Trump Mocks Top Republican’s Weight

Former President Donald Trump last week criticized Chris Christie’s weight. The former New Jersey governor has now reacted to Trump’s comment.

Christie who had previously been allied with Trump has said that his recent claims that the President can declassify documents just “by thinking about it” are ridiculous, as the idea of never having to do something but rather just having to think about it would be so much easier for everyone. He also mocked the idea that a potential candidate for the 2024 elections would think that they have nothing to do during the job, but could just think about things.

Trump posted a photo of Christie preparing his meal on his Truth Social platform. This was widely believed to be a jab at Christie’s weight.

This criticism came after Christie said that the Justice Department did not have a choice but to raid Mar-a-Lago and find the classified documents found at Trump’s estate.

Christie, who originally ran against Trump in 2016, was one of the first Republicans to endorse him.
In his book, Christie also claimed that he had made transition plans for Trump which were then thrown out after Trump had become the president. He also wrote that he had been hoping to hear an offer for the vice presidency or attorney general position, but no such offers came through.

Still, throughout Trump’s presidency, the two maintained a relatively good relationship. Following the 2020 election though Christie’s criticisms of Trump increased.

The former governor is another potential presidential hopeful in 2024 although he has never made any comments on the matter.

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  1. Who in their right mind would vote for the man that eats his way to decision.

    • Trump; over 300 lbs, and according to his ex staff, crapping his diapers in public daily, after snorting adderall and other drugs.
      He has zero right to criticize anyone. He is a unAmerican traitor headed, thank God, for federal prison, along with much of his crime cartel.

      • If Trump had his way the party would change its name to “Trumpicans”. I voted for him twice but he has become much more self-centered and vindictive. As long as he’s in the limelight, no other Republican is safe, because they might say one thing Trump doesn’t like and he tries to destroy that person.

      • You idiots amaze me, just like the demonRAT politicians, let’s see how we can lie to their constituents daily yet you still believe them, now that’s classy! NOT just more lies from the left!

      • LOL. You’re such a easy target to laugh at. Donald Trump was and is going to be, the Best POTUS that we have ever had. If you and “BWH” are melting down over his criticism of that “Fat Slob” Christie,– that tells us everything about you two “Lucy’s”. LOL! You Morons make it so easy to laugh at you. Keep posting how you feel about MAGA! LOL.

      • Joe, is that you?

      • William, have you ever told the truth in your life?? Ever? The other day one of your comments was ‘quit making stuff up!”
        Yet that’s ALL you do. All the lies prove you are just another democrat. You’re kinda pathetic.

  2. Hey ‘ PND staff writer ‘, are you a DEMONICrat? All you write about is always ‘ Trump hater ‘ articles! I’m going to spam you, if things don’t change ( not that you give a hoot) I’m getting SICK of you! We’ve got enough morons in this country!

  3. Christie is a RINO. And that is NOT a comment on his weight. Ask anyone in New Jersey what happened to their gas prices because of him.

    • If Trump had his way the party would change its name to “Trumpicans”. I voted for him twice but he has become much more self-centered and vindictive. As long as he’s in the limelight, no other Republican is safe, because they might say one thing Trump doesn’t like and he tries to destroy that person.

      • Kinda like the demonRATS telling you guys to go after republicans? Like that?? I think I might do the same if lies were made up about me like they do Trump! He’s sick of it as we are

      • LOL. You are such a LIAR. You never voted for him at all. I know a bunch of “Libtards” that claim that they voted for “Trump” but everyone knows that they are lying and we all laugh at them because they are “Cowards” and just by looking at them, you can see that they are “Freaks.”. LOL.

  4. PS: And I only make that comment to point out his hypocrisy. And he’s NOT the only one so guilty. Seems to be a requirement for Politicians (Left and Right, Liberal, Progressive, Conservative or Libertarian) to not only lie thru their teeth but also to be hypocritical while doing it.

    “DO as I say not as I do” is rampant, and wrong, and when is the electorate going to start doing something about it.

  5. Christie isn’t worth the air he wastes.

  6. I just wish President Trump would STOP with the rhetoric he used in his first campaign. I don’t think the public wants a repeat of the name calling and shaming that went on. He needs to act with dignity and show how intelligent he is. Don’t stoop to finger pointing and badgering…it is not what his followers want to hear. Stick to the points of what has happened to America since the Democrats took over and tell us what he is going to do to fix it “again”.

    • Trump has zero dignity or intelligence.
      It may take a generation to repair the horrible damage trump did domestically and internationally.

      • The damage Biden has done to this country has and continues to destroy America’s economy and respect. I hope we can survive to 2024 and can elect an honest, patriotic and intelligent leader to serve as President of the United States of America.

      • What a Moron. LOL. Trump is a Billionaire and still is the POTUS and you think you have more “intelligence” than he does? LOL. Kind of show’s everyone that your head is buried deep up your A ss. How’s everything else look to You? LOL.

      • Will, Will, Will. You poor dumb bastard.
        Shut up and go back to the ten year old you got tied up in your basement, pedo!
        William learned about pedophilia from Biden himself!

    • I totally agree with you. He did a lot of good for America when he was president but he continues to ruin it with his rhetoric. If he just shut up, he would sweep 2024. I really like Ron DeSantis. I’ve read that he thinks like Trump but does everything in a far more professional, dignified way. We cannot continue with anyone like Biden or whoever is running this country.

      • So are you saying Trump shouldn’t defend himself against bullshit attacks from leftists?? That’s stupid!
        Do you really believe that if DeSantis is elected they won’t attack him too?? That’s stupid!
        You sound like a gutless fence sitter waiting to be told which side to fall on.

  7. Quit sending me this shit or I won’t vote for anyone.

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