Trump Lures Thousands of Pennsylvania Democrats

No one can accuse the mainstream media of ignoring Donald Trump, but the press has downplayed one remarkable aspect of his campaign – in state after state, thousands of Democrats are suddenly turning into Republicans. In Pennsylvania, where the real estate billionaire is expected to win on Tuesday, more than 60,000 Democrat voters have switched sides this year. Since the fall of 2015, nearly 150,000 new Republicans have registered to vote. That’s a bigger jump than the party has seen over the last four years combined.

The pattern has been similar all over the country. Love him or hate him, Trump has managed to do something the post-Reagan Republican Party has struggled to do: bring disenchanted Democrats into the fold. Instead of following the established GOP playbook, which is to sacrifice essential issues to attract liberals, Trump has exposed to voters just how far left the Democrats have gone. Thousands of Americans are finally waking up to the fact that the party of Kennedy – hell, the party of Bill Clinton – has marched straight off a liberal cliff. Their politicians are running around trying to care for Syrians and Mexicans instead of improving life for working-class families.

And there’s no doubt that the one-sided coverage of Trump has something to do with it as well. His positions – strong but rational proposals that put American interests ahead of everything else – have been criticized as radical, extreme, and racist. Yet there must be millions of Democrats who are scratching their heads, wondering why something as reasonable as patriotism is now regarded as dangerous to the American way of life. Not every Democrat is a frothing socialist; they are only now beginning to see how far left President Obama has pulled the party.

This revolution is what makes it increasingly frustrating to watch the Republican Party oppose Trump so vigorously. This is an opportunity we haven’t had in decades – an opportunity to not only win the White House, but to expand Republican dominance from the state level into Washington. Not just to take control of the White House, but to change the electoral map in ways that will force the Democrats to once again become the party of endless compromise. We’ve played defense for far too long. It isn’t working. We’re not good at it.

Trump can change the game…but only if our side really wants to win.

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    A video making the rounds online shows a security guard abruptly shutting down a middle school choir’s performance of the national anthem at New York’s 9/11 memorial.

    North Carolina’s Waynesville Middle School Chorus says it had gotten verbal permission from another guard to sing.

    But it wasn’t aware of memorial site rules, which state that all performers need a permit, Principal Trevor Putnam told Fox Carolina.

    As soon as they found out, the students “immediately complied and apologized,” he said.

    But the uncomfortable encounter, shown above, made some people wonder why the guard didn’t just allow the performance to carry on.

    “I think that’s terrible,” one man told WSOC-TV.

    “We’re trying to instill on our youth the history of our country,” another viewer told the station. “So why stop them from singing our national anthem?”

    “You can’t sing the National Anthem. So sad this is happening everywhere,” wrote the user who posted the video on Facebook. “They sounded great.”

    A spokesperson for the 9/11 memorial said they didn’t agree with the guard’s actions, and they are reviewing security practices with staff to prevent the same thing from happening again.





    • This is a crying shame. If they were Muslims doing their taking down of USA then they would be allowed to do whatever they want …

      • That’s because the Muslim in the White House supports Muslims and condemns Christians and Jews. And that’s why we need to get him out and, January is not soon enough.

    • You know, I’m glad that the Security Guard stopped those kids from singing our National Anthem. From that act, the kids will realize where this Country is right now – stop singing our National Anthem without a permit, or you’ll get fined. Didn’t the guards see them setting up for a song, they only heard them? Could that have been orders from above? Here’s a video from Lafayette, Louisiana, where the announcer told the fans that they would not play the National Anthem before the game. The fans then took the matter into their own hands, and sang it.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Why in the he’ll would they even “need” permission to show AMERICA respect?? I fly my flag in front of my home, I salute it each morning when I awaken, and I dare some SOB to tell me I need permission! They didn’t get permission to send me and the other boys to Vietnam! !!

    • The in-security guard was wrong, a permit is only required if the performer(s) are soliciting donations.

    • They aren’t performers if they are getting paid, they are American citizens and the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA according to the first amendment thereof states they had every legal right to be there, doing what they were doing! I think some people who think they are in charge like this moron guard had better read the CONSTITUTION or resign!

    • I loved the video! Thank you!



  3. I hope everyone in congress jumps from bridge along with Hillary .. Go Trump 2016

  4. charles johnston

    Interesting to see democrats switching sides, although I have heard this from multiple sources. Trump was not my first or even second choice, but I keep coming back to the saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Looking at the people against him and the scum that threatens to leave the country if he wins. . . go Trump.

    • Perhaps “the friend of my enemy, is my enemy” works better here. If I, as a conservative, have a candidate in my party, who is getting sudden support from my enemy, (liberals) I should question to whom he is a friend.

      • Bachelor With Sense

        SO, Were you liking John McCain? Mitt Romney? Bob Dole?

        OR Did you have to Hold Your Nose to vote for them? The GOPe has not run a serious Conservative since Ronald Reagan won the Presidency, AND He used to be a Democrat too!

        Therefore Trump MAY BE an Unknown, but as a Real Businessman, he is better than the other 16 gents that were running against him!

        • I didn’t have to hold my nose to vote for McCain ( a Patriot) over a community organizer who palled with terrorists. Trump is only better than the other “gents” …though you forgot there was a woman running also (very Trumpish) when it comes to recognition for ” star” status….were it not for that, nobody and I mean NOBODY would know about Trump and his “achievements” are…if there is any to speak of.

          • Are you implying that the “HILL” is a woman???? Gag. Maybe a succubus!!!!
            Oh how the mighty are fallen.

          • Well, in this day of gender confusion over bathrooms I really wasn’t implying such a thing 🙂

          • 😉 I haven’t figured out what I will do when faced with having to use the bathroom with an OBVIOUS transgender. I am fairly sure that I will throw them out or go empty myself in a corner of the store.
            Now, if my granddaughter is with me, I will just punch him out.
            And you are probably thinking I am one of those that has crossed the line and think violence is the only answer. I am getting close to that, and so are many others.

          • I’m already there

          • Glad to hear that. Just hope we are fighting on the same side because…..

          • heheh….well let’s just put it this way I’m a very traditionally social conservative individual

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Barrustio- How can you be there already when you’re really nowhere at all?

          • Trust me…an “it” who got too “friendly” already knows that I’m so I’m very there.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Bet you identify as a follower of christ and a believer in god what’s his name?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Barrustio- You look like a toilet.

          • Well to those who are afraid to post their own looks for fear of scaring all off, I would have to say in absence of your photo I’ll just have to assume that what you might look like…your face might look like…if crap were snow, you’d be a walking blizzard.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Maybe better than the other 16, but not Hillary.

          • Bachelor With Sense

            Gee, I am Not sure how to reply?

            Was that Sarcasm or just plain Stupidity?

            Hillary is a Liar, Thief, Idiot, possibly guilty of murder, definitely guilty of Treason and you still put her above Trump?

            There just is NO Fixing Stupid!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            The only truth Trump has told was what he’s said about the other failed Republican candidates (e.g. Lyin’ Ted and Ball Bangin’ Carson, etc.). You cons are so gullible.

      • charles johnston

        The democrats switching party are not necessarily liberal- possibly blue-dog that have had enough of the socialist-lite democrat kool aide. I grew up a democrat back when they actually had a conservative wing. The hard left turn in the 60’s made me a republican, until they began to be democrat lite- now I’m a registered independant. Actually Trump has raised a great, successful family, made millions in the business world- using the law as required to make money, so don’t go there- and nobody who has known the man a long time has anything bad to say. As Huckabee said, we’re in the middle of a revolution- bloodless so far, but a revolution just the same, and what has the career politicians scared is the loss of their ststus quo and gravy train. Trump can’t possibly do worse than the POS in th WH now. I’ll take him warts and all.

        • Me too!!!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Drumpf is a German spy with wittle sausage fingers. Drumpf is the biggest pussy going. That’s why you idiots like him so much, because you’re nothing but scarred wittle pussies.

        • Amen brother!! Well stated. Here’s another thing to chew on. It was a hopefull unpres. white vote that put Obama in office, but now that same voter has witnessed the true anti white and anti American he has become. Why not give Trump the business man a shot.

        • Let’s just sat that there’s no way Democrats would switch for Cruz….because they know what they would get but would support Trump because they know what they would get.

          • charles johnston

            Yep. We’ve known Trump for years and what he does. . . still folks are voting for him. ‘Nuff said.

          • Trump has trapped the Repubs and TPs. He will throw you and the TPs in the ocean. And I am going to enjoy another 4 years with Hillary as US president. Your idol Cruz lost big yesterday.

          • charles johnston

            Dream on. The Hildabeast will be in prison as soon as Trump is sworn in.

          • You wish! All what you called scandals i.e. E-mail, Benghazi etc. have been dropped by FBI and special prosecutor. Trey told Repubs and TPs that there was nothing new they could find. Trey Gowdy is a smart Repub. So forget about those scandals and vote for Hillary in November and your blood pressure will go down.

          • charles johnston

            The FBI has not finished, and her foundation and its 1100 “Forgotten” donations is still in the wind. Her career as a liar started when she was thrown off the Watergate investigation for lying and witness tampering and has only gotten worse, besides, so far in the primaries, the repubs are over 4 million pissed off voters ahead of the dems, so don’t start celebrating just yet.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Watergate investigation? You mean the early 1970’s? IDIOT!

          • charles johnston

            Yeah, like you can’t read, stupid? I said BEGIN. But you’re stupid enough to bitch about nothing, aren’t you?. I’ll wait for your next stupid chestnut with baited breath.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I would imagine you laying in water waiting for baited hooks. Oops, you bit and got hooked on Fox’s line of lies.

          • charles johnston

            I lived through it dumbass, as well as stupid. never heard that on FOX, but she was definitely “Withdrawn” from the investigation for “Breach of ethics” lying and witness tampering.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You have got to be kidding!!! Infowars!?! Alex Jones!?! you are a fucking retard! He’s worse than FOX!

          • charles johnston

            Just the first one I came to, since you’re too stupid to find it yourself. If you have sense enough to google, there are over 50 sites dealing with what, why and when. Quit your juvenile bitching and read something besides penthouse, and put down that joint.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            The number of wacko sites doesn’t necessarily make anything true. At first, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and considered you ignorant, but now I realize you’re just plain stupid and no amount of education wouldn’t help cure your ignorance…you simply don’t have the grey matter to reason.

          • charles johnston

            Too bad your insults are so lame. With two degrees and a PE license, I’ve been soaring logical rings around you since I was 7 years old. Waste of flesh only reading what supports your lib world view. What a stupid liddle pigeon. . . reminds me-
            “Arguing with leftists is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it is victorious.” – from RealScience. There you go liddle pigeon. . . go crawl into your corner and suck your thumb.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Let’s see, you have two-degrees, so that equals your IQ and you have a PE license, just like Denny Hastert…right kiddo? Wink, wink boys, here are your towels. Even though you are six-years-old, “[You’ve] been soaring logical rings around [me]since [you] were 7 years old.” Butt you’re only two-years-old, just like all whining conservatives.

