Trump on Bombings: “We’re Letting These People In”

Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to discuss the terrorist attack that injured more than 30 people over the weekend. “We’re allowing these people to come into our country and destroy our country and make it unsafe for people,” he said. “We’re allowing these people to come in.”

Plenty of facts were still unknown to the public on Monday, but the NYPD named Ahmad Khan Rahami, an immigrant from Afghanistan, as a wanted man in conjunction with three bombs that were planted in NYC and New Jersey on Saturday. The 28-year-old was captured Monday afternoon.

“We don’t do any profiling,” Trump lamented. “If somebody looks like he’s got a massive bomb on his back, we won’t go up to that person because, if he looks like he comes from that part of the world, we’re not allowed to profile. Give me a break.”

How Rahami and his associates – whoever or whatever they might turn out to be – escaped detection remains to be seen. Was there an active Islamic terror cell operating in New York City, all these many years after 9/11? Or was Rahami one of the Obama administration’s infamous lone wolves?

No matter how it turns out, Trump’s words are relevant. No, we don’t need to have the nation’s law enforcement agencies knocking on every Muslim’s door; there’s no time or reason for such an agenda. That’s a strawman. Not even in Trump’s wildest dreams would such a policy be proposed. That’s what liberals want us to hear when we are subjected to the word “profiling.”

In truth, plenty of our Western allies engage in smart, sensible profiling all the time, and we do plenty of it in the United States as well. Less of it than ever before, but it’s still going on. Any police officer or federal agent who says otherwise is pulling your leg. You can’t put common sense on a shelf when you head out on patrol, and cops aren’t about to start trying, no matter what the winds of political correctness blow our way.

Still, that’s not enough. We need to get serious about Islamic terrorism and we need to wake up and recognize that it’s not Irish grandmothers or Jewish teenagers who are bombing us, shooting us, and stabbing us at every opportunity. It’s not white protestants and it’s not Haitian voodoo practitioners. It’s radical Muslims, and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that fact.

In fact, it’s extraordinarily dangerous when we refuse to.

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