Trump Power: 67% Drop in Illegal Crossings Through March

According to David Aguilar, the former acting head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, illegal immigration over the Mexican border has plummeted under the new management style of Mr. Donald J. Trump. In testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday, Aguilar said the numbers were only continuing to recede from the dark days of the Obama administration.

In February, the administration reported that the number of apprehended illegal immigrants had fallen 40% from the year before. Aguilar said the numbers through March were even more impressive.

“It’s actually up to a 67% drop compared to last year,” he said.

If that figure holds up – and it would be in line with the official numbers we’ve seen since Trump took office – it’s an astounding testament to what you can do with just a little bit of will. Because while Trump has stepped up hiring and taken the reigns off immigration agents, most of this comes down to atmosphere. Illegal immigrants no longer have a thick, juicy carrot to chase. Instead, they know they are heading into hostile territory – into a land that now takes its sovereignty a bit more seriously than it did before.

By the time all is said and done, we may not even need that big, beautiful wall anymore. Maybe all we needed was someone in the White House who actually thinks it’s important to enforce the law. Imagine that.

When you really start looking at these numbers, you begin to realize just how bad things were under the last moron. After eight years, you get a little desensitized to it. You begin to think, Welp, I guess this is about as good as it gets. And then someone comes along with the courage to follow through on their convictions…and look what happens. Suddenly, we see results. Suddenly, we see just how badly Barack Obama failed.

And now you can see why Democrats are so desperate to get Donald Trump out of the White House. Things are moving much too quickly for them to even get a handle on it. The big illusion – that America just has to be this mediocre land of bad jobs and social unrest – is starting to crack. People are beginning to remember how great this country used to be and they’re beginning to believe that it could be that great again. Democrats create and thrive on suffering.

Three months in, and we’re already in business. Let’s keep it rolling.

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  1. NO ILLEGALS< NO WAY, and at NO time! NO Freebees and NO work for Illegals! Get legal, speak the language or get OUT!

  2. The easiest way to stop the other 33% is to transplant some alligators from Florida to the Rio Grande. I mean after all alligators have to eat too.

    • We already HAVE alligators here in the swampy areas. Problem is that most of it is dryish until you reach the bayous south of Houston.

  3. Wow! President Trump is saving America s- o-o-o much money, hopefully less expense of providing for them, reduction in funds to the UN, cleaning up wasted expense in each dept., freeze on hiring civil servants. Won’t be long before we are tired of winning!

    • jaybird, I’ve found that winning is addictive. The more we win, the more I want.

    • no, we should of been winning all the time before, instead of how do I get a kickback of this legislation, how does this affect the country and is it good for the country, and for the people in it….and is it able to be read by the simple man.

    • My god, do u know how much his golf trips cost the us treasury? The security for trump tower is millions. Florida is complaining about how much it has cost the state for his weekly golf outings.

      • Probably still less than Obummer.

        • Trump travel expenses have cost more in one month than obama in three years. Trumps golf outings are in the billions. Look it up.

          • I would rather pay for that as a taxpayer than to the “Dicktators” of the UN where there is no accountability of where the money goes.

          • Carol…..They say the outings cost 3 million for each one and this includes the cost of the Miami police or whoever is guarding him while there. Billions? C’mon. Use some common sense.

          • Carol….They say that the outings cost three million for each one. This includes the one million cost to whichever FL police dept is involved. C’mon. Use some common sense. Billions?

        • Trump family trips have cost the taxpayers 11 billion in one month. Look it up.

          • Randolph Murphy

            Really Carol 11 billion ridiculous

          • Look it up, where? Some Leftist website paid for by the Democratic Party or George Soros? Show me the figures, the actual expenses that have been reported to the GAO. Can’t do it because they are quarterly at best and that has yet to happen. That $11 Billion is how much the Obama family cost the US Taxpayers for their family vacations. Look THAT up! There are FACTS to prove that from the GAO.

