Trump Picks The Next House Speaker?

Photo by Jeffrey Clayton on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio shared that he had a meaningful discussion with former President Donald Trump regarding his aspiration to be the next Speaker of the House. However, he did not disclose if he received Trump’s endorsement.

In an interview with NBC News, Jordan mentioned his disagreement with Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida’s move to unseat Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California as speaker. Despite their differences, Jordan opposes the idea of ousting Gaetz from the Republican caucus, emphasizing the importance of unity given their slim majority. “While I might not align with his recent actions, I recognize his value in our committee and believe in uniting as a team,” said Jordan.

Regarding the House rule which allowed Gaetz to initiate a vote against McCarthy, Jordan remarked it was a decision for the Republican conference. Any modification to the rule would necessitate consensus among the Republicans. “Partnering with Democrats for votes would come at a cost,” Jordan observed, but he’s open to adapting if that’s the collective decision.

Although Jordan supported McCarthy and played a pivotal role in the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, he believes they can maintain a professional rapport. “There’s mutual respect, and business will be conducted as usual,” Jordan commented.

In relation to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Jordan spoke of their amicable relationship. But, on the topic of war funding, which Jordan opposes, he stated his stance aligns with that of the general public.

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