          • charles johnston

            You’re hilarious!! It’s such fun reading the rants of the terminally stupid. Keep it up. I’m rolling on the floor.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Rolling on the floor naked wrestling a stick of butter.

          • charles johnston

            Keep it up. You’re funny. . . In a sad kinda way.. .kinda like a retard trying to figure out a zipper, but what the hell. Laughs are where you find them.

          • That is a good one Charlie J. You are kicking SCVs ass.

          • You Sir, are either delusional, sipping Kool-Aid-aid, or JUST PLAIN STUPID. My GOD, you are the reason we should put morons like you in insane asylum!

          • Well said, pm; you may be a seer in this respect.

          • StupidConservativeValues


          • Now Trump is going to have One-Payer-Health insurance and will raise minimum wage to $15 per hr. You lost again.

          • charles johnston

            He’s never said that, in fact he said he would repeal Obamacare and open insurance to the competition of the free market, and he alone can’t raise the minimum wage, but said he’s open to “Study”. More propaganda that you wish for.

      • What about all the Democrats who did the same when Reagan was running?

      • There are many Conservatives who can’t stomach the big business Republicans, some are Democrate and some are Independent, most are working class that dislike the way the Republicans have sold the working class down the river. You remember the working class, the ones that fight the wars the political class start.

        • I am part of the working class and have also fought in a war but I really just don’t see where Trump, as one of the elite, though considered an outsider by some will help us stay out of any wars.

          • Maybe Trump will, maybe he won’t. He might not do anything he said he would, everything is a gamble. Rightly or wrongly Ted Cruz haz been identified with the Washington insiders. He has done what I know he has promised to do, but Lindsey Grahmnesty is like the kiss of death. If he pulls it out I will vote for Ted but I do not want anymore free trade agreements where we give jobs to get cheap mangos. Most the Chinese stuff is cheap junk anyway.

          • Actually most of the Chinese stuff is not too bad…it’s actually the Taiwanese stuff that is ALL junk and mangos are good for you. However I agree that we should not be making any trade concessions that favors our competition, we are way to self-subsistent that we cannot use that as lever to get better deals. As for Graham’s kiss of death, I wouldn’t put to much weigh on what sensible people accept from someone who decided to be as bombastic as Trump and say “You could kill Ted Cruz on the Senate floor and not get convicted”. I don’t know if Trump would or would not do what he says, so that’s why I support someone who has already proven he will do what he says.

          • I will take the Taiwanese stuff before Communsit China but our business leaders are not so concerned with Communist governments as they once were. I think it was Graham that said you could shoot Ted Cruz on the Senate floor and not be convicted. Trump has said many things that I wish he would not say. From what I see, any free trade agreement we make favors our competition. I also wish that rather than the Republicans always whineing about the 35% income tax that they would do something about it.

          • It was Graham who said that about Cruz …my point is that he was being as bombastic as Trump when he said he could “shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any votes”….doesn’t speak well of what he thinks of his follower’s ability to adhere to human values.

          • No it does not speak well for Trump. It would be much better if he would think some before talking. As far as the trade, our government seems to want to build everyone but America (the working class anyway). Is it so wrong to want America to have success? If we are such a rich Country why are we 19 Trillion in debit and every manufactured product I buy is made on another Country? Our politicians seem to be doing ok, same with our CEO’s. Not to gripe because I do very well because of choices I made when young, and a lot of luck.

          • I’m doing ok because of the changes I made later in life. Not so much when I was young. In my case ,luck had very little to do with it, because of the bad decisions I made early on. Hard work and determination took me from being a 10th grade dropout to being a teacher at the ripe age of 36. I do agree with Trump on one thing….”we don’t MAKE anything anymore”. I believe one of the reasons we’re in debt is because we don’t appreciate how money is earned. We have become a “consumer nation” and most of the jobs deal in services rather than production. The “work ethic” of America is such that you can view numerous YouTube videos of people bragging about milking the system and chiding people who work for being so foolish to do so, when they can get things for free.

          • It is very sad to see what has become of the American work ethic. There are still hard working people at work but they are fewer in number. Those that do work get to do more.

          • I couldn’t say he will keep us out of all wars, but I think he would go in to WIN, not drag it out and loose lives needlessly.
            This is only my personal opinion, but since observing the huge ego and confidence of Trump, I do think he will give it his best shot for he seems to thrive on challenges.
            I think DT wants very much to gain the reputation of being the POTUS that “saved the nation from almost certain ruin.” And he wants that achievement to be passed into history books.
            Also, the fear of him of the elite has of being elected as Prez has forced me to think that they are afraid that he can and will attempt to succeed. DT likes winning.
            I would take a chance on DT any day rather than Bernie, Hillary or Cruz.
            I am just nervous about those DT supporters who seem to believe he can make all things better in a few months. Real change will take much time, and if he doesn’t instantly produce they may turn against him.

          • Yes change takes time but Obama succeeded in “changing” things pretty fast.
            It’s possible Trump could initiate change but first he would have to overcome the immense opposition and divisiveness which he himself has created already. Lumping Cruz in with Bernie and Hillary is quite a low blow to someone who has already proven to be an advocate for the people doing so at the cost of alienating all his colleagues in the Senate and at the expense of probably losing his position. I like dependability and prefer to leave the gambling to those who visit Trump’s casinos.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Your posts are idiotic, which means you’re idiotic. You couldn’t reason yourself out of a paper bag.

          • Go away girlie…you bother me more than I’m obviously bothering you…nobody asked you into this conversation.

        • True! But we are waking up!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Then go back to sleep, because what you think you’re waking up to is in actuality a dream…or more like a nightmare. The county will never be “great” again (read “White”). Thank the good Lord above for agreeing with the Devil to sent all White Christians to hell when they die.

    • The article is a lie. The same writer said that GOP young voters were leaving Repubs and TPs and switching to vote for Hillary. I have asked GOP voters to abandon ship and join Demos ship. Demos ship will not capsize or leave them in the ocean. Trump was making sense. But you and your fellow Repubs and TPs are attacking him for no reason other than Trump is White and pure American. Repubs and TPs would prefer a foreigner Cruz to rule this Country. I think you, Repubs and TPs are primitive people living in a developed country – USA . How can you trust a foreigner to send your kids to war. Cruz take vacation to Canada where his brothers are .

      • The most senseless , convoluted & contradictory post I have read in ….maybe forever? WHAT???
        Am I the only one or missing something here?

      • charles johnston

        Please take a course in ENGLISH and learn about punctuation, cogent subject verb agreement and logical writing. Whatever the Hell you’re trying to say, you’re saying it badly and it’s tootiresome to read.

        • I got an “A” in college English. I ranked No. 1 in state written exam; and I have re-read my posting found it perfect. Any rebuttal?

          • charles johnston

            Can’t see the forrest for the trees and just because you got an A in some course doean’t mean your brain works. I’ve seen your rambling posts before, and your bragging might impress you, not me. A monkey can use a keyboard- does not mean he can write intelligently

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “A monkey can use a keyboard- does not mean he can write intelligently.” And you’re proof.

          • charles johnston

            Look in the mirror stupid. Trolls are good for a laugh, little else.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Well, I suppose, after all, you’re the one with the experience of laughing at one’s self in the mirror…or does you reflection show?

          • You are a Perfect specimen, Sir.

          • Yeah, your “English” sucks. Go read Churchill.

          • You did not need parenthesis on the English word. Better join the law school that you can learn how to write English.

          • charles johnston

            They’re quotes, not parentheses.

          • No wonder I despair when I read English as written by Americans.

          • charles johnston

            I give pmbaele a little slack because it’s plain he ain’t from around here, if you’ll pardon a little vernacular from the South. Still, once he gets on a roll, it’s hard to follow sometimes.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            No, other than you’re awesome!

          • As far as you getting an “A” in college English, I have no confidence in that grade. I remember when my son was in college and had to write a report. He wanted me to proofread it for accuracy and content. It was filled with errors of both kinds, but he didn’t want me to change anything, so I didn’t. When he got it back from the professor, not one mistake had been corrected. The paper was marked with an “A”. He graduated Cum Laude. Even today he’s the worst speller I’ve ever seen… and he’s now a Board Certified ER doctor. In my opinion, the problem started all the way back in grade school when teachers were too lazy to make the students learn English. The problem continued through high school when the teachers were more interested in getting students out of the school than in educating them. It wasn’t until my son started Junior College that he even discovered he could be an “A” student…but even then, his spelling was in the cellar…and the professors STILL didn’t care about his spelling. So, be careful when you brag about your adroitness in spelling.

          • You may be right; because I took state written exam and ranked highest among 200 examines. The hiring administrator was upset why I, as Black male, could beat 200 people in exam where other examines were all Whites. She did not know I was a college graduate. I sued the state. We went to federal district court. The judge was a white female. She also wondered how I could beat Whites. I have filed a complaint with US judiciary Committee. The case has been there for almost a year now. They are fighting about the new Justice appointee. I will keep you posted.

          • I am as appalled as you are by the actions of white people who still have not come out of the post-Civil War/Civil Rights era. I was raised to respect people for being the person they are. All my life, I have respected others, regardless of race, etc., until they prove to be not worth my effort. But then there are quite a few whites that also fall into the category. I would be very interested in knowing how your case is resolved.

          • After file the disciplinary complaint with Judiciary, the judge her name Judge Barbara Crabb recused herself. A new judge if now hearing my case.

          • You are living proof we have social promotion in collage as well as the lower grades. As a fact there have been people who were awarded PHD’s for their work on why the Sun revolves around the Sun! My daddy the Colonel always said the man with the PHD is one who can pile his BS higher and deeper! Go back to that state and ask for your money back, no wait you still owe a student loan don’t you! But the real point has nothing to do with your English it has to do with your ideas. As for yours, we wait with baited breath for one to appear.

          • You made my day. Did I tell you Trump is planning to get out of WH bid. He had had it up to here with Romney accusing him for not releasing his tax return. I told you Repubs and TPs are hypocrite. This is the same Romney who refused to release his tax return. The guy had shipped his money to Swish banks -creating jobs there. Well, it’s good for Trump to bail out.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Then stop reading, Chuckie.

        • Guess I have lived on the border too long and spoken with those who are not savy to the english language. He is partially wrong and partially right. The whiners are bitter about Cruz and it is pretty obvious. Tired of the talk of low level thinkers backing Trump and so on. Time to unite of pmbalele is right, Hillary will win!!!

          • charles johnston

            If it were’t for the fact that GOP primary voters are over 4 million ahead od the dems, I might be worried, but there’s so much damaging stuff coming out about the Hildabeast, she is in deep doo.

          • Charles, ( 4 million ahead od the dems) typo we all struggle with gramamr and spelling don’t we. As fro Hildabeast GOOD one. As I said before she would rather swim the Patomic in December to come tell you a lie than stay at home in a warm house and tell you the truth.

          • charles johnston

            Yep, Bob. Missed that one. At 73 now, these fingers don’t see as well as they used to, nor the eyes. Be well, my friend.

