Trump Jr. Exposes ‘Democrat Plant’

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Donald Trump Jr. labeled Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a “strategic maneuver by Democrats” when Kennedy shifted from the Democratic primary to run as an independent presidential candidate. This move is seen as potentially diminishing the re-election prospects of his father, former President Donald Trump.

Speaking to campaign volunteers in Iowa, Trump Jr. stated, “It seems to me like Kennedy’s presence in the race is a Democratic strategy designed to undermine our campaign. I believe he’s in the race only because the Democratic Party wants him there.”

Despite Kennedy being largely sidelined by the Democratic establishment during his initial run against President Biden, early surveys indicate that Kennedy might actually siphon off more votes from Trump than from Biden in a three-way contest. This unexpected twist has turned Kennedy from a marginal opponent in the Democratic primary into a possible advantage for the sitting president.

Kennedy’s campaign pillars include a call to break free from the limitations of a two-party system, a general mistrust of government institutions, and skepticism toward COVID-19 measures, including vaccinations. Political observers suggest that these stances could attract voters who might otherwise align with Trump.

Even fellow Republicans have speculated that Kennedy could adversely affect Trump’s chances. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida commented at a New Hampshire event, “The inclusion of RFK Jr. as a third-party candidate introduces a new layer of complexity. He could become the go-to candidate for those opposing lockdowns and skeptical of Dr. Fauci, particularly if Trump secures the Republican nomination.”

DeSantis went on to forecast that Kennedy would detract from Trump’s support base. However, Trump Jr. disagreed with this sentiment, highlighting Kennedy’s progressive positions on topics such as immigration and gun control. “In reality, he should pose a greater threat to Biden than to us,” Trump Jr. remarked. “When you scrutinize his legislative history, it’s clear he’s essentially a progressive who is against vaccinations. I don’t think that’s enough to be a real threat to us.”

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