Trump Lights White House Blue to Honor Fallen Police

President Trump took an indirect shot at his predecessor and the Black Lives Matter movement on Monday when he announced that he would bathe the White House in blue light to honor fallen police officers. In a ceremony in which he proclaimed Monday “Peace Officer Memorial Day,” Trump also declared that all American flags be flown at half-mast to further memorialize cops killed in the line of duty.

“During Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, we honor the men and women of law enforcement who have been killed or disabled in the course of serving our communities. Police officers are the thin blue line whose sacrifices protect and serve us every day, and we pledge to support them as they risk their lives to safeguard ours,” Trump said.

President Obama was urged to light the White House blue following the police massacre in Dallas last year, but he refrained for reasons that went unexplained. Certainly, it was not because he had a problem with the lighting concept in general; Obama had no problem bathing the White House in rainbow lights after the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

That slight might have gone unnoticed, of course, were it not for Obama’s repeated and relentless attack on police officers. He hid these attacks – wrapped them up in the blanket language of respect and prudence – but they were attacks nonetheless. He emphasized the need for police reform and his Justice Department went out of its way to investigate police departments around the country.

Trump has made it clear that his presidency marks a new day when it comes to how police officers are treated in the U.S. On Monday, he criticized other politicians for failing to support police in an era where they felt increasingly under attack – both physically, and, as Trump noted, through the “unfair defamation and vilification” they’ve gotten from the American press.

“We must end the reckless words of incitement that give rise to danger and violence, and take the time to work with cops, not against them, not obstruct them – which is what we’re doing,” Trump said.

To police officers who never felt like the previous administration had their backs, those words must have felt like a breath of fresh air.

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  1. Much better than obama using lights with colors of the rainbow. Why that little fag didn’t use pink lights is a bit of a surprise.

    Can’t wait to hear the pushback of all the haters, especially the racist blacks. “Reverend” Sharpton, calling “Reverend” Sharpton”…

  2. Be very careful White House. The DemoRats might say you are using different color lights to communicate with
    Comrade Putin!!!

    • RichFromShowMe

      Or …………………………………………………….. space aliens? 🙂

      The Left is beginning to believe the obviously FAKE NEWS but their final-psychological-break-from-reality is just around the corner, once President Trump gets his Team playing on the same side.

      • It is ridiculous what the left is doing. I was not a big fan of Trump. I thought he was a good businessman but a blowhard. I thought Rubio or Kasich might have been better, but he gained steam and people loved him.

        • I agree with you except Kasich I think he is full of shit

          • You know I didn’t like Christie or Bush. I did like Ben Carson. Trump was like Howard Beal in Network, ranting and stirring up the crowds.

          • I was hoping that Condi Rice would have jumped in, a woman / intelligent / savy / experience / no money baggage like the Hilabeast.

          • I never even thought of her. The thing is when you run for President they dig into your background and tear the shit out of you. Trump was the only one who fought back at the Liberal Media and the people loved it. Not sure Miss Rice wanted to put up with that BS.

          • kasich is a blow hard P-$$y boy. i live in ohio kno people who kno him personally.entitled,grandiose.

        • Al Demoto would have been better. You can’t foul things up if you’re dead.

      • Robert Kahlcke

        Forget about constructing more prisons, were soon going to need more Mental Health Hospitals.

        • We have one very good prison left. They call it GITMO !! That’s where all political criminals should go including Hillary, Schumer and the rest of those ass wipes in congress on BOTH sides of the aisle…

      • I agree. President Trump is the man. He has done more good for America in just a few months than obummer did in eight years. We were never to know anything that obozo did.Everything he did or said was hidden from the public.

