Trump Offers Planned Parenthood a Lifeline…of Sorts

Republicans have been promising to strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding since undercover tapes proved the organization was profiting from the sale of fetal tissue, but President Trump has offered the company a deal: Stop performing abortions and you can keep your $500 million in annual grants.

Think they’ll take the offer?

In case you had any illusions about that, the company said Monday they would not accept the deal.

“Let’s be clear: Federal funds already do not pay for abortions,” said Dawn Laguens, the executive vice president of Planned Parenthood. “Offering money to Planned Parenthood to abandon our patients and our values is not a deal that we will ever accept. Providing critical health care services for millions of American women is nonnegotiable.”

Awesome. Good news: You don’t have to negotiate. You can just make the simple choice: Keep providing abortions or take half a billion dollars in taxpayer aid. No need for a long, drawn-out debate. It’s one or the other. Simple. You’ve made your choice, and that’s your right. Now, it’s our right to give that $500 million to healthcare clinics that don’t kill the unborn. Fair?

That Trump made the offer at all is a sign of how much he respects the advice of his daughter, Ivanka, who has encouraged him to take some decidedly un-conservative stances when it comes to women’s issues. But we’re sure Trump wasn’t under the impression that Planned Parenthood would take the deal. The company is built from the ground up on a foundation of abortion. Without that cash cow, the organization would not be a national force in politics.

“As I said throughout the campaign, I am pro-life and I am deeply committed to investing in women’s health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of nonabortion services such as cancer screenings,” Trump said in a statement to the New York Times. “Polling shows the majority of Americans oppose public funding for abortion, even those who identify as pro-choice. There is an opportunity for organizations to continue the important work they do in support of women’s health, while not providing abortion services.”

Ah, but they don’t care a whit about continuing that important work. Trump could offer to double their federal funding and they would still reject it out of hand. And since they care more about abortions than federal funding, Republicans should have no qualms about taking it from them.

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  1. We can decrease the abortion rate by 75% immediately in America; by decreasing unwanted pregnancies:

    Education and Birth Control are the answer:

    • Rose Van Alstyne


    • Michael Dennewitz

      Mama used to say, “You don’t drop your panties and you’ll never have any problems!” ?

      • Why is it all the girls responsibility…..the guys need to keep their pants zipped also!

        • Guys are subject to getting aids and other diseases.

        • Girls should be selective in who they hook up with because they are susceptible to getting pregnant.

          If a good boy rejects the sexual advances of a girl, there is always another boy with lower morals not far away who is willing and eager.

          For each son you have their is only one little penis you must be concerned about. However, for each daughter you have there are thousands of little penises you must be concerned about.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          True… True… But all a girl has to say is “NO,” and she should be respected for her decision.. ?

    • And another answer is having sex WITHIN marriage. Simple morality (considered outdated by today’s
      “standards”) could solve the vast majority of accidental pregnancies. If the mother’s life is truly in
      grave danger, or the pregnancy is the result of raping a child whose young body is not equipped to
      withstand a full pregnancy, then maybe the prospective mother and her doctor should weigh all
      options. Convenience is no valid reason though, to kill a defenseless tiny person in utero. Funding
      so-called “Planned Parenthood” is financially supporting murder when main “service” is abortion.
      Claiming it’s women’s health is totally misleading. There are other organizations that are actually
      there to promote women’s physical well-being without terminating pregnancies. Those are the
      ones that deserve funding.

      • Morality is not simple or outdated; who doesn’t want to move through the stages of interesting friends to playful lovers into the enduring, deep-friendships that many couples are able to maintain after decades of companionship?

        Same themes of longing, desire, lust, love that men and women have been dancing through, together, since the beginning of time.

        What Should Be, and What Is, are often out-of-synch. I am grateful that my mother was smart enough to deliver honest, timely health information to both of her daughters; we never had to grapple with the painful decision of abortion; and. of course, I also raised my daughter with the same principles, and she (and her core-group of girl-friends) have all graduated-college and segued into young-adulthood without the emotional and physical distress of abortions, or children-born-out-of-wedlock.

