sanctions just do not work. They only hurt the mainstream people of any country.
            2. I see no chance for a veto override so we are going to get the deal whether anyone likes it or not.
            3. That may not be bad.
            4. As a historian I am well aware of the Islamic world and its religion, having had a Koran and digested it.
            5. So far, two wars and an invasion of Libya has produced no sort of peace.
            6. While Iran is Shiite, it is also Persian and not Arab.
            7. While Shiites rend to be more war like, Sunnis are the real source of Islam and thus more dangerous.
            8. Sunnis worry me more than Shiites.
            9. The bottom liner here is that we can take out any nuclear threat by force if need be. But then what?
            I think you can see where I am going with all this. I do not trust Islamic people at all. But there are worse scenarios here to be considered.

          • Substance? Drones and unarmed soldiers to protect our borders? HaHa!!

      • And the Obama leg humpers will sit and welcome millions more to vote Democrap and take our tax money.

    • Reality,
      A wall is a stupid idea, period. Every attempt with walls so far has failed. The same is true for fences. I would put returning troops on the border and use drones..

      • You ignorant lefties would shat your pants if ANYTHING stopped the invasion.

        • You are always the complete moron.
          First off Jerry is a bit of a righty.

          “You ignorant lefties would shat your pants if ANYTHING stopped the invasion”

          see, that tells the world you are one of the most clueless human beings live.

        • Osama,
          I believe you have read enough of my posts to know that I am far from a lefty as more often that not, I do not agree with Reality and I did not in this case. So try paying attention. I see a better remedy for border security in the form of combat prepared troops on the border. The walls and fences have not worked nor will they. Now let me add this. I side with t4rumpo in that Mexico and all of Latin America are to blame for their left leaning policies and their removal of the middle class in their countries, leaving much of the population without sufficient earning capacity and scary drug lords wreaking havoc in the populations of those countries.
          We need to put our feet down on them and end the concept of “easy street” for these folks. They are allowing and even sending their poor to us to avoid their own responsibilities. That crap has to stop. so, shut the border the right way with troops and technology and then force the people south of us to take care of their own or answer to the world if they do not.. We have enough people her that we are not really dealing with to keep us occupied for a very long time.

          • Just what will your “soldiers” carry, ARs with poseys stuck in the barrels? Technology? Cameras to take their pictures?

          • We can always trust you to be the biggest fool on the thread

          • That’s why you attack me? LMAO! What a vapid, nothing of a chick!

          • You attack with your special kind of stupid all the time.

            I do not think I have ever seen from you post something that anyone would call “thoughtful” or “intellectual”.

            Your specialty seems to be stupid, moronic or dim.

            Try challenging the person’s ideas ideas instead of inventing new ways to be the dim one on the thread

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey bitch! You having a conversation with yourself again? You need seek some mental help!!

          • Long reply if I’m so moronic! LMAO!!

          • I had to use LOTS of small words so the fool would understand.

            Of course, how would you understand, since you’re shy several loaves.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Reality is a perfect example of failed abortions!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Perfect example of a failed abortion. Probably still have a piece of the coat hanger stuck in your orb!!

          • Osama,
            What do real soldiers usually carry for ammo? Technology is also carried by real soldiers. Night vision devices come in handy. I am not sure if we have that technology yet for drones but I think so. Even so, drones can not only detect people but destroy them. I also think the military can tell who the bad guys are when they show up. It would not take long for innocents to not try to cross the border once the shooting starts. But the ability to locate illegals and stop them at gun point is a good deterrent and better than walls. Staring at a wall is one thing. Staring down a gun barrel is another. At that point you are out of options.

          • Your government will never allow live ammunition

          • Boarder patrol carry weapons fool

          • Osama,
            My government? Hardy. Your government, maybe.

      • The Great wall of China has worked for centuries. It just has to have a government that will enforce it.
        Personally I’d make a 100 yd no man zone and train snipers to enforce it.

        • TeaPartyPatriot,
          I have used that example myself in the past. In that case, the wall was lined with soldiers. There are small openings from which soldiers could observe intruders without becoming a target .But it got breached at times. I have walked a portion of the Great Wall and know just how high, long and fortified it was.

          • but it worked

          • TeaPartyPatriot,
            It worked much of the time but not always. Of course, I do not know of every incident nor do I know if anyone ever considered a tunnel or not. But you have to walk on the wall a ways to get a handle on the massiveness of it. and having soldiers on it constantly helped.

      • disqus_fPh2QejLBf

        With troops, drones and the wall? Perfect!!! Also cave in the tunnels

        • discus,
          The tunnels have been caved in frequently but new ones pop up. Some of those tunnels have been quite long. That tactic has not worked. I still think troops are the better tool. I also think our drone technology is improving to the point where they are good at detecting any tunnel digging from longer distances. They can be fitted for night use as well.
          I want to add here that Latinos are not the only folks we need border security for.

      • check out the newly remodeled fence around the White House…higher than before. Somehow they haven’t yet gotten the word that walls and fences don’t work. Odd dontcha think huh?

        • Psst.
          a fence at 1600 Pennsylvania ave with armed guards on the inside of the fence, is hardly the same as a fence in the middle of no where, with the nearest guard a 100 miles away.

          that too complicated?

        • gene,
          I agree with you in part. The White House is not thousands of miles of border but where everyone can see what its taking place in a relatively short distance. Tunnels are hardly going to work there but breeches are still occurring. Nut jobs find ways. I rather resent having to resort to such fortifications of a symbol of freedom.

          • Jerry…You are absolutely correct. However, there is a vast number of folks who see any attempt, as a failed attempt, even before anything is done. No matter the size or shape, the wall is a visible barrier that
            will enforce our nations right to sovereignty and
            let intruders know we are serious. As currently there is little or
            no visual compounded by the orders to ignore current laws by those who are the enforcers of the laws. I believe that a
            wall is important even if only as a statement, but then backed up by firm application of the laws we now have
            with firm effort that leaves no mistake about our sincerity.
            Enforcement of E-Verify with strict and horrible consequence to those who violate it, will go a long way to reenforce the wall, the
            flow will be squelched.

          • gene,
            I agree that something needs to be done yesterday. But if we have troops on the way home, let then go directly there. That way we employ those troops and keep them active and helping the economy along the border as well.

          • so much for “there is on wall”

            “As of August 29, 2008, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had
            built 190 miles (310 km) of pedestrian border fence and 154.3 miles
            (248.3 km) of vehicle border fence, for a total of 344.3 miles
            (554.1 km) of fence. The completed fence is mainly in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, with construction under way in Texas”

          • Well how very nice. And
            the Ivy that grows on it will provide homes for small rodents and shade for them as well.
            All the walls in the world are useless if the POTUS has told the Border Agents to back off and NOT ENFORCE THE JAWS.
            C’mon, use your head.

          • Ya BUT,
            Gene didn’t think there was a wall until the liberal told him.
            that’s the sad part.