        • the only thing obama did was raise hate/race division

        • Brenda Sinclair

          WHAT DID WE EXPECT A MUSLIM TO DO FOR AMERICA? GOOD THINGS, ALL HE DID WAS ALLOW MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF TERRORIST, RAPIST MURDERERS, PUT THEM ALL ON FOOD STAMPS MEDICAID WHICH RAISED CEILING DEBT MUCH HIGHER, we have not yet seen real damage of 8yrs muslim obama did to america, but when muslim gives the terrorist group the go ahead our women girls, mothers aunts sisters children will be gang raped to produce more muslims to take over and to kill our men, it is coming and here in texas we have formed a group we go out learn to shoot a gun,train and prepare ourselves to protect our women from being raped, and our men killed

    • Robert Kahlcke

      or Aliens not from this world.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Would that not be a red light, you know what as far as I am concerned Putin is more trustworthy than any of the Demoncommiecrats, RINO/Rats.

  3. It’s a great idea to commorate our police. They have a very dangerous job and need our baking and support.

  4. Obozo said,”If I had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon Martin.”
    Obozo said, “The police acted stupidly.”
    Trump said, “Police officers are the thin blue line whose sacrifices protect and serve us every day, and we pledge to support them as they risk their lives to safeguard ours.”
    Question: If you were a policeman, which of the two would you like to be in charge and calling the shots as far as law enforcement is concerned? In other words, who has your back?

    • Ohomo couldn’t have kids anyway! The main reason being is he’s only attracted to men that have had sex changes!!!! With the exception of his openly gay college professor……

      • Julia Ainsworth

        Oldest daughter looks too much like him to not be his. Which, in my opinion, means you are wrong. You should lay off the kids. They can’t speak for themselves.

        • How’s it gonna be his? Michael became moooochelle through sex reassignment surgery. Just because his wiener was cut off and tucked inside doesn’t mean he has ovaries or Fallopian tubes,periods,eggs,etc to bare children! The only way it could be his daughter is if Michael asked his little sister to have ohomos kids! NO I WILL NOT LAY OFF OF OBOZOS WORTHLESS GHETTO RAT CHITLENS!!!!!!!!!

          • Craig Vandertie

            Hold the elevator, awhile back a Transsexual man who had had their male genitalia turned inside out state that some doctor had recently successfully transplanted ovaries, fallopian tubes, I would imagine the uterus and cervix as well, I wonder how their autoimmune system handled that, more importantly how will it handle a fetus?, recognize it as an antigen and attack it?

          • Fake news! The only so called man that has ever had a baby was a pregnant woman before her reassignment surgery! With that said,go back to trolling the website with your ignorant comments! Shows how much of the liberal koolaid you’ve been drinking!!!

          • Craig Vandertie

            You are the 2nd buffoon within 28 hours that has accused me of being a liberal, I never said I believed it and it was not through website browsing I came upon this information it was a member of 1 of the online Conservative magazines who had gone through sexual assignment themself.

            Since obviously you do not know how to read and you are a narrow minded and ignorant individual I am now going to block you.

          • If the shoe fits then wear it! You are the one who keeps tripping over your own feet calling everyone out! Now tell me who the buffoon is? You posted fake news! You showed your liberal side again! Since you say your not a liberal,I guess that would make you a rino,huh?

          • Julia Ainsworth

            I believe your comment was valid and provided an interesting avenue to explore rather than Billy’s comments that that are so hate ridden and laden with sarcasm and expletives.

          • Brenda Sinclair

            did anyone notice every time in 8yrs obama took vacations two friends of theirs went with them the real parents, they got paid big time to make sure obama and michael aka mechelle looked like a normal family
            , i saw several pictures of mechelle with dress on and his penis showing thur the dress, it was a big one too poor obama!!

        • Maybe the left and the mainstream media should lay off President Trump’s son. You don’t see the GOP going after the Democrats kids.

          • Julia Ainsworth

            I agree 100 per cent. The Republicans don’t go after the children because they are mature enough to acknowledge that the children don’t cast the votes in Congress, they don’t elect the president, vice-president, etc. They are innocents caught in the crossfire. Only small minded people make baseless comments about the children caught up in their parents’ decisions or dreams.