        • Guess I have lived on the border too long and spoken with those who are not savy to the english language. He is partially wrong and partially right. The whiners are bitter about Cruz and it is pretty obvious. Tired of the talk of low level thinkers backing Trump and so on. Time to unite or pmbalele is right, Hillary will win!!!

        • Guess I have lived on the border too long and spoken with those who are not savy to the english language. He is partially wrong and partially right. The whiners are bitter about Cruz and it is pretty obvious. Tired of the talk of low level thinkers backing Trump and so on. Time to unite of pmbalele is right, Hillary will win!!!

      • Do you really think we Trump supporters are going to get on the Demos ship and vote for the Hill? Won’t happen.

        • The Koch Brothers are already pledged to vote for Hillary; they are hard-core Repubs..

          • The Koch brothers aren’t even Conservative, just Republican. Big business you know, should tell you something about the Republican party. The Republicans don’t mind using the Conservatives though.

          • Te Kochs are libertarians.

          • Phuque the Koch brothers, and you too PMBalele

          • I don’t follow what the Koch bros are doing. I see them as just more fat cats that suck off the system like the rest of the Republican and Democratic elite.
            It is time the people rain on their parade.
            TRUMP 2016

          • I know Trump will win the Repub nomination. In fact, I do not have any problem with Trump. The problem is that his fellow TPs and Repubs hate him for being a White male and born in USA. They would rather have Cruz, a foreigner as USA Commander-In-Chief. Now Cruz has nominated Carly as VP. Unfortunately, Carly is hated by Trump. Both Cruz and Carly are losers. Here is my advice to you: Please join me and vote for Hillary. She is a very smart person and ready to take over from what President Obama will have left.

          • The reason I won’t vote for Hilary is BECAUSE she would “…take over from what president Obama will have left.” But thanks for the invite!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hillary yes, but we don’t need a third Obama term. We need more liberals…just like our founding fathers were and that God is!

          • Mary, they’re just members of the Uniparty. They talk conservative libertarian patriot, but they are just globalists who want open borders for their cheap foreign labor. Anyone who says he’s a “conservative” and can’t agree with Trump’s idea of “America first” shows that his “conservatism” is a lie.

          • I absolutely agree! “America First”! Nothing else even makes sense to me! Thanks for posting!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You too are one dumb f*ck!

          • I would be concerned if the likes of you approved of me! And the powers that be will find many guns locked and loaded when they try to ’round us up.’ When we die, we will take several with us into eternity!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            So you’re superstitious…you believe in God and eternity. Kind of sad really to be so ignorant about science (i.e. facts). I bet the only thing that lasts an eternity if your stupidity and gullibility.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            America is going downhill, what with all the a#$ puckering conservatives thinking they know what the constitution really says, that there is some sort of god watching over them and twisting the words of little jesus and having the temerity to believe in the easter bunny, santa clause and god.

          • America is going downhill because out government leaders are a Uniparty. No appreciable difference in them. Haven’t you noticed the sincere Republicans with values are trying to NOT vote for them now? We the Reasonable People want nothing to do with the leadership of our government.
            That is why folk are awakening and voting for DT.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            My grandfather died in World War II to stop Hitler and Tojo. Now you want to elect Donald Drumpf who has admitted to idolizing Hitler? Shame on you! After this election, Hillary is going to round up all the conservative traitors like you and put them on cattle cars and send them to the nearest CCC (Conservative Concentrate Camp) for extermination.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You be one dumb f*ck!

          • charles johnston

            Stupid trolls with room temp IQ’s should learn to express themseles without gutter language. . . Oh, I forgot, “Stupid”. . . never mind.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Ha ha, you one funny man. Is you Johnson a big one Johnson?

          • charles johnston

            And you is one stupid troll. . . well that’s an oxymoron, but you pass in spades. (That’s a bridge term in case you’re too stupid to know card cames)

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, right, spades and card games. You racist ingrates use code, but everyone knows: Spade = Ni@@er you white piece of piece of sh*t.

          • charles johnston

            Call the names, idiot. Never heard of bridge, have you.. . . you know dummy, clubs, diamonds, hearts and (Gasp) spades. Another idiot victim seeing boogy men behind every bush and calling names to boot. What a waste of flesh and breath you are, and you should look up some of your stupid little insult knee jerk words, since you don’t even have the brain cells to deliver an accurate insult.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’ve heard of the Bridge to Nowhere, which has come to be seen as synonymous with wasteful conservative spending (e.g. Bush’s two-wars and the “clean-up” cost of 911).

          • charles johnston

            Yeah, and your socialist/Marxist organizer in chief pissed away a stable Iraq, then the entire middle East with his stupid red line BS that’s had Putin laughing his A$$ off ever since, and the Hildabeast getting 4 Americans killed running guns through Benghazi, and don’t forget dimwit, the democrats voted to go to war, and the WMD’s WERE there as the pentagon now, and even the New York Times, has had to admit. And by the way, nimrod, Bush is gone, has been for a while and it’s now on your choice who’s proven to be disconnected and impotent.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            60 Americans died in embassy attacks on Bush’s watch hypocrite. No WMD were found (btw- it’s not WMD’s…Weapons of Mass Destructions) idiot. I did like Bush video made for the correspondents dinner where he looked around the Oval Office for WMD. Real funny for my now dead nephew who served thinking he was guarding America’s freedom, when in fact is was a fool’s errand set up by the two war criminals: Bush/Cheney.

          • charles johnston

            It’s WMD’s if you are referring to more than one, which I was, slick. Your nephew was a volunteer, as is my grandson, who came back after two tours in Iraq. Oh yeah, as for the WMD’s:

            BAGHDAD, Iraq – United Nations weapons inspectors have confirmed the announcement on Monday by the Iraqi government that its soldiers had finally discovered Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program, completely upending the history of the Iraq War, once viewed as a pointless quagmire but now seen as a tough but necessary conflict.

            The New York Times became the latest news outlet to completely reverse itself on the invasion of Iraq, with an editorial now referring to it as “the greatest decision of the century.”

            The weapons, more than five thousand sarin gas artillery shells, six thousand gallons of anthrax, and two crude nuclear weapons, were located on Sunday in a previously-undiscovered bunker on the Syrian border by a pair of Iraqis who were using the structure as a makeshift toilet.

            Read more:

            You ’bout half-smart anyway.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            One weapon = Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD)
            Two weapons = Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

            Because you can’t even get the proper use of WMD, everything else you wrote is suspect (i.e. BS).

          • charles johnston

            Word police now, the last refuge of the dimwit. Hahahahaha. Funny, but still stupid. 60 embassy folks died on Bush’s watch? Yeah. What’s your point? 72% of all casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan died on Obama’s watch, that would be 1,484, so you don’t have a point.

          • hummm. I never passed ‘white sh*t! And I am white.

          • Absolutely.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You gonna be in for a big surprise when the Democrats walk away with the Senate and the White House. Then they gonna pass all kinda bills to make ignorant fu*ks like you illegal. Then you all get rounded up and dumped in the ocean, put on trains back to where you came from and gassed because you’re a drain on society.

          • stupid….
            you are an illiterate illegal aren’t you?
            I can’t imagine anyone else so stupid.
            Gosh !! How well your name FITS you 😉

          • NEVER WILL HAPPEN. That is where there voting base is formed. Pinch out another welfare mouth each year.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It’s already in the works. Obama the Dictator has the U.S. military on board (don’t know how he did it) to round ‘yall up and stick you in cattle cars. Funny thing about the railroad cars, they’re going to have “Bundy Melons” painted on the side.

          • The Koch brothers are libertarians.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            No, actually they are librarians. In fact, David like to think of himself as a liberalina.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          No, you’re just going to get on each other had have a conservative orgy.

          • You seem to know much about ‘orgies.’ I do wonder why!!!!!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Because I attend them wearing a little devil suit. We all prey to the God of Darkness and then get it on!

          • Wonderful! Keep posting! Just think how many “undecided” Republicans will read your crap and DECIDE they had better vote for Trump!
            The trolls infesting these sites are garnering more voters for Trump than we do! Keep the little suit handy and help us win more votes for Trump. Thanks!

      • PMbalele you are wrong but some of what you have said is correct. The conservatives are unhappy with the Ted pull out and Trump in the lead. But do not think there are not enough to upset Hillary’s applecart and the dems are abandoning the party in droves but for good reason. They want their jobs back, they do not want open borders or hordes of refugees willing to behead them or illegal aliens sucking up the resources of this country. There are some not hooked on the koolaide of freebies and who do know where the dem wit lemmings and socialist libs are leading. That would be the dems who work or should I say the dems who want to work!

        • You remember in 2012 the same pollster told us Romney was 52% and Obama 46%. You know who won the lottery. People on this site are sick in their heads. They hate Blacks and Democrats for being progressive. Tough luck. You’re going to cry as in 2012 election.

      • You voted for Obamanation and say Cruz is a foreigner? By the very rules you Demarxist used to justify the citizenship of that walking pile of steaming filth you now use to deny Cruz the same status? The bright side is the Democratic party is made up of hard working, honest (as opposed to the likes of you), people who love their country. They voted for Reagan and they will do the same for Trump because they are tired of the crony politics/capitalism of the Republocrats.

        • I do not know which side you’re now. Anyway there rumors Trump is planning to get out because he does not want to release his tax return. He paid 1% of his income. He thinks people will cry when they see his return. As an alternative, he is dropping out of WH bid. I do not blame him. Repubs and TPs hate him for being a White male and born here. They love Cruz a foreigner born in Canada.

    • Great message; those protecting our corrupt political system are truly our adversaries. Trump is the only candidate that has the onions to challenge the system. Cruz and Kasich haven’t figured it out yet.

      • charles johnston

        Cruz and Kasich have figured it out, but as much as they tell us they are not establishment, the more their actions show they are.

        • How right you are!!!

        • They are weak and it shows! Cruz teamed with Rubio in an earlier debate in an attempt to take Trump down but they failed miserably! It didn’t work then and it won’t work this time! When a candidate, Cruz has to ask another candidate, Kasich to step back from Indiana so I have a better chance, that is a sign of weakness and I don’t want a weakling for our next President! I want a man than speaks off the cuff, a man that addresses the important issues like national security, terrorism, jobs and the national economy and that is why I am a proud Trump supporter! I am proud to be a HOOSIER and I am voting for TRUMP!

          • charles johnston

            I hear you, Roger. Well said and I don’t want somebody resorting to political dirty tricks before they’re even the candidate. Be well.

          • Dirty tricks? As I told Roger the Republican rules are the dirty tricks. You want to see dirty tricks wait until the run to the White House and Hillary lets loose! Trump raised hell about Colorado rules and you seem to think Cruz caused them. Those rules were already in place and Cruz worked in the system he faced to stave of defeat. You seem to imply that it will be OK to use dirty tricks after one is the candidate that seems a bit like a double standard. But Charles and Roger I am with you don’t think I am not, at age 70 I have seen it all and I can tell you we are circling the drain this time. In all my years, worked in Goldwater campaign as a school boy, I never thought I’d see the day a sitting Senator would call for the demise of the First Amendment or a sitting President would call descent a crime but now I have. Be afraid children be very afraid! Simper Fi !

