Trump Jabs China After Unprecedented Talk With Taiwan

What a difference a couple of days can make. On Friday, when the world learned that Donald Trump had broken with nearly 40 years of U.S. diplomatic protocol by accepting a phone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, the predominate theory – pushed by the leftist media – was that Trump had somehow been tricked. As if he was sitting by the pool when an unknown caller popped up on his cell phone. Whoops, I reckon I should have let it go to voicemail, durr.

We know that the media thinks that Trump is an idiot, but how stupid do they think their readers are?

As anyone with half a brain might have expected, we soon learned that the call was pre-arranged by both sides, that Trump was well aware of America’s “One China” policy, and that the call was an opening gambit in what promises to be a new age for U.S. foreign relations. And if there was any doubt left, Trump erased it on Sunday when he lashed out at China in the wake of the state’s criticism of the phone call.

“Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into their country (the US doesn’t tax them) or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea?” Trump asked on Twitter. “I don’t think so!”

In other words, why would this Communist dictatorship get to dictate who the President-elect of the United States can and cannot talk to on the phone? And why would legions of leftists (and not a few conservatives) think that as well?

That’s not to say that Trump’s strategy is beyond criticism, but this national deference to China is disgusting. Taiwan is a thriving democracy, an important military partner to the U.S., and a major economic ally. If Beijing is so insecure about its ties to the U.S. that it can’t even bear to have Trump acknowledge the obvious truth of Taiwan’s existence, then that’s their problem.

If Trump is to put pressure on China as it pertains to trade, the situation in North Korea, or the tensions developing in the South China Sea, he has to use options left on the table by the Obama administration. His conversation with Taipei may not signal a monumental policy shift, but it sends a message to Beijing and the rest of the world: There’s a new sheriff in town. Expect the unexpected.

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  1. 0bama weighs in as a featherweight.
    Trump is a true heavyweight when it comes to negotiations.

    • Trump isn’t the only one in the US that has to be a heavyweight in order to stand solidly with China. The media decided the outcome of the Vietnam War,and from there has dictated increasing amounts of policy, as opposed to less and less. We the people have to figure out how to stand with principle instead of with the media.

      That means, we the people need to bulk up in order to stand as one……. China will stand as one in spite of its dividedness on the inside.

      Will we?

      Only if we stop, as a nation, stop being led by the media……

      But hey, it’s a leftist media, China won’t mind if we follow them………

      And China won’t mind if we are split by them.

      So, who do we want to support?

      China and the leftist media?

      Or principles and truth?

      Which truths?

      The truths that made us strong in the first place!

      • And I do mean *strong* – not perfect.

        How strong?

        Strong enough to take on slavery and stop it.

        Strong enough to take on Nazi German and stop it.

        Strong enough to do many things which the leftists would rather we did not do.

        Which is why they are all to happy to undo that strength.

        Will we let them continue to divide us?

        Or will we unite?

      • I agree with most of what you said BUT the media only played a small part regarding Vietnam!!
        We ACTUALLY won the War! It was DemoCRAPZ that lost it!

      • I could not agree with you more. That is why I started

        Please consider joining the fight and spreading the word.

        We the People can do something about the Left Stream MEDIA. We can stop sending them money. Each time we purchase a product advertised on one of their channels a small chunk of our own money goes to supporting the Liberal Progressive MEDIA propaganda.

        Mad As Hell Boycott actually asks the advertisers to move their ads off the prime time news programs of ABC, NBC, and CBS.

        Mad As Hell Boycott is a place for us like minded individuals to unite and use Capitalism to correct the bias in the MEDIA.

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        • Good for you MAHG001, I’ve joined the boycott! I’ll spread the word too.

          We need a LOT of people joining for this to work……..

          But we’re talking medications here. Some people don’t want to give up their meds.

          And we’re talking big pharma here, who are in cahoots with the leftist media, and in the pockets with many in congress (I support your campaign, you find ways to take financial strains off of our company and/or find laws that help us compete with a better edge than the next fellow down the street – then, of course, I’ll funnel a good bit of that benefit back to you and your campaign again………, and oh, they can live nicely while campaigning, I’d imagine….. how about you? on that public dime that siphoned around a good bit before it ‘supported the campaign’.