          • Look DUNCE,
            Three pieces of wall in three different States and
            powerless authorities as
            some sort of GUARDS…is NO WALL AT ALL.
            C’mon, show some intelligence, surely you have at least a little?

          • I love the way the con tap dances instead of just admitting they were ill informed on the subject.

            are you also not aware that there is a large river involved?

            why do cons want to waste so much money?

          • Look idiot….you must be absent of any common sense. Small wonder you and yours have so totally F—d up this Country. NO BRAINS and an inability to even think straight.
            Now leave me out of your stupid harangue. You are a totally inept

          • One has to wonder why bother to reply at all, if not to rebut my argument.

            BUT NO.
            he responds to insult and display his lack of intellect.

          • “As currently there is little or
            no visual compounded by the orders to ignore current laws by those who are the enforcers of the laws.”


          • Please try ENGLISH along with some improved sentence structure backed by an intelligent thought or two.

      • personially I like the Idea of a fence 8′ high in the middle of a mote with the mote being 10′ deep and 20′ wide and filled with croc’s it would be cheap and I think effective

        • jsftbb,
          Nice idea. Unfortunately the bad guys have guns.

          • true but you fill both sides with croc’s and the won’t stay still long enough for them to kill them all and the fence will have razor wire at the top bot there won’t be any place to put the ladder remember the mote will be 10′ deep and the croc’s would get fed so you wouldn’t have to keep them fed.

          • jsftbb.
            I like your alternate energy solution. Good job. How kum Obama doesn’t think up stuff like this?

          • jsftbb,
            I like your alternate energy plan. So should Obama since he is on the alternate energy kick at the moment, I would email him a copy of your idea. But best get a patent first or you will lose big bucks.

      • As attractive as the Troop idea seems, you know how the DEMS. would fight that as being too “In your face militaristic” and might hurt some feelings.
        We are in a very sad state of affairs and badly in need of some sincere leadershp.

        • gene,
          Obama would but would Hillary? That does not mean I support her as she is way out there for me to support.

          • Hillary is YESTERDAY.
            Even her “Life Support” is turning against her and rightfully so.
            I doubt she will be around
            to be concerned about.

          • gene,
            I hope you are right. We shall see.

          • Bernie is going to win.
            I would not worry about Hillary.

          • Reality,
            He is as surprising as Trump.

          • Yes Jerry, I believe that even PRAYER won’t help her now. She is a goner unless POTUS jumps in with one of his presidential whatevers. But if that happened, how could even a Democrat be stupid enough to elect her?

          • gene,
            I never gave prayer any consideration for Hillary. Of course we might face Sanders. But his appeal is with the far left and not the mainstream, which means that a lot of main stream would not vote. That would open the door for a more centrist candidate. But who could win? Interssting, methinks.

          • I haven’t a single clue.
            Gore, Biden and even Kerry have all been in
            the news with their personal threats. I frankly think that if TRUMP is the Republican Candidate, the Dems. could have a real battle on their hands no matter who they put up for their side.
            It is going to be a great spectacle and will have Historic significance, of that I am certain.
            I really wish the RNC would stop their childish pranks and get behind TRUMP because I fear the consequences if they don’t…we will lose. Folks seem more determined than ever to elect a person who will honestly represent them, FINALLY.

          • Biden has been in the background and the other two have lost elections in the past. Not sterling candidates. But I think it is yet too early to tell. Trump is now bringing out some strategies which helps.

          • I believe that anyone who tries to discount TRUMP is fooling themselves and it will bite them.
            He is nobodys fool and knew from the start exactly what he was doing and the exact order he would do them. He has it all timed to keep him up front in the news every moment and it is working. The Media hates him but he forces the to cover him. Hilarious.

          • gene,
            I have not discounted Trump or any other GOP candidate yet. and I am enjoying all the publicity for free that the liberals are putting out there. I love it!

    • reality check Troll Alert . . . These same ” TROLLS” were surveyed and it was found that one out of three liberal “TROLLS” is just as dumb and gullible as the other two. This particular troll seems to have a permanent occupation as the 0webombs bum wiper..

    • How do you like your ObamaFone RC?
      He bought your vote pretty cheap huh?

      • Ronny Reagan started the FREE PHONES fool.

        I would vote for a rock called a Democrat over a POS Republican.

        a rock is much smarter.

        • Yes RC….and reading what you write, who would ever doubt your true allegiance or that you would vote Democrat “Rock”…your
          choice is quite small.

  2. Liberals asked for a PLAN, Trump gave them a plan.

    What are the chances that the plan will make them happy?
    Stick it to them Trump….

    • Liberals love the plan, not to bright conservative.

      The more stupid the better.

      Trump has not failed us.

      The fact that conservatives think it’s good plan, this testament to the lack of intellect

  3. And those increased fees will pay for the monster wall Trump is so enamored of? Dream on, Trumpster; not gonna happen! Let him and his immigration gurus put up a fee schedule and compare it to the cost of the wall. Then we shall see just how HUGE (“UGE” as alternatively pronounced by Trump) the shortfall is. But Trump’s loyal gullible sheeple dupes are easily satisfied by a “plan” with no numbers to back it up.

    • Here is the obama leg humper, head in ass. As your limp GOP and Democraps have encouraged the illiterate, poor illegals to infest America, for votes and cheap labor, it is interesting to note the usurper in the White House only encourages more. But, we are a rich country and can afford more welfare recipients and democratic voters.

      • So, how is all of this going to happen. Trump wants to deport not only illegals but also US citizens whose parents are illegal. He wants to change or reinterpret the 14th Amendment so that there is no birthright citizenship. In other words, just because you are born here, doesn’t make you an American. How is he going to do the deportations. Round them up put them into ‘processing centers’ and out goes the 11 million?

        • The enforcement of E-Verify will cause a huge number of “Self-Deportations” as that Law alone, when enforced, will cause the disappearance of the jobs they are accustomed to. TRUMP is far from being poorly informed.He knows exacly what to do and says what he believes. Anyone thinking they can put anything over on him is in for a really rough ride

        • Maybe he could use all those alleged FEMA camps that are awaiting the detention of gun owners who will be flown in via those unmarked black helicopters. Those camps would make excellent processing centers for illegal deportation. See how it all comes together! Head for the hills, Juan, Pancho, Maria!! Stock up on freeze-dried food and lay in multiple jugs of water–and maybe a little Mescal. They will have a hard time finding you back in that cave. See you there!

          • Yeah. LOL. Since FEMA has all of this black sites for putting us into concentration camps. Or maybe, have a military exercise that Texans are all paranoid to round them up. LOL.

          • HORRORS! That Jade Helm thing expanded to the whole country!!?? That is enough to wad up the panties of every wackadoodle in the country! Watch for the viral outbreak!

          • “wackadoodle”…what are you ten years old. Ha Ha Ha!