        It’s up to us to be the kind of women we want our daughters to be; women helping women is what it’s all about.

  2. Their rejection of this speaks volumes!

  3. Of course Abortions are us turned the offer down they
    can make 1000 times that performing Infanticide. And
    then selling the parts. Instead of funding them Prosecute

  4. Smart move by President Donald Trump , stop killing babies in the womb and funding will continue from the federal government for planned parent hood . He made the so called planned parent hood admit they are nothing more then abortion clinics . Stop the killing of the Un-born ! Life begins at INCEPTION !

    • socialist democrat trump knows what they are he supported them he was [and IS ] pro-death ..trump supported abortion even to 9th trimester . People need to wake up who socialist trump was is who he is. A democrat can’t play me that includes draft dodging , anti-Christian, anti-Conservative anti-Constitutionalist ,dictator praising , pathological lying communist which drumpf was and is. Trump getting in the race by running on the Republican ticket did not fool me and his getting elected by whining ,lying and with the help of low inform Republicans has not changed my Christian conscience . Not everyone sells their soul like those who no longer care about Godly morality which America was founded on.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        WTF HAVE YOU BEEN SNORTING?? I bet you’ve even had a couple abortions, huh? ?????

      • Looks like you, Janet are still really angry because your beloved killary LOST. You must be afraid that you’ll be losing your “freebies” and your chance to murder your baby. Sickening…..all liiberals are sick!

      • You are confusing President Trump with Your
        Late term abortion supporters Hilderbeast and
        the former PMIC.

      • Ron_fromrealityland_1

        Your IGNORANCE is showing…… there is NO 9th Trimester…. Trimesters are increments of 3 months….. grow up, get a life, stop pushing for the killing of God’s innocents.

      • Even a Christian, when filled with the hate that you are feeling cannot depend on his/her “Christian conscience” to guide him/her! Hate dulls the conscience! Try praying to God to restore your peace. The Peace of Jesus is in you if you will let it operate.
        I sincerely hope you will consider doing this!

      • Janet, You’re a Christian? Don’t trll me that you voted for Hillary, even though she doesn’t believe in the 1st Amendment freedom of religion.

      • Janet, If you’re a christian how could you have been for Hillary? She’s against the 1st Amendment freedom of Religion. Ofcourse, she didn’t say that when running for POUS. A few years ago, when speaking to a woman’s rights group, she stated that people will have to change their religous beliefs to line up with the Supreme Court. And, like Barak, she’s against Christian principals.

    • Federal money is not permitted by law to be used for abortion services. This is common knowledge. Don’t you people ever read?

      • Poor, stupid, naive, Richard . . .how do you believe Planned Parenthood spends the money it receives from the taxpayers. through the federal government? It is common knowledge that Planned Parenthood’s primary activity is providing abortions.

        Using the tax money it receives to pay abortion doctor salaries, to pay electric bills, to buy office supplies, to pay administrative staff, to pay cleaning staff, and to pay for advertising is still using it to pay for abortions no matter how you twist it.

        • It is an evil industry at best. Planned Parenthood was started by a woman who clearly
          stated her main objective: do away with “unfit” babies. She (Margaret Sanger) was
          “Racism” incarnate, and yet so many people, especially those of color,(!!) continue to
          support this organization. Abortion remains its number one “product,” and Sanger’s
          goal was to pretty much get rid of blacks. How come so few “get” this???

      • Richard B. = Anther liberal/socialist idiot heard from . You have to be the epitome of Dumb to believe that Planed Parent Hood gets money from the federal government and not use it for abortions no mater what the law says .

      • R U some kind of idiot, every cent Planned Parenthood gets from the government goes to pay themselves to murder babies. What in hell is the matter with you?

