Trump Potential V.P. Deflects Major Question

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) avoided answering questions about former President Donald Trump’s false claims that last year during the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home his life had been endangered. 

Last week, Trump had claimed that FBI agents during the raid of his home had been “locked & loaded” and had been prepared to take him out. The agents were looking to recover classified documents from his estate. However, following these allegations from Trump, there was pushback from the Justice Department while some Democrats also slammed him. 

Scott, hoping to join Trump’s November election ticket, chose not to comment on these remarks or language. On Sunday, he was asked by CNN’s “State of the Union” host Dana Bash about Trump’s comments. Bash also pointed out that President Joe Biden had a similar investigation take place in his home. 

Scott in response argued that he had seen a video of the SWAT team that had raided Mar-a-Lago but that he had not seen a similar video of the FBI raiding Biden’s garage. However, he argued that this is a comparison he would like to see. He added that above all else, currently, they found themselves in a two-tiered justice system where there was a clear difference in the standard for Republicans and especially former President Trump. 

Last week, Attorney General Merrick Garland argued that Trump’s remarks were “extremely dangerous.” 

Scott also avoided answering questions about Trump’s remarks as well as the comments that had been made by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon who had referred to the search as an “assassination attempt.” 

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