    • Michael Dennewitz


    • And you sir or mam are a very narrow minded, actually small minded FOOL.
      TRUMP will attack the problem as it has never before been attacked and whatever method he uses, he will at least
      be enforcing our LAWS.
      Perhaps it would be advisable for all of you ILLegal Lovers to check out the way MEXICO enforces their Southern Border. You will be quite surprised. And the Officials make big bucks doing it too.

      • Read all about what the President HAS DONE with respect to border security. It just might amaze even you. Without question, it will help to educate you and others who are in desperate need of reality to displace the viral nonsense most of you naively lap up:

        • Surely you gest?
          He has done ZERO and even less than that by tying the hands of the Border Agents with orders to NOT ENFORCE THE LAW.

          • I do not jest and you are carefully ignoring the truth I posted.

          • I very directly addressed your comment. He has DONE NOTHING except make matters worse or the problem would no longer exist. There now, is that more clear?

          • It is ever more clear that you have posted absolutely nothing of any substance or detail to rebut any of the detailed information in my post. All you have done is to make an unsupported blanket statement of your opinion.

          • Uh, stupid! Put out by the gubment. Hence the .gov LMAO!!

        • O.K….one more time,if the Obama bunch has done SOOOO MUCH to
          stop the Illegals at the Border….why is there so much talk of fixing the Border? You sir are the one needing to show some proof of your statement. My statements are quite clear and backed by stark evidence…so stop blathering and backup what you are failing miserably to show as any kind of fact.Come on, educate us poor folks, we are desperate for your help and advice, teach us
          with all of your superior intelligence.

          • If you have so much “stark evidence,” then out with it! Otherwise you are just making an unsupported ASSertion.

          • I am tired of your stupidity.
            The evidence is right where you and I are sitting and writig this drivel.
            If the head “man” had done such a stellar job as you state…we would not be having this exchange.
            Now please, tink abou that.therein lies your answer and maybe dwelling on it for a few days will bring it to life for you.
            any ASSertion in this is YOURS .

          • this exchange is happening because Right Wing Propaganda is control you fools, DUH

          • O.K…..You win, and we all bow to your obviously superior, and
            uncontrolled by any external sources…intelligence

          • I noticed that when you get “owned”, you stop making sense….”is control you fools”..WHAT??

          • it’s good to have my own little moron around to proof my stuff.
            good work, BOY.

          • It’s a full time job, and I want $15.00 an hour to do it. I can also get an illegal to do it, they are way smarter than your stupid ass.

          • See the above post headinass!

          • “why is there so much talk of fixing the Border?”

            are you really so shallow as to think this debate JUST STARTED?

            good god silly one.
            Ronny Reagan gave amnesty 30 years ago to illegals.

            cons are so low on info it is scary

          • As is usually the case when a Lib. mentions the Reagan Amnesty, they always fail to mention “The Rest of the Story.”
            The Reagan Amnesty was an agreed upon resolution by the Congress which had agreed, as their part of the deal, to get tight control of the Border. And as usual, they failed to carry out their part of the bargain ad here we are again.
            Please don’t continue this stupid rant. You really are at an obvious disadvantage.
            And I am tired of having
            to waste time on a closed mind…with doubt
            there even is one closed or otherwise.

          • that somehow makes the “border issue” a current problem and not a 30 year old one?

            I prove it’s been going on for decades and the con TAP DANCES.

            the disadvantage is the con brain that has been brainwashed.

          • Wow! You of course brought up Reagan, the last great president, and then had your ass handed to you by Mr. Smith. Tap dance? You frikken square danced, CHICKIE BABY!!

          • And since, we now have 11 million working under the table, receiving E.R. health care, drivers licenses, tax credits.

          • “My statements are quite clear and backed by stark evidence”

            OK LETS SEE IT!
            (like that will happen)

          • Sir….Go chase your tail
            some more, you seem to enjoy it. My attempt to get your attention has
            failed, I’m through. You are obviously incapable.Enjoy your run.

          • YOU BAILED.
            face it fool, just like all the low info cons.

            lots of HOT AIR, not one fact to back it up.

          • FOOL? O.K…..but just so you know, that is YOUR tail you are chasing. I bailed out long ago as I just do not care much for nitwits, and you qualify.

          • the BIG Problem with our country.

            IGNORANT CONS

          • And tax and spend, burn the Constitution, foam at the mouth libTURDS!

          • Without you’d have NO lies to spread.

  4. Enforce the laws we have now. E verify is in place and must be used.
    Anyone who hires an ILLEGAL and get caught should have jail time and a whopper of a fine….
    We don’t need a Steel and Concrete wall. Just have a DMZ like we had in Nam…..
    100 yds of no mans land… Easy fix…..

    • I agree, walls and fences cost too much and only inhibit wild life,, towers with infrared capability could send pictures to designated check points and use a crowd control on the illegals, when they get to a certain point, those that get away won’t be back.

    • This is the same thing I have been saying for a long time. The drug runners still will want to bring their drugs across that way so we need to find a cure for that. Once we stop the drugs from coming the drug cost will rise dramatically. I thought about like stationing the military along the river with eyes above and signs at t he river stating crossing could be hazardous to your health. We have shoot on sight orders. Then follow through if they still want to cross. Use some of the money from Mexico to pay those that guard. I am sure that the Coyote will tell them it is safe to cross. There will be nothing over her for them. No job, no phone, no money. All of the pregnant women coming across will be denied.

      • Ya, just like obamies so called mom, she was ready to pop and couldn’t board the plane in Kenya till she pooed out obamie, then she flew to Hawaii and declared he was born there, there just is not any truth there at all, and as far as the drugs coming across the border with the illegals, that is partly true, but the CIA had a big drug deal going in S.E. Asia and couldn’t have JFK getting us out on Vietnam, so they assassinated him so their crony LBJ could escalate that conflict for the money powers and the CIA could continue to flourish with no stops, look how bush ran the talibans out of Afghanistan so the could resume the poppy trade.

    • We have an illegal in the white house and he’s laughing his A$$ off knowing that he owns congress and the supreme court.

    • YES, but we do NEED that wall not the FENCE we have now.

    • Yup, yup, really easy like Nam, another failed mission by the U.S. of Amurika.

  5. If all administrations had followed the law signed by Reagan we would not even need reform. We would already have the wall up. Lawlessness has created this mess. Obama should be impeached for this. But NOOOOOO! So now Trump is trying to actually do what the law already states and the nedia goes nuts. Trump has not said ANYTHING astonishing in any normal campaign. It is the media establishment that inflates every Trump comment to read things into them to destroy Trump. Then they blame Trump for setting the agenda that the media magnified. Their plan is back-firing because we now how these things work and voters are rebelling.

  6. If you remove the political bias from a common sense scenario, Trump’s plan is a brilliant masterpiece.
    Just remember what Mark Twain said: “A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”

  7. GO TRUMP its time this was enforced we are a kind and giving people but we have ben taken advantage of!

  8. You have to ask yourself…..Why does the RNC and Reince Peiebus dislike Mr. TRUMP so intensly? Could they have some sort of subversive thoughts?
    We need TRUMP and must fight for his being allowed into,
    not drummed from the Race.
    PLEASE RNC….allow the People to speak.