      • Richard, I suppose you’re okay with the abortion mill corp. ling to women about the danger to a women’s health from abortoins. And I suppose that you ere okay with it in the mid 1990’s, when President Clinton , who was dependent on the support of the abortion lobby, had the FDA pass the abortion pill without the legally required testing. He had them do that because it was already known that the abortoin pill often kills not only the baby, but the mother too. The abortoin lobby want no restrictoins on abortoins so Slick Willie let them have it. After 8 women were killed by the abortoin pill, and milloins of Americans complained, he had to give in and have the FDA test it. As expected, they had to pull the approval because it was too dangerous.

  5. Of course the Femin-Nazis won’t accept this either way! Time to ignore the left and just go about our business. Mr. Trump has a lot of work to do to eliminate/erase 8 years of what YOdumbO did to this country.

  6. Mr. President, give them 7 days to provide solid proof that none of the Federal monies given to them is used for abortions! If they fail to provide the demanded proof, remove them from “Any and All Federal support”! As for the RINO’s and CINO’s, we, the Deplorables, will deal with them in the coming elections!

    • The proof is already there. Why not go to a Planned Parenthood facility near you and learn what really happens there.

      • I surely will as soon as you state that abortion is the murder of a human being. Until that is put at the front of the industry of abortion I will stand with my position!

  7. Defund planned parenthood and cut Obamacare entirely. No Rinocare

    • Michael Dennewitz

      If….IF..they kept a directory of all the people who cannot have children, and afforded them the privilege of adoption, THERE WOULD BE NO ABORTIONS!! ?

    • Since we are twenty trillion in debt we should get out of the business of funding. Time to really cut spending to private organizations.

  8. There is no planing for parenthood at Planed Parenthood , they kill baby’s and that’s all they offer .

    • Why is “parenthood” even part of their name when they don’t even allow their patients the chance to become parents?

    • It is common knowledge that federal monies are forbidden by law to be used for abortion services. Don’t you people ever read?

      • Do you believe everything you read???

      • Poor, stupid, naive, Richard . . .how do you believe Planned Parenthood spends the money it receives from the taxpayers. through the federal government? It is common knowledge that Planned Parenthood’s primary activity is providing abortions.

        Using the tax money it receives to pay abortion doctor salaries, to pay electric bills, to buy office supplies, to pay administrative staff, to pay cleaning staff, and to pay for advertising is still using it to pay for abortions no matter how you twist it.

        There are many ACTUAL women’s health clinics that do NOT provide abortions that should be receiving the federal funds Planned “Parenthood” should NOT be receiving.

      • You should read more because federal money is going toward abortion and that is common knowledge .

  9. He shouldn’t offer these murders anything, accept get out of business.

  10. So what Trump is saying is that liberals and secularists are evil(he should know about evil) and the christian right is favored by the good they do(when they are being watched)


      • Do you have to shout so loudly? Are you afraid people won’t hear you?

      • President Trump has done more in his short weeks in office than obozo did in all of his 8 years. In fact, obozo did NOTHING good for America or Americans EVER…..except for the lazies that don’t want to work and get all of obozos freebies and the illegals.

    • Yes, Donald Trump knows about liberal evil! He helped defeat it on November 8, 2016.

  11. What do they mean, “Let’s be clear: Federal funds already do not pay for abortions”? This sounds like a huge untruth! That statement alone makes me distrust Planned Parenthood even more! They are, very simply, murderers! The “fetus” is a living human being, it has human DNA, it has a determined sex, and after a period of time of developing and growing, it will leave its mother’s womb and begin life physically apart from her! Mothers who become pregnant but who do not want to have a baby, often seek ways to end the pregnancy. Some find a way to “get rid of the baby” through Planned Parenthood. The lack of funds to pay for an abortion never stopped PP from “helping” the patient! In some cases, girls have been “helped” without parental knowledge or consent! The government in one way or another usually winds up being the source of payment for “services rendered”. I do not agree that federal funding for Planned Parenthood should be continued! I do believe they should be indicted for murder!

    • Why not go to a Planned Parenthood near you and actually find out what kinds of service they do offer? Educate yourself instead of spouting off as though you know it all.

      • Planned Parenthood is not the only source for ACTUAL women’s health care services. Actual women’s health clinics and gynecologists provide women’s health care.

