Trump Must Save Us From Obama’s Climate Change Agreement

A little more than a year ago, President Obama signed an agreement with 170 countries in Paris that essentially turned the U.S. into an international piggy bank. Under the guise of combating climate change, Obama committed the U.S. to paying for “third-world” countries (which includes places like China) to raise their emissions standards so that the polar bears might live to fish another day. It was, naturally, celebrated as a Great Step Forward by the increasingly-disconnected-from-reality environmental left.

It was nothing of the kind.

Republicans don’t like to fight the mainstream narrative, whether it’s on climate change or anything else, and they’ve gotten rather shy in recent years when it comes to battling the worst of the global warming hysteria. But Donald Trump was different. He campaigned against the climate nonsense in the starkest terms possible, and he has taken steps – such as naming Scott Pruitt to the EPA – to put his money where his mouth is. Or rather, to take the people’s money back from the mouths of anti-American globalists.

The next step in this war on idiocy should be to pull the U.S. out of the misbegotten Paris Climate Agreement.

When you catch them on an honest day, even the environmentalists will admit that the carbon benchmarks outlined in the agreement will do very little to combat the global rise in temperatures. They insist that its importance lies in the symbolism. Fair enough, but the problem is that we’re going to pay far too high a price for that symbolic victory. These carbon standards may allow Democrats to parade around the world like they saved it, but it comes at the cost of real American jobs.

Of course, if you’re a Democrat, that sounds just fine. They don’t WANT a healthy, thriving middle class, because that’s at cross-purposes with their ultimate aim: To get as many people to depend on the government as possible. So if they have a chance to break the free market, they’ll take it. That’s what all of this climate crap is about when you really get down to the meat of the matter.

We have a chance right now to set the American economy back on the tracks, but we can’t do it without getting the government out of the climate change business. Trump made the first move when he wiped out Obama’s Clean Power Plan, and he can send a message to the world by pulling us out of the Paris Agreement.


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