          • charles johnston

            Yep. Dirty tricks. Ben Carson was one, teaming up with Kasich at the last was another. Didn’t make a difference to Trump’s march, but nowadays a lot of people distrust anyone from inside the beltway and Cruz’s actions apparently reinforced those feelings. The fact that Cruz would work the GOP rules to his benefit was not a detriment to Trump. It actually helped him.

          • I was on a site which was “Pro Trump.” However, when I started making comments, Cruz people had hi-jacked the site.
            I didn’t understand it at first until I saw a pattern. They were utilizing, “Rules for Radicals”…Saul Alinsky.
            I un-subscribed to the comments. The moderator emailed me stating that “You are reinstated.”
            My response: “No way in Hell!”
            I did contact Tea Party Command. They had no idea Cruz people had hi-jacked the site.

          • charles johnston

            Back to my original comment, Upaces, Cruz, for all his anti-establishment posturing, is well acquainted with establishment procedure and organized his campaign accordingly. Now Cruze was apparently told of this or decided himself that this was the way to win. Problem was, it exposed him as another typical politician. I was a Cruz supporter at first, but as the campaign wore on, I had to bail. I’ll take Trump, warts and all, because I think the country needs a business-savy president at this time.

          • Report: Dirty Cruz Camp Is Set on Stealing Trump Delegates in Missouri, Too

            Last week the Ted Cruz camp moved in to steal delegates from Donald Trump in Louisiana, a state Donald Trump won by over 10,000 votes.

            Dallas Morning News reported:

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Let’s play rings.

          • Rodger I would normally agree with you but the distorted Republican Party rules made the political maneuvering necessary. The real test for you should be what Cruz would do if President having both house and Senate, to know that look at his Senate record please! We may yet be glad we elected Trump but I doubt it very much. Trump is the lesser of two poisons, a megalomaniac or a Marxist money grubbing liar.

          • 101 Reasons The Tea Party Should Not Support Ted Cruz-

            “Trade Priorities and Accountability Act” Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2253 (2015), Security- United Nations and Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 (TPA-2015) (CFR) Council on Foreign Relations.

            Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) introduced this legislation on April 16, 2015. The legislation allows the White House to continue pursuing trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) and allows Congress to vote on the treaties.


            U.N. Security Council Expansion Is Not in the U.S. Interest, In the next few months, the United Nations Gen­eral Assembly is expected to consider several propos­als to expand the U.N. Security Council from the current 15 members-five permanent members (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and 10 non-permanent members elected to two-year terms. There are several plans under consideration:

            Obama First US President To Chair UN Security Council and Ted Cruz knows:

            Ted Cruz voted for TPA, fact but TPA , this TPP Legislation does not belong to Obama,
            TPP’s Founder & CEO to be given an OBE
            ​Continue Reading:

        • Absolutely right, Kasiches voted for NAFTA when was in congress, and so did John Mc Caine. Kasichs has a funny way of telling people how he saved Ohio. He caused the sucking sounds of jobs being sucked out of here to Mexico. Ohio folks just need to click on the ( 20 year annerv. of NAFTA). They will find who sold them out. Can’t believe the Ohio folks voted for that traitor. Hey Ohio folks, learn to use the internet and see what your boss did to you. These guys are bought and paid for by the establishment.

        • Well said.

        • Absolutely!

        • I’m sorry Charles but Cruz has a record of consistant consertive votes and has kept his word to the ones who elected him tooffice. If you have real proof to the contrary please feel free to post it. Kasich is more a moderate and that’s not bad but we see where moderation with the Marxist has got us.

          • charles johnston

            I have no problem with his voting record, but the political tricks and childishness during the primary turned me off, as well as apparently a lot of others. Those actions were as insider as it gets.

      • Trump has listened to, and understood, people like you. I give him credit for that. But what makes you think that a President he would, or even could, do the things you want him to do? He is a good salesman: usually real-estate, but in politics too. We need more substance than that.
        He looks very good among the Republican candidates because the others are so bad.

    • I think Trump is our ONLY chance to save our Amarica.

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      • StupidConservativeValues

        “Our America.” Define “our” your racist as*hat.

        • It is self explanatory Stupid……
          as in belonging to or associated with; as in OUR AMERICA.
          Further, Stupid, I am not racist, but I do believe in sealing our borders, don’t be here if you aren’t coming the right way & for a better life.
          Leave your baggage where you came from & if you burn our FLAG, I will happily assist you… AFTER ROLLING YOUR SORRY HIDE UP IN IT FIRST!!
          Now, go away until you learn what patriotism, & how to conduct yourself properly.
          Your behavior is certainly does not display intelligence.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It’s kind of funny reading your comments. Your “reasoning” is so twisted it makes a pretzel look straight.

          • I believe my reasoning is right on point & each statement is true.
            Now go play.. better yet, read a book.;)

          • Conservatives are like Catholics in Heaven. They think they are the only ones there.

          • I don’t care much for either part or the term conservative.What I am is a common sense.American Patriot who seriously wants, &
            intends to see our Nation healed & strong again

          • Good on you Emma: me too.

            Given that the USA is in a bad way, who do you think is best suited to making it well again? Conservatives who by nature resist change, or progressives who have the urge to make changes.

            BTW we are all patriots.

          • Just plain ol’ common sense my friend.

          • The problem with common sense is that it is not so common, particularly in America.
            Check out.

          • Some of us tho, our minds are still running flawlessly on all cylinders. ?
            I am really praying there are enough of us. I believe we can do this.
            Progs want changes that are against American values, traditions, morals & our constitutional republic.
            Cons are gutless wonders who don’t want these changes, but don’t have the courage nor fortitude to stop them.
            Knock knock!!
            Someone is at the door.
            Glory Bee!!!
            It’s COMMON SENSE!!
            I guess it isn’t dead after all.
            Been sick & a bit peaked, but alive & on the mend!!!?

          • Emma,
            Good to hear you are feeling better. We need you here.

            In my experience most progressives merely want to make this country work better. They are not part of an evil conspiracy. Of course there are some fools on all sides of politics, but progressives are generally well educated people: high achievers from the professions. Perhaps this is why most folks here denigrate a college education. It makes you think we can do things better. Cons would prefer us to look backwards and remain afraid of change.

            I understand that you fear that any changes might be for the worse. Of course that is possible, but there are many checks and balances in our system of government that are designed to avoid bad outcomes. As part of that, we do very much need smart conservatives to participate in change to help us avoid mistakes.

            Emma, you sound like you could be one of us if you would only allow your self the freedom to think laterally Conservatives have done their best to demonize progressives. What you call “common sense” is your intelligence trying to break through your social conditioning. You must have great difficulty agreeing with people who think we should keep things as they are, because you understand that things are not good here now.

            Like a turtle, we have to stick our knecks out if we want to make progress in the right direction.

          • I understand what you are saying., but I am an independent thinker.
            I look at a situation from inside out , up , down & all around.
            The democratic candidates….
            Benghazi Butcher. This person will finish the destruction of our America.
            The policies we lived with thru the Bush years were bad enough.Now we have been brought to our knees by the illegal, foreign ,muslim usurper
            these last 7.5 years. We are indeed a Nation under occupation since this illigitimate fool was installed.
            O no care… gotta vote for it to see what’s in it…and they DID!!!! Democrats instigate these policies & the spineless Republicans just trot right along with them.
            The “govt”….they really want us disarmed. Will not happen.
            They have destroyed the family unit, have divided this once Great Nation on every single level….politically, economically, religiously , racially & morally.
            I never would have believed I would ever see the day that AMERICA would be a corrupt, leaderless, occupied Nation.
            NWO? It is indeed a new order to the world. It is so upside down & was done deliberately.
            I like Trump. He has a proven track record financially, internationally.
            It is time to have a genuine American who loves & appreciates America & Her People.
            I believe in Peace thru Strength, as did Reagan, as does Trump.
            People who can work, should.
            I understand sometimes a hand up is needed, but to live on a hand out is not.
            The more kids they have, the more welfare they get.
            One child, one time. Limit on time to be on welfare & drug & alcohol testing…random.
            Must enter a work program or find employment. Six months max. To draw benefits.
            Give a man a fish he will eat for a day .Teach him to fish, he will never go hungry.
            Bring back our jobs, stop the hemmorage at our borders & throw the current. Illegal occupiers in prison for treason, usurpation, murder, crimes against our America & the world.
            Trump is intelligent enough to know there is much he does not know & will choose his advisors wisely, for that very reason.
            There is sooo much more, but
            I am tired & imagine I have bored you silly by now.
            Please understand I Love my home. My ancestors were here. before anyone else walked this land. I have great love &pride for our Great Republic, & God willing, I will live to see Her alive, well &strong again.
            Once America is gone, everything is gone.

          • Emma,

            Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write all that for me.

            I sympathize with your frustration but really the situation in the USA is not anywhere near as bad as all that. There is a tendency on conservative web sites to regard our dear country as totally stuffed. The people who write that stuff just don’t understand.
            I have studied politics and public policy at college. One of the first things you learn is that there is always a trade-off between freedoms and govern-ability. What this means is that the more personal and public freedoms a country has, the harder it is to govern. The USA is one of the most free countries in the world. Therefore it is also one of the hardest to govern properly.

            We are all struggling with this, and the longer we let poor politicians try, the worse the situation becomes. Our situation slid a lot during the Bush administrations because then our administration did not care as much about the problems of ordinary working people as it did about the profitability of big business.

            Obama took office at the toughest of times. The GFC created immense budget problems that would have destroyed many of our previous presidents. He could not have handled it alone either, but he was a former academic and so he knew how to get expert advice and to choose the best of it. So his team proposed a classic Keynesian government expansion strategy to inflate the country sufficiently to float it over the worst financial impacts of the GFC. This inevitably involved massively increasing government spending. It was not directed as well as it could have been in my opinion but tat twas not its main point. The aim was to inject money into the economy to keep the wheels of industry turning.

            This horrified fiscal conservatives everywhere because it was totally against their grain. Their core beliefs have always been about minimal government, frugality and wise spending. However in this crisis a fiscal contraction would have been disastrous, our people would have lost their life savings and the economy might never have recovered.
            Many conservatives have not been able to understand why this was necessary, so they attribute it to very bad management. In fact it worked exactly as it was supposed to.
            Actually the USA is reasonably healthy right now. True, it was a friendlier safer place to live in the 1950s, if you were not too concerned about atomic bombs, but right now it is safer than ever. In the 19th century the USA was an appalling place. The presidents and most politicians were terrible and their stupid petty in-fighting caused a tragic and totally disastrous civil war. We are actually living in the longest period of peace and prosperity this country has ever enjoyed.
            However, the far right side of our political spectrum is now totally paranoid. They think the sky is falling, and because their president is a black man, he must be managing very badly. Racism is suppressed today but the undercurrent is still there. We still need to feel superior.
            Obama will be treated kindly by the historians because when you look objectively at his terms you really can’t find many bad things that were actually his fault to blame him for. He did his best and it was much better than many of our white presidents achieved.
            Similarly with Sec Clinton. Her main offense is that she is a woman and many in the establishment just can’t stand that. I have seen her CV, and it is extremely impressive. Any person who has done all that must be highly intelligent and capable. A career at the top of the profession of law soon weeds out those who can’t cope. She was married to Bill who had some serious character flaws, but she coped with that humiliation with dignity and class and demonstrated the loyalty and emotional maturity that every man would hope for from a great wife.
            We need to see past those who are trying any excuse to drag her down. That is only political rivalry and its current crudeness is another sign of the paranoia and fear that is so common in the USA Today, and which is very evident in your last post. I don’t think she is the best candidate for President that the USA could find, but she seems to be the best one we have left. If she got the reins of this country it would be in safe hands. The idea that a loud mouth property speculator would be better because he says popular things is just plain ludicrous.