    • Just because he makes conservatives look like idiots is no reason to hate Trump.

      The fact that you follow Trump who has given No specific policy statements, other than his immigration reform, kind of demonstrates how shallow the conservative voter IS.

      “Vote for me and I’ll tell you my plan”, is not the kind of partition we are interested in.

      Take Bernie Sanders for example, he is laid out his positions very clearly.
      He also is in NOT a constant flip-flopper like Donald Trump.

      Let’s remember Donald has already flip-flopped on Planned Parenthood in less than a week.

      Oh and who can forget the Donald supports universal socialist healthcare.

      Conservatives don’t care about details.
      Conservatives care about GOOD TALKING POINTS, Screw substance!

      • “Just because he makes conservatives look like idiots is no reason to hate Trump” ….Only in your tainted, libTURD brain……”Vote for me and I’ll tell you my plan”, is not the kind of partition we are interested in.” Must have gotten that from Nancy Pusslosi, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it .”
        “how shallow the conservative voter IS.”….you must forget the libTURDS that voted for Obongoboy solely cause he would be our first black president, or Ohillary.
        Socialist BURNie has laid out his plan to buy his voting base. Free educations etc. Standard democrat tactics.
        Let’s remember Oblame0 flipped on gay marriage.

        Chickie gets his facts from Factivist where they school turds on how to reply to Real conservative thinkers.

  9. disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    TRUMP IS going to save America!!!! I LOVE LOVE the MASS Deportation!!! FINALLY!!! I would say ONLY only allow well educated people in, the poor cause way to much trouble and destroy OUR communities!!!

    • Another conservative who believes in fairy-tales.

      You really think they will deport million people?
      I have land for you in Florida you will be interested in

    • It would be funny if you were included in the round up by mistake, ’cause ya’ know a lot would be.

      • Your name says it all you birkenstock wearing more than likely seriously under educated liberal drone!! The days of Liberal gibberish and stupidity is what has caused world wide problems of a magnitude the likes of which we have never seen, the invasion of Western Society’s by a lower class – like yourself – who do NOTHING to improve a nation, but destroy it.

        89% of Americans want the immigration to STOP, 89%!!! They also want mass deportation, and Trump is correct in saying those that actually have something to contribute to the American society – and that does not include lawn care and McDonalds by the way, you know YOUR kind of work??? Any how I digress, Trump and the real Americans, educated and earning our way want the mooches and losers OUT. Since you are clearly stupidly liberal, and hey that is your choice, but deal with the FACT that the days of the ‘Politically Correct’ nonsense your kind spews are OVER!!! It is about time!! We have freedom of speech, and the vibe across this country is enough!

        I feel sorry for you, I really do. You are clearly out of touch with what is truly happening in the world. Your parents are either just as pathetic as you or are VERY ashamed of you. Either way? You are quite a spectacle. I hope you wise up young man. FAST. YOUR very life and security or you and your children depend on it.

        Also? Your rant against the Jewish community shows how ignorant you really are. Beyond pathetic.

        • Your name should be “bubbleboy,” because you view the world from inside you wittle tiny bubbie. Didn’t Romney’s loss teach you anything you ignorant fool?

  10. finally somebody that’s not scared to tackle the mexican immigration problems including these birth babies that are not citizens but have birth certificates and all the illegals that are draining our social systems

    • That provision of the 14th amendment was intended for the newly freed African slaves and not for illegal aliens. The 14th amendment also says that we are all entitled to equal protection of the law. It is obvious that Kate Steinle didn’t have equal protection of the law with Obama and his family.

      I was in favor of both Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. But now Carly says she is in favor of the anchor babies and Ben says he is in favor of ending the anchor baby loophole. That right there puts me in favor of Ben Carson. Trump is great, but I don’t think that he can deliver on all of his promises.

      The only way that I would even consider voting for Hillary would be if the Republican nominee was al-Baghdadi. Then I might just stay home on election day.

      • Trump “delivers” all right. He delivers loads of simplistic bombast, as he haughtily and boastfully preens and struts, easily corralling the naive sheeple who buy into his demagoguery.

        • Well I just hope that Trump can deliver on a few of his promises. He is not on the top of my list but it doesn’t really matter since by the time the primary gets to California it’s all over anyway.

      • The 14th Amendment says “All persons….”, not “All former slaves.” Do you understand the meaning of “ALL”?

        • Perhaps the authors of the amendment should have done a better job writing it. I wonder if it was their intention for the American people to be forced to support the moochers from Mexico. We are victims of intolerable abuse of this clause. Either it needs to be repealed or states need to start seceding from the union.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Not to mention the THOUSANDS of mooselums the lil bastard is allowing to enter, just so he can build his own personal army.. Here’s a good one for ya. The VA facility I go to HAS NO CHAPEL, but the Orlando Int. Airport just spent $250,000. to have a special “prayer” room built, just for the damned mooselums!!

    • Just abort them and sell their body parts to ISIS.

  11. Maybe we can deport politicians that are against sensible solutions

    • It be nice to get rid of all those conservatives.

      The Senate passed the immigration bill last summer. Bipartisan even.
      The GOP won’t even take it up.

      Who do you think standing in the way of immigration reform?

    • That sounds too simple, the borders have been open for many yrs. career politicians are the main problem, they get life time pension and healthcare after one term in office, since they make the laws, how do we get any laws passed that would actually benefit the people, we are all slaves, we work for yrs to own a house, but our communist politicians put property on us so if we don’t pay servitude to them, they confiscate our property for pennies on the dollar, look at the democracy we live in tax for every item, bribes for special interest groups, I know this got away from immigration but you need to look at the big picture, immigration is only a drop in the bucket compared to all the other scams they run on us, I personally believe we should deport all illegals and their families and no birthright citizenship, an illegal and all their offspring are born illegal. The big business that want cheap labor should got to Mexico to do their business or china for slave labor, at least they wouldn’t over tax our welfare program.but without the Tariff being reinstated and NAFTA being abolished, we will continue to be slaves to the powers that be.

      • “they get life time pension and healthcare after one term in office,”

        NO THEY DON’T.

        it’s prorated on time in office.
        1) Members of Congress get full pensions for life after serving just one term.

        The Congressional retirement system is very similar to that of federal
        civilians. It’s true that a member of Congress can become eligible for
        retirement benefits after a minimum of 5 years of service if they’re
        age 62 or older, but only for a partial pension.

        To qualify for a pension a member of Congress must meet one of the following service and age requirements:

        5 years of service and age 62
        20 years of service and age 50
        25 years of service at any age
        Like the military retirement system, Congressional retirement pay is
        calculated on a combination of their average high-three years of salary
        and a multiplier based on their length of service.