        My wife has visited gynecologists but she has never been to a Planned Parenthood clinic.

  12. 97% of PP facilities do NOT provide for women’s pre-natal care. As a matter of fact, they do not provide for ANY pregnancy care. Fewer than 20% PP facility provides for cervical screening. NO PP facility performs mammograms.

    They make referrals to OTHER facilities to have such procedures done. But when asked, PP themselves advises that they ‘only perform abortions’.

    So exactly what women’s healthcare ARE they providing?

    BTW… the information and stats above are from PP’s own website.

    • When was the last time you visited a Planned Parenthood facility? Do you know what they actually do there? Federal funds, by the way, may not – under law – be used to provide abortions. Don’t you people ever learn before you spout off?

      • How do you believe Planned Parenthood spends the money it receives from the taxpayers. through the federal government? It is common knowledge that Planned Parenthood’s primary activity is providing abortions.

        Using the tax money it receives to pay abortion doctor salaries, to pay electric bills, to buy office supplies, to pay administrative staff, to pay cleaning staff, and to pay for advertising is still using it to pay for abortions no matter how you perceive it, Richard.

  13. They’ll lie to keep the grant money.
    If you’d kill an unborn baby you’d lie .

  14. NO baby parts Sale, No more Butchering …and Women Care is FINE!! HECK of A DEAL, thank you MR PRESIDENT!!!

  15. Come on now! Did you really think that money grabbing, high living CEO of PPH would ever stop the slaughter and dismembering of babies? Of course not, Those tiny helpless SOULS supply her all her riches, from her brand new hot sports car to the many facelifts and designer clothes! She will NOT give up her demonic lifestyle to save any helpless baby…Ever! So her great satanic business will slowly die without funding, her luxuries disappear and her life empty. But…she won’t be forgotten because He has been watching her.

    God has a very special place for her with His Fallen Angel Lucifer where she will be repeatedly gutted, and torn apart, limb from limb and put whole again, over and over and over for eternity! That will be her existence she will never escape! because she chose GREED, AVARICE and MURDER over compassion.

  16. Planned Parenthood has spoken loud and clear. They don’t give a dang about women’s health. All they care about is what they can get by murdering innocents.

    • And do you have clear proof that this is so? When was the last time you went to a Planned Parenthood facility and learned what goes on there? Talk is cheap.

      • If you watch the news at all you’ll clearly see that Sharon is 100% correct! There have been numerous pph employees that were taped and they themselves said what they do most of and that is abortion. Videos don’t lie like the liberals do!

      • when was the last time you contacted planned parenthood about your pregnancy and asked for information about prenatal care or an OB Dr. who would help you Richard? When I called, all they would do is set up an abortion. When I told them I wasn’t looking for one, I was told that’s all they do.

      • Call Planned Parenthood to schedule your mammogram and tell us how it went, Richard.

  17. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Get rid of it and that stupid troll cecil woman –no deals and you should try them for murder

  18. Congress gives PPH millions each year, PPH changes the color of the money then donates monies to the DNC. PPH gave Hillary millions. PPH not only murders un-born babies but launder monies for the DNC at our cost (taxpayers).

    • . . . then the DNC uses that money to help elect more demonicRAT politicians who then send more taxpayer money to PPH.

  19. Wow! Almost all of your comments suggest you are ignorant or nuts.

  20. Federal monies are forbidden by law to be used for abortion services provided by Planned Parenthood; so what are you people yapping about? This is common knowledge. And those tapes about the fetal tissue business have been shown to be bogus. Quit it is with this phony news. You are wrong wrong wrong!!!

    • Do You still believe in the Easter bunny as well


      How do you believe Planned Parenthood is spending the money it receives from the taxpayers. through the federal government? It is common knowledge that Planned Parenthood’s primary activity is providing abortions.

      Using the tax money it receives to pay abortion doctor salaries, to pay electric bills, to buy office supplies, to pay administrative staff, to pay cleaning staff, and to pay for advertising is still using it to pay for abortions no matter how you perceive it.