          • If ohomos kids are theirs then where are the maternity pictures? Where are the baby pictures? There are none making them somebody else’s kids! It’s already been proven in the past! Get off your high horse!!!!

        • Specifics. What “gay professor.
          What men who have had sex changes? Specifics,please.

          • Julia Ainsworth

            I don’t understand what you are asking. I never spoke of gay professors or men with sex change operations. Ask someone who has..

        • You are right as far as her looking like the toad, has to be his….but who had it? She’d look like a goooorilla it mooch had her.

      • Brenda Sinclair

        muslim obama is gay, mechelle is a gay trannie male dressed up like a woman, the girls were rented to make them look like a black family.there are no birth certifics for those two girls under obama name nor mechelle/michael robinson name. a male trannie mechelle can not have a baby

    • Not only the policemen themselves, but also their friends, relatives, and members of the communities that rely on them realize President Trump has their backs.

      obama supported and encouraged the lawlessness and destruction that is still being carried out in recent riots.

  5. Well done, President Trump!

  6. Thank you Mr. President! Your administration is a breath of fresh air in this country.

  7. Thank you President Trump!

  8. Phony patriotism

  9. This is one of the things President Trump has done that I fully agree with. I agree with a great many of his policies in fact. I have been watching him closely, and he has been working on keeping his campaign promises from the start even with the Democrats fighting him at every step. This new crap about sharing secrets with Putin is just that. Crap. Of course, he has to talk to the rest of the world’s leaders. AND, he has to discuss things that we may consider “secret”. What the difference is, in how he shares these things. Perhaps he needed to share some things “in” those secrets without disclosing the whole thing. I can’t believe how he is attacked on every side. Where was all of this concern and inspection the last 8 years????

    • What most people don’t and won’t understand is this, the president has broad powers that nobody else possesses. The president can REVEAL whatever he likes to anybody he likes. He is the president! I don’t care who the president is…they have the ultimate power in this country to call the shots!!!

  10. It’s about time our leaders start supporting those that keep our neighborhoods safe!



    George Soros and his creation Black Lives Matter can go suck a frog! That organization is so UnAmerican it stinks. The name alone is atrocious – ALL LIVES MATTER, NOT JUST BLACKS. GET IT RIGHT OR GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!

  11. I believe president Trump is great and will win in the end.

    • President Trump will need to be remembered in our prayers. I have never witnessed such aggregious behavior from the media and the democrats ever in my long life. Believe me, they will be the ones “left behind” when that day arrives!! Whoa be them, for all he|| will be unleashed against and upon them.

  12. HONOR: Embrassed by President Trump
    Shunned by Obama, that louse!

  13. Robert Kahlcke

    Thank you Mr. President, “BLUE LIVES MATTER”

  14. Thank you, President Donald Trump for honoring our police. They have a very hard job and we should respect our law officers.

  15. Nancy Anderson

    Why do they put up articles like this, yet they don’t show a picture of anything? What the heck does it look like all lit up?? Don’t they have it done yet??? I think it’s a great idea and I’m behind it, but where is the picture?

  16. He would do more honor to law enforcement by not interfering in F.B.I & Congressional investigations. If he is as innocent as he claims that would go along way towards proving it.

    • How has President Trump interfered with investigations?