            So Emma, relax, smell the roses, and try to enjoy the extraordinary blessing of having been born in this wonderful country. It had some uncomfortable adjustments to make for changing circumstances but it will survive, and prosper. So will you

          • Have you ever gone to a Search Engine: “The Clinton Body Bag List”? Or, the Clinton Corpse List?”

          • No.why would l do that. Made up stories to control fools.

          • Upaces
            Those conspiracy web sites are only for the most brain dead conservatives. Someone has bothered to track this down and report via Wiki:

            Wake up, you fool!

          • I am sorry, but we will have to agree to disagree.
            I don’t go by the media . Get the issues then I do my own research.
            That means I check records for all of them.
            Less government intrusion i our lives, less taxes, responsible health care package, our Vets cared for …properly,….close our borders, send obama’s islamic army (refugees), back where they came from, rebuild our manufacturing base, rebuild & strengthen our Military, with pride, as it once was, not this foolishness obama has created.
            Hillary Clinton is unhinged. The lust for money & power has driven her insane.
            Safe hands? Hers?
            I would prefer to kiss an angry spitting cobra. Better chance of survival.
            The parties no longer concern me. The individuals applying for the office do.
            I will vote for Donald J. Trump because, altho he is brash, he is very intelligent, knows there is much he does not know & will choose the best & brightest as council.
            Further, he has offered to SERVE . He need not, but is. Killary’s reason is insatiable lust for power.
            Mr. Trump has done what has not been done since our Founding Fathers.
            He has pledged his fortune, his Honor & his life to serve America, to rebuild & heal.
            This is my position . I stand proudly ,as an American Patriot, by my beliefs.
            I further believe God sent us a the most unusual personage of Donald J. Trump.
            I think GOD may have a sense of humor, but it certainly got our attention.
            America is in seriously troubled times. Hillary Clinton will complete the destruction of the Greatest Nation the world has ever known.
            We are not going to let that happen.

          • Good luck with that. I think you are in for a shock.

          • I mabe, but you know, I tend to see things from a differnt perspective than most, but look at every possible angle & scenario.
            I did look at it thru your eyes, & can see that you absolutely believe in what you said.
            Would be nice to have civil discussion from totally opposite view points.
            I really don’t care one whit about either party, but. I Do indeed care about my HOME,
            America, &the person We choose to Lead.
            Thank you for sharing your viewpoints.

          • Got your back on that!

          • You ARE a very stupid conservative. You sound more like a Liberal.

          • Emma, don’t waste your time with this loser. After the election he will still be making a fool out if himself. He obviously thinks the last 7 1/2 years were heavenly.

          • Come here legally or DO NOT COME AT ALL. That is what this is about.

          • We can’t possibly deport 11,000,000 Illegals. The U.S. has been going at this backwards. It is soooo much easier to control who lives inside the US.
            Anyone that houses an Illegal is fined $50,000 (it has to be that high.) IF it is a measely amount, they’ll pay it because they make more over a period of a year froma lease or rental.
            That goes for apartments, mobile homes, houses, realtors they try to buy from.

          • Actuallu, we can.
            No welfare, no work, no housing, no medical, no nothing.
            Take away their reason for being here, they will self deport.
            The fines are an excellent idea, along with jail time

          • I have been called a racist from an African American man who I “thought” at the time, he knew what was going on. I didn’t want the illegals here. They have SOAKED Texas.

            $200 Billion were handed out to African Americans and the Illegals for Food stamps.
            While Obama was taking $ out of my Social Security for Fed School loans that didn’t exist. Then he hit my Medicare saying I had to pay it back. Medicare saved me. I had made my $150 deductible and haven’t been back to the Dr. since.
            Then it was “debts”(?)
            I had to try 15 times to get food stamps. FINALLY, I wrote to my governor. I GOT THEM!

          • Well, please know you are not racist for not wanting illegals here.
            We already have one illegal in the WH. Now he is just thrown open our gates. We feed, house clothe, educate & medicate his illegal “army”
            They get, but if you are an American Citizen?
            So sorry.
            I am surprised you got them, but I’m glad you did.;)

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Never said anything about burning the USA flag…just a flag. However, now that you mention it, you would be arrested if you tried to stop anyone from burning the American flag. It’s called freedom of speech to burn the flag and that freedom is guaranteed by the US Constitution. But, I know you are a low information person and your “brain” cannot wrap itself around reality. A true pity really. Why in the fuck did your god make you and all conservatives so stupid?

          • Freedom of speech ….yes, say what you will, but “burning” is an ACTION, not speech.
            As for being arrested, maybe, but the jerk burning our Flag would be in a whole lot worse condition, as in CINDERS.
            I don’t have a problem with those odds.?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            An action can be considered freedom of speech (e.g. MLK marching in Montgomery). You don’t know shit, you may as well just give up…kind of like half-term governor, Palin.

        • It is NEVER racist to go by the law. The LAW HAS BEEN IGNORED. They have INVADED our Country:
          Years ago, if you hired an llegal, there was a $50.

          Fine. Of course they ignored it…no one was keeping up with the numbers. Finally the fine just disppeared

          IF you housed an Illegal and his family, of course the paid the low-ball fine since it was a ONE TIME payment for the fine for a Years Lease.

          Let’s install fangs.

          IF you hire one, it is a $50,000 fine for each Illegal.

          IF you house one or sell a home to one of them,

          make the fine $75,000 each.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Emma, Pull your head out of your ass.

        • Hey, Stupid…….. That part fits you to a “T”
          Fact is, if you won’t stand for a FREE America
          you are the ENEMY of Every FREE AMERICAN PATRIOT in this REPUBLIC..
          Sooooo…. you really don’t much matter to me, you know? 🙂

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Now, now Emma…the world is not black and white (i.e. “…if you won’t stand for a FREE America you are the ENEMY…). First off, what you claim constitutes a “FREE America” is subjective and therefore is only an opinion and not a “fact.” Secondly…you’re stupid.

          • Uhh…. no.. Stupid is YOUR moniker , not mine.
            I use my name…..Emma…
            Further, our Sovereignty & our Freedom is NOT subjective.
            ‘Nuff said.

          • Laws…it is about laws and not breaking them to conventiently get more voters EVEN IF THE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE..


            Judge Andrew Hanen issued a ruling against Obama’s directive for DHS to stop deportation procedures against illegals. His 123-page opinion states clearly that the DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to grant 4.3 million removable aliens ‘legal presence.'” Judge Hanen wrote, “In fact, the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed.”


            …while it is illegal for anyone not a US citizen to vote in US elections, under severe penalties, the Democrats hope that enough fraudulent votes will be cast to create overwhelming confusion to electoral outcomes as to make corrections a prohibitively expensive and drawn out process.


            Add to that the fact that through massive voter fraud from refugees granted asylum, visa recipients, states issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards to illegals and the Supreme Court decision that nobody needs to show proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote and when casting a vote, especially by mail-in ballot, the votes of legitimate American citizens could be permanently nullified.

            ​There seems to be only one solution on the horizon if the states themselves will act. The state legislatures of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and any Republican majority northern states must pass 
legislation making it a state crime for any non-citizen to vote in any election held in that state, violations to be punishable by five years and a $100,000.00 fine.
 If the states can’t check their citizenship when they register there is nothing to stop the states from checking afterwards.​


          • Free American Patriots can still be hopelessly wrong about other things. Being a conservative has never required brains. They only have to scream: “No change please”. We are good the way we are.

            There is no monopoly on patriotism or love of freedom. We are all like that.

        • Who do you think can do it, cupcake?

      • Who do you think can do it, cupcake?

      • God first is our only chance, possibly working thru Trump.

        • I absolutely believe GOD has chosen Donald Trump as our Warrior.
          He may not even be aware yet, of his real role in all this,
          but he will. 😉

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’m GOD and I have not chosen Trump as anything other than a toilet slave.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Because I’m God and a liberal, you’re going to HELL!

      • StupidConservativeValues

        I’m the only chance to save Amurika…for I am the one and only true living God! To HELL to all you false Christians! I hired a bouncer at St. Peter’s Gate and you’re all going to be to turned away. Deal with that you fucks.

    • i hate to explode your bubble but Your man Trump is Having sex with his children in secret and Hllary is paying him money to cover it up if i were you i rather stay away from Trump he is the bad influnce on you there are multipel sources that is telling the truth about the Trump Scandal

      • Go pack to Pakistan, you socialist POS.

        • oh yeah? then get your Yugioh deck ready get your tickets to florida to come here in September and sign up for the Yugioh Card game Turnament for the month of October i challenge you to a game of Duel monsters sign up in longwood

        • If she is from Pakistan then she is most likely a Muslim hence the hate and lies about Trump.

      • And so are you…prove to me that you aren’t!

      • charles johnston

        Another troll comes out of the cave with wild accusations with absolutely no proof. You’re the one in the bubble if you think anybody believes your blather.

        • then i challenge you to a game of duel monsters

          • charles johnston

            No thanks. Don’t play with trolls. Might catch something.

          • This kind of ridiculous answer shows us you do not give one whit about the country that took you in, nor do you know much.
            You reduce serious issues to GAMES.

        • I wouldn’t call that wild accusations. I would call it Slander. Trump should charge Jay Upadhya with slander. Alot of people say alot of ugly things, but that was out right slander. By the way, i like your rebukes to these people that say such stupid stuff. But what Jay said in that post was way beyond stupid. That could cost him, big time.

      • You are just pissed he isn’t banging your fat ass.Not that he would

      • You belong in the looney bin you freaking loser!

      • Never let us hear that you are a Christian again! You either make up lies or pass on lies–no difference!
        I am the “source” that is telling the truth about YOU.

    • I am puzzled as to what GOP principles are. All this time I have been observing GOP, I have concluded that Repubs and TPs are there to bully Blacks and women and especially poor women. I remember last time when Mitt was campaigning when he said: “if you’re poor, that is your problem.” The guy had shipped his money to Swiss banks. His money was creating jobs in Switzerland while his fellow Americans were jobless. And would you believe Romney wanted to be President of USA when he was creating jobs abroad? Then he was asked about his economic policies. His fellow Repubs and TPs told him not to reveal GOP economic policy because they had none other than to cut taxes for the rich. Now for 7 years, these GOP morons wanted to secure the border, get rid of illegals and Muslims. They god Trump who vows to do exactly that, but they hate him for promising what they have been crying for the more than 7 years now. There is something wrong with Repubs and TPs. Please do not vote for any of their candidates. Let them go back to their mothers to be re-weaned right.