        It’s also
        worth pointing out that members of Congress contribute to their own
        retirement and pay Social Security taxes. Once retired their Cost of
        Living Adjustments (COLA) are sometimes held artificially below the
        Consumer Price Index (CPI) which measures inflation.

        look things up.
        stop lying on the internet

  12. Enforce the laws we have now…Immigration has been avoided for 40 years…Now it’s a problem…Process the ones playing by the rules…I agree with Trump on closing the border…If we have to do it with troops do it…However if you are born here you are a citizen of the U.S… Marco Rubio is a credit to the human race and belongs here and there are probably a lot more like him…They belong here…We have a POTUS in office now that thinks he’s smatter then the constitution of the U.S.A and I will not support or vote for any one that wants to run the U.S with a bunch of crooked lawyers …Of The People, For The People and By The People….Period….

    • So you support “DREAMERS”.
      So does the president.

      The party you vote for doesn’t support DREAMERS.
      I wonder why the GOP didn’t do anything about the border when they had control of Congress for a decade, starting in 1995.

      They managed to balance the budget long with Clinton, they do anything about immigration?

      Hell no.
      “We like cheap labor and the GOP work for us”

      • Yes we support “dreamers” stupid, every paycheck! Screw the GOP and your putrid party of FREE STUFF. LibTURDS want the votes and welfare base that will rely on them, and GOP pukes want cheap labor. WE would like present imm. laws followed and the illegal felons off the streets. Now chickie, tell me how they only want a better life.

  13. More BS….
    Here is my plan….simple and legal and constitutional……..

    • I have a feeling you vote for the party that’s not supporting that.

      • There is no party that is supporting that at this time. The Democratic party is the rectum of the body politic in America and most of the upper Republican leadership are hemorrhoids dangling from it.

        • “Congressional Republicans Blocking E-Verify Get an Earful”

          “Boehner blocking E-verify?”

          The ones bought and paid for by the corporations are the ones blocking E-Verify enforcement.

          Pretty much all the GOP and a large portion of the Dems.

          Until we get the money out of politics, it is not going to change.
          The sooner you conservatives face up to that fact, the sooner we can fix it.

          • “Pretty much all the GOP and a large portion of the Dems.”

            Actually it’s just the “hemorrhoid” portion of the Repubs and nearly all the Dems
            because they want the illegal’s votes.

            “Until we get the money out of politics, it is not going to change.”

            What you aren’t saying and really mean is, “get all the money from conservatives out of
            politics, but don’t touch the Unions or George Soros.”

          • illegals can’t vote moron.

            care to PROVE they DO?

          • even the Huff post is an “opinion piece”.

            WHAT FOOL links to an “opinion piece”?

            since ALL these cons know about the illegals voting, WHY don’t do something about IT?

            You fools have been saying this for decades.

            are you all too stupid to fix it?
            why has NO ONE gone to jail?

            does the low info human know that there is a GOP and DEM at EVERY polling station, WHO ARE IN CHARGE of that station to create fairness.

            My Question is WHY do you cons send the most STUPID humans to do that job?

            WHY are they letting a bus load of illegals come in and vote at THEIR polling Station?

            are illegals SO CLEVER?
            or the cons just SO STUPID?

          • When you have politicians stuffing their pockets with cash and votes from illegals and others that can’t vote who are you going to tell??????? All the politicians are crocked so are they going to change the law or do the right thing???? NO. We need to start over completely and that starts with Trump in 2016

          • “When you have politicians stuffing their pockets with cash and votes
            from illegals and others that can’t vote who are you going to tell”

            such a disingenuous cop out.

            so are all the GOP taking bribes from illegals TOO?

            how about ANY Of the politicians that say they are about fair elections.
            how about a conservative COP.
            how about a GOP poll worker.

            how do the GOP controlled states get that way IF the Dems have all these illegal voters?

            they only work on presidential ballots?
            Funny, I though ALL the candidates were on THE SAME BALLOT.

            your stupid theories have SO MANY HOLES, it’s sad that you low IQ voters think they will fly with the “normal” people.

          • Conservatives are so ignorant and stupid!

          • “WHAT FOOL links to an “opinion piece”?
            What fool publicly displays his brainwashed “opinion” with no substantiation and expects respect from educated and experienced folks?
            Opinions? Did you even check the documentation I provided? No of course not, your liberal indoctrination is, after all, more accurate than mere facts.
            The first link proved that the woman investigated was registered to vote and claimed to have done so, but told the clerk of the court she “couldn’t do jury duty, because she wasn’t a US citizen”. Many other Factual examples are provided for you. What then follows details the whole dirty story of the Progressives effort to grow a huge illegal alien voting scheme to keep your kind in offices around the Republic.
            Follow all the information and educate yourself.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            She/It’s not going to check anything. Their pay depends on how much bullshit they can make you believe!!! HAHAHAHA

          • “expects respect from educated and experienced folks”

            well there are none of those people here.

            take YOU for example.

          • That would mean the idiot liberal may have to gasp, WORK a bit. Your posts are well written.

          • The demoncraps are that much bullies! They allow black panthers to stand around polling stations with clubs and “threatening” looks and attitudes to anybody they think won’t vote their way. Where have you been – back under that rock you crawled out from under?

          • there were TWO black guys IN FRONT of a polling station IN A BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD, not too well informed con.

          • Two, sometimes three black thugs in front of the polling station with black night sticks which they were wielding and exposing brazenly to anyone approaching the bldg. to vote. And don’t start name-calling lib, if you want a friendly discourse, fine. but when you start calling names like “con” you will be like responded to.

          • “not too well informed con” is hardly an insult.
            THIS is a very well documented incident.
            STOP trying to rewrite history.

            you COULD post a link to prove your point, but I am doubting that is going to happen.

            Did you miss the part about it being in a BLACK neighborhood?

            2 black dudes are not intimidating to other blacks.

            AND any white who live in the black neighborhood, are also comfortable with big black dude.

            only the silly white folk are afraid of blacks.

          • I don’t need to post any “links”. These guys were on the news for days after voting was done. News reports did NOT indicate at any time that it was a “BLACK neighborhood”. In fact in the news videos, there was a WHITE person on the phone standing in the frame where the intimidating blacks were pacing!!! So, prove that it was a black neighborhood, please.

            Also, black “dudes” are not only intimidating to other blacks … black “dudes” are murdering other blacks WAY MORE OFTEN THAN WHITES ARE MURDERING BLACKS! This is an official statistic taken from national and local crime records and was a broadcast news item just today. The anarchists “Black Lives Matter” are desperately trying to prove otherwise, however. Luckily we have the Net, and conservative talk radio to keep the truth out therel

            Next – ? As for “only the silly white folk are afraid of blacks.” Well, I hope you aren’t classifying me as “silly white folk” because that would mean you make snap judgments without the facts. That would mean you are opinion driven, not fact driven. Just so you know, I used to date a black man; I have two Blacks in my family and one Japanese.

            That should dispel anyone’s idea that I am a racist!

            Thanks for the opportunity to help enlighten you. I hope you take it in the spirit it was intended.