      • Well Norman he has continually said there is nothing to investigate in spite of the alleged financial connections with many of his campaign aids and the Russian government. The Russian government head seems to both corrupt and murderous with little regard for its people. We know nothing of Trumps financial connection to Russia or anywhere else. we do hear our president defend that government and it’s ex K.G.B.leader. Trump does not want you or I to know his about finances and my guess is it is not because we will whole heartily approve of them. At least according to press reports he tried to get the F.B.I To back off of the foreign ties & payments of his choice for National Security Adviser the possibly mentally unbalanced, possibly treasonous Ex-General Flynn. If you will recall Benedict Arnold was a General also. Finally we have the on the fly declassification of sensitive intelligence obtained through friendly foreign sources. Last but not least his public statements have been a collection of lies, falsehoods & half truths in which he presents no evidence to back up.. I don’t think Trump cares this country or anything else except Trump. He is a President that the substantial majority of Americans did not vote for. The special interests however did. Look at video recordings of Nixon in 73 and 74. & Trump’s statements in the present day and they seem very similar.I think Crooked Deadbeat Donnie the 70 year old orange oaf who dies his hair blonde (I’ll bet he uses Miss Clairol), is much more accurate than Crooked Hillary.

        • . . . “inspite of ‘alleged’ financial connections”. . . Allegations and accusation are not proof and evidence.

          You typed all of that and still COULD NOT answer the question so I’ll ask it again: How has President Trump interfered with investigations?

          Just answer the question. . . If YOU can.

          • If in spite of his public statements you can’t see he wants it to stop, I can’t help you. Neither, he F.B.I. or the D.O.J. is not in the habit of consulting me about their evidence on any case. They do seem to talk to the press from time to time when the feel they are being pressured to not follow leads.. I can walk outside however and see the ground & pavement all wet, I would say that is evidence of rain even if I did not observe or hear rain falling. The Orange Oaf has been caught in a lot of lies so I know telling untruths does not bother him in the least. Neither you nor I are likely to see “evidence” of his interference until either impeachment hearings or criminal procedures. That does not mean that because I have not seen it that it does not exist. Fool me once shame on you lie to try & fool me over & over again shame on me. Believe him if you wish, but my suggestion would be to keep both hands on your wallet.

          • So now we agree that neither you nor I have “evidence” President Trump interfered with investigations. Then who has this “evidence” you mentioned?

            Let me understand if I have this straight: President Trump is guilty of interfering with investigations simply because YOU have NO evidence he did NOT interfere with investigations?

            Well, that settles it, everyone! President Trump must have interfered with investigations because Rick has NO proof he did NOT interfere with investigations.

            Again: How has President Trump interfered with investigations?

            Repeating the same unsubstantiated lies that President Trump interfered with investigations will not make it true no matter how many times you repeat it.

          • I can not recall using the words proof or guilt either about rain or Deadbeat Donnie the Orange Oaf. It would be nice to see a serial abuser spend some time behind bars. My guess is it won’t happen even if “PROOF” of “GUILT” is established in legal proceedings of some kind. What has been established (to my satisfaction at least) the oval office occupant is an uncouth lout who does not belong in polite society. Sadly “for me at least” that is not against the law. I hope he does get to meet your favorite female relative and she get to “allege” to you what happened. Who knows,you might get to take a course from Trump University and be scammed by the con man in chief.

          • Because YOU and no one else has evidence that President Trump interfered with investigations YOU must stop repeating the same demonicRAT lie.

          • I would suggest that people may have evidence. just because it has not been shown to you or me does not me know one has it. I know trump is orange, I have seen his oafish behavior time & time again. He has been sued and lost the suits for not paying his that makes him a deadbeat. He dodged the draft with a medical condition that did not prevent him from playing inter- collegiate baseball & squash. I would not be surprised if Daddy Fred bribed people on the draft board. He whines he has been treated more unfairly than any other President. Four of them were killed. that strikes me as more unfair. he reminds me of a 6 year old crying “no fair”. You don’t seem to mind regurgitating all the retardican lies ( I know that is unfair to mentally challenged folks) but some times life is unfair. The deadbeat wants to have you pay for the military that keeps him safe, the aircraft that he flies around in, the mansion that he lives in rent free and the food he eats & gives away to non Americans. He has been judged to be a fraud in Courts of law. I am an American so I have the freedom to speak my mind and give my opinion with or without your permission I will continue to let people know how I see things.

          • What lies have I been regurgitating, Ricky?