      • charles johnston

        I do wish you would stop drinking the kool aide and spouting nonsense. 7 years of the organizer-in-chief has helped blacks the least of all, even though he promised them the moon. Abortion, which is the foundatiion of the liberals faux “War on women” killed a million babies last year, black babies leading the bunch, yet you have the stupid gall to say the GOP hates women” Stupid. And you are the moron falling for that “Tax cuts for the rich” bullcrap. First you socialists say the rich don’t pay taxes, then you bitch and ignore that a tax cut is for prople who PAY taxes. I can’t go on because it angers me trying to talk reality to an idiot.

        • Now, tell me why hate Trump who wants to build the border wall with his own money; he wants all 11mi illegals out – I do not know who will work in hotels and farms. He wants all Arabs out -but Arabs have trillions of money invested in banks here. You hate Trump for being a White male and born on American soil; but prefer Cruz a Canadian-Cuban. I do not know who is the idiot now – you or me.

          • charles johnston

            You are a perfect example of an idiot who reads but does not understand; writes, but writes nonsense; assumes he knows everything when he knows nothing. I feel pity for your ignorance and pride in it.

          • Thanks, I believe you’re one of those people who that Jews were chosen people. Do you mean The Sukumas and other tribes in Africa were not chosen? These are White men-made up stories to exploit you; just what Repubs and TPs are doing to you. Please believe in the Creator you will be saved and avoid high blood pressure.

          • charles johnston

            That’s what I mean, pmbale. Total flippin’, hysterical nonsense. Please don’t breed and burden the world with another like you.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      They switched to fuck up the Republican vote even more than it already was and then re-registered as the bastions and saviors of this nation: Democrats!

      • charles johnston

        Keep on believing that, dimwit. Popular votes so far in the primaries show the GOP 4.1 million votes ahead of the Hildabeast and Bernie the communist, so if you’re maintaining that many dems switched sides, then the Hildabeast is in deep sh*t come November. Bluedogs are pissed at your parties direction anyway.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Suck, suck and suck. Your comments make no sense!

      • charles johnston

        Then go back to school, retard. My logic, content and elocution are far above your comprehension. Too bad.- and you repeat yourself for want of intelligence.

    • On the other hand, perhaps those who are against him have good reasons.

      If he looks like an idiot, and he speaks and acts like an idiot, then perhaps he is an idiot: the New York Village Idiot.

      Sun Tsu was wrong there. The enemy of my enemy could still very easily be my enemy. Isn’t that what happened with Russia in the late stages of WWII?

      Trump would be funny if this were not so damn serious. He could destroy the US economy, damage our trade relationships, make us all poor, and even start a war with China.

      As a minimum, our President needs to be an intelligent and stable person. This shouldnot be such a big ask for the Republican Party. It has any number of dopes who would be less dopey than Donny

      • charles johnston

        Hogwash of the first order. You speak like you know Trump, then admit you don’t. Just propaganda, which you seem to have degenerated into. A man, any man who has made millions in business is not an idiot- when compared to the organizer-in-chief at least he knows how to make money and how the economy works. Sad that you’re now running on merely opinion and taking cheap shots blithely to amuse yourself. I’ve said before that Trump was not my first nor second choice, but you and the other “progressives” can’t ignore that there is a revolution going on right under your nose, bloodless so far and I hope it stays that way, but voters are pissed. Popular vote for the GOP right now is over 4 million ahead of the dems and I don’t believe that’s merely because party jumpers are trying to insure a Hillary victory. In many states that is impossible because primaries are closed. This has been brewing for a while and the establishments of both parties created Trump with their total tone-deaf response to the wishes of the people who elected them. I think Trump will win by a landslide. He can’t possibly do worse than Barry and will at least pack a cabinet with people who know something about the economy and foreign policy.

        • Charles,
          We are both giving opinions here.
          That is all that ever happens on this blog. Yours are no more valuable than mine. Both of us are informed by our lives, but in very different ways.

          Trump was born rich and he invested in Manhattan real estate and made (and
          lost) a lot more. Big deal.

          He is using the tried and true demagogue mode of telling the mob whatever they want to hear. It does not matter if he cannot deliver because he does not think past getting elected. That method has been proven to work effectively since Lucius Cornelius Sulla did it in the Roman Republic. Then that guy became Dictator, and a total tyrant, executing or exiling all his opponents. Dictator was an elected position in Rome, to be used only in national security emergencies – sound familiar?

          Have you noticed yet that Trump changes what he says he believes to suit
          his audience. If he does that as President this country really will be stuffed. What does he stand for, other than promoting his ego.

          It is really mainly the ratbag uneducated conservatives that are sufficiently unhappy with the state of the USA to want take a risk on Trump, but the Party is split in two because the sensible conservatives do understand how bad he would be. Trump supporters resent not having a college education, and deny the value of it to others, and are proud
          of their home grown ignorance. Those folk just don’t know what they don’t know, and that can make the world seem simple enough to fit with Trump’s simplistic policies (Build a wall, stop Muslims coming here, etc.).

          This country is not broken merely because those fools think it is not the way they want it to be (like it was in the 1950s on Leave it to Beaver). That is still a mighty lot of
          people, and it may be enough to elect a President.

          But it is not, as you think, a popular revolution. If it results in a reform of the Republican Party. That would be a very good thing because the Party has been going badly wrong for a long time now, and it needs to be cleaned out or abandoned. The Democrats need an effective and loyalopposition.

          I don’t understand how an intelligent person like you can moan about Obama and praise Trump. It is to your credit that Trump is not your first choice for a Conservative leader. He is not a conservative and those who think he is will be in for a great shock if he ever gets his hands on the controls. Obama is actually more conservative than Trump.

          The main role of the President is as the Chief Executive of the Administration. The most difficult thing the Administration has to do is to implement legislation through regulation. That means that they make all the detail of our laws. We don’t hear very much about
          that because our public service administrators are actually rather good and
          their regulations rarely cause problems.

          Managing the budget is the next most difficult thing, and that is very problematic because of pork barrelling, pandering, campaign promises, and demanding
          interest groups like the military. It is about a lot more than just pruning the welfare budget.
          An undervalued job of the President is to be a cultured, well informed, person who can represent the USA in international forums. Can you imagine Donnie doing that? I can’t.

    • You better join Hillary camp now. Trump luster is gone-he is just another puppet of Repubs and TPs. Trump rise was due to building the Mexican wall, shipping all illegals to where they came from: Mexico, Honduras and other S. countries; he also wanted all Muslims out and bar any trying to come here. Trump forgot Bush III wife is Mexican, Ex-Governor Sanford mistress is from Argentina, Arnold mistress is from Brazil. So all GOP elites waged war against Trump. Now Trump has abandoned his stand. Trump wants to expand Obamacare to be like that in Canada. He will now allow illegals to stay and work. That is a sign of weak leader. You cannot be a strong leader if you change your belief to accommodate your enemies’ wishes-GOP. Trump luster is now gone. He is another RINO or at most Democrat. Trump may as well accept VP to Hillary. That way you can avoid high BP and heart attack in November.

      • charles johnston

        You have a great talent for nonsense. Hillary will be lucky to just make it to the election. She is steeped in corruption, lies and dirty money and the FBI is tracking it all. Another thing she has to worry about is the fact that the GOP popular vote for all candidates is over 4 million ahead of the dems. Lots of pissed off voters out here, and they seem to be more pissed off at the democrats and Hillary, so dream on. Ain’t gonna happen.

        • You will be disappointed like FoxNews -Bill O and Sean Hannity and especially Karl Rover in 2012. Starting taking 1 Aspirin per day.

          • charles johnston

            Good for you. Taking an asperin a day may help YOUR blood pressure. Mine’s fine.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Obama is your Christian GOD. Hillary will be your next Christian God. It will be fun watching you uneducated rubes bowing and scraping to the true Gods: DEMOCRATS and especially; me! Why will you capitulate? Because you’re all wittle incy bitcy pussies.

      • charles johnston

        Obama? Make that Muslim god, not mine. And the Hildabeast won’t ever sit in the oval as prez. With the GOP popular vote running over 4 mil ahead of the dems, won’t be socialist Bernie either. Last Tuesday in Kentucky, out of 1.7 million registered demodrats, only 423,000 bothered to vote. . . seems even they don’t like the choices, so don’t count your chicken just yet, numbnuts.

  5. We NEED Trump to be our next president. Cruz has shown what a lying creep he can be and $hitlery or Burnout would bankrupt us. It is my belief that Cruz, Kasich and the DNC are in cahoots to keep Trump out because BOTH sides are fully aware that a Trump presidency would ring in the end of business as usual for ALL establishment morons. It seems they’re waking from their sweet dream of using US as their personal ATM and entering their biggest nightmare of the gravy train being brought to a halt.

    • Surely you jest

      • NO! He isn’t jesting! He just stated some facts which you need to embrace!

      • Sarcasm I hope?

      • That’s the best you have? How about responding with something of substance? You came across as uninformed and easily manipulated.

        • I responded in Trump fashion, I thought you would understand.

          • That was a lame interpretation of Trump. It would be great if you could tell us all about your multi-billion dollar empire and your ability to run anything but your delusional mouth.

          • Delusional is allowing oneself to be gullible enough to believe that being a loudmouth qualifies one to be president.

          • You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! All those who think that Cruz or Shitlery fall perfectly into your description. In case you haven’t noticed, Trump is trouncing Cruz and Shitlery won’t stand a chance against him in the general election. Thanks for your clarification, for once we agreed on something.

          • Cruz has never been a loudmouth…he is about substance but I understand that Trumpites have a comprehension problem.

      • Do you mean that you are comfortable with the NWO?

        • I’m laughing at the insinuations of a conspiracy towards a NWO and that the great savior in shing armor is Trump. That is so much bull dookie and material for a fairy’s tail.

          • It is your right as an American to wear blinders! I don’t criticize that.
            You do that at your own peril. But your progeny may hate you!

          • They will hate me if I put on the blinders others are wearing.

    • Right you are. That’s why the Establishment is so afraid of a Trump victory. Their free ride at taxpayer expense will be over.

    • Not only that but both sides are for NAU, NWO, Amnesty etc. Trump doesn’t want any of that crap.

    • I do not understand why ALL Republicans cannot see the writing on the wall. They are totally open about their attacks on Trump. Anyone that can think a little should come to the same conclusion.
      Of course, I have learned by talking to many Evangelicals that many will vote for Cruz. If DT had waved a Bible and screamed the loudest, “I am a Christian!” they would have voted for him.

  6. Mark Anthony Jones

    The Republican established order first wants to protect their cash cows. As long as they can do that, then winning is secondary. Washingtons established order party hacks need replaced. They should be welcoming the opportunity to grow the party.