          Instead, we need to be using alternative forms of medications/treatments (perhaps those recommended by functional medicine, and/or etc.)

          Whatever it takes, we need to fight each one in the corruption chains (and I do mean plural chains):





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          e.g. – We should address pollution in reasonable and measured ways. Why? Because of climate-hoax? Or because of stewardship AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, BECAUSE OF ENCROACHMENT.

          How so? If you spout your pollution into my air, that is an encroachment.

          But if government stops the pollution, that is an encroachment.

          But, and listen closely here, every government action is an encroachment.

          Even a road is an encroachment.

          Each encroachment will have a negative consequence – so keep the encroachments to a minimum.

          But having no encroachments would only work if we lived in a perfect world.

          Since we live in a broken world, a world in which encroachments take place (moving fences, stealing money, assault of various types, etc.), we make specific laws against specific encroachments.

          Yet, on the other hand, we have to agree to some encroachments:

          taxes to pay for military, police, etc.
          and so on

          But we don’t have to pay taxes to fund climate alarmists, and we could make a law saying so!

          e.g. – the pollution coming out of the manufacturing plants is an encroachment…….

          the plus sides in this broken world? jobs, electricity, increased communication capabilities, etc.

          The downsides? Very real.

          So WE HAVE TO AGREE ON HOW MUCH ENCROACHMENT TO ALLOW, being thankful for two things:

          1) industry creating jobs and etc.
          2) a constitution that protects a path for minimizing encroachments down to an allowable degree (to a level we can agree on – democratically speaking)

          Not a hard discussion to have, but more people have to understand the basic principles of natural law in order for the discussion to impact policy today.

          Spread the word on that too, okay?

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      • We must take their power away. Good thing we have a 21st century president that knows social media. Obama still has a pen and a rotary dial.

    • They knows OBAMA is delusional ! Communists community organizer. Ha! They know Trump means business. Trump is no Jimmy Peanut farmer wannabe Carter. More like “Mr. Brezhnev tear down this wall”. Obama never could make it to first base. Games over for Obama!

      • Never forget that Obama like Hillary are Soros puppets and Soros is raving mad now that we won because his goal since many decades is to take over America for all the evil elite globalist commies. Bill Clinton gave him citizenship and I think he should be caught, arrested and hanged for treason since he met with several democrats in and out of Congress to discuss overthrowing our governance and that is a traitorous act and merits hanging for Soros, Clintons, Pelosi (a close friend of Soros), Reid and many, many others that are registered socialists and communists in our Congress. We didn’t want to believe Joe McCarthy but now know he was right and we were mislead again by politicians and MSM. Enough already and hopefully Trump will surge ahead with the demise of these traitors and we have plenty of rope for it.

  2. I already feel like Trump is coming through with his promise to win…

    I look forward to the time when the American people are tired of winning. Under 0bama’s communist state it has been give in, give in, give in.

  3. Right On DJT!

  4. Ever hear about the U.S. dollar being replaced? Yeah, by what? The U.S. dollar is the spinal column of the world’s monetary system! Almost every country in the world holds millions and billions of U.S. dollars! Nothing is ever going to replace the. dollar!

    Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton nary a clue!
    Donald Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
    Donald Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
    Trump-Pence, the dream team of American politics!
    Making America greater, stronger and safer than ever before!

  5. It was a stupid mistake recognizing Communist Red China in the first place. It was another stupid mistake having free trade with Communist Red China and watching all our jobs relocate there.

  6. Obama doesn’t even weight in but TRUMPS is heading in the right direction so far way to go TRUMP I’m behind you so far


  7. A major complaint about Trump during the campaign was that, “He dose not look/act presidential.”
    Well, he has no even been seated in the office of President and he is acting far more presidential
    then many of his predecessors. Case in point, It is he who decides who he will or will not communicate
    with on behalf of our country…not the press China or those out of the DC Swamp. Now that is acting

  8. Tyronne Shoelaces

    So refreshing to not have a homosexual answer these questions. The homo would have begged for forgiveness and bought China a new wall.

