Trump Lures Thousands of Pennsylvania Democrats

No one can accuse the mainstream media of ignoring Donald Trump, but the press has downplayed one remarkable aspect of his campaign – in state after state, thousands of Democrats are suddenly turning into Republicans. In Pennsylvania, where the real estate billionaire is expected to win on Tuesday, more than 60,000 Democrat voters have switched sides this year. Since the fall of 2015, nearly 150,000 new Republicans have registered to vote. That’s a bigger jump than the party has seen over the last four years combined.

The pattern has been similar all over the country. Love him or hate him, Trump has managed to do something the post-Reagan Republican Party has struggled to do: bring disenchanted Democrats into the fold. Instead of following the established GOP playbook, which is to sacrifice essential issues to attract liberals, Trump has exposed to voters just how far left the Democrats have gone. Thousands of Americans are finally waking up to the fact that the party of Kennedy – hell, the party of Bill Clinton – has marched straight off a liberal cliff. Their politicians are running around trying to care for Syrians and Mexicans instead of improving life for working-class families.

And there’s no doubt that the one-sided coverage of Trump has something to do with it as well. His positions – strong but rational proposals that put American interests ahead of everything else – have been criticized as radical, extreme, and racist. Yet there must be millions of Democrats who are scratching their heads, wondering why something as reasonable as patriotism is now regarded as dangerous to the American way of life. Not every Democrat is a frothing socialist; they are only now beginning to see how far left President Obama has pulled the party.

This revolution is what makes it increasingly frustrating to watch the Republican Party oppose Trump so vigorously. This is an opportunity we haven’t had in decades – an opportunity to not only win the White House, but to expand Republican dominance from the state level into Washington. Not just to take control of the White House, but to change the electoral map in ways that will force the Democrats to once again become the party of endless compromise. We’ve played defense for far too long. It isn’t working. We’re not good at it.

Trump can change the game…but only if our side really wants to win.

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