          • ” Luckily we have the Net, and conservative talk radio to keep the truth out there”

            conservative talk radio lies to each and every day.

            how else do you get so ignorant?



          • Ahhh, now we’re getting down to it … the insulting begins. Ok, here ya go … it’s idiots like you who swill the kool-aid of the leftwing lunatic lugnuts that seems to bolster your ego into thinking you are intelligent. For your edification, oh misled one, I would trust the net and conservative talk radio ten thousand times before I would trust one lying stinkin’ lamestream alphabet network, HoPo, Underground Vermin, or ANY progressive, socialist, marxist, commie, nazi “news” organization – no matter what category – that you rely on. In fact, your obvious ignorance is only surpassed by your unmitigated arrogance.

            Now that I have wasted at least an hour on your snot face – you can find someone else to badger, because I don’t swap insults with the likes of you. So be advised, IF you are dumb enough to send me another response, you will be deleted without reading. I have spent my last second on your nasty, uninformed carcass!

          • “because I don’t swap insults with the likes of you,” which suggests that you still swap insults nonetheless. Pointless. Perhaps swapping spit with your boyfriend would be more appropriate.

          • Pathetic post – even from you PL. You have nothing to be proud of – liberalism is a mental disorder; ask anybody who can think. Now go play on the interstate at rushhour!

          • Original Rebel? What is so funny about the liberals? They DO resort to name calling and stupidity when confronted with truth and facts. You are spot on. We laugh at liberals all the time.

          • Yeah, sometimes my ribs hurt from laughing at their ridiculous statements.

          • Original Rebel…you’re not too original.

          • And you aren’t too proud – if you’re a liberal because that’s nothing to be proud of!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Asshole! You’d sell out your own mother just to make your dumbass point. Do you damned TROLLS actually get paid THAT well???

          • THIS is our civic duty.
            letting the moronic pollute the internet with fairy tales and vomit is just not Patriotic.

          • Dennewitz, they haven’t shipped you out to a extermination camp yet…Jew scum.

          • Again with the Nazi post. I hope you get just what they got, only sooner.


          • Michael Dennewitz

            If illegals cannot vote then how the hell did the present porch monkey get the white house? Got news for you MORON, even dead people voted for the little halfbreed, Velcro headed asshole!!

          • B. Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim from Kenya – was raised in Chicago under close supervision of Alinsky and Rev. Wright; you now that city – “vote early and often!” city.

          • Since the sodomite in chief was part of Chicago gay club, looks like Alinsky and the rev write are sodomites too, look at sly old closet queer jimmy carter, he told us we were about to get a homosexual president, now he says Jesus would condone it, only another sodomite would state that!

          • Dennewitz, say isn’t that a Jew name? WTF, you should be in a shower breathing in some Zyklon B. Jews are dumber than I thought.

          • You sound like a Nazi!

          • Well, there’s been plenty of lawsuits involving voters known as “Mickey Mouse, Elmer Fudd, dead people names taken from cemetaries, etc., etc., ad infinitum. THAT’S HOW OBAMALINSKY GOT THE OFFICE IN THE FIRST PLACE. A whole bunch of bought and paid for lying lib lugnut lunatics to “autograph” the voter roles! Lawsuit after lawsuit – look it up! Oh and I read that the military votes were “too late” to be counted; that had an effect as well. Illegals vote all the time – where have you been? Why do you think E-verify and fines of employers is being considered to control that fact. Why do you think legal citizens are backing the VOTER ID law? C’mon RC, you’re not going to get away with that crap on this site.

          • BUT,
            the challenged con couldn’t link to any.

          • Well, I can’t either, but I remember hearing and reading about it … many times and many places, which made me wonder why the hell something wasn’t being done about it!!!!!

          • Exactly, their brains are quite thick.


          • Reality Check- These people are idiots and don’t care for facts.

          • NO FOOL,
            I mean publicly funded elections that have no outside money.

            If you cons had brains, this would be much easier to fix.

          • You’ve pretty much shot your wad here, Unreality chick. People are snickering at you.
            But blather on if you wish.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Can you even begin to imaging how f—-d up this country would further be if we put all these dumbass trolls in charge? OMG !!

          • No, it’s Oh No, there is no God!

          • EXACTLY. And that’s also what makes Trump so attractive. He isn’t bound by a bunch of money-grubbing, greedy corporate/media/wallstreet moguls. He’s independently wealthy and I do believe he can’t be bought!!!!

          • That is what is freaking the liberals out.

          • I wonder how they would react to Carson? That would really freak them out because he’s got common sense and he’s soft spoken; no braggadoccio there – just good common sense and he loves America – that’s extremely plain to see. Cruz would probably give them the willies too! Love it. 😉

          • I would like to believe that, he sounds good but so did JFK, the government is run by the powers that be, not either political party, and the media tells us lie after lie to program the people for them and yes it’s all about money, it buys corruption most of us would never believe.
            Just like the ones who think obama is a Christian with an Islamic name, it wouldn’t be any more plain if he had a swastika on his forehead like charles mason.

          • You’re partly right Al.k. But, remember Kennedy was groomed for the Presidency just like Obama. Trump is not; in fact, he’s being resisted because he does have a common message for us common people. My picks would be Carson and Cruz. But if Trump is the nominee, then I will vote for him because I do think some of his ideas are great!

          • Yes they were groomed to carry out the will of the powers that be, on the other hand Trump is a business man and don’t need to be groomed for interests of any special interests groups, then again we don’t elect the president, they control that too, they only have open borders to throw us off quibbling about how and who stole the election. Trump makes far more sense than the groomed pods we have had, JFK was for the people, this traitor in chief has committed far more acts of treason than Hitler did, he just hasn’t took complete control yet, check out the plans listed on the Georgia Guide stones, it’s all in their plan. I would really like the results of a DNA test on the sodomite chieftain, see if he is any part human or like the serpent in the garden.

          • Apparently you think Carson and Cruz have been groomed, Trump has business knowledge, a country without business leadership can’t really function, but who is doing the grooming, the communists that control the islamic we now have, look at all the islamics that have been installed in the government since the current traitor was installed, it don’t really matter who we vote for, the Illuminati will put their man/woman in and the media will tell us who won. My problem with Carson is his wanting compulsory vaccination. He did say we don’t need a muslim president, that in itself is very commendable and should he be ushered in, hopefully he would undo what the muslim in chief has done to this country.

          • I’m reasonably sure that if Dr. Carson were to initiate compulsory immunizations he would run into staunch resistance – as long as we have the House and Senate, of course. And Dr. Carson has the most common sense I’ve seen in a long time; and that’s a rare thing in today’s population. Please note that “compulsory immunizations” are probably the farthest thing from his mind at this time, what with the condition of the country in areas that are much more worrisome.

            But as to your other statements – I gave no indication that I thought Carson and Cruz were “groomed”. It’s pretty well known that obamalinsky was groomed for the presidency as was John Kennedy. His old man practically bought the presidency for him. But that’s not the subject matter here.