  21. NO deals for PP!! They have enough money coming in from private organizations and likely sale of “baby parts” (so sad – I hate even saying that!) The money should go to the healthcare clinics who likely can give better care to women and, if necessary, provide abortion services (even though I do not support this). Planned Parenthood does NOT give all the services that a Healthcare Clinic gives (Mammogram, birth control, and more).

  22. The only way to be sure tax payer dollars are not being used for abortions is to cut off their funding.Let those who use their services pay the costs.500 million dollars can be better used for healthcare and not abortions and selling baby body parts.Time to stop using abortion as birth control.

  23. Planned Killerhood!

  24. If the government continues to fund planned parenthood, we should have the right to refuse to file an income tax return as conscious objectors.

  25. Forrest Huck London

    there rejection of this tells you right away how much money they are making from abortions may God have mercy on there soul

    • I have no mercy in my heart for the Planned Parenthood Doctors… after seeing the Debate Abortion film, and others. I will leave Mercy, to GOD himself. MomOf2Sons

  26. Just think what county health clinics could do for ALL women with that kind of funding.

  27. It irks me how some women claim they ATTRACT only bad guys. On the contrary, many of them SEEK only the bad guys.

    If such immoral women had to pay for their own abortions they’d be much more selective about who they take their clothes off for, there would be far fewer unwanted pregnancies, and, therefore, far fewer abortions. Then Planned “Parenthood” would be out of business.

    Immoral women have abortions because they are inexpensive and convenient. Abortions are inexpensive because taxpayer money pay for abortion and convenient because Planned “Parenthood” makes abortions convenient.

  28. Oh well, 250 of the 500 million would be returned to the Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization anyway.
    It saves taxpayers either way.

  29. Baby parts are far to lucrative to give up for measly 500M

  30. “Let’s be clear, Federal funds already do not pay for abortions.”
    Clear as mud.

  31. This was very cleverly done. The Sangerites have now publicly admitted that their whole reason for existence is mass baby-murder for profit. We must now proceed to extirpate the infanticide industry and to dismantle the political party that supports it.

  32. Well, I think what Trump is doing is fine, but it isn’t going far enough. If left up to me, thank god it isn’t, I’d arrest all the executive staff of Planned Parenthood and try them all, one and all, for murder of children, sentence them all to 1,000 years in prison then incarcerate them all, in an out of date, 150 year old prison, located somewhere in AZ, remove all the air conditioners, feed them package dehydrated food, including milk, like our military has to eat, then force them under armed guard to work from sun up to sun down every day of the week including Sunday’s, and eliminate time off for church services since all of them are avowed atheists any way. Let me not forget the most important part of their sentence, which would eventually be their death by hanging.

    After serving 25 years in prison, at hard labor, all the prisoner’s shall be taken to the Cottonwood Grove and sat on a horse, no blindfold. there hands shall be tied behind their backs and they shall all be sat in a circle around each hanging tree, so they can watch to person in front of them be hanged by their necks until they are dead. Then, after being given the chance to say a brief last few words, like 2 or maybe 3 at the maximum; then the hangman will slap the horse firmly on the butt, making him take off running, leaving dead man hanging out there; doing the “Hangman’s Jig”, with their feet wildly and insanely kicking out of control, until they cease all movement to indicate the prisoner is finally dead and has paid in full measure the price for their crime of serial baby killing! The prisoner may be dead, but to be sure the hangmen will have to let each of their prisoners, “Hang around” on their branch until their body rots enough that the weight of their body pulls their body off from the head and the body flops to the ground, this is the only way you can be sure the prisoner is dead as a rock. Don’t even think that the prisoner will get a nice burial, instead they’ll be taken to where the wolf’s hang around and left their, i.e., their body with their head placed in the crook of their arm, given their arms are rotted so badly that they don’t fall off too. The body shall be thrown unceremoniously on the ground so the wolfs can get to it easily and promptly devoured. That is exactly how I would deal with these bastard baby killers.

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