          • Trump was at his so-called “Winter White House” in three
            weekends. That’s 11 of his first 33 days in office. The travel has an estimated price tag of $10 million. it is estimated that trump is on pace to exceed obama’s expenses in one year as compared to obama’s in EIGHT years

          • He works on weekends, even with the secret service its not 1 billion cause thats just not true.
            I might believe a million as paying the secret service is expensive. But do know what the daily cost are if he never leaves the white house. Its allot of money each day no matter where he goes. I did hear on Fox 5 a pundit who depises Trump say it would be 11 billion in 4 years and I think that is overblown.

      • You are not aware of this but the taxpayers have been paying for security at Obummer’s Chicago home all this time even though, to my knowledge, they haven’t been back. The media just doesn’t let little gems like this out.

  4. The President is doing his job. After the wall is complete, that number will be close to zero! God bless President Trump!

    • There will never be anything close to zero. A wall is not a 100% deterrant. These people will always find a way to enter the country.

      • Carol, I didn’t mean the wall would be 100% effective. What I meant to say was by the time the wall is in place, new immigration standards, methods, and procedures, coupled with the wall, should nearly eliminate illegal aliens from entering our southern border. In fact, I will be disappointed if it exceeds single digits.

      • You bet right through the border with California since our dear Governor “Moon Beam” Jerry Brown Jr. is going to make California a Sanctuary State…. yeah taxpayer’s of California not only is our gas tax going up 12 cents a gallon to pay for road??? really to pay the Governors high speed rail system, and our DMV registration fees going out of site, now we will be a sanctuary state and all the illegals will be pouring into CA. What happened to the “toll road money” that was suppose to be used for fixing our roads etc?
        I truly hope that Justice Dept. and Pres. Trump means what ithey say and cuts off all funding to our beloved California State, Cities, and Counties. They just passed a law here telling law enforcement not to cooperate with ICE… way to go CA. Have a question for our Atty. General here in CA? What laws can we disobey that we think we shouldn’t obey, can we pick and choose? Next they’ll be taking all our guns away from us as well, I mean were down to only 10% adhering to the 2nd amendment. Why in the hell would anyone want to move to this state or bring their business here either… ?

        • If any move out I hope it is the Conservatives. No one wants any more Liberal moving to their state and ruining it!

        • What happened to the “toll road money” that was supposed to be used for fixing your roads? MY guess would be that it was used to feed illegals.

      • Very negative!

      • My, my. Aren’t you brilliant! /sarcasm off

      • Ok so if 1 metric ton of drugs can get through the new wall , why bother building a wall. We might as well let 10 metric tons of dope across the border with no new wall.
        The Israeli’s proved borders work GOOGLE IT research

        you make allot of sense Carrol

  5. So if you enforce the rules it does make a difference as opposed to tying the border patrols hands behind their backs. dems put out the welcome mat for potential voters not caring about law abiding citizens.

  6. More proof that the Obama administration was corrupt. Face the fact, Obama was the first illegal half-black president. And, I’ll be it gets much deeper as time marches on.

    • U surely listen to Alex jones.

      • Who’s alex Jones, your relative! Must be as dumb as Shummer. You wouldn’t believe the truth if it bit you in the hiny.

        • Alex jones, infowars, the biggest right wing rumor mill and propaganda machine. These people fan trump’s conspiracy theories he uses to deflect from his own scandals. Trump relied on jones, breitbart, etc. to incite the right wing, and they lapped it up.

          • So, if you know all about him why do you watch it? You have a level of hate that is not good … only works for liberals. Maybe you should take up swimming or something.

          • The Dumbocrats rely on the MSM to incite the left wing, and they lap it up. YOU are the case in point!

          • Thank god I rely on credible news sources. I search for facts and info, not rumors. U can tell the right is anything negative and they will all jump in the pool.

    • If u want a record of scams, lies, and corruption, look to trump.

    • If Obama was illegal why was that not stated all over the news. The right wing tried to keep the birther issue alive and still are. That is very very old debunked news. What about the rightes clinging to the rumors that Hillary had Parkinsons. There is an extremely long list of right-wing inspired garbage during the campaign, and Alex jones, breitbart and the right wing news sources perpetuated it.

      • I know you believe Obama when he said he was born in HI but do you remember the exact day you were born and where it was, Not likely even though I’m sure you are brilliant. You probably heard his old relative lady say on TV ‘he was born right there in that corner of this hut and I was there’ in Kenya. So, his Moma was a communist, which is a liberal in this day, and they lie! As far as Hillery goes, is Parkinson’s the same as ugly. She do hv dat! Go wash da dishes.

