Trump: Obama’s Coming For Your Guns

At a campaign rally in South Carolina Monday, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump warned attendees that President Obama was an enemy to the Second Amendment.

“You know, the president is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away,” Trump said. “You hear about this? Not gonna happen. That won’t happen. I think that’s a tough one for him to do.”

Tough would be an understatement. Republicans have been a sorry sight to see when it comes to opposing Obama, but even that collection of clowns could win this one.


On CNN Tuesday, host Alisyn Camerota informed Trump that the president could not do such a thing on account of the Constitution.

“He can’t sign an executive order on immigration and he did,” Trump said.


Now the line the media is going to take is obvious. Trump’s out there drumming up baseless fear. There aren’t any credible reports saying Obama is planning mass confiscation. He’s just out there spewing nonsense.

Is he, though? While it may be true that President Obama has not publicly mentioned an executive order like this, both he and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton have expressed admiration for the way Australia handled its gun problem. That at least sets the stage for mandatory buybacks in the United States, even if Democrats currently know that’s a political impossibility.

Obama has also floated the idea of taking further executive action on guns, though it’s unclear what form those actions would take. Most likely, they would be concentrated around background checks. But no matter what they are, they will almost certainly “infringe” on the right to bear arms, meaning that Trump is standing on solid ground when he accuses this president of being an enemy of the Second Amendment.

No doubt Jeb Bush will be along shortly to defend the president.

But if Republicans were smart, they would start taking a more aggressive stance on gun control. Every one of them is proud to tout their records, but they are way too defensive when one of these sensationalized tragedies occur. It’s not enough to just shrug and say, “Stuff happens.” Be proactive. Ben Carson and Donald Trump are demonstrating that you don’t have to cower in the corner when the left starts screaming about gun violence. Expose these cretins for what they are and explain to the American people what they want.


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