            Legal proceedings can’t be initiated based on YOUR personal opinion or leftist allegations of interfering with investigations.

            I am certain you know all about how unfair it is to be mentally challenged from YOUR personal experience.

            Anyway, your unsubstantiated leftist rant to me won’t change the FACT that
            hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION and Donald Trump is now President of the United States.

          • Mrs. Clinton was the popular choice of the American voters. America lost the election. (to be continued)

          • I am indeed mentally challenged. I find it hard to understand how fascism can be so popular in my wonderful country. My Cleveland Indians are World Champions of Baseball because the Cubs won more games.last October. If we compare the lies Mrs. Clinton told in the campaign (I have yet to see one) to the 800 + our liar in chief has told. I am a centrist. I was raised in a Republican family & the first presidential vote I ever cast was for disgraced Republican Richard Nixon. My parents would be spinning in their graves if they could here what passes for Republican thought. Ronald Reagan would be run out of the party for being a RINO, only Abraham Lincoln. I did not vote for this Russia defender & Putin Supporter. I presume you did. The man might be a traitor. He sure talks like one.

          • By throwing the word “fascism” around like you don’t know what it means is indeed a common symptom of the mentally challenged.

            hilLIARy lied to you when she boasted she’d win the election. Aw, too bad, Ricky.

            The formerly conservative Republican Party has degenerated to become moderate. However, the formerly moderate demonicRAT party has degenerated to become radical.

            I will be so exited when conservative Vice-President Pence succeeds moderate President Trump. Won’t you also be exited when we have a conservative President?

            How has President Trump interfered with investigations?
            How has President Trump supported Vlad Putin?

            If you keep bringing these allegations and accusations up, you must be able to explain them otherwise those are nothing but meaningless radical talking points. I realize you are mentally challenged, but please explain your allegations otherwise you are just plain stupid, Ricky.

  17. How sad that giving “Honor” to our Law Enforcement can’t be recognised as a true American Spirit. Someone so full of themselves has to get on the stage to corrupt a good deed from a President trying to bring back a moral strong Nation.

    How do you do that when the Luny Left is full of unintelligent morons demanding the world owes them for just being alive.

    We have a much bigger issue than trying to bring America back to a place of strength again. We have a whole generation of Leftists that have no idea what the words moral or intelligent means. God help America!

    We’ve let down those that will be running our futures by being parents too busy with our own lives to see what’s happening to our children.
    We have a generation of “Entitled” whiney offspring looking for a free ride and no responsibility. And they think “Morality” doesn’t matter as long as they can have free sex and the govt pays their way. No one gets hurt, right, when your daughter gets knocked up, just go get an abortion – problem solved.

    WE’VE RAISED A GENERATION OF CONFUSED IMMORAL KIDS. Well, good luck with that. One day they might run for President. ..and win. Sayanora to reality and God.

  18. Craig Vandertie

    I am amazed that that “illegal homosexual Kenyan nationalist Moonie Muslime Bathhouse Barry Osama” did not simply say the lives of “Moonie Muslimes” matter, “No matter what he will always stand with Moonie Muslimes, the 1st time in my life I had contempt towards a president was Carter, the “Slick Willie” came along, but no 1 could have been a worse president than Barack Osama.

  19. Phony patriotism. Cheap and gaudy.

  20. Billie June Hall

    I want to thank President Trump for respecting and honoring OUR police. Lighting the White House in blue was very heart warning. It was something that all We the People felt very good about.

  21. Remind your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers during the 2018 and 2020 election campaigns of the support the DNC showed for Black Live Matters at its convention in Philadelphia July 2016.

  22. Sure beats the colors used on the White House by the Imam of the Rainbow Mosque.

  23. Craig Vandertie

    Billy is still brain dead, Billy do what you are best at which is breast feeding off your mommy.

  24. Where is the picture? When Obama lit it up in rainbow colors it was posted everywhere. I have yet seen a picture of President Trump’s light show.

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