      • WOW ! Ok why did most of the mainstrem news 0 coverage coverage on Rice this past week. Because the people who control the media do not want you to know.

        Carrol can ask how old you are ?

  7. no more for Spanish press #2#,
    continue on with the sweep up of criminal illegal criminals.

    • That’s part of the ticket. There needs to be a comprehensive plan (believe me, President Donald John Trump has one). The “border slope” I had proposed.

      To recap my proposition, “the slope” is just north of the wall that is 41″ tall above ground on the wall’s north side withe a concrete slope that reaches ground level 45 feet from the wall. From the base of the wall on the north side with .75′ sharpened rebar ranging from 3 feet tall at the foot of the border fence to 3 inches where the pavement ends north of the wall. Signs in seven different languages (including Chinese, and Russian) will warn potential “border jumpers/smugglers” of the deadly hazards north of the barrier.

      Every 300-500 yards there is a concrete walkway to a door in the fence this is so that wall maintenance can be held on the wall’s south side. (We do this anyway with the current fence because we already “surrender” 3 feet to Mexico to avoid violating Mexican sovereignty). This walkway will have hyper-sensitive sensors embedded in it to sense intrusion. (There’s “no free entry” here).

      On the bottom of the US wall we’ll have a drain system (sluicing, if you will) so that we can hose down the concrete slope with a hose to keep it clean. The drainage system will empty into either the sewer system or the surrounding aquifer. This should substantially impede illegal entry and drug smuggling drastically on the ground.

      This is an inexpensive and formidable barrier that can (and should) be used to prevent illegal incursion.


      • I’d write to the WH (or to whomever is in charge of the fence) to formally submit your proposal so the builders can incorporate these ideas into their plans. It sounds effective and cheap. Be sure to include sketches.

        • I have actually written the White House with the suggestion. It is too bad I don’t know how to offer them a picture. The concept is very simple and in execution it is easily maintained.

          Could you imagine the look on the faces of the poor idiot that managed to scale the wall, only to find themselves falling on a 2-3″ tall patch of needle-sharp Rebar from 41 feet in the air? Ooooh, that smarts! (but only for a few seconds).

          • I’m sure you could sketch a couple of pictures – front view and sideways.
            I’m sure architects or seasoned builders could figure out what you mean if you coincide your sketches with your descriptions. They’re pretty sharp – as is your rebar, lol.

  8. We need the wall. Illegal aliens may slow down, but will never stop entirely. The will will discourage them. Drug runners need to be stopped by open gunfire along the wall. The USBP and ICE along with the Coast Guard should be allowed to openly (and permanently) against smugglers that offer any sign of armed resistance.

    Killing smugglers should put a crimp in their lifestyle.

  9. The only moron around, and a psychotic toddler, is trump.There is no proof to back up this story. Another thing is that they are less likely to find jobs.

  10. We just gotta keep “them mexicans” out … they just steal our jobs and rape our wimmin.

  11. 67% Drop in illegal VOTERS….No wonder the (D) Party Anarchists are all UNHINGED …..All one had to do is Watch the SCHMUCK & Komrads and PIGLOSI & her Air head Brigade on TV….That was THE REASON for their Immature, STUPID and Deranged Filled SPEECHES ….. GORSUCH was just an excuse to be SO
    They must have Cleaned CVS shelves on DC of all BUTT HEAL CREAM before leaving the (D) CESSPOOL

  12. Once the enemy of progress is found (Liberals), destroyed or removed, our fine Nation can rebuild itself to its Glory Days. Bho was the most destructive and debilitating man in the White House. I choke to use the term President because he never was my President from day one even though I’m a Natural Citizen of this country. He was an enemy of America and still is. He must be brought to trial as a TRAITOR and imprisoned. Once he is removed, America has a chance – along with geirge soros his mentor.

    Go President Trump! Rid America of this sick twisted vermin!

  13. There must be some one counting as 27% still get thru and unknown what the count is to make the numbers still lack who is still getting thru!

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