            If you care to follow up on your “illuminati” comment, here’s a link that EVERYBODY should be reading:


          • ConservativeValuesVoter

            1. We demand the union of all in the United States on the basis of the principle of self-determination of all conservative citizens.

            2. We demand the United States citizens have rights equal
            to those of other nations; and that all previous Treaties made by the Democrat Party shall be repealed.

            3. Only those who are our fellow conservative countrymen may become citizens. Only those who have United States blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no aliens can be United States citizens.

            4. The 14th amendment shall be repealed and those who are not citizens must not reside in the United States and will be returned to their countries of origin forthwith.

            5. The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the United States shall belong only to conservative citizens. We therefore demand that no public office, of whatever nature, whether in the federal government, state governments, or the municipalities, shall be held by
            anyone who is not a conservative citizen.

            6. We demand the United States shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently Christian life and the ability to earn an honest livelihood. If it should not be possible
            to feed the whole population, then aliens (non-citizens) will be expelled from the United States.

            7. Any further immigration of non-United States citizens will be prevented. We demand that all non-United States citizens who have entered our country since January 21, 2017, shall be compelled to leave the United
            States immediately; forcefully and forthwith.

            8. All United States citizens of conservative Christian persuasion must possess equal rights and duties.

            9. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the conservative Christian community.

            Therefore we demand:

            10. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

            11. Since every war imposes on the people sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as corporate profit.

            12. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound conservative middle-class.

            13. We demand political reform in accordance with national requirements, and the enactment of laws to expropriate liberals without compensation in any way for the common conservative cause.

            14. We demand ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the United States. Traitors (i.e. liberals) are to be punished regardless of creed or race.

            15. We demand that all former liberal laws be replaced by United States common sense conservative laws.

            16. In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious United States citizen to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to
            reach into positions of Conservative Leadership, the United States government must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire conservative cultural system of the citizenry. Conservative curricula of
            all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life and will be taught in schools from the outset.

            17. We demand the abolition of the regular army and the creation and robust maintenance of a National Militia comprised of conservative principles
            in accordance with the Second Amendment and the teachings of the Christian Bible.

            18. We demand that there be legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political liberal lies and disseminate them through all liberal mainstream media conduits.

            In order to make possible the creation of a unified
            National Conservative Press, we demand:

            (a) All editors, writers and their assistants on newspapers, websites and media outlets be published in the American language and shall be by conservative United States citizens without exception

            (b) Non-United States newspapers, websites and media outlets shall only be published with the express permission of the Conservative Party. They will not be published in any foreign language.

            (c) All financial interests in any way adversely affecting conservative United States newspapers, websites and media outlets shall be forbidden, and we demand the punishment for transgression of this law be the immediate suppression and/or elimination of the said liberal media
            conduits and the expulsion of any non-United States citizens and/or liberal United States citizens from its borders.

            19. We demand freedom for The Christian Faith in the United States, and any liberal influences that endanger its existence or offend the moral and ethical sense of the United States citizenry will be extinguished.

            20. In order to carry out this program we demand: the
            creation of a strong Christian Church of the United States of America, and the unconditional authority by the political conservative federal and state governments to uphold all Christian institutions.

            The leaders of the Conservative Party shall promote the execution

            of the foregoing points at all costs, if necessary at the sacrifice of their

            own lives.

          • Good grief, who let you escape?

        • Love your description of the political scene at present and you have nailed it. They are all parasites who need to go away to some distant place where they will never be heard from again.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        T R O L L A L E R T !!
        T R O L L. A L E R T !!

      • Hey,
        Check this…..
        You are right… doesn’t matter which party I vote for. Neither truly supports enforcing existing law….else it would be done.
        But, to be sure, I did not vote demonrat

      • Michael Dennewitz

        M O R O N. T R O L L !!

      • No chicky baby, he’s is a legal, conservative American.

    • Gasp! The way millions of LEGAL Americans have?? The horror!


  14. Make it happen…
    Long overdue.

  15. Good luck with the part about the “Impounding” of all “remittance payments derived
    from illegal wages”.

    Presumably, he’s talking about the illegals sending money back to Mexico. How does he think he’s gonna do that, start ripping open US mail? Take over PayPal? I suppose he could make it a requirement that one prove legal citizenship to use the Postal Money Order system, but that could lead to complications also.
    Seems to me that it would be much more effective to come down hard on those who are paying the illegal wages, but of course that wouldn’t directly lead to any renenue to pay for the wall.

    • PLEASE try to understand something….THEY ARE ILLEGAL.
      That to me means ILLEGAL. The rule of law should rule all decisions and plans and not be so misunderstood or misapplied.
      They are illegal…got it? ILLEGAL.

      • over staying you visa is not a felony.
        misdemeanor only.

        not until you come back again.

        • Hey RC… are picking nits Don’t lose the thread.
          Illegal is illegal, big, small, medium sized, or
          barely at all…it is still Illegal and all who are Illegal know they are. So please, understand and focus on the problem ILLEGAL FOLKS HERE AND WE DO NOTHING> O>K>?

        • And again and again as did your twerp in that grand sanctuary city of FRISCO!

      • gs, I understand illegal and agree with you. Now tell me how Trump will get the money to pay for the wall from the $ illegals are sending home to Mexico, which of course was my point. He let his mouth overload his brain.

        • O.K. H>S>…I sense some negativity in your tone regarding Mr. Trump. I can understand this as he is someone who can be brash.
          As for his plan to build a wall that Mexico WILL pay for it is a simple formula.
          The Officials in charge of such things can outright agree to pay, and
          this is somewhat likel;y or The United States can place a Tariff on goods being imported into the U.S. until the WALL outlay is reimbursed. In as much as they currently pay ZERO and we are suffering mightily because of the Mexican folks living here illegally, it should ne a no-brainer for Mexico to just pay for the WALL and count their blessings.
          And instead of nit picking what he says, why don’t you open your mind to the possibility that FINALLY someone is actually going to address the ILLEGAL Immigration problem instead of doing the usual tap-dance around the whole mattter.
          OPEN YOUR MIND sir, it will be enlightening.
          And thanks for taking the time to have your concerns met with.

          • Sorry, Gene, there are no such things as officials in charge of illegal aliens sending money home to family in Mexico. I’m sure our government can find a lot of ways to make Mexico foot at least a portion of the bill for the wall (which should have been finished long ago), but Impounding of all remittance payments sent back to families in Mexico isn’t one of them.
            I’m not tap dancing around anything here and I will gladly vote for Mr. Trump if he gets the Republican nomination, but in regard to the particular point I raised, he’s talking through his hat. (and my mind was open enough to recognize that.)