    Its time to unify our party by letting Cruz and Kasich out to pasture. They have no path to 1237. Only Trump can get to 1237 and he will on June 7. If Cruz and Kasich love America they will help us save her by getting out of the way – stopping this #nevertrump crap and get to unifying behind Trump so we can win in November.

    • Well said. Republican votes up 60%, largely thanks to Trump. Last chance to save America. Two court seats for sure. God, family and country needs to be priorties. Unfortunately most member of the ruling class (politicians) put self first.

  7. Democrats will head towards Trump because Trump is a moderate. His stand on conservative social issues is that of the left. I have been a huge supporter of Trump but not anymore.

    • Big mistake! If we don’t save our country, social issues won’t matter anymore. There will not be a nation!

      • Very good point WVF. Thank you.

      • That is a good point but moderate Republicans don’t win presidential elections. The balance has been leaning far to left. Without a very strong right to help tip the scale level again we will tip over. That goes for all the elected. One man is not going to save us.

        • To quote Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, “What difference at this point does it make?!” We have only one real chance, and that is Mr. Donald J. Trump!

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    I love it… but… it’s only too bad that the PMIC will declare martial law just weeks before any election! ! GOD HELP THIS ONCE MIGHTY AND FEARED COUNTRY!! A rebellion is in the making!!!

  9. Maybe their are democrats who are really waking up. The liberal left is killing the Freedom of the American deream.

  10. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    American has come a long way for us to let our country go like it is now.

  11. Of course democrats are going to vote for Hillary’s Trojan Horse!
    But they will be back voting Hillary in the national election.

    Bill Clinton set this up with Donald at the last moment, BRILLIANT plan, but I do wonder if Donald truly understands his “friend”, Bills motive?

  12. Soon we’ll be pandering with the devil, our values are going to hell if we open arm these people.

  13. Ever since Trump’s statements on abortion, the liberals are seeing no difference between Trump and Hillary who at this point stands a lesser chance to win. The liberals sure as heck don’t want Cruz in there so they of course side with Trump…this should be obvious to all real conservatives.

  14. the republican power structure is the same as all groups incharge. They do not want to be tossed to the curb with not way to rake in easy money and go to fine restaurants. They are also jealous of Trump because he can go to those same places on his own money every night
    Thankfully, many Dems in the middle are waking up. They know that Hilary will rape their paychecks, bank accounts, and retirement funds.


    propaganda on DEMOCRATES voters THATs the way TRUMP is trying to lure voters for him We will be in deep trouble if he is elected

  16. There are instances where the other party chose to vote for the opposite candidate in a primary and return to vote their party later. There was one incident a few years ago where people did just that, but were forced to vote how they voted in the primary. I love it when things don’t go the way they planned!

    • How is it that Donald Trump’s children can’t vote in the New York primary election because of regulations of timing, yet Terry McAuliffe can allow violent criminals to vote in Virginia at the drop of a hat?

      • Because Democrats have always made their own rules and broken those that others follow. Why should this be different?

  17. JUMP FOR TRUMP or KNEEL DOWN FOR HER HIGHNESS “Hillary the Pillory”, that are the choices the nation has! I still predict that their will be no elections in 2016 – called off by the Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” by another umpteenth EO to save “US” from ourselves or there will be so much violence due to rioting, WW III or the dollar crash to declare Martial Law! Anyone want any bets on that happening, I’m laying 50-1!

    • Not going to happen! I know that lying Islamic Muslim would like to, but there are too many of us!

      • I WISH THAT YOU WERE RIGHT but I know that you are wrong – time will tell which one of us is right!

        • I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. BTW, that Islamic Muslim extremist still has 269 days to damage America during his specified term.

          • That is an eon for this demonic psychopath! I have a friend, a marine who was told by his friends in the USAF that it had to rob parts off of planes in museums to keep their planes flying! This story would be heard across the nation if we had a free press but we don’t and this is another reason why the uphill battle by “politics as usual” will not suffice! Most of the “TRANSFORMED AMERIKAN” sheeple haven’t a clue as to what is truly transpiring in this nation that is no longer a nation ruled by law but rather by a “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and his State-run press and his homo and lezbo commie regime – that is the straight skinny, tragically!

      • From your lips to God’s ears. But we must not underestimate the Muslim imposter in the White House. He plays by his own rules and the Constitution and the law of the land be damned. And he gets away with whatever he does because he has the media fawning over him. He’s never been vetted with regard to his origins and his school records or anything else. Whatever he says and does is accepted as gospel. High crimes and misdemeanors are committed by him every day and yet he escapes impeachment. I don’t know who’s worse: him or HRC. If only both of these crooks could fade away.

        • I am in complete agreement with you, but we are not coming with pitchforks to take back the Peoples’ House! We know the eunuchs who hold office will do nothing, so the people have to act.

  18. About time the liberals smarten up and switch parties. Liberals only want to control the people and take away your rights.

  19. I’m a conservative. Though a registered Republican, I am not a Republican. Just like the Democrat Party left Democrats decades ago, the Republican Party left me in like manner. Mr. Donald J. Trump for President!

  20. I don’t understand one part of all this. The Primaries are only for Registered voters, Either Republican, Democrat or a few other choices, One cannot just switch parties overnight. It depends on your state, but it is not something one can do as an after thought.

  21. It isn’t interesting but it is smart. They have already figured out how bad Hillary is and don’t like Socialism either. They are more acting like Independents with a brain. Congratulations switchers, you have done something right. A vote for Trump is a vote for America and freedoms.

  22. This is a wonderful article!! You have hit the nail on the head. The left has pushed itself over the cliff.
    Trump 2016

  23. The day after August 31, 2013, I switched from being a Democrat to Republican…….I had seen enough of the Obama stupidity. Since then former members of Obama’s Administration (Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, and others) have spoken out about their own disappointments while serving Obama………..meanwhile, Hillary Clinton says she stands shoulder to shoulder with Obama and his feckless, dangerous, leadership………I am proud to now be a Republican……..and I plan to vote for Trump…..

  24. I believe that Trump can win over the lying socialist woman running to be our President. She was in the White House once, and when she left she took everything she could try to getaway with; and then said, she was broke. We have had lots of lying, cheating politicians down through the years but she gets the top prize in that category. Is this the woman we wan to take us out of the mess we are in now?

  25. It is very interesting that California ultra liberals are changing to the Republican party by the tens of thousands, all over the country the same is happening. Trump’s credentials before this run were ultra liberal, documented. He has been a great supporter of the Hillary in the past and any liberal candidate for that matter. Don’t want to talk conspiracy, but isn’t something starting to smell fishy?

  26. Let them go. No loss to us. Lena Dunham is a nobody looking for attention. I heard Trump will even pay her airfare to Canada. And take Rosie and Whoopi with her. Good riddance!

  27. I don’t agree totally with Trump. That being said, as far as Cruz goes, well he has a habit of saying he “didn’t know” about the dirty tricks being played by the people under him, sounds a lot like Obama, he broke his word with Maine, he broke his word with Kasich, he is bribing delegates that were legally won by Trump in an elections that we, the lowly citizens, selected with our votes, but the worse part is he is proudly giving us all the middle finger as he pointedly goes about nullifying our votes right along side the GOP. Cruz and Kasich have both shown they DO NOT CARE WHAT WE WANT BUT IT IS WHAT THEY OR THE GOP WANTS THAT COUNTS. Wake up people, we do not need another crooked liar elected, nor a good old boy who is aligned with the established parties. We need some one who isn’t PC, isn’t for keeping everything as is, and who wants to get our nation out of debt. We are broke as a nation borrowing to pay the interest on what we already borrowed and in the mean time we have no money to pay our bills unless we borrow yet congress keeps getting raises and Obama has ensured he gets one if we ever get his butt out of the White House and both keep adding more welfare programs to add to our debt, more illegals and Muslims to enroll on welfare and destroying our jobs, schools, and health insurance. We have morally become what Putin said we were, Sodom and Gomorrah.

  28. Republican party leadership is choke full of real traitors who sold their loyalty to egomaniacal global rulers…time to study up on why our founders broke free of England, for D.C. is a real tyrant regardless of party.

  29. There’s another plausible explanation: they are switching sides to make sure he is the candidate, because Hillary can beat him. They will probably be voting Democrat in the general election.

  30. That is awesome for they never switch you could drag them behind a car every two hours and they would still vote democrat been that way for 70 years. But this is a nice change finally we may be able to take washington down and get America back on the right track for it takes both sides no matter who they are to start thinking America and country as a whole instead of the me thing

  31. Charles Jonston, I reespect you for the way you are thinking.When you put your life, your future, your children, grandchildren life and future , the future of your Country, you have to choose a right person. I don’t like, everything what Trump say. My life, won’t change so much, no matter who will be the next prersident. I live pay check to pay check, but, choosing a President of the USA, is not about ME, it is about our Coutry’s future, the future of millions, peace and security for the whole world.I have to be indolent, to not look and see what is happening around us, how the world is heading for, Economical, financial collapse. What will happen if this rerally will happen? America, needs jobs, needs to be protected( not by CFR or the Illuminates,Ted and Heidy’s world)Who will be the best president to do what tghe country needs. Trump, is not a ;politician but, nobody can deniy, HE IS A BUSINESS MEN, AND A SUCCESSFUL ONE. People, should think, not what they like, what will be good, for the peopleof this country. Hard time’s are comming toward us. Better think ahead then afte, before we will have to go thru, what the Greck people experienced and still experiencing. have to weak-up.,aganst those who want nothing more than money, power and the distruction of our COUNTRY..That is what I feel and will stand by , thinkink with my head, trusting my judgement.

  32. Took my vehicle in for service today…I had my military cover on with PH…I gal made eye contact and I said hi, how are you? She said fine thanks and then she said thanks for your service to OUR Country…I said thank you and your welcome…She said I’m Cuban Descent and I’ve been here 35 years…I’m a citizen and so proud to be but I can’t figure out what’s going on and I don’t like it…She asked me about how I felt about the immigration and I said you asked…I thanked her for being here and caring enough to understand …As she left she said vote Trump…

  33. Some have woken, and realize the Liberal Party is going the wrong way.

  34. I can verify that my family in MO have changed to Republican as well because they are fed up with the Democrats, the current WH resident, the taxes, the spending, and nothing getting done but lots of EOs, legal and illegal. Yea! I was raised a Democrat but one day while visiting my parents I overhead my mother saying “those GD Democrats say they are for the working man, and all we get is shafted”. I left the DNC, and with the supposed conservaties we elected turning traitors and getting rich and ignoring us, I have also left the RNC and love being an Independent voting for Trump, as are many of my female friends. CA is going for Trump also. Yea!

    • Yes, yes, Mr. Donald J. Trump for President!

      • If Trump wins we know the ‘dumb down’ has been effective. Its a very scary possibility indeed.

        • Mr. Trump wiped them out! He ran the table! Five of five YUGE wins! Start practicing saying, “President Trump, President Trump” over and over, and it will be over!