  9. I am glad Trump is needling the ChiCommies. They have stolen intellectual property from US. They have done all Trump said they have done and more! If they ChiCommies continue to try to manipulate Trump he needs to send WalMart over to them and tell them that WalMart will quit buying their junk. (WalMart may be 80% empty but they can invest in U.S. manufacturers and new start ups and put America to work. Trump will eliminate the regulations and laws which obstruct businesses from starting and/or expanding.,

    • Now, now, we always enjoy the Walmart in China. It is a lot of fun and interesting products as well. But we caused the cheap stuff from Mexico, Vietnam, and China to be here because we thought buying cheap was good and our administrations made it easy to do. So, just so you know China has fantastic items because today’s Chinese have more independence and MONEY and like the good life, but it is more expensive there, so they come by the busloads to buy the same items here for less. Our Chinese friends from Beijing had a list of items to take back for friends and all the money needed to do it. So, if we want Made in USA to be top rank again, then we MUST BUY American ourselves. Or, in other words, you get what you pay for.

      • Agreed BUT please correct your statement; “if we want Made in USA” to the correct U.S.A. ! If it is USA it is Japanese, if U.S.A. then it is United States of America!!

  10. Well, Trump knows more than most politicians. And, what about Obama sold to Taiwan? Guess for democrats that is all right. Hypocrites from word GO!

  11. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, look around you.. Last night after my shower, I picked up my undergarments and a thousand questions came to mind, as always. Shorts made in Taiwan, PJs made in Banglidesh (sp) and Tshirt made in Vietnam.. And to think, I served there and we lost thousands of boys. And we wonder what the hell’s wrong with our economy??

    • Amen Mike! If the periods are missing after the u,s and a then it was made in USA, Japan! For American made it should be U.S.A.!!

  12. Common China …. Screw with the “Donald” and Your sure to LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What Assholes China is …. Commies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Trump is right. When does China dictate to us who our president can and can not talk to? Maybe the wussies on the left are afraid to stand on their own two feet while trying to tell everyone, including our allies, that they know best. They are the cowards who need to run to their safe spaces, can’t hear certain words, are afraid of a conservative president so they riot, loot, burn and cry like babies because some, not all, are losers and wussies afraid of their own shadow.

  14. I can’t wait until Trump starts a trade war with China and you all can’t buy your Chinese crap at Wallmart.

    • Where will you be buying your Chinese crap? Get a grip and hold on for the Trump ride. You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!! Definitely a new sheriff in town. It’s about damn time!!!!

      • When at all possible I don’t buy Chinese crap nor do I ever shop chinawallmart. Blazing Saddles was a funny moovee but the real life version sucks.

  15. I can’t wait until TRUMP is sworn in as POTUS.He won’t take any crap from China or anyone else.They need us more than we need them.I also believe as Trump does that being friendly with Russia is much better for both countries than not being friendly.It can’t hurt.We also need Russia and China to help deal with North Korea and Iran.They are getting out of control and until somebody tells them to cool it or you will lose.They will continue to sabre rattle.Trust me they won’t mess with us united.They are not stupid…Well maybe that little fat Creep in North Korea is stupid.He don’t look too bright.Give Trump a chance,he’s a really smart guy.

  16. Trump is starting to the Ring That cash register for his company. What could go wrong?

  17. Not me- I’m not going to put my name and address in a “has guns”
    federal database for anyone who wants to know.
    And I’m not going to say please to the FBI.
    But in obama’s transformed America I’m carrying
    protection. I got these- search and ebay
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball NAA”
    riots coming soon people

  18. Trumps response to China simply divine a true masterpiece – puck china

  19. China is now going to have to deal with Trump, the Obama giving them what they want days are gone. Obama wanted to destroy America and he used everyone that he could to do it, A new Sheriff is in town China, one who refuses to go to his knees to give your way, get over it.

  20. I remember when Taiwan was referred to as Formosa when chiang Kai Shek was ferrying Chinese anticommunists from mainland China so that millions would not be executed. Taiwan is an ally and an independent country .If is not a second China, it is an independent nation with an elected President that has as many occupants of Chinese race as the United States and The President of the U.S has the right to communicate with it in any way that is in the Interest of the American people

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