          • Hey H>S>>>I think you somehow lost the thread of this conversation.
            I was referring ONLY to the WALL and nothing else.
            Briefly, The U.S. can either be reimbursed by the Mexican Government for the cost of the WALL or suffer the application by the U>S. Govt. of a TARIFF on goods imported to the U.S. until the amount of the collected TARIFF pays for the WALL.
            And I am happy you are a TRUMP supporter but would advise you that at anytime you start to think and believe that he is incorrect and talking through his hat, as you stated, my suggestion would be that you take a look at his record of success in his LIFETIME, he is nobodys fool and any who suspect he is somehow a dumb-shit had best rethink that position.
            Thanks, Gene

          • GS, I think that I have a pretty good handle on the thread of this conversation, since I started it. I will reproduce the sentence from Mr. Trump’s own plan as it was presented in the above article:

            “Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things, impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages, increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them), increase fees on all border crossing cards – of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays), increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays), and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico (Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options).”
            You will note that the quoted portions in my opening sentence from 5 days before this, directly deals with the first example of what the United States will do, until Mexico pays for the wall. This is a direct response to Mr. Trump’s statement, as presented in the the PND article.

          • O.K…..Now I see your
            I was replying from the one piece shown.
            Look, Here is how I see this entire TRUMP matter.I believe that with him we are dealing with a clearly successful businessman, not a politician. We all know well the disappointments we have had with taking for fact all the B/S fed us by a whole series and bunch of career politicians. These folks have far more interest in their reeletion than in anything having to do with the FOLKS.
            I see TRUMP as a person who will do what he says and to the very best of his stated purpose, accomplish great things for our Country.
            I know how good he is by the sheer panic he is causing in both Political Parties who see him as a certain destroyer of their way of doing things, few of which have much at all to do with the proper running of this Country. Read about the Soros connection to all of this and to a lot of them.
            So, I do not see how each and every thing TRUMP says can play out quite as he states it, but I do appreciate that he will address all promises and will do his best in all things he attempts.
            In the meantime, he is his own person and not FOR SALE…..gene

  16. Michael Dennewitz

    HOT DAMN! You got em running scared Mr Trump!! HA! GO TRUMP GO!! WOOHOO!!!!

  17. It’s the dumocrats, liberals and Rino’s who are for more illegals which equals more voters, especially for the left.

    • Why would rhinos support illegals who vote for Democrats?

      If you had a brain, it would occur to you, that that makes little sense.

      • Rinos want to keep their power and money talks b.s. walks. If they appear to support leaving the invaders alone, they are after the Latino vote or supplying cheap labor for campaign friendly business. However the legal immigrants are against amnesty for the illegals after going through the process to be here honestly.

  18. Obama and Border Security:–gotcha TRUTH right heah!

    Read all about what the President HAS DONE with respect to border security. Without question, it will help to educate so many wingnuts who are in desperate need of reality to displace the viral nonsense most of them gullibly lap up:

  19. Orville M Lister


  20. What else would you expect from GOP candidates? Especially when we now have a president who refuses to enforce existing immigration laws? Trump is hitting squarely on conservative frustrations. Hopefully more Republican candidates grow a set of balls like Trump. This is what is needed to stir up a stale and stagnant GOP.

    • “Especially when we now have a president who refuses to enforce existing immigration laws?”
      You’re an embarrassment to hippies everywhere.

      Statistics show that the old hippie is pretty ignorant of facts

  21. Some interesting ideas in the Trump proposal. Equally interesting is the likely fact that the ideas offered will go nowhere, under he present administration.

    • That is because his ideas are STUPID.

      I mean seriously.

      He is going to make Mexico pay for the construction of the wall?
      That you low functioning people believe that, is very scary

  22. I told you TPs and Repubs are sick people. They have been cursing that Obama let immigrants stay here. But they do not have idea how immigration should be handled. All they do is to whine.

  23. Michael Dennewitz

    Can you even begin to imagine how much worse off we’d be if all the dumbass trolls ran everything!!??

  24. Mexico has been working with obama for years to give taxpayer money to Mexico for some unknown reason. Perhaps so they would empty their jails and send us some of their worst criminals and cause chaos. Also, all though illegals who are working here illegally are sending money back to Mexico and social security checks are also being sent to mexican nationals who worked here illegally and now collect social security although they never paid into it as they were illegal and paid “off the books”.

    • “Mexico has been working with obama for years to give taxpayer money to Mexico for some unknown reason”

      I am pretty confident that Mary will never try and prove her crap.

  25. You are the idiot Reality Check! Do you have any clue what RINO stands for? Go back in your hole where your brain functions better!

    • to hard to post to MY post?

      yes fool , I do now what Rino means.
      Do the Rinos constitute the party in the majority right now?

      was there a point you were trying to make?

      or you just felt the need to be ignorant on the internet?

      see, if they support illegals voting, THAT makes it against their interest of keeping IN POWER.
      not a hard concept for normal people.

  26. Your are the fool reality check. You obviously don’t get it. I guess my only point now that you opened your shit hole is that you are the moron in the house

    GO TRUMP !!!

  28. I have given this a lot of thought, in my opinion, vote for Trump 2016. We cant allow Hillary and Michelle to win , I thought they didn’t like each other, I think Valerie is doing a lot of thinking along with her best friend Pelosi. yuk
    They are the war on women.

  29. Just for laughs,I thought that I might offer what some, perhaps many, might describe as a ridiculous idea, re our immigration “problems”. Outlandish as it might seem, the deportation of illegal immigrants and individuals accompanying them deserves serious consideration, and action .

  30. These law breaking illegals have not one bit of respect for our laws or us citizens, they are emulating barack hussein obama who has no respect for our laws or the citizens of America. obama appease the terrorist of this world and the law breaking illegals and the criminals, and he dams the American citizens.

  31. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    TRUMP is our answer to our problems that we have now. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  32. This man, DJT is transforming himself into the best policy maker/problem solver that this country has seen since Ron Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower. I have donated to his campaign twice to show my love & support. Come on people, give what you can. Donald

  33. THIS IS EXACTLY THE POLICY WE NEED isn’t it?? It makes so much sense and is do-able, just not POPULAR if you want to exploit and ruin a good country like USA. . .people, we NEED to vote for Mr Trump so we can get sanity and our country BACK. GO TRUMP

  34. who is knocking on the door at night?

    A knock on the door at night could be your end. Unless: Do you want to wait until the government bans every protection against the evildoers? Hillary is coming and it’s no joke, you’re going to be in grave danger soon.
    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Unregistered unknown to the government protection is a must and a good investment. Need protection but don’t want the F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
    This one is pocket size:
    All legal (for now anyway)

  35. Put up a double fence and enforce the laws. Fine the hell out of anyone who hires an illegal. That’ll do it.

  36. “No one’s foolish enough to believe that you can magically fix our broken immigration system with a snap of your fingers . . . ” says the story. The system was not broken but sabotaged by politicians. Dwight Eisenhower corrected it in ninety days. It could be corrected in ninety days again, and a double cyclone fence twenty feet high could be built from the west coast to Corpus Christi, Texas in one year. That could be patrolled constantly. Anyone with a smidgen of determination could do it. Then make it illegal with huge fines to employ an illegal alien. And stop calling them illegal immigrants. They are alien invaders.

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