          • Fortunately I will have ended my life long before November. I need to find a home for Alice (my cat) and my record collection ($35k jazz) then I’m done, hopefully in a couple weeks. I hope you enjoy living with your choice, it will most certainly be chaos if you elect this man, like none we have ever seen. Best wishes sir.

          • Are you ill? I certainly hope you are only being facetious and humorous. Please, let me know that you are not serious.

          • I’m sorry I shared that with you, it was not intended to be a burden for you. I’ve enjoyed our exchanges and while we have opposing political views I respect you. You will remember the days before FOX and we all got the same news from 3 networks and our newspapers and we created from common information the people had civil constructive conversation . Now there are 2 worlds, one made of those who turn only to one skewed source and the other made of the rest of us. Its created a situation where someone like me commenting on a page such as this where the most often asked question to me is ‘what planet are you from?’. My thoughts are not extreme but are in line with those around me. You have never made me feel out of line…thank you.

          • I’m very troubled by this. I had no idea about your personal situation. Yes, I do remember when we only had three primary news sources on TV. Insofar as Fox, I’m no longer much of a fan of that news source anymore. I know we don’t have similar political views, but that doesn’t matter to me. We are only two souls on the highway of life, trying to do what we think is best. We never really get to know who is behind a keyboard. I have corresponded with a few really good people online, but I have mostly encountered insulting and crass bloggers hiding in their anonymity. That’s very sad. Regardless, stay in touch, and if there is anything I can do, please let me know. God bless.

          • Thanks, nothing to be done unless you love cats and jazz. I am certainly guilty of being one of those insulting bloggers at times, I allow myself to get way too upset with statements which are insulting, ignorant and baseless and often just repeated disinformation. The letters of your user name, West Virginia ? I ask because I was born in Huntington . You are a kind man, many blessings.

          • I am so very sorry that things are not good for you. This is very sad. I’m as guilty as anyone with my insults, but quite honestly it is usually in response to someone who has thrown the first punch. One of my best friends is from West Virginia. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, where I lived most of my life. I’ve been to “West-by-God” Virginia a few times. Now, we live in Laughlin, Nevada. BTW, I am a cat lover. I do like music, but I’m not a big fan of jazz. The WVF are my initials. If you are so inclined, please visit my Web site God bless you, my friend.

          • That is an impressive body of work, thanks for the link. Peace …

          • Thank you! My hope and prayer things are better.

  35. Now that Senator “Tricky” Ted Cruz and Govenor “What! Me Worry” John Kasich have become one to stop The Donald, here’s to history repeating itself as when Senators Cruc and Rubio ganged up on him in the 11th Republican Presidential Debate.

    Senator Rubio was demolished in his Florida home state; Cruz ended up resorting to skullduggery, aka stealth of Colorado delegates. Almost similar to his Iowa shenanigans.

    Their fumbling coupled with The Donald’s unexpected exposures of disenfranchisement of voters in both political parties has caused the electorate in both Democratic and Republican Parties to more favorably consider The Donald. Much to the chagrin of the respective establishment goon/bosses.

    It backfired then. Cruz and Kasich’s alliance will backfires now.

    Case in point: it’s clear now why The Donald kept hammering on Carrier’s move to Mexico. The move is from Indiana! The 1,400 fired worked Carrier workers. The Donald now has firmly established himself with Indiana electorates. A brilliant move, a “head fake” catching nearly everyone with their pants down.


    The Democrates are now voting for Trump in PA. You know what happen when they voted for Obama and its going to happen again THINK THIS TIME BEFORE YOU VOTE

  37. Too bad the republican (read democrat-lite) party won’t oppose the leftist democrat candidates as strongly as they are opposing Trump. He may or may not be something of a cult happening, but several things are for sure, he says he wants to rebuild the military the half-breed has destroyed, he says he wants to care for the vets, whom the administration has royally screwed, he says he wants to strengthen the border and get rid of the criminals who have invaded the US, he says he wants to bring jobs back to the US, he says he wants to renegotiate horrendous trade deals, and maybe even the deal with Persia (Iran), and he says he even wants to try to make some semblance of an educational system from the indoctrination system that has destroyed the future of many young people. Even if he can’t do all or any of this, there’s no way he can be as detrimental to the US as the last 7 years have been. If he wants to turn his attention to Americans instead of ‘refugees’ who actually hate us and criminal invaders sucking our resources dry with the help and support and encouragement of the leftists – then I’m with him.

  38. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  39. I agree with Emma. The pity is : we have NO ONE but ourselves and our own utter STUPIDITY for where we are now. Here is hoping that in spite of the enormous task in front of him, Mr. Trump is up to the recovery generation we so desperately need.. He is the ONLY man I trust to at least try, because I am SURE that he will and have no faith in ANY of the others because they ARE politicians and therefore professional prevaricators and career parasites who CREATED the myriad problems under which we so suffer. NO ONE IN THE CURRENT WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT CAN BE TRUSTED AND MOST OF THEM BELONG IN PRISON, NOT OFFICE!

  40. A sow has 16 nipples. allowing 16 Republican would-be runners the right to suck. The 17th. piglet does not need a nipple attatched to the federal bag. Go Trump.

  41. Can the author of this article give the true facts. How does he know this? Where is that study?

  42. They can’t control him and that is why they are against him. If he wins it won’t be the same old same old gov. Go Trump we all need a change. Whether he can get all the things he say’s he wants to do the main things are the wall and jobs. Any thing else can wait but those need fixed.

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  44. Glen Beck today said today on his program that he prefered Hillary over Trump. He claimed it was over principle. For a man that always boasted how bad the left cause is just because the man he favors can’t beat Trump he wants to portray him as someone as being left of any democrat. If Trump is so liberal why wouldn’t he challenge Hillary and Bernie as one. The man is so insane with hate he ties every negative out there to Trump.

  45. A frequent guest on Dennis Michael Lynch’s program (Unfiltered, on NewsmaxTV) is Harlan Hill, a FORMER Democrat strategist, who several months ago had a huge change of heart. DML asked him who he would vote for (thinking the answer would be either Clinton or Sanders). He appeared really torn and frustrated, and finally said that he might not vote at all, because neither Sanders nor Clinton were good candidates. In the following weeks, he turned and now supports Donald Trump. The thing is, some Democrats DO have a brain, and are not Socialist/Communist, nor do they trust the treasonous, organized crime boss family (the Clintons).

  46. This article is a good example of the lies and the deceit for coming out of the media saying that Hillary could beat any Republican as thousands upon thousands for each state who wants were Democrats or going for Trump. This is the brainwashed mindset that the elites or engaged in so when they ring the election boxes and they will ,so they can say that the polls reflected that Hillary one and they did not fix the election this is all a validation process. I read just two days ago 60,000 in one state Democrats go to the Republican Party this is just a fraction of what’s going on in this country.

  47. Patricia A Galle

    Democrats are not switching sides at all. Trump is a life long far left Democrat in every way, and always has been. his pretending to be a Republican is a ridiculous act, and he loves to act. His only purpose is destroy Ted Cruz and ruin our party; so there will be no conservative voice in America. Hillary will beat him, and he knows it. She will kill him with his past. He will be in court in New York testifying in a fraud case the first day of the convention in July. The date was set yesterday, by the judge. He is on trial for his fake college, which was shut down for having no license. There are 3 more suits pending from the 5,000 people he swindled out of millions, and walked away. That is the kind of man he has always been. I hope America wakes up.

  48. I think these cross-over Dems. know something that many Republicans & Independents don’t get. Trump is basically a DEMOCRAT with a FEW good Rep. (Conservative points)i.e. a strong border (fence), NO Amnesty, Reduce or stop Muslims flooding into the USA….They(disaffected Dems.) will likely select the Republican nominee this cycle. What a strange world we live in .

  49. At least some Democrats smartened up. They all should if they want to have a world left. I’m just saying. I can’t believe this administration has done all this damage and law makers let it go this far.

  50. Wake up conservatives. Trump is so conveniently luring democrats into our party to sabotage the election so that an ultra liberal will stay in office and nothing at all will change. Trump is ultra liberal. Trump is ultra liberal. There is no need to show proof, he confirms that fact almost daily now. Wake up conservatives!!!!!

  51. Put all asshole democrat motherfuckers including Islamic and Muslim motherfuckers and their families and friends and let it go down with no survivors

  52. All politicians,Islamic and Muslim motherfuckers and their families,especially asshole democrat motherfuckers including oldass white bitch Hillary Clinton and put them all in the front line of a firing squad

  53. StupidConservativeValues

    You ignorant Trump loving fools should move to the Libertarian Land of Somalia. They don’t have those damn restrictive laws this idiot country has and you can do what you want. But then of course, so can anyone else…even to you.

  54. StupidConservativeValues

    Basically, conservatives of all stripes are ignorant, stupid and have no hope of developing critical thinking skills. They are like cows that stand in water as it rises and make no attempt to save themselves.

  55. Trump, Todd Young, Governor Mike Pence, Sheriff Jackass kkk.Jones white supremacist nationalist corporate fascists. BEWARE OF these DOGS.

  56. John Q. Public

    LMBO , what are you smoking???? If the Dems don’t vote for Hillary ( 22% ) and the rest will vote for Bernie Sanders (78%) plus (2/3rd ) if independent voters voting for him will make him the next president !!! Plus the 28 congressional candidates who.are heavily favored in each of their races will help president Sanders push forward with his plans to make the American dream available to all citizens !!!!

    Trump will be left behind in the trash heep of history as a second attempt for the KKK/NAZI to destroy America and failing !!!

  57. Just shows that a few democrats think with their brain and not their twisted emotions.

  58. The whiners need to get on board with Trump. Sick of hearing that those of us who do support Trump are low thinkers. Grow up, put on your big boy or girl pants and do what is right. Back the GOP candidate. I liked Cruz and Trump but chose Trump because he is financial. We are going to need that soon. BO and this administration and the too big to fail have set this country on the road to bankruptcy. Remember mooshell and BO saying this country is rich? Well, not any longer with them spending away, opening the welfare spigot to all, open borders and freeloaders heaven. Got to right the ship or it is more of the same.

  59. About pmbalele, guess I have lived on the border too long and spoken with those who are not savy to the english language. He is partially wrong and partially right. The whiners are bitter about Cruz and it is pretty obvious. Tired of the talk of low level thinkers backing Trump and so on. Time to unite or pmbalele is right, Hillary will win!!!

  60. The reason Trump is pulling in Dems is bc they see just how freaking EVIL their party is!! They realize how this is the ABSOLUTE last time we have of saving our country. If Trump doesn’t get in then the socialist/communist agenda takes over and our country and our “freedoms” what’s left of them are gone FOREVER!!!! So love Trump or hate him HE IS the ONLY ONE WITH COMMON SENSE!!! Ovomit says of him this is not a reality show??? He should truly look in the mirro!! He has turned this country into one big “Comedy Show” around the world! Starting from Day 1 on his apology tour…… Continuing on to his hipster dufus late nite shows dancing like an asshole!! He’s the friggen president not Prince!!!! Jackass!!!

  61. StupidConservativeValues

    SCOTUS Swings Left on Employment Discrimination and Racial